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Azilah's SD admit he committed murder

Former Prime Minister Dato Najib Tun Abdul Razak made a mubahalah (sumpah laknat), solemn oath in the name of God to seek divine justice on the latest allegation made against him for giving a murder order that took place 13 years ago.

The former Inspector, Azilah Hadri made a 17-page Statutory Declaration in prison and certified by a prison secretary acting as Commissioner of Oath to lay blame on Dato Najib for giving the order to kill.

* Razak Baginda who was accused for giving the murder instruction at the initial part of the murder trial, but the SD claimed him as accomplice.

The first impression to those close to Najib is that it is impossible. He could not even fire the many freeloaders and non-performers working for him. Let alone gave an order to take a human life!

If he is that mean, it does not make sense to give such an order himself. He would have another layer between him and the assassin. Smarter still, carry the order abroad.

Talk is the contract on the mistaken murder of Hussein Najadi was RM15,000. It is ridiculous for Azilah to do so for mere RM300.

The SD by Azilah actually hasten his trip to the gallow. He confessed to the murder and concurrently, committed perjury.

Statutory Declaration

This is a murderer on death row and he would do anything even slander and commit perjury for a chance of a life. Imprisonment for perjury makes no difference to him.

If there was injustice in the process of the law, why does it take 18 months, after the Pakatan Harapan government to come to power, for him to make the confession?

Why didn't he confess and introduce the evidence during his trial then?

The Star report below on the SD below:

'Najib ordered me to kill her'
Tuesday, 17 December 2019
By Zakiah Koya, Clarissa Chung, Farik Zolkepli & Rashvinjeet S Bedi 
PETALING JAYA: Datuk Seri Najib Razak gave the order to kill Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu, claimed former police commando Azilah Hadri, who is on death row for her murder.

The former chief inspector from the elite special force special actions unit (UTK) claimed that in 2006, Najib, who was then deputy prime minister and defence minister, had ordered him to “shoot to kill” Altantuya as she was a “dangerous foreign spy”.

Azilah said this in a shocking allegation filed in a statutory declaration (SD) along with his application seeking the Federal Court to review its decision on his conviction and the death sentence imposed on him and Sirul Azhar Umar, a former corporal and police commando, in 2001.

The 17-page long SD in Bahasa Malaysia was filed by Azilah’s lawyer J. Kuldeep Kumar on Oct 17 as part of his application seeking the Federal Court review. The court has fixed today for case management.

The SD detailed how Azilah was brought to Najib’s residence Seri Kenangan in Pekan, his parliamentary constituency, while he was on duty.

He stated that Najib not only ordered the killing but also requested that explosives from the UTK armoury be used to get rid of Altantuya in a covert-style operation only to be known to a small group.

This group included Najib’s then aide-de-camp Musa Safri, his then special officer Abdul Razak Baginda and Sirul.

Azilah said Najib and Abdul Razak described Altantuya as “a smart talker and cunning who will lie that she is pregnant”.

He added that Najib rewarded him with RM300 as “duit raya” after the execution and repeatedly guaranteed that all would be fine as Azilah was merely doing a national duty.

Among the more interesting excerpts from the SD are:

> Oct 17,2006: On official duty at Sri Kenangan DSP, Musa told me that the DPM wanted to see me. Musa told me that there was an assignment to be carried out in Kuala Lumpur. I asked Musa what the assignment was. Musa replied: “Secret assignment involving state security.”

> The DPM then told me that a foreign spy was in Kuala Lumpur and trying to threaten the DPM and his special officer known as (Abdul) Razak Baginda. 
> The DPM then instructed me to carry out a covert operation to arrest and destroy the spy secretly and destroy her body using explosives. I asked the DPM what he meant by “arrest and destroy the foreign spy” and he responded: “Shoot to kill, ” indicating a “neck cut signal”. 
Asked about the purpose of destroying the foreign spy with explosives, the DPM replied: “Dispose of the foreign spy’s body with an explosive device to remove the traces. The explosives can be obtained from the UTK store (armoury).”

> Razak Baginda replied that she had knowledge of the details of the country’s security assets, about the personal relationship of the DPM and Razak Baginda with that foreign spy.
If any issues arose, I should not worry because the DPM would “back me up”.

> I contacted Razak Baginda, Musa and the DPM and informed them about Sirul’s involvement in this covert operation and obtained their permission. The DPM told me “proceed”... I assigned the job of immediately obtaining explosives from the UTK armoury to Sirul because of the urgency of this covert operation. 
> Before the foreign spy was killed, she informed me that she knew it was “Mr Razak” who had sent me and Sirul to kill her. When I asked her who she meant by “Mr Razak”, the woman replied: “Deputy prime minister.” The foreign spy also told me that she was pregnant. 
Immediately after the covert operation, I telephoned Razak Baginda and informed him that the covert operation had been carried out and Razak Baginda replied, “Okay.”

> The DPM then called me into a room and gave me RM300 as Raya money and he told me that he was satisfied with the covert operation that Sirul and I had carried out. 
The DPM congratulated me and was happy that the covert operation was completed while reminding me to keep it a secret. I agreed. 
> The DPM said he would assist in whatever issues arose and that it was important that the covert operation be kept secret without fail. 
In an immediate response, Bukit Aman said it had yet to see the SD.

“Therefore, we have to check its authenticity. We will decide on further action after the SD has been checked, ” Bukit Aman CID director Comm Datuk Huzir Mohamed told a press conference at the Selangor police headquarters yesterday.

In 2009, Azhar and Sirul were convicted and sentenced to death by the Shah Alam High Court for killing the Mongolian woman in Mukim Bukit Raja, Klang, between 10pm on Oct 19,2006, and 1am on Oct 20,2006.

Former political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda, who was jointly charged with them, was acquitted by the High Court on Oct 31,2008, after the prosecution failed to establish a prima facie case against him.

The prosecution did not appeal his acquittal.

However, on Aug 23,2013, the Court of Appeal overturned the Shah Alam High Court’s decision to convict the duo, sparing them from the gallows.

The panel chaired by Justice Mohamed Apandi Ali, in a 47-page judgment, held that circumstantial evidence adduced by the prosecution was insufficient and that the duo’s guilt had not been satisfactorily proven.

In 2015, the Federal Court convicted Azilah and Sirul for murdering Altantuya.

Justice Suriyadi Halim Omar ruled that the prosecution had proven its case against the two accused beyond reasonable doubt.

Attempts were made to contact the lawyers of Azilah and Sirul but as at press time, they had yet to respond.
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The SD is a confession that Azilah committed the murder voluntarily. In essence, he admitted committing the murder under no duress.


In addition, this confession is a change from previous his statements in court, in which only now he accused Najib for murder.

Unless there are hands of authority manipulating the process of the law, it confirmed him a compulsive and desperate liar. Why should the court entertain this last gasp attempt?

His former lawyer, Dato Zulkifli Nordin categorically said in public that Azilah told him Najib was not involved.

Another Azilah's lawyer, Hazman Ahmad later was surprised by the latest SD. By any chance current lawyer Kuldeep linked to Ram Karpal?

Everyone should remember Sirul's video confession in 2016 to claim Najib is not involved.

The FB of Salahuddin Hisham claimed Tun Dr Mahathir camp had tried to convince Sirul to make a false confession against Najib. It is the belief there will be those within the team conspiring to fix Najib.

Contrary to claim Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim is involved in this episode, he is not.

Anwar is focussed on the power transition, Azmin mutiny in PKR, and the pressure from another SD, Yusof Rawther's. Najib is no competition to Anwar for any motive.

The last meeting this blogger had with Mahathir on April 10, 2015 leads to the strong believe that it is more Mahathir than Anwar. He made allegation but could not support it, and was purely playing the sentiment Sirul mother came to see him and endlessly crying.

A Mahathir supporter had once claimed he was aware of Sirul plan to flee to Australia two seeks before he left. The time was between acquital by Court of Appeal and Federal Court date to judged as guilty.

There is the suspicion that Mahathir people are involved. Mahathir may have implied in a statement he arranged it.

In the episode of Azilah SD, no branch was shaking and any leaves heard rustling. Immediately Mahathir's office issued the following denial from purely talk on social media.

Politically, it can be seen as a Mahathir covering up his trail on his motive to detain Najib.

The popularity of his FB has been a prick up Mahathir PH government's ass. His rising popularity could turn into a political tsunami of a bigger preportion than GE13 and GE14, combined. Coincidently, there are murmurs among Zahid's people of him making a comeback.

It would also serve to handicap his preparation for cases in court on SRC, 1MDB and related cases.

Ram Karpak's civil suit

The move for judicial review have been the strategy adopted by Ram Karpal, who represented Dr Setev Shariibu, the father of the late call girl (not model or translator or far from a defense consultant), Altantuya Shariibu in a civil suit against the government.

There is a procedural restriction under the Evidence Act that no evidence in a earlier court is admissible in another court. Basically plaintiff need to proof their case.

Plaintiff cannot take easy way by bringing the criminal case record and say we have proven our case. The judge has not seen the witnesses and cannot determine the demeanour of the witness and evidence.

It would be a criminal retrial in a civil court by non-investigator without access to criminal evidences. It is unlikely to succeed so the lawsuit was a waste of time but merely a media circus.

The plaintiff's lawyer knows the law and was trying to pull a fast one. Plaintiff must prove the case. They do not need to call every single witness from the criminal trial but the key ones to establish the murder and rely on the decision of the the criminal court on the conviction for the murder.

It did not happen as it would mean calling Azilah, Sirul, Musa Safri and Razak on trial. Malaysia had never asked for Sirul's return from Australia. Can they get him back with Australia's known opposition against death penalty?

In early July 2018, the plaintiff had written to court to postpone the trial on the grounds that the murder case is being reopened and there might be additional parties that may be added to the suit.

It was refused by the court, but media held back from reporting it.

There was a conspiracy being hatched. Earlier on May 16, 2018, Mongolia's President Khaltmaagiin Battulga wrote to Mahathir to request government reopen the murder case.

On June 18, 2018, Dr. Setev appeared in the media saying he is meeting Attorney General, Tan Sri Tommy Thomas to reopen investigation. Within 6 days, on June 24, 2018, police is meeting AG to reopen case.

The police did call Ramkarpal to provide any new evidence to reopen investigation but he never went. He sent a junior lawyer, who had nothing to provide to the police. The police then handed their original investigation files to the AG at the end June.

Plaintiff has to establish their case of wrongful death by the defendants to claim compensation. He, who accuses must prove, that is the law.

Near the trial date in January 2019, only did plaintiff lawyer filed an application to compel AG to disclose all statements recorded by the police from accused persons and witnesses during investigations into her murder in 2006.

The trial was fixed since mid year 2018. Only at the 11th hour did they applied for documents. It was intentionally done to confuse the issue.

# In the midst of the media psychological warfare by Ram Karpal aka government Najib then even challenged the reinvestigation of the case.

By February 2019, police already said no proof against Najib.

By May 2019, the trial was heading no where and plaintiff keep adjourning trial dates claiming they do not have the original documents from the criminal trial, cannot trace witnesses and what not.

It was fixed for 8 days but only proceeded for 2 and half days.

They wanted to call all witnesses from the criminal trial and thus have a retrial. They applied for discovery of all the documents and investigation papers only just before the trial. It should have been done early on.

They were buying time and something was cooking. Court was giving them too much leeway. Something many others would not be given.

Who was funding the plaintiff’s legal cost since they cannot be doing it pro bono since all the firm’s 7 lawyers are in attendance, the overseas witnesses, the subpoenas for local witnesses etc.?

It was obviously a plan to detain Najib.

In the civil suit against government, one witness referred to a Russian submarine deal.

The SD is now fully blaming Najib for ordering the murder. This is to implicate that the government is vicariously liable for the murder carried out under order of Najib.

In the SD, Razak is an accomplice to the murder but Razak could not ‘instruct to murder’ as he is not a government officer.

There are more issues on the latest development, including an observations by FBers Zaharin Yassin, and Ulasan Apek Cina video below:


On the mubahalah, there will be the usual pettiness and sceptics over the act of mubahalah, even coming from the interpretation of a mufti.

And there are politicians and prickly celebrities such Ahmad Tarmimi Serigar ridiculing the act, creating diversionary arguments and downplaying the significance of this spiritual act of submission to God. However, there are interpretations of hadith that justify it.

A non-Muslim respected Najib's right as Muslim to do the Islamic rites and rituals to clean his name as requested by certain segment of the public:

Najib explained his reasons to do so:

The long and short of it, it is between Najib and God. He is not only seeking justice from God, but also requested his lawyer to take legal action.

The mention of his willingness to face the wrath of God should he lied and committed the order to murder sent shivers up the spine of many.

He also mentioned in his mubahalah to seek God's punishment for those that slandered him.

To Muslims, the believe is God's retribution may not befell on only the guilty parties. It could fall on even the whole society and nation.

Did the nation not involved in voting PH and keeping silence on the injustice and suppressive condition prevailing in the country now?!

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Selama ini bermacam fitnah saya hadapi. Tapi semua itu tidak melemahkan semangat saya, termasuk mereka yang menuduh saya mengarahkan Altantuya dibunuh.

Dulu saya cabar mereka bawa pulang Sirul ke Malaysia untuk pendakwaan. mereka kata sudah mohon kepada Australia.

Tapi Australia menafikan penipuan Dr Mahathir bahawa kerajaan Malaysia pernah memohon untuk ekstradisi seperti yang disahkan Dr Mahathir.

Rupanya mereka datang ke Australia mahu merasuah kes pembunuhan Altantuya yang telah berlaku 13 tahun dahulu.

Oleh itu, mereka perlu keluarkan lagi konspirasi baru untuk menentang dan memfitnah saya.

Saya juga diberitahu bahawa cerita baru PH ini membuka jalan kepada kerajaan PH untuk menahan dan penjarakan saya tanpa jaminan kerana kes pembunuhan tak membenarkan jaminan.

Barulah saya boleh disenyapkan oleh PH.

Ya ALLAH kuatkan semangat saya untuk menegakkan kebenaran ini

Mereka boleh tipu rakyat. Tapi mereka tidak boleh menipu kebenaran.

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