Monday, June 28, 2010

Ishak Ismail replied?

My posting on Kenmark yesterday here received a commentator claiming to be "Dato Ishak Ismail".

The presumed Ishak is one of the major shareholder of the troubled company, Kenmark. He was a corporate player seldom heard in the news back in the 90s, particularly during Anwar Ibrahim's stinct as Minister of Finance and associated with such entities as Idris, Aokam Perdana, KFC, etc.

The comment to correct mistake is much appreciated. But surely, it would have been more appropriate to be formal than addressing yours truly as "bro" because we do not have any casual relationship.

In the spirit of fairness, I respectfully reproduced his comment in full to give highlight to his reply below:

Dear Bro.

I read your articles and you need to make some correction.

You said I sold the Kenmark shares before EON bank seal the factory. This is not true. The shares was bought by my family trustee after EON bank have seal the factory.

Bro, You also accuse me of being Anwar financier and crony in the 90. This is very serious allegation. Yes I was close to Anwar in the 90 because i was appointed by him to be Permatang Pauh UMNO division secretary. Am I his crony. The answer is NO. Remember when Tun Mahathis revealed all the Anwar cronies, my name was not there.

My first corporate move in the 90 by acquiring the shares of Idris Hydrulic was with the help of Tun Daim. The money was given to me by Tan Sri Tajuddin.

Bro, as a Muslim I can swear that I never give any money to PKR or Anwar to fund his political struggle and I am still an UMNO member in Permatang Pauh.

The comment has no material importance to the issue of SC "harassment" on financial journalist to force them to do the unethical and unprofessional practise of revealing their source of information, but it will be taken in good faith.

And it is to respect his right to reply.

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