Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Between the Crooked and the Cheat

Polling booth was already opened for early voters last week. But today or according to the American time zone, tonight will be the polling day for the US presidential election.

There are also election for state governor, and senate and congress seats.

One report from Sydney Australia by Reuters placed Clinton chance of winning by 90%. An earlier NYT reported Clinton has solid lead in the electoral collage. Trump must win Florida to survive.

Various latest national polls conducted shows a close race with her leading by 1-5%. It is within 3% margin or error so it is still a toss-up.

Clinton was down from double digit points lead, after the genital grabbing audio release, due to FBI statement to re-investigate Clinton's e-mails.

It makes no difference to Malaysia as to who wins.

As a common American joke would have it, it is good news that the election is finally over. But the bad news is we have a new president.

Basically saying, everything will remain the same and the country will continue in the same rut down the tube into the sinkhole.

But what is unfathomable is the overzelous and emotional campaign by a Mahathir high priest or mullah preacher.

Hear the mullah preach unedited:
The black dumb ass Obama calling for illegals to vote in the presidential election as warned by me yesterday has gone viral in USA notwithstanding MSM efforts to suppress the news. So tell me, malaysians who still support the bitch Killary, why would she do that if she and Obama was confident of winning? Therefore am I not right in saying the election is rigged?

You arseholes better stop yr nonsense and stop supporting his bitch for it will be used by Najib against you. So when illegals are allowed to vote in Malaysia (if there is an election, not likely) our enemies will say "F... YOU! WHY ARE YOU FREAKING COMPLAINING WHEN YOU OPENLY SUPPORTED KILLARY EVEN WHEN YOU KNEW SHE AND OBAMA WAS USING ILLEGALS TO RIGGED THE ELECTIONS. SHUT THE F.... UP, YOU MORONS! "
How would you reply you dumb arses to this assertion? You shitholes have no ground to stand on. Final warning. Walk away from the criminal bitch, condemn her or be accused and judged as practicing Double Standards. NO MORE CORRUPTION REGARDLESS WHERE IT IS HAPPENING.
Sorry if he comes out as a deranged man. WYSIWYG or more accurately, what we see is what you get.

Mahathir likes these kind of people around him. How do one make out someone preaching Islam to Muslim but is a non-believer. However, it is not about difference of faith but the hypocrasy is he is supporting a Cheat over a Crooked.

To the American, they are limited by choice. However, the Mullah choice of support in Malaysia is strange. He has no problem to support a Cheat, who never play politics fairly.

And, the Cheat is also Crooked. According to Barry Wain, an author and former WSJ reporter, he supported someone who swindeled US$100 billion of public money and dare not sue for more than 6 years.

Lets set aside the Trump's pussy grabbing episode, his racist comments, comedic acts, etc, but hear this You Tube of The Cheat that the preacher support:

Former independent US presidential candidate and consumer advocate, Ralph Nader called him a freeloader:

The psychology of his supporters is interesting, somewhat like the pro-tun:

According to the survey, both candidates cannot be trusted but Tan Sri Munir Majid lamented the possibility he gets elected:
How did he – Trump – get there?


WHATEVER happens in the United States Presidential election next Tuesday, the Donald Trump phenomenon is the strongest signal coming out of America.

It is not just an aberration, something transient, but a disturbing condition which is a bad omen for the future of the country and America’s leading position in the world.

The sustained support he has obtained on base and isolationist arguments represents a substantial part of the American people.

The erudite analyses on how Trump has got to where he has, many of which look at the sorry state of the Republican Party that nominated him, miss the point of the malady in the society at large. Indeed the bitterness, anger and attitudes Trump has been able to galvanise precisely sneer and snort at these kinds of analyses which do not get it.

The intellectuals are talking among themselves, as they always have done, whereas Trump actually talks and reaches out to the people below. The intellectuals, like the elites generally, are the ones who are isolated.

Read more in The Star here.
Anything happen in America would affect the world and us.

Wouldn't it be better that it be the end of orang putih colonialist, their cruel occidental history and their influence on us?

The other option, Clinton is Crooked, as Trump described:

Crooked they have been for quite sometime. See this ABC News video here.

FBI made a latest statement after claims of infringement of the Hatch Act. Enforcement agencies are to lay off any investigation and make statement on investigation of candidates during campaign period for reason it could sway the outcome of elections.

But, the damage is done from the earlier statement below:

One poll was asked on the reasons they favour one candidate over another.

On matter of economy, the poll favoured Trump.

Then on nuclear code, the poll favoured Hillary but it is about even on foreign policy. Trump's message that Hillary's foreign policy was a "disaster" did sink in.

Hillary is favoured on public policy.

Again, it does not matter to Malaysian as to who will win.

But it matters when Mahathir begin to emulate Trump-style in campaign to ignore criticism, deny his past record and at times, thin skinned to lash out at everyone.

No wonder Matthias Chang supported Trump. Though Mahathir is indifferent to both as if he is anti American, but his people favour Trump.

Now that he is in cohort with Soros, he asked to ignore Soros and focus to bring down Najib.

Is Soros not the ideologist and agenda setter for Hillary?


Anonymous said...

'ABASA (HE FROWNED) - سورة عبس

80:1 The Prophet frowned and turned away

80:2 Because there came to him the blind man, [interrupting].

80:3 But what would make you perceive, [O Muhammad], that perhaps he might be purified

80:4 Or be reminded and the remembrance would benefit him?

80:5 As for he who thinks himself without need,

80:6 To him you give attention.

80:7 And not upon you [is any blame] if he will not be purified.

80:8 But as for he who came to you striving [for knowledge]

80:9 While he fears [ Allah ],

80:10 From him you are distracted.

80:11 No! Indeed, these verses are a reminder;

Williamyapfc said...

Americans elect their President has nothing with the rest of the world.
Foreign policy matters with the global effects.This is what that really matters.

Trump is unknown factor. His views on Putin is not confrontational.
What he echoes about NATO is a business attitude. No free service.

His agenda to Make America Great Again suggest a domestic assignment with which his adminstration need to engage in.

Clinton is global in outlook. She stick her thump in, wherever or whenever US are conflicting in interests,
Her hawkiness will serve you well among the neighbourhood bullies who attack you verbally or resort to fist fights. However behind her is a wagon of financers and military equipment manufacturers.

The Pivot to Asia is a policy likely to be pursued more vigorously in a Clinton admin. It can lead to war, which will be a disaster wherever it engages.

Trump is X factor except for NATO.
Clinton's era is a continuity.


Man2man said...

Win some lose some, no 2 ways about it!

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