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TN50, China trip and Soros mark the dissolution of Mahathirism

As per everything in Malaysia, the success of any initiative will depend on the plan and more importantly, implementation.

Civil servants had always slackened in control and monitoring. Nevertheless, it is unfair and repeating past dogmatic mistake to pre-judge any out of the ordinary effort. 

The world today is, not just significantly a different environment from the past, but a whole new ecosystem is emerging. It requires new ways of seeing, and thinking. And it need be stressed that the ways and means for success will be totally different.

Being indifferent to present reality will lead to failure. Reminiscing over past glory is a sure recipe for disaster. Dato Najib was referring to the leader, the wolf pack he leads and his new associates by mentioning the keyword "move on" as he introduced TN50 in his budget speech.

In a brilliant strategic move, Najib ignored the one-issue political agitators to make a historic visit to China on the third day of budget debate. It moved the debate away despite attempt to tie it back.

In the meanwhile, the leak, that turned a potential landslide into what looks to be a disastrous ending to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, exposed her corporate confidante, George Soros and embarrassed his allies in Tun Dr Mahathir.

TN 50

Mahathir could only play ignorant to claim to not understand transformation. Obviously, he will be easily upset with any tweeking of his legacy, dynasty and crony.

The successor to his dynasty could only give a layman argument to speculate the  intention. So did his renewed political associate and daughter. And, so too his academic mouthpiece cum political surrogate.

While, Dato Ibrahim Ali just didn't get it. Off course, he has distanced himself from Mahathir.

Mahathir must accept that Vision 2020 was a manifestation of the failure of Mahathirism. The idea government or more precisely, himself could have a tight grip on everything - government, people, ruler and business - has run its course.

He can apply his Machivellian political prowess to temporarily divert the public from facing reality. Social trend, globalisation and geo-global politics makes it impossible to sustain. He need to outlive the population to stop them from seeking change.

Mahathirism is not without its strength in the deeply rooted spirit of patriotism and nationalism. It is a nation building pursuit and to instill national pride as depicted by the "Malaysia Boleh" slogan.

Problem is it is not possible to have anything a developed nation have in a short span of time without concern for viability and sustainability. Too much national pride without deliverable will left one with only ego.

The backbone of his policies lies in Malay-centric affirmative action policies but it is not sustainable in the current political environment, where UMNO is losing grip on power at Mahathir's own doing.

Mahathir failed in his implementation of NEP. By the time he left, Malay wealth increased infinitesimally when compared to where Tun Razak left off.

Marred by corruption, cronyism and nepotism, Mahathir had to deceive the Malay into thinking it was 20%, or some insider claimed it was a lower at 18%, by including state run companies and fund. Dr Lim Teck Ghee was way off.  

Not withstanding, he "stole" shares meant for Bumiputra to cover-up his Maminco scandal.
Time to move on and out of his endless deception. TN50 is about "soaring upward" to look at Malaysia beyond 2020 to prepare for the youth of today and the elders' anak and cucu.

In the move beyond 2020, Najib offered the opportunity to the future generation to contribute.

By 2050, the youth today will be the elders and the rest of us long gone. Youth are the majority voters and 65% of today's population. Mahathir's generation and the later ones are on declining relevance and should move aside.

Instead of the thinking from another single Nordin Sophie, Najib directed Khairy Jamaluddin to take lead to gather the colours and together paint the future for the beneficiary of the plan for the 2016-2020 phase.

It was a slap in the face for Mukhriz. Joceline Tan viewed it as "a Machiavellian touch on the part of Najib". 

It is Khairy's opportunity to do substantive work worthy of his Oxbridge academic and beyond photo op and selfie. He should not squander. Husni Hanazlah is an unmentioned example of failure to deliver and communicate.

Najib is a blue blooded gentleman and would not stoop to the pariah politics of typical Keling. He still gave the respect and diplomatically said Vision 2020 will remain a target.

Only it is not in the way of Mahathir's developed nation pipe dream of pyramid building and ignoring those outside Klang Valley, particularly Sabah and Sarawak. Malaysia would achieve develop nation status by 2020 but in accordance to United Nation definition and in an inclusive manner.

Historic China trip

Before the argument TN50 is merely to whitewash a budget that will fall short in it's revenue projection could hold water, Najib had left for China.

He witnessed the historic signing of 14 agreements valued at RM144 billion. It was so "yuge", to quote a potential next US President. Some of the projects have been talked about. It is believed there is many more to come that it could reached RM250 billion.

That puts a stop to the argument against the budget. FDI is obviously the answer.

As it is, China investment in Malaysia stands at RM15 billion. Dato Seri Liow Tiong Liow was quoted saying, "This visit will see a lot of ‘firsts’ between Malaysia and China. We are going to sign 16 G-to-G MoUs and more than 15 business-to-business MoUs."

The proudest will be for his Ministry as it was announced China will be constructing and financing the RM55 billion East Coast Rail Line.

In this biggest deal ever with China, the construction will be awarded to government-owned China Construction Communications Company.

There will be 20-year soft loan from China's Exim Bank at a "competitive rate" with no interest and repayment for first 7 years. The project is for over 5-year and scheduled to start next year [read The Star here].

In China's news portal, China Daily, Najib attributed the achivement of the trip as "fruit harvested from the seed of trust". He was refering to the trust between Zhou En Lai and our one true statesman, Tun Abdul Razak. It culminated into the 1974 trip that was before Richard Nixon met Mao Tse Tong.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Xinhua agency, Najib used "strong and stable", "as a true friend and a strategic partner" and "it continuously improves and reaches new heights" to describe the relation with China.

The trip saw not only economic cooperation in trade, investment, energy, industrial development, infrastructure, and others.

But also in defense, education and technological innovation.

Malaysia made a significant change in defense procurement policy to purchase four Littoral Mission Ships from China. It will be completely built within 24 months through joint-venture and off-budget funding through savings from the RMN 15-5 Armada Trans­formation Programme

In the light of territorial tension with China, it was seen by US media CNN as "significant". NY Times interpreted as an act to miffed at US. Though blown up as Malaysia pivot towards China speculated due to strained relation, security analysts insisted Malaysia has not tilt away from US.

With DOJ lynch-ed, one should not shrugged anything off and expect the unexpected

This is Admiral Najib sailing through sea of hostilities with diplomacy as his stealth destroyer. Not withstanding, diplomacy could increase imports of oil palm from Malaysia and directly benefit rakyat.

If US reject TPP, there is likely China could be invited into the new trade block. Thanks to Donald Trump inward outlook, BRIC could come of age earlier than expected.  
One Belt, One Road

Najib's transformation plan may have attracted critics from the comfortably complacent, but diplomacy is an area he surpassed Mahathir. More things are achieved through diplomacy and friendship than a foul mouth.

The old man's ego must be pulverised to shreds. After all his effort to discredit Najib internationally,  Xi Jinping gave Najib the highest state honours and displays a warm personal relationship rarely seen with other leaders.

And the old man is left with political argument only appreciated by a crowd of country bumpkin forever awed and sold by his deception in some corner of Kedah .

Likely led by newly appointed exco member, Dato Kadir Jasin, the Protoons could only viral accusation "Najib jual negara kepada China".

DAP's political partner could not shed the age old Mahathirism argument to accuse the trip as another Najib's pro-Chinese policy.

Kadir should dig up his old writings that defended Mahathir's borrowing of Yen loans. From 1969 to 2001, Malaysia was the biggest recipient of Japanese ODA at RM26.39 billion. [Read here, here, here and here].

It left the country up to the neck to repay the currency that appreciated from 240 to the dollar to 180 in a short time span. Mahathir's first hit in the currency market then had currency traders sniggering. First tin market, then Yen. He found a scapegoat in George Soros for the later hit. Today Yen is 103.00 to the dollar.

If the worry is China as a superpower, why borrow from a country that invaded Malaya during World War II?

Why Mahathir and the sons have homes in the posh area of colonial London? Isn't occidental history is based on colonialism, imperialism, racism and slavery? What so good about pivoting with the west?

So delicate dealing with superpowers is best left to skillful diplomats and not to some foul mouth old man that has passed sell date.

Apparently, the sell-out argument came from the CIA-PKR news portal collaboration, Asia Sentinel. Philip Bowring wrote the piece, Desperate to Survive, Malaysia’s PM Sells his Country to China. Mahathir sold his soul to an enemy of the state.  

DAP, the Chinese based party once infested with subversive operative, was too shy to criticise the trip. They got an Indian minion to accuse Najib as putting country at risk.

It could be indicative of an age long animosity between the mainlanders and off-shore Chinese seldom described as banana - yellow outside and white inside.

If so, why then DAP Penang government became a recipient and collaborated with Chinese companies like China Harbour Engineering Company Group.

Penang government gave the land reclamation contract to CCCC in 2015

It was Sarawak Report in July that raised the fraud allegation against CCCC in an effort to scuttle the ECRL deal. They claimed it was jacked up from RM30 billion.

Liow's deputy refuted SR's allegation as argued by Bayan Lepas's Sim Tze Tsin as overpriced using  simplistic arithmetic.

The opposition was also demanding the not-the-practise disclosure of the FS and FID. Intention is turn it into political circus to nitpick on needle sized issue in a haystack.

Contrary to Tony Pua's parroting of SR, ECRL was knocked down from RM70 billion and comparatively not over priced.  

Nevertheless, it would be foolish of Malaysia not to pursue the opportunity in China's ambitous masterplan.

Indonesia is clamouring for China's infrastructure fund to be part of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. Malaysia will benefit to part of the One Belt, One Road strategy conceived by Xi Jian Ping. [read here]

Tan Sri Zeti was recently appointed on the Board of Advisor of AIIB that was established for that pursuit.

Why should Malaysia be by-stander and not participate in the Asian Century under China's leadership? Remember Mahathir's EAEG?

Najib's infrastructure plan is beyond Mahathir's that only stretches through the choicest real estate.

The spending for PLUS then was multiple the amount spend on roads by JKR since the days of Tun Razak but covers a limited stretch and contributed to ever rising transport cost and goods till today.

If executed properly, Najib's transformation will bring development and promote economic activities throughout the country and not focused in the urban areas. Any hardworking rakyat could have a piece of the economic pie and not only to whom Mahathirism allow. 

Cavorting with Soros 

Xi Jian Peng is man of integrity and made anti-graft the cornerstone of his administration. Within this year, Xi Jian Peng reprimanded one of the highest ranking military official that could politically retaliate.

If a man resolve to fight corruption could be seen him in cordial conversation with Najib while Mahathir is left cavorting with Soros, the rogue trader he vilified and Soros bread and butter is the financial gain from destabilising governments and "regime change", it must be nerve wrecking to the old man.

That is unless he has lost his conscience and moral compass.

The ever envious Singapore's Straits Times speculated the trip as Najib seeking China as saviour for SRC. If Duterte could mend ties with China and benefit from it, is there a 1PDB or SPC?  

The opposition have been ridiculously arguing the same line to create personal link to every leader Najib meet at official visit abroad.

LSS bluntly posed questions in his FB:
Are you pushing a pro-USA or anti-China agenda now?
"The Asia Pacific remains a high growth region with the notable exception of Japan and Singapore whose economies are actually contracting," he remarked.
"Curiously, Asia Pacific nations allied to the US are contracting faster than non-aligned states. South Korea's economy is slowing down while Taiwan's economic survival will depend on China,"
"The 'Pivot to Asia' should be understood within this backdrop. One by one, Asia Pacific nations are seeing no economic value in being allied to the United States, and they are opting out of the US geo-economic and geopolitical orbits. The Philippines — once penciled as a military anchor of the US pivot — has peremptorily aligned itself with China despite the lingering maritime disputes between them.
Again, what good does sabotaging the Malaysia-China ties do for you or for Malaysia?
More so, China was the white knight for Edra and now could list CGN by 2017. Husni is still clueless and asked why China will only pay in 2020.

The answer is thanks a million to Bank Negara, SC,  Mahathir, Tony Pua, Rafizi, Clare Brown, Sarawak Report, The Edge, Nazir Razak, Gani Patal, Abu Kassim, and the list is long for railroading 1MDB. They hated China but had made them instantly richer. It could have been Malaysia's.

As Mahathir did before with Vincent Tan,s money to pay Jack Abramovich to arrange meeting with George Bush, he paid lobbyist to get US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch to file the Kleptocrasy case against those he could link to Najib.

Loretta and DOJ got lynch-ed for intervening FBI investigation into Hillary's e-mail, and allegation of settlement for donation to Clinton Foundation. Hillary's campaign is, as claimed by US political pundit, as good as over. Only saving grace left will be if the decided not change their mind.

Will the biggest Kleptocrasy case turned out to be the biggest embarassment to DOJ? To be seen ....

Mahathir claimed both candidates are terrible.

And Matthias Chang can continue to cursing Hillary for the war in the Middle East and accused her as agent of China. He is closely associated with Global Research and anti-Hillary think tank.

It does not hide the fact that Mahathir's new found association with George Soros will link him to Hillary and Lynch.

Soros is somewhat of an ideologue to Hillary. And his collaboration with Hillary is contained in the investigated emails.

DCLeak exposed Soros's document entitled the Malaysia Program to bring democratic change to Malaysia through Bersih using color revolution modus operandi.

The document clearly mentioned using "network of our network" to target the outcome of the next election.

Few organisations are beneficiaries of Soros's money, including Bersih, Malaysiakini and Bar Council. It an important reason political funding for political parties and NGO too need be legislated.

If receiving money from OSF is not wrong as Zaid Ibrahim defended Soros, why are they quiet and afraid? Pointless for Suaram's diversion attempt.

So will there be a Bersih 5.0 on October 19th?

If only it is publicly known, be it Bersih or red shirt, it is only someone's money making scam.

Soros may have denied funding to overthrow government and claimed opposition to Islamophobe but he is known for bringing down government.

He would usually later appear as carpetbagger investors buying bargains to be sold for easy risk free profit and maybe donate some to Hillary and Clinton Foundation.

Open Society Foundation is part of the instrument of Council of Foreign Relation and works closely with Hillary's State Department.

Malaysia's representative in OSF is John Pang, a con-artist claiming to be Senior Fellow of Rajaratnam School of Government with hardly a written article found on the web.

He used to work with Nazir Razak and Tengku Razaleigh, and had lobbied Obama to distance from Najib. 

At the same time, Mahathir that criticised Najib for playing golf with Obama is distancing from the China he built relation throughout his administration.

He is already in the loop of US covert op. Will that mean he will be working closely with Soros, indirectly, Hillary for a while and maybe, Israel too?

Not a proud ending to a "legacy".

* Edited 5/11 8:30 AM


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BLOG one way ticik yang penuh dengan cerita ANGAN-
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Anonymous said...

"If receiving money from OSF is not wrong as Zaid Ibrahim claimed, why are they quiet and afraid? Pointless for Suaram's diversion attempt. Will there be a Bersih 5.0 on October 19th?"

October 19th dah lepas lah, puki babi.

I think you acquired Keling AIDS from Tony when he pinned you down and hammered his massive black member into your various trembling holes until you squealed in pain.

That might explain your brain damage and your faulty grammar.

Telegram 'Katak direbus" said...

Wow What a terrific and interesting summary of events unfolding in front of our eyes. Your summary of events in Malaysia ,USA and South East Asia region in my humble view is spot on. We should be thankful we have still good leaders that will take Malaysia into 2020. Ibnu Kuti has about turn and turn traitorous
to our beloved country. It could be his hiddened trait all along we will never know. But we do know now that he has stooped so low as to befriend a man that most patriotic Americans regard as an evil enemy of America due to his corrupt dealings under the uncover of democracy and human rights.

Anonymous said...

Very sad to see the way of your writing.

Please clarify these items for me:

1. Why was CCCC given the contract? Did they pass any technical/commercial evaluations?
2. Why single source?
3. Why was SR's blog report proven right, that the contract will be given to CCCC and CCCC to assume debt.
4. Why is CCCC blacklisted?

Makes me wonder that you have been paid to write this article.

Please clarify,

Mr A

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We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
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All in all you're just another brick in the wall
All in all you're just another brick in the wall

Anonymous said... (Soros at his best)

Anonymous said...

care to tell us about the financing part? Bla bla bla fdi bla bla bla. Tell us what china is getting out of this? Whoring yourself is not the solution.

Anonymous said...

i like to read your long winded written blog, but then i came across that statement rm55 billion is not overpriced; i tried to check everywhere if there is any study on cost benefit, feasibility or anything to do with this mammoth project. NONE! Just like so many expensive deal previously (MRT, LRT, BRT), Najib do things without proper study and never care about long term repercussion. Same goes with this monkey TN50. Any study? If you ask any of Najib team on this can anyone explain it properly. He just pluck it from thin air just so that Mahadey will be very angry on the idea.

But for what? Mahadey is just one man, a former leader who by your own word irrelevant. The stake to the nation and the future generation is huge. Our debt is approaching 1 trillion (some one told me it already touch that figure if not for some manouvering by certain Mamak), some of the infrastructure projects have debts bearing high interest as it was put under commercial entity but fully guaranteed by the government. this project is not sustainable and financially independent. government will have to bear the burden of paying this whole debt.

where is the government going to get the revenue to pay it all? the country is going for a disaster just like what Najib said:

"setelah layar telah dikembangkan, apabila sauh telah dilabuhkan, pantang ketua kapal dan anak-anak kapal menoleh ke belakang"

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Artikel yg. sungguh BERNAS! MEKASIH! Kalaulah JPM/Kem. LUAQ ada "PRESS SECRETARY" mcm. Brick in the WALL ni kan BAGUS!

Nek Tempyak.

Anonymous said...

Character assasination, shooting the messenger, childish labelling, nitpicking on grammar, raising answered issues, etc

Do the protoon have people with brain on their side?

Explains why the exco members are mostly comprised of mantans, losers and freeloaders.

Also why you keep calling them school dropoutd. Trust you know most of them.

Anonymous said...

Mahathirism patriotic and natioinalist?

Only see him as keling ular putar alam that should not be trusted - dulu, kini dan selamanya!

Anonymous said...

Whatever said, we Malaysian citizen are looking at a mountain of debt. And debt need to be repaid. Now we have to come back to this question, as it is today Malaysia continues to borrow and borrow. That is fine exceot that we do not see where the revenue are going to come from to pay all theae debt. Ww Malaysian have only been shown GST as a sure stable revenue that tears our pocket. If now and in time to come economic condition is not looking favorable, would corporate taxes be providing aufficient revenue ? Malaysia continues to pinch from its corporate citizen, we already know what can happen.

Ticket sales of the ECRL will be it ? Really ? We better think again.

What we still want to is how come what happened with 1mdb were allowed to happen by none other than the chairman of its board of advisor who happens to be the MOF1 and a sitting prime minister. We still want to know why is the officer who is central to 1mdb negligence and who was seconded to jabatan perdana menteri and remains there has not even been taken any action to brimg out the truth to what have happened.

We want to know when will the Auditor General Report for 1mdb will be de-OSA ?

Write about this, please

Ww really don't need your education and dark sacarsm !

Anonymous said...

74:11 Leave Me with the one I created alone

74:12 And to whom I granted extensive wealth

74:13 And children present [with him]

74:14 And spread [everything] before him, easing [his life].

74:15 Then he desires that I should add more.

74:16 No! Indeed, he has been toward Our verses obstinate.

74:17 I will cover him with arduous torment.

74:18 Indeed, he thought and deliberated.

74:19 So may he be destroyed [for] how he deliberated.

74:20 Then may he be destroyed [for] how he deliberated.

74:21 Then he considered [again];

74:22 Then he frowned and scowled;

74:23 Then he turned back and was arrogant

“Islam is not about following charismatic leaders and scholars. It is to follow a message. This message is asking you to be intellectually, spiritually, socially, politically independent… and courageous."
Tariq Ramadan

Lee Watt said...

Mahathir is getting ever more desperate. So are his zombie supporters. Every day his reputation and legacy get even more tarnished.

His, Bersatu and Pakatan's attacks lack any real power. Now Mahathir is attacking the government because "there is no freedom"? As if he was a proponent of this when he was PM!

Day by day Mahathir and the Bersatu people lose what little remains of their credibility. People have rejected them. They will be remembered as SORE LOSERS.
You all like Lee Watt or not?

Laxmana said...

Wahhh, so many haters...haha! Just ignore them, please. By the way, I like your writings especially this one. Thanks for sharing.

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