Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Malaysian women call on UN for ceasefire

Dear friends if u support this message below please put it in your blogs and facebook n twit this call the best u can - DPSB on behalf   of women's groups n women united on this call.

We Malaysians call upon our Government through its Envoy to the United Nations, to urge the UN to demand for an immediate ceasefire on Gaza and impose a UN-wide embargo on all trade with Israel.

Malaysians are shocked and horrified by Israel’s blatant disregard for human life and  the vicious acts of cruelty inflicted on the Palestinian people.

Indiscriminate air attacks have targeted civilian homes, injuring and killing innocent men, women, children and the disabled. Israel has shown a complete disregard for the holy month of Ramadhan observed not only by the people of Palestine but Muslims worldwide.

We Malaysians, can no longer stand by and watch the devastating consequences to the Palestinian people.

Swift UN action is needed to demand a ceasefire and stop the slaughter of innocent people, and impose a trade embargo on Israel.

Israel must be held accountable for serious violations of international humanitarian law and human rights.

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Bombyx Mori said...

Qatar announces plans to buy Patriot missile systems and Apache attack helicopters from the US in a deal worth about US$11 billion.

See the irony here?

Even the Arab League is powerless to confront Israel, with the League's biggest economy more afraid of Shi'ite Iran than of Israel!

Realpolitik can be a b***h, can it not?

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