Sunday, September 29, 2019

Another political Malay group launched

Parti Bumiputera Perkasa Malaysia (PUTRA) held a launching ceremony at the Kelab Sultan Sulaiman fields yesterday.

There were 5,000 white chairs laid out on the field and by the look, it may have been filled up with yellow colours looking well with the city skyline.

The timing of their launch is exactly two weeks after the Himpunan Perpaduan Ummah (#HPU914), which culminated into signing of the Piagam Muafakat National between UMNO and PAS to end decades of political animosity.

Naturally, there were critics coming from UMNO and maybe PAS members, and supporters, that the launch of yet another Malay, Muslim based political party will further divide the already politically divided Malay votes.

The general belief is it will further weaken the Malay majority presence and bargaining power in government.

The Protem President, Dato Ibrahim Ali, received the expected criticism that it is about him and it is another vehicle for his political comeback.

Well, an upcoming Malay Dignity Congress received similar criticism.

There were too many inconsistencies and ambiguities for them to claim #HPU914 as a semi-final and the Congress as final of a sporting competition.

For instance, Tun Dr Mahathir's presence will be seen as inconsistent with the political positions he adopted to win GE14 for PH whether the excuse to Save Malaysia is right or proven right. The pudding failed the test.

The organiser claimed they got the number. Hmmm... 34 UMNO MPs and 18 PAS MPs?

Yeah right... So will YB Datin Mastura Yazid of Kuala Kangsar crossover to PPBM after the Kongres? If Dato' Hishamuddin Hussein Onn is not appointed BN Sec-Gen in accordance with Tun Dr Mahathir's plan, 5 more to follow?

Returning to Ibrahim Ali.

Since being sacked from UMNO during Pak Lah leadership for running against the party while still a member during a by-election, the UMNO constitution could not allow for his return to UMNO.

He had justifiable cause to be angry for the unfair "removal" from an elected post as UMNO Divisional Head of Pasir Mas. However, it should have been vented through other avenue since the restriction is set in stones.

Ibrahim must be of immense political value for UMNO Supreme Council to consider taking him back. It is not withstanding the resistance from his political rival, Tan Sri Anuar Musa, who is the current Secretary General.

To set the record straight, PUTRA is not likely a platform for Ibrahim to make a comeback. The constituency he is associated with is Pasir Mas. Having being perceived by PAS voters as betraying them, he subsequently failed to defend the seat as independent with UMNO giving way to lose it to PAS's Nik Abduh. Ibrahim did not run for GE14. He could be considered as retired.

Nevertheless, he is a smart politician with the ability to place himself on political platforms after any downfall ever since his days at ITM, BERJASA Youth, Dato Mohamed Nasir crisis in Kelantan, Semangat 46, UMNO, PERKASA and PUTRA.

To be fair, PUTRA has every right to form a political party to be the platform of those in the like of Ibrahim, Dato Hamidah Osman, etc.

Hamidah too was not allowed back into UMNO and got blocked at Gopeng and nearby UMNO Divisions by group aligned to a former Perak MB.

Now that PUTRA is officially registered, they could run in any election. Ibrahim has stated that PUTRA will run should MCA be representing BN in the Tanjong Piai by-election.

PUTRA's positioning seemed to be that of a pro-Malay, pro-Islam and anti-DAP stance. However, it could be questioned as to why they decide to take a rather anti-MCA stance. Then they will be misconstrued as anti-Chinese.

Supporting PPBM Malay candidacy equate to keeping DAP in control. If PUTRA is deadset against DAP, then they should bring down DAP in Seputih for the next GE?

On the other hand, if PPBM defend the seat, the presence of Ibrahim's party could split Malay votes and help Wee Jeck Seng win.

Frankly, it is just Ibrahim attracting attention for PUTRA.

Actually, Ibrahim should have joined Mahathir and use PPBM as platform. He would have returned as Minister.

He was actually invited into PPBM in its early stage and played a role for Mahathir. However he admitted refusing to bow to the plan to work with DAP. It was a matter of principle.

It is the early association with PPBM that could be the reason Ibrahim was critical of Dato Najib on 1MDB.

As PERKASA President, he made critical statements against Najib that echoed Mahathir's narrative with regard to 1MDB. 

And, he got PERKASA endorsement with the help of a presentation on 1MDB from an Engineer, whose a member of MTEM, using Sarawak Report, The Edge, WSJ and other foreign media sources.

MTEM is an economic research NGO that is supposed to champion the Malay economic cause. They are closely linked to Mahathir then.

Maybe MTEM should continue their support for Mahathir by assisting the AG Chamber legal team, which seemed to be in desperation by the way the prosecution on the 1MDB and SRC is going.

In view of the repeated mention of Taek Jho Low and Nik Faisal in the 1MDB and SRC case, respectively, Tan Sri Shafee Abdullah should submit a request to the court to subpoena them both. 

Failing to do so, it means the case could be suspended indefinitely.  

MTEM must have felt then that it served the Malay interest.

They should insist now that the Malay economic interest and rights are now far better served with cases related to 1MDB piled up against against UMNO leaders, divisions, individuals linked to UMNO and related NGOs

The former leader of MTEM is now appointed on Mahathir's the National Economic Action Committee, has his own consultancy firm, and seemed to have dissociated himself from MTEM.

It would seemed that only he benefit and the cause he stood for is already in the bin.

That is the perception and left to be denied.

The problem with Malay NGOs and organisation including political organisation is that they often astray from the establishment objective due to political expediency or self interest. 

Another problem is the rather predictable manner members think and their expectation of outcome despite the changing senario and conditions.

At times, they are too predictable in their thinking, cliche in their words, and limited in the ability to anticipate ahead. Often the case, they fail to balance between ideology and practicality with consistency to ethics and morality.

They lacked the confidence in their own struggle and seldom unable to fight their case well.

UMNO is a large organisation, thus they should not fear PUTRA's presence.

PUTRA will have their purpose and role in accordance with the element of time and situation.

Just do not emulate the hypocrasy of like Mahathir, who went to bed with his mortal enemies DAP, PKR and PAS splinter group, to end up whining for unable to get his dictatorial ways.

PUTRA could be Ibrahim Ali doing a political makeover of PERKASA, which made strategic and tactical mistakes and blunders. 

However, it must create its own role. Ibrahim would likely be positioning PUTRA as the voice of the conservative right Malays. They could serve as check and balance on BN or PPBM from straying away from the Malay and Islamic cause.

To do so, PUTRA need the right narrative and arguments. It has to upgrade itself from PERKASA, no more the same boring cliche from UMNO of Tun Hussein Onn and Mahathir era, and justify their existence beyond regurgitating historical and constitutional arguments.

There must be research done with facts and figures to back it. It must not sound like the days with PERKASA or it will not emulate IPF the Indian party ability to sustain itself.

There is too much politics. 

PUTRA is adding another political party after many new political parties and coalitions mushroomed prior to GE 14 at a time public is fed-up with politics. 

Voters are not interested with politics and more concerned with solutions to their daily problems.

They need to make ends meet, feed their family, worry on rising cost of living, wholesome education for their children, getting skills and training, addressing graduate children's unemployment, need job creation, developing economic opportunity, improving business condition, trade opportunity with other countries, better rubber and oil palm prices, rural development, poverty eradication, spiritual fulfillment, safety and security, decent home to live, public cleanliness, hygiene and healthcare, concern with pollution, enrironment, etc.

All problems arised from PH coming to power and instituted a Gerontocrasy government.

The days of making demand on government is over as PH government is insensitive and not concern with problems faced by people.

The Finance Minister has no apathy with the people's welfare and is cruel enough to cause their hardship.

They are obviously in a hurry to make hay while sunshine for themselves as #KerajaanSepenggal instead of governing.

If PUTRA could get itself out from the same ole, same ole cliched role of NGOs and political parties with their own programs to help the people, they may be taken seriously, win voters trust or even win seats.

UMNO or PAS or PPBM should not feel insecure with PUTRA's presence. They are practisicing a right as prescribed in the constitution.

Updated: 30/9 8.30 AM


Rahmah Mohd Rashid said...

Hi yaa so many want to bosses! " too many chiefs and no Indians "! in the end nothing gets done for the country!

Rahmah Mohd Rashid said...

Hi Yaa everyone wants to be a boss! aren't there so many chiefs already? A case of so many "chiefs and no Indians" in the end nothing get done for the country!

Anonymous said...

Betul bang, baik Berahim mainkan peranan Kelab Putera yg fitinggalkan Azeez Raheem.

Anonymous said...

Dia ni bukan ada share beso dgn taiko beso tu.
Skrg ore isle dah dok takut akhirat.

KAM said...

I think PUTRA will be a good alternative in case of PAS-UMNO have to compromise with their component (e.g. MCA, MIC). It will be an escape hatch when things do not get into Malays way (most probably it is a good start for PRK Tg Piah). I hope that PUTRA will not against their principle in the early of their establishment that they will not against any PAS-UMNO candidate as it will create Malay vote-splitting even further (as mention by their Vice President). I just hope that Malays know to play this another card.

I just want to know, what do you think about PUTRA vice president (Buzze Azam)?

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