Thursday, September 26, 2019

Local media "lembab" coverage of US Mail pullout plan

Though our posting "US withdrawal from global mail could cripple local logistics" two days ago did not got much hits, it may have drew out an official statement from Pos Malaysia.

That is what this blogger wish to believe since the url was messaged to a key corporate personality behind Pos. 

It took a statement by Pos to alert mainstream media and got them to report on the USPS intention to pullout yesterday. That is how hopeless local media's new hound are.

Foreign media have been reporting for months on the possibility of USPS pulling out from Universal Postal Union (UPU).

It is good that they finally responded after a blogger made a posting.

However, by the time local media covered this news with critical implication on local logistics, UPU agreed to a compromise to prevent US from pulling out.

For readers, forget the kaki bodek mainstream media.

The lateness and lack of depth in their reporting does not make you and your children smarter. They are only kaki ampu seeking acceptance and personal favours from government.

Their reports are filled with one sided political propaganda of the equally hopeless PH government. They self censor new worthy events coming out from opposition to defend the incompetent and promise breaking PH government.

For a party that benefit from the openness provided by Dato Najib to online and mainstream media,  PH government has suddenly taken an adversarial attitude towards Social Media.

It is the same attitude of BN government towards bloggers during Pak Lah administration and it lead to a poor showing by BN in the 2008 general election and continued decay.

Voters are now anxious to have GE15 immediately.

The postal issue may annoy the Minister Gobind Singh so the possibility they withheld coverage. For an issue that is already many months old, the mainstream media reporting was so out of date and old school. 

NST's report was tame and regurgitating a cliche message from Pos assuring consumers and avoid panic. Its as if they cannot see things beyond Pos's given statement.

Another report had a headline stating the obvious of Pos looking for tenable option. Off course, they should. Otherwise, they have no business to be in business!

Berita Harian's report had in its content an interesting angle to raise of Gobind Singh's reluctance to comment. However, the Editor above was a pussy cat also stating the obvious in their headline of UPU determine postal rates.

That is hardly hitting the crux of the issue. Gobind could have said more than just waiting for outcome.

That is the sort of quality one gets from the "pengampu" current editing boss, who did work for previous PMO and did a quick U turn on his FB to insult Dato Najib upon the loss of BN.

Since his teenager days, always the opportunist and at 60, still unable to adhere to values of honesty and sincerity. Yet he was annoyed to be told in a briefing of what can and cannot write.

The ball-ess boss should have directed its reporter to pursue on Gobind's statement on September 12th for the long overdue tariff revision. The last time Pos was allowed to revise its postage was 2010, before TIA changed its name to 1MDB.

Surprisingly, the liberal media with a boss, whose questions in interview is to make the interviewed express his point of view, Astro Awani's coverage was emulating the favour currying  Media "Pengampu" Berhad. At least, they almost hit it right on Gobinds response.

Only Malay Mail Online and Edge Online reported the right message.

Let us see which media will report on the latest development and how they see the development analytically and critically.

If it is still repeating what is already reported abroad, better buy Utusan Malaysia. At least, they could give a critical view.

Readers should get and search for the other sides on all stories.

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