Sunday, September 01, 2019

Chinese FBer call on non-Malay Bumiputera to assimilate

Until all races can drop their defence for their own race and start assimilating, the Malay bumiputera agenda can only and should be intensified.

This is unhealthy for the country. Yet, everyone is pointing fingers to each other's races.

As long as non-bumis and non-Malays are unwilling to let go of their defence, Malays and bumiputeras should never give more space for the advancement of the nons.

Think about it.

Photo source:
Merdeka, Obor Satu Perjuangan, pg 19

The Chinese and Indians came as labourers, made their wealth and in the midst of Malaya gaining independece, Tunku Abdul Rahman has never expected the non Malays to be fighting along way with them. (See photo)

Yet, when the Chinese and Indians have nowhere to go and options to go home were not readily nor financially available, Tunku and the Malays compromised a mass citizenship.

In the context of today, imagine all the foreign workers in Malaysia now - Bangladeshis, Nepalis, Myanmar, Philippinos and Indonesians - millions of them were given citizenships, the right to live here peacefully, the right to vote, the right to freedom, the right to have their own schools, the right to education, the right to their own languages, the right to embrace their own religions, the right to build their religious houses, the right to be a Minister, the right to their cultures, the right to their festive seasons and public holidays, the right to do business, the right to buy and sell properties, basically the right of any citizen, in return for the supremacy of the royalties Raja-Raja Melayu, national language being Bahasa Melayu, official religion being Islam, to uphold the Perlembagaan Persekutuan and Rukun Negara.

Ask yourself if you will be so generous to tolerate and be so kind to all the millions of new citizens in the country TODAY. 

The case of Dr. Zakir Naik shows how benevolent our Muslim brothers and sisters are.

As much as many supported him, there were also those who disagreed with his speeches, yet most of them will agree to let him stay as he may face death if extradited home.

Yet non Malays were quick to judge and asked that he is sent home immediately!

He is just one man. But those days, MILLIONS of our (great) great grandparents were granted citizenships.

Oh don't compare us with foreign workers. Really? 

When China was swept with famine and chaos and our forefathers risked their lives to come here.

For what? 

Survival. Yet, more than that, we gained wealth and comfort.

Oh we worked hard for it? 

The foreign workers are also working many times harder than us, so let's also give them citizenships.

Oh we are here for generations already? 

The Bangladeshis and Indonesians already married locals and have kids too. In 10-20 years to come they will be having their 3rd generation here.


Oh you want to continue, it only mean that you are not that generous to open your country, Malaysia to millions of new citizens. 

If you cannot accept a Bangladeshi as a PM in Malaysia today (which most of us can't), perhaps you will understand how some of our Malays brothers and sisters feel.

It is good actually. It means that you still defend this country as yours.

As a citizen of this country, I always spend some time to read and reread to remind myself of my origins.

To embrace and love this country not just by saying it but to ask myself, can I live like a Malay, like an Indian, like a Bidayuh, Kadazan too and be the real Malaysian who has its roots from China.

You can call me a traitor to the Chinese, remind me I am a Chinese who must unite with the Chinese to fight the Malays and you can continue with your chauvinism that Chinese can be at par or more superior but you can never change the historical fact that we came to Tanah Melayu and gained much more.

It is time to let go of the ego, do away with our differences and understand each other better, find similarities that we all share and assimilate into this country that you always lipped you love. 

The world is getting borderless and anyone can always migrate to any country they love and call it home. Options are available should you not love this tanah air.

But since we do, let's embrace each other, find similarities, champion our food which we always do and protect this nation from our enemies, the biggest within is the ego in us.

Thanks. Peace. :)

Hoong Ling


Anonymous said...

If only majority of Chinese and Indians in Malaysia are like u!!!

I’mMe said...


bumi-non-malay said...

Start with Neutral English as a medium of Instruction across all entities in Malaysial...Parliament, Schools, University...then we talk one step forward....otherwise Keep taling to promote Fake Social media likes and self promotion and Dedak and Fake Fanbio die Sad like Tun Dr M soon.....We voted for Ubah....not SERUPA!!

Anonymous said...

Better migrate to the Queen's empire before you die a sad miserable death in the land where English is not the official language.

Anonymous said...

While it's all written in black and white and the grey areas of an apartheid regime that continues after 62 years, hasn't the Tun learnt anything!

The Nazi's had their short apartheid so did the the British empire's apartheid but for a long long time.

Just where is Malaysia when your IC or KP says you are either Melayu, China, India dll whatever.

Don't worry so much until China and India get into the world demographics and determine your status in the world when the world becomes borderless.

Malaysians kononnya. Genius has it's limits.


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