Thursday, April 21, 2022

[Up-dated] RPK revealed Nazlan Ghazali's account is for real!

Parodying the alleged amount received by Justice Nazlan Ghazali as comparatively small to the  conspirators and accomplice in the 1MDB debacle, Facebooker Salahuddin shared a picture of Maybank ATM showing the number claimed by Raja Petra as Nazlan Ghazali's account is for real. 

One part of RPK's revelation made here is true. Being based in Manchester, United Kingdom, that is truly impressive piece of information. Subsequently, it need be proven that the amount of RM1,036,127.40 exist. 

Then come the more challenging part of proving the source of money. It means a money trail need be done, interview and interrogation to be conducted, and information substantiated and verified.

Off course, if it is a chargeable offense, the court will have the final say in this temporal world as the proxy of truth. 

So it is not for certain that Dato Najib could get his desired retrial for SRC case in which he was convicted and appeal at the Court of Appeal rejected. 

However, the fact that RPK could quote the number exactly to its sen raise the suspicion and it is still speculation that such amount could exist in Nazlan's bank transaction. 

The existence of the account means it is getting close to triggering a response from Nazlan. 

Till yesterday, he has not responded to earlier revelation with documents made on social media of his knowledge and involvement in Maybank as Company Secretary in the meeting to approve the loan to 1MDB for the acquisition of IPP

The buzz within the legal community is that Nazlan should have recuse himself. 

One argument by a former DPP is that it does not show him as conflicted. He was not in the meeting as a member of the Board of Directors to make the approval decision, but a Company Secretary recording the minutes. 

Compared to the earlier judge requested to recuse himself because his brother was an UMNO state assemblyman, Nazlan involvement at Maybank is publicly seen as relevance.

Subsequently it was revealed on social media that it was Maybank who advised 1MDB to establish the subsidiary SRC as vehicle to undertake specific energy project. SRC was subsequently transfered ownership to Ministry of Finance Inc. 

This is a more direct relevance to Nazlan's involvement as General Counsel to Maybank. He could be providing legal advise to Maybank's corporate advisory team. 

Unfortunately, it need be supported by evidence to show Nazlan was conflicted and his judgement is questionable. 

Nevertheless, compared to the earlier recused judge who is completely independent, Nazlan has knowledge and involvement with 1MDB and SRC as Bank client. 

He should have recuse himself since he has prior knowledge and involvement thus not totally independent. 

Now the allegation he received money from Jho Low similar to the many other arrangements as revealed in Roger Ng's case in US. It throws more doubt on his independence as judge and create a poor perception of the judiciary. 

The judiciary is in a hot soup over the obviously questionable argument put forth in the High Court judgement, which over turned the Session Court's acquital of the Sam Ke Ting accident resulting in the death of 8 cyclists in Johor Baru. 

The issue is not about innocent or guilty but legal community concern is the competency of the judge in delivering judgement according to evidences available. 

Coincidentally, Nazlan was part of the Court of Appeal team that allowed for Sam's bail. That is a controversial decision to certain segment of the public, but Nazlan is not unaccustomed to  publicly controversial decisions on LTTE and syariah matters.
These information on Nazlan may have reached social media due to leak by insider within Maybank establishment. It is legally still sketchy but there is the possibility that more could be coming. 

It is RPK's signature style to strive under controversy. More so if there is a strong response by Nazlan.

Will there be more revelation with real meat be forthcoming and Federal Court willing to take into account that could lead to a mistrial? 

Still, time is not on Najib side and within legal circle it is claimed chances is not good because all judges have personal ex-to-grind issues with Shafie Abdullah. 

Yet Agong invited him for an event at the Istana. To those bitching over the attendance of convict and ex-convict pardoned despite not admitting guilt, they may be right but the critic should be aimed at Agong and not Najib or anyone in particular. 

The handphone number, home address and employer's address of at least one of them is available should police request. 

Update: 6: 20 AM

PETALING JAYA: Court of Appeal judge Nazlan Mohd Ghazali has lodged a police report over a news article alleging that he is being investigated for unexplained monies in his bank account.

This is the second police report made against UK-based RPK by Office of the Registrar of the Federal Court.

Will they cross jurisdiction to pursue him in the UK?

And, will RPK repeat to make more allegations or reveal more evidence against Nazlan if his intention is to bait him with a response?

Tic toc tic toc ....

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