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MACC is not in MARA Corp Iskandar's pocket

Yesterday, Malay media reported Chief Commissioner, Tan Sri Azam Baki said MACC completed investigation on MARA Corp. It is left to the Attorney General, and he believed three officers will be charged soon. 

The three could be among the five that made a police report against Executive Director, Dato Suhaili Abdul Rahman for his credit card spending to deflect wrongdoings of "feathering their nest" exposed by Edisi Siasat in early February.

Neither Utusan Malaysia nor Kosmo and Sinar Harian revealed the names. According to inside sources,  CEO Noor Irwan Marmin, CFO Rizal Abdul Ghani and General Counsel, Iskandar Zainudin are to be charged. 

The others that benefited are Mohd Faizal Mohd Top and Mohd Firdaus Zubir. 

Since they to be charged soon, it is the opportune time to reveal the investigated MARA Officer mentioned in February for boasting of having MACC in his pocket was Iskandar


Sources claimed Iskandar was the mastermind to deflect Edisi Siasat by concocting allegation against SuhailiHe boasted of having connection with police. 

It is believed that he was the officer who either personally made a police report or masterminded the  report against this blog's April 2021 revelation of UniKL going-on.  

The soon to be charged Iskandar proves he does not.

At the height of the uproar over the exposed self-reward scheming, all the officers except Iskandar were suspended from service pending investigation.

Sources claimed Iskandar was merely seconded back to MARA at the concurrence of the MARA Director General, Dato Azhar Manaf. And he was actively mitigating the MARA Corp problems.

As investigation revealed more of the wrongdoings, Iskandar was eventually "cold storaged". He went on tantrum and vented out his anger till Dato' Azhar had to personally persuade and appease him. 

This is beyond the typical overconfident, and smart young executive that became powerful and influential. Does Iskandar know or hold something on the organisation and against someone that made him cocky? 

MARA Director General

Dato Azhar should be made responsible for his negligence and possible manouvering of MARA Corp from its inception. 

He is the longest serving member of the Board of Directors (BOD) of MARA Corp. Coupled with the fact that he is the DG, he should be in the know of major happenings in MARA and MARA Corp from its establishment to compliment MARA Incorporated.

MARA Inc. operation was closed and asset liquidated by former Chairman Tan Sri Annuar Musa for his political expediency at the height of the Australian property debacle. 

However, the on-going case is against Dato Shafie Apdal's man and former MARA Inc Chairman, Dato Muhammad Lan Allani. Annuar Musa's action was unnecessary.  

MARA Corp was kept going from the effort of ANSARAn Akhramsyah Tan Sri Sanusi. He fought to keep it going in 2019 against the wholesale liquidation of government investment by Pakatan Harapan.

The neo-liberal MARA Council then were adamant MARA has no business to be in business and vehemently opposed MARA from being self sustainable to fund its affirmative action programs. The DG merely went along without offering any resistance.   

Protective DG and Chairman

Dato Azhar was responsible for the cross fertilisation program that was manipulated by these self serving MARA Officers. 

It would not have happened without his consent. Certainly hope he is charged too. He knew these officers are not capable and it is impossible he not know they are not entitled to such allowances and increments. Did he personally benefit from any perks from MARA Corp too?

At the current juncture, it will not be surprising if it is found later that Dato' Azhar was part and parcel in the scheming by these government officer. It is their scheming that led to the wrongful dismissal of former management of MARA Corp led by ANSARAn former CEO Dato Badlisyah Ghani

These civil servants self-proclaimed themselves as stakeholder of MARA against politicians and professional corporate men. Yet they turned out to be a menace themselves. It is not uncommon to hear civil servants allow organisations to languish unless their selfish quest for control are fulfilled.

Badlisyah was sent on garden leave days before the BOD was to convene a meeting. It was intended to prevent him from tabling his findings and proposed strategic business plan for MARA Corp. Now it is known that they were envious of the hired corporate men salary. Despite not qualified, and sufficiently experienced, they wanted similar pay scheme for themselves.

From the latest development, it is likely that MARA Corp will end up forking out no less than RM20 million for compensationAs stakeholder in MARA, this blogger demand that the money to be paid should not come from public money. That money could be made to better use to assist Bumiputera students continue their education or fund MRSM campuses. 

Due to their negligence and manipulation, it should be personally come from all those involved in MARA Corp. It includes the complacent former Minister Dato Dr Latiff Ahmad, MARA Chairman, Dato Azizah Md Dun, MARA Council members and highly powered Board of Directors and the top management of MARA Corp. 

Dato Azhar and MARA Chairman, Dato Osman Aziz were adamant to defend and protect these 5 errand officers!

As members of the BOD of MARA Corp, Chief Secretary to Government, Treasury Secretary and other top government officials are liable to the Bumiputera for allowing these to pass their attention for years.

Embarassingly, there was an ANSARA representative on the MARA Council, which intended to discontinue MARA Corp and few Council members were eyeing its subsidiaries. He was no fighter and a mute!

Note: This is an amendment to this morning's deleted posting. 

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Siapa jumpa siapa sebenarnya. Makin lanjut usia makin kuat penipu nya. Baru tukar bateri baru di IJN dah buat perangai kotor lagi.

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Ketua Pemuda Bersatu Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal mendakwa komunikasi di antara presidennya, Muhyiddin Yassin, dengan Dr Mahathir Mohamad dimulakan pengerusi Pejuang terbabit.

Kenyataan Wan Ahmad Fayhsal itu sekali gus berbeza daripada apa yang didedahkan oleh Mahathir semalam.

Semalam Mahathir – yang meletakkan jawatannya sebagai perdana menteri ekoran langkah Muhyiddin membawa Bersatu keluar dari Pakatan Harapan – mendakwa dia dihubungi Bersatu untuk mendapatkan sokongan menjadi perdana menteri sekali lagi.

“Bukannya Tan Sri (Muhyiddin) yang nak jumpa Tun (Mahathir), tapi, Tun yang menghantar pegawainya, Khairuddin Salleh, untuk berjumpa dengan Muhyiddin.

Usia lanjut bukan bermakna makin insaf tapi makin kuat pembohong..


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