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Bloggers Should Promote Anwar's Sept 16 Psygame ...

Taken from Agendadaily

.... it will be the chance to prove to the people that Anwar is not worthy. Anwar, like Abdullah, came from Penang, a state without a Sultan and exhibited traits of uprooted Malays void of any Malay spirit and cultural qualities. Both are equally incompetent, consumate liar and spinner (putarbelit). Only one more nice guy than the other, but given power, lost any sense of humility.

If one believed Anwar's words as reliable, he will be Prime Minister in 13 more days. According to a message circulating in the blogosphere, he completed his discussion with Sabah MPs yesterday. Didn't the Sabah MPs refused to sign a round of pledge of loyalty organised by Shafie Apdal? By Thursday, all the BN MPs from Sabah and Sarawak will pullout of BN.

One event after another will follow and we will have a new PM by September 16th. Didn't we want Abdullah to leave? Is that really going to happen? Or something else will happen?

All Bloggers should discuss this September 16 event as a favour for Anwar to keep his psygame working. If it did happen, we didn't miss out on a major story. But if it didn't happen, we will have a good time jibing him.

Anwar's Psygame

Consequent to PKR-PAS-DAP succcessful March 8th General Election, Anwar has repeatedly been talking of BN MPs jumping ship to PKR/Pakatan Rakyat. Initially, he claimed that 30 will do so in few weeks time by late March.

It didn't. The Parliament first session went along unhindered.

On April 14, the so-called Black 14, he clarified in his speech and convinced the crowd. It will happen. BUT IF it didn't soon, it will happen later. IF not this month, it will be next month. IF not next month, the following month and so on. BY September, things will fall into place. The crowd fell for it - clapping in frenzy and shouting his name with gusto.

The few of us there - a seasoned journalist that used to cover Anwar as DPM, few Anwar-watch bloggers, observers and few tag alongs - smirked in our face. With much relief, we pretended to go along with the crowd to shout, "Hidup Anwar! Hidup anwar! Pemimpin Agong harapan dunia!"

Peh peh peh ... hebat. We knew too well of Anwar. He is claiming something he didn't have in the bag yet. This is all his psygame of deception.

Come the second session Parliament, SAPP gave a scare.

Abdullah was in a frenzied state of gabra. He call on BN MPs for an emergency meeting in Parliament and "requested" public loyalty pledge. He went to Sabah and Sarawak for few times and dished out few billions of promises. ACA came in immediately to investigate Yong Teck Lee. It is so obvious, and yet some leader had the audacity to deny it had nothing to do with the crossover. He may have forgitten it is 2008.

Nothing happened again.

Now, Anwar won the Permatang Pauh by-election by a handsome margin last week. During the campaigning, he claimed he will be PM by September 16th. All the Malays, Chinese and Indian voted a liar, incompetent, spinnner, ex-convict and sodomite as their representative. Thanks to Anwarista Khairy's "burial" statement and the in-fighting PKR-laden UMNO Permatang Pauh.

Talk was spreading that Anwar will get the support, if he can prove he could get more than Wan Azizah's majority. Did anyone asked why is there is such condition, if Anwar is capable of forming a new Government in March/April?

Will Ghaffur-led refusal to sign Shafie's organised pledge lead to anything? In fact, there was a strange loud "Nay!" coming from the BN backbenchers during the call on the DNA Bill last week, despite walkout by all the Opposition MPs.

Anwar already mentioned not of 13 or 30 but 30-40 MPs making the jump. This is where we are now. Read this schedule in the comments section here to know the daily event leading to September 16th appointment of the new PM.

Will it happen? Naahhh!!!!

Why it will not happen?

It is not because Dr Maximus Onkili, Deputy President PBS called it a tale. And, not because Anwar did not specify the year for September 16th.

Firstly, PR haven't sorted out a lot of fundamental issues should the takeover happen.

Maybe not the whole Cabinet line-up yet but PR has yet to decide who should be PM, or DPM/(s). From claiming Wan Azizah will be seat warming PM for him, Anwar is now saying he is PM in the new Government. In the first place, what makes Anwar so sure he will be PM?

Anwar claimed he will appoint several DPMs - Malay, Chinese and Indian. In today's papers, Lim Kit Siang denied the popular belief and report in the Chinese Press that he will be the DPM in teh Pakatan Rakyat Government.

Anwar also promised the Sabahan and Sarwakian. Lets not forget they will be Anwar's enabler in his scheme. By those promises, there is not likely to be a Malay DPM, if Anwar is PM. So where will they put PAS?

Selangor and Penang sidelined PAS. PAS was not offered Deputy MB for Selangor and YB Theresa Kok was given Senior Exco status. Penang did not offer a single Exco post to PAS despite two PKR Exco in Perak. But PAS has a stronger political machinery, longer history and tradition.

Ibrahim Ali recently said PAS should lead the Pakatan Rakyat. Puad Zarkashi revealed in Mingguan Malaysia of talk that 10 UMNO MPs would join PAS. The natural and traditional political crossovers for Malays is between UMNO and PAS.

Will that not get into their head?

Secondly, there is reason to believe that it is not BN MPs crossing over to PKR but PKR MPs crossing out of PKR. Anwar is merely creating an impression to stop them from jumping ship and end up being on the losing side.

Why would Agendadaily confidently posed the question "Mari kita tengok siapa yang kena ..." (Lets see who gets it ...) in their September 1st news report? Zulkifli Nordin is a lead to this possibility.

Why did Anwar decided to pardon him despite many quarters within PKR going for his hide? He may have denied talk he is leaving PKR but his disenchantment with Anwar and PKR's secular orientation and stand on Islam is an open secret.

This maybe hard to swallow but talk is he will crossover to UMNO. Maybe it will help his case to preserve his Kulim Bandar Baru MP seat. One lawyer claimed to this blogger that the 2004 account is a no issue and has sighted it. Ezam and many other Trojan horses are already inside UMNO to welcome him. The possibility of crossing to PAS is minimal since PAS i snot comfortable with his untamed ways and sensationalist speeches.

Maybe he will join Ibrahim Ali. The point here is Zulkifli represent the tip of a volcano inside PKR that could burst into an eruption. PKR is a hodgepodge of conflicting political ideologies, NGOs, interest groups, and political background.

Many Malay PKR MPs are unhappy with the manner the rights and interests of Malays and position of Islam is being criticised by PKR Indian and Chinese leaders. The blame and accusation of racism on UMNO is usually a convenient blame hiding deep rooted racism and potential reverse discrimination, albeit negative discrimination. NEP is described as positive discrimination.

The numbers leaving PKR is said to be sufficient enough to make Abdullah stop claiming BN is just short by eight for a two third majority and start boosting he has it already.

One noticable observation arising from the hodgepodege structure of PKR is the dominance of NGOs in PKR. They tend to be idealistic, unrealistic and lack any political pragmatism. Read into Tian Chua's dellusioned victory speech in Permatang Pauh.

Currently, the NGOs has asserted their agenda to the point of taking control of PKR's agenda. They are preventing seasoned politicans and community leaders from speaking on PKR platforms. Never a PKR rally that is without Tian Chua, Sivarasa and the NGOs.

What will finally happen?

Since it is not likely to happen, how will Anwar response?

Blogger Cucutokselampit left an amusing list to assist Anwar's definite evasion at press interviews in Rocky Bru's, below:
Buat masa ini biar saya tolong YAB menyediakan alasan-alasan sewaktu ditemuduga oleh wartawan-wartawan pada hari itu:

1. Gus Dur berkata bahawa masanya belum tiba untuk saya mengambilalih kerajaan. (Gus Dur tidak sempat menghabiskan alasannya sebab telah tertidur!)
2. Ada orang hendak membunuh saya, saya terpaksa berlindung lagi di Kedutaan Turki.
3. Yusuff Al Tantawi, ulama tersohor menasihatkan saya agar jangan bersumpah. Oleh itu, saya tidak dapat bersumpah menjadi Perdana Menteri.
4. Rakan-rakan saya di IMF minta bersabar, mereka tidak ada banyak dana untuk mengambil alih Malaysia sebab Amerika sendiri porak peranda.
5. Ahli parlimen Sabah telah ditangkap di bawah ISA. Mereka tidak boleh melompat parti.
6. Saya bimbang keselamatan saya sebab pihak polis akan menangkap saya bila-bila masa.
7. Kenyataan saya telah diputar belitkan oleh media dan blog-blog yang dikawal sepenuhnya oleh kerajaan.
8. Saya hanya bercakap 16 September, tahun belum ditentukan lagi. Mungkin tahun 2020.
9. Saya tidak pasti siapakah yang akan saya lantik jadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Kit Siang, Karpal Singh atau Haji Hadi.
10. Tidak semestinya dengan mengambil alih kerajaan saya boleh membantu rakyat. Sekarangpun saya dapat membantu mereka. Kenapa hendak diperbesarkan lagi isu ini.
11. Apa yang hendak saya risaukan. Apa saja alasan yang saya bagi, penyokong-penyokong saya pasti akan menelannya bulat-bulat.
12. Saya telah diracun dengan racun arsenik. Saya harus mendapat rawatan semula.
13. Penyakit tulang belakang saya makin parah. Saya terpaksa mendapat rawatan di luar negara. Doktor-doktor di Malaysia tidak boleh dipercayai. Mereka ingin membogelkan saya.
14. Ini semua main-main, bukan betul-betul. Cobaan!
15. Saya belum dapat pengganti pembancuh kopi saya yang akan saya bawa ke luar negara!

YAB buatlah keputusan hendak mengambil alasan yang mana satu. Kalau tidak cukup, boleh e-mail kepada saya. Saya akan ikhtiarkan mencari alasan-alasan yang baru.
Imam Romlang Poringgi learned a few tricks from the Guru. It seems his life is now in danger.


bzz said...

Good point bro...
Now we wait. Siapa yg terkena...

Cucu Tok Selampit said...

I'm with you Bro. I have started my countdown a week ago. Let see whether Al Juburi manage to get what he dream for!

RedBag said...

Nice one Mr. Blogger..
Let me add another response;

Reporter: DSAI, adakah proses mengambil-alih kerajaan berjalan lancar dan akan dilaksanakan pada 16 Sept seperti yang sudah di war-warkan?
DSAI: Akan diumumkan nanti.

But trust me, Anwar will come out with more 'creative' reasons and strategies.

Anonymous said...

orang johor bagi pulau kat spore ... lagi teruk dari orang penang

Anonymous said...

Woi ... I am from Penang ... Not all penang ppl are putar belit ok ..only a few !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Good one. The issue is extremely relevant. We are a multi racial nation of 27 million people with a GDP of about RM400 Billion. This is not Cheruk To Kun ok. Or Cheruk Tok Mamak.

Today is Sept 3rd already. These jokers want to form the Govt by Sept 16, 12 days away only.

Where is their Cabinet lineup? Not only we, but even their own Pakatan supporters deserve to know. The whole nation wants to know.

What is their Economic policy? What is their Foreign policy? What is their Defense policy? What is their Education policy? Do they have any ideas or are they just going to Google and find out how to run a country?

Dont say 'we will continue with what is in place and try to improve as we go along'. That is chicken sh*t.

Where are you going to put Pas? Does Hadi become DPM, PM or what? Do we become an Islamic state or Malaysian Malaysia or just 'no NEP'? Fine but what is your agenda? What is your dasar going to be?

Or is it just a combo of say 'Islamic But Liberal Malaysian Malaysia With Malay Special Privileges Intact But No NEP' or something freaky like that?

The DAP realised that they dont have enough capable people in Penang so they re employed Gerakan leaders as CEO of Penang Dev. Corp. etc.

Do they plan to do the same in Putrajaya? Maybe they can rehire Rais as Foreign Minister, Nagib as Defense Minister etc.

And the schedule is quite relevant if Anwar wants to form the Govt by Sept 16. Anwar must seek an audience with the Agong BEFORE Sept 16. And before that, there must be a sidang tergempar Parlimen where Anwar must show that he has the majority support of the MPs.

This must happen now. There are only 12 days left to Sept 16.

And if Anwar cannot deliver by Sept 16th, then he cannot use the 'my back pain is very bad' anymore. Anwar will really become a prick in the ass.

Bung Karno said...


I gave this same comment in Syed Imran's kuda ranggi :

Anwar bukan sahaja nak jadi PM tetapi juga mahu memulakan satu legasi baru.

Benar 16 Sep dipilih untuk menyamaratakan keriangan sambutan hari malaysia, tetapi tujuan Anwar lebih kepada menulis semual sejarah dan menindakkan perjuangan UMNO, MCA dan MIC dalam mendapat kemerdekaan dpd British.

Anwar mahu memulakan satu legasi dengan cara 'dismantle social, political, dan economic structure' yang telah ujud.

Perkara-perkara seperti :
1. Cadangan 16 September,
2. 10% Uitm dibuka kepada bukan Melayu,
3. pemberian tanah kepada sekolah swasta Cina di Perak (yang mana mendapat bantuan kewangan dpd masyarakat Cina kaya-raya),
4. ladang babi terbesar, sistem tender terbuka,
5. pemansuhan DEB,

Adalah sebahagian dpd agenda Anwar
untuk meruntuhkan struktur sedia ada.

Ia juga taktik untuk mengambarkan bahawa UMNO adalah pejuang perkauman, sedangkan UMNO memegang AMANAH untuk menjaga hak yang telah termaktub dalam perlembagaan dan dipersetujui oleh semua kaum sebelum diberi kemerdekaan pada 31 Ogos 1957.

Tidak dinafikan Anwar masih punya banyak agenda untuk selaras niat memegang kuasa sebagai PM. Dan pada ketika di mana soal moral tidak penting dalam kepimpinan, akan ada Ahli Parlimen yang akan melompat kerana kuasa, harta dan kesenangan diri.

Begitu pun kegopohan, keangkuhan dan kerakusan mungkin harga yang akan dibayar oleh rakyat Malaysia, terutamanya orang Melayu.

OneZero said...

Sept 16th is just a 15 days away, but still there are no cabinet line-up or whatsoever sound from Anwar himself, only from his so-called pengikut setia who hopes of becoming DPM or any other jawatan.
Such a kissass..

anonemo said...

Mari sama2 kita berdoa yang angan2 kaki putar belit Anwar ni tak berjaya. Habis diputar satu Malaysia ni nanti.

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