Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Video: The Lesson from Titanic, Abandon Before the Inevitable!

"The Titanic is unsinkable!"

That was the claim of Titanic, the new behemoth naval invention, truly an engineering marvel of the time. It will deny mother nature.

Hear me speak! I will lead you to that rightful destiny.

Titanic left the Port of Southampton one afternoon in 1912 with much pride and arrogance, refusing to heed advice and warnings. The owner is so proud that the oppulence and grandeur of his ship is no more enough.

By all means, he wanted the headline to boast to the world that he is right. He does not need critics and sceptics, a young new ship could cross the Atlantic at new record time on it's maiden voyage!

That confidence and exuberance was only good while it last. The denial would only succumb when it will actually happen. become reality After midnight in the early wee moring of Monday, April 15th, 2008, it met the inevitable. Titanic couldn't avoid an iceberg and it was only a little knock.

When the accident happened, pandemonium broke and everyone was fighting for their life to abondon ship.

With all these claims and perception created of this fine ship, the first voyage many of these passengers were glory seeker. And, some just went along refusing to give much thought of the risk with an unproven new one.

They never expected the unsinkable would failed them. The notion of Titanic not reaching it's destined port within the claimed time is just preposterous.

On that Monday morning, 1,500 died and only 705 survived from the 2,200 on-board. Only those early ones had access to lifeboat and survived.


That proves defying nature is a dear lesson.


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abandone UMNO ....

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Nice movie...The great message to all nations!

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