Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Curious ... Extremely Curious Why RPK Sent to Kamunting? Is It Abdullah's Reaction to Challenge?

Raja Petra is sent to Kemunting!

It was reported today that Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) was sent to Kamunting Detention Camp for two years under Section 8 of the Internal Security Act.

This act means that, like the five Hindraf detainees that was immediately sent there, interrogation on RPK has stopped or in his case, it did not even began.

From news reports, RPK's lawyer said that he is now deemd as a national threat and given the marching order last night.

RPK is already facing several lawsuits, sedition charges, and other court issues. Are those process of law insufficient to deal with the various allegations against him? Are the recent voices from BN component party members not sufficient alarm to be more judicious?

Together with other reasons, the recent ISA Ops has evolved into a security operations shrouded with suspicions.

Firstly, it occurs when the Prime Minister is facing political threat from within and without his party. Does this has any link?

ISA is known to be strictly a police matter. Detention under Section 73 interrogation for 60 days is on police recomendation and acknowledgement by the Minister of Internal Affairs.

This raised the second issue. Why is Syed Hamid the one making press statements, if it is none of his bloody business? Now who signed the detention order? Was it Syed Hamid or ...?

Dato Ibrahim Ali, a two time ISA detainee mentioned in a press conference yesterday evening that any power to detain under the ISA held by politician and Minister should be taken away. In place, it should be decided by a committee free from any political influence.

Third, why the Section 8 if Syed Hamid said this is a police matter? Section 8 empowers the Minister to sent the detainee to Kemunting for two years, and could subsequently be rolled over.

Fourth, the manner the recent ISA is implemented is srange and bordering on amateurish. Why would a reporter be detained when news editor determine published news? Why must ISA be applied merely to interrogate her for a day? Is there no other more suitable law, other than ISA, to call her in for interrogation? Is this not creating public tension?

Fifth, the situation to apply ISA is unwarranted. Dr Mahathir last week said the situation is tense but not a security threat. Ku Li does not agree to the use of ISA for this situation. Both these leaders did not seek for the abolishment of ISA but both see the rule of law is more applicable.

Is there any possibility of a racial riot? Are the Malays, Chinese and Indian in a rage ready to martyr? Some segments of Chinese and Indian are on a vocal mood. But the Malays are indifferent, not willing to sacrifice for a leader they have no confidence with.

Why was RPK served with an order for Kemunting on the day he filed harbeus corpus application in High Court today?

There is more amidst the eyes here.

Even Najib who is a victim of RPK's statutory declaration and psy-war is relieved that the Sin Chew Jit Poh reporter, Tan YB and Theresa Kok was released.

Is this by design to smear Najib's name and raised further animosity by PKR and their supporters against Najib?

This gif file candle image is placed as a virgil in unison with other sympathiser of RPK. My sympathy is for the family.

Something smells in high heaven.

Words in UMNO circle are saying anarchy is setting in into UMNO. Sympathy game, coddle and plead is no more acceptable. Money, kain pelikat, and trips have failed and backfired. Authority is rebelled against. Lies and deception is anticipated.

Nothing can convince the masses except suppression with the use of harassment and blackmail!

The five undertaking this onerous and subsequently rewarding endeavour, if successful, are newly "honured" Tan Sri Anuar Musa, Dato Che Alwi (Ketereh), Dato Hamzah Zainuddin, and Dato Reezal Merican.

Dato Kamalauddin and Khairy Jamaluddin is likely to be orchestrating this life saving mission for "Baba" Abdullah, the claimed reformer and libertarian.

If he comes out a winner through this ordeal, will it lead to the emergence of a weak tyrant and dictator surrounded the puppeteers? Is this why he is seeking the millitary portfolio?

With Syed Hamid, a turned Abdullah loyalist helming Internal Affairs, is it about Abdullah holding full control of intelligence, security and "armed outfit" to remain in power?.

I'm curious. Extremely curious.

Is this a case of the revenge of the lembik? One thing for sure, never underestimate the severity of vengence by the lembiks and lembuts.

One wonders. Will there be an UMNO General Assembly this December?


Anonymous said...

saya tak tau kenapa orang tergila2kan si pencacai ini.

apakah sumbangan & idea beliau kpd negara?

dia memberi peluang kpd orang asing untuk menyerang Islam & Melayu..

ini patut dikawal & ISA adalah wajar..

kalau tak mau ISA, hiduplah dgn cara berhemah..dan bukan 'memberukkan' manusia yang telah beradab.

Anonymous said...

Don't underestimate the word lembik...sholin is a lembik kind of martial art but mind you it is deadly!

Anonymous said...

Setuju dengan poning palo...
Apalah istimewanya si RPK tu. Semua dok sibuk nak mempertahankan orang yang dah nyata mengutuk Islam. Takkan kita nak biarkan orang macam bebas-sebebasnya? Banyak artikel yang ditulis beliau dibaca oleh satu dunia. Kiranya beliau boleh dianggap perosak agama, bangsa dan negara. Wjarkah nak dipertahankan beliau? Apapun sebagai orang Islam, saya masih ada sedikit simpati kepada beliau kerana Hari Raya yang kian menjelang tiba, pasti ahli keluarga mahukan beliau beraya bersama...

Anonymous said...

The Hindraf detainees and RPK deserve to be where they are now.
If you provoke violence and disrupt public order, Kamunting is the best place to be. Let the public enjoy some peace and quiet in getting on with their lives.
Thank you PDRM and thank you Syed Hamid, you guys have done the right thing.

Anonymous said...

The comments posted here are plain silly if not preposterous. If there are that many flers going against it, including TDM and Razaleigh,and PR, I so no reasons why you guys are supporting it.


Anonymous said...

I think he deserved it . Infact I think he is asking for it. He asked for it , n he got it ...you all nak bising bising tolong dia apasal ...

He is a pecacai to Anwar , putting all his eggs into anwar 16/9..hoping anwar will release him ... ha ha ha padan muka


Anonymous said...

Islam hadhari jer nak menghalalkan ISA

Syed Albar patut berhenti jadi Menteri Dlaam Negeri kalau Akta sendiri pon tak tahu baca. Akta DNa pon tak lengkap nak luluskan suka2 je

to Samsudin, ko tu siapa nak tuduh orang kutuk islam, ada bukti tunjukla, Aku tak dengar pon mufti/ulamak kata RPK ada kutuk islam, kutuk islam hadhari ada la

To Anony 10:22am, mana bukti RPK provoke violence and distrupt public order? Itu sume orang umno sendiri yang buat


Anonymous said...

They arent no terrorist. They dont harm anybody. They perform their duty, do their job, and you think they deserve ISA lock-up treatment ?

Be fair, come on.

Give them the due process of defending themselves in court then.

Anonymous said...

i hate RPK ... muke pun macam setan

Anonymous said...

I hate RPK.

But why?

Because I do not agree with him.

But shouldn't we be battling agst his point of view and opinion.

What is insulting on Islam?
All he said was Islam is okaty.

It is the way and hypocratic ways of the Malay's practise of Islam that is the trouble.

That conclusion is fine but the fact he used to support is sometimes wrong.

ISA is not the answer. It show sus Malays and Muslims as insecure and unable to articulate thsu resorting to vilonce and imprisonment.

In the battles of idea, we shd be using our head and brain. NOt emotion!

My Say