Thursday, September 11, 2008

What bloody excuse to defend this incompetence by Abdullah "Amat Bahalol"?

D Arnaud, Lost Face (2006)

After the barrage of demands, threats, and actions on Abdullah for Bukit Bendera UMNO Division Chief, Dato Ahmad Ismail refusal and repeated stance to refuse apology, Abdullah and the UMNO Supreme Council (UMNO MKT) succumbed to suspend Ahmad Ismail's membership for 3 years over his alleged racist remarks.

Before expressing further, the implication of this action on the Malays, UMNO members, amd morale of the party, be fully aware that Deputy Police Chief's has expressed in stern tone to refrain from agitating racial sentiment. The day earlier, it was reported that one Army General has expressed similar concerns.

This will not restrain this "a voice" from further venting his disgust. Before any cheap reactive accusation hurled for making statements perceived to have racial undertone that can cause public tension and undermine public order, caveat emptor - reader beware!

Read on, if you are mentally and emotionally mature to appreciate the rationale of my subsequent disgusts. I am pissed as hell!


The implication of UMNO MKT's decision is that it has set a precedent whereby the Barisan Nasional (BN) component party members can force upon its senior component party member, namely UMNO to take action on its member.

The member of BN's other component members have been battering on UMNO and inciting racial sentiment to question Constitutional rights but UMNO have never demanded other BN political party to suspend it's members.

To translate the decision further, it means UMNO's BN partners have found a mechanism via the Code of Conduct to be formulated and this new consolidated consensus of defiance to suppress the voice of the UMNO members through UMNO's leadership.

If Abdullah and UMNO MKT felt it was a necessary action to keep the BN Coalition together, they are living in a world of fantasy. At this rate this bunch of cowards kow towing to a dunce leader are going, UMNO will hereon be seriously undermined in the BN.

It is unfathomable that a discipline issue of a party member be determined by the Barisan Nasional Supreme Council and they could impose their will on another party member, albeit its dominant member based on an allegation that has yet to be determined and made known publicly.

In this instance, members gang-up with each other and continue to flame a racially charged issue based on the perception created by a newspaper with a patched history. This view will be left to readers to pick up and translate it's racial connotation.

Open With It! What Really Happened?

Since this allegation was first made by Sin Chew Jit Poh, it has yet to be known Ahmad Ismail's remark verbatim. Although Ahmad Ismail acknowledge that he said those words, he said it was within the context of pre-independence history.

He was cautioning the Malays of Permatang Pauh to realised the relevance to continue with UMNO as the party that has the Malay's interest at heart. In passing, which means it is not the core message of his speech, he said the Chinese are now citizens and would have their own set of demands. In mentioning the Chinese, he added the descriptive "pandatang".

Taken the racial sensitivity of the immigrant descendents Malaysian. This is not the first time Malaysians of the "pendatang" origin gets agitated with that word and the mention of the term "bangsa asing".

One of their usual response is to make the weak counter claim that the bulk of Malays are descendents of immigrants from various parts of Indonesia. The answer to that claim is that the legal and traditional precedent is Malay and "travellers" from Nusantara are subject of the Malay rulers since time immemorial and British colonial days.

However, it has never reached to the point of raising ruckus of such preportion, without any effort to restrain on their part. This is despite effort by Abdullah and Najib weak attempt to simmer the issue from boiling over. Furthermore, this is despite the fact that the speech has yet to be reproduced in full to undertand its full context.

Such commotion only leads one to believed that there are ulterior motive to this theatrics. What is the motivation to this tale of "sensitive" citizens?

Abdullah's Incompetence, UMNO Lost of Face

The reaction and hidden intention on the part of the perpetrators is one side of the coin. But the manner in which the leadership reacted is another all together.

For this, blogger Husin Lempoyang chronicled the reactions of UMNO's top leadership through his hyperlinks in yesterday's posted satire. The reaction and handling by UMNO's party leadership demonstrates a case of rising level of incompetence of buffoonic preportion.

Did it occured in any of the grey matters between the ears of these buffoons that the alleged misconduct during by-election campaigning began to be an issue from the 30th onward? This against the backdrop of Anwar's psygame of BN party members defection. On the 10th yesterday, it was an issue that was drummed up continously for nearly two weeks.

That means the Chinese political party and media unite to rid off an UMNO member within two weeks!

Abdullah's first reaction was to defend Ahmad Ismail to say he did not meant it and it is strongly believed he, as per Hishamuddin's keris apology, requested Najib to seek apology.

Upon pressure, he requested Ahmad Ismail to present his stance. Abdullah reaction was still defensive of Ahmad Ismail to claim the reporter misheard and he is satisfied with his explanation. He requested everybody to calm down.

They refuse to heed his advise and remain in pursuit. Upon further pressure, Abdullah showed signs of relenting, when he is believed to have instructed Najib to say that the support for Ahmad Ismail does not reflect the position of UMNO. Abdullah then requested Ahmad Ismail again to state his stand and apologise.

Knowing Ahmad Ismail will refuse, he preempted before the private meeting to hear his explanation to say he will be firm. Subsequently after the private meeting, he claimed he was not satisfied with his explanation? Didn't he say he was satisfied earlier?

This brought about the reactions and subsequent actions after Tuesday's BN Supreme Council meeting.

It is strange.

Why didn't Abdullah called a BN Supreme Council meeting without a prior UMNO MKT Meeting? Why didn't he diffuse the situation by taking charge to state UMNO will take the necessary investigation and action?

But, instead he was passing uninformed remarks and allowing situation to flame further with his actions and instructions on Ahmad Ismail.

Abdullah should be blamed and take responsibilty. It reflects his incompetence. His lack-a-daisical attitude and simpleton reactions to the situation elevated the current in-fighting within UMNO to BN level.

It resulted in a dishonoured party and coalition. UMNO is seen now as weak, unable to defend it's own 'maruah' (face). It has resigned UMNO's image from an embattled loser, cowardice campaigner at Permatang Pauh, and now a Lebai Malang, a loser of repeated misfortunes.

Now, what bloody excuse do all those "pembodek" and economic opportunist have to defend this incompetence of Abdullah "Amat Bahalol"? It's time to dump him and let Tengku Razaleigh takeover!

Demise Barisan Nasional!

There is no excuse for Abdullah to claim it is as necessary action to keep BN together.

With Abdullah at it's helm, what good does keeping BN together when it's component party was vehement to shame UMNO and refuse to relent from making UMNO lose face?

Pursuant to this episode, will UMNO hold much cloud in BN? Will UMNO, as the senior and most dominant party in BN, have control over coalition's agenda or Abdullah will leave it to a game of chance, left freely unguided?

Will it manage to maintain its struggle to uplift the Malays and Nation if BN component parties will be expected to take the easy way to succumb to the pressure and ludicrous ideas implanted by Pakatan Rakyat or even be more Pakatan than Pakatan?

It also put into question, what basis does UMNO need to be associated with Gerakan anymore?

After failing to defend Penang, their insidious behaviour to incite it's grassroot to pressure BN and open attack on UMNO is uncalled for. Leave should it want to!

After all they did not take responsibility for the lost of Penang but blame others for it. With the exodus of Chinese voters at Permatang Pauh, it has no current political relevance.

In my view, Gerakan, as any political party claiming multipluralism, a bunch of oxymoron idealist and hypocit. UMNO, MCA and MIC are coalition of racial consensus and understanding but yet is indirectly labeled by Gerakan as communal.

In reality, Gerakan is a DAP clone faking it's racist intention. It has a racist historical baggage for the May 13, 1969 incident for it's responsibility to incite racial temperature through it's provocative victory parades. The Blog, 13 Mei has a many good account.

Ahmad Ismail is right. Gerakan deserve to be sacked and resign to extinction!


Anonymous said...

pak lah is good man and practises democracy. Mahathir is a dictator

Zahar said...

as salaamu alaikum,

I wonder why nobody in the present UMNO thought to bring Ahmad Ismail in front of his accusers and let them thrash it out behind closed doors?

abg said...
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A Voice said...


dat email shows himself as hipocrit of the highest order.

he is an ex-a___r ceo, associate of anwar.

he used to be in umno and held a pemuda umno post in kelantan.

his view is a dap malaysian malaysia ideology.

i suggest you spit on his face.
he is a munafiq n pembelot!

identity said...

Benda ni dah jadi susah, kenyataan macam tu keluar dah keadaan jadi tegang.

abg said...

thanks for the reply.
the only thing is i dont know who he is.i got email thru a chinese friends which been circulating among their communities.i thought may be you can reply it.

Conspiracy Theorist said...

Salam Bro Voicy,

Heheh, reader beware! wat else can I say cept u have every rite to feel d way ur feeling rite now Bro but stay cool,..u article is for BN & d rakyat to ponder n as i had commented is sum blogs on d possibility dat bro Ahmad himself is one of d 'Stealth Soldier' or double agents implanted in UMNO/PAS/MIC/MCA/DAP n d d govt agency since d 80's..a movement not many realized or noe(know) of,.. its all about d way of d minds..come to tink of it Michael Tsarion mite b rite in his theory after all,.. THE ILLUMINATIS movement is already here in d Asian Countries & Malaysia in particular..a sad moment if we don't get dis funking moron of a PM badaweed out of d Highers Office..period.. bro, d tactic dey r using originated frm d CIA/MOSSAD Art of Deception thru d Mind.. jst imagine d othr way aroun if we r d minority n d Chinese or Indians r majority dun u tink d situation will b d same? I gess yes if we had d opportunity thru wat PLah is implementing dat is openness system wth will results in d ppl being demanding & most of dis will b frm d minority wic will result in d majority feeling challenged as dey mite b limited to certain tings wic need to b implemented jst to please d minority wic Makes LOT Of Noises, eg.. minority wants to have gay/lesbian marriage, sum wants to have Adults Nudes Shows or Nude Camp, sum wants to legalized porno n piracy, sum wants to legalized marijuana, sum wants to legalized SODOMY & bring d funking IFC and d funking minority list cud go on & on & lastly wat will happen.. lawless?? Chaos?? n whr dus dat lead us?? yes bro, d Illuminatis...d bankers d rule n control d world thru an unseen hand, a system created to rule thru d mind by using d indirect brainwashing tactic.. REPETITION is one of dem n Pre-Empting is another..well lets all be aware of d danger dat lurks for us & our generations if we collaborate wth d western ideology like US of A..I mite b wrong but i gess i'm rite,..heheh..wat else can I say,..(,")


p.s. bro, cud u comment sumting on my opinion posted on my blog..kan ape, if bleh jd cam2 gue rasa gue leh relax le skit, tak yah risau sal bro AnWar tu,..heheh..thnx for d frenship..appreciate it..apo nak dikato,..heheh..(",)

Conspiracy Theorist said... more ting bro, my fren kata masa dia dengaq ceramah tu dia paham Ahmad Isamil tak racist sbb dia kata lebih kurang camni la, kalo nak kata sebijik sebijik, words to words n konfom kena dengaq tape la, tu pun kalo ada org tape, tp puak buta hati n perut ni nanti kata edit lak,..heheh..." Hah, Cina dulu mai Tanah Melayu depa rasa seronok mai meniaga sini dan menumpang sebagai pendatang asing tp UMNO bagi hak untuk menjadi rakyat brmastautin dengan boleh beranak pinak jadi rakyat Malaysia tetapi brsyarat pendatang2 ke Tanah Melayu/Malaya/Malaysia memahami & menghormati Raja2 dan perlembagaan to protect d rites of d Malays as Caretaker of d Land Of Allah.. our forefathers had known dat d Malays wth deir adat resam pantang larang, and deir humble way of sopan santun and berbudi bahasa wic sad to say is beginning to fade into oblivion substituted wth greed, hatred n power wic results in death as a way of accomplishing ones desire.. astagfirrullahalazim.. ape nak jd Bangsa Kita bro,.. ni la akibat trlalu telus dan trbuka, last2 trlanjang abis.. anak2 kita nak didik pun tak leh trbuka n telus sangat tidak jd la cam om puteh semua,..cakap ngan mak pak tak berlapik n panggil mak pak kekadang ngan kaki saja..main kuis kuis.. tunjuk pun kekadang ngan kaki je,..heheh..bangsa apa ekk yg camtu..kalo Melayu dulu kita kata yg tu pantang larang sampai timbul 'kalo tunjuk ngan kaki kudung kaki' ada yg kata kalo tunjuk ngan jari telunjuk pun kudung jari, kena tunjuk kuna Ibu jari,..sopan ni dok kedai kopi dengaq budak2 cakap kotoq, dulu mana ade bro, kalo kita cakap loqlaq(org kedah kata Tel*q Peli*q) silap2 penampaq naik tang kpala kot..kalo nak lintas depan org kena tunduk skit sambil angan depa silang kebawah, kalo had brbudi bahasa tu dia akan sebut' tumpang lalu no' kalo nak lalu belakang dia minta izin dulu,'bang/pak cik/mak cik/kak, nak minta izin lalu di belakang na/ Melayu cam saya ni lak bro pantang org hina keluarga..memang jd lupa diri, yg paling bahaya takut jd iblis.. satu lagi pantang org pegang kepala tanpa izin..heheh...silap melawak tampaq kepala mesti kena luku/sakai kpala balek, heheh..apo nak dikato,..dh panjang celoteh layan lu nyer article bro,..heheh..Melayu Mudah Lupa..M.A.H.A.T.H.I.R.


Anonymous said...

pandai je komen pasal orang lain.

Ukur diri sendiri dulu sebelum komen pasal orang lain. Kamu tu pernah ke jadi pemimpin UMNO

A Voice said...

Abg '

all in due time.

ada byk latest devt.

abg said...

kita orang semua org umno, ingat sembang kosong ka?

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