Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Khairy's So-Called Setiakawan, Abdullah's Conniving, and Najib's Rumoured Oath

News Straits Times is heard to spin tomorrow's news to say Najib will reject all nominations from Divisions

He may have a wicked sense of humour, but never assume all said is a joke and fiction. Those familiar noticed that blogger Husin Lempoyang interspersed his satire with serious pieces of information as he take a swipe at politicans he decide to "put up for sale".

Today, Abdullah's portfolio switch plan was taken to scrutiny. He summed up his suspicion of Abdullah with this warning and an interesting revelation of history. "PM terakhir pegang Kewangan pencen. TPM terakhir pegang Kewangan masuk penjara."

Husin inserted serious information into his satire but some mainstream media are presenting serious reporting as "satire". These three situations are interesting "satire" by mainstream media.

Khairy's So-Called Setiakawan

By hook or crook, Abdullah want to stay on, at least to provide Khairy a safe journey to win the Ketua Pemuda post and obtain Ministerial post. As a true familyman and I am not sure if the logic is morally right, family's interest supercede everything for Abdullah. Never mind that Khairy is a proven time and time again to be a liability for UMNO.

Khairy's cliquish and arrogant "setiakawan" mannerism was behind the shaky state of the current Negeri Sembilan state government, his by-election campaign pissed voters than gaining votes for BN, and his show off made the constituent "menyampah" than respect for their MPs.

It is the talk of Rembau that in a recent buka puasa event, he arrived by helicopter and was waited by a team of bikers.

Khairy's so-called "setiakawan" that undeniably replaced top division officials in some 80 odd "kawasan" with his planted people, usually from Pemuda. This caused resentment from grassroots and became a significant factor attributing to BN's poor showing in GE 2008.

Act of sabotage on candidates is heard throughout the country and its suspects have some linkage with Khairy. The case in Jerlun saw 60 campaign workers hospitalised due to laced soya bean packet drinks. One car spotted was a Kuala Lumpur car belonging to the owner of the favouriote joint of Khairy's "kaki".

In 2006, in the midst of his ECM Libra Avenue financial scandal, his "setiakawan" remarks in Penang infuriated Gerakan and MCA. Where Ahmad Ismail received three years suspension, Khairy got away scot free. He did not attend the BN Youth meeting and refused to apologise.

Khairy announced his candidacy for Ketua Pemuda today and "Setiakawan" is his campaign slogan.

Abdullah's Conniving

This must run deep in the family.

In handling the recent political assault from within and without the party, Abdullah's confidante, Riong Kali and gang, is in their elements spinning news of Najib's agreement to the power transition arrangement.

Bigdogdotcom recently spotted Riong Kali, namely Kalimullah with his pants on fire trying to put into Najib's mouth agreement to leadership transition plan.

Dato Seri Dr Rais Yatim was spinned to state as though he agreed that Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin should resign for expressing against a power transition claimed as already agreed by Ministers and Supreme Council.

During the announcement of the portfolio switch today, the mainstream papers reported Najib agreed to the power transition. The answer and manner Najib answered the probe from one journalist in the press conference showed on TV3 was inconclusive. published this differing take.

Transition Still Up To UMNO Members

When asked about the transition plan of which the switcheroo of Defence and Finance portfolios between himself and Pak Lah is part of, Datuk Seri Najib answered that "I and the PM have come to an agreement, as has been explained by the PM just now, I hope that this plan will be accepted and used by the party and the people, in order to ensure the stability of the Party [UMNO] and the nation".

However when asked whether he intends to run in the upcoming party elections, Datuk Seri Najib stated that "we have agreed, I am leaving it to the party, we are offering ourselves to the party and I hope that they will accept".

While the issue of a portfolio swap may have been resolved today, the issue of the succession seems still to hang in the balance as it is all still left "to the party."

Whatever that might have been greed, if they members so decide to nominate one, or the other for whatever post, a straight up fight in the party elections could still be in the works. The division meetings to be held after this may just hold the key.

Najib's Rumoured Oath

Talk is now circulating that Dato Seri Najib swore or "bersumpah" and was reported he would not challenge PM Abdullah for UMNO's Presidency. [still searching for the news link]. It is believed to happen around the time of the announcement for June 2010 power transition.

This may not be relevant to outsider but to the masterly eyes of grassroot politician, it can be a political blockbuster that attracts attention.

Bersumpah seemed to be the favourite play this time around. Saiful made his mubahalah, Anwar refused to do so, and Najib swore to have never met Altantuya. Statutory Declaration is bersumpah under oath and there are few; Balasundram and Raja Petra.

It sounds like and likely to have the deft touch of Abdullah's people.


Spin or not, this is just a desperate attempt to hold on to power and avoid the inevitable.

Waste not effort and time, abandon this ship!


Anonymous said...

Pantun Si Najis dan Si Kentut

Encik Rakib jual juadah,
Dicelah rumah di kampung Ajil,
Najib dah mula mengenakan Pak Lah,
Anunya kecil dah mula menggigil

Najib dah mula nak mengenakan Pak Lah,
Pak Lah pun dah mula bersin-bersin,
Amatlah tersinggung perasaan Pak Lah,
Angkara durjana Muhyiddin Yassin

Angkara durjana Muhyiddin Yassin
Kerana hasutan si Najib tak sabar
Bodoh Muhyiddin tak berharga satu sen
Dipergunakan si Najib panjang akal

Sekarang tinggal Pak Lah keseorangan,
Najib dan Muhyiddin dah pasang badan
Bagaimana Khairy yang dah lama berangan
Tak kan lah nak biarkan dirinya terkorban

Wahai Pak Lah yang sentiasa ‘bengong’
Jangan biarkan diri disembelih dicincang
Si Najib bukanlah tak boleh dikangkang
Keluarkan semua dia punya tembelang

Keluarkan semua Najib punya tembelang
Baru rakyat tahu segala-galanya
Alang alang bermain dengan jembalang
Biar putih tulang jangan putih matanya

Diantara Pak Lah dengan Najib
Tiada beza, kedua-duanya karut,
Pak Lah ‘bengong’ Najib penuh aib
Ibarat sisa najis dengan kentut.

Anonymous said...

Setiakawan tahap pondan,

Hanya berani menawarkan diri selepas Anwar tidak jadi menubuhkan kerajaan selepas 16 september.Kenapa tunggu selepas 16 september. Ini mesti salah seorang ahli BN(yg dimaksudkan Anwar) yang menunggu untuk melompat ke pakatan rakyat jika dongengan Anwar menjadi.Ini orang punya jenis pun ada kat Malaysia.Untuk menjadi adil kepada ahli UMNO yang lain, kau sepatutnya bertanding selepas kau punya FIL meletak jawatan sebagai Presiden UMNO.
Selepas dari itu aku sure Putri UMNO pun boleh kalahkan kau.

Anonymous said...


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