Friday, October 10, 2008

Mukhriz dahului KJ 3-2; Perolehi pencalunan Besut dan Jerlun

Jerlun memberi pencalunan tanpa pencalunan lain. Manakala, Besut mengundi memberikan pencalunan kepada Mukhriz.

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Anonymous said...

This is the REAL battle in this Umno elections. Despite seeing contests in all positions from president to even timbalan pengerusi tetap, but to me the Youth chief is the main event.
Though the battle for president and deputy president yield better rewards for the candidates and supporters, the Youth chief post certainly attract my attention.
Wether you like it or not, both Najib and Muhyiddin looks formidable to put aside other aspirants to be the no 1 and 2. Najib's ground support is too heavy to shackle and Muhyiddin's charismatic leadership simply cannot be ignored. Back to the Youth chief contest, I must say that we have two of the best political talents in the country. Both charismatic, energetic, good orators, sharp and witty minds. Both aspirants are well educated and look natural to become future leaders of Umno and Malaysia. Unfortunately, KJ despite catching my eye when he appeared on TV hosting the DATELINE talkshow sometime ago (before he met Nori) succumbed to greed and seems ruckus while in power. Poor thing and this young man who has so much potential then but was badly groomed and spoilt to become what he is today. But the fact is, he is a talented politician. Lets be fair about it.
Mukhriz finally reminds me of the young Tun Mahathir. He certainly outshine both Mokzaini and Mirzan in politics and now I know this is pinggan where Tun Mahathir's kuah tumpah kat tu.
Mukhriz-KJ battle (I believe we can just ignore Toyo and Pak lah's former protege Zahidi) lies the future of Umno. This battle has all the ingredients ... battle of proxies (daddy and daddy in law), battle of character and personalities, battle of two sides of Umno and of course, battle of who should be the best person to lead Umno in future. This is the battle where one can see what lies ahead of Umno. This is the battle for us to see if Umno has changed and sensitive to the opinions of the rakyat particularly the Malays. The outcome of this contest will indicate if Umno will return to its glory past or continue to lose the support from the people. This battle will indicates if money politics will continue to be a trend in Umno and lastly, whether Umno future leaders has learnt from mistakes of their seniors and use their votes wisely to save the party. My verdict : If Mukhriz wins, there's future for Umno. If KJ wins, then you all know what lies ahead for Umno. May the best man wins.

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