Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Who could this 70 year old Gopeng Boy-Blogger be?

I was texted by a friend of this blog - Gopeng Boy Life After Politics.

Who could he be?

Hmmm ... 70 year old 3 month and 19 days on Sunday September 28, 2008. There is not many 70 year old who just retired from politics. And he said practically quit politics after Mac 9th, 2008. SO it is his way of saying he ran but was engulfed in the March 8th political Tsunami.

When reading his second posting on October 6th about his visit to Tun Dr Mahathir's Hari Raya Open House last Sunday, he confirmed himself as a BN ex-politician. Since there is only a handful of politicians comfortable to visit Tun's function, I can zero him already.

Actually, from the mere mention of Gopeng, I have zeroed in to only one person already. Reinforced by his lost at the last General Election, his 70 year old age, and a visit to Tun's open house, this Gopeng Boy sure make a terrible anonymous "penembak curi" blogger.

But since he wants to spent time talking about life, he is not likely to join Raja Petra as another blogger destined for Kemunting. I am absolutely sure he is no threat to national security.

I think I better stop stalling.

This blogger has to be (or I chop my head off), none other than, former Minister of Rural Development and Dr Mahathir's former Principal Secretary, Dato Aziz Shamsuddin or affectionately known to many as Pak Aziz.

Welcome to blogging, Pak Aziz.

It's good that "orang-orang lama" like yourself come forward to share their experiance and view of life. I'll be putting you on my blogroll.

All the best.

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Anonymous said...

Must be a very shy guy...don't even dare to write anything abt himself. Or is this just an imaginary 70 year old Gopeng boy...B the way why 'boy', shouldn't it be ...Gopeng old-man blogger? One more thing, if you are really 70++, may I suggest that whatever you write please don't hurt others feeling. At 70++ is what I termed as an inch away to our creator. So you wouldn't want to face your creator with so much sin, right? Repent now or you will not have time to repent. As the saying goes...SEMBAYANG LAH SEKARANG SEBELUM ANDA DISEMBAYANKAN!

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