Thursday, September 19, 2019

Lim Guan Eng quiting?

There is talk Lim Guan Eng may not be presenting the budget come October.

A message received this morning is alarming. Reproduced below with the source witheld, it claimed Guan will be quiting his MOF post:
XXX has information that a Senior Minister is unhappy with the way the country and finances are being handled.

Apparently there are divergent views with the Ruling Govt.

As a consequence he may leave the Team and resign.

Rumor has it that it is Lim Guan Eng our Finance Minister!
Is it possible for DAP to vacate a strategic position?

Dato Najib was invited to Semenyih by a Chinese religious group. From the You Tube recording, it was an interesting reception.

Despite much talk of Chinese businessmen's anger towards Guan Eng, the reception was still far from any indication Chinese support has shifted away from PH.

There are videos in Muhsin Latif FB of two incidents of Chinese expressing anger towards Guan Eng is still far from a confirmation of the shift.

One merely expressing anger openly on FB. Another in Guan Eng's face during a PC.

Muhsin is the Facebooker, who made an appeal in court against acquital of Guan Eng on the Jalan Pinhorm bungalow case.

Huazong rejected Guan Eng

However, the election of a new President of Huazong is a strong indication against Guan Eng and DAP.

An extract from The Star report reads:
The new president of Huazong is Tan Sri Goh Tian Chuan, the founder of listed Globaltec Formation Bhd and chairman of the Federation of Chinese Associations Sabah.

The former senior police officer beat 67-62 the Federation of Chinese Associations Kedah president Datuk Cheng Lai Hock in a straight fight, after a failed mediation by Pheng.

Read on HERE
Goh comes from a humble beginning and is merely the head of Sabah Hokkien community.

He is so humble that his Datokship and Tan Sriship was obtained with some lobby effort, claimed someone close to him.

For a relatively nobody in the powerful and influential network of Chinese associations under Huazong, his win is a surprise.

His competitor was the Deputy President of Huazong and is expected to takeover the presidency of the umbrella organisation of Chinese associations.

More so, he is backed and openly campaigned by Guan Eng. Is he so disgusted by the Chinese community that anyone he campaigned for will lose?

Something interesting could be happening any day now with Anwar exerting his claim on the premiership and Mahathir seemed pushed or retreated to the wall to use Kongress Maruah Melayu as his last card.

Guan Eng?


wargabebas said...

Why the hate?

Anonymous said...

Biar lah dia berambus cepat dan benar nyata. Apa yang dia buat. Kalu dah jadi FM guna lah otak kepandaian untuk growth and development. In government you can determine using policy of many types as tools. Bukan cakap BN punya pasal duit tak da. Bodoh punya orang. Heard he got 36 advisors with him along. What do they do? Talking cock and bull.

ermin siow said...

It will be a real shame if that happens. Instead of consolidating, the PH, no thanks to TDM, seems to be sliding downhill. Whoever takes over from TDM, without a clear vision to take Msia forward, we are doomed

KAM said...

I bet someone in Kelantan will replace him. hehehe.

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