Friday, June 18, 2021

Did Sakyamurni Cave Monastery acquiesced in 1960?

To acquiesce means to accept as inevitable or indisputable; as, to acquiesce to a demand. Taken from Wikipedia below: 

In law, acquiescence occurs when a person knowingly stands by without raising any objection to the infringement of his or her rights, while someone else unknowingly and without malice aforethought acts in a manner inconsistent with their rights.[1] As a result of acquiescence, the person whose rights are infringed may lose the ability to make a legal claim against the infringer, or may be unable to obtain an injunction against continued infringement. The doctrine infers a form of "permission" that results from silence or passiveness over an extended period of time.

Blogger Depa Kata Lah questioned the claim Sakyamuni Cave Monastery is more than 100 years old with the argument they only first applied for permit in 2014. 

Its a simple argument commonly used in political debate. The argument is rather dry, cold, and in your face. Unfortunatey, it has legal relevance. 

When Perak state issued the land lease in 1960 and approval for quarry operation in 1964, did the Cave Monastery protested?

On the hand, the Caves Monastery may get legal relief from the acquiescense. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Till Putra LRT Adjudicatng Committee is establised ....

Ignoring the question on independence of the Investigating Committee on the Putra LRT train collision, the committee moved on and within 14 days submitted a report to the Minister of Transport, Dato Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong.  

On June 10, Minister presented the report to Cabinet. In his Facebook, Dr Wee highlighted "the Investigation Committee’s 23 recommendations to achieve these systemic improvements expeditiously". He enlisted the improvements recommended for short term of three months, medium term of 3 to 6 months, and long term of 6 months or longer. .

The real matter sought by the public is the cause and he touched on it near the end of his posting. An extract reproducd below:

Monday, June 14, 2021

MAHB Aerotrain tender: Budgetted RM400 million, up RM760 million?

Edge Weekly has a follow-up story on the Malaysia Airport Holding Berhad's tender for aerotrain. In their earlier expose, it was about last minute change in tender specification. This issue is about change in consultant.

There may have been allegation Jacobs were sidelined from involvement in the selection process in favour of Ch2M. MAHB corrected it. Again, their explanation mentioned is it is common practise.  

Mentioned in the article, Edge claimed the tender bids came in between RM600 million and RM760 million. 

It is vastly different from the estimated RM400 million budget mentioned in this blog's May 26th posting here. The tender bids may have came in at lower than RM400 million with RM320 million as possible bottom. 

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Sakyamuni Cave Monastery: The overriding factor is safety

Once a suitable geographical location is selected and the land is purchased, the site must go through a series of tests and rituals to ensure its purity. In the first test, as the Brhat-Samhita indicates, a pit is dug and the excavated soil is then returned to the pit.

The website Mahavidya described the meticulous process Hindu undego to identify, determine, and prepare the site for a Hindu temple, a place of importance to the religion or as any religion would treat their place of worship. 

To the Hindu, the temple is a sacred sanctuary where the "communion between the realm of the worshiper and the realm of the gods occurs." 

It is the same belief to defend the "place that was chosen by God that is Sacred Gunung Kanthan" that motivated Malaysia Dhamma Sakyamuni Monstery, its devotees and supporters.

They launched a campaign and petition for public support against eviction and eventual destruction of Sakyamuni Cave Monastery located at the border of Ipoh and Gunong Kantan in Kinta Valley. 

They are appealing to authority on the ground of history, environment, and health. At the same time, The reported a lawyer supporting the Cave Monastery made a filing in court. 

According to the report, APMC allowed for the Monastery on their property. The YTL subsidiary is expanding its quarry operation.  The monks and devotees had to be evicted. Apparently, Perak state provided land at another safer location.        

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Will MAHB make a decision at the moment Muhyiddin government is shaky?

When putting up posting yesterday on completion of preliminary report on LRT Putra mishap, it was highlighted because rather impress with the swift response.

Quite encouraging. Merely giving credit where it is due. 

Had no idea today MAHB Board of Directors will be making an important decision on Aerotrain tender till Rocky Bru here highlighted it yesterday.

The decision today by Chairman Dato Dr Zambery Kadir, who was just appointed BN Secretary General, is interesting. 

In the midst of commotion of Agong calling on the heads of political parties, one wonders whether MAHB will make decision at a time Tan Sri Mahiaddin @ Muhyiddin's government looking shaky and decisions made could be overturned.

As Facebooker Salahuddin Hisham described this morning, government looks as desperare and shaky as a mini Titanic about to capsize.  

A re-tender look sensible and smart as it pacify all parties involved. They postphoned a decision for 7 years so might as well make sure it is done properly.

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

LRT preliminary report submitted in 14 days

One thing comforting of the recent LRT mishap incident is that all except two have been released by hospital.

Before any adjustment or change is to be made of the LRT operation, train service was able to resume the next day and not wait two weeks. Any problems and repair sorted out overnight.

That revived public confidence and prevented speculations arising from any wait. Equally impressive, a preliminary report have been submitted by the Investigation Committee within 14 days.

Dato Dr Wee Ka Siong uploaded the following announcement on his Facebook page yesterday as below

Monday, June 07, 2021

Dirgahayu Tuanku! Emergency gov't should take over

In conjunction with the momentous occasion of His Highness birthday, Singapore's Straits Times reported the Seri Paduka Yang DiPertuan Agong will be meeting political party leaders beginning Wednesday.

Of late, there have been numerous calls by various parties upon His Highness to be more decisive in the face of public consensus that the emergency proclamation is a failure.

Daily Covid positive number is at global high. Death on the rise and becoming more prevalent. 

Remedial actions such as vaccination is at bureaucratic snail pace due to problems poorly anticipated, poor planning and execution. 

Priorities constantly in conflict, SOP flip flops and government actions uncoordinated.

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