Monday, November 20, 2023

Muhyiddin on the way out

It is openly known that Wan Muhammad Azri or called Papagomo on social media and blog is now working with Mahathir. 

When he demanded on Muhyiddin to present himself to Mahathir, it was a clear signal that things are not going well with him and there was an internal strife in PPBM. The question on every political observers lips were who is Mahathir working with to regain control PPBM.

He has already positioned himself with PAS as adviser to the four PAS-control states and has one leg inside PN. It is a question of time he step his other foot in PPBM. 

The departure of four PPBM MPs to support Anwar in exchange for MP allocations is seen as the death nail for PPBM and eventually PN. However, the reluctance of  Hamzah to negotiate en bloc with Anwar's appointed Fadilah for PN MPs' allocation raise the question that there is more than meets the eye. 

It could merely be testing the water and a reverse could happen.

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

What is a Kafir?

Drawing of two “kufaar” (farmers), plowing a field

The Confusion in English Regarding the Quranic Use of the Word ‘Kafir’ 

By Abdullah Al Abdalusi 

May 5, 2016 

An extract below:

Like  the Christian concept that no one except God can determine whether someone is ultimately saved or not, or a theological [1] ‘Kafir’, since sincerity can only truly be known by God, and only He judges the hereafter of anyone.

There will be people on the day of judgement that never labelled themselves a ‘Muslim’ and will not suffer perdition (i.e. a Hanif – rightly inclined). One famous example of this (partly) during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) is Zayd bin ‘Amr who never labelled himself a Muslim before he died (probably because he died before the Prophet Muhammed announced his prophethood ﷺ).

Thursday, November 09, 2023

Too many questions hanging on Covid 19 procurement

PETALING JAYA: Former health minister Khairy Jamaluddin says he takes full responsibility for the cost of wasted Covid-19 vaccines, following the release of the Public Accounts Committee’s (PAC) report on the matter.

Read on in FMT here.

Despite doing so, questions still abound because the procurement for Covid 19 was widely suspected to be abused by the Muhyiddin administration to build-up the political war chest of PPBM and the UMNO faction aligned to him.   

In Khairy's defense, a public health practitioner, M Muralittharan asked readers of his FMT column here to recall the mad rush for vaccine when the Covid 19 virus was spreading rapidly and government success. Extract below:

Friday, November 03, 2023

Days numbered for Chow Koon Yeow

After months of controversy surrounding the collaboration between Umech Construction Sdn Bhd and Penang Development Corporation involving a piece of land in Batu Kawan, CM Chow Koon Yeow called off the deal to develop Batu Kawan Industrial Park 2 last week. 

Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce President, Dato Seri Hong Yeam Wah questioned the  undervalued sales of 558.96 acres of the said land to Umech in early October. Life Honorary President of the PCCC, Tan Sri Tan Kok Ping raised issue with the financial capability of Umech and revealed the deal to flip it to Sunway.  

Talk is Kok Ping had also put up a bid at a higher price but lost out. Koon Yeow should have taken the criticism constructively, said his former Deputy, P Ramasamy, but he chose to respond with a threat to sue Kok Ping

As President of PCCC, it was the influence of Kok Ping that led to the fall of Gerakan-led BN government for DAP to takeover. Since suffering from cancer, he has been reclusive for quite sometime. This issue brought out the fighter in him. 

Kok Ping was heard to have said if he falls, Koon Yeow will fall together. That explains the derogatory remark towards Koon Yeow. Its October 30th, 11 days after he issued the threat, will Koon Yeow dare proceed with it?  

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Gain consumer confidence for new chicken pricing mechanism

Chicken prices will begin to be floated from tomorrow onward. There will no more price ceiling as determined by government. Market will be allowed to set its price based on supply and demand. 

It served the government purpose to remove subsidies. Agriculture Minister Datok Seri Mohamad Sabu said subsidies removal will end leakage, but for the time being the free float only applies to chicken and not yet for eggs

The Federation of Livestock Farmers' Association Malaysia finally got what they wanted all these years. They gave assurance there will be sufficient supply. In theory, market pricing allows stability in supply thus price ceiling is not a constraint to inhibit production and ensure availability. 

Approaching the November 1st deadline, there was incident of a short surge in prices following police raid seized RM20 million worth of smuggled non-halal chicken repackage as halal by illegal syndicate. Producers released frozen chicken stockpile to fill up the void. 

It gave Government the confidence to ensure there will be no sudden hike in prices. However, certain segment of the population is still sceptical and in fear of big chicken companies jacking up prices. Cynicals remarks can be heard all over social media. 

Past experience of chicken farmers burning day old chick to prop prices is still remembered. It is worsen by government officials stereotyping food producers as cartel and even Anwar as opposition leader called them leech. 

It will take time to gain their confidence. The public need be educated and farmers must be disciplined themselves. 

Friday, October 27, 2023

Weaker Yen to pit Japan against China

The public attention and concern in Malaysia is on the weakening Ringgit vis-a-vis US dollar. Deputy Minister of Finance, Dato Ahmad Maslan explained the reasons as external in Parliament. Except for this blog's geo-global political take, similar reasons given

Nevertheless, there is a more interesting development on Yen. US dollar rose against Yen to touch the 150.00 level briefly for the second time early this week. It is only the fear of intervention by the Bank of Japan (BOJ) that is holding it from breaking the key psychological level. 

The intervention to tame the volatility is making the short term Yen movement appear unnatural. Early October intervention failed to stem the fall and Yen is still hovering at sub-150.00 level. 

Underpinned by the interest rate differential favouring the US dollar, it is a matter of time for dollar Yen to pierce through.  

US interest rate is expected to move up while Japanese short-term interest rate remain at zero level. It seemed US condoned a weaker Yen and not mind a stronger Japanese export. It was the G7 policy in the 80s that strengthened Yen to address the American twin deficit in trade and current account. 

In view of the rise of China as a new economic power, is there a shift in the political economic policy on Japan?

Monday, October 23, 2023

PTD Mafia budget: Civil service bonus, No opex rationalisation

Back in March 2021, the parent blog Another Brick in the Wall wrote of the self serving PTD Mafia in the civil service. The link here need a VPN to access.

Since Annuar Musa left the Ministry, the blog remained blocked by MCMC under the block-happy Fahmi Fadzil and still serving the former Minister's self serving interest. Latest victims are  Nuclearbursaman and Corporate Secret blogs and portals. 

Does any critic of MCMC or civil service, especially the PTD, these days will mean online writers to suffer their wrath?

This issue is raised because the current budget 2024, which is going through debate in Parliament, came off below the pre-budget expectation and its neither here nor there economic management to reform and prepare the nation to face the current economic storm. 

Is this a "no change" budget dictated by the PTD Mafia upon the Prime Minister aka Minister of Finance? 

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