Friday, July 10, 2020

M'kini covering up LGE, Tony Pua interference in RM240 million tender

Malaysiakini undertook an investigation into the procurement of X-ray scanners worth RM240 million for the Royal Customs of Malaysia in their report, "Murky procurement of 'blacklisted' X-ray scanners".

Before commenting any further, it is noticeable that Malaysiakini got comment of denial and claim of good behaviour from Tony Pua, while the rest have not responded for various reasons, legitimate or not.

Anyone with their ears on the ground to hear the grumbling by businessmen, irrespective of race and include Chinese businessmen complaining on Tony Pua and Lim Guan Eng, they will absolutely doubt the words of Tony Pua.

There must be reasons he lost out in DAP Selangor election and got booed out at Chin Meng festival celebrations. Even in DAP's pow wow session after losing the government, Tony Pua was told to not speak as he was blamed as the cause for lost in confidence in DAP.

Talk among businessmen, particularly Chinese businessmen, is that he is the tender fixer at the Ministry of Finance.

Thursday, July 09, 2020

Sack Board members of TH or face backlash from Muslims!

The tenure of the full Board of Directors (BoD) of Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) is due to expire any day now.

If Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin intend to stay long as PM, he should override the Minister in the PM Department in charge of Islamic Affair and sack the the whole evil lot of the BOD, especially Dato Zaiton binti  Hassan.

Subsequently, he should establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) with the objective of investigating and charging all of the perpatrators in court for criminal offenses.

Ignoring this warning will result in backlash and anger from the Muslim community once the whole truth is known.

They manipulated, create falsehoods and slander those intent to reduce TH to merely a travel agent and deposit taking and staff to be salesman for Bank Islam products!

Monday, July 06, 2020

Post Pandemic: Spirituality to bring change

In the previous posting, Post-Pandemic: Important leaders still not get it yet, this blog concluded the opinion piece on post-Pandemic economic planning with the view that the task ahead in facing up to the new challenges of the nation lies in education.

The likelihood is policymaker will be too focused on post Covid economic recovery that they missed out on a sudden change in human behaviour and attitude that will set a new social, economic and political order.

People are forced into self reflection and subsequently becoming more spiritual. This blogger underwent that phase in this April posting here.

There could be greater consciousness for ethics and morality, compassion for humanity, and greater concern on past neglect and disrespect on nature and environment.

Friday, July 03, 2020

Post-Pandemic: Important leaders still not get it yet

Yesterday Health Ministry's Director General, Dato Noor Hisham Abdullah informed media that the latest positive infection is 3.

The day earlier the press was elated when he mentioned one. For few weeks, local cases of Corona Covid 19 virus infection have been on the minimal, and most are imported and involved foreigners.

The Sultan of Selangor announced masjid can conduct Aidil Adha prayers. These developments are indicating the worse is over.

Many felt the aftermath of the pandemic within weeks of the MCO but generally most will only come to term with it now.

It is time to face the task of handling the economic fallout that is being felt globally and restart the economy devastated by the sudden shrinkage in economic activity.

Malaysia have faced many economic crisis before, but the experience of the past may not be relevant today. Methodology need to change with the transformed social, economic and political senario.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Muhyiddin's and Najib's twist of fate

Malaysia's contemporary politics could be in the midst of a new phenomenon that is not positive for governance and country direction.

Past feud and camaraderie could be swept under the carpet to be held at bay to meet realpolitik objective of the day.

Pondering over political events of the past five years, it could set any thinking citizens to wonder whether any political alliance or/and narrative at any one time have any relevance to past or subsequent events.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Failing faculties, Frigging soundbytes

Tun Dr Mahathir is renown for his ability to communicate in simple soundbytes and use it effectively to attack political opponents or to turn the table on their attack.

Quite often than not, it is not technically accurate. But it serve the purpose to convey the essence of his message.

These days, with his faculties failing and memory limitted to remembering the past but not recent events, he is frigging himself silly to think the simple soundbytes still works.

With supporters split and politically dependent on DAP, his past narratives are irrelevant today.

Frankly, it is pointless for him to even consider returning as PM for the third term. [Go to the survey by The Unspinners blog HERE to agree or disagree]

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

SURVEY: To understand Mahathir, follow the money

Raja Petra Kamaruddin's latest video claimed money was the motivation for Tun Dr Mahathir to insist on being PM again for 6 months before passing over the position to Anwar.

The planned return will be upon winning the vote of no confidence for July Parliament seating.

Before reading further into this posting, go to the link HERE to vote YES or NO to DAP and AMANAH agreement to this suggestion.

A discussion on the matter can be found in the previous posting here. This posting is still related.

RPK's reason is Mahathir raised the bulk of PH's RM2.5 billion election bill for GE14.

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