Sunday, March 25, 2018

Devious fake claim of BN losing Sabah

Five years ago, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim went around psyching the Semenanjong as though BN lost Sabah. The video of Anwar doing it through a song can be found here.

Not only Sabah was not lost 5 years ago, Anwar lost PKR in Sabah as 18 divisions "closed" and left in skeletal existence. This blog alerted readers before it happened.

PKR has absolutely no strength in Sabah. Same with Warisan.

A party with link to Tun Dr Mahathir will not go far. At best, we are predicting only 3 parliament seats for Warisan. Most possible only 1.

But there are those that have been making prediction as though Warisan is relevent and seeking special budget to counter a so-called Sabah for Sabahan political cry.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Election is a game of numbers

General election is definitely around the corner. One can see flags, banners, and posters being put up. Yesterday, PH put in 1MDB pamphlets in our mailbox.

For past few weeks, we have been getting angry messages from friends or maybe now are friends turned political rival spewing threats and nasty words in their casual political campaigning.

One thing noticeable is their winning tone as though momentum is on their side and they are championing the right issue.

If they are so confident and right, why are they not cool when BNM forex loss, Penang tunnel, Ijok land scam, and the long list of misdeeds of opposition-led state governments were raised.

The immaturity in the manner they debate lies in denial of their own misdeeds. It is unlike inside BN side that could explain with some level of legitimacy any allegations and slanders hurled at government.

Being in-denial and not honestly taking stock of their strength and weakness is a sure fire way to lose.

Monday, March 12, 2018

With Sabah safe in the bank, can Mahathir topple Najib?

Once, Dato Seri Azmin Ali tried to create an issue out of his short conversation with Dato Seri Anifah Aman at the airport by putting up a twitter posting to speculate him of being tired and leaving Dato Najib.

Back in 2009, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim created a political game as though he had enough MPs from BN to jump ship to the then Pakatan Rakyat. If Pak Lah had not resign, Anifah and the Sabah MPs would have jump out of UMNO and BN. Dato Raimi Unggi confirmed in 2014 (Read report here).

Contrary to the rumour, they are  not likely to join Anwar. That's water under the bridge. Not something worthy pondering and talking over.

Is Anifah's latest statement indicate him leaving UMNO and BN?

It would have caused premature ejaculation among PPBM and Pakatan Harapan. Forget Pakatan Harapan, it is actually Pakatan DAP. DAP has the solid seats and will come out with majority number of seats. PKR, PPBM and especially PAN cannot make any major decision without getting DAP's consent.

Daily Express reported:

Sunday, March 11, 2018

No soul left in DAP

Mahathir destroyed DAP and lost its soul

By Tan Sia Chin

I had been a loyal DAP life member and believed in their strugle since my youth day. Back in my university days in University Malaya, our student movement with reformasi days was about removing the corruption and nepotism if Mahathir Mohamad.

I brave thru ceramah with my umbrela during the rain to listen to Anwar Ibrahim speaking out against the government of the day led by Mahathir and his cronies. Tales of how he enrich his sons and Daim is still fresh in my mind.

At the stage with Anwar was Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng telling their tales of ISA brutality and their time in prison during the days of Operasi Lalang. Hearing this make me cried and wonder what kind of ditactorship our country went through under the rule of Mahathir.

Fast track 19 years later, my heart bled seeing the situation today. Enemis coming together sitting under the same roof calling for a change for the country. It is a commendable effort and I was like this is the way to go. Uniting for the common caused.

But looking deeper events after events, my heart goes into despair. The last straw came when Mahathir latest party called out for donation to his party to fund them for election.

Friday, March 09, 2018

Equinimity seizure is still far from anything significant

It is long anticipated that as we near the general election, Tun Dr Mahathir will revive the 1MDB issue. Raja Petra gave his conspiracy theory on how it will happen here.  And another low down from him here.

The serious doubt is on whether Attorney General, Tan Sri Appendi Ali would do such a thing. It would destroy his credibility.

Sacrificing oneself for Mahathir will not be beneficial. As happened many times, Mahathir does not appreciate such sacrifice for him. He used people and throw them away when they are no more useful. Remember how he treated Dato Hamidah Osman and even the late Tan Sri Mohamed Rahmat.

We expect Mahathir would reveal documents irrespective of it being (true or fake) as evidence to prove his accusation that Dato Najib is guilty in the 1MDB debacle.

However, none yet.

Then suddenly, the news Indonesian authorities seized on a yatch named Equinimity claimed to be that of Jho Loh.

Mahathir even wrote a special blog posting. Was it the awaited bomb?

Thursday, March 08, 2018

TI Malaysia unashamedly defend CPI's lack of objectivety

The message in our past posting here on TI Malaysia's recent rating for a lower Corruption Perception Index (CPI) for Malaysia that investigation only increase perception of corruption.

Thus the way to lower corruption measure is to allow corruption to flourish and cover-up any possibility of being caught.

The CPI is seriously flawed as a measure of corruption. It runs counter to the unprecedented effort to combat corruption by imtensive investigation by MACC.

TI Malaysia's explanation was political. Dato Dr Akhtar highlighted certain corruption cases that could conveniently be linked to the federal government but not mention bigger cases that are linked to opposition-led states and a certain former Prime Minister.

As Deputy President of Parti Cina Malaysia, Datok Huan Cheng Guan highlighted, its the opposition side that is swarmed with bigger corruption cases.

The quantum of forex trading losses of BNM linked to the former PM but may not be entirely from trading is RM31.5 billion.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

State of the economy, personal opinion and playing god

The luxury yatch allegedly belonging to Jho Loh and allegedly bought from ill-gotten gain from the IPIC deal was seized off the Indonesian shore by authorities at request of FBI.

Good that there is finally a development.

Indonesian claimed the seizure does not involved Malaysians. It means the Malaysian authority including 1MDB is not pursuing the allegedly stolen asset. From their official position, their money is accounted for and nothing was stolen.

Suddenly, social media revealed that the yatch is owned by a China fashion billionaire, Do Won Chang. So what will happen? Will there be embarassed red-faced officials, whose been covorting with international media, particularly WSJ as DOJ unofficial spokesman, with these allegations on Jho Loh?

Make no bone that since 2015, this blog is still blaming Jho Loh for the 1MDB debacle or whatever wrongdoings will eventually be proven. But we are still grasping to put our finger on what Jho Loh actually did wrong and where is the right place to deal with his wrongdoing?

The point here is about getting the facts, evidence and then come to a truthful conclusive ending. Otherwise, it is sheer wasteful rhetoric.

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