Thursday, April 28, 2022

Has the MySejahtera data leaked?

That was Minister of Health, Khairy Jamaluddin in Parliament at the end of March explaining MySejahtera data belongs to the government and KPI Soft or now known as Entomo, the system developer is primarily doing system maintainance. 

He went on to ensure the personal data is safe and National Security Council has signed an agreement with KPI Soft for non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

At around early April, this blogger was introduced to a young man looking for assistance to sell a data base. If memory did not fail us, the data size is close to 50 Gigabyte. However, to do the search on the data, it required a good system and the best laptop still endure few hours of wait. 

He demonstrated its ability to get some names of some known person. The data disclosed was basic but more detail could be available. At 50 sen per individual person of information, the data for 40 million population should cost at least RM20 million. 

However, that is all to it. The young man did not gave us much to work on except spurts of saliva. 

It was left in the back burner and even misplaced his contact number till a Facebooker recently raised the issue here that Khairy's career will end should MySejahtera data leak. 

There can be many other possibilities, but did the young man have access to leaked MySejahtera data?

A source claimed MySejahtera data is stored on China-owned Ali Baba system. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Leslie Lau's vicious half truth on French court "inquiry" of Thales

It is an open secret that Malay Mail Online's Managing Editor, Leslie Lau is Lim Guan Eng's adviser and DAP media strategist. 

He is the former editor of The Malaysian Insider before splitting ways to join Dato Siew Ka Wai at Malay Mail. During Tun Abdullah Badawi administration, he was with then NSTP GEIC's Dato Kalimullah as hatchet man and spin master. He has not stopped being so at Malay Mail. 

In his latest report, he intentionally employed the half truth propaganda strategy to seize on the public ignorance of French court system in his desk's reporting of court enquiry on the Malaysian submarine purchase from DCN (now Thales) in 2002. 

Malay Mail Online report claimed that sources close to the inquiry told AFP that Thales is being charged by the  French court for complicity to a bribe in the sales of the Scorpene submarine to Malaysia. 

He then went on to implicate Dato Najib as Defense Minister and Dato Dr Abdul Razak Baginda as his associate who was doing millitary consultancy work. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Jewish dimension to the Ukraine-Russian war

A video shared in social media claimed of covert activities inside the Azovstal steel rolling Soviet era factory, which is currently the last holdout in Mariupol for the Ukrainian resistance. 

Russian forces have taken over the second largest city in the Donesk region and tenth largest in Ukraine, which has strategic value as land bridge, trading port and symbolic battleground. The video mentioned of the presence of bio-weapon lab inside the plant, implicating involvement of US President Biden and President Volodomyr Zelensky, presence of globally wanted criminals, hiding of NATO secrets, and the  plant protected by Nazi. 

It only leads to the suspicion it is a war propaganda. The mainstream media, news and political portals, and social media are flooded with misinformation and fake news on the Ukraine-Russian war that one has no idea any of this is true or false. 

More so, the video claimed to be produced by a Syrian portal, in which there is the strong Russian involvement in the conflict. Nevertheless, the mention of Nazi indicate it is Russian originated intended for Donesk. According to Washington Post in their article on Jews fleeing Ukraine, Putin falsely claimed the Jewish Zelensky and his government as Nazi. 

It only indicate there is a Jewish dimension to the conflict and offers an explanation to the meeting between Israel Prime Minister, Naftali Bennet and Russian leader, Vladimar Putin as mediator early in the conflict.  

Monday, April 25, 2022

Serba Dinamik: Idris Haron answerable, SC cover up track?

It turned out to be premature to claim the compound imposed on Serba Dinamik Holdings Berhad's Directors as anti-climax and the ending. The saga had escalated further into another episode and looks to be far from ann ending. 

It is frustrating for parties closely following Serbadk issue to be denied the truth. SC or more precisely Attorney General, Tan Sri Idrus Haron's office decided to hold back charges and merely imposed compound thus saving lurid details from being revealed in court.

Till the compound imposed, the authority and The Edge as the media that supported SC's cause claimed the account are fictitous and manipulated. 

By not going to trial, Idrus Haron denied justice to the minority shareholders and investing public. He is not sending a stern warning to the new crop of top executives in PLC currently rampant in the market conjuring up fake account.

Why did Idrus decide so? What is the motivating reason? Is he being instructed? Is something insidious happening? 

Then there is the childish manner SC is reacting and retaliating to Serbadk. 

Friday, April 22, 2022

PasLeak: Without action taken, Samsuri's denial not convincing

Amanah Youth leader, Mohd Hasbie Muda is right to describe Dr Samsuri Ahmad's response to call leaked PAS political report as rubbish is not convincing.

The alleged report was apparently his and Takiyuddin Hassan fact finding engagement with political leaders. Responses from leaders implicated in the report are predictable and no convincing denial put forth. 

There is no proof yet to support the authencity of the report, but neither is there any serious attempt to convince the public by disproving or dispeling the logical content of the report.

Generally, consensus of sources considered reliable and resourceful by this blog view the content as believable. The points raised in each engagement is hardly surprising. 

Furthermore, Samsuri did not deny the existense of the meetings. Whether the alleged report was presented and discussed in the PN meeting or not, it is secondary. So does Samsuri's denial on the intention and discussion of the meetings. 

This is the first point to agree with Hasbie. 

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Nazlan Ghazali stripped bare, Mistrial coming?

Prior to breaking fast, this blog updated Justice Nazlan Ghazali's reaction to do the second police report filed by the Office of the Registrar of the Federal Court against Raja Petra Kamaruddin for his allegation. 

In the midst of breaking fast, a smart phone alerted of a Facebook update from Facebooker Salahuddin with the title in Malay "Breaking Fast wishes Nazlan Ghazali from Raja Petra" containing a You Tube update from Malaysia Today. 

A message came in with the You Tube link and alerting him holding familiar looking yellow coloured filed one find in government department. Listen to the You Tube below: 

[Up-dated] RPK revealed Nazlan Ghazali's account is for real!

Parodying the alleged amount received by Justice Nazlan Ghazali as comparatively small to the  conspirators and accomplice in the 1MDB debacle, Facebooker Salahuddin shared a picture of Maybank ATM showing the number claimed by Raja Petra as Nazlan Ghazali's account is for real. 

One part of RPK's revelation made here is true. Being based in Manchester, United Kingdom, that is truly impressive piece of information. Subsequently, it need be proven that the amount of RM1,036,127.40 exist. 

Then come the more challenging part of proving the source of money. It means a money trail need be done, interview and interrogation to be conducted, and information substantiated and verified.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

What a new world order holds for Asia - The Edge

By Manu Bhaskaran

The Edge/April 11th 2022

We are now only into the second month of the war in Ukraine and, no doubt, much can still surprise us before it is finally settled. However, it is already clear that the shocking events since Feb 24 will change the political and economic structures that Southeast Asian countries operate in, thus creating a new world order. 

We can see, in rough outline, two dimensions of this new order: The first is a geopolitical order that could be harsher for less powerful countries. The second is a more difficult economic regime but one that our region can still do relatively well in.

Monday, April 18, 2022

PAS's leaked fact finding report revealing

On March 24th, former PAS Youth leader and current Information Chief, Ir Khairil Nizam Khirudin made a stand that the Prime Minister should be a Muslim. Naturally, it brought out a predictable reaction from DAP and Ronnie Liew responded. 

Both parties remained in character. It proves the ideologies of PAS and DAP are diametrically opposite and the path for any political cooperation is difficult. 

After PN's crushing defeat in Johor, PAS is in need for a political soul searching. On the same date Khairil made his comment on twitter, Dr Samsuri and Takiyuddin Hasan started their fact finding engagements.

The first was Azmin Ali at Sushi Ryu Japanese restaurant near KLCC. Not much came from Azmin except him denying involvement in Parti Bangsa Malaysia and refusal to any form of cooperation with Anwar Ibrahim. 

Over the two weeks, engagements by the duo included visits to the homes of Mahathir, Hishamuddin, Hamzah Zainuddin and Tajuddin Rahman. 

The alleged fact finding report leaked and the conclusion that can be drawn is both PAS and PPBM are in a precarious political position without viable options within their grasp. 

Friday, April 15, 2022

Anti-climax ending to Serba Dinamik saga

The Edge Online reported on Thursday that SC came to a settlement to merely impose compound for alleged accounting fraud by Serba Dinamik. It is truly anti-climax ending to the many months of investigation and expose by Edge.

In their March 28th to April 3rd issue, they dedicated the frontpage for Serba Dinamik with a fullspread article inside with a provoking title: "What Serba Dinamik didn't want you to know". 

One would guess there is development on the SC case against Serbadk. Edge was pushing on SC to stick to their guns and prepping the public on the upcoming case.

Generally Edge summarised their one year fight against Serbadk's alleged fraudulent accounting till successfully managed got SC to charge them. Those following the issue and in the market have heard it before except the following excerpt:

Flicking through the EY Consulting report, which is part of Bursa Malaysia’s bundle of documents in its suit against Serba Dinamik, it becomes apparent why the O&G company is reluctant to let the findings of the EY Consulting report be made public.

The EY Consulting report, in a nutshell, questions why Serba Dinamik was in possession of company stamps — both of its vendors and those of national oil major Petronas, other oil majors, and of the company’s many suppliers.

Read the rest of "Serba Dinamik in the spotlight" here or the hard copy issue below:

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The Star's "Kit Siang" hyping non-issue RTK-AG testing on arrival

Life of Annie blog picked on Wong Chun Wai and his The Star team attempt to hype an issue out of non-issue RTK-AG testing at airports. 

She even called him as Lim Kit Siang of The Star. Whether it is a compliment or insult, Kit Siang is renown for his ability to subversively provoke public sensitivity along racial or religious angle to create issues out of non-issues.   

When Malaysia Airport Holding Berhad (MAHB) is touched, there are usually some hidden hands or self interest behind the scene. 

The most recent issues were Desmond Lim suspiciously colluding with Tengku Zafrol to privatise Subang Airport and tender for KLIA Aerotrain. 

One wonder the motivation behind the luxury the editorial afford themselves to send five reporters to pursue a Covid-19 story, in which the public hardly bother these days. 

The motivation could be economics. Who then is the hidden hand and self-interest behind the hyping?

Monday, April 11, 2022

Petronas Carigali-Deleum investigation: More than meets the eye

Media sensationalised an MACC remand of 8 individuals last Friday to investigate on a GLC contract worth RM2.3 billion by headlining the seizure of 10 luxury cars, gold bars, jewelleries, watches, and handbags worth RM3 million

For a contract of such size, there seemed to be an attempt to keep the identity under lid. Sources were trying to keep the matter hush hush. That only invited curiosity and more priving that it did not take long to know the GLC is Petronas Carigali. 

Sabahkini2 broke the identity here citing the remanded are senior official in Petronas Carigali and company owner. The Star report mentioned those in "senior positions in their respective companies - a chief executive officer, chief operating officer, executive officer, a director and an owner of a company." Borneo Post reported two are from Sarawak.    

Petronas finally admitted and explained the arrested is a junior executive i.e. not from the senior management. For a junior able to collude with the contractor, it means the claimed corruption free procurement system at Petronas failed.

Rumours of contract manipulation heard for decades is probably true then. It made Petronas CEO warning against corrupt practices made end of November last year a fake.

Friday, April 08, 2022

SIRIM facemask conspiracy to topple government

Forget Pfizer's global resetting. 

Its laughable but in Malaysia, SIRIM approved facemask can lead to the toppling of government. 

It started of as a curiosity as to why the announcement made yesterday for a heavy-handed fine for both sellers and users of non-SIRIM approved facemask. 

Sosmed conversation typically gets political and what the heck. At the rate it is heading, might as well claim it is a conspiracy to topple the goverment. 

Initially, a distant and political friend alerted of the viralled orange poster announcing the measure with the remark, "Swine!".

This blogger didn't quite pick up. The writing on the poster was too small to be visible at one go. It should be good that the facemask sold in public meets certain quality standard. 

He responded to say this will be a death nail to the "ruling party". Call for GE15 and just hand the government over to DAP.  

Thursday, April 07, 2022

CIMB's TNG evade answering 36% loanshark rate

FMT gave coverage to the GOPinjam exorbitant 36% rate charged as raised by Dato Najib Tun Abdul Razak yesterday. (Read here)

TNG Digital responded to FMT as reported here with claims it is regulated, follows BNM lending guideline, will adhere to code of conduct, credit check to ensure ability to pay, etc etc etc ....

If the applicants are creditworthy, why charge at 36% per annum?

By taking refuge behind authorities with cliche and standard PR answers, it means BNM Governor and Minister of Finance condone this sort of unethical lending practises adopted from shareholder, Ant Group of China.

Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Tengku Zafrol endorsed China's Ah Long business model

If the failed RFID launching by CIMB's subsidiary, Touch n GO Sdn Bhd is not enough, subsidiary to the subsidiary, TNG Digital Sdn Bhd launched GOpinjam with interest rates comparable to any local loanshark or Ah Long.

It is another dangerously reckless initiative from the same company. 

The ceiling interest rates charged by Ah Long made legit by PH government under the Ministry for Housing and Local Government (KPKT) is 18%. However, GOpinjam stated interest rates in their website here ranged between 8-36%!

...  currently looking at rolling out Islamic financing via TNG eWallet. We must ensure that we are in full compliance with the Shariah requirements before we roll it out to customers. Hence, it will take some time before it’s made available. 
Facebookers Salahuddin Hisham and Najib Razak raised this matter coincidentally at almost the same time this morning.

Monday, April 04, 2022

Another lawsuit for MalaysiaNow?

Abdul Rahman Koya and MalaysiaNow was sued by AirAsia Group Berhad (AA) - now known as A Capital Berhad - last week for article on the AA's RM500 million Danajamin guarantee. 

Apparently, sources told yours truly they will take them on and this blog support their effort. The guarantee from Bank Pembangunan's subsidiary was a hot topic of conversation and viewed as buddy Tan Sri Nazir Tun Abdul Razak offering assistance. 

There have been a twist to the news AA successfully raised more than RM1 billion from a cash call, which seemed to be given a boost by the guarantee. 

It is heard AA was "forced" to start honouring their debts before they could land their hands on the money to pursue new venture. An official announcement awaits to confirm the rumour. 

On another note, MalaysiaNow could be facing another lawsuit. If the ending poster in nuclearbursaman's latest posting here is a hint of something to come, Dato Vinod Sekhar may finally be suing MalaysiaNow

It is timely considering the George Soros-backed opposition failed to win the Hungarian election. 

Saturday, April 02, 2022

MACC is not in MARA Corp Iskandar's pocket

Yesterday, Malay media reported Chief Commissioner, Tan Sri Azam Baki said MACC completed investigation on MARA Corp. It is left to the Attorney General, and he believed three officers will be charged soon. 

The three could be among the five that made a police report against Executive Director, Dato Suhaili Abdul Rahman for his credit card spending to deflect wrongdoings of "feathering their nest" exposed by Edisi Siasat in early February.

Neither Utusan Malaysia nor Kosmo and Sinar Harian revealed the names. According to inside sources,  CEO Noor Irwan Marmin, CFO Rizal Abdul Ghani and General Counsel, Iskandar Zainudin are to be charged. 

The others that benefited are Mohd Faizal Mohd Top and Mohd Firdaus Zubir. 

Since they to be charged soon, it is the opportune time to reveal the investigated MARA Officer mentioned in February for boasting of having MACC in his pocket was Iskandar


Sources claimed Iskandar was the mastermind to deflect Edisi Siasat by concocting allegation against SuhailiHe boasted of having connection with police. 

It is believed that he was the officer who either personally made a police report or masterminded the  report against this blog's April 2021 revelation of UniKL going-on.  

The soon to be charged Iskandar proves he does not.

At the height of the uproar over the exposed self-reward scheming, all the officers except Iskandar were suspended from service pending investigation.

Sources claimed Iskandar was merely seconded back to MARA at the concurrence of the MARA Director General, Dato Azhar Manaf. And he was actively mitigating the MARA Corp problems.

As investigation revealed more of the wrongdoings, Iskandar was eventually "cold storaged". He went on tantrum and vented out his anger till Dato' Azhar had to personally persuade and appease him. 

This is beyond the typical overconfident, and smart young executive that became powerful and influential. Does Iskandar know or hold something on the organisation and against someone that made him cocky? 

MARA Director General

Dato Azhar should be made responsible for his negligence and possible manouvering of MARA Corp from its inception. 

He is the longest serving member of the Board of Directors (BOD) of MARA Corp. Coupled with the fact that he is the DG, he should be in the know of major happenings in MARA and MARA Corp from its establishment to compliment MARA Incorporated.

MARA Inc. operation was closed and asset liquidated by former Chairman Tan Sri Annuar Musa for his political expediency at the height of the Australian property debacle. 

However, the on-going case is against Dato Shafie Apdal's man and former MARA Inc Chairman, Dato Muhammad Lan Allani. Annuar Musa's action was unnecessary.  

MARA Corp was kept going from the effort of ANSARAn Akhramsyah Tan Sri Sanusi. He fought to keep it going in 2019 against the wholesale liquidation of government investment by Pakatan Harapan.

The neo-liberal MARA Council then were adamant MARA has no business to be in business and vehemently opposed MARA from being self sustainable to fund its affirmative action programs. The DG merely went along without offering any resistance.   

Protective DG and Chairman

Dato Azhar was responsible for the cross fertilisation program that was manipulated by these self serving MARA Officers. 

It would not have happened without his consent. Certainly hope he is charged too. He knew these officers are not capable and it is impossible he not know they are not entitled to such allowances and increments. Did he personally benefit from any perks from MARA Corp too?

At the current juncture, it will not be surprising if it is found later that Dato' Azhar was part and parcel in the scheming by these government officer. It is their scheming that led to the wrongful dismissal of former management of MARA Corp led by ANSARAn former CEO Dato Badlisyah Ghani

These civil servants self-proclaimed themselves as stakeholder of MARA against politicians and professional corporate men. Yet they turned out to be a menace themselves. It is not uncommon to hear civil servants allow organisations to languish unless their selfish quest for control are fulfilled.

Badlisyah was sent on garden leave days before the BOD was to convene a meeting. It was intended to prevent him from tabling his findings and proposed strategic business plan for MARA Corp. Now it is known that they were envious of the hired corporate men salary. Despite not qualified, and sufficiently experienced, they wanted similar pay scheme for themselves.

From the latest development, it is likely that MARA Corp will end up forking out no less than RM20 million for compensationAs stakeholder in MARA, this blogger demand that the money to be paid should not come from public money. That money could be made to better use to assist Bumiputera students continue their education or fund MRSM campuses. 

Due to their negligence and manipulation, it should be personally come from all those involved in MARA Corp. It includes the complacent former Minister Dato Dr Latiff Ahmad, MARA Chairman, Dato Azizah Md Dun, MARA Council members and highly powered Board of Directors and the top management of MARA Corp. 

Dato Azhar and MARA Chairman, Dato Osman Aziz were adamant to defend and protect these 5 errand officers!

As members of the BOD of MARA Corp, Chief Secretary to Government, Treasury Secretary and other top government officials are liable to the Bumiputera for allowing these to pass their attention for years.

Embarassingly, there was an ANSARA representative on the MARA Council, which intended to discontinue MARA Corp and few Council members were eyeing its subsidiaries. He was no fighter and a mute!

Note: This is an amendment to this morning's deleted posting. 

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