Wednesday, September 27, 2023

After eating out, targeted subsidy is on deck for Raja Formula

A poster is going around ridiculing Rafizi as Raja Formula for his past smart alec remarks during campaigning as opposition to criticise then BN government's economic policies. 

He was recently on the receiving end for commenting eating out reduced disposable income. Thick as a Brick commented:

He is not wrong in his assessment. In fact, this blogger have taken the same position for quite a long time. 

Its just his bad luck for sharing an unpopular view in the midst of social media getting back at "Minister Formula" for his GST statement to reintroduce the cancelled tax regime. Indirectly, he admitted wrong for his past criticism of Dato Najib for implementing the GST.  

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There is a situation of shortage and big jump in retail price of rice albeit imported rice. It is followed by price increases for premium sugar, and non-white bread. Coming next in your bills to come will be tariff increase for electricity. Government contemplating of bringing back a previous plan Najib's  to introduce targeted subsidy. 

Rafizi will have to ready himself to be criticised for copying again a plan prepared by the man he pursued to prison.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Syed Saddiq's gig economy exuberance proven wrong

During the Johor state election, there were talk ehailing companies, particularly Grab, were struggling to meet profit forecast due to low margin and high cost of operations. 

They had to cut cost by 30% within short number of years. It means slashing the driver's commission and increase charges to customer. Increase commission limit the viability of the second option.

Then caretaker MB of Johor, Dato Hasni campaigned to promise for a youth employment program. He commented that gig economy is not a permanent career. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Zahid's untold DNAA story

Don't tell us he (Ganesan of GK TV) not know Anwar's first liwat case was an outright fix-up. 

Perhaps he could be excused because this blogger too made the same mistake and realised upon confession by a party involved in the fixing up.

Ganesan did justified his presumptions (of Zahid's DNAA decision by DPP), but it crossed the helm of prejudice to brush off the RCI, which is an opportunity for Anwar's plan for judicial reform, as red herring.   

However, one should appreciate his effort to compile post GE-14 corruption cases involving politicians to support the need for high level of tranparency and accountability. 

He dare not mention 150 cases withdrawn during Mahathir's return under PH 1.0 government. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Saravanan's human trafficking will affect Malaysia's ESG rating

Abdul Malik Dasthigeer or known as Dato Malik ... is widely believed to be the proxy and bag carrier for M Saravanan cum a man of various business exploits and wealth. 

He was arrested and investigated for money laundering and reported on July 23rd to have been released on bailOther media also gave wide coverage to his release similar to RGB. Similar isn't it? So what happen to his case?

Anti-MACC and PDRM whistleblower and PN sympathiser, Edisi Siasat accused it is also hushed hushed.According to whistleblower portal gaining credibility, Corporate Secret, his asset forfeited by MACC includes RM38 million cash, 17 luxury cars and 200 kg of gold bars.  

Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Noor Hisham: Hero approaching to zero

In a recent Thick as Brick article (read here), the former Director General of the Ministry of Health, Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah was exposed for holding back on the death side-effect of mRNA vaccine namely from Pfizer. A grave duty of care

He admitted during cross examination on an MCMC case against one Dr Roland Victor. Making matter worse and it is widely known on social media, he collaborated with socmed media platform owners and one Dr Musa Nordin to suppress public discussion and fair professional views on the Covid handling.

There is another old doctor in Malaysia renown for his cruel and suppressive ways, but not doctors in general. They are generally individuals of intelligent, soft and caring character. 

After the article was published, another development came to being. A 3-judged Malaysian Court of Appeal ruled uninamously that Ministry of Health had no rights to prevent doctors from prescribing Ivermectin to Covid patients

From hero in the fight against Covid 19, Noor Hisham is slowly disintegrating in his retirement to a zero and glorified only by PPBM leaders to justify their inhumane lockdown and raping of the public fund. 

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