Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shafie Apdal declared NO second wife

Some of you may have read it in the commentary box.

But some may have not.

Blogger Zukri Valentino left a comment here to deny the alleged rumour of a second marriage of Dato Shafie Apdal.

He said:
Shafie Apdal has denied ever, ever married another wife, in front of a crowd of 5,000 people or so at his Semporna Aidilfitri Open House on Saturday, 26 Sept and again the next day when his ministry's agencies held an Aidilfitri Open house in Tawau.

Shafie has declared that he has NO second wife, zero, ziltch, nyet and nein....

Shafie has denied...period
In case, you do not know who Zukri is, he is the current Head of Corporate Communications (or Ketua Komunikasi Korporat) for the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development, Malaysia.

His blog Utarawan can be found here.

This is as good as Shafie denying. If you are not convince yet, read further what Zukri wrote in his second comment:

This "story" was only picked-up by a few not-so-popular blogs, and me just read on and ignored.

But when my fren A Voice writes about it, then i am compelled, as an old friend of Shafie Apdal to shed some light into the issue.

This man that i knew since 1995 (both of us were in Angkasapuri then, he was a parliamentary secretary and a yb and me a secretary to the boss) is not the type who will take another wife, although this is permissable in Islam, dengan syarat anda mampu dan layak dan menepati hukum syarak.

Ini orang bukan jenis pekena designer kopi after office, cohiba in hand and talk cock with frens for hours at some coffee house or lounge.

This man hardly have time outside the house except for work and most of the time he was with the family -- wife and 6 kids, two whom are not here but elsewhere pursuing their studies.

U see Bro Din, unsavory stories like this hurts the family the most and those blogs seems happy to "godam dia" tanpa ambil kira faktor-faktor lain, yang penting he is a family man.

Apa lah kata family dia? Depa yang dok tulih pasai fitnah ni dapat apa? Jangan dapat dosa fitnahkan orang sudah la...

This story of him having another wife has been around since the last 2 years when the man was helming KeKKWA. Until now I have not met the so-called second wife!

Macam dia kata kat saya semalam lah, kalau betul la cerita dia ada wife lebih dari satu, by now he has 3 wives already and not 2 as reported...

I am not saying taking another wife is wrong, no and far from that, in fact there is a cabinet member who have two wives and masih ada gurlfren itu dan ini di Duta Vista..and and another member of cabinet has two wives, the father-in-law of the younger wife being an old fren of mine.

Poligamy is NOT a crime but Shafie Apdal is NOT the type....he is one-man-woman, period.

Denying in front of a large crowd like he did in Semporna and Tawau needs lots of guts and balls and this man has both because he came clean on this issue.

Shafie denied Bro and yours truly was there as a witness, among other witnesses.

He has nothing to hide, hanya bosan and annoyed with the fitnah yang ditaburkan oleh "seseorang yang dia sendiri berkahwin 3"....ya, orang ini yang berkahwin 3....pemimpin ini amat gusar dan gundah gulana akan shafie apdal hanya kerna politik, justeru, hamburkan fitnah and pelbagai untuk menjatuhkan Ahli Parlimen Semporna ini.

Menafikan fitnah seperti ini hanya akan menarik minat musuh-musuh untuk terus membedil lantaran sudah ada teladan seorang ahli politik sabah yang menafikan berkahwin dengan artis akan tetapi kenyataan terserlah minggu berikutnya.

Tapi, itu cerita orang lain. Orang ini, si Shafie ni BUKAN macam tu.

Penafian Shafie adalah jujur dan dibuat di hadapan isterinya dan ahli keluarga yang lain yang juga kita boleh jangka mungkin tercalar emosi mereka lantaran fitnah yang mampu merosakan keharmonian rumahtangga dan keluarga mereka.

Sekiranya Shafie menafikan yang hak maka saya dan puluhan ribu manusia di Semporna dan Tawau boleh dikatakan tertipu mengenai isu ini...namun saya yakin dengan kenyataan beliau bahawa beliau TIDAK beristeri dua seperti yang difitnahkan.

Cukuplah setakat ini Bro Din...thanks my fren for the space here to say my piece of mind.

Dan cukup2lah fitnah pasai Shafie ni, leave him alone lah...i mean to the other bloggers...

Thks Bro...
Thanks Zukri. I am not comfortable to ask Dato Shuib.

So readers and bloggers, you heard it here on Another Brick in the Wall. Lay off now.

I'll have to get back to all the sources to correct the rumour.

Unless there are photos and marriage certificate, Zahida Rafik is available as she claim. That is for those willing to take up the challenge to woo her.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shafie should own up or deny his celebrity wife

Got an aching ankle from the daytrip to Pasir Mas on Saturday. Yesterday's reflexology session didn't help yet.

I am further inconvenient by a big boil at the hind part of my thigh.

Because of these, I couldn't turn up last night for a teh tarik with a former Menteri Besar.

I have lots on my mind to write and comment about. ETP, Nazri's attack on Perkasa again, perkasa, PKR racous divisional election, strange ASLI's Unity Forum, a crooked judge, and many others.

Since the mood is not right, will write at another time or when the issue arise again.

However, I am not without something interesting to share. In fact, this will be an interesting one. It is the first time this blog is writing about a celebrity gossip.

I am sure you'll will be interested to read on.

You see a rumour has been circulating for a long time of a particularly celebrity married to a Minister and UMNO Vice President.

Whether she became the first or second wife, it does not really matter. And, we'll not prieve into other family or marital issue. It is personal. Our demand on the Minister is only to come clean.

The celebrity talked about is Zahida Rafik. I have no idea who she is. Singer? Actress? But she seem to adorn the pages of celebrity and women magazines. Socialite? Model, perhaps?

This is how she looks like.

With the name given, you'll be able to google for her pictures and stories.

The current rumour mill is talking about Zahida being married to Dato Shafie Apdal, the Minister from Sabah in charge of the Ministry for Rural Development and Vice President of UMNO.

Before this, Zahida has denied an earlier rumour claiming she is married to a VIP. That rumour stem from her oppulent home in Bukit Antarabangsa in Ulu Klang.

Her answer was that her lifestyle can be attributable to her thriving business.

Nice try. What is her business? What is her business experiance? What is her level of education? Her answer does not jive to many.

Before this, it is only the celebrity and lifestyle blogs talking about it. Now it has spread to the socio-political blogs albeit more regularly than before.

Zahida got into the socio-political radar when a political blogger RBF wote of her as far back in June 2010. He asked why she is denying in the paper before any accusation was levelled at her.

It is not that RBF did not know but he was merely launching her and Shafie into the socio-political orbit and alerting him to do something about it.

But he has been keeping quiet about it.

Sorry Shafie, paying for our nasi kandar back during Bagan Pinang by-election does not buy our silence.

Few prominent pro-UMNO bloggers was tipped off of this relationship by a former Senior Minister.

If one like to accuse the former Minister to be a bit of a spinner, we have a more direct source. One of the bloggers is the "uncle" to Zahida. Her mother is his cousin.

So our information on Zahida can be also quite interesting. But that's her personal life. She has no bearing on the socio-political well-being of the nation. It is not of any interest to us to talk about her.

Our interest is merely on the Minister. He has to own up and clean his image from such rumours. We have to remind him to take care of his image because it can affect his duty and responsibility to his constituency, party and nation.

Thats what the nasi kandar belanja is for, isn't it? To remind him when he is not on the right path.

If there is no truth, he has to deny. He can't just pretend nothing happen and play the ignore game. As a public figure, he has to be truthful with the public.

Zahida has denied the alleged marriage. But many are not buying her words.

RBF has made his reason clear. Once caught lying, it is never easy for people to believe.

Furthermore, we have even got information from a high office confirming his marriage.

It wasn't difficult to extract.

We cook up a story to say that Shafie had a kept women and he had shared it with so and so. No names was even mentioned. Straight away a denial came and the confirmation came out.

Now that it is out in the open and pro-BN bloggers are playing on it, time for Shafie to own up or deny.

If he doesn't, it will spread further into some other strange versions. By that time, it will be too late and too difficult to correct.

If Bung Mokhtar can openly made public his marriage to another celebrity, Zizie, and the public and opposition is not making an issue out of it, Shafie has no excuse but the fears of flying pots and pans from the first wife.

Nasib la. Berani buat, berani tanggung.

Friday, September 24, 2010

No more Kota Baru pepper spray

Perkasa was just ambushed by the ruling party, UMNO and it's Chinese component members, MCA and Gerakan. But they remain bold and came out unscathed.

UMNO Sec-Gen, Tengku Adnan that fired the first salvo made an about turn the moment Najib expressed his position that UMNO will not make enemy out of Perkasa or any NGO. Nazri, Khairy and the other accomplices are lying quiet, frustrated, and waiting to prance again.

Perkasa is moving ahead to launch it's nationwide tour from the constituency of Dato Ibrahim Ali, in Pasir Mas Kelantan on Saturday afternoon. The main speaker for the rally will be Tun Dr Mahathir.

By Ibrahim's estimate, he expect some 20,000 to attend the rally. When it comes to gathering masses, you must give it to him. It could exceed expectation or he was actually aiming for less.

This is especially so, with supporters and curious onlookers interested to hear what Dr Mahathir and Ibrahim has to say after the short episode with UMNO.

When Dr Mahathir came in Kota Baru to speak on June 25th 2006, he was greeted by a pepper spray at the Airport. Yours truly, Bigdog, and other cyber activists was together with Ibrahim right in the thick of the peppery mist.

Hopefully there is no more such foolish and uncivilised act to come from Kelantan.

Back then, the then Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was insecure and worry of the political threat from Dr Mahathir's speech in Kota Baru.

He called Tan Sri Anuar Musa from Perth, the first time Malaysian got to know the simple Abdullah had a taste for foreign homes in Perth. Anuar was in hospital recovering from a big bike injury.

Abdullah instructed him to stop, sabotage, divert and do whatever necessary from Dr Mahathir delivering his speech. In an earlier speech in Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur few months before, he was still speaking in riddles.

Unfortunately, Abdullah's bad intention was known. The time he called Anuar, there were 20 gawking eyes and ears in Tengku Razaleigh entourage visiting him. This news reached Dr Mahathir eventually and the rest his history.

This time around, the reception at the airport will be bigger than in 2006. Already assembled are few thousands of motorcyclist to receive Dr Mahathir.

Preceding to Saturday, Utusan Malaysia gave a sensational frontpage headline to an interview between Dr Mahathir and UMNO-Online. Read it here.

Unlike UMNO Online's partisan treatment to their headline here, Utusan's headline is enticing Dr Mahathir to express more of his concern on the plight of the Malays albeit the Bumiputera in the bigger perspective.

One policy after another, program, restructuring, transformation, and a list of new acronyms does not seem to address the Bumiputera's concern and insecurity.

Bumiputera is seeing their budget and allocation for scholarship clearly stated under the Constitutional Bumiputera special rights encroached by new programs for non-Bumiputera.

Recently Utusan Malaysia reported the Government left stranded some 500 medical students in Egypt.

To the parents back home, that is a major betrayal. They had spend for the first year based on advise of Government officers with the promise to be considered for scholarship from second year onward. That will cost the Government votes from its traditional Malay constituents.

Not only is there scholarships but 1Malaysia Government is seen pandering to the Chinese. Private Chinese schools, which is not constitutionally entitled and going counter to 1Malaysia aspirations, are getting priority allocations over the national and poor interiors schools.

New Economic Model is seen as the total end of NEP and systematic destruction of the Malays.

The just released Pemandu ETP studies and recommendation is sending a wrong message to BN's traditional voters. The Government is relinquishing it's role in the economy to the Chinese dominated private sector.

As it is, the GLCs couldn't care less to any Bumiputera agenda. The economy planned is being driven for the elitist interest.

These issues could surface in Pasir Mas. But will there such preemptive moves (other than events to divert crowd) like what Abdullah did?

Najib is a gentleman in every sense of the word. He is not pretentiously pious in front but vindictive at the back like Abdullah was (and by recent political moves by his son-in-law and his associates, he still is.)

Although many are still suspecting Ku Nan and Nazri are acting on his instruction, there will be no instruction to sabotage Dr Mahathir to come from him. He still owes and respect much to the old man.

But there is no stopping the old feud between Ibrahim and Anuar, two of Ku Li's former protege. The last time Perkasa launched in Kelantan, Anuar orchestrated events to draw away some crowd and create traffic jam in town.

This time around Anuar is no more a relevent name, be it nationally or within Kelantan. Ibrahim has created national attention in his work in Perkasa.

Najib underestimated Perkasa and has fully realised the extent of Perkasa's arm. With Pemuda UMNO systematically turned eunuchs by Hishamuddin's doused leadership and Khairy's inaction, Perkasa captured the traditional Malay imagination.

It is attracting disgusted UMNO members and fense sitters. At the same time, Perkasa members could be found filling the void left by Permuda in UMNO's machinery.

They can be found among the speakers in UMNO's ceramah tour, bloggers and cyberactivist, Ministers' officers, and not surpisingly, as trainers at UMNO's traning centre in Janda Baik.

Khairy should be true to his words and resign.

UMNO could not depend on Pemuda UMNO but more on the individual "Perkasa" members.

Perkasa's boycott of UMNO can have impact on their prospect in the next general election.

Nazri must have lost his head to arrogantly claim that political parties are more relevent than NGOs. In today's politics, an independent Malay could dent his reelection prospect in the next general election.

Ku Nan shouldn't be too comfortable in Putrajaya with declining confidence and frustation pervading amongst Government servants due to encroachment by consultants and young wannabees in Government policy making.

It is heard that Najib was given an earful as many of his wishful thinkings was given a reality check by Ibrahim.

A nice surpise from this reality check. Look whose suddenly playing to the gallery? A Melayu liberal leading NST just realised that Ketuanan Melayu is not about Malay supremacy and about empowering (or memperkasakan) Malays.

Perkasa's rally tomorrow in Pasir Mas could be an opportunity for Ibrahim to show his new found strength to his constituency.

But to many out-of-towners and keen observers, they would like to see if it will lead to another pepper spray incident that brought a reaction from Dr Mahathir?

As long as Anuar Musa is kept at bay, there will be no incidents that pushed Dr Mahathir to be openly critical of Najib. It will not look good on him to keep criticising every of his successors.

But he will not mince his words to express issues of concern to the plight of the Malays.

Najib should not brush away his views. Chinese voters have hardly budged towards the 30% he wished for. The Malays are increasingly getting disappointed with him.

He is already in an alarming situation of "yang dikejar tidak dapat, yang dikendung berkeciciran."

All his long term grand ideas will be in the dump if he loses, along with Abdullah and his corridors. In both cases, con-sultans made the most out of it.

If Dr Mahathir campaign against him, he can spell the word finish forward and backward. Even if Dr Mahathir does not come out to campaign, it could spell trouble for Najib in the next general election.

Dr Mahathir's speech will have a major impact on the voting patterns of traditional Malay voters of UMNO. Melayu is now at a meluat stage. That spells danger.

Your voters or your consultants' wet dreams?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nazri's open letter published on MI

The heck with what was said in the exchanges between Nazri and Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali. It is not about who is right or wrong. Witty or dull.

It is a battle for the majority Malay public attention. With sentiment in favour of Ibrahim, Nazri has no way to go but down.

Our curiosity on Nazri is more on, if he knows who his boss is, why did he published his open letter to Awang Selamat on The Malaysian Insiders?

Say Utusan Malaysia denied him access, why didn't he respond on the nationwide New Straits Times? That is, if he doesn't mind the declining subscription of the Melayu liberal-led newspaper.

There must be reasons more than focusing on the different audience and avoid being known by other audience.

The empty and shallow rhetorics spewed by Nazri in his second wave of attack on Perkasa with assistance from spinners The Malaysian Insiders, here, here and here is in consequential.

Since he acknowledged he is merely a barking dog for the Government of the day in this open letter to Awang Selamat, again on MI here, we can reduce and write off his words as worthless.

Simply, it is not to difficult to spot his position in the past that contradicts his present. He would be in the same mould as his friend and fellow Alma Mater, Anwar Ibrahim.

If we need to hear someone counter him, read what Awang Selamat dished him here that brought about his open letter on MI here.

Read here how Ibrahim Ali brushed him off as "emotional respond" void of any "valid points" to shame him. Earlier Ibrahim brushed off Ku Nan, Nazri and Khairy with a single stroke. "Perkasa never seek UMNO's support."

For a Freemason hiding behind a Malay Nationalistic party and now rebranding as a liberal, his childish cabar mencabar challenge to Perkasa to register as a political party is out-moded and feudel.

Wake up Nazri! Politics is not just confine to political parties. Didn't these politicians realised that the game in every election, be it general or by-election, is to appease the undecided or partyless or independents?

MI is a pro-opposition portal and when Dato Syed Ali Al Habshee raised about certain quarters out to create a split among Malay voters, he is actually pointing right towards MI.

Utusan Malaysia raised the issue of UMNO leaders using pro-opposition leaders to vent their views.

In a published letter to the editor here, Utusan Malaysia appealed to the leadership of UMNO to take action against such leaders.

If they are not holding positions, it is fine to contribute articles anywhere one wishes. Even that, if it is too rapid and repetitive, one start to ask questions. When one is holding position in Government and claim one's boss is PM Najib, it is totally inappropriate.

Especially, when one is in full knowledge that the editorial team is linked to Kalimullah and Brendan Pereira that contributed to the mess this country is in. Both of them are in cohoot with the traitor to the nation, Anwar Ibrahim and his lackey inside UMNO, Khairy Jamaluddin.

MI's Editor, Jahaber Sadiq is in cohoot with Bendera in Indonesia to harass the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta and inciting hatred against Malaysia and it's people.

MI provides the avenue for the likes of Kalimullah's friend Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop, protege Khairy, business cronies Tony Fernandez and defends the slumbering of Abdullah Badawi.

The expose after expose by Anuar Shaari, Anwar Ibrahim's former private secretary and a group by the name of Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM) the link between the portal with Regalia Record Management, VPI International and Efficient E- Solution Berhad.

This is the linkage between the portal with Kalimullah Hassan via shareholders, Shaik Aqmal Shaik Alauddin and Sreedar Subramaniam.

If Nazri claimed his boss is Najib, does he not know that the slander against Najib and Rosmah using the murder of Altantunya that involves Raja Petra Kamaruddin via Malaysia Today and Bala Subramaniam has the touch of Kalimullah and Khairy?

Kalimullah is believed to provide Raja Petra with accomodation in London and some say his monthly stipend. There are others saying it is Soh Chee Wen and Zaid Ibrahim.

MI is an insidious hand and instrument to destroy Najib and UMNO. Najib should realise that even those in his inner circle is in cohoot with MI to destroy him. Omar Ong was exposed here and now Nazri.

If only Najib listen and be decisive, no one can help him any more than we could. Alas, he has been warned orally and textually.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Defective argument of supremacy against leadership

Sakmongkol, the former state assemblyman for Pulau Manis turned blogger wrote four postings on the gang of three led attack by UMNO on Perkasa. He made his assumptions and arguments and commited few stands on the issue.

His command of English and the ease he applies German and French terms add sophistication to his writing. Those idiots desperately wanting to read good English should only read his blog and leave me with my bad English in my blog.

The problem with over analysis is that it leads to paralysis. Mentioning this does not imply Sakmongkol's writing has reached a state of paralysis. Heaven's no. Much respect to his ability to comb through the arguements with such precision, elaboration and conviction.

I am simply saying that at the end of any analysis, it must enable one to summarise and bring the issues or questions or suggestions or reactions to two choices. One either say yes or no, true or false, agree or disagree, go or no go, angry or happy, and maybe vote BN or vote PR.

There are two shortcoming with his understanding that I like to touch. First, it is his understanding of PM's words in the recent UMNO Supreme Council Meeting to request UMNO to distance from Perkasa. Second, his repeated use of the term supremacy attached to Perkasa.

Without being clear on these, the choices Sakmongkol had arrived to between Perkasa's Malay supremacy and UMNO leadership is defective.

Distancing asked

Sakmongkol wrote here, below:
There is one BIG problem. The top man is sending ambiguous messages. He has asked his lieutenants to speak against what Perkasa stands for. He has asked his people to distance themselves and UMNO from Perkasa. He has even toyed with the idea, supplied by his pandering dogs of apple polishers no doubt, of setting up rival NGOs to smother the fire of Perkasa.
Then, he repeat again here, below:
Punca utama kegagalan pimpinan UMNO dalam hal ini ialah kesalahan Presiden UMNO sendiri. Jika leftenan dan pahlawan UMNO di suruh berperang dengan Ibrahim Ali dan Perkasa berilah mereka alatan secukupnya. Berilah mereka sokongan 100% yang tidak berbelah bahagi.
Another one here, below:
Lihat sahaja pada contoh bagaimana cara kepimpinan UMNO menangani isu PERKASA. Presiden UMNO memberi isyarat yang bercanggah.
Lastly, here, below:
Pada pandangan saya, jika ada orang yang kita hendak persalahkan kerana pertembungan PERKASA-UMNO ini, orang nya ialah Presiden UMNO sendiri. Kita tidak perlu menggunakan kesamaran 'semantics' untuk kata Najib bukan kata suruh berperang dengan Perksa, dia hanya suruh menjauhi. Jika DS Najib lemah dan salah, tidak tegas dan konsisten, kita katakan halnya yang sebenar. Tidak perlu dolak dalih. Dalam hal manangani Perkasa, punca kekeliruan ialah Najib sendiri.

Isyarat yang Dato Sri keluarkan tidak clear dan precise. Ini macam main selamat punya strateji. You kata tidak mahu ada apa apa dengan PERKASA dan dalam mesyuarat MKT beri mandat kepada orang untuk taruh PERKASA. Tapi perlakuan Dato Sri sebagai presiden tidak menampakkan kesungguhan. Pertama Dato Sri layan PERKASA dengan menghadhiri beberapa program PERKASA. Kedua, Dato Seri hantar Samurai untuk lawan PERKASA tapi tidak memberi pedang.

Dato Sri tidak memerlukan ramai orang dalam pasukan special forces. Cukup ada 15-20 orang di seluruh Negara yang menyuara dan menjuarai wawasan Dato Sri. Yang penting beri mereka 100% sokongan dan bekalkan pedang untuk samurái Dato Sri. Yang duduk diam dan mengaku tidak "kitol' sepatutnya segera di nyahkan oleh Dato Sri. Yang di perlukan ialah sekumpulan yang sefikiran, dedikasi dan berkesungguhan. You perlukan war cabinet bukan cabinet yang di penuhi dengan tokoh ow, ow.
I had the priviledge to sit with someone claiming to be a member of the so-called task force on Thursday.

Unfortunately, his emotional argument against Perkasa was too personal and vengeful. His basis was based on wrong perception. His examples was confined to his own experience and exposure at his UMNO Division.

Not the last it seem, but Sakmongkol again here, below:
UMNO has forfeited its role as spokesman of Malay leadership by default. First because the UMNO president is giving out ambivalent messages. He hasn't given unqualified and absolute support to his foot soldiers. He is asking his people to distance themselves from Perkasa but undercuts this call by saying we are not at war with Perkasa. And what does distancing mean exactly? It's not a question of at war or at odds. It's a case of stating clearly that UMNO doesn't share the same ideals of Perkasa.
Distancing answered?

Sakmongkol may consider it as semantics but this excerpt from the analysis by Jebat Must Die here attempt to answer, below:
Yes, Najib did say during an Umno meeting that Umno need to distance themselves from Perkasa. Yes he said that. But he did not say that Umno MUST ATTACK Perkasa! Umno must distance themselves from Perkasa in the way that they must set themselves apart from the NGO.

They must organise more activities that will make the public endear themselves to the party. They must organise something better than what Perkasa is doing. They must uphold the agenda Agama, Bangsa dan Negara all the time.

That’s how you distance yourself and set higher standard than Perkasa. But alas, the fools have spoken. They have misconstrued the words from the party president and launched themselves in behaving just like how we know they would behave.

The fact that Tengku Adnan pre-empting the party president by saying that Umno will not support Perkasa is the beginning of the end for Umno. That is the apex of his stupidity. Didn’t he know that the party president had never spoke against Perkasa? Through observation that:
1. He attended a Perkasa event;

2. He met Ibrahim Ali quite a few times and they are at ease with each other;

3. He has made no direct remarks against Perkasa all this while whereas if he had wanted to disavow them, he could have done it much sooner;

4. There is no reason for the PM to change his stand now because Perkasa’s stand has not changed since it was formed.
We can see that it does not look like the PM is against Perkasa. Any sane and reasoned man can see that.

But of course, those who are desperate saw it differently. Their expiry date is getting near and they hope by doing this (although they had misconstrued it), they can gain some brownie points from the PM.
Reading JMD further only made one realised how shallow upstairs were UMNO's barking dogs of Khairy, Ku Nan and Nazri.

Malay supremacy

Sakmongkol argues that Perkasa is propagating racial supremacy since Ibrahim Ali loves to shout Ketuanan Melayu.

He described "konsep ketuanan bersandarkan hak semula jadi atau hak yang di laksanakan oleh undang undang atau melalui instruments paksaan (coercive instruments)." By that argument, he believed his better alternative for UMNO leadership implies responsibility and can be absorbed via confidence and trust.

That is being overdramatic although I for one, hate to use the term because of it's ambiguous meaning and the ease it can be misinterpreted or spinned.

Since attending a forum held at the Perdana Leadership Foundation few years back on the subject, I come to appreciate the term but still remain reluctant to use it. In that forum, Dr KJ John and an unknown I described as so-called Malaysiakini "spokesman" was obliterated by Dr Chandra Muzaffar and Prof Shamsul Amri before they could start. [Search in this blog.]

The term Ketuanan Melayu was widely thrown around during Tun Dol's regime without appropriate understanding. Guess who used it then? Yes, Khairy himself.

Ketuanan is derived by the word tuan. Which tuan does everyone mean? The tuan as in tuan puteri means respect, or tuan as in tuan rumah mean ownership and hospitality or tuan as relate to hamba abdi between some British colonial and his Malay bully boy means subserviance?

In case these Melayu liberals forgotten by their British history (not expecting these western centrics to know Malayan or Malaysian history), the Brit left Malaya in 1957 and Sabah and Sarawak in 1963. That is half a century ago.

Why do many read the term as though we are in Anthony Burgess days teaching at MCKK?

NEP and reality

If the dramatic racial supremacy argument is not enough, Sakmongkol is arguing against Perkasa by repeating for the upteenth time his critique of NEP here.

He felt Ibrahim Ali wants to return to the good old days of NEP. Another wrong conclusion to derive to his misled dual choice. Sakmongkol is not to blame because Majlis Perundingan Melayu had requested listed demands without thinking through, thus it seems the impression Perkasa wants to return to the NEP days.

This is another excerpt from JMD:
By the way, when an amateurish analysis in The Malaysian Insider stated that Perkasa is undermining Najib’s reforms, it only gives the impression that The Malaysian Insider do not know the difference between 1Malaysia and Malaysian Malaysia.

The writer of that article may think that he is helping Najib pursue his reforms. But the opposite effect is happening. Do you think liberalising the economy and imposing total meritocracy while the Malay political standing is on shaky grounds is wise?

You can be liberal all you want when the Malays are strong economically and unified socially. You want to be meritocratic? By all means. But ensure that the playing field is level and your political powers are intact.

Doing so at the current state will only leave you with ‘yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran’.
Sure the NEP had it's shortcoming and leakages. What policy does not have such problems? Even if Sakmongkol's RM53 billion point is given all the weightage, the stark reality of that Malay proverb is what all the Melayu liberals chose to ignore.

Ask themselves, if these confident man of the world Melayu liberals are really what they claim to believe, why are they not out there working in MNCs, doing crossborder businesses, or the least become a tongkat-less businessman?

My expectation would be for them to compete with the Jew, Chinese, Russian, etc to gobble up their market share of the world?

I see them working in GLCs, hanging around in UMNO, and trying to get positions in Government. Quite a few become consultants with no management experiance, only theories and templates, and inexperienced but talk using big words and giving big ideas. What has the 5-years of Tun Dol's lazy ways produce?

Someone claiming to lead the Melayu liberal is involved in the shameful Oil for Food scandal. Khairy himself has yet to produce a proper explanation for his abuse of influence in the ECM Libra-Avenue merger, MAS giving up profitable air routes to Airasia, etc.

Until the Melayu liberal stop being in denial, cakap tidak serupa bikin, and answer that age old words of wisdom, the quality they severely lack as to quote Anifah Aman, UMNO will continue to be weakened by their presence.

Perkasa will grew stronger and become a political force. They do not have to take up shallow Nazri's challenge to register as political party. But Perkasa can make or break UMNO's candidate.

Those rude BN candidates like Wee Ka Siong will have to suck Perkasa's knee cap to survive little Air Itam, Johor. So calling a snap election to settle the thing once and for all is also not wise but emotional.

Sometimes orang memandai-mandai tend to underestimate the common man's intelligence.

* Edited 9:00 AM

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Omar Ong conspire to drive a wedge between Najib and Tun

This blog exposed Khairy as the main culprit in pitting BN against Perkasa.

Another theory believed it is Dato Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. It is his association with Khairy that fuel him as a suspect. The Malaysian Insider reported him as being in concurrent with Khairy on the Perkasa issue.

There is one conspirator behind this gruesome "massacre of Red Indians" in the hands of cavalry. It is a bigger mystery than the murder of Sosilawati with alleged links to Hindraf, MIC, and Pakatan.

It also involves the systematic marginalisation and impoverishment that will lead to the "mass genocide" of the majority and original inhabitant of this country.

Khairy's despise for Perkasa is too visible to deny. Effectively he has sabotaged UMNO's election prospect by distancing UMNO from Perkasa members.

Khairy persuaded UMNO Secretary General Tengku Dato Adnan Mansor to say the words. Then came Dato Nazri Aziz, Dato Khaled Nordin and perhaps Dato Zahid Hamidi. It is followed by MCA, Gerakan and MIC leaders. The Malaysian Insider, and NST (& BH) louden it.

"The cavalry has arrived," as Khairy twittered.

It is not difficult to understand why they act in such manner. Khairy need something drastic to keep his political career alive.

Debt-laden and uneducated Ku Nan is beholden to his Chinese taukeh and he is a man with a past. Nazri is loyal dog that defends and argue for his master. He may not agree with his master but he valiantly defend the master of the day.

Let's not bother analysing Dato Khaled Nordin. His mentor, Dato Shahrir Samad is a similar attack dog. He will attack anything that is Dr Mahathir.

Zahid had expressed support for Khairy to be appointed as Minister, not once but twice. But his position on Perkasa is puzzling. Extract from The Malaysian Insiders report reads below:
Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi further distanced Umno from Perkasa, pointing out that the group’s struggles were very “ethnocentric” in nature.

“We should reject ethnocentricity in this country. It should not be encouraged.

“I am worried that other groups will start fighting for their own ethnic needs,” he said.

He pointed out that Umno may belong to the Malays and the Bumiputeras but it still fought for the rights of the non-Malays.
But on Astro Awani, he said UMNO should support any group with common interest and agenda. He meants it as Perkasa.

One can argue that Zahid is talking differently to the Malay audience on Astro Awani and multiracial Internet savvy crowd on MI.

It is possible that MI had spinned him in the same manner they spinned Noh Omar and Ahmad Maslan. Both Noh and Ahmad are not against Perkasa amd expressed their support to Perkasa's Ketua Wira.

Zahid is a convenient spin victim since he could be made as though he is for Khairy. Many believed he is with Khairy by virtue of his open support for Khairy's Ministership.

The irony is Zahid does not represent someone that is in line with the Malay liberal ideas. Why would he keep a Perkasa Committee member within his fold?

The one person that is a co-conspirator in this attack against Perkasa that is unknown to all is Omar Ong.

He bragged to everyone around town that he has "the ears of the PM". Now he is driving a wedge between Najib and Tun. The mathematics could be politically fatal for Najib.

Omar Ong is undeniably working on the same agenda as Khairy and his Tingkat boys. He is quite capable of manouvering, conniving, and doing double face but he left it to Khairy.

Contrary to what Najib believe or was made out to believe, Omar remain loyal to the friends he had worked together to publish the magazine Ethos. The Tingkat 4 fame, Dato Zaki Zahid is an invisible partner at Ethos Consulting (Ethos). Why then would the association with Zaki's former employer, Booze Allen Hamilton with Ethos?

From inside the Pemandu office with Koh Tsu Koon and Idris Jala, Omar works his way to get his policies implemented.

With PM believing his loyalty and ability as technician, he failed to realise that those bloggers critical of Omar Ong are either related or grew together with Omar Ong in the Malaysian student scene in London. Omar Ong have been under their watch longer than PM claimed to known of him.

They could not buy the story of Omar Ong was listening in and reporting back on Khairy and the gang.

Typical of insulated bangsawan, PM may not know of Omar Ong as well he thought he knows. PM seemed too overawed and convinced with this so-called wunderboy that he does not see any truth to the allegations against Omar Ong.

The fact is Omar Ong can be a conniving and arrogant wannabee capable of brushing off those within a stroke. This is his side of the personality Najib and Rosmah will never get to see. For that, anyone that matter will never get to see this side of Omar Ong.

If he is not impress with anyone, his arrogance and insult can bring out disgust in record time for a human. He is beaten only by skunks secreting that foul smelling odor.
Omar Omar operates from Pemandu office, now dubbed as the new Tingkat 4. Pemandu is worse than the former Tingkat 4. They come from well-heeled family, and no Melayu or bumiputera. They so far detached from common Malaysian life. It seems they have never left Bangsar.

Neo-liberal philosophy for open, liberal and free market policies is the only way they believe in. They could not appreciate why a RM14 a day wage Iban living in a longhouse can't compete and be as prosperous as the late Lim Goh Tong or Kuok family.

They are out to slash subsidy to zero subsidy and no Government role in the economy. Ultimately, no affirmative action or any form of assistance under Article 153 of the Constitution.

In Petronas, Omar Ong is turning the already well runned national oil company into the Royal Dutch Company. Many major appointments are filled with Shell people. This was the same formula that Idris Jala did to oust and replace MAS personnel with inexperianced Ernst & Young and Airasia personnel, thus for the Airasia copycat strategy.

Speaking of Airasia, Omar Ong was with Tony Fernandez and Kalimullah in London the week before Raya. There must be some mischievous plot and MAS looks to be gobbled up. There is more. Just watch this space.

Omar Ong has an old score with Dr Mahathir. He feels the old man is in the way of his reform plan. Again, it is his reform plan and not that of Government or Najib's.

Dr Mahathir stood in the way of his appointment to the Board of Director of Petronas before. Tun's association with Perkasa is something Omar and Khairy stood against. Thus for the recent planned commotion on Perkasa.

Najib's response to all this is in this extract of an interview with CNBC:
CNBC: Why is former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, and now Perkasa, why are they so upset though?

NAJIB: They are not against us. They are talking more about bumiputra rights. But actually we are not taking anything away from the bumiputra, but we are saying that let us do it differently. Let us get better results. Let us achieve a more equitable society. But at the same time, being fair to the non-bumiputras as well. Because we want to build a One Malaysia.
It is diplomatic answer but the question arise is did he send those dogs out? Only Muhyiddin sent some consoling and encouraging words to Perkasa.

Tipped off by insider/(s) in MI, Omar Ong have been in communicado with the online portal of Kalimullah and Brendan Pereira. He has been leaking information and of late, had contributed article/(s).

Let see September 13th editorial here, for instance. It does not have that typical MI sarcasm and twisted rationale.

On top of that, it is not typical of MI to give constructive criticism in it's analysis. It is as though someone inside had some unfulfilled agenda and had fed MI's editorial with information to push the reform agenda faster.

The reform agenda is pro-big business and pro-foreign MNCs, but not pro-rakyat as 1Malaysia slogan claim to be. It is the mantra promoted by McKenzie & Co. or Bain & Co. or Boston Consulting Group and lobbied by Ethos Consulting to con-sultan their way around.

Surfing the MI leads to many such style of articles. It began about the time of the Chinese Economic Congress organised by MCA and Nazir infuriated the Malays when he described NEP as "bastardised".

In response to Tun's Merdeka greetings blog here, MI reported here Lim Kit Siang's blog response here. That puts into play the perception game that Tun is against 1Malaysia and the New Economic Model. Omar Ong's plan is to drive a wedge between Tun and Najib.

Don't ask for proof because we are not going to court. How do you proof that father Mustapha Ong is going around town and sitting like a Chinese Emperor boosting he can deliver anything through his son?

This September 13 analysis entiled on Malay rights drowning out Najib’s reforms is obviously not written by the seasoned journalist or spin master at MI. It doesn't have the flair and convincing touch of a writer.

They would not have argued by claiming Malay rights as red herring meaning to brush it aside as rhetorical tactic to divert attention away from the real issue of reform. It is a fundamental issue. Najib acknowledged it but his policy makers, NEAC members, and political operators refused to acknowledged.

Furthermore, the discussion of parliamentary snap election is a dead giveaway that this article is written by an insider. This could be the article Omar Ong wrote himself. [He has left comment in this blog before here.]

Perkasa has clearly stated before that it is not against reform. The problem with ideas emanating from con-sultans is that it has no offering on the plate but concepts and acronyms.

The third Kongres Ekonomi Bumiputera organised by Majlis Perundingan Melayu had highlighted significant weakness of the New Economic Model. Their resolutions was far practical but so was the one from NEAC, EPU, Pemandu, etc.

For instance, the issue of wealth distribution was not touched. There is no specifics on the affirmative action except new criteria of being fair, competitive and market driven. What does market driven affirmative means?

It is like asking the fundamental question whether 1Malaysia is assimilation or integration. There is no clear and unambigous answer. To add to their trouble from poor communication, the Chinese papers all interpret it as 'sama rata.'

For the same reason as Perkasa and MPM, Dr Mahathir had written to Najib and Pemandu with some comments and suggestions. Probably Omar Ong came to know of it or got a copy by deceiving some staff and his blood boils. He can no more keep his hair straight. [Can't resist this Chinese ethnic joke.]

Sayang isteri, tinggal-tinggalkan. Sayang anak, pukul-pukulkan. Lastly, sayang Perdana Menteri, tegur-tegurkan. That is to be clear ABITW is not anti-Najib.

Now that we have clarified out stance, Najib should be clear in his stance and be resolute in his leadership.

The grassroot perception is that Najib is emulating Tun Dol. He is losing control on the destiny of the party and country. Rakyat is beginning to lose confidence with the indecisiveness of the existing bangsawan class of leadership.

With his running dogs and advisers recklessly running amuck, Najib may go down in the history book as the ending N of the RAHMAN series of Prime Ministers from Perikatan-Barisan Nasional. By then, Abdullah will be forgotten but Najib will forever be remembered as the last BN PM by future school children.

The next acronym could likely be LIM KIT SIANG!

* Edited at 10:50 AM

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Khairy's insidious hands to alienate Malay voters from UMNO

Another of Khairy's devious look. The usual pose has a tongue sticking out. But he is no Michael Jordan.

The usual suspects is all there.

Dato Nazri Aziz, Dato Khaled Nordin, and Dato Reezal Merican. No wonder Tengku Dato Adnan Mansor was making a typical pre-2008 General Election in-denial remark with Reezal Merican.

The media players were New Straits Times, Berita Harian, The Star and The Malaysian Insider. The NST's (and BH) subtle propaganda against Perkasa was expected. As usual, the Malaysian Insider (MI)'s report was spinned. However, they left clues that something was not right. Furthermore there was muted publicity from Chinese newspapers.

Ku Nan's statement that Barisan Nasional had unanimously rejected Perkasa and UMNO will not support Perkasa does not jive. It is Khairy that has been leading a war against Perkasa to support stance by MCA President Dato Dr Chua Soi Lek, Youth head Dato Dr Wee Ka Siong and Gerakan leaders.

Perhaps, he is motivated by an old ex-to-grind against Dato Ibrahim Ali. However, there is someone on his payroll that connects the dots between Ku Nan and Nazri Aziz. Despite the association, it still points to Khairy as the evil devious hands driving the wedge between UMNO and Perkasa.

Again, Khairy made an intentional mistake to incite anger against UMNO. He is playing his espionage sabotage role to alienate Malay voters from UMNO.

Currently UMNO is now in a better position amongst the Malays. Since the Bukit Gantang by-election, the trend is Malay voters are moving away from PAS and PKR. Beseige with endless problems and long list of issues, the Malay majority voters lost trust with PAS and PKR.

These was discussed in both parties' weekend retreat. They realised they could not improve on their Malay voters. DAP and PKR NGO activits are not making it easier.

Indicators points to Malay support leaving Pakatan, but they are still holding back until a change in attitude by UMNO before delivering their votes. The statement of Ku Nan and Khairy's theatrics for the past few months had not endeared the Malays with UMNO.

It is crystal clear Khairy is assisting to sabotage from inside to prevent Malay voters return to UMNO. Speculation is he is waiting for former UKEC buddy, Rafizi Ramli to win the Ketua AMK position to open the passage for him to jump over. For many years, Khairy had been in touch with Azmin and their rendervous is at Azmin's Qaswa Motor at Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

For Khairy to accuse close association of UMNO with Perkasa will alienate BN from Chinese voters, it shows UMNO's incompetent Youth Head doesn't know his job.

There is no benefit to derive from playing the gallery of MCA and Gerakan. They hardly contribute to voters registration. See charts below:

Chinese voters are leaving for DAP. MCA and Gerakan will not and do not want to deliver the Chinese votes for BN. They have not been of any help during the series of by-elections. And they are not going to work for it. Perkasa is only an excuse.

Khairy's issue with Perkasa is a personal ideological ego.

In fact, Khairy and MCA/Gerakan are helping Pakatan by infuriating Perkasa's members and sympathisers to burden the political plight of UMNO and BN.

Khairy's friendly media are also batting for the other side.

The Star is clearly taking a pro-Chinese stance and giving coverage also to DAP. This is to help ease MCA's move to Pakatan in the event it does so.

The link between Malay liberal-led NST and pro-opposition, The Malaysian Insiders with the agenda of Khairy and Pakatan has been established in this blog's earlier postings.

NST is in Kalimullah's hands and the link with The Malaysian Insiders is personal. NST has Zainur, Rashid Yusof and Syed Nadzri leading the editorial.

Syed Nadzri's deputy Group Editor, Kamarul Idris has a girlfriend in MI. She is Joan Lau, sister to MI's Leslie Lau. Leslie's wife, Lee Siew Lian is still in NST, last being CEO's office. Jahabar, Leslie Liu and Joan Liu are the hands running MI.

These are the media players that helped to blow the issue against Perkasa initiated by Khairy. They had used Ku Nan and blast it for the raya holidays.

Ku Nan was only heading the BN's Secretary General meeting. The stance made from his statement should only come out from UMNO Supreme Council Meeting or BN Council Meeting.

There were none such meetings lately.

Ku Nan is effectively trying to put words into the mouths of the UMNO President, Dato Seri Najib and Deputy President, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. Both have kept quiet to ignore.

They hoped both will not make a statement to jeorpadise relations with other 13 BN components. Both can only make statements in defense of UMNO or BN and not for Perkasa.

Few MCA leaders express support to Ku Nan's statement position but Chua Soi Lek strangely refused to give statement. Publicity given by the Chinese papers were likewarm.

Few Chinese papers seems to be absence from Ku Nan's press conference and made report based on MI's report. The stories were only placed it in page 7 and 11.

Sin Chew Jit Poh, which is expected to give this story publicity, did not report it.

Other than vicious words of Nazri and Khaled, there were more words of support from UMNO leaders such as Noh Omar, Khir Toyo, and Ahmad Maslan.

Despite attempt to spin Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's words against Perkasa, TV Awani's news report shows otherwise. Zahid can be a bit of a lallang, an incompetent lallang. But lets leave him alone for now.

From our sources near PM and DPM, both had not instructed Ku Nan to take such stance. He had taken a stance with grave implication towards UMNO's "fixed deposit" of support and without any directive from Najib or Muhyiddin.

Ku Nan's statement that UMNO will not support Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa, and furthermore will place candidates in Pasir Mas, is moronic.

Has UMNO made decisions on candidates for General Election, if they hae decided the time for General Election? More funny is, did Ibrahim Ali wrote to seek support from UMNO for his Pasir Mas seats?

Ignore PAS's opportunitic remark that Ibrahim Ali will not run under PAS banner again.

For that matter, did Perkasa wrote to UMNO for support? Why does the affair of an NGO raised such concern of UMNO or BN? They should focus on their work.

If BN is concerned about Perkasa, why then UMNO is not steering BN to take positions against Su Qiu, Hua Zhou, Dong Jiao Zhong, and Hindraf?

Ku Nan had been made to look foolish for being used Khairy.

Maybe he is actually in co-hort with Khairy. The typical trait of an UMNO man resisting change is when they believed they are in positions of strength, they start to behave arrogantly, vindictive and back to the usual powerplay.

He had said he believed UMNO is not weak. Is it too soon to return to the era of Abdullah Badawi and repeat the same crap?

Najib should end all these nonsense once and for all. Will he?

Worthy read at Bigdogdotcom here and Segala Kemungkinan here.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Penis-less NST deny Ibrahim 'raya' day reply

Only two centimetres? Pity ...

Anti Perkasa and Melayu liberal-led New Straits Times (NST) gave a frontpage "free advertisement" to Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa. It reads 'Umno does not support Perkasa.'

Sometimes the title could be one thing but the content could be another. That was how Anwar Ibrahim framed and ouster Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Chik. Reading their report, the gist lies in these words of Umno Secretary General Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor (Ku Nan) below:
“Umno does not have anything to do with Perkasa as alleged by some. The other BN components welcome this stand.

“Being associated with Perkasa will only weigh the party down. This sentiment was shared by all component parties which are worried about feedback they have been getting from the grassroots,” he told the New Straits Times last night.
UMNO is a political part and Perkasa is an NGO. Who doesn't know? But we know now who is calling the shots in Barisan Nasional. [The full report further down the posting.]

Since it suits Kalimullah's agenda, his online news vehicle, The Malaysian Insider gave a lengthy coverage and Perkasa's responses too. Read here.

True to the code of ethics taught at Kalimullah School of Journalism, NST gave NO coverage to Ibrahim Ali's reply to Ku Nan but instead published "The politics of moderation" in their editorial. This is the same cheap propaganda NST did by not reporting Perkasa's first AGM.

Looking at the editorial, it is a pathetic old recycle argument? Which editor wrote to leave unanswered the loss of face to UMNO members, UMNO members in Perkasa and to the Malay at large for Ku Nan's words above?

"This is not the first time that a senior leader from the leading party in the coalition has sought to distance Umno from the Malay rights group," the editor claim.

The first being public hate number 1, Khairy, second was Nazri Aziz and third is Ku Nan. Without mentioning the PM and other Ministers and UMNO leaders that gave attention to Perkasa, are these expired goods of any credibility?

Shame la NST. At least The Star gave some coverage here and here.

Ibrahim Ali answered with cool composure and not the gelabah manner the three stooges had done. Read Utusan Malaysia's Perkasa tidak perlukan mana-mana pihak. That is an in your face reply, penis-less NST!

Penis-less NST could turn out to be penniless NST. Further decline in circulation expected. As one comentator alerted, it looks like numbered days for Zainur, and Rashid NST and someone at Media Prima.

Below is NST's frontpage "free advertisement" for Perkasa yesterday:
'Umno does not support Perkasa'

PUTRAJAYA: Umno has unequivocally distanced itself from Malay rights group, Perkasa, with Barisan Nasional leaders describing the move as important in efforts to garner non-Malay support.

Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor told secretaries-general of BN component parties that Umno would not back Perkasa or its president, Datuk Ibrahim Ali, in the next general election.

He said any move to support Perkasa or its stand would only erode BN support among non-Malays.

Tengku Adnan, who chaired the meeting at a hotel here yesterday, said the BN leaders also noted that distancing the coalition from Perkasa was best for the party as the organisation had on many occasions pitted components against one another.

“Umno does not have anything to do with Perkasa as alleged by some. The other BN components welcome this stand.

“Being associated with Perkasa will only weigh the party down. This sentiment was shared by all component parties which are worried about feedback they have been getting from the grassroots,” he told the New Straits Times last night.

Tengku Adnan, who is also BN secretary-general, said the coalition supporters were worried about allegations of the party being associated with Perkasa and needed to know the party’s stand on the group.

Perkasa, founded by Ibrahim in a move to allegedly “defend the constitutional position of Malays”, claimed to have attracted about 50,000 members nationwide.

BN members recently lambasted the Perkasa leadership for activities detrimental to efforts to realise the 1Malaysia concept.

They said Perkasa was irrelevant as the BN, under Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, would not gamble away Malay rights but would safeguard and guarantee them.

Last month, Perkasa urged the government to review the proposal to use open tender for the sale of strategic land, saying that the move could erode assets owned by Malays and Bumiputeras.

It also lodged a police report against MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek for allegedly making a racist stand in discussing Bumiputera equity participation.

On the meeting held at the behest of Najib, who is also BN chairman, Tengku Adnan said the components would be meeting monthly and not fortnightly to do serious “housecleaning”.

“In our lengthy first meeting (today), we discussed in detail what we planned to and should do besides our strategies in facing the next general election.

“We also ironed out voter-related issues and how to make sure the majority of our seven million members vote for BN,” Tengku Adnan said.

The leaders later adjourned for a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who is also BN deputy chairman, to discuss the BN convention scheduled for Nov 28.

On the issue of BN components lagging behind the opposition, especially the DAP, in voter registration, Tengku Adnan said the first to register voters would not necessarily receive their votes.

“Having said that, BN has strategies, too, in ensuring votes are in the bag.”

On whether BN was ready for the polls in Sarawak and at the national level, he said the party was prepared but would continue efforts to strengthen itself and gain voters’ support.

The BN convention will be held in November at Dewan San Choon in Wisma MCA unlike previous years when it was held at the Putra World Trade Centre.
Forget about putting up the worthless editorial. Below Ibrahim Ali replies on Utusan Malayisa, in which NST is penis-less refuse to publish his reply and honour his right to reply:
Perkasa tidak perlukan mana-mana pihak

KUALA LUMPUR 9 Sept. – Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa) tidak memerlukan sokongan mana-mana parti politik untuk membolehkannya berjuang terutama bagi mempertahankan hak Islam dan Melayu seperti mana termaktub di dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

Sebaliknya, Presiden Perkasa, Datuk Ibrahim Ali berkata, Perkasa amat memerlukan sokongan rakyat negara ini khususnya mereka yang bersetuju dengan agenda perjuangan pertubuhan itu.

"Sejak Perkasa ditubuhkan kami telah menetapkan beberapa agenda perjuangan dan paling utama adalah mempertahankan Perlembagaan daripada dicabul oleh mana-mana pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab.

"Selain itu, Perkasa turut memperjuangkan kewujudan kerajaan yang amanah, adil, saksama, tidak rasuah, tidak menyalahgunakan kuasa, mempunyai sistem penyampaian yang cekap serta mesra rakyat," katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

Beliau mengulas laporan media hari ini bahawa Barisan Nasional (BN) dengan sokongan sebulat suara 13 parti komponennya terutama UMNO membuat keputusan untuk menjauhi Perkasa kerana dikhuatiri ia boleh menjejaskan kewibawaan dan keupayaan BN meraih sokongan pengundi pelbagai kaum.

Dalam keputusan pada mesyuarat bulanan BN bagi memperkukuhkan gagasan itu yang pertama kali diadakan di Putrajaya semalam, semua parti komponen turut mengalu-alukan tindakan UMNO apabila mengambil langkah pertama menyatakan pendirian mahu menjauhkan diri daripada Perkasa.

Setiausaha Agung UMNO, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor yang mempengerusikan mesyuarat itu berkata, UMNO tidak akan menyokong Perkasa atau Presidennya pada pilihan raya umum akan datang kerana tindakan itu berpotensi menghakis sokongan pengundi bukan Melayu terhadap BN.

Ibrahim berkata, dalam agenda perjuangan Perkasa, pertubuhan itu juga mahukan pemimpin atau wakil rakyat yang beriman, bertaqwa, menjaga solat, celik al-Quran, berakhlak mulia, amanah, mesra rakyat dan tidak sombong.

"Pemimpin atau wakil rakyat juga tidak boleh sama sekali melakukan maksiat, mempunyai sifat tamak haloba dan melakukan perkara-perkara tidak bermoral,’’ katanya.

Mengenai pendirian 13 ahli komponen BN tersebut, Ibrahim berkata, beliau percaya jika Perkasa tidak wujud sekali pun sokongan bukan Melayu kepada BN tetap sama selepas Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13.

"Ia kerana komponen BN terutama pemimpinnya mempunyai bermacam-macam rekod yang boleh menyebabkan rakyat menolak parti itu dan janji Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) kepada mereka,’’ katanya.

Beliau berkata, Perkasa memberi kebebasan penuh kepada mana-mana ahli-ahlinya untuk membuat penentuan pada Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13.
Smart statemnt Ku Nan, just smart ...

Perkasa is just a convenient excuse for MCA and Gerakan to exert themselves or probably leave BN. MCA and Gerakan have not been cooperative for the last year years.

They have no support of the Chinese. Their voters registration drive is practically non existent.

Why is UMNO bending backward to pander to their wishes? More millions for Chinese schools and few ringgit for suraus and madrasahs?

Does Ku Nan really represent the view of UMNO? If he does, the many bukan puasa session with Terawih prayers during Ramadhan did not awake them from Pak Lah's deep slumber of in-denial.

That is sad because the rakyat is clear in their stand and demand on UMNO. At least, the majority Malays after setting aside Melayu liberals and opposition. It is what Perkasa fought for. Dr Mahathir is supporting Perkasa and The Malaysian Insiders have spinned the report.

Smart move, Ku Nan ... too smart.

You have just split the Malay votes further by sending the message the Government have be done with Bumiputera rights. It is a mistake to belittle Perkasa in favour for voter-less MCA and Gerakan. Perkasa's voice will come in handy for Najib.

Ku Nan will eventually kneel to Perkasa for Malay votes!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Hishamuddin interfered in police work!

TV3 and other mainstream media was bombarding yesterday's newspaper and evening news with denial statement from the Home Ministry's Chief Secretary General Datuk Seri Mahmood Adam.

Mahmoood was answering allegations by outgoing Inspector General Police, Tan Sri Musa Hasan that there was excessive interference by third parties in "police work".

The answer by Mahmood neither denied nor dismiss the allegations by Musa.

However, Mahmood did his job to speak for the suddenly silent but usually publicity crazy for media presence Home Minister, Dato Hishamuddin Hussein.

His answers was not within the description of "police work" but merely the Ministry's administrative and budgetary responsibility. The stuff the snobbish PTD officers do.

The words of Hasan clearly refers to "Warning" or "Waning" Minister, Hishamuddin.

Watch the You-Tube of Musa press conference below:

At 0:37, Musa said:
"Dan lagi satu ... yang mengecewakan saya dalam menjalankan tugas-tugas saya ada interference daripada pihak-pihak yang lain dalam kita menjalankan tugas. jadi tak perlu ada interference. Saya dah cakap ... saya selalu cakap bahawa pihak polis comand dan controlnya adalah dari Ketua Polis Negara sehinggalah pegawai-pegawai atasan kanan negara. Any third party yang memberi arahan-arahan kepada pegawai polis bawahan tanpa pengetahuan Ketua Polis Negara ... jika berlaku sedemikian ... interference ... arahan-arahan tanpa pengetahuan Ketua Polis Negara ... ini adalah satu tindakan yang salah. Ia tidak selari dengan command and control of police force."
It is clear that there are others outside the police command and control structure giving orders and instructing lower rank police officers. It is possible that there interference in police investigation.

Read OutSyed the Box here on the same issue.

In a recent history at the turn of the 20th Century, Anwar was convicted for six years imprisonment for ordering Special Branch Director, Said Awang to "turnover" Umi Hafilda by forcing her to confess in a letter. That was the price for interference.

For a fact, most including PM Dr Mahathir, Musa himself, and late former Attorney General, Tan Sri Mokhtar did not believed Umi's allegations of Anwar the so-called Islamic activists (off course, he is no more now).

Umi's 'turnover' letter provided by Said Awang to AG Mokhtar had him believe Anwar was clean, thus there is no case against him.

That was until Musa insist on investigating the why Umi's official police statement to him despite the letter provided to him after Special Branch did their strange and lawful "fact finding interrogation" of her immediately after raiding and arresting her.

Hishamuddin be warned!

This partly explain why Lim Kit Siang, Anwar naturally and the whole PKR machinery are out to ridicule and made wild allegations against Musa and oftenly criticise him for the most minute of issue. Dumb PAS are just tagging along idiotically.

Returning to the denial by Ministry's Secretary General, this was what The Star reported:
Home Ministry sec-gen: No meddling in police work

KUALA LUMPUR: Home Ministry secretary general Datuk Seri Mahmood Adam has denied claims of third party interference in the police force, saying the force had always managed its own duties and responsibilities.

“Sometimes, certain proposals by the police are not fully considered due to government policies or other restrictions like financial reasons and other regulations.

“This should not be misinterpreted as interference,” he said on Wednesday when commenting on outgoing IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan's statement of outside interference in police work.

He earlier witnessed the handing over of duties between Musa and new IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar at Bukit Aman. Musa retires on Sept 12.

Musa said that Ismail should be given the free hand to carry out his duties. He added that this would allow officers to be professional and carry out their duties independently.

“The police force should be allowed to carry out its duties in accordance to the law and without outside interference,” he said.
Ismail should be given to carryout his job as IGP. Musa is helping ease his accension to the post.

One wonders the competency of Hishamuddin in doing his job as Home Minister. He is being ridiculed as a Minister who incessently wants to be in the media spotlight and keep giving warning after warning but no actions are seen done. Is he afraid?

For the sake of keeping the Chinese voters, particularly in his Sembrong constituency, Hishamuddin seemed to be pandering to the Chinese voters and appeasing the young and foreigners. He is not doing his job as Minister but interfere in other's realm of authority.

He will continue to do nothing and take no drastic action to calm and put order into the cocophonic state of the nation.

His inaction is inviting negative speculation that the leadership is taken hostage by the opposition "change" agenda with their foreign backers behind. It is as though the leadership is placed in a hand tight dilemma by the opposition psywar described by Tan Sri Nordin Kardi in an Utusan Malaysia issue middle of last month.

The propaganda by Anwar using APCO is clearly false and was intended to counter revelations of his links with Zionism.

It becoming apparent that the current administration failed to check on the unprecedented incidences of racist remarks made by politicians and activists to the point of outright questioning of the Constitutionalised points of the Social Contract.

Contrary to the real performance by Hishamuddin, Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib commended his cousin in a close UMNO Johor meeting as "the best person for the job under the circumstances." His delighted face displayed a pathetic show of self-denial.

Hishamuddin failed in his role as Home Ministry. Before this, he was not impressive as Education Minister. He is far from a Prime Minister material.

The notion of sons of former Prime Ministers being thrusted to high places has to stop. They have to earn their respect and fight their way up.

Hishamuddin announced Ismail as the new IGP. He is a good decent policemen but will serve for only a year. His choice of Deputy IGP, Dato Hussein Ismail is also a good policeman. However, he will retire next year, earlier than Ismail.

He should have selected either the tough crime buster CID Director, Dato Bakri Zimin. Or Head of Special Taskforce for Anti Terrorism that captured Mas Selamat and a former Special Branch Officer, Dato Fuzi Harun. Both are in the late 40s.

Since November last year, it is known within the police ranks that Musa handed a list of appointments to fill up a long list of senior police appointments. Hishamuddin has not responded thus leaving many police stations still without an OCPD and officer in command. This can be demoralising to teh office and many good CPOs in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Penang.

The blog Just Read has the same info here.

This does not help towards seriously boost the plan and preparation to strengthen the police organisation.

Hishamuddin had denied interference in Utusan Malaysia here but he cannot deny his often mentioned press statements "saya akan arahkan pihak ..."

A case in point was the Shah Alam kepala lembu demonstration. Another was on the Teoh Beng Hock mysterious death here.

The same report reads Hishamuddin had "... directed the state police chiefs and OCPDs to investigate loansharks who paste their contact numbers on lamp-posts, post boxes and other public areas."

As Home Minister, it is uncustomary to speak to much to the press and hog the public limelight. He should stop instructing the police ranks in public. He, the PM or any in the higher echelon of Government should deal only with the IGP.

Despite Idris Jala's quantitative claim of improvement in the crime rate, gangsterism and organised crime is on the rise. Organised crime is a RM500 billion underground economy. Unfortunately it can't be selected in the NKEA but there are crooked politicians in on this.

This is the money DAP is trying to get their hands in to fund their political agenda. Organised crime and gangsterism is flourishing in the Pakatan states of Selangor and Pulau Pinang. All the fuzz about rising crime is just a camouflage to deflect and blame others but themselves being ... Omigod ... the real culprit.

In Selangor, there is the much talked of Ronnie Liu abusing his authority in the local authorities of Selangor for organised crime interest. He is not just into schemes to skim off assemblymen allocation but allowed criminal outlets to turn legit.

Prostitutions, massage parlours, gambling, video parlours, cybercafes etc are flourishing in the thousands to reach outside urban centres and into Malay area like Shah Alam. PAS's Khalid Samad should be proud.

Their opening hours have surpassed the witching hours to near morning. These outlets remained licensed and open, despite order to close and raids by police.

Pulau Pinang is infamous as a gangland for the late Boon Siew as the honcho at the top of the illegal food chain. Unless blinded by PAS propaganda or an upcoming free Siti Nurhaliza concert, the rise in gangsterism in Penang is noticeable.

PKR media machinery and personalities are supporting and defending policemen involved in corruptions and organised crimes. They are conjuring up allegations against Musa who is strict by the book policeman and hard on crimes. Their source of information points to the criminal-linked DAP sources.

DAP can't deny it because a Johor DAP leader acknowledge openly the presence of organised criminal in Johor DAP. Musa was former CPO of Johor.

However, let us not point at DAP only, there are also MCA Datok and Tan Sri involved in organised crimes.

Name like Tan Sri Micheal Chong is known in the street as the biggest Along in the country. Dato Dr Chua Soi Lek famed movie performance was a set-up by Batu Pahat organised criminals he socialised with.

Organised crime flourished during Pak Lah's time with the interference of politicians in police work. Murderous gangster Koo Tee Yam was released from Simpang Renggam within days after police did a major bust. That was not a morale booster for police.

This was the time of Dato Johari "Derhaka" Baharom as Deputy Home Minister. IT was believed that he made about RM5 million from his "consultancy session" those needing to settle problems with police. The meeting place was at a club in the Curve, Damansara Utama and his runners were Indian boys. [These boys had mistaken this blogger as a prospective client.]

His currrent boss in the Ministry of Agriculture, Dato Noh Omar was initially "baik" but later started to deviate. His PA Saiful that recently married a model was into pow-pow!

Pak Lah had a recommended to confer Tan Sriship to one widely believed to be a top organised crime mob head, Sabahan Tan Sri Ta Kin Yan. Talk is his collaborators include the taukeh of Danga Bay.

Maybe that should get the attention of Hishamuddin. Those informed with corporate news should remember a PLC company called Ecovest Berhad.

Read Bigdogdotcom here too.

What did Najib meant in his praise of Hishamuddin? Was it actually a praise or a sindiran which Hishamuddin did not picked up?

Hishamuddin's image to both the public and UMNO masses is bad. Like Khairy, who seemed to know only to talk and manouvre, both do not display competency as leaders!

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