Thursday, February 28, 2013

Simple questions on Bala and Deepak

Imagine one is in a small rural town or smaller pekan.

The entertainment in town is the latest movie to be showing in the cinema. If it is a new Tamil movie, ladies in beautiful saris will be coming from the plantation to watch. Upon their return, the movie will be the conversation piece in the kampong and estate till these ladies go for another movie outing.

Change that movie with an opposition ceramah. After all, both are similar because both have entertainment value.

After a sensational ceramah with it's great acting on stage, action-packed sensational revelation and accusation, and delivered with simplicity, it will also be the topic of conversation in such rural area with no news and entertainment. This is how things get spread around in rural area and also in urban areas.

Whether the things presented is true or false, how many among them bother to ponder on the logic of the allegations?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lahad Datu, Sabah oil and American interest

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Project IC for Chinese? [Up-dated]

The Kudat Ma Tzu statue to welcome Chinese immigrants into Sabah?

Lim Kit Siang was making a big fuzz over the initial revelation that quite a sizeable number of Filipino residing in Sabah was given blue ICs. Many parties was trying to blame it on Tun Dr Mahathir.

With ease the old Master turned the table around to say that if he was bad for issuing IC to Filipinos, then Tunku Abdul Rahman is worse for issuing one million IC. It did not permanently silenced the opposition but after their lame rebuttals, it was sufficient to stop further attack on Dr Mahathir. [Read past posting here]

In Sabah, Dato Yong Teck Lee's SAPP are going on a "Sabah for Sabahan" mode like Dr Jeffrey Kitingan's STAR. He is making a big issue of selective RCI findings despite revealed information already dispelled allegations of BN rigging the electoral roll with new citizens to win over Sabah from PBS in 1994.

RCI is due to reconvene on Wednesday, February 27th. Will Yong still be playing up the RCI issue in his campaign after this posting?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

In Anwar or Reuters we trust?

Sinar Harian frontpage yesterday was tasked to defend Anwar Ibrahim from allegation of involvement in the Lahad Datu foreign intrusion.

On February 19th here, this blog wrote of Anwar in desperation to be Prime Minister and will use his last straw to stage a "Malaysia Spring". The incident in Lahad Datu looks to be part of the plan.

Along the way, he could use the opportunity to ridicule the defense establishment and frustrate the servicemen. Hopefully some votes from the hard to crack military and security sector could trickle his way.

In the short time, it would ridicule the government reasoning in the RCI that the issuance of citizenship was justifiable. For Sabahan with animosity towards immigrants, the intrusion only invoke their anger towards Barisan Nasional government.

If his act is caught, it could spell disaster to his politics and himself. He could be hanged for treason and jeopardising national security.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

DAP victory parade sparked May 13 violent

Flagpole pissing Lim Kit Siang knows it and is doing whatever is necessary to not be reminded of his role in the May 13, 1969 incident in the light of his greatest election feat.

This is especially so with former DAP Member of Parliament and key man in the American espionage outfit, SUARAM, Dr Kua Kia Soong published his May 13 book to spin the masses out of the truth of May 13 using a weak Marxist class theory.

With DAP expected to get the majority support of the Chinese community, they are trying every way possible to disengaged the May 13 incident and their overzealous victory parade. Using some frivolous argument, they are trying to turn around the table and instead blame it on the Malay running amuck.

Some Malay political idiots fell for Kit Siang's deception for the sake of helping to blame the incident on UMNO.
But Kit Siang knows and many knows that Tanda Putera will spoil Kit Siang's chance to taste his lifelong dream to capture the federal governmewnt and subsequently clean his tainted life history.

Sorry Kit Siang ... as your bible preaching son always say, the truth shall set you free. Truth has surfaced and shall set you free from the misery of being torment by your own lies and deception.  

There is blood on your hand. 

Nambikei on PR's Campaign of Smear, Lie and Panic

By Team Nambikei

Time and time again the opposition pact, Pakatan Rakyat (PR), has hurled accusations at Barisan Nasional (BN).

Despite the government’s earnest and forthright dealings and transparency in administration, the opposition has not ceased its attacks of cheap rumours and dirty tricks at hoodwinking the public.

Here we have combed through the various PR-linked media and blogs to bring to you the top 7 myths that the opposition rumour mills have created.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Flagpole-pissing Kit Siang fear with freedom

That is not a flagpole, Kit!

If it had been the due-for-display-in-a-museum Minister of Information, Dato Dr Rais Yatim that is trying to curb the freedom of expression on Tanda Putera, it can only be expected. But another tantrum from Mr Lim “piss-the-flagpole” Kit Siang?

After all, Rais was the person who orchestrated the vengeful and deceitful game to prevent Tanda Putera from showing. There is no issue of Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, or Dato Nazri Aziz or others pursuading PM to hold back the film.

If he had allowed it, the issue would have died off and May 13 is a non issue by now. The  spectre against the Prime Minister’s father, Tun Abdul Razak from Dr Kua Kia Soong’s May 13 book would have dissipated and hopefully died.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Anwar's last straw

The current play to use the military as political issue was started by the opposition and certain have-been faction in UMNO prior to the 2007 Ijok by-election.

Still fresh in the public mind of the murder of Mongolian call girl, Altantunya Shaaribu. She had a tryst with Defense Analyst and lecturer, Razak Baginda and came to Malaysia after the affair ended.Razak had a short stinct as Najib's part time speech writer and was involved in the submarine project.

Consequently, opposition accused Razak of taking bribe for himself, Najib and UMNO in the form of  services fee for Perimekar. It did not stopped there but the pointed the murder of Altantunya by the two UTK men to Razak, Dato Najib and his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah.  

The issues had died down but since 2010, PKR tried to revive it via SUARAM using their complain and investigation by the French court. The lies by SUARAM and various myth has since been debunked.

Although there are several attempt to revive it, the issues are considered dead. However, Anwar has not given up. He is now taking it beyond Scorpene purchase and Altantunya murder. ith dwindling audience at ceramah, issues debunked, and faced with a BN on the offensive, it could be his last straw.

By the look of things, Anwar could be using the military card beyond creating issue for votes but act of treason into the realm of national security and coup d 'etat.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Xenophon blowing Anwar's "tune"

Malaysia found a supporter in an Australian newspaper's foreign editor, Greg Sheridan to lambast Australian Senator Nick Xenophon biasness.

He described Xenophon's call for the Australian government to monitor the upcoming Malaysian general  election as, to quote from Bernama report "stupid and impractical".

Read the Bernama report below:

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tell it like it is, Anifah

Playing the right tune on the Xylophone

Australian Senator Nick Xenophon arrived at the LCC airport on Saturday and was refused entry by immigration. This is one brave move by the government.

However, all the back and forth of exchanges is not sending out the right answer. It took Foreign Minister Dato Anifah Aman to tell it like it is before the other side understand.

Xenophon is a troublemaker and intruding into an area he has no business to be involved in. Thus, Malaysia has every right to deny his entry.

Is that so difficult to tell?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Are you ready for BAD MANNERS? Say yes, if you are DAP.

It is yet another holiday in multi-ethnic Malaysia.

For Chinese New Year, other than the compulsary family dinner to welcome the new lunar year, there will also be those open houses that has become the typical landscape of any Malaysian holidays.

Family, associations and political parties would jump in on the opportunity to touch base with families, friends, party members and voters.

With election looming in the corner, it is only natural Barisan Nasional decided to have one in Penang to touch base with voters and strengthen the resolve of it's supporters to vote in the upcoming general election. So did MCA, Gerakan, SAPP, SUPP and all the Chinese and non-Chinese political parties.

DAP would do the same elsewhere. In the past, DAP leaders have no problem attending the PM's or state Chief Minister's Hari Raya celebration.

If it is a political sin or unlawful to have a Chinese celebration in opposition territory, perhaps there should not be any DAP New Year celebration before this. But in a free and democratic Malaysia, anyone is entitled to organise their seasonal celebration wherever they want and with whomever they want without disruption and disturbance from others.

However, since DAP captured Penang, things are changing. It does not reflect the comfort, security and freedom DAP promises it's supporters in their political rallies.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Blame Opposition for decline in Press Freedom

The international NGO for press freedom, Reporters sans Frontières (RSF) or Reporters Without Borders gave Malaysia it's worst ranking at 145 on their World Press Freedom Index since the index began in 2002.

According to the only portal reporting this development, Malaysiakini, Malaysia stood at 140 in 2010 and rose to 122 for 2011-2012 and plunged to the current level. a ranking of 145 for 2012 on ranked.

The full Malaysiakini report is not available and is not necessary. Why waste money to subscribe junk news?

After all, one can sense that it is merely another stunt to create the perception of the country is in a state of degradation under Dato Najib as Prime Minister, thus it is time to vote for rebel rousing and anarchist Pakatan "Riot".

Cheap gimmick.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

DAP's New Year prank or kiasu psycho?

Happy New Year to all our Chinese friends, including Malays married to Chinese who will be celebrating the momentous occasion with their Chinese side of the family.

Just yesterday, Prime Minister Dato Najib put up a You Tube greetings.

In a blietzkrig, it was attacked by visitors voting in DISLIKES in quick succession that there was a red flag. It means if the You Tube continues to attract more DISLIKES, it will be removed by You Tube. The pro-BN side may have noticed it and alert their friends to press more LIKES. It is in safe territory for now.

We've been around long enough in this game to confidently pinpoint this childish kiasu prank to those Komtar troopers or as some bloggers described as DAPsters.

Earlier, their paymaster was doing another kiasu act to urge Penangites to come to see Psy Gangnam perform at the MCA New Year dinner due Monday in DAP red and anti Lynas green. Psy's presence to perform Gangnam style  would have attracted large crowd to MCA's function. Before this, their "makan busat" attracted 5,000 crowd.

Despite the renewed interest towards MCA, Penang is safely in the bag for DAP. Guan Eng and DAP's behaviour to sabotage the event is indeed unnecessary and unimaginable.

Is it a case Lim Guan Eng's spoilt child prank or a mentally sick kiasu unable to face any kind of competition?

Thursday, February 07, 2013

The case for a Mukhriz vs Azizan showdown

Recently, Kedah Menteri Besar was criticised heavily by PAS supporters for attending the official launching of the My Beautiful Malaysia campaign by the Minister for Housing and Local Government, Datuk Seri Chor Chee Heung at the Gunung Keriang Recreational Park.

One critic that got the bloggers' attention was the student leader cum PAS supporter facing suspension for participating in Bersih 3.0 and suspected of aggressively kicking a fallen motorbike policeman, Mohd Khalid Ismath.

The son of the former Director of the PAS's controversial Koperasi Kohilal, complained that while the PAS grassroot are tirelessly working to bring down Barisan Nasional, Azizan was promoting BN Youth on TV.

Azizan can be politically naive at times and have been criticised as not funneling public work to PAS cronies. In the middle of last year, criticism reached to a point where Azizan was facing revolt and attempts to topple him from among his state exco members like PAS former exco, Datok Fakhrolrazi and Dato Taulan.

Now rumour is strife that the recent incident could put Azizan to be another possible victim like Dr Nasharuddin to be unceremoniously removed for any hint of cooperation with BN. Fanaticism and politics of hate in PAS is at a new hieight [Read our previous posting here.]

However, despite the barrage of issues facing the PAS Kedah administration and Kuala Lumpur headquarter, the odds is still stack for an Azizan candidacy.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Ketaksuban dan politik membenci melunturkan pemikiran kritikal dalam demokrasi yang sihat

Blog ini pernah melabelkan peserta dan penyokong parti Pakatan Rakyat yang terlibat dalam Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat baru-baru ini sebagai "unthinking public." Baca posting "Uprising for the Unthinking Public" di sini.

Suasana politik hari ini menggambarkan satu suasana politik yang lahir dari politik membenci hingga  lahir segolongan warganegara yang menjadi penyokong tegar kepada satu-satu parti politik yang tidak boleh lagi bersikap rasional.

Samada mereka sedar atau tidak, mereka telah menerima bulat-bulat tanpa berfikir kepada semua maklumat yang disampaikan oleh pemimpin mereka. Mungkin perlu satu penjelasan mengenai percanggahan antara agenda-agenda mereka dengan agenda-agenda mereka yang lain dan juga janji parti tersebut.

Sering kali, rakyat marhaen yang membantu menyebarkan dakyah parti tersebut tidak langsung dapat menghujahkan saranan mereka hingga akhirnya memekak telinga kepada hujah balasan atau menutup minda kepada kelemahan hujah dalam dakyah mereka.

Deria dan minda mereka seolah-olah tidak berfungsi dan hilang langsung naluri kritikal yang perlu dalam amalan demokrasi yang sihat untuk membezakan kebenaran dengan pembohongan atau fitnah, tipu muslihat dan putarbelit

Utusan Malaysia ada menyiarkan dua rencana yang mencerminakan suasana ini hari ini. Satu dari Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Naib Presiden UMNO dan Menteri Pertahanan. Dua kolum dari Timbalan ketua Editor Utusan Malaysia, Dato Zaini Hasan.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Oil lies of Anwar and Husam

Fallen lower oil pump price billboard 

The politicising of oil began with Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim's catchy promise to reduce oil pump prices by 50 sen the next day after taking over government.

A very populist statement but how can it be done when the formula in calculating oil prices is dependent on market prices and limited by the amount of subsidy. In his debate with the then Minister of Information, Dato Ahmad Shabery Chik in July 2008, Anwar can only offer a weak explanation of his proposal.

Anwar claimed he can raise RM5 billion additional subsidy by revising the power purchase agreement with Independent Power Producers. He fail to realise that the power purchase rate of operating IPPs he accused as on the high side is now not as profitable and most of the IPPs are operating on a different PPA structure.

Taking away price subsidy to IPPs will only result in higher electricity prices which could counter balance the positive impact of lower fuel prices. Will he then increase subsidy for electricity too?

It only shows the limited understanding of the working of the economy by the claimed graduate in  Malay Studies despite being Minister of Finance for 8 years.

Despite his weak argument, Anwar continued without shame to play on the ignorance of people to offer higher royalties to oil producing states. While his man in PAS, Dato Husam Musa carry the same lies in Kelantan to demand for oil royalty.

Friday, February 01, 2013

Now that Dr M lowered the boom, we don't have to talk of Flora Santos

The RCI is Sabah is slowly unravelling more and more the real happening behind the age old allegaton of citizenship-for-votes.

Quite a lot of information have been given and it should dispell the simplistic allegation being bandied around, which originated from insular "Sabah for Sabahan" thinking Sabah politicians like Dr Jeffrey Kitingan.

Somehow Sabah media seemed uncooperating or perhaps cooperating with the opposition. If the opposition is trying to play up this issue of illegal immigrants, Raja Petra here gave this warning:
Hence I would be very careful about how the opposition plays up the Sabah issue because if the truth were to emerge it may cost PKR a lot of votes in Sabah. And if they can’t win Sabah then they can’t form the next federal government.
The Sabah media seemed to be trying to fit the RCI information to their age old belief and intentionally holding out information. It is more apparent among the wider reach radio media.

In the case of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim's involvement, few have made innuendos but none have shaken him. That is till Dr Mahathir lowered the boom on Anwar to accuse him of involvement in the illegal immigrants case in the 1990s.

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