Monday, August 17, 2020

Young politician intermediary in Iris's NIIS tender?

The latest Edge Weekly has a breaking story on the RM1.5 billion National Integrated Immigration System (NIIS) tender written two weeks ago. Iris and MyEG was headlined as front runners. 

MyEG was given coverage in the article, "Are PM's son, PPBM behind frontrunners for RM1.5 billion IIS tender?​" It has the tie-up with S5, which could be politically backed. Iris was not mentioned earlier, but now getting Edge Weekly's attention as a front runner in a 12-company race.  

The blog posting was about the cancellation of concession awarded to Prestariang by government and subsequently open for tender by government to mean it is willing to spend to develop the system. 

The manner media is keeping tab on the front runners it is as though: 

"PM's son and/or son-in-law is/are involved in the IIS tender. Is any of them behind Datasonic or or S5?"

A pro-Anwar political Blogger cum Facebooker had leads on Iris's game to win the NIIS tender. 

Sunday, August 09, 2020

The lies, lies, and still lying Guan Eng

For almost two weeks, from the Tuesday July 28th, DAP had been rubbing it in on UMNO, BN, MN and even the legally non-existent PN on Dato Najib's unfavourable SRC judgement.

Quite sure they realised that the judgement is a double edged sword. Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin gave his assurance that he will not interfere in the process of the law. Though there are Najib supporters cynically view it as giving Tun Dr Mahathir the free hands to fix cases against the former PM, his hand-off stance will apply to others.

Lim Guan Eng was called in by MACC for several sessions after the SRC judgement. The long arm of the law have finally reached him. Instead of facing the case gentlemenly, DAP dramatised it. Guan Eng continue to try lie his way out. 

Thursday, August 06, 2020

Justice4Adib: Police whitewash or failure to investigate?

On Tuesday August 4th, Home Minister, Dato Seri Hamzah Zainudin informed Parliament that police will take actions in relation to the "murder" of firefighter Muhammad Adib. Taken from The Sun below:

The investigation paper (IP) on the death of firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim (pix) had been referred back to the Attorney-General’s Chambers on July 23 along with several suggestions, the Dewan Rakyat was told today.
Home Minister Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin said the IP, among other things, suggested for 12 suspects who were previously believed of being involved in Adib’s death on Dec 17, 2018, to be charged under Section 143 of the Penal Code.

Hamzah received applause from other members. Saved for expected resistance from Indian MPs in the opposition, it appeared as though the long arms of the law have found its way to the alleged murderers. 

Upon reflection, it is no big deal and seemed a whitewash or sheer wayang.

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Are PM's son, PPBM behind frontrunners for RM1.5 billion IIS tender?

The government opened tender for the Integrated Immigration System (IIS) and in September 2018, announced receiving 30 bids ranging from RM1 billion to RM1.8 billion

The single company contract attracted known local players such as Scicom, Datasonic, HeiTech Padu, etc. 

The contract attracted public interest because the RM3.5 billionn Sistem Kawalan Imigresen Nasional (SKIN) concession awarded to Prestariang in August 2017 was to replace the frequently breaking down MyIMM. My Home Minister Dato Hamzah Zainuddin acknowledged the weakness of MyIMM

SKIN system development commenced work, but PH government cancelled it. It will be 3 years in 2023 before IIS will be operationalise. The re-tender was criticised as waste of time and resources, and political witch hunting.

By third quarter, the winning bid is expected to be announced. Latest heard is some 10 names, later two more added, have been short listed. 

Judging from the names, there is this gnawing suspicion that Dr Abu Hassan Ismail and Prestariang was made sacrificial lamb for certain self interest.

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