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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Quit confusing public, Explain unusual MAS share sales

Since he claim #Taktau, Tun Dr Mahathir has limited room to convince the public he is innocent of the now disclosed humongous BNM forex trading loss of RM31.5 billion.

He can't go on to dispute and sue RCI, blame on Dato Najib, Dato Murad and BNM, and claim conspiracy against him It is politically damaging. The person revealing the actual figure is an alleged ally in the 1MDB fix-up. and it has silenced him from using 1MDB as campaign material for 6 months.

So he resort to the generic propaganda strategy Tan Sri Sanusi Junid oftenly employed through his entertaining and sometimes made up revealing story-telling:
If you can't convince, confuse them.
Just like raising dumb issues could only open more Pandora boxes, attempt to confuse the public only raise more questions.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Politicising ASB return only open more Pandora box

PNB Chairman, Tan Sri Abdul Wahid Omar announced a return of 8.25% to ASB accountholders.

It was the result of a long effort to restructure the investment portfolio. Since taken over the Chairmanship, Wahid has set a higher ambitous target for PNB and ASB/ASN.

To reflect their more ambitous posture, PNB is building a new headquarter near Stadium Merdeka.

Zakhir Mohamed wrote in his FB to briefly explain ASB's performance:

Monday, December 18, 2017

Persona non grata unlikely to be PM

This was a question that had long been asked.

Pakatan Harapan can criticise BN and make all sorts of claims but who will lead their government to implement all the promises and avoid the mistake they claim BN made.

Otherwise, they are merely spewing rhetorics with no clear plan laid out. Voters will say they have heard them but who will do it?

It makes all the difference between talking and doing. The first step in doing is to chose a leader who will eventually be Prime Minister.

Mahathir's expected plan was to place his heir apparent Dato Mukhriz Mahathir as a future Prime Minister and one of the many reason Mahathir is behaving this way is he was angry with Dato Najib for not ensuring an easy passage for Mukhriz to be one of the three VPs.

The problem is Mukhriz is not seen as a competent leader and his popularity waning. Audience are leaving during his ceramah in Kedah.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

1MDB: Talking cock, Talking court

It's December 14th today. Gosh the year is almost over.

Time passed by fast when you keep yourself occupied. So occupied that hardly have time to update as regularly as desired. Only today could finally come around to share an observation subsequent to a December 4th event at UiTM in Shah Alam.

A lawyer extended an invitation to this talk by US Supreme court lawyer, who taught at Harvard and Stanford University, on Criminal Litigation in the US. It was quite the usual campus scene with the presence of students, and professors but the presence of media.

In anticipation that forfeiture law will be discussed and perhaps being asked because you know why, few close bloggers and facebookers was extended the invitation.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Going for two third?

My old friend from Melaka called this morning. About same age and an old hand in UMNO politics.

So we asked what his thought of Dato Najib's speech yesterday. His comment was many of the points are recycled.

In other words, Najib is not sending out new messages but reminding the delegates the course taken and he is steadfast to the journey of reform he has taken. 

Everyone knows this is the last UMNO General Assembly before general election and the gathering today is about uniting the party and drumming up the election drum.

Joceline Tan in The Star here this morning gave a confident picture of UMNO.

Apparently a friend who attended a certain high level meeting last night got the message UMNO support for Najib is now overwhelming.

Mahathir's attack and antics only strengthened the party..

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Ucapan dasar Presiden UMNO di PAU 2017

KUALA LUMPUR: Berikut adalah teks penuh ucapan Presiden UMNO Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak bertajuk ‘UMNO: PELAKSANA WASIAT PUSAKA, HARAPAN SEJATI KESEJAHTERAAN NEGARA BANGSA’ pada perasmian Perhimpunan Agung UMNO 2017 di Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC) di sini hari ini.


lhamdulillahi Rabbil A’lamin wa biHi nastain.

1. Terlebih dahulu, marilah kita sama-sama Bernaik Saksi Bahawa, Tiada Tuhan yang Selayaknya Disembah Melainkan Allah yakni Dia, serta para MalaikatNya, yang berSelawat ke atas Nabi Junjungan.

2. Lalu, diseru ke atas orang yang beriman bagi mengucapkan; Allahumma Solli Ala Sa iyy i – dina Muhammad, Wa a’la A – li Sai yyi – dina Muhammad .

3. Pertama-tamanya, pada pagi yang penuh permai, 7 haribulan Disember 2017, bersamaan 18 Rabiul Awwal 1439 Hijriah, marilah kita mendoa kan agar majlis ini menjadi perhimpunan yang dirahmati dan penangguhannya nanti sebagai satu amal yang di berkati oleh Allah, mudah-mudahan.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Ambiga's brother representing Puncak Niaga?

The political intrigue of the Puncak Niaga lawsuit continues.

The lawyer representing Puncak Niaga turns out to be the firm of Sreenevasan Young, in which Gopal Sreenevasan is the brother to Ambiga. The lawsuit have been given a political twist by UMNO propagandist to showcase something negative on Azmin's administration.

It come at a rather odd time when Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim have came out in the open in support of BN in Selangor. It makes Selangor more fluid as PAS used to oppose the sacking of Khalid.

It gets more interesting because Azmin's lawyer is from the firm of Daim and Gamany in which they were exposed as representing Selangor government in the controversy on the alleged Ijok land scam involving LCBN and the one currently being developed by Eco World and EOF.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Whose the "Penyangak, Pencuri, Penyamun & Perompak" now?

Tun Dr Mahathir goes around the country calling Dato Najib as "penyangak, pencuri, penyamun & perompak" at political rallies.

Some claim he has turned senile or suffering from dimentia for repeating the same allegations and name calling. Having followed him for many years, he merely took a page from the manual of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebell to repeat a lie till the public believe.

True enough, senility may have creeped up on him as his name calling has gone overboard. It backfired on the son of an immigrant Kerala Kutty to call Najib as Bugis lanun and send him back to Bugis land.

It not only angered the Bugis descendents but the royalties and Indonesian politicians.

Mahathir hope it would go away since he stereotyped "Melayu mudah lupa". It did not and recently Sultan Johor described him as racist and a former Indonesian Minister called him an ill mannered old man.

There is a trend in Mahathir's name calling antics.  It is actually reverse psychology at work to cover-up his own and same wrongdoings. It is he who is the "penyangak, pencuri, penyamun & perompak".

By labelling Najib, he hope to divert attention from his own wrongdoings.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Saturday, November 25, 2017

While Puncak Niaga sue, SPLASH postphone plan ...?

The commentary on Puncak Niaga lawsuit is in previous posting here.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Political intrigues behind Puncak Niaga's lawsuit

The Selangor water crisis continue with a new twist as Puncak Niaga Holdings Berhad sued the Selangor state government, current Menteri Besar, Dato Seri Azmin Ali and previous Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

Puncak's basis for the lawsuit is the loss of income for the crisis that resulted in the federal government takeover of the water asset, which is subsequently sold to the state.

Legally speaking, since the on-going consolidation of the water assets started during Khalid's administration, it is only expected that the lawsuits against the state will include second and third parties related to the deal.

However, the political question is why the lawsuit was brought against both the loggerhead current and former MBs from PKR together?

Monday, November 20, 2017


The latest insult hurled at PPBM by pro-BN supporters is to pun the rejected acronym BERSATU as BERSETUBUH.

It is intended for Armada Chief, Syed Saddiq for his statement on safe sex from Paris where social media claimed he was holidaying with girlfriend and Azmin's daughter, Mira Azmin. Name calling is hardly damaging to any seasoned politician. For budding politician, it could be the killer.

It was initially thought a mass resignation would be the killer low blow. It is still a spreading disease but it turned out that the report made by Armada members to the Registrar of Society (ROS) could be the one.

It is similar to the effort by UMNO-11 to take the original UMNO to court and nullify the April 24 1987 party election. Tengku Razaleigh was supposed to have defeated Tun Dr Mahathir had not for the claim by Team B that then Secretary General, Tan Sri Sanusi Junid cheated.

In a move similar to a corporate poison pill or military scorch earth strategy, Mahathir had the KL High Court de-register UMNO.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Ignore barking dog, Anifah

In the close door meeting at the US-Asean Dialogue after the recent 31st Asean Summit in Manila, Dato Anifah Aman told media that US President, Donald Trump said, "Najib is a good friend of mine. I have known him since I was still in the business world and before I become the US president." (Read NST here)

He praised Najib too for coordinating the dialogue and his effort on South China Sea and Rohingya crisis. A telling message to Asean that despite their attempt to refrain from addressing the Rohingya crisis, the US is with Malaysia on it.

Maybe some Malaysians fail to see the relevance of that statement due to relentless effort by opposition to discredit Malaysia's increasing prominence on the international scene and strong relationship with major nations US, EU, China and Saudi Arabia.

The ASEAN Summit relented to discuss the Rohingya crisis. Myanmar explicitly expressed to seek help from ASEAN to address the Rohingya crisis. Najib's effort for the Rohingya is bearing fruit.   

The lesson learned here is to ignore barking dogs.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Is Tony Pua's fate destined to be another political clown like Rafizi?

Before the existence of the wannabee character Syed Saddiq or as the social media called him now, Suckdick, the vocal newbie young politicians then were Rafizi, Tony Pua and Nurul Izzah.

Syed Saddiq is a non-starter and demolished by the lift of Dato Hamidah Osman's single finger. Subsequently he kept shooting his own feet with the latest on the safe sex. It is acceptable in PKR or DAP, but not in the so-called Malay right wing, PPBM!

However, his biggest blunder is really insisting the use of Armada for the constitutionally defined Pemuda for PPBM. Together with the formation of a constitutionally non existent Serikandi, Syed Saddiq contributed to the probable early demise of PPBM.

As far as Rafizi is now a gone case. He is facing imprisonment, ostracised by his PKR party leadership and the reputation of INVOKE is up in questions. Likely to be forgotten after serving his sentence.

His effort to rrevive his reputation through Jelajah tour hardly pull any crowd. His bark has lost is volume but still barking is Tony Pua.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Selain Najib, siapa? Takkan boboi takut debat?

Kepada Siapa Nak Kita Serahkan Negara Ini?...

Mereka menanam benih kebencian...Pada UMNO,pada BN..Pada PM DSN.

Jadi pada siapa nak kita serahkan negara ini?.....

-TM yg dulunya di cap diktator?
-TM yg kononnya membunuh Judiciary dan memecat hakim?
-TM dgn legasi ISA dan op lalangnya
-TM yg di tuduh membunuh di Memali
-TM yg menolak Hadis,menghina hudud,hatta menghina Rasulullah dan Janggut baginda?
-TM yg membela Kroninya
-TM yg di eranya KRISIS KEWANGAN TERBESAR,hutang negara per kdnk tertinggi
-TM yg melesapkan RM32billion dlm FOREX?
-TM yg meninggalkan legasi TOL TOL yg hingga kini terpaksa di tanggong rakyat dan kjaan
-TM yg keluarganya melabur DALAM KILANG ARAK ST MIGUEL?
-TM yg anaknya BILLIONAIRE dari projek kjaan ?
-TM yg melarang anak isteri MENUTUP AURAT?
-TM yg cucunya tidur bersama anjing dan berpesta mewah ala orang putih
-TM yg anaknya pengamal ISLAM LIBERAL dan penyokong LGBT?
-inikah tempat nak di serahkan masa depan Kita dan UMAT ISLAM???......Oh tidak TM...PH ada pemimpin lain..SIAPA?

Anwar Ibrahim?
-DSAI yg sudah berkali di bukti bersalah di mahkamah dan berada dlm jail?
-DSAI yg mempunyai gaya hidup songsang dan double image?
-DSAI yg mempunyai rekod politik wang paling besar dlm umno
-DSAI yg kuat mengamal kroni zaman berkuasanya
-DSAI yg kini mempelopori NEPOTISM tertinggi dlm partinya
-DSAI yg di tolak TM kononnya punca gagal dlm krisis matawang tahun 90an

OH TIDAK...kami ada orang lain lagi...SIAPA?

Lim Guan Eng?
-LGE yg sedang di dakwa kerana Rasuah
-LGE yg berucap di parlimen sejak 92 menolak negara islam dan undang undang islam
-LGE dari parti anti melayu dan anti islam
-LGE Yg menentang Hudud,RUU 355?
-LGE yg langgar perlembagaan partinya sendiri utk kekalkan dinasti diktator dlm DAP?
-LGE yg evangelist christian tu?

Oh tidak..kami ada yg lain lagi...SIAPA? Mat Sabu?...Oh LIM KIT SIANG!!!

Ya, BN atau DSN sebagai manusia biasa ada cacat celanya..tapi sekurang kurangnya mereka ada rekod kecemerlangannya yg tidak boleh di nafi.Mereka memikul tanggung jawab membawa kita di mana kita berada sekarang.Lumrah orang NAK MEREBUT KUASA YG ADA PADANYA..Namun kami rakyat masih boleh menilai antara INTAN DAN KACA.Kami kritik kami tegur kerana mereka yg berkuasa.NAMUN KAMI TIDAK AKAN SERAHKAN MASA DEPAN AGAMA BANGSA DAN NEGARA pada satu formula beracun yg menyebakan kami hilang segala galanya..akhirnya YG DI KEJAR TAK DAPAT,YG DI KENDONG BERCICIRAN!!

Kami mahu BN dan PM di terukan dengan PENAMBAHBAIKAN YG BERTERUSAN!!!!!

Ada kata Mukhriz ...debat pun takut!

- Kali Kedua Bekas SU PPBM Cabar Berdebat, Mukhriz Jangan Menyorok Lagi

“Anda (Mukhriz) tidak perlu lari dan berselindung di belakang ayahanda tercinta yang sentiasa memberi talian hayat. Sahutlah cabaran untuk berdebat dengan saya pada hari Jumaat 17 November 2017”.

Ringkas saja cabaran yang dilontarkan oleh bekas Setiausaha Kerja PPBM, Cikgu Kamarulazman Habibul Rahman tapi ayatnya padu dan cukup pedih berbisa bagi Mukhriz Mahathir.

Memang dah bukan rahsia lagi, baik ketika dalam UMNO dulu mahupun sekarang ini dengan memegang kedudukan Timbalan Presiden PPBM, semua orang tahu Mukhriz terlalu bergantung pada pengaruh ayahnya untuk naik dalam politik.

Dan jangan lupa, salah satu sebab utama Dr Mahathir meroyan menghentam Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dan bermusuh dengan UMNO/BN pun kerana dendam atas kegagalan Mukhriz tewas pemilihan Naib Presiden UMNO pada 2013 dulu.

Kembali kepada cabaran debat dari Kamarulazman, jika rekod bulan April lalu diambil kira bermakna ini cabaran debat yang kedua dari bekas pengasas bersama PPBM itu tuju kepada Mukhriz.

Jelas ada perkara besar yang menjadi punca permusuhan mereka berdua bersangkut paut dengan urus tadbir dan hala tuju PPBM sebelum ini.

April lalu, Kamarulazman pernah mendedahkan punca kemelut dalaman PPBM kerana tindak-tanduk Mukhriz yang gemar membawa masuk dan mengatur kedudukan orang-orangnya di peringkat Armada, Bahagian dan Negeri.

“Mukhriz kena jelas apakah yang beliau mahukan di dalam PPBM. Jika beliau benar berhasrat untuk perjuangan di dalam parti, beliau perlu menjadi rasional, jangan terlibat membawa masuk orang-orangnya,” itu antara petikan pendedahan Kamarulazman ketika itu.

Kali ini cabaran Kamarulazman juga berkisar perkara yang lebih kurang sama, “berdebat secara terbuka agar rakyat Malaysia tahu apakah anda (Mukhriz) dan PPBM memperjuangkan Malaysia yang lebih gemilang (atau ada motif lain disebaliknya)”.

Debat pertama dulu langsung Mukhriz tak menjawab, justeru cabaran kedua ini seharusnya Mukhriz ambil kesempatan kerana ini peluang untuk merungkai permasalahan PPBM dan membuktikan tuduhan-tuduhan Kamarulazman sebelum ini palsu belaka.

Tempoh 72 jam untuk Mukhrz menjawab cabaran debat seperti ditetapkan bekas Setiausaha Kerja PPBM itu jangan dibirkan berlalu.

Dr Mahathir yang diketahui umum paling gemar dan sentiasa bersemangat nak berdebat, tak kira dia betul atau salah, akan malu besar kalau  Mukhriz sekali lagi lari menyorok bawah ketiaknya. Tergamakkah Mukhriz nak memalukan bapanya?

Kita tunggu selepas habis tempoh 72 jam nanti untuk tahu jawapannya.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Mahathir have to answer for his past

Before 2003, yours truly was not a Tun Dr Mahathir fan.

Being involved in the financial and investment sector, there was too much known of "dealings" linked to him. This was accelerated after he was able to thwart off challenges by Team B faction led by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah in the mid-1980s.

The rivalry politics between Team A and Team B in UMNO was brutal, revolting and despicable with lots of underhanded play.

But then, politics was not our daily cup of tea. It was only pastime conversation piece over drinks with Alumni buddies at our then affordable hangout, the Hilton Corner hawker stalls. The site has since turned into hotels and office buildings.

Come 1997, the financial crisis happenned and then came reformasi. For the bigger cause and and higher agenda, defending Mahathir was necessary.

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim used every means to wrestle power including getting foreigners to bring the Malaysian economy down.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Raimi expressed one lifetime aspiration of rural East Malaysians

Member of Parliament for Tenom, YB Dato Raimi Unggai expressed a touching and spirited Budget debate on the aspirations of the people of Sabah and Sarawak, particularly those in the kampongs and interiors, for their rights for a better life, seek happiness, and take advantage of the opportunities presented.

For those born in 1963, the year Malaysia was formed, it is a lifetime of wait to realise their dream, improve their life, and to move forward.

He described the plight of the people in the kampong and interior of Sabah and Sarawak to see pipes installed but water has yet to flow. Baby sacrificed because the journey is too long and arduous for the pregnant mother to be brought to hospital to deliver. Solar energy supplied to schools failed in a year due to corruption.

And, he felt the corruption and massive leakage in the KKLW budget for Sabah between 2009 to 2015, which was estimated by MACC to be about RM1.5 billion out of the RM7.5 billion, not only denied the people their rights but is an act of terrorism against the state!

He expressed support for the effort of MACC and call on them to get back the "stolen" money. The video of his speech yesterday as per below:

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Ir-, Un- and Un- of Alternative Budget


By Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Dahlan
Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department
25th October 2017

1. The alternative budget unveiled by the opposition today can be summarized by three words – irresponsible, unrealistic and unsustainable.

2. They told us they would spend wisely, they would cut taxes and they want Malaysians to choose hope.

3. They would never tell the Malaysians the fact that the operating expenditures (OPEX) in Penang and Selangor have increased manifold since they took over the state in 2008.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Najib's Vision: Looking forward


By Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak

24th October 2017

1. As we approach Budget 2018, I would like to share some thoughts about the challenges Malaysia has faced over the last few years and how I have tried to steer our country towards a prosperous, sustainable and inclusive future for all.

2. I want to explain my thinking ahead of the Budget on Friday and the plans we will announce then which, as always, will be for the benefit of all Malaysians.

3. My entry into the world of politics was abrupt and unplanned. It was prompted by the sudden death of my father, Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, when I was 23.

4. I had idolised him for his achievements and for his relentless dedication to see our nation and our people progress. Since then, my goal in life has always been to do my best to follow in his footsteps and serve the country.

5. Like my father, I too want to put Malaysia in the global stage; to be among the top 20 nations in the world by 2050. No accomplishment can ever be greater than putting Malaysia on the best track for its future. That is my vision for our Transformasi Nasional 2050 (TN50) initiative.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

No spin could deny transformation bearing fruits

Mention IMF and World Bank, the first thing that come to our mind is the book, Confession of an Economic Hitman.

Despite our prejudice towards these two international body, latest revelation on the forex trading loss by Bank Negara Malaysia shows the currency crisis was not entirely an international conspiracy to impoverish the country as Tun Dr Mahathir said in the eye of storm as he pass the blame rouge currency traders.

Economic reports published by these two international bodies carry a lot of weight. It is pointless and could be detrimental to ignore their advise and recommendation.

The Edge and The Malaysian Insights tried to spin the good report on Malaysia in the World Bank semi annual report. Though it fair comment to hear other view, even if it is politically motivated, it is another story to propagate fake news.

In The Mole latest column, That political spin on the World Bank report, the writer express his concern below:
To accuse the financial daily and news portal of committing economic sabotage, it is an emotional response. But, when negativity is widely propagated, it could ricochet back to the economy and be a self fulfilling prophecy.
Read on to hear him debunk and touch the various issues regarding rising prices, tax reform, youth unemployment, budget deficit, national debt, GDP and growth rate.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Shafie, proxies, and cronies should be charged for treason!

The big story since end of last week must be the long anticipated arrest of those linked to Warisan Presidant and former UMNO Vice President, Datok Shafie Apdal.
MACC Commissioner, Dato Azam Baki claimed some RM1.5 billion of the allocated RM7.5 billion infrastructure allocated for basic infrastructure of road, water and energy for the interiors of Sabah and Sarawak for 2009 to 2015 was squandered.

Azam's figure would likely be those projects in which MACC could verify from documents. However, the figure could be an underestimated since MACC only consider suspected projects with evidence.

On the ground, corruption is rampant and the denial of basic amenities for orang kampong is widespread.

According to sources, described as Shafie Watcher, the actual amount could be significantly more. The modus operandi involves payment for supplies or constructions not made but verified by other agencies within KKLW.

In places like Tenom, it was found there were four set of water pipes installed but still no water. Solar projects awarded to crony companies at rate of RM230-250 per kWH with a year guarantee but tender at RM30-40 per kWH with 5 year guarantee rejected.

On average, the squandered money could be 80% of the RM7.5 billion budget allocated. The more realistic estimate should be RM6 billion!

Thursday, October 05, 2017

The "zaman Tun" layman should remember ...


Oleh Rio Rashid (Facebook)

Kami rindu zaman Tun,
Ketika harga teh 'o' ais ikat tepi 80 sen sebungkus,
Nasi goreng ayam baru RM1.50 sepinggan,
Cuma gaji kerani RM380 sebulan, sebelum ditolak EPF,
Kerja kilang RM415 termasuk OT setiap hari,
Kalau nak gaji lebih RM1000 sebulan, pergi jadi buruh kasar di Singapura.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Bodoh Fucked-up Moron (BFM) interview of Bruce Gale

BFM had an interview with Bruce Gale, economist and writer of Najibnomics yesterday. Someone messaged yours truly early so we were able to hear on the radio. Thanks to YouTube, one can hear the interiew:

Unfortunately, the interviewer was not talking economics but trying to steer the discussion into politics. And, the only political issue it could raise was 1MDB. If it is current and factual, it would have been fine. He was talking based on perception!

Talking about going out of topic and lack of intellect. Did the dude actually bother to read the book?

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Is resistance building towards Dzulkifli and MACC or graft busting?

MACC Chief Commissioner, Tan Sri Dzulkifli Ahmad was obviously upset over Lim Kit Siang's monkey remark.

He described Lim Kit Siang as uncivilised and by Malaysian norm, uncultured behaviour and words. MACC and himself is open to criticism but it should be done in a civilised manner.

Kit Siang's uncouth remark should not be read literally. The master in the art of  subversion is merely seizing on the opportunity to incite hatred against MACC.

He could see Dzulkifli as the target of hate from within and without government; and within BN and opposition party and its supporters.

MACC is used to being vilified by both sides of the political divide thus it should be no big deal.

However, Kit Siang could see the war of words between the Chief and PM Department's Minister, Datok Paul Low as a potential time bomb to cripple MACC.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Protasco: Ex-board members discharged, Payback time?

Past member of the  Board of Director of Protasco during good times
It was last year that we bumped into a member of the Board of Director of Protasco at Publika. When asked the latest on the Protasco board tussle, he commented, "Dua-dua sama samseng".

That was interesting because at one time, he described the former Board members on the other side of the tussle as uncouth and samseng. He is on the side of CEO Dto Seri Ir Chong Ket Pen.

Coincidently the Chairman, Tan Sri Hadenan Jalil came up in a recent posting on the RCI on BNM forex loss (read here). In the posting, links to the Protasco board tussle of 2014 was provided.

After the duo, Datok Adrian Ooi Kock Aun and Dato Larry Tey Por Yee lost at the EGM, they got ousted. There is a civil suit on the disputed oil and gas venture that was injected into Prostasco. Chong refused to do arbitration in Indonesia where the concession is. He claimed he does not trust the Indonesia court.

But, he pursued the duo through police report and managed to "fixed" them up with criminal charge (read here and here). However, both were discharged on Tuesday. The odds now is they could win their civil suit. It could be pay back time on Chong for breach of contract.

Both have since sold their shares in Protasco and other listed companies

Thursday, September 28, 2017

That moment Azmin was out of character ...

The latest episode on Rafizi and the expose by Dato Rizal Mansor (read here) on INVOKE may lead to more trouble for Rafizi. He has one on GST to the Royal Customs (read FB of Izardy Mbb here) and possibly related party transaction and money laundering (read FB of Salahuddin Hisham here).

For Azmin Ali, as one of the anti-KARTEL members (which include PKR President, Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail) against him, Rafizi's fate is sealed. He is facing prison, possible bankruptcy, lost in public confidence, more lawsuits for his lies and slanders, and expect more to come from MACC, Income Tax Dept, etc.  

Rafizi's latest trouble relate back to Azmin's release of his female attack dog, Latheefa Koya in which she raised issue on INVOKE and his fund raising exercise to settle possible bankruptcy. It was in reaction to Rafizi open opposition to Azmin's effort to collaborate with PAS. (The episode was written here.)

Trouble was brewing but it was under control for Azmin. Tun Dr Mahathir was on the same side with Rafizi but Azmin could control him. He reminded Tun #Taktau that Anwar is still Ketua Umum and the old man had to divert issue with an attack on PAS.

So when Azmin finally spoke to comment on the raids and probes by MACC, it out of character of him to accuse "harassment and intimidation" against the state was due to jealousy (read FMT here).

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Rafizi: Is there a catch or just plain stupid? (Updated)

It started out with Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor's special assistant, Dato Rizal Mansor putting up several poser on INVOKE's financing in his Facebook dated September 20th (read here).

It is not the first time that Rafizi is being questioned of his INVOKE. Adam Rosly questioned the financing of INVOKE in response to Rafizi's statement on alleged contract fixing allegations against Zuraidah and Adam.

Recently, few weeks ago in the midst of exchanges between Rafizi and Dato Azmin Ali on collaboration of PKR with PAS, Latheefa Koya fired the same salvo on INVOKE's financing, particularly picking on Rafizi's donation drive for his court cases.

This time around, Rizal's poser could put Rafizi in more trouble with the law. Not out of any doing of Rizal's, but his own. The issue gained attention when Rizal revealed his bankruptcy announcement. One wonder was there a catch when he revealed all the donors' name.

Or was it plain stupidity? It is certainly because now more was revealed that he could be investigated for money Laundering.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Anifah to table resolution on Rohingya at the UN General Assembly (Up-dated 2)

Despite non-consensual support of ASEAN, Malaysia has taken the plight of the Rohingya on it's own to the United Nation and getting the support of the Organisation of Islamic Countries, European Union, United States and Russia.

Foreign Minister, Dato Anifah Aman is expected to table a resolution at the United Nation General Assembly at 8 PM New York tonight (around 8 AM Saturday in Malaysia). Yesterday, NST reported:
PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia is expected to highlight the plight of the ethnic minority Rohingya in the Rakhine state at the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly (72nd UNGA).

It will be among the highlights to be brought to the attention by Malaysia's Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman who will deliver Malaysia's National Statement at the UNGA meet.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Losses acknowledged but strangely, not in the know

This morning a person quite in the know of the BNM forex trading loss debacle expressed his disgust of Tan Sri Hadenan Jalil's statement to the RCI. Sundaily dated September 7th 2017 here has a little snippet:
Meanwhile, former auditor general Tan Sri Dr Hadenan A. Jalil testified that while he was the secretary in the Finance Department, Treasury denied to ever having a discussion about the foreign exchange losses sustained by BNM between 1990 to 1994.

"I at no time as the secretary in the Finance Department, Treasury held any discussions about the forex losses sustained by BNM with the Prime Minister then."
This Protasco's Chairman (read here) is a £@€#-ing liar and a fake (read here).

The person messaged that the statement made lost trust with the auditing profession. Hadenan should have then joined P Ramlee to be Auditor in the movie Ali Baba Bujang Lapok.

He should be the right choice for a role in a Tun Dr Mahathir's film production as a crooked auditor. Without telling much, he said the auditor in the movie helped pull off the biggest robbery by counting the amount robbed instead of defending the stolen money from the rakyat.

Apart from being Chairman of Tun Daim's former company, he was Chairman of Swiss-based ICB Group. At the same time, he received a comfortable pension from government.

The person highlighted that the more relevant point not picked up by the media of the Monday RCI is that both Tun Daim and Tun Dr Mahathir acknowledged the losses. Thereon, one can argue over the amount and who were guilty of wrongdoings and covering up.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

RCI: Covering up Mahathir than telling the truth

The Royal Commission of Inquiries will resume tomorrow September 18th and continue till the September 20th. Tun Dr Mahathir is expected to testify. Will he conveniently forget?

Thus far, the reports on the RCI proceeding gave the impression that the power of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) superceded the Minister of Finance (MOF) or the Prime Minister (PM). In turn, the dealing room, where the foreign exchange trading was done under the Banking Department, is more powerful than the Bank’s management.

No one seemed to admit regularly briefing and reporting to the MOF and PM of the large foreign exchange trading position taken. And, no one seemed to have kept them abreast with the accumulating losses till it became a dead elephant hidden under a baby blanket.

Either the monetary system and line of authority then had a very serious systemic flaw or there was a major cover-up.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Geo-global politics behind Najib's US visit

Donald Trump's tweet is just common courtesy. So does the one by Dato Najib. Hope pro-government supporters not make too much out of it.

However, the statements made during the meeting and subsequent statements after the meeting should not be looked at too simplistically.

Malaysians have a tendency to be too political, or more precisely, low level political practises that tend to be simplistic, arguing based on good soundbyte one liner, and over induging in perception play meant to appeal to common folks' logic.

Applying that thinking to international relations and geoglobal politics is plain dumb.

Off course, there are more intelligent Malaysians that look into core issues of politics - facts, figures and discourse in public policies, but then geoglobal politics is a different ball of wax.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The passing of my favourite royalty, a true Malay gentleman

Marissa Mohamed couldn't have described it more appropriately.

The late Sultan of Kedah, Almarhum Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah is a true gentleman. The Malay Mail Online described Almarhum as "Kedah Sultan - The ultimate Malay gentleman".

Almarhum was truly a great man. 

Although there was never the opportunity to meet Almarhum in person and the impression made is from afar, there was hardly any bad rumours circulating of Almarhum in carrying out his duty as the twice Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di Pertuan Agong.

In private, we often expressed our disgust to the actions and behaviours of certain members of the royalties. However, none could be said of the late Sultan.

As expressed before in our December 13, 2011 blog posting Daulat Tuanku!, his majesty was my favourite royalty:

Monday, September 11, 2017

Al Fatihah

KDYMM Tuanku Sultan Kedah mangkat sebentar tadi lebih kurang 3:15pm di Istana Anak Bukit.

Friday, September 08, 2017

In Malaysia, only Mat Salleh are expert

Not intended to be sarcastic to yet another foreigner taken in as CEO of a major Malaysian company. When a major change in the way of doing business is needed, maybe that is what is needed to break out of the social and cultural barriers for change.

Found this piece on Facebook which is a humourous observation of one attitude of Malaysian. We tend to be to lavish with claims of expert that it can be rather embarassing to those being praised as one but know they have not quite reach the level.

It can be appalling to those who appreciate the criteria for anyone to be considered as expert. For one, it needs many number of years.

Read the Facebook posting below:


Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Will Mahathir's corruption and financial recklessness reach tipping point?

Wikipedia described tipping point as:
In sociology, a tipping point is a point in time when a group—or a large number of group members—rapidly and dramatically changes its behavior by widely adopting a previously rare practice.
When Jeff Ooi was still blogging, he introduced this term to mean similar to pounding on a wall till it finally crumble. It was mean to be the BN wall.

Since Dato Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi re-introduced the name Kutty as Tun Dr Mahathir's last name from his father side of the family, there was widespread condemnation of him from the opposition who dismissed his argument that Mahathir lied of his family background.

But it did started critics of Mahathir's stereotype character as a "mamak". Unfortunately for Malays of Indian descent, they became a collateral damage of verbal abuses on social media.  

The more relevant revelation on Mahathir is allegations of corruption, nepotism and cronyism that result in massive losses, leakages and bailouts to the national coffer, which ran in the hundreds of billions.

Should that not led to a tipping point to not return to the days of Mahathirism again?

Monday, September 04, 2017

Mahathir, eat your heart out

Najibnomics has been good for Malaysia's economy

Bruce Gale For The Straits Times

Published Sep 1, 2017, 5:00 am SGT

Under PM Najib, Malaysia's macroeconomic policies have been broadly appropriate

One striking aspect of what has been written about the Malaysian economy in recent years is the extent to which assessments have been coloured by a small number of (admittedly major) controversies. But is it really correct to assume that the only issues worth mentioning, when it comes to the way the government in Kuala Lumpur has been handling the economy, involve allegations of financial mismanagement or fraud?

For some observers, it is almost as if nothing else mattered except the latest revelations involving organisations such as 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), Felda Global Ventures (FGV) and, of course, that controversial US$681 million (S$929 million) gift from Saudi Arabia. One result of this approach has been a tendency to see every policy pursued by the government of Prime Minister Najib Razak in negative terms.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Of murdered M'sian honorary counsel and Mahathir-linked SR failure to proof

On August 24th recently, the Malaysian honorary council, Housseinaly Zahid Redza to Republic of Madagascar was murdered at the the capital, Antananarivo. Investigation is still being carried.

Wisma Putera was only informed by his wife and a press release issued few days ago.

However, Davis Gibson, the amateur investigator that found debris of the MH370 in Madagascar speculated that the death is linked to the plane crash investigation. Such conspiracy theory attract readers and it received wide coverage from both foreign and local media yesterday.

The reason could be coincidental or relevant, but it is too early to tell.

So is the case with the two civil forfeiture of US DOJ against those alleged to have laundered money from transactions linked but outside of 1MDB jurisdiction.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Trouble brewing in PKR

PKR's political bureau is due for a meeting at 3 PM.

It is expected to be an explosive one with Dato Seri Azmin openly planning to ally themselves with PAS and Rafizi is leading the charge against it. 

It is expected to be the beginning of the much awaited quarrel between the Wan Azizah faction versus Azmin faction. In the past few days, open exchanges between Azmin camp against Rafizi is heard.

The line is drawn between both the factions with each claiming their side is carrying out the instruction of imprisoned leader Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

LSS Facebook summarised the squabble:

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Kit Siang's Malay tsunami psywar, Lethargic Chinese surprise

Since picture of Dato Seri Azmin Ali and Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah visiting Dato Seri Haji Hadi Awang viraled on social media few weeks ago, there were speculation that PKR is trying to appease PAS.

Azmin denied but it is not convincing. It is nothing new since PAS and PKR are still together in what is left of the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat government.

The question is whether PAS will go together with PH with Tun Dr Mahathir around.

PAS Selangor announced they will run in 40 seats in Selangor, including taking on Azmin and Azizah. Is PAS Selangor for real?

Part of the act is the current public quarrel between PKR and PAN. If it is for real, it is a proxy quarrel between PKR and DAP. 

PAS's game is still tricky.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Did KPDNKK officials accepted bribe from MBI's Teddy Teow to release frozen money?

In early June, Teddy Teow, the schemer behind the MBI International (MBI) virtual money game Ponzi scheme scam, was arrested by the Ministry for Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism (the Malay acronym KPDNKK).

Words are Teddy Teow was arrested at a condo in Penang in the midst of shagging someone's wife. To know Teddy Teow, read Malaysian Digest here.

The-called quick money investment scheme extended to finance corrupt ventures. MBI was behind the royal-linked tax evasion and corruption cases involving two or more Tan Sris in March 2017 (read ABITW here).

Their scheme is described in the slideshare in here.

The Unspinners, in their late April posting here, suspected MBI is funding political slash fund for Lim Guan Eng and DAP Penang. It is the suspected conduit to channel the money abroad to a "safe house" in a money money centre, which could be Hong Kong.

Back when MBI and the owner were raided , RM177 million was frozen by KPDNKK. (read about it in MLM website here and The Star here).

Monday, August 21, 2017

Bank Negara forex loss RM130 billion?

The official versions of BNM forex losses by government during the hey days of Tun Dr Mahathir was less than RM10 million.

However, the government position changed from not true, to only paper loss, and finally Raja Petra raised the point that the then Prime Minister and Minister of Finance lied to the public, Parliament, and cabinet.

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah used to claim the losses could be at least RM16 billion derived from the negative capital position of BNM. Dato Murad have been talking of US$10 billion. The exchange rate then would mean it could range from RM30 to RM40 billion. 

The Mole columnist, Salahuddin bin Hisham, who debunked the current claim on the slide of ringgit, posed the question: Did BNM forex wipe out the country’s reserve? The foreign reserve then was less than RM100 billion, thus the losses could be in that ball park.

Now, Raja Petra's posting over the weekend here is more alarming:
The real losses were more than US$13 billion or RM130 billion at today’s value. The monthly turnover was RM700 billion, while the total forward position was US$150 billion.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

More FDIs in Najib’s 8 years than Mahathir’s 22

IN another ceremony in Kuantan recently, work to start the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) was launched, an event that was aimed at bringing a sense of awareness to the people of Pahang of an economic initiative that would be a game changer to the state.

Transportation and logistics improve accessibility and it is sure fire to raise economic activities and bring development to areas outside the major urban centres. Nitpicking on the corporate banners and signs in Chinese meant for officials from China has no significance.

The China-bashing arguments on compromised sovereignty, the fear China dominance, high national debt and questioning the project’s viability may have run its course.

Foreign direct investments

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Penang JC, DAP government disgraced campaign against corruption

Sunday was a working day in Kedah.

A judge at the Alor Setar court rejected DAP lawyers appeal against the 5 day remand of Penang exco member, Phee Boon Pah. Come Monday, a lower rank judiciary official in the Penang Court could override a judge decision.

This send certain reputable anonymous blogger, Captain M into suspicion that there is more than midst the letter and spirit of the law in the decision of the Judicial Commissioner, Yang Arif Dato Abdul Wahab Mohamed. (read here).

Words among legal professionals is that Wahab's decision is personal. Apparently, he was rejected out of a certain office and had to take a difficult career path. The reason is not known but the reason could be office politics or any other reason.

God forbid it is not corruption.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Khairuddin confused or confusing Khairuddin

Yesterday, there was a court filing in Shah Alam by Dato Khairuddin Abu Hassan against Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, Jho Loh with the circus to seek the return of the much talked about pink diamond [read Mkini here].

The filing could be to divert the adverse attention from the failed Nothing To Hide 2.0 effort by PPBM Armada in Shah Alam

It could also be to divert attention from the arrest of Penang DAP exco, Phee Boon Pah for corruption. He failed to get release from the 5-day remand in Alor Setar on Sunday, but successfully secured release at Penang Court on Monday.

Suddenly a statement from Khairuddin is circulating this evening.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Jho Loh: CIA spy made state witness for immunity?

We received a tip-off in the middle of the week before last that Jho Loh is "cooperating" with the US Department of Justice (DOJ).

The source speculated that he could implicate Dato Mohd Najib to save his skin. Yes, the source is not from the Anti-Najib Campaigners, but pro-Najib. It sounded rather protective.

A check with an ANC side source found there is some truth to it but the extent of the "cooperation" is not known.

Another source speculated that Jho Loh could be a "crown witness" and that way, get let off with a slap in the hand. They called it state witness in the States.

Me no lauyar, but our logic, based on some understanding and opinion of law practitioners, limited access to certain people, and years of following 1MDB before the public is aware of such a thing, tells me that something does not feel right.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Something2Hide behind Mahathir's two judicial reviews

The pro-Tun vehemently denied Tun Dr Mahathir was in a state of panic when the Special Taskforce announced the formation of a RCI on BNM forex loss.

Mahathir detractors claimed he left for London to celebrate Hari Raya to consult with Clare Brown on their next course for diversion and new offensive. He could afford to bring his grandchildren back for Hari Raya so it was no excuse to celebrate with them.

Before that, in June, Mahathir put up a front to claim he is not afraid of RCI. His lawyer then told the media that Mahathir is ready to testify to the RCI. Sometime in early July, he dared Dato Najib to "tangkap" (imprisoned) him. However, things went a little different.

During the Special Task Force, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Tan Sri Nor Mohaamed Yakcop talked too much. For Nor, he need to save his skin because Mahathir, Anwar and Lim Kit Siang looked to gang up to accuse the late Bank Negara Governor and himself.

In London, Mahathir made another of his frequent U turn to endorse Anwar as next PM. Words are he had sent people, Minister-level, to lobby with the Task Force members to save him.

Today, it is confirmed that he is not as brave as he seemed as he filed for a judicial review to remove the RCI panel. (Read MMO here).

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Mahathir's Buenos Aires-Montevideo hideout

No writer's block. Just malas mood to sit and type away on a table.

That is till a friend complained of looking at Abu Juling face on the blog. Whichever way he give his political support, he is too tarnished to be of political value.

The legal discussion on the CJ appointment is an interesting subject to write. But Tan Sri Johan Jaafar's column in The Star here on Tun Dr Mahathir's 1997 trip to South America in the midst of the currency crisis storm is a window of opportunity not to be missed.

It is the awaited lead to uncover more of Buenos Aires to Mahathir in the scheme of things today. It answers why certain things happen in a certain way.

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