Sunday, March 31, 2019

Again, Guan Eng sabotaging Daim .... and 2 million Malaysians

The same day Tun Daim delivered a personal letter from the Prime Minister to his China counterpart, Li Keqiang and it was the same day Lim Guan Eng sabotaged the meeting.

On top of getting friendly parties to question Daim's role as representative of PM and Chairman of CEP, speculation was Guan Eng got Tommy Thomas to direct MACC to raid China's CCCC office in Kuala Lumpur that morning itself.

It is believed that Daim was negotiating with Jho Loh at the time, and he was to be China's "bargaining chip" in the ECRL negotiations.

Guan Eng's sabotage did not make Tun Dr Mahathir's visit in August memorable and beneficial. Worsen by Mahathir's insinuation of China as "new version of colonialism" with his comment of free trade versus fair trade.

Mahathir made Guan Eng lose face by publicly announcing Daim the exclusivity to negotiate with China. Guan Eng may agree Daim as the better person, but it does not mean he will take it laying down.

Guan Eng is vengeful and retaliatory in nature. He could sabotage Daim's on-going negotiation with China on the ECRL. This time it could be done on the oil palm negotiation with China.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Kudos to young Haffiz, but no hero to report on PH leader

Supposed to be charged for Felda corruption, PM's Political Secretary, Zahid Md Arip. Blatantly defying public health rule at Semenyih by-election

Two days ago in Langkawi, a brave 28-year old government servant, Muhammad Haffiz Zarriq Bin Mat Hasim made a police report against a Deputy Minister for contempt against the lawful authority of public servant under Section 179 Act 574 of the Malaysian Penal Code.

That offense is punishable by imprisonment up to six month or fine of RM2,000 or both. Kudos to the young health officer to carry out his duty to take action against a person smoking in a no smoking zone and in a sensitive area like Langkawi airport.

The name of the alleged Deputy Minister viraled in the social media PPBM's MP for Kuala Pilah, and Deputy Minister of Communication and Multimedia, Eddin Syazlee bin Shith.

When approached by the officer, the Deputy Minister's bodyguard blocked his path. The officer requested for his National Identity Card but was ignored. Eddin and his entourage arrogantly walked away.

The officer made a report against the Deputy Minister at the Langkawi IPD. Before GE 14, that act of the officer would have been considered heroic and the Deputy Minister would have been scrutnised and tormented by the public.

The likelihood is Haffiz's police report would be NFA like the under the skirt skodeng by the officer of Deputy KDN Minister, Azis Jamman.

The police will be expected "to adjust". No charge was made against Eddin in court by the Attorney General Chamber (AGC).

Friday, March 29, 2019

Neither Jack Ma nor Raja Petra, denials not believable

Raja Petra Kamaruddin was requested to retract a posting he claimed Jack Ma met Lim Guan Eng and Tony Pua in Hong Kong to explain the reason will not invest in Malaysia. The reason was new government's inability to honour its promises and agreements.

RPK had retracted the posting and published's letter. The original posting can be found in The Coverage here.

But it is no victory of PH to shame RPK and nothing their unschooled cybertrooper could gloat that RPK was caught lying. For any true writer, especially those with brass balls like RPK, there will always be hits and misses.

This is not a miss yet. Informed media and IT sources alerted yours truly of the meeting. The founder may have denied, but it's substantial shareholder and the Jack Ma the Chinese Communist Party member could have said those words.

Despite the retraction, RPK had not gone down on his knees to apologise but had fun twisting it towards Clare Rewcastle Brown. The retraction is just a strategic withdrawal to continue to fight on another day.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

What is Mahathir, Daim up to on OSA of CEP report?

The CEP report was promised to be made public by Tun Daim when CEP was formed. By the time it was completed, Daim passed the buck to Mahathir.

Lim Kit Siang insisted on the CEP report made to the Prime Minister be made public. His DAP underlings, Deputy Minister Simon Simm repeated the same request. PKR MP Abdullah Sani requested its disclosure.

From Mahathir's refusal to make it public to the announcement to make it OSA, it raise the suspicion that Mahathir and Daim is up to no good.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

What is the enigmatic Daim up to?

The latest Zunar caricature on Malaysiakini poked fun at Tun Daim.

He was depicted as a go-between the PM and Cabinet members, but "no position, got power", "power over khazanah", and "power to do business deal with China government".

For Zunar to draw the caricature, he may have sense public dissatisfaction, and PH leaders and politicians bottled up frustration.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Memorial for Japanese Invader: Gen-Y narcissism or Silent Gen coming out?

Could also be indifference or coercion.

The launching of the Japanese Soldier Memorial, which was dubbed as Tugu Wira Jepun, with all the formalities of having the presence of the Japanese Ambassador and group photo with the Malaysian and Japanese flag together was disturbing.

The instant public outcry can only be expected. The generation that experience the Japanese Occupation may be fading out, but the painful memories to both Kedahan Malays and Chinese remain. To the original inhabitant Kedahan Malays, the Japanese was another set of foreigner that came to invade and colonise the state, tormented the local virgins, and confiscated their rice supply.

The Kedahan Chinese, though not citizen of neither Malay nor Malaysia then, they were killed, tortured,  and treated as Sino-Japanese War enemy by the Japanese. Coverage by media owned by Tun Dr Mahathir's crony reflect the Chinese sensitivity.

Realising this monumental blunder, the state ex-officio that was present, the Kedah state assemblymen and Chairman of Kedah Tourism Committee, Mohd Asmirul Anuar  made a quick denial.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Equal partner amendment is as hazy and confusing as flying car made from bamboo

The current discussion on the proposed "equal partner" constitutional amendment is as hazy as Dato Anifah Aman's sarcasm in Parliament last Wednesday.

He said government could be looking at a flying car made out of bamboo to address the problem of inadequate and damaged existing roads and other infrastructure in rural Sabah.

Better still, the fuel should be sustainable palm oil-based bio-diesel.  It will be an ideal three, four birds with one stone solution to a problem.

The very trademark and backbone of Tun Dr Mahathir's economic development model as PM#4. Tolled road, and national car fueled by subsidised oil from Petronas and massaged as private initiative through privatisation.

Anifah's one line sarcasm became a headliner that caught the attention more than the message of his speech and subtle diplomatic critic of the proposed amendment.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Parent's home seized, How is Jho Loh to return?

[Updated: 24/3/2019 7:00 AM]

The Star reported today that the home of Taek Jho Loh's parent was seized under AMLA law by government.

To the Chinese, their family home, more so ancesteral home, are almost sacred. Will that mean Jho Loh should come out of the woodwork to defend them?

But then, a petty, but pertinent matter to any mother would be:
How is Jho Loh to return, if government took away their home? 
If used as reason to justify Jho Loh not return to Malaysia, it will disappoint Malaysians.

Many are seeking the full episode of 1MDB to unfold and the truth on whether Tun Dr Mahathir's allegation that Dato Najib is a thief is not a politically motivated slander.

There is basis to doubt Mahathir.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Premature to expect Tok Mat as UMNO's saviour

The above is the segment of Dato Mohamed Hasan speech that DAP is trying hard to get public attention.

It was to counter the public uproar against war declaration against non-Malay statement made by Lim Guan Eng and equating UMNO-PAS cooperation to white nationalist terrorist in the New Zealand mosque massacre statement by Mengkibol, Johor state assemblyman, Johnson Chew Chong Sin.

This posting is neither going to highlight the new DAP propaganda to make accusation and immediately pull back, amend, apologise or deny by claiming handphone hacked.

Nor will it dwell on Guan Eng's attempt to divert from the Penang tunnel heat or pretentious rebuke of DAP against Guan Eng's replacement of Boo Cheng Hau's protege or Nga Kor Meng abuse of power as Deputy Speaker of Dewan Rakyat to expel Tan Sri Noh Omar for questioning his statement to call UMNO and PAS as Taliban.

It is about Tok Mat as he is comfortable referred to in the UMNO circle.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Will Hamid Bador get to bring back Jho Loh?

Seeing Malaysiakini wrote a feature of Dato Abdul Hamid Bador, one can only ponder how the world has turned under the new Malaysia Baru government.

Hamid Bador was in the limelight few years ago for revealing to the press the presence of Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor in discussions involving government officials.

There was no detail as to whether it was an official or casual meeting, but it was both damaging for Najib and unbecoming of Hamid. To put it in politically correct words, it is not common for top official of Special Branch to be revealing intelligence information to the public.

Subsequent to that outburst, Hamid was transferred to establish a new security outfit under the Prime Minister's Department similar to the British Thames House.

However, the transfer did not go well.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Lesson in British history for Anwar: The fall of the Mighty Thatcher

Bigdogdotcom wrote a posting entitled The Heseltine Gambit.

For the benefit of the Gen Y, since the historical event occurred in 1990 before they were conscious as human being, it was the ouster of the mighty British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher through a motion in Parliament voted by only Conservative Party MPs. .

Thatcher was in her 11th year as Prime Minister, which is considered a marathon for British politics. It is unlike Malaysia that could afford the same Prime Minister for 22 years and later chose the same person 15 years later. Undeniably, it place Malaysia as a gerontocrasy nation.

In November 1990, Thatcher faced the second challenge on her premiership from MP, Michael Haseltine, who was Defense Minister in Thatcher's cabinet.

It was a time of public uproar against her policies to impose poll tax, and privatisation and subsidy cut resulted in massive unemployment. Foreign Minister, Sir Geoffrey Howe and few other members had resigned in protest of her policies.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Najib, Rosmah's raided cash and jewelleries missing?

Today is February 20th and the 11th of Rejab. Rejab is a holy Islamic month preceding the months of Syaaban and Ramadhan. It is one and half month to go till the first day of Ramadhan.

Last year's first Ramadhan was memorable to this blogger personally. In addition to the loss of the ruling party, BN, Dato Najib's residence was raided by police in a high-handed manner on the first Ramadhan night upon his return from Terawih prayer at Kg Baru.

So happen, we paid respect to Najib that afternoon.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Inadvertently, Mujahid admitted "no hibah" for 2018

On Thursday March 14th, Minister in charge of Islamic Affair at the Prime Minister's Department, YB Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa had inadvertently admitted that Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) will not be announcing dividend for 2018.

He was replying to a request from a member of Parliment from Kuala Terengganu, YB Tuan Haji Ahmad Amzad bin Mohamed @ Hashim for the list of assets being transfered to the SPV under Ministery of Finance, Syarikat Urusharta Jamaah Sdn Bhd. [Full statement at end of posting].

In his reply, he told the assembly that the asset are being transferred at a value higher of RM19.9 billion than the current or book value of RM10 billion.

Since MFRS 9 is taken as the new accounting policy of TH and the sukuk yand i-RCPS being exchanged for is "not guaranteed, not-traded and not rated", the accepted practise under MFRS 9 is to impair the unguaranteed instruments.

Friday, March 15, 2019

TH hibah in April? Anticipating or pre-planned for "bank run"

Doctored picture to visualise a possible "bank run" on TH 

It is already mid-March and no inkling of a hibah (equivalent to Islamic dividend) announcement is forthcoming. Since the last posting, "Tabung Haji: Sins and Silliness", one source told yours truly with confidence, it will be coming in mid-March.

Since it is already the 15th, it will likely be extended to end of March. However, an equally reliable source that have been feeding unexpected development on TH claimed it will be in April.

Words circulating among bankers is TH been going around town to seek for a revolving credit (RC). Before start making any accusation and personal attack, be reminded that The Star Online started it.

Getting ready money is one of three ways described in an article in the US National Public Radio portal on how to stop a bank run.

If the information is true, is TH new management anticipating a "bank run"? Why? Is there negative news for 2018 hibah for 2018?

Finally, are they actually anticipating or it has been pre-planned?

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Johor MB weak management of environmental crisis

The government-of-the-day has an environmental crisis in hand following toxic waste found dumped into Sungai Kim Kim and various sites in Pasir Gudang, Johor.

The Fire and Rescue Department director-general Datuk Mohammad Hamdan Wahid told The Malay Mail Online that the dumping was spotted sometime back but the Johor state government procrastinated to cite high cost as reason.

If the Johor state leadership have judgemental shortfall in pre-empting a crisis, the reaction of PPBM's Johor Menteri Besar Dato Osman Sapian was equally short of intelligence.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

M'sian govern't do not want Jho Loh, Nik Faishal to return?

As far back as 2015, despite questioning Tun Dr Mahathir and PH leaders' allegations on 1MDB, this blog concluded then that Taek Jho Loh (including  the hands behind him) is main culprit.

The often heard excuse as to why Jho Loh was not brought back to Malaysia to face the court is either no existence of extradition treaty with the country he is hiding in or Interpol bureaucracy excuses.

Another good one that even got reported is Jho Loh is protected by a foreign government, popularly claimed to be China or Middle countries or foreign mob.

It is as if the law enforcement authority of the foreign country he is in hiding is not cooperative with our authority or the authority could not get near these powerful "mafia".

Many Malaysians fell for it without pondering the logic. Those reasons are a load of rubbish.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Prayers for Tommy Thomas to dispel "hantu"

Talk is Dato Najib could not attend the first two days of the current Parliamentary session that started yesterday.

One of his many cases is scheduled in court and carrying out the duty as a Member of Parliament to attend Parliamentary session does not constitute a valid excuse to reschedule court.

Be that as it may, but the reschedule date would have benefited the Attorney General, Encik Tommy Thomas more to buy time for the prosecution side.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Peja "paid off" 3 DAP assemblymen to avert a Perak coup

In a weekend trip to Perak, our group bump into a state government official at a restaurant and got invited to his more than a century old official home.

The official shared the experience with the new government vis-a-vis the previous government. One notable difference was the previous Menteri Besar took concern on the development on the various government programs and initiatives implemented.

However, for good or bad, the current MB, Dato Faizal "Peja" Azumu does not do so and likely to deal direct with the state secretary or state directors. Good in the sense there is less meddling in officers' work. But, bad because it seems MB is not aware or do not monitor the work of the government officers.

One member of the group told us that the MB has no time to exert his leadership and more concern to safeguard his position. There was tacit agreement by the government officer.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Latest rumour: UMNO, PAS assemblymen summoned by Perak Sultan

Is that ABITW he is showing?
In the posting few days ago which posed the question, "Mahathir to remain PM, but PH to lose Perak, Kedah?", it attract quite an attraction that new government's propaganda agency, Bernama through FMTSundaily, and neutral but government friendly Sinar Harian reported Datuk Zainol Radzi Paharuddin's denial.

Utusan also reported the same denial and Zainol even told Utusan that no UMNO representative approached him or Datuk Nolee Sshilin Mohamed Radzi, who is current MB's sister in law that jump together to PPBM and whose father was still within UMNO and given active role to prepare for the GE14 by former MB Dato Dr Zambery Kader.

The media coverage was widespread for a blog posting that could hardly reach 50,000 hits. It went on to make analysis to dispel the possibility for Perak and Kedah to be toppled. [MMO article here. Edge Daily Friday issue came with charts and take up almost all of page 12, but strangely, Zainol's denial is unnoticeable.]

The source from Perak do exist and the information came from a highly reliable source. It is not one of those info, in which the source maintain secrecy on the identity of their informer. This one has name, position and is highly decorated.

It is interesting that after 3 days of their denial, there is no denial from Perak Istana.

Thursday, March 07, 2019

Tabung Haji: Sins and silliness

The Quran in Surah Al Hajj verse 38 reads:
Truly, Allah defends those who believe. Verily, Allah likes not any treacherous ingrate.
The interpretation of the last part of the verse means Allah "does not like any of His servants who bear these characteristics, i.e., treachery in covenants and promises whereby a person does not do what he says, and ingratitude is to deny the blessings, whereby one does not acknowledge or appreciate them".

hadith narrated by Muslim quoted the prophet saying, "Whoever lies, they are not among us". To Muslims who understand the day of judgement, that has serious implication.

May victims of cruelty be protected by Allah. Those treacherous liars, cheaters, dishonest, untrustworthy and cruel on others repent than bear the curse of Allah. Muslims may commit sins but never lie. It is not only a reminder for this writer and others in position of public trust.

Lying is not only sinful, but in these age of openness, where lies can be easily spotted and exposed, one will be seen as silly to attempt to lie. More so, when statements made in public found to be wrong and subsequently, forced to turn.

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Mahathir remain PM, but PH lose Perak, Kedah?

Malay Mail Online, Zainal Epi titled his latest piece accurately, "With things much changed since, can Tok Mat keep Rantau in a contest?"

The post-Semenyih political development is going at rapid speed that it is difficult to forecast the possible direction and more so, the outcome of Rantau by-election, in which EC announced nomination on March 30th and polling for April 13th.

Yesterday's meeting between Dato Anifah Aman and Tun Dr Mahathir, and statement by UMNO's Deputy and Acting President, Dato Mohamed Hasan after the UMNO - PAS meeting at PWTC ended Anwar's hope of toppling Mahathir.

A day earlier, MCA and MIC jointly held a meeting and press conference to express intention to seek a different political alliance.

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Game over, Anwar?

Consequent to the PPBM lost at Semenyih, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim commence his offense for the Prime Ministership with the thought that Tun Dr Mahathir's claim of two third majority a fake.

He had Tun Daim-controlled NST reported a PKR assemblyman call for Anwar to replace Mahathir immediately.

A PPBM supporter text an image of his view of Anwar's ambition and the demise of PH with a new coalition led by Mahathir and Azmin by his side.

It will not be shared to protect his identity but the view of SatD, a PPBM supporter to say the least, claim the end of Anwar is near.

Today's meeting between Dato Anifah Aman and Mahathir could provide a glimpse of the end game.

Monday, March 04, 2019

Sabah's big loss to senseless election court interference

The Edge Financial Daily have lately been putting up disturbing news as frontpage headline.

Yesterday, it was on the weak business confidence for first half 2019. Any possible recovery will only be towards end of 2019. It was a follow-up to last Thursday report on FMM-MIER survey on slowdown in business activities for first half 2019.

It puts BNM's denial of a recession in their February 15th report as weak. It was Empress Dowager Governor Datuk Nor Shamsiah Mohd Yunos sucking up to the new national leadership. It is just being hopeful that private consumption remain resilience and project continuation is sufficient to prevent a recession.

More so, February 18th issue reported corporate earning for 2019 will be in the single digit. What will happen when people run out of money with banks' credit card department going after their pants and Lim Guan Eng remained in his mad dog mode?

The economic condition under Tun Dr Mahathir's second crack at the premiership with an arrogant and stubborn Minister of Finance by his right is bad at the macro level and common folks are on the brink of poverty at the micro level. Unfortunately, the country's focus is not on addressing the economy.

The national leadership is behaving like carpetbaggers distributing war victory, and opposition obsessed with politicking. All one need to see is the long list of election petitions in the court.

Sunday, March 03, 2019

Malay referendum against PH

PH lost the sub-urban Semenyih state seat in yesterday's by-election.

UMNO won the seats by turning around almost 4,000 votes to add to the UMNO and PAS votes to gain a majority of more than 1,900 votes majority.

Zainal Epi of Malay Mail Online attributed it to UMNO-PAS cooperation, candidate factor and voters' dissatisfaction with the coming-to-1-year new government

Friday, March 01, 2019

Semenyih: Desperate attempt to discredit PAS

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim came down to Semenyih, twice!

His initial presence should have uplifted PH campaign, though represented by UMNO for many terms, this is PKR territory. The fact that he has to come down to campaign twice and Tun Dr Mahathir too came to campaign, one can only suspect things are not going right.

Its only a state assembly seat in PH dominated Selangor. A win or a loss hardly matter. But, it is obvious that PH realised that their momentum have plummeted and Semenyih could potentially be their Waterloo.

After losing the Battle of Waterloo in what is today Belgium, the fate of Napolean Bonaparte continued to slide.

The desperate attempt to discredit and break-up support of PAS for BN is obvious. Latest being MACC freezing on assets of a PAS leader but mainstream media claimed it as PAS assets in the headline.

The RM60 million investigation have long been done and years ago, PAS was known to have been cleared.

It is obvious there is desperate executive intervention, likely in collaboration with the Attorney General, to revive the investigation to put pressure on PAS.

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