Monday, November 29, 2010

Blogging Game 101

There is a critic by a certain group of bloggers towards another group of bloggers and the recipient of the critic is labelled as "elitis." The so-called "elitis" group were accused of raking in income of RM20,000 a month.

Wow! That is supposedly the basic salary of PKNS General Manager or Azmin Ali's alleged monthly take home income as PKNS Director. Do I wish?

It is not possible, thus let's not make a mountain out of this guesswork.

Referring to both Dewan Bahasa Pustaka and Kamus Lengkap, there is no such a word as 'elitis' in Bahasa Malaysia. But let's assume it is meant to be the English word, elitist, which is derived from the word elite.

Elite could be associated with snobbishness or dominance but the Oxford dictionary described it as select group or class. The word elite is also used in military operations like a certain special mission or elite force. Eliticism is associated with reliance and dominance of certain select group.

Ah ha ... now I am getting the grasp of it. Perhaps, some understanding of the blogging game is needed. May I repeat, I will be talking of the blogging game, and not blogging.

Out of Context

From my daily blog surfing, this term "elitis" was first seen at Papa Gomo's blog. That term could have come from another person. It doesn't matter.

Whether it is his creative term, his associate seem to be using the same label. Gelombang Wangsa Maju quoted this "elitis" group claim that if they jump ship, Barisan Nasional will be in trouble.

Being in that closed door session, that is taken out of context and not taking account the jest and jibe manner it was said. So does the one about hate UMNO. There was reasons to hate or get fed-up with UMNO for the arrogance, opportunistic and inconsiderate attitude of individuals.

Before going any further, there is a basic rule of the game broken here. What is usually discussed in closed door session should remain closed.

But one can't blame them when the organisers themselves were taking pictures and videos. And they did not emphasise to the attendee clear and loud enough that it is a closed door session.

If this group of bloggers got the wrong perception and had to vent it out openly, there is nothing to stop them. It is fair game. It is certainly fair game then to explain that it is a wrong perception.

Hopefully, we remain focus on the bigger battle ahead.


Most of us and bloggers including yours truly, work or socialise or exchange information and views within a select group i.e. a team.

I do have a so-called team or associates and our's ranges from newbies to veteran, young to the equally as 'young', and other characteristics.

One can't help not to be selective because the blogging game works within a circle of trust. It is simply too cumbersome to manage, and too dangerous to leakage to be too inclusive.

So, Jangan kecik hati. Thus one can't help being misunderstood as snobbish.

Furthermore, we hardly meet that often thus every other opportunity to sit together is seldom seized upon. Maybe, we should avoid public events and invitation for functions.

The team idea is similar to the manner Papa Gomo develop and work within his circle of trust of several blogs. In fact, he has done well to be the 11th top pro-BN bloggers. His team did very well too. Well done!

This blog is just glad to be make the top 100 SOPO list. But it has never been the objective.

Team blogging is a common part of the game. It is common in both BN side and Pakatan Rakyat side. In Pakatan Rakyat, the leaders deals with the team leaders. One certain leader in Pakatan Rakyat has four teams at his disposal to work his propaganda. We can't be sure if UMNO knows the existence of such teams.

UMNO's digital divide

Despite the UMNO-led Government that established the Internet and wider coverage of telephony services, UMNO does not understand the blogging game and do not see it from the perspective of psywar.

The cardinal mistake that leaders or management (except Najib) in UMNO made is to assume bloggers as reporters. To them, bloggers primary role is to provide coverage or to report this and that.

They don't know and do not want to ask. What can we say?

While blogging can be dubbed as citizen journalism, it is not confined to citizen reporting. This is the reason why they could not fathom the many roles bloggers have been doing quietly. They would be surprised if they know.

Orang UMNO personalities tend to be too rigid by party discipline, loyalty, and insecurity. Another thing is they have a tendency as politicians to be publicity crazy. Bahaya cerita pada dema.

Many such roles are done in one and many circle of trusts. Some of these teams do work with other teams on selective game by supporting and promoting each other.

Satu lagi about UMNO's mistake in blogging.

Readers are only attracted to independent bloggers. But they tend to established blogs with the names of their UMNO Division or Branches or formalised groupings like UMB or BPN with flags and logos. It only turned off readers.

The same happen to that of PAS and PKR.

UMNO's situation on the cyberspace can be described by this quote from the January 22, 2010 edition of Small Wars Journal (available here) on the strategic situation of the American army on cyberwar:
“Our enemies are winning in the information environment, while we continue to discuss and debate how to operate in this environment. Our adversaries are using simple, cost-effective means to close the physical battle space gap by taking control of the narrative and effectively subverting with their radical ideology and propaganda. It is absolutely critical for every government agency within the U.S. government to participate, coordinate, cooperate, and arrive at a final, integrated and definitive standard of Strategic Communications against ... ”
To many old time pro UMNO cybergame players, it has long been a frustrating one to make UMNO understand, appreciate and adapt, if doing that quantum leap is a tall order.

UMNO has the resources - within and without - the organisation. It has the brain power, manpower, information, database and finance at their disposal. They are quite capable of harnessing it.

The problem is those in positions of authorities are stuck in past analog ways in this increasingly digital world. The game may remain the same but it is played differently.

Malay thing?

There is then the organisation attitude issue to contend with. It is claimed as Malay characteristics but does not necessarily has to be so.

The usual being that petty arrogance, insecurity and ignorance leading to jealousy. Honest and frank views are taken to heart and at times retaliated with slanders. The frustation from this usual and predictable ordeal could push one to the brink of hate.

The reason the hate word came about in a close session discussion had to be seen from the context it was explained. Blogger Anuar Mohd Nor recently initiated a discussion in his blog to talk about this pent-up frustration.

Unfortunately, the manner he emphasised could be easily misconstrued as only financial. It is as though money is the underlying issue.

Although financial assistance come in handy to secure equipments and supplement the monthly Internet and telephony bills, the real issue is hardly about financial.

Having been involved a bit more than 10 years in the political cyberspace but longer in political campaigns locally and abroad, money was never the consideration and motivation. Not even during the days, one was skint. The sense of accomplishment from meeting appreciative souls was sufficient.

Forget what most Internet millionaire say, the 5% success rule applies. And it is most unrealistic to expect political blogging can generate money - be it from advertisement or subscription or sponsorship.

If there is any monetary gain, it is the appreciation from some readers that open one to off-line writing and consulting opportunities. Most of such opportunities is not in the area of socio-political or blogging but economic and corporate.


Unlike journalist who are professionally paid writers, blogging is not a profession but a passion.

One need a job or skill or profession to support this passion. It is the knowledge, experience and network from one's job or skill or profession that provide the base to build on in blogging.

Blogs are build or become popular for many peculiar reasons. Some for their reputation, for good or bad. Some for being independent, honest and forthright qualities.

Some as newsbreaker, expose and insider news. Some for their astute analysis. Some as aggregator and distributor of information.

The last seldom by-pass the imagination of many but that is of strategic importance in political game. That is what Malaysia Today was. Without which, it is just Raja Petra Kamaruddin writing his No Holds Barred and Corridors of Power columns.

To stand above the rest, it is not about high hits and good Alexa ranking. It could sometimes be from the impact of ones writing. If a newsbreak caught on and become the discussion of the blogosphere, why do one worry about hits?

Sometimes it is better to go niche than being a generalist. For instance, blogs specialising in Kedah issues like Kedah Lani, Biaqpila and Kedah Times stands out. My Husin Lempoyang will always attract crowd despite not as frequently updated because there is not many political satire blog around.

Sometimes, the game is about effective reach. It is about having niche segment of readers.

Jalani Harus may not be in top 100 but his expose on airtime scandal here is getting someone shitting in their pants.

It is similar to Business Times having low circulation compared to Harian Metro but read by those who owns and run the country. It is the influence of one's writing on the decision maker, public and event.

Political blogging

In political blogging, the game is about reach and influence. It is not about just one blog but promoting and disseminating news and information capable of influencing voters.

The frustating part is sometimes dumb and twisted news and information is the one that influence voters. This is where we need to educate our voters.

This process was described by Jeff Ooi once as the game of α, β, and γ and both side of the political divide knows it. But I am not quite sure if UMNO leaders and management understand the game.

See the diagram below and try to decipher the α, β, and γ game:

Forget the real scientific meaning. The two diagram shows penetration and dispersion of information.

There are other models too but that model basically mean no bloggers are too big or too small as long as they know what they are doing and not trying to be reporters.

No doubt many bloggers were operating like reporters doing field and reconnaissance work. But that was the time of Kalimullah's NST and his censorship grip and spin on all mainstream newspapers.

Bloggers should explore roles beyond that.

An important role not appreciated and understood by UMNO is the role of strategist. The nearest to it would be the Information Chief. The strategist is almost like a General in the war room pushing model soldiers, tanks, and ships around a map.

But in the political psywar, it is pushing news, information, and many other stuff. The operators of war room must not dunce and imbecile. Will talk of the many other stuff later.

There is also the battle or war objective to contend with. Is the political psywar about winning Galas and Batu Sapi? How does that defer for Hulu Selangor and Bagan Pinang?

Are there different cyber objectives? Off course, it defers with the terrain and situation. We can talk about terrain and situation later.

For many old time players like KMU people, Syed Akbar, Big Dog, maybe myself, and others, we have seen the game moved from the days of use-net, forum and e-groups to portals and websites. Then it turn into blogs, and now facebooks and twitters.

Where will it move next?

That should have been what Ahmad Maslan should be thinking. And he should appreciate the digital divide in information and how to bridge and handle it. He raised money to get Obama's Scott Goldstone to come here, didn't he?

By the next change, hopefully the Parpukaris, GAPs, Pisaus, Papa Gomo and his Gelombangs, and the rest are ripe and ready, and entrusted to take charge. I hope to be hopeful.

About other model than α, β, and γ said above, the other stuff, terrain and situation, battle objectives, roles, and etc., hmmm ... maybe that's too lengthy to be free. Perhaps more than RM20,000?

* Edited and updated 1/12/10 8:30 AM

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Reshuffle talk getting louder

Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak denied there is any cabinet change last weekend. But last week over makan-makan at one news editor's home, the consensus reaction went the reverse.

"Bila dia nafi, maknanya ada (If he denies, it means there is)," said one Dato who regularly with those in the corridor of power.

Malaysian Instinct posted a prediction of 5 names being dropped late last night. Najib will be doing so before he leaves abroad in December.

This strengthen my gut feel that there is a cabinet reshuffle but Najib need to deny to lessen the pressure and lobby.

Bohong sunat (white lie).

Not only he is under pressure to do the cabinet reshuffle but it was announced there will be changes at the UMNO state level.

Let me share the prediction and rumour from sources. The Malaysian Instinct report as below:
Rumours has it that there will be a cabinet reshuffle soon or more accurately, just before the PM Najib left for overseas in December. At least, 5 names are speculated to be dropped and many more will end up in different portfolios.

Among the names said to be involved in the reshuffling are:
1. Rais Yatim, Minister of Information, Communication and Culture - is said to be weak, far behind and is seriously lack of knowledge of his job. His recent encounter with the pro-government bloggers confirmed that he is incapable and way too detached from the world of the multimedia, which is the most important means of information and communication of today. A new and younger face might be appointed to replace him.

2. Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Minister for Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism - is said to have failed to proof himself in the portfolio. There are talks that his name would be dropped altogether.

3. Tan Sri Nor Mohd Yackob, Minister in Prime Minister’s Department and in charge of Economic Planning Unit - has always been a Pak Lah’s people. With two of his secretary being involved in ‘unclean’ activities, his name has also been dragged along. There are also unreported scandals being unofficially exposed by bloggers pertaining his nepotism, cronysm and corrupt practices as he openly favours his ‘own people’ (the Indian Muslims) in granting projects and contracts.

4. There are also talks that Ahmad Shabery Chik, Minister of Youth and Sports will be replaced by a young figure from Terengganu.

5. Mohd Khaled Nordin, Minister of Higher Education is also at risk of being dropped for having served long enough. He is not a member of the MT and therefore does not have the support of the MT to remain in his post. Naturally, MT members should be given priority for any cabinet post. As a Minister in-charged of higher education, Khaled somehow failed to make his presence known to the university students. Khaled fell at no. 49 in an independent survey of 50 most known personalities in the university. Another factor that should be taken into account is that there is a little too many Johorean in the cabinet at the moment and perhaps it’s better to open the post to those from other states, namely Perlis, which has no representative in the cabinet at all.

6. Zahid Hamidi might have to change portfolio as he fails miserably to perform as Defense Minister. His lack of knowledge in military principals and protocols has made it impossible for him to tackle national security and defense issues impeccably. Zahid is seen as a more suitable personality for Rural and Regional Development as he is most at home among the villages.

7. There are also talks that Tan Sri Muhyiddin would also be released from his portfolio of Education as he hasn’t been paying enough attention to the particular task.

8. Datuk Seri Shafie Afdal, Minister of Rural and Regional Development might be replacing Zahid Hamidi based on his experience as Deputy Minister in Defense. However, Tan Sri Muhyiddin is also said to be among the potential figures for the post.

9. Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin, Minister of Home Affairs - has failed Malaysians in so many ways for so long for being very weak and out of touch from the rakyat in almost every issue. He should be grateful to be back to Education.
These are just talks and speculations and there are no certainties in even the date of the reshuffling. Let’s just wait and see who gets what…and….who gets out.
Quite fair assessment.

My slight reservation is to assign Zahid for the Rural and Regional Development Ministry and Hishamuddin returned to Education Ministry.

For political animal, Zahid, it is like tikus jatuh ke tepong (mouse fell into flour). But there is no new exposure and challenges for him. It is akin to taking easy elective subjects in college. So is the choice of returning Hishamuddin to Education.

If Zahid and Hishamuddin are to be the future top leaders of UMNO, they should be 'trained' to face new challenges. Why not Zahid be given Education and Hishamuddin to Rural and regional Development?

Hishamuddin and wife will get to appreciate the life and problems faced by rakyat marhaen. His grandfather, Dato Onn Jaafar used start as District Officer in Batu Pahat and witness the bravery of Panglima Salleh. His aristocratic lineage has never shy away from the rural areas.

Another thing this blog had suggested was for Najib to consider dropping the wing chief from Ministerial post to focus on reuniting, reviving and strengthening the wing for the general election.

This should be in tandem with Najib's move towards focused responsibility by distributing responsibilities and reduce overlapping roles in too few people.

This could be same reason Najib will return the UMNO State Liaison Chief position back to the state. These are what was heard on the UMNO reshuffle:
Secretary General

Contrary to my believe that Tengku Adnan will remain, another name surfaced. Idris Jusoh is being considered to replace as a tic-for-tac deal to leave Terengganu to Ahmad Said.

Executive Secretary

There is too many complains against Raof.

There was a petition by UMNO staff at PWTC against his crude ways of managing. He has come to the point of by-passing the Secretary General. And he is being pointed as responsible for leakage in party spending during by-elections.

Raof has to change his ways or Najib has to provide him the way out.


Ahmad Maslan is widely believed to be dropped to focus on Felda. He is industrious, committed and sincere, but he lacks strategic approach to the role of Information. The role of Information Chief role is no more about giving speeches but that of political strategist or the chessmaster.

One name that surfaced for this job is Dato Ali Rustam. Ali will tend to take a public figure role but he is known to seek and appreciate good advice. Other than that, there is a dark horse. He is conversant in psyop, real or cyber.


Hishamuddin will vacate the State Liaison post to be given to Menteri Besar, Ahmad Said.

Kelantan, Perak and Pahang

Kelantan, Perak and Pahang will retain Tok Pa, Zambery and Adnan Yaacob, respectively.


Najib will withdraw from State Liaison Chief and Nor Omar is believed to replace. Zin "Badak" as Deputy and Senator Ezam as Information. What will be the role of Khir Toyo, who still command much influence in Selangor?

Johor and Melaka

Source say there maybe some change. Do not believe so. It will remain with Gani Osman and Ali Rustam.


Shafie will go. But the replacement is one tricky bit for Najib. Popular with the grassroot is Mukhriz, but it an unrealistic expectation with Mukhriz hardly having any major post at Division level.

One version is the existing Deputy, Dato Badshah will move up. But the Mahathir Khalid has the support of most of the Division Chief.

His supporters are campaigning hard for him to the extent, as one SMS from Kedah described, "sampai masuk dapor Najib." One supporter proclaim to bring down anyone that is not Tok Det. This is ridiculous and Mahadzir Khalid should realised that Khir Toyo did not demand position for State Chief Liaison.

One version say the compromise is Dato Det to be Chief with one condition. To clean up Kedah UMNO and make way for anak Che Det who will be Deputy.

Perlis and Sabah

Will remain the same.
Najib will not likely to do it while Parliament is still in session. That will mean after December 12th.

In the meanwhile, why is Khairy's face at the back of the bus in the picture? We wait for Parpukari's reaction when he wakes up ... Can hear him lament .... Pembangkang lah kita.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cheap trick cover-up by PAC on Sime Darby

One Free Malaysia Today news dated November 23rd caught this blogger attention.

The Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) said they will not investigate the Sime Darby fiasco.

This statement means PAC is going back on an earlier statement made on June 1st to call up Sime Darby and Pos Malaysia. [read FMT here.]

The reason cited was Sime Darby is a private company and is not a Government body. But why the heck did PAC convene on the ECM Libra-Avenue merger scandal?

Isn't Sime Darby a Government linked company with Permodalan Nasional Berhad and Employee Provident Fund among it's shareholders? That's public money, public interest and voters you mother ****ers!

If Sime Darby go under, will it not be of public and Government interest?

The tiger's still carrying the same spot. The tiger still think the people are stupid and not informed. And the tiger still think no one will spot this cheap cover-up.

Change la, stupid!

The news below:

PAC sings a different tune: 'Sime Darby not our problem'

KUALA LUMPUR: The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has washed its hands of the RM2.1 billion Sime Darby fiasco because it considers the GLC's investments as a private matter.

This about-turn came after the PAC had earlier said that it would be looking into the huge losses suffered by Sime Darby.

"Sime Darby is a subsidiary of PNB (Permodalan Nasional Berhad), and its primary stakeholder is EPF (Employee Provident Fund).

"Both cannot be classified as government bodies as their finances come from individual investors," said PAC chairman Azmi Khalid.

"EPF's funds come from its shareholders while PNB's funds come from private investors.

"Therefore, PAC is not qualified to investigate Sime Darby's colossal losses," he said, adding that the PAC arrived at this decision at its Oct 27 meeting.

The decision comes as a surprise, especially after the PAC had said in June that it would be talking to Sime Darby officials, citing it as a matter of public interest.

Sime Darby suffered losses up to RM2.1 billion, incurred by its energy & utilities division (E&U) this year. It said it would resort to civil suits to recover these losses.

However, it did not mention who it would be suing. Sime Darby is also being investigated over the matter by the MACC and the Securities Commission (SC).

The rest of the news here.
The term of reference for the PAC is not limited to just reviewing Government bodies and public spending. There are other basis for PAC to undertake enquiry. If not there is that fourth term of reference that says anything the committee deem as fit.

From my call last night to one member of the PAC, Chairman Azmi Khalid refused to deliberate and merely call for a vote. Sure la it will be voted against because BN members is the majority.

Damn! Here we are shooting at the heavy handed PR-controlled SELCAT of Selangor and PAC did the same at Parliament. It is a serious contradiction to the spirit of good governance, accountability and transparency that Dato Najib is going for.

This husband of the glamorous former TV3 compere, Normala Shamsuddin was once part of the Musa Hitam faction and legacy from Pak Lah's administration.

Hmmm ... did that cunning fox put you up to do this?

How can we independent pro-Government blogger sometimes not hantam Government sometimes, Encik Zulkifli?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ketua Pemuda Selangor: Bisakah Khairy lakukan sesuatu yang bijak?

Kepimpinan boleh didefinasi sebagai 'keupayaan untuk mengatur atau mengelola sekumpulan orang untuk mencapai satu tujuan bersama.' Ada pula mendefinasi pemimpin sebagai "seorang yang berupaya menaikkan semangat dan membina perhubungan dengan orang lain untuk ke arah satu cita-cita atau impian."

Selain itu, ada pelbagai definasi untuk kepimpinan dan pemimpin dari aspek sifat atau ciri-ciri tersendiri, kebolehan berinteraksi, peranan, kelakuan, kuasa, wawasan dan nilai, karisma dan intelek. Apa sekali pun defrinasi, dua elemen utama dalam kepimpinan dan pemimpin adalah organisasi samada formal atau tidak, dan misi besar yang dibawa.

Sekiranya dua tahun lebih kepimpinan Khairy sebagai Ketua Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO mahu dinilai dan dianalisa, inilah kriteria-kriteria yang boleh diguna.

Sebagai blogger lebih sedikit pengalaman (bukan elitis) dan orang 'lama' sedikit yang dari awal sudah kesan dan ambil kesimpulan Khairy adalah pengkhianat, sabotageur dan kuda trojan kepentingan asing, tiada sebab untuk membuang masa menilainya dengan mendalam.

Namun begitu, objektiviti harus dikekalkan kerana dalam satu pertempuran perang atau persaingan politik, satu kesilapan besar untuk memperkecilkan saing kita dan tidak mengetahui kekuatan dan kelemahannya.

Lama sudah sahabat blogger ini, wartawan dan blogger Shamsul Yunos menonjolkan kepada Khairy dan pengekornya persoalan: Apakah sumbangan Khairy?

Hingga hari ini tiada satu jawapan yang mantap tanpa dipersoalkan dapat dikemukakan. Sampai sumbangan yang mahu perakukan adalah Malaysia menang pingat emas di Sukan Sea lepas kerana Khairy. Bola tanggung jangan tidak di 'smash'.

Akhirnya mereka-mereka ini mengundur menjadi defensif dan hanya memberi helah dan alasan. Khairy tiada sumbangan dan keupayaan untuk ditonjolkan.

Hipotesis saudara Shamsul yang sudah lama dan masih belum dapat disangkal ialah Khairy ini sengaja diletak, ditonjol dan diperanan untuk merosakkan dari dalam UMNO dengan cara mengagalkan dan membuat rakyat dan penyokong membenci UMNO.

Hujah Shamsul itu mudah saja. Mustahil untuk Khairy sentiasa gagal dalam semua perkara yang ia sepatutnya lakukan hingga semua menjadi isu pembencian rakyat terhadap UMNO.

Kenapa Khairy tidak boleh laksana dan buat keputusan dalam banyak hal yang mudah dan jelas cara terbaik untuk dilakukan? Setiap yang dibuat mesti mengundang tentangan dan kebencian dan ianya seolah-olah dilakukan dengan sengaja. Sudahlah itu, setiapnya dilakukan dengan disedari dan diketahui semua.

Walaupun kini Khairy tiada lagi kuasa, pengaruh dan sepanjang masa tterasing dan dipencil, dia mesti lagi dengan lagak angkuh, dan sombong.

Sebagai seorang 'public figure', bahasa perbualan Khairy di Twitter kasar, biadap, dan kesat.

Adakah lojik atau tidak?


Ada apolegis Khairy dan rakan Pemuda menyangkal teori konspirasi. Mereka lebih percaya Khairy tidak matang dalam berpolitik.

Kepandaian Khairy untuk belajar di Oxford University hanya kepandaian buku. Dia terlalu muda untuk ada kebijaksanaan. Kematangan berpolitik memerlukan guru dan pendidikan di jalanan.

Pada mereka, Khairy sepatut tahu bahawa dia memenangi jawatan Ketua Pemuda tidak dengan undi majoriti tetapi hanya undi yang paling lebih. Boleh dikata kurang dari dua pertiga perwakilan tidak menyokongnya.

Untuk dia meneruskan jawatan atau 'peranan risikan' dengan berkesan, dia perlu menyatupadukan organisasi dahulu. Tujuannya samada untuk menghilangkan kesan tapak kaki atau untuk lebih berkesan mengkudakan Pemuda UMNO.

Sepatutnya dia memilih Ketua-Ketua Pemuda Negeri dengan cara bermuzakarah dengan kepala-kepala di peringkat negeri. Dengan demikian, dia tidak berhadapan dengan tentangan yang nyata jumlah lebih dari penyokongnya.

Ini tentu memberi masa untuk memenangi hati dan mempengaruhi sesetangah pemimpin Pemuda Bahagian untuk beralih kepadanya.

Sudahlah Khairy tidak ambil hati orang tetapi Khairy masih menganggap orang lain bodoh dan tidak boleh baca gerak kerja 'jahat' yang dilakukannya. Banyak kalau mahu diceritakan satu persatu, tetapi hanya beberapa contoh saja ditonjolkan.

Semua orang tahu Khairy sedang mengugut UMNO dengan melumpuhkan Pemuda UMNO dan tidak lakukan sebarang gerak kerja dan kegiatan. Usah pertahankan dengan hanya menyebut kegiatan-kegiatan remeh temeh atau Pemuda buat ini itu semasa plihanraya kecil galas.

Kebanyakkan program, inisiatif dan gerak kerja datang dan dilakukan oleh Naib Ketua Pemuda yang lebih tua dan matang, Dato Razali Ibrahim. Khairy hanya colek usaha-usaha ini untuk jadikan seolah-olah dia punya.

Razali diketepikan dalam Majlis yang diusahakan pengumpulan kedatangan. Maklumlah Khairy hanya dapat kumpulkan 15 orang untuk tunjuk perasaan menentang Israel bersama PAS dan NGO lain.

Khairy bercakap mengenai BN Youth Lab seolah-olah itu ide dan usaha dia. Padahal kebanyakan orang termasuk, Dato Najib sendiri tahu ianya ide cetusan Razali.

Semasa perbahasan Persidangan Agung baru-baru ini, Khairy berlakun seolah-olah dia boleh dikritik secara terbuka.

Sebenarnya di belakang tabir, Khairy 'meluluskan' dan menyunting dahulu setiap yang akan dibahaskan.

Namun ada juga yang berdegil enggan akur dengan suntingannya. Oleh kerana dia sudah tahu lebih dahulu, dia dapat menjawab dengan tepat dan terperinci.

Kalau tidak, masakan Khairy bisa sebut dengan terperinci dia telah melawat Kedah tujuh kali dan bukan tiga kali seperti yang disarankan seorang pembasa dari Kedah.

Khairy terlalu yakin pada dirinya hingga menganggap orang lain bodoh dan tidak tahu apa dilakukan. Kalau ia pun nak buat kerja sabotaj, ia lebih efektif dilakukan dengan cara halus dari terbuka. Ini hanya menunjukkan ketidak matangan Khairy.


Kini Khairy berdepan dengan satu ujian terhadap kematangan kepimpinannya sebagai Ketua Pemuda. Jika tidak pun, boleh juga ujian keberkesanannya sebagai agent provacateur atau gerak kerja espionage untuk MI6 atau Straits Times, Singapore.

Sebelum ini, Khairy telah melantik Ketua Pemuda Sepang, bekas ADUN Dato Suhaimi Ghazali sebagai Ketua Pemuda Negeri.

Bekas ADUN ini tidak berkesan langsung. Mesyuarat jarang sekali dipanggil dan kalau ada pun, kebanyakkan Ketua-Ketua Pemuda Bahagian tidak hadhir. Mana tidak susah untuk panggil mesyuarat, Suhaimi lebih menumpukan masa kepada perniagaannya dan banyak masanya dihabiskan di Indonesia.

Difahamkan dia merajuk tidak dipilih lagi bertanding untuk ADUN pada 2008. Bila ditanya, jawabnya hanya kena tanya Khairy dahulu. Kadang-kadang alasannya isu duit pula. Kebanyakan pemerhati memberitahu maksud tersirat berikan dia projek dahulu baru boleh suruh dia bergiat.

Perkara ini berlarutan diluar pandangan hingga Suhaimi tersebut di Sinar Harian susah untuk mengambilalih balik Selangor dari Pakatan Rakyat. Ini menarik kritikan hebat dari blogger.

Dalam usaha Suhaimi untuk membersihkan namanya, dia menjadi salah seorang yang menyerahkan memorandum kepada kerajaan Selangor dalam isu pasir. Timbul lagi satu kontroversi kerana sebelum Kumpulan Semesta tahu cara curi pasir dengan menjalankan operasi waktu malam, Suhaimi telah lakukan dahulu.

Siapa tidak tahu di Sepang? Impak dari kegiatan haram Suhaimi itu menyebabkan hakisan teruk hingga sebuah jambatan hingga langsung roboh. Bocor rahsia Suhaimi ini dahulu digelar "Raja Pasir" atau lebih tepat raja curi pasir.

Akibat tekanan dan pendedahan blogger pro-UMNO, Suhaimi serahkan surat perletakan jawatan pada bulan Julai. Khairy merahsiakan dahulu surat tersebut untuk mengenalpasti pengganti.

Ini adalah peluang untuk Khairy bagi membetulkan yang salah. Malangnya Khairy ini susah untuk diajar atau belajar dari kesilapan. Khabar begitu kuat dia masih mahukan seorang 'Suhaimi', Sohaimi Shahadan.

Sohaimi adalah Pegawai Khas di pejabat Dato Noh Omar, Menteri Pertanian dan Industeri Asas Tani serta Ketua Pemuda Selayang. Dia kini memegang jawatan sebagai Pengerusi Biro Ekonomi.

Masaalahnya, pilihan Khairy masih bukan calon yang diterima majoriti Ketua-Ketua Pemuda Bahagian dalam Selangor.

Sohaimi pula sudah menimbulkan kontroversi kerana dipercayai meminta wang atau bahasa lingo politik, "pow duit" dari Ketua Eksekutif francis Hot Dog 1901 yang sepatutnya menerima anugerah usahawan dari Pemuda UMNO bersama Tony Fernandez.

Dia enggan membayar dan langsung tidak diberi anugerah tersebut. Kredibiliti anugerah ini pun turut tercemar.

Sanggah Tok Janggut atau penulis Aimam JR turut mendedahkan Sohaimi didakwa menyeleweng kuasa untuk mengaut perolehan tender pembekalan baja Kementeriaan.

Oleh kerana dia bekerja bawah Dato Noh, susah untuk Dato Noh tidak menyokong perlantikan Sohaimi.

Selain itu, sumber memberitahu Dato Noh yang pernah berhadapan dengan rungutan akarumbi kerana tidak ada gerak kerja politik dan 'kemut' duit melihat Sohaimi sebagai penyelesaian masaalah. Dia tidak perlu keluar wang untuk Pemuda Negeri. Sohaimi sanggup dahulukan RM500,000 tetapi bersyarat. Mesti ada projek untuknya menampal kembali wang keluar itu.

Jika dakwaan Aiman dan sumber ini, nama baik Dato Noh pun akan turut terpalit.

Selain masaalah amanah, Sohaimi ada masaalah penerimaan akarumbi. Dia tidak popular dikalangan ahli-ahli UMNO Bahagian Selayang. Cerita-cerita mengenai permainan wang Sohaimi pun mula diungkitkan akarumbi. Baca RBF di sini.

Mungkin pening bagi orang biasa memahami tetapi selalunya ahli politik bersifat 'hidung tidak mancung tetapi pipi tersorong-sorong." Setiap ahli politik mesti ada cita-cita untuk dapatkan jawatan dan kuasa.

Walupun tidak diterima akarumbi setempat, Sohaimi masih bercita-cita untuk naik dalam politik. Sumber yang mengaku rapat dengan Sohaimi memberitahu dia inginkan jawatan Ketua Pemuda supaya dia dipertimbangkan untuk kuota Senator Selangor bagi Barisan Nasional.

Ini meletakkan Sohaimi dalam kedudukan strategik untuk dipertimbangkan menjadi calon ADUN Taman Templar menggantikan ADUN yang ada, Dato Subahan Kamal. Rancangannya tidak berakhir di situ kerana dia berharap untuk dipertimbangkan sebagai Menteri Besar Selangor jika BN mengambilalih kembali Selangor.

Memang satu modal lobi baik untuk ditonjolkan muka-muka baru tetapi muka yang macam mana? Buat apa, kalau ianya bukan orang yang bersih dan ikhlas untuk berkhidmat dan memperjuangkan rakyat. Ditambah lagi, perkiraan untuk jawatan adalah wang.

Adakah Khairy masih mahukan seorang yang penuh liabiliti untuk dijadikan Ketua Pemuda UMNO Selangor? Tidak sebulan Dato Najib berucap di Persidangan Agung Tahunan UMNO, sudah lupakah pesanannya?

Bila liabiliti sudah menjadi realiti, nama Khairy dan pasukan orang Khairy akan terus dikaitkan dengan rasuah dan salahguna kuasa. Nama Khairy, yang sepatutnya sudah tiada lagi untuk pergi melainkan bangkit kembali, akan menjunam lagi. Rancangan jangka masa panjang Khairy pun akan turut terkandas.

Isunya jelas dan implikasinya jelas. Kita lihat saja bagaimana matang Khairy menangani ujian kecil kepada kepimpinannya. Berupayakah budak Oxford ini lakukan sesuatu yang bijak?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Will SC take refuge behind the SC Act on this?

As an approving authority under the Act of Parliament, the Securities Commission Act 1993 seems to provide SC with the power to get away with 'murder.' This blogger faced this experience in the the pursuit of the ECM Libra-Avenue Asset scandal.

Insulated at the PACC inquiry by Chairman Dato Shahrir Samad, SC was relieved from thorough questioning. Subsequently, all authorities from the then KLSE, Ministry of Finance, Minister of Finance II, Advisers, Auditors, and others took refuge from SC's approval to justify their actions.

The long list of improprieties by SC, authorities, and crooks involved got away and the scandal covered up.

Then, in their pursuit of Dato Ishak Ismail in the Kenmark case, SC resorted to harrassing reporters. Again, provisions in the SC Act 1993 provide refuge for their unethical and improper decisions and actions.

Will the SC Act protect them from a lawsuit where SC did the impossible of registering an audit firm on the same day SC established the registration Board?

The Malaysian Reserve had this story yesterday:
SC caught in its own legal quagmire

The Malaysian Reserve
November 22, 2010

The Securities Commission (SC) is being sued for allegedly being ultra vires in what appears to be the collateral damage of a dispute involving PricewaterhouseCoopers and an ex-financial analyst.

Ramesh Chelliah filed an application to Kuala Lumpur High Court seeking a declaration that the registration of PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the world's largest audit firm, under SC's Audit Oversight Board (AOB) on April 1 this year was unlawful and illegal, according to documents seen by The Malaysian Reserve.

“The registration of PricewaterhouseCoopers on the very same day the AOB was established was a physical and legal impossibility,” Ramesh stated in his application for judicial review.

Under the Securities Commission Act, audit firms and individuals who are engaged by a “public-interest entities” to audit its financial statements on or after April 1, 2010 must be registered with the AOB.

“Should the court rule in favour of Ramesh, the broad implication is that all accounts audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers after April 1, 2010 will be rendered invalid and null,” said a person close to the case who declined to be identified..

PricewaterhouseCoopers declined to comment when contacted yesterday while calls to a SC spokesperson was not returned at press time.

Once application has been received, AOB requires “up to two weeks” to perform necessary assessment of the information that has been disclosed in the registration form, the SC stated on its website under frequently-asked questions section on the AOB.

“This assessment would also require the AOB to do background checks with the relevant regulatory authorities,” the SC added.

The affidavit filed by Ramesh stated that an SC official “implied that the application forms were given to PricewaterhouseCoopers before April 1, 2010, an act that is illegal by itself.”

Ramesh also alleged that there were no proper disclosure about his suit in the application form submitted by PricewaterhouseCoopers to the AOB.

Ramesh, a former financial analysts, had instituted a legal action against PricewaterhouseCoopers, its managing partner Chin Kwai Fatt and PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting Sdn Bhd in March 2001 claiming “breach of contract, negligence and in the tort of negligence and conversion”.

However, in a twist of events, PricewaterhouseCoopers and its consulting branch have withdrawn all their appeals against Ramesh Chelliah as well as their application to strike out the suit by Ramesh on March 1 this year.
If the court still provide refuge for SC on this, something must be done to review and amend the SC Act 1993.

No authority should be so powerful that their every decisions and actions cannot be questioned, scrutinised, and legally challenged. This breeds abuse of power, conflict of interests, and corruption.

Remember of our revelations on improprieties and conflict of interests by SC Chairperson, Tan Sri Zarina and "wife", Dato Azizan?

There is still more in our sleeves.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Malaysiakini's twisted legal gave liberals a bad name

The Session Court of Kuala Lumpur had acquited Mat Sabu, Tian Chua, Gobalakrishnan and 17 others involved in the illegal rally organised by Coalition for Free and Fair Elections (Bersih) on Nov 10, 2007.

Two reports - one from Malaysiakini and the other from Bernama - gave two different interpretations and legal implications.

The Malaysiakini's version was filled with legal inconsistencies and gave the impression the judge Jagjit Singh does not know his law.

This is the irony. Malaysiakini potray itself as a card carrying liberal and claim to be fighting for freedom, human rights, transparency, good governance and all that associated with justice and equality.

But they are championing PKR's agenda. Spinning stories and twisting events is part and parcel of Anwar Ibrahim's propaganda. They get sucked along.

True blue liberals are open, truthful and honest people, thus do not believe in lies and spins to perpetuate their cause.

Is Malaysiakini being truthful to what they are championing?

Below was how Hafiz Yatim of Malaysiakini (taking the free BM version here) twisted the story:
Demo 'haram': 2 MP, 15 lagi dibebas

Nov 19, 10

Mahkamah Sesyen Kuala Lumpur hari ini membebaskan 15 orang, termasuk ahli parlimen Batu Tian Chua atas dakwaan terlibat dalam perhimpunan awam yang dianjurkan Gabungan Pilihan Raya bersih dan Adil (BERSIH).

Hakim Jagjit Singh berkata, pihak pendakwaan gagal membuktikan kes prima facie bahawa perhimpunan pada 10 November 2007 itu haram.

"Masjid negara adalah tempat beribadat, dan tiada sesiapa mempunyai kuasa untuk menyuraikan hadirin, atas apa alasan pun orang ramai mempunyai hak berhimpun di masjid," katanya.

Jagjit menyampaikan keputusan itu selepas mendengar pengakuan daripada 36 saksi sepanjang perbicaraan yang mengambil masa tiga tahun.

Selain Tian Chua, dua lagi pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat yang didakwa, anggota parlimen Padang Serai N Gobalakrishnan dan bekas naib presiden PAS dan pemidato terkenal Mohamad Sabu.

Semua mereka ditahan tiga bulan selepas perhimpunan itu.

Takbir, ciuman gembira

Kesemua mereka ditahan ketika berarak bersama 40,000 orang lagi daripada beberapa tempat sekitar Kuala Lumpur ke Istana Negara bagi menghantar memorandum kepada Yang di-Pertuan Agong bagi menuntut pilihan raya yang bersih dan adil.

Selepas saja Jagjit mengumumkan keputusan itu, mahkamah bergema dengan suara takbir daripada orang ramai yang hadir.

Gobalakrishnan kelihatan terlalu gembira dengan keputusan itu dan lantas mencium pipi peguam Jason Tay.

Mereka yang lain: Mohd Salim Yeslam, 25, Ahmad Razali Abd Rahman, 53, Razali Abdul, 37, Mohd Asri Ahmad, 37, Muhd Harith Fatillah Shahabudin, 27, Saleh Mohamad Tahir, 50, Azahar Yusop, 46, Sulaiman Ahmad, 60, Taib Abdullah, 36, Mohd Abi Salam Ariffin, 28, Ishak Othman, 36, dan Mohd Zad Abdullah, 42.

Dua lagi merupaka tertuduh juvana dari Kedah.

Kesemua mereka didakwa terlibat dalam perhimpunan haram di beberapa tempat, merangkumi laman Masjid Negara, Jalan Istana, Jalan Raja Laut dan sekitar pusat membeli-belah SOGO di Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman Rahman antara jam 1 hingga 4 petang pada 10 November 2007.
One should notice (in bold) that the reason they attributed the judge's ruling was that the Masjid was a public area and no one has the right and power to disperse the crowd.

Excuse me, that is inconsistent with The Police Act (1964) (pdf copy available here), in which the validity of Section 27 on the power of the police to govern the issuance of permit for public gathering.

The liberals claim that Article 4 of the Constitution which says that any laws in contravention with the spirit of the Constitution will be deemed as invalid. One citizenship right mentioned in the Constitution is the right to gather. No law is invalid that restrict that rights.

The argument against is that the right to gather comes with condition. Otherwise, it Malaysia is an anarchic state where nothing can stop that right to gather and do anything one likes. One condition is the Section 27 of the Police Act.

The Section 19 to 27 of the Police Act spells out the power of the police.

By Malaysiakini's spin, it will mean Police have no power to monitor and control public order in public area.

If anything untowards happen to Judge Jagjit Singh's Sikh Temple of congregation, then Tuan Yang Arif has no business to seek help from the police.

Let us compare to Bernama's report below:
Tian Chua, Gobalakrishnan Among 17 Acquitted

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 19 (Bernama) -- Batu Member of Parliament Tian Chua and Padang Serai MP N. Gobalakrishnan were among 17 people acquitted by the Sessions Court here from participating in an illegal rally organised by Coalition for Free and Fair Elections (Bersih) on Nov 10, 2007.

Sessions Court judge Datuk Jagjit Singh Bant Singh also acquitted PAS Central Committee member Mohamad Sabu, Mohd Zad Abdullah, Mohd Salim Yeslam, Abdul Razali Abdul Rahman, Razali Abdul, Mohd Asri Ahmad, Mohd Harith Fathillah, Saleh Mohd Tahir, Azahar Yusop, Sulaiman Ahmad, Taib Abdullah, Mohd Shafie Ismail, Mohd Nazreen Mohd Nasir, Mohd Abi Salam Ariffin and Ishak Othman.

Jagjit said the prosecution had failed to prove a prima facie case against the 17 people, aged between 19 and 60, who were accused of participating in an illegal assembly.

In acquitting Chua and Mohamad who were accused of gathering near the Istana Negara, Jagjit said police had allowed the duo to hand over a memorandum to the palace officials and accusations were made based on visual recorded on tape.

"The two were at Istana Negara to submit the memorandum and the police had given them time. After submitting the memorandum they had left the vicinity, so the question of they did not disperse when asked to, does not arise," he said.

As for the charge on Gobalakrishnan who was arrested with several others on Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, the judge said the court found the evidence of the arresting officers unsatisfactory and doubted their credibility.

"There is no evidence to show if they were in the assembly, or if they had just arrived at the place or if they just happened to be there," said Jagjit.

Jagjit also ruled that the arrests made at the national mosque were also not justified as those accused had every right to be there since it was a place of worship for Muslims.

All the accused were represented by Mohamad Hanipa Maidin, Jason Tay and Nasir Khan while Deputy Public Prosecutors Ishak Mohd Yusoff and Mohd Farizul Hassan Bakri appeared for the prosecution.
It turns out to be a case of insufficient proofs and argument by the prosecutor than about being inconsistent with other laws.

Malaysiakini ... you sure are giving the liberals a bad name.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tok Jib accept BN direct membership

In the last posting, Averting a False Sense of Confidence, this blogger briefly touched on the idea of direct membership into Barisan Nasional. It is not the first time this idea was mooted in this and other blogs.

The reason being that to most Malaysian, the BN idea is still a more formidable preposition than the hodgepodge and cocophony called Pakatan Rakyat. To those who prefer not to be associated to any specific political party in BN, this serve to retain that support for BN.

Hopefully the direct members in BN could be that important glue between the various component parties, voice that keep them on their toes, and who knows what will evolve beyond that.

The report in The Star today below:
Barisan amends constitution to allow direct membership

KUALA LUMPUR: Individuals friendly to the Barisan Nasional can now join the coalition as an associate member following a supreme council decision to amend the constitution to allow direct membership.

The coalition has also opened its doors to associations and non-governmental organisations to become “friends of Barisan” by becoming its affiliate members.

Under the existing practice, one must first be a member of a component party in the coalition to qualify as a Barisan member.

Prime Minister and Barisan chairman Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the decision reflected the leaders’ efforts to make the coalition inclusive and open to all who shared and subscribed to Barisan’s spirit, concept and principles.

However, the direct members will not have the same rights and privileges as members of the Barisan component parties, he said after chairing the council meeting yesterday.

“The council will determine the rights and privileges of those who become associate members,” he said.

The move, however, is not a new concept as the Alliance (the predecessor of Barisan Nasional) had once offered direct membership under its Alliance direct membership organisation (Admo).

Political observers also recalled that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad allowed two candidates without a party to stand under the Barisan banner in the 1990s (both won – Datuk Billy Abit Joo in Hulu Rejang and Datuk Joseph Salang in Julau).

Najib said all decisions relating to direct membership into the Barisan would be made by the supreme council as a way to prevent anyone with ulterior motives from joining the coalition.

“This is because we need to consider the views of other component members for our decision to be unanimous in nature,” he said, adding that direct membership would take effect after the Barisan headquarters notified the Registrar of Society of the amendment.

Najib said those who left any Barisan party after the amendment was made could not return to the fold as an associate member.

He said those from the opposition parties could apply but the supreme council would have the final say on whether or not to accept them.

Najib said the constitutional amendment would also see the setting up of a Barisan Friends Club, to allow interested people to become friends of the coalition.

He added that a Kelab Rakan Muda BN would also be set up for youths who are not yet registered as voters and aged 18 to 21 as a platform to show their support towards the coalition.

He said details on direct membership would be announced at the Barisan convention next weekend.

The rest of the report here.
MCA's reluctance

MCA was quite aware that there are many grouses against the Chinese component parties indifferent attutude to get anything going to woe back the Chinese voters and their emulation of DAP's chauvanistic inclination.

In this report here, MCA President Dato Dr Chua Soi Lek expressed uneasiness over poll ticket for BN 'friends'.

It is as if, he realised Chinese voters are not voting BN because of MCA's attitude and BN 'friends' can be an option to replace MCA, and Gerakan candidacy with other pro-BN Chinese candidates. Wee Ka Siong is an interesting preposition.

As Najib said, it is not that BN has never put up a non component party member candidate.

For Chua that contantly talk of thinking of the box, don't you realised he has a boxed mind on this issue? He must have longed being deprived from that room on 14th floor Hotel Katarina Batu Pahat.

So ... buck-up la, MCA and Gerakan!

Ah well Gerakan. With a wimp as President, tutup kedai la. Koh Tsu Koon was Keng Yaik's choice, so no a need for being disapponted, Tun Lim.

Third Force

In the meanwhile, Lim Kit Siang was trying to play macho to forewarn both BN and Pakatan Rakyat not to be sure of themselves. Kit Siang is trying to play up this recently much talked Third Force.

This is just another 916-type hype to retain the young voters segement, probably for the non-Malays, for Pakatan Rakyat. Can we say it is PR's version of 'friends' or direct membership?

Thus far, it's been old friend, Raja Petra's new escape route to bash PKR and reenergise his political existence.

Lawyer-activist-murtadist and another one, dramatic Harris Ibrahim already claiming the Third Force turf. This is immediately after failing to push his prefered candidate and another murtadist, Dato Zaid Ibrahim for PKR Deputy President.

Got bloggers involve some more. Ya ka?

Before Harris jump and bang me in his blog, the term murtadist is my poorly conceived term for those Islam liberal or maybe not even Islam, who self-interpret Article 11 and even the Constitution as they see to fit their needs and idealism.

They basically work to support Azalian Jailani aka Lina Joy route to murtad as right and the court, from session to federal court, was wrong.

These minority fuckers think they are the only people existing in this country.

Conspiracy theory

Frankly the Third Force will not be more than the same PR pact unless it exist within BN or UMNO specifically. This became fodder for conspiracy theory.

One loud but novice political commentator recently claimed Raja Petra is funded by Tengku Razaleigh. Some say and the pro Azmin/Anwar PKR now say Zaid Ibrahim is an UMNO stooge.

The immediate association will be RPK is funded by Ku LI via Zaid. This mean Ku Li is in collaboration with RPK, Harris and Lim Kit Siang and perhaps leading the Third Force hands from within UMNO.

Sometimes this blogger hopes this comentator knows what and how to accomnplish his existing mission than indulge in areas he only know or touch barely the surface.

Does he think Najib is a walking numbnuts to not reinforce the next candidate list to ensure no such threat repeat itself?

Look! Conspiracy theory hardly work

Pak Lah did not resign weeks after he swear in. Bringing him down and up Najib was not by some grand design concocted behind some curtains but from sheer hard and relentless pursuit.

For one, Ku Li is not a believer in intrigue. He ahs said he will die in UMNO even if it is claimed to be one big bowel of shit. It only shows he is committed to UMNO.

The Galas by-election will attest that. He concurred with this blogger that we could have done better, How does that say he conspired the outcome?

This can be said of the Third Force. It is a Pakatan scheme to retain teh young new voters. And it is ahgainst BN and not as a decider or clinger in a cliff hanger. Finally, it involves an already existing and ongoing collaborations.

On BN's version of Third Force, maybe Najib did hear us or maybe he did not, it sure feels good that ones idea becomes a reality. It is as if Tok Jib is reading what we bloggers wrote, said and suggest.

This blogger will personally vouch he is a good and accomodating listener. In personal encounters with many leaders, good leaders listen more than talking.

It feels good and appreciated. More satisfying than being alleged as a blog paid by Khir Toyo (not that I do not know him personally) by some low IQ, immature, young punk KJ cybertroopers trying to play the label game.

Thank you PM.

With this feeling of being on top of the world, here is me signing off. Nanu nanu.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Averting a false sense of confidence

There is a quote by George Bernard Shaw about change, below:
Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
If UMNO continue to reject change within it's fold and refuse to right the wrong beginning from the leaders themselves and down the line, by the words of the late British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, UMNO will the architect of it's own decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.

Coming back to George Bernard Shaw's words, someone up there must make up their minds and assert leadership.

It is not enough to outline the party transformation by it's three phases, seven plan of actions suggested by members and four areas of focus to win elections.

We need to kick some ass.

For that, UMNO President and Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak need to assert his leadership and make drastic measures, starting with major changes in cabinet and party.

The point is despite the internal problem of PKR, internal skirmishes within PAS and DAP, and probable leadership situation for Pakatan Rakyat, Tun Dr. Mahathir did not give a confident prediction for Barisan Nasional for the upcoming general election.

He predicted BN will not win the two third majority in Parliament despite believing BN will win back few lost states.

This comment came on the back of a double win in Batu Sepi and Galas by-elections. He may have factored in the trend of general election outcomes in several countries ending with hung Governments and the emergence of an NGO-based "Third Force."

If Dr Mahathir had not made that comment, UMNO leaders would be lost in their habit of blowing their trumpet to bodek the bosses with good news as though they are doing a good job. It usually end up giving a false sense of confidence.

The cyberwar, ceramah, media, and other channels have managed to shift voters sentiment from a Pakatan sympathiser to the middle. It is now left to UMNO to be seen and convinced by the voters that they have changed for the better.

For the bloggers, at least the pro-BN and UMNO bloggers, they should now be focusing on forcing the changes outlined by Najib to begin.

Some bloggers are too overwhelmed or syok sendiri tailing personalities instead of being independent.

If bloggers are not sounding the alarm bell, UMNO will go leka and the block of disenchanted voters from Pakatan Rakyat will not come out to vote or be hijacked by the upcoming “Third Force”.

Start banging!

In Najib's closing address at the UMNO General Assembly recently, he outlined four important criteria to win elections:
1. BN leadership, it's policies and vision must be accepted by the rakyat,
2. State level BN leadership, policies and vision is acccepted by the rakyat,
3. The party is accepted and comfortable to the rakyat, and
4. Winnable candidates.
On the last one, BN must explore an out-of-the-box approach. Criteria to hold position between party position, and public elected representatives and Ministers or Excos be differentiated and possibly be distinguished.

Many position holders in UMNO run for public office but are not sufficiently competent to participate in Parliamentary or State Assembly proceeding due to lack of knowledge or education, inability to do research, shallow debating points, and poor debating skills.

UMNO must explore into NGOs, professional bodies and amongst activists to fill-up post in Parliaments, State Asembly and Government. Party position does not translate to these positions.

Najib had summarised the issues raised by party members in the debate into seven categories. These categories are useful plan of actions:
1. Party honour and interest supercede personal interest,
2. Be part of a team than faction,
3. Winning the hearts, mind and soul of the rakyat
4. Champions in the new media
5. The four million new voters
6. Zero internal problem
7. Give priority to the rakyat
This list pretty much sums up Najib's first part of his plan of action that is to acknowledge the problems. His second part requires some self soul searching and solution finding. And the third and final part, begin the action plan.

Sincere as he is to have all members of the party to be part of the party reformation process, it is too time consuming. Najib need to take the bull by the horn because those with personal interest and guilty conscience wants to remain in-denial on the problems besieging the party.

The problem with the highest priority is to address and eradicate corruption amongst Ministers and political positions in Government, and money politics practise in the party by "benevolent" rich.

The judicial process to have MACC investigate allegations, develop a legal case and prosecute takes too long. It is still dependent on court decision. A reform of the whole political financing system as written in Tunku Aziz's book will take equally, if not longer process to initiate change.

It is left to UMNO to have the political will to address it.

Repeating a line said to both PM and DPM, "heads must roll" in order to be convincing and reassuring to the voters.

UMNO themselves must take charge to arrest the problem at it's source and not pass the buck to MACC or be seen to use it to cleanse certain personalities.

In the last party election, the UMNO disciplinary process, which include the Disciplinary Hearing Committee, Disciplinary Committee and Supreme Council, seen to be too soft and seen to “let go” everybody.

Thus for this blog calling for the reopening of the money politics files of Khairy which include making public the withheld video evidences.

This is imperative because UMNO need to address it's public image.

There are few ways to do so, but the first and most important suggestion is for Najib to address the corrupted and incompetent faces in cabinet.

Something must be done about Zahid, the walking self exploding suicide bomber for UMNO. He fumble and create controversy at every Parliamentary sessions.

If Najib fear of stirring political water to kick him out cabinet, then sent him to Ministries where a Malay medium, oral English deficient, and sastera graduate with questionable doctorate in communication can do without much technical, philosophical and thinking competency required.

For that matter, do something about dear old cousin. He is becoming a reflection of his old man; hesitant, indecisive and slow (or overly meticulous decision maker), and is not right for strategic positions.

Time is up for the likes of Nor Mohamad Yakcop, Khaled Nordin, Ismail Sabri and Rais Yatim.

Nor Yakcop's corrupt and insidious self interest ways have run it's limit. The man who broke the Bank Negara Malaysia should not be allowed in the first place to run the nation's treasure chest (literally in Malay for khazanah).

It is in a state of mess and Khaznaah has become an organisation for young early has-beens to waste public money. After his departure, clean up the Government Losing Concerns (GLCs) of consultants pretending to be business managers, starting with Azman Mokhtar downward.

Khaled Nordin is not straight. Fire him and send in MACC to check and account his financial affairs. Do not miss TSR Synergy.

Ismail Sabri was not supposed to be in cabinet if not for Khairy.

Rais has contributed much but he has few looming problems. It is not just about the USP fund. And it is quite detrimental to the party if it explodes.

He is also not keeping up with the times.

Najib has to rechannel the head of the wings away from cabinet post to focus on party work. That way, there is no reason to give Khairy any Ministerial or Deputy Ministerial or even tea lady post at any Ministeries.

Rosnah has to be dropped from cabinet because Puteri is in an equally pathetic condition as Pemuda. As leader, Rosnah should reunite the wing but instead her team waste time with girlish and public bitching her Deputy, Shahanim.

Blame is also on Shahanim to stop bitching back.

[Both you two fat slob can forget about me to listen to your bitching.]

The same applies to Shahrizat Jalil. Many view her as fine, but face the reality.

Enough backdoor Ministership. If a Minister cannot hold a seat, they have no business to be Minister. He or she has no locus standi.

No intention to disheartened the fine work of Wanita. In the first place, why must a woman be pigeon holed into Ministry of Welfare, Woman and Family?

Why not bring up Dr Zambery as Federal Minister and let's have the first Woman Menteri Besar? There is someone deserving.

Read more on cabinet reshuffle at Rocky Bru's and OutSyed The Box.

If some of the questionable faces remain in cabinet, they will come to represent the faces of UMNO. They will be going all over the country to speak and interact with the public and media. It does no good for the party.

This leads to the second suggestion to improve UMNO's image by determining the public face to represent and speak for the party. They must be someone clean and intelligible.

Not Khairy for heaven sake. And it doesn't matter if he is Ketua Pemuda. He won it by corruption and coercion!

Some form of mechanism be instituted to restrict personality to those with reasonably good reputation and the untainted ones to speak for the party.

Another reason for the poor image on the Government is the slumbering mainstream media. Despite much work by Government and oppositions fumbling all over, media is not giving a fair n support for the Government.

New Straits Times seems to be too liberal and open that it is going left. It is heard to be playing footsie with an anti-BN portal. Mainstream media editors must understand the game or get the boot.

She meant well and have good programs. But, how about helping us win Najib's first general election?

Since we are on the subject of media, perhaps PM's wife, Datin Seri Rosmah could limit her public exposure in the media. Her good work should speak for itself.

Too frequent coverage in mainstream newspaper pages of less than 4 and prime time news is making her a lightning rod for criticism and ridicule by both opposition and public including our voters.

To be fair to her, most allegations against her such as the murder of Altantunya are unfounded, ill-intentioned and defamatory. She does fairly good work like involving Bakti and Permata (which I wholeheartedly agree and support).

The problem is it is too time consuming to counter back and dispel allegations against her.

Notwithstanding, there are such serious oversight like allowing her to represent the PM in certain function during his sick leave. Shouldn't it be realised she is not a Government official!

Another issue is she need to stop becoming the back channel access to the PM. She may meant well to assist friends but be fair to those queuing at the PM office. Although they should have advised against her representing the Prime Minister, leave it to them pro.

One problem that BN should fall into this false sense of confidence is MCA, Gerakan, SUPP and Chinese parties are seen to be indifferent and not committed toward working together to woe voters.

Between them, MCA is still more committed during by-elections, particularly Ng Yen Yen.

Gerakan is a beginning to be a liability and should allow them to leave, if they want. Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon himself is reluctant to help BN to recapture Penang. It does seem he is giving a nod to DAP's victimising of non Chinese in Penang by his silence.

SUPP is playing their cheap Chinese demand game on the Sarawak Chief Minister. Stop playing the Chinese are marginalised lot. Only the twisted and idiots should believe that.

The rich and trading class Chinese are, in fact, capitalist oppressors. Recently they have been giving generally the wrong messages to the political landscape of this countries.

In a recent Hua Zhou congress in Johor Baru, some provocative demands were voiced which is reminiscance of the Suqiu demands in 1999 and election dends of DAP and gerakan in 1969.

Many political observers felt the Chinese community kapitans have tasted the blood of power in Perak and Penang. They are influencing the Chinese community to be irrational, manipulative racist, and selfish.

If Chinese voters are bend on being unreasonable, despite the compromise the Government made at the expense of the Malay/Bumiputera and other voters, it spells explosive race relation and security disaster in the making.

Suspend democrasy until people are back to rationality and thinking. UMNO leadership in Government must stop being in-denial and be resolute to pre-empt this potentially explosive situation decisively.

Are you up to it, pondan?

This is not to say Chinese support is not needed. If not for the numbers, it is also to continue the multiracial tradition of BN. Perhaps it is time for UMNO to test fielding it's own non-Bumiputera candidates and toy the idea of direct membership into BN.

Before UMNO starts getting comfortable to claim the Malay votes are returning, go back to the mattress and ask the basic political question: Are the Malays, or in the more general context Bumiputera, economically happy?

Do they understand the implication of the various economic measures in those long list of fanciful acronyms?

Some may not understand and obediently support the Government because the media is painting a rosy picture for it's own self interest agenda and not honestly explaining the impact on their lives.

But when too many facilities and assistance is missing, Malays/Bumis will say UMNO is no better that those Pakatan Rakyat parties who outrightly say no more to Malay special previlage.

And they are beginning to say so.

In case the Omar Ongs, Ganens, and Melayu Liberals forgot their basic Maths, the Malay and Bumiputera is still 65% of the population.

With so many strange liberal ideology being injected, since the time of Abdullah Badawi, UMNO must not be too cocksure of its so-called economic reform. It is not the fancy ideas, visions and slogans but pragmatic and effective policy that will get the Malays and Bumiputera attention.

The economic empowerment of the Malays and Bumiputeras is the key to sustain Malay political support.

It may not be affirmative action ala NEP but Government must not be complacent and lost in it's open, liberal and market determined policies rhetoric.

Are you listening, Khairy?

UMNO must not be lulled to assume the political model of the poor and rural to be main supporters of BN will remain forever. With knowledge, education and digital access, they will become disenchanted lots in the long run.

UMNO will pay a heavy price for neglecting them now.

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