Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bumiputera concern or manouvre for Petronas CEO?

Dato Shamsul Azhar is due to end his contract next year. One will expect some bloke will be interested for the position of CEO and try to by-pass the already established succession plan again. There is one that is expected to try.

The chap used to default on his Petronas scholarship. He is a divorcee with a Malay name but is actually Chinese with a deep rooted hatred for Malays yet going around as an UMNO Division treasurer. 

Nothing against Chinese. It is just that the chap is capable of using any kind of manouvres to get the coveted and powerful CEO job to promote his neo liberal agenda. Not to mention the use of deception.

Off course, he will be lobbying to Dato Najib and indeed, he is a master at selling the Prime Minister's name.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

There's a gay in the office!

Was alerted this morning by a Whas App message of a blog revealing an affidavit involving the divorce case between an officer in the Prime Minister's Department and his former wife.

The said officer is PM's speechwriter, Khairul Annas Jusoh. His ex-wife was Syarifah Nabila Sara bin Dato Syed Abdul Rahman.

Rings a bell?

Yes, she is the daughter of Mongolia's Honorary Consul in Malaysia Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman Alhabshi. When they got married in 2010, it was not actually a marriage between celebrities but the pomp and pageantry was close to one and dubbed the wedding of the decade.

The affidavit revealed a dark side of Dato Najib's Head of Policy and Research at the Prime Minister's Office. It will be viral in the next few days. As always, anything with S E X, normol or abnormal, will always be HOT HOT HOT ... issue.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Power talk at The Escobar

Something new turned up.

Our source told us that The Escobar rendevous between Dato Kalimullah Masherullah, Dato Ganen Saravananthan and Khairy Jamaluddin discussed something bigger than political power play.

He was telling us about a energy power play and to blow it up. Otherwise, it is done deal by the time Pak Lah people dominate the Supreme Council.

If it is destined to happen, it will happen. After all, why leak it too close to the UMNO election? Exposing it last week will have no impact. It will be brushed aside as politically motivated like Tan Sri Isa brushed the FGV expose as olden days poison letters.

Now that UMNO election is over and Syed Akbar's analysis [read here] claimed that Pak Lah's boys have dominated the Supreme Council. Then, it is timely to share this corporate gossip.

It is also time to play our usual role.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Time to reflect

Stopped following and turned in at a time Dato Hishamuddin was consistently leading by 10 or more to Dato Mukhriz. Unless there is going to be a photo finish, it is pointless to wait till the wee hours.

Have seen berpuloh political result announcements to know there was not going to be any upset. Anyway, we predicted such [Read here]. We thought but did not write that Mukhriz will dimandikan (tarred out of town).

In the early part of the campaign, we decided on to involve in any campaign and be in close proximity with any politicians. That way, we could see the campaign objectively, without being astrayed by knowledge of petty tricks occuring, by looking at the campaign from afar. 

By morning, the final result is Hishamuddin by a 9 point lead. According to MyKMU, it got as close to 4, unofficially at 11:30 PM. The Bernama report to follow:

Saturday, October 19, 2013

73 Divisions to go

As at the latest 7:30 PM, the results after 118 Division results are as follows:
@bernamadotcom: Tidak Rasmi/Naib Presiden (7.30 malam): Zahid (117 undi), Shafie (106), Hishammuddin (65), Mukhriz (53), Isa (7) dan Ali (7)
Dato Zahid is ahead and needs one more to clear. There are 73 divisons to go. There are 191 UMNO divisions in the whole country.

Unofficial updates at Bernama, MyKMU and Agendadaily. In the meanwhile, going out of town tomorrow ...

Rolling Stone's 1964 Route 66 

Is Najib telling Khairy something?

PEKAN, Oct 19 (Bernama) -- Umno President Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has advised the victors in today's Umno elections against being overly excited and arrogant but to realise the great responsibility they shoulder in championing the people and religion.

He said they should remain humble and "extend the hand of friendship" to the losers because the Umno struggle demanded a united leadership capable of facing the challenges ahead.

Friday, October 18, 2013

One candidate that could win but shouldn't

Sinar Harian today reported Dato Shafie Apdal feeling confident of winning tomorrow. In politics, that statement serve to create an air of winner. Voters have a tendency to vote a winner.

With his overzealous effort to "remember" the delegates down there and advertise everyday, the pragmatic prediction is he will win. However, that does not deter us from expressing a different and  unfavourable opinion against him.

Fair hearing for underdogs: Dato Hamidah

It was 11:00 PM May 8th 2013.

After finished voting, we quickly packed to head for Sentral to get on the next available ETS to Ipoh.

Our buddy was there for a month helping out the campaign. It's customary that we wait out any by-election results together. It is away from the jubilant or mournful crowd and no hobnobbing with politicians.

To cut the story short, that night we waited for the results alone in the hotel. After a series of poor results coming out and DAP was winning this and that seats, we got nervous and stopped entertaining any calls and enquires from inquisitive friends. Sibuk betul ...

At around 10:30 PM, we called Dato Hamidah Osman, "Macam mana kita Kak Midah?"

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Conspiracy theory to "qurban" a Vice Pesident

The contest for the UMNO wing positions are over. That is branch delegates' choice and reflect UMNO masses thinking.

There could be possible manipulation or flaw in the electoral process, but opinion within UMNO would rest upon the overwhelming electoral votes in favour of Dato Shahrizat and Khairy to lead Wanita and Pemuda UMNO, respectively.

Time to move on to the hotly contested UMNO Vice President race because there is a conspiracy theory to "korban" a Vice President being spoken in limited circle. The takbir Aidil Adha can be heard till Thursday but the UMNO "qurban" will only resume on Saturday, the 19th.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Three men in a pub

Rub a dub dub,
Three men in a pub,
And who do you think they be?
The son-in-law, the sovereign fund director,
The wicked reporter,
Missed one knaves out, the racoon eyed ex-minister.
It is our version of the nursery rhymes rub a dub dub. 

The three weren't hurdling in a pub but cigar divan. Unfortunately, no nursery rhyme or bluesy song came to mind that can rhyme well with divan.

Cigar is smoked to celebrate an occasion. But on Thursday night, it is too early for the three men to celebrate. Although a win is expected, they need to ensure dominance to legitimise their neo-liberal agenda and steer things to Uncle Lee's way.

To hurdle in the midst of a packed political schedule, it must be to give up-dates and information sharing. Subsequently, raccoon-eyed ex Minister will be updated too.

Eric Capton's Tears in Heaven may rhyme but it is not suitable for a posting with lots of  backroom dealing and conspiracies. It needs something upbeat or mysterious feel like slow avant garde jazz.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The morning after ....

Too much fun last night? Only realised and regret the following morning?

Last night we sent a congratulatory text to a Khairy team member. We reminded them to not lose sight of the plight of the Malay and Sabah and Sarawak Bumiputera.

Few hours ago we received a response from our congratulatory note to Khairy's team member. He denied they have lost sight of the Malay and Bumiputera cause, It is just a different way of doing.

In the meanwhile, the interested public see it as something else.

By now, we should know all the result for the three wing of UMNO. Any regret?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Jatuh atau bangun UMNO di PRU14 ditangan perwakilan

HARI Sabtu esok akan berlangsung mesyuarat Perwakilan dan Pemilihan Pergerakan Wanita, Pemuda dan Puteri UMNO peringkat bahagian secara serentak. Pemilihan bagi jawatan-jawatan utama dan Exco Pergerakan Wanita, Pemuda dan Puteri UMNO Malaysia juga diadakan serentak esok.

Pemilihan kali ini memberi lebih ruang untuk proses demokrasi berlaku kerana pemimpin yang dipilih bukan lagi di tangan sekumpulan perwakilan seperti dahulu. Jika sebelum ini, saf kepimpinan Wanita, Pemuda dan Puteri UMNO pusat hanya ditentukan oleh hampir 1,000 orang perwakilan, kini pemilihan ditentukan oleh lebih 10 kali ganda jumlah perwakilan sayap masing-masing.

Kini pemimpin ketiga-tiga sayap UMNO mesti berani dan yakin pada perjuangan diri kerana mereka dalam suasana yang boleh 'makan diri sendiri' apabila memilih langkap yang tidak diterima akarumbi. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fair hearings for underdogs: Dato Suraya

It is odd to categorise Dato Suraya Yaacob as underdog in the contest for Naib Ketua Wanita UMNO. The reason being the incumbent Ketua Wanita Chief, Dato Shahrizat Jalil is supporting and promoting Dato Azizah Md Dun.

As far as her credential within UMNO, Suraya is already and is in her first term as member of the Wanita UMNO exco. She was the first alumni of Puteri UMNO to make it into the Wanita UMNO leadership line-up.

It is an open secret that she was supposed to takeover the helm of leadership from Dato Azalina Mohd Said but Pak Lah was smitten by Dato Noraini Ahmad's soft feminity and interfered to endorsed her. From where Suraya stand now, there is no love lost between them.

It bodes well of her leadership potential and perseverance.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Not about Isa's VP, but pricey Pontian acquisition

"At the peak of CPO price, value of land for oil palm plantation of similar acreage never reached half of United Pontian Plantation (United Pontian) valuation," said one old hand Sabah-based corporate player with confidence.

Before anyone make the presumption to accuse us of raising this issue to sidetrack Tan Sri Isa Samad's second attempt for UMNO Vice President, do keep such thought within their own chicken coop of shallow political game with endless conspiracies and money inspired motivations.

To understand that there was no malice intended, this blog debunked certain perception against Isa and promoted him to run at the Bagan Pinang by-election and turnaround BN's fortune. And this blog also chorused the defense of Felda Global Venture (FGV) listing.  

So it is not about UMNO party election but concern for the promised future generation of Felda in the FGV listing. Concern on the presence of Emir Mavani in FGV went back earlier to June 2013 [read back here]. This is just about being persistent.

Again, it's got nothing to do with UMNO election.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Sovereign is above internal party election

Blogger WZWH had the story here and here.

According to the blogger, there was a dinner and event for 5,000 "community" leaders getting an audience with his highness the Sultan of Pahang at the Istana Abu Bakar in Pekan last Saturday night.

It can be considered an auspices event since his majesty's 83rd birthday is drawing near and this year is the 40th year as ruler of Pahang.

In his royal addresss, his highness reflected on the nation's history from independence till today and expressed concern on the future of the Malays in the light of certain elements in the nation dare to question Malay 'sovereignty', Malay rights, Islam etc.

His majesty expressed hope that Pahang continue to prosper, rakyat taken care and Malay politics able to face such challenges.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Fair hearing for underdogs: Dr Zubir Harun

Talking on a similar call for UMNO to not forsake it's true struggle is another underdog worthy to be highlighted is Dr Zubir Harun. His credential of activism is displayed in his calling card.

Perkasa President, Dato Ibrahim Ali, though not an UMNO members, must be giving moral support to Dr Zubir when he call for UMNO delegates to choose leaders with a Malay soul. [Read in Utusan Malaysia here.]  

He must meant it for the like of Akramsyah and Dr Zubir, among others. If grassroot UMNO members feel the grassroot Malays need to be assisted, then he is one to voice and argue for them on the UMNO Supreme Council.

Fair hearing for underdogs: Akramsyah

Despite negative campaign tactics used by certain incumbents happening, the positive note in this UMNO election are the existence of underdogs willing to take on invincible incumbents.

So we wish to select several personalities. Hopefully UMNO members are open and matured enough to give them some serious thoughts.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

O Mama! Obama! How does your garden grow?

With Silver Bells, And Cockle Shells, 
Sing cuckolds all in a row.
It is just our cynical expression to the overzealous attitude of some slavedriver high above to push the whole civil service to do a great reception to receive US President Barrack Obama for his visit to Malaysia but was announced cancelled due to their budgetary restriction. To understand the nursery rhyme, read Wikipedia here.

Some psychoptic dude drove the whole civil service to forget about the transformational plan at work,  annual budget preparation for 2014 (Realise hardly much discussion and dialouges heard?), Aditor general report fuzz, and KIV everything else to focus at receiving Obama.  

At one time, we almost signed TPPA secretly to please Obama. Yet this man is leading a government that can't afford to pay their bills without borrowing more money.

And we want to and giving him a platform to talk? To give us inspiration for his calmness on the verge of bankruptcy?

Saturday, October 05, 2013


While browsing, we accidently stumbled into this interesting music video entitled Beethoven's 5 by The Piano Guys, below:

Friday, October 04, 2013

Khazanah's halal pork investment

Last night, we were at presentation by a group Private Investor and it ended with a promising note. One thing particularly touched us was their refusal to buy an established supply chain but depend on  40% of sales on sales of liqour and cigarette.

It does not auger well when Tan Sri Isa Samad's answer in the recent FGV AGM to allegation by Bigdog that FGV sold oil palm to a China based pig rearing was merely to say we sell to anyone.

Off course, that was also not the issue Bigdog was chasing Isa and Emir Mavani for. Read here on the strange discount and new trading arrangement.

Talking about halal and pig rearing, a commentator left us a story on Khazanah venture with to set-up a halal food plant with a China company producing ready to serve pork. Was it to produce halal "breaded pork in skewers, breaded pork, roasted pork meat product,..."? Hmmm ... yummy.

How would Khazanah respond to this wastage as compared to Isa Samad?

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Praise and award for Khazanah?

The thumbs up news on Khazanah Nasional in the latest 2012 Auditor General's Report makes us feel like throwing up. A little over a week ago, Khazanah was given a global award by Frost & Sullivan in San Francisco when PM was there to officiate  their new office.

Will not be surprise if it is a designed public relation excercise. Such self glorification is a cheap way to hoodwinked the public as to what is really happening in the mysterious and secretive Khazanah organisation.

Suspiciously, it could be another Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop scheming. Nor Yakcop is Khazanah's Deputy Chairman and Chairman of the Management committee, and he has lots of free time. 

Wastages, corruption and status quo

You get that feel
And everybody knows
You're moving their minds
Moving their minds around
From Heart's Rockin Heaven Down 

A political rumour picked up this morning mentioned there will be an announcement by Dato Hishamuddin bin Tun Hussein Onn just days prior to the UMNO General Assembly.

It is supposed to be a project supposedly to benefit, directly or indirectly, the 140,000 voting UMNO branch delegates and turn his feared political misfortune around. It can't be train, it can't be anything mega, not politically sensitive taxi and hmmm... could it be buses?

Or abolish toll?

That should answer our friend in JB who thought we gave up on UMNO election. No, just sick to our stomach with what's happening.

Haven't simmered from yesterday's expose on the stealing of poor people's money. There is more action in exposing crooks than talking about UMNO's predictable election. 

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

PEMANDU: 'Driving' down moral disaster

This expose will definitely makes one's blood boil.

If it doesn't, there is something morally wrong with your upbringing because it is about money meant for the poor. It is about opportunity to generate income for the hardcore poor. It is about public money.

And it is about corruption, and collusion of the highest order.

Fellow blogger, Goh Wei Liang tried hard to dispel the perception against PEMANDU [read here].

He felt some 'senior bloggers' have not been fair to pick on Fara Intan's personal life and described it as "perception manipulation and deceptive."

He is wrong. There is nothing personal against Fara.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Hits and Misses

Over the years, we've hit lots of targets. However, we do have our misses and errors.

It is not in the main story but more on the side story.

And it is about the side story in the posting on the leakage in the tender of a system meant for Kastam dan Eksais Diraja Malaysia. Read here.

In our story, we wrote:

My Say