Monday, December 31, 2018

Less political nonsense (like PPBM Rashid) for 2019

It was a nonsense weekend.

Supposed to watch a musical teather with frailed mother, in which a niece was performing, but an incident at the teather entrance ended mother had to undergo emergency operation for an open fracture.

There was another nonsense over the weekend. Though there was no prior statutory branch and division meetings held, it was supposed to be PPBM's first AGM after winning GE.

Expectation was for something significant on their struggle as Malay and Muslim based party of the Prime Minister. It became an event similar to a divorcee endlessly bitching of their ex and could only promise the next marriage not be like the previous.

The biggest nonsense must be VP, Tan Sri Rashid Abd Rahman requesting "openly" for contracts to be awarded to division head to finance PPBM division operation. And,  Syed Saddiq said PPBM is not UMNO 2.0 or 3.0...

There have been too many such political nonsense in 2018 that Assistant Minister and Principal Secretary to the Sarawak Chief Minister Office, Abdullah Saidol had an interesting new year wish.

Friday, December 28, 2018

With 95 seats in hand, Khairuddin declared war, Daim attacked LGE

Public statements by political leaders to the public and media are fair, justified and pleasing to the general public. Off course, there are Syed Saddiq, Mat Maszlee, Teresa Kok to name a few among Cabinet Ministers lacking political correctness and indifferent to public opinion.

Reporters, bloggers and social media should have critical mind to understand the meaning and context of their words. The better networked and experienced ones could uncover behind the scene happenings, piece it together, and reveal the intention of the statements.

There was public satisfaction to hear Tun Daim’s remind government to fulfill their election promises. While, oppositions were overjoyed with a false sense of victory when Daim called on PH government to stop the blame game and repeating debt story.

He even called to vote out the PH government for failing to fulfill their manifesto promises.

Knowing Daim is the scriptwriter for PPBM’s propaganda and PPBM insider’s latest number of Malaya parliamentarian supporting PM at 95, it is more than meets the eye.

In private, Daim been passing cynical remarks to call Tony Pua as market wizard and Lim Guan Eng an economic czar. At almost the same time, Dato Khairuddin Abu Hassan revealed to media of a plot to topple Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir.

Mat Sabu tried to play it down, but Khairuddin’s statement meant war was declared on DAP and PKR on behalf of Mahathir.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Malaysian party politics have descended into bitter infighting

Dr Mahathir appears calm and unflappable. But beneath him is turmoil.
In little more than seven months, the nation has gone from contender for "country of the year" to a morass of jibes, barbs and allegations

It appears to be widely agreed that Malaysia’s general election in May – in which a democratic transition from the long-ruling government to the former opposition took place for the first time since independence in 1957 – was one of the more remarkable events of the year.

Flying in the face of a supposed democratic recession around the world, it led The Economist to place Malaysia on its three-nation-long shortlist for the title “country of the year”.

Yet just over seven months on, the honeymoon period is clearly coming to an end, with prominent members of the new administration formed by the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition offering stark warnings in recent days about where it is headed.

“What’s going on is dire. What’s going on is a new PH government failing,” said Ramkarpal Singh, an MP from a family who were staunch opponents of the old Barisan Nasional government, and whose brother is a cabinet minister.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Fellow Islam Liberal disagree with Siti Kassim

A day after this blog posted George Harrison's Give Me Love, there is a video of a rude and vulgar interjection by a Malaysian Indian at Haji Hadi's session in London viraling on social media. Christmas is over and yesterday's turkey is today's Turkey sandwich.

Back to reality and the grey areas one has to deal with to achieve peace and love. On Christmas Day itself, there was a gathering in Klang demanding Justice for Adib and removal of Waythamoorthy. Pro-government media attempted to playdown by reporting crowd size at 1,000 (but SunDaily and The Mole reported 5,000) and highlighted Dato Azwanuddin's politically incorrect speech.

Earlier Friday, there was a crowd of 500 to accompany the submission of memo to PM to demand Waytha's sacking in Putrajaya. On Christmas Eve, Siti Kassim and her like-minded friends sent a memo to PM as show of support for Waytha. Malaysiakini reported 50 present but The Star mentioned 30.

Defenders of Waytha are simply ignoring the facts, play up sentiment, and label the other side as racial and religious fanatics. Similar argument was used by the queer lawyer Sit Kassim against Syed Saddiq in her column. Hindraf's defense is to claim Waytha made scapegoat because he is Indian and minority. It is made simplistic as mere blame game. And, the Malay Muslims are labelled as bullies.

It is to the contrary as a fellow Islam Liberal mate of Siti Kassim explained:

Monday, December 24, 2018


Christmas greetings to all Christian Friends. This George Harrison song for the occasion.

Give me love
Give me love
Give me peace on earth
Give me light
Give me life
Keep me free from birth
Give me hope
Help me cope, with this heavy load
Trying to, touch and reach you with,
Heart and soul

Saturday, December 22, 2018

UMNO 3.0: After TDM, its Azmin PM, H2O DPM

Yes, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim may not be PM. Neither will Tan Sri Muhyiddin.

Must say, many would agree with the view of FMT’s TK Chua, Msia Insider's James Chai and Kim Quek, and M’kini’s pro-DAP Gunasegaran. The current politics is revolting. Country is going to the dogs – everything is down or will go down further, but cost of consumer goods are up.

More so, it is frustrating for this blogger, who warned of PPBM gameplan codenamed as Game Changer back in April, but live to see it happen. It made Anwar’s failed 916 and Sabah’s long history of frogging as child’s play.

Though many Malaysians are concerned with the state of the nation, the majority could still be in the old habit of finding escapism by looking in awe at the destructive politics of Tun Dr Mahathir. He has always been a politician first and never really the serious nation building statesman. His hands has a reverse Midas touch, including destroying his own efforts.

The current variation to the original Game Changer strategy is a masterpiece indeed, but ultimately, the hint “Watch Azmin” from someone close to Mahathir, very close to Mahathir, in April 2015 looks likely to be realised.

Cutting through the chase, the A and H in the acronym MAHATHIR to succeed the acronym RAHMAN of UMNO PMs will likely be Dato Seri Azmin and Dato Seri Hishamuddin Hussein Onn.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Al-Fatihah! #Justice4Adib #Waytha2Resign #Life4Life

A fireman rushed to the scene at the Sri Mariammaan Hindu temple at USJ Subang Jaya to carryout his duty to douse a fire and ensure public safety.

Unfortunately, he ended up being beaten to the pulp by rowdy crowd, which include hired gangsters.

Yesterday, it was announced, the fireman, Muhamamad Adib passed away at IJN. Al Fatihah!

At the request of the family, his body was taken immediately back to Kedah for burial. The planned political staging by Zuraidah for a last rite of respect at Hang Tuah fire station cancelled.

May Allah blessed his soul and be awarded jannah. His death must not be left in vain. Justice must not be denied for Adib, his family and fiance.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Tabung Haji: Empress Dowager or Special “Perompak” Vehicle?

[Updated: 15/5 8:00 AM] 
[Updated: 16/5 12:00 PM] 
[Updated: 17/5 10:00 PM] 

After dinner and over drinks (mine was Light Coke) last night, an elderly former corporate man turned businessman joined our table for conversation.

He vented his frustration over the state of the nation and destruction of wealth that is happening since May 8th. Lembaga Tabung Haji (LTH) was not spared. He was on an “... angry. I can’t take it any more!” mode, to quote a line from a 70s movie classic, Network.

There were many areas of agreement with his general observation, but we reminded him the danger of making generalisation and presumptions. Unless one can put one’s finger on exactly what wrong was done, one should just read news report and watch the public drama in stride.

There have been a decline in ability, inquisitiveness, and depth in the current crop of mainstream reporters.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Saifuddin was the culprit behind attempt to retify ICERD

The pro-government media is actively trying to play down the number of crowd.

The social media showed extensively images and videos of the gathering that it cannot be disputed to be bigger than any of the BERSIH series.

In anticipation of the large turnout, PPBM and PAN wavered from their earlier stance to favour considering ICERD. Tun Dr Mahathir changed from his cynical swiping of the anti-ICERD rally to U turn to take potshot at SUHAKAM.

PKR is in a dilemma with sizeable number of its Malay members not supportive but non-Malay members are supportive of ICERD. Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim did not put a stand but Nik Nazmi had AMK loudly support ICERD. 

The champion behind the idea of ICERD is COMANGO with DAP's hidden hand lies in the background. The recent culprit trying to push ICERD is not controversial Minister Waythamoorthy, who announced government will retify ICERP, but it was Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah.(In the earlier government, it was Dato Nazri Aziz but rejected by Dato Najib}.

He inserted the message without specifically mentioning ICERD in Tun Dr Mahathir's speech at the United Nation. (Kelab Che Det supporters claimed and showed documents Mahathir was involve in writing the speech).

Friday, December 07, 2018

Lynas, ICERD and DAP

Government announced the closing of Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia. The late Chairman, Dr Zubir Harun, who passed on after GE14, would be turning in his grave to know of this.

Prior to GE14, opposition politicians criticised the giving of "dedak" handouts by government. Within 6 months in power, the agency, which supported the poor, single mothers, and those without means to make a living across all races with fishing rods to fish, was closed up. Naturally, the excuse is political and one can expect the blame to 1MDB, Jho Loh and RM1 trillion debt lie.

Underlying all these moves is DAP pursuit to realise their utopian Malaysian Malaysia for equality across all races at breakneck speed and taking advantage of the political lull of UMNO, PPBM and PKR without consideration for social fallout and massive numbers falling into poverty.

More important than equality is social justice across all races. The equality for budget allocation to all types of school means the more in number, and higher priority under the Federal Constitution like Islamic religious and national schools will get less per school than other type of schools. Brutal budget slashing to MARA, B40s, and other groups under guise of equality is denying social justice.

Fuziah Salleh may not realise but she is being made a front for a DAP-initiated effort to close the non-issue Lynas. In doing so, she is pandering to DAP agenda, assisting their political in-road into Pahang, and denying her fellow Pahang-ites the fishing rod to be economically independent.

Lynas employed 90% Malay workers and generate economy to the local community. Getting FDI is tough these days and yet PH government is lengthening Malaysia's long list of foreign countries it is quarrelling with. Latest being Singapore and Saudi Arabia.

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Did Gopal Sri Ram confirmed charge made before investigation completed?

On Facebook recently, an ex-mainstream reporter ridiculed the #FreeNajib meme as #NajibPercuma.

Having being in media for decades and written columns and features, he should be considered journalist but such mentality makes him no different from cub reporter right of a Seremban secondary school.

Dato Najib have been subjected to far worse insults but for that to come from an ex-mainstream reporter, who was actively lobbying and getting PR job from previous PMO and getting money in the multiples to the dedak Najib allegedly gave out to his dedicated cybertroopers, it is uncalled for.

Such ungrateful behaviour and pro-government media switching side and resorting back to the pre-Abdulah Badawi level of devious reporting and crass propaganda makes many unsympathetic to the fate of media companies.

They can play the role as mouthpiece of government but do so professionally as an informed journalist with fair level of objectivity and critical thinking. Reporters are still picking snippets for story than true reporting of events.

Lately, the reports in the media are so tame as though reporters are afraid to ask questions. In the case of the charges on Tan Sri Irwan and Dato Najib, the media failed to ask the pertinent question.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Investigate Waytha's devious hands behind ICERD, USJ25 temple!

A friend complained that Facebook put him on a 3-day ban for calling on police to investigate Waytha Moorthy.

Aliran Executive Commitee said it rightly that government should focus on tackling poverty (which is expected to worsen following the disastrous budget by Tun Dr Mahathir's Minister of Finance, "Nobita" Lim Guan Eng) and insecurities of B40.

Cabinet or more accurately, Cabinet Members, including the PM, should shed their opposition character, stop their shallow politics, and focus with the job in hand to govern and take the country out of the rut that is their own doing.

Mahathir denied but the events unfolding is undoubtedly personal and political revenge. Thus the question posed by Martin Vengadesan of The Star: Do we want justice or revenge? Our fingers are so itchy to write of what we see of some of the cases against BN leaders.

In addition to the valid concern of Aliran, a column in The Star questioned how Waytha could announced government would rectify ICERD without any news of cabinet discussing the matter, and surely no cabinet decision was reached since PPBM leaders opposed ICERD and PKR, except for AMK, are cautious on ICERD. There was no prior communication, explanatory roadshow government and public discourse by government.

As Joceline Tan revealed in her column here, it was Saifuddin Abdullah that slipped ICERD into Mahathir's speech at the United Nation and Waytha spiked on the set-up ball.

Then came the temple incident in which Waytha devious hands is at it again.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Having survived attempted removal, will Shahril get cash call approved?

It is un-sangka-reable.

But the eldest son of Sapura founder, Tan Sri Shahril Shamsuddin Kadir survived an attempt to oust him as CEO in July.

The initiative to kick him out of the Board of Director was led by no kucirat shareholder but government pension fund manager, EPF.

The dispute was his big pay. For Sapura Energy that loss nearly RM3 billion on a revenue short of RM6 billion for FY 2018, Shahril was earning RM72 million excluding an IP rights payment of RM43 million. [Read The Edge here]. 

It made the big fuzz over the salary of the late Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad aka Dolah Kok Lanas as Chairman and acting CEO of SPPK in the 80s pittance.

This case was quoted by our Company's late Chairman, a former MITI KSU in the late 90s when he refused to accept any Board renumeration till company made money and shareholders get their dividends. Having collaborated before with MSWG, that would be our stand.

In the case of Shahril, 82% of the shareholders voted to retain him as Director at the company's AGM in July. Shahril holds only 15%.

More astonishing, PNB announced in late September that they are prepared to take up any unsubscribed shares from a planned RM4 billion right issue up to 40%, which is basically increasing their stake from 26%.

With shareholders overwhelming endorsement and backup from a reputable institution PNB, idealism goes out the window.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

FGV lawsuit should not be an escape route for Isa

"Tak dibuat orang", a top law enforcement officer confided when asked his view of Felda Global Ventures Berhad (FGV) suing its former Chairman, Tan Sri Isa Samad, former CEO, Dato Mohamed Emir Mavani Abdullah, and 13 others including former government representatives in FGV.

Such remark is natural as it will be the first time since the overhaul done on the Company Act in 2016. According to website, today "you can actually sue directors for breaching their director duties".

The overhaul done under Dato Najib administration seemed to bite him back but it would not have been done by current Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir.

He U-turned to delay the amendment to take out the responsibility of Public Prosecutor from the Attorney General despite Dato Gopal Sri Ram obviously playing the role now.

It is certainly a vindication to finally "Gotcha!" on Emir Mavani. Never convinced with his use of Enterprise Value in acquisition of plantations, including Eagle and United Pontian.

As for Isa Samad, it serve him right for insisting on oil and gas man, Emir as CEO and the conniving move on seasoned planter, the late Tan Sri Sabri Ahmad in 2013. He contributed to BN losing 25 "Felda seats".

For the rest, it is high time Directors be penalised for not carrying out their fiduciary duties said a former corporate player that used to hog the media.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Hidup itu seperti UAP,
yang sebentar saja kelihatan, lalu lenyap !!

Orang memuji MILIKKU,
aku berkata bahwa ini HANYA TITIPAN saja.

Bahwa mobilku adalah titipan-NYA,
Bahwa rumahku adalah titipan-NYA,
Bahwa hartaku adalah titipan-NYA,
Bahwa putra-putriku hanyalah titipan-NYA ...

Tapi mengapa aku tidak pernah bertanya,
MENGAPA DIA menitipkannya kepadaku?
UNTUK APA DIA menitipkan semuanya kepadaku.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Authority cleared Lynas: What now unhappy Fuziah and Wong?

An old caption of YB Fuziah Salleh and YB Wong Tuan Tat 

The Australian Financial Review this morning reported with confidence as they claimed "Lynas unscathed by first Malaysian review hearing".  They may have quoted The Star's Sunday report here, in which all relevant government agencies were cleared by all relevant agencies. An extract below:
By the end of the nearly five-hour public hearing on the issues surrounding the rare earth refinery's operations, all parties had had their say.

Government agencies such as the Department of Environment (DoE), Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB), Malaysian Investment Development Authority and the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) generally found Lynas to be in compliance with rules and regulations.

Pahang DoE director Rosli Zul said throughout the development of Lynas, the department found that the company had abided by all the relevant environmental regulations.
Rosli went on to say the water that passed through LAMP came out cleaner. [Read more in The Sundaily here].

In our previous posting here, Fuziah Salleh and Wong Tuan Tat remained defiant to see Lynas go.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Lynas: Are Wong Tack, Fuziah shifting to China friendly?

These "opposition"-type do not give-up so easily. Not even when they have taken over the government.

With the benefit of being in the political leadership and access to civil service support, they should have a better picture of the various considerations in any decision by government.

Lynas Advaned Material Plant (LAMP) received extension till February 15 of the temporary permit to store residue at its site. Immediately, Wong Tuan Tack, the MP for Bentong from DAP responded to urge the PH government not to repeat the mistake of the previous BN government.

It is perhaps ego to show they are right and it's not just politics. Maybe it is a matter of face after the anti-Lynas failed to prove their point at the PSC public hearing then. Probably they have something more than questioning government and various agencies for approving the licences and site, thus should not give up. Since Pahang remained with BN, it could be political.

Earlier in mid-October, Wong pledge to continue to fight on the claimed environmental cause of Lynas. He and another champion of the issue, MP for Kuantan, Fuziah Salleh, was requested to vacate the LAMP executive review committee.

The Lynas defiance is interesting on many accounts.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Saifuddin's mouthpiece to reply Anifah is one week late

One would expect a columnist with accolades of assignments and Harvard mentioned in his resume like Phar Kim Beng would have given a decent commentary to Dato Anifah Aman's response in Parliamant to Malaysia Baru's new Foreign Minister, Dato Saifuddin Abdullah.

Phar's reply to Anifah's calling of Saifuddin as not "well-versed" in South China Seas issue was to reduced it to as hackneved.

He then ridiculed the expertise of a former Director General of Maritime Department in the Foreign Minister, who was recently sent to France as Malaysia's new Ambassador, as Anifah's only expert on South China Sea.

Subsequently, he was throwing the names of few diplomats, which was not quite clear whether he was potraying Anifah as getting the wrong advise from the wrong people or Saifuddin seek advise from better diplomats.

Phar seemed to run down all the diplomats which advised both Anifah and Saifuddin. This technique in debate is hackneyed, meaning overused; unoriginal and trite. It is so DAPish to run down without giving a fair and honest assessment.

Friday, October 05, 2018

Forget politics ... What about our lives and the economy, stupid!

Still doing a pun on Bill Clinton.

Voters turnout for by-elections have been low and the same expected for the return of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim via Port Dickson.

Many more charges against Dato Najib and now Datin Seri Rosmah. Will it make the public more angry towards them or if it is overdone, could it result in public sympathy?

Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin is lendong a hand to spew insults to fire up hatred but again, no charge sheet is ready. Printer's fault at the AGC.

Was the hurried charges meant as diversion to an unproductive London-New York-London trip for PM or divert attention from PD for PPBM's subtle attempt to deny Anwar of victory?

Apparently claimed a source, few of the candidates in PD are being funded. But wonder who cares for all these politics when life is getting difficult.

World Bank forecasted Malaysia's economy to grow slower than expected. [Read in NST here]. Cost of living for B40 went up in multiples. [Read TMI here.]

PH campaigned on this issue but when in government, only aggravate matters. So the need to cook up a RM1 trillion debt lie!

If that is not bad enough, official government statistics for August confirmed trade contraction for the world's 16th largest trading nation. [Read here.]

Monday, September 24, 2018

Did't I tell you? - Rumi

Didn't I tell you
Do not leave me for I am your only Friend,
I am the spring of life.
Even if you leave in anger for thousands of years
You will come back to me for I am your goal and your end.

Didn't I tell you
not to be seduced by this colorful world
for I am the Ultimate Painter.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Words of Thomas Jefferson relevent for current Malaysia

Bear with it and endure.

Those were the words of  Thomas Jefferson, an American Founding Father, who was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, and later served as the third president of the United States from 1801 to 1809. More in Wikipedia here.

There will be those still believing it was a necessary change or too proud to admit their mistake of choice. Naturally, the likes of us believe the majority chose the bigger evil.

More of Thomas Jefferson quotations which will increasingly be relevent discussion in the current political environment in Malaysia.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha

We missed chanting these words at the holy land ...

Tuesday, August 14, 2018



By The Beatles

You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
You tell me that it's evolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world

Monday, August 13, 2018

Surely Tun Daim ... Man Koboi for SC Chairman?

Blogger Big Dog's growl towards a lawyer Dato for ridiculous expectation on Lembaga Tabung Haji came off as a surprise. Why is the newly appointed Chairman, Tan Sri Mohd Nor Yusof rather quiet?

According to sources familiar with corporate figures of Tun Dr Mahathir's first time as Prime Minister, Mohd Nor Yusof is associated with Tun Daim. Recent appointments to PNB, Khazanah, BNM, and Petronas was noticeably aligned directly or indirectly to Mahathir or Daim.

Positions to head Bursa Malaysia and Securities Commission are still not fulfilled. Bursa CEO, Dato Seri Tajuddin Atan tendered his resignation in June and it is still headless. There is widespread head hunting exercise but no takers due to the low salary.

Government must be in a bind to fill-up the large number of vacancies that even Dato Ahmad Azman bin Dato Abdul Manaf or Man Koboi to his MCOBA friends is considered acceptable for the position of SC Chairman.

It was Utusan Malaysia that broke the story yesterday. Unless it is a decoy before a surprise announcement, The Star reported Azman as the likely candidate.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

More to the call on UMNO to distance from Najib

Though losing the Sungai Kandis by-election, BN claimed there were positive indications. However, analysis has no value as it is too early, and the seat is a lubuk (goldmine) of PKR.

The pre-mature confidence became the basis for Dato Johari Gani to question the strategy to put Dato Najib in the forefront of the campaign. [His statement at the end of the posting].

It became an interesting debate on the role of Dato Najib in UMNO and the way forward for UMNO. Interesting because it is not the practise of UMNO to express such manner of views openly and with such frankness.

The spirit of Malaysia Baru has got the better of UMNO.

In the midst of the exchange, Tan Sri Annuar Musa suddenly made statements out of context to the current subject thus making it possible there could be more than midst the eye.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Guan Eng's stolen GST accusation will fall flat on his face

That is writer of the blog Third Force, Reggy Jessy ridiculing Lim Guan Eng for wanting to auction off the believed to be illegally seized superyatch Equinimity.

The new cabinet members have many versions of Ahmad Maslan, the former Deputy Minister who was the favourite target of then opposition and public for ridicule.

Since then, there is a Mat Maslan II emerging as in the education Minister, Dr Ahmad Maszlee. Young Syed Saddiq continued to utter senseless and inconsistent remarks everytime his mouth opens up in front of the press.

Now that they are in government, opposition leaders like Mat Sabu, Salahuddin Ayub, Saifuddin Nasution, Teresa Kok, Khalid Samad, Zuraidah Kamaruddin, Kulasegaran, and even Azmin recently with the "met Singapore official on HSR" boo boo turned out to be splitting images of Mat Maslan.

Unfortunately, the bigger Mat Maslan as in Lim Guan Eng went un-noticed.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

No charge on 1MDB but lingerie for propaganda machinery

Malay Mail broke a rumour yesterday claiming Dato Najib will be arrested when he present himself for further statement at MACC yesterday.

A source claimed Najib will be locked up over night and be presented to court today for three more new charges for money laundering (AMLA). .

Najib was not locked-up but The Star this morning reported MACC confirmation.

When the rumour first broke, there were many reaction to the rumour from questioning when will the charges on the few years of accusation made on 1MDB to why cheap shot of only AMLA.

There were snide remarks by few lawyers in our WA group. The claim of rule of law under the  new government is made fun off. And, the Attorney General's withdrawal of  outstanding cases against PH leaders and a matter of time, Lim Guan Eng's corruption case too were raised.

Coincidently or by design, Indonesia announced they have seized the superyatch allegedly belong to Jho Loh and it turning it over to the Malaysian authority yesterday.

It is supposed to be an attention diversion from many issues pervading the new government.

Monday, August 06, 2018

Hasanah seeking CIA help, but US State Dept helping PH?

A letter sent by the former chief of Malaysia’s espionage agency, Datuk Hasanah Abdul Hamid to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) prior to the election created much hue and cry by a lawyer, leaders, and youth leader aligned to the new government.

It was a matter of time she would be made an issue following police raid of her home at Seri Kembangan [It is reported by news portal, World of Buzz on May 22nd here]. It could be a fixed up job but she is not exactly popular and may not get much sympathy by those in the know. 

Words are she viewed Dato Hamid Badur as a threat to her position and psyched him into resignation by providing him an empty office with only a table and chair. She was said to be in a office quarrel that extended into bomoh being employed. And, talk is she questionably took up the bulk of the election campaign budget for operationally worthless system and laughable strategies.     

Her alleged abuses and exploits is now water under the bridge. Personally, her letter is uncalled for and though some defended it as quite acceptable, it's rather naive to put such views in writing. More on that later.

A top official of a US State Department-funded body linked to the Republican party, International Republican Institite admited working together with the then opposition to "throw out" the government. For few general elections, it is an open secret but the video acknowledged the covert operation between the US and the then opposition.

The letter to CIA exposed Hasanah as not quite intelligent. The pertinent question is whether the collaboration by PH with IRI is not treason too?

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Only reason plausible, Guan Eng is anti-Chinese racist

These days, it is easy to discredit any claim or demand by Malays for any of their rights and interest by brushing it as racist. Other race or self interest group can demand the sky and get away with it.

New education Minister, Dr Mat Maszlee could apologise and succumbed instantaneously to approve demand from DAP for refusing budget to no constitutional obligation and not high priority private Chinese school and UEC certification.

When he had to explain in Parliamant as why to he issued a statement in Mandarin without a Malay translation, there was no genuine remorse in his apology.

Lim Guan Eng issued an official statement in Chinese without neither Malay or English certification. No apology was deemed necessary and the excuse, if memory did not fail us, was oversight.

It is temptng to fall for the common cliche that it is discrimination against Malay and racism by DAP Chinese. Naturally not when Guan Eng reiterated that he is Malaysian first. One should ignore any claim DAP rallies mentioned about using the Malays to achieve Chinese dominance.

However, Guan Wng could be anti-Chinese, and indirectly a racist...

Monday, July 30, 2018

Under test, Mahathir fight on corruption and Tommy Thomas integrity

Tun Dr Mahathir claimed he inherited a government riddled with corruption on CNN would appease the "üneducated" majority of voters in a state of euphoria.

That is unless the long list of broken promises and excuses that could be stretched into a booklet had not douse the enthusiasm. .

The politics behind such claim is glaring. Rocky Bru's latest posting humoured the interview with a picture of Pak Lah replying, "So did I."

Any regular readers should have notice that this blog do not take seriously any statements with insidious political undertone.

The same with the Mahathir's chest thumping claim his new government will be better and cleaner to another foreign media in early July.

It was to prep up for his announcement on a series of measure to ensure a clean and corrupt free new government.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Malaysia risk international isolation due to Mahathir's politics

Since the last posting HERE, Tun Dr Mahathir admitted in Parliament that Japan may not provide the low interest loan new government needed but excused as bringing the cost down.

However, it is only typical Mahathir's logic for the uneducated public and not likely to be the real reason. He should have learned his lessons from getting whacked by the foreign exchange market twice.

And Mahathir would have realised the Japanese non-committal, but polite, gesture during his first overseas visit as PM again to Tokyo.

Pre-empting that possibility, Mahathir sent Tun Daim to meet Prime Minister Li Keqing to deliver a letter last Wednesday July 18th. It is likely the prequel to his 5-day visit to China to meet President Xi Jinping beginning August 17th.

However, domestic happening ruined the plan. It opened the Council of Eminent Persons (CEP) to attack and the visit is not likely to appease the infuriated China. In fact, Malaysia run the risk of being isolated internationally.

Mahathir should restart Langkawi International Dialogue to make him look good as though he is the leader of the third world countries of Africa, South America and Asia.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Is Nikkei hinting Japan's reluctance to Mahathir's request?

The public is excited over the cheap branded-species durians found in abundance by the roadside these days. However, they do not realise it is indicative economic powerhouse China has retaliated economically.

Palm oil prices and latex has fallen below cost and plantation companies are looking at loses. Millions of farmers are facing the prospect of poverty level income. The silent retaliation has impacted on tourism, stock market, bond market, and ringgit.

It is no secret during and after the election that Tun Dr Mahathir is severing the economic ties with China built by Dato Najib on the long friendship established by his father. The storyline Mahathir wish to create for his fellow PH politicians is he is moving back to his old friend, Japan.

But on the same July 10th that Japan Forward wrote, "Malaysia’s Mahathir Says, ‘Look East’ to Japan, Away from China", Nikkei Asian Review published a damaging article, "Mahathir's economic vision a hard sell for investors."

Three days ago, July 16th, NIkkei continued its pessimistic tone in an article, "After the upset: What Mahathir's return means for Malaysia" with the poser on the 93 year old ability to deliver the high hope of youth. Is the mouse fixing the pumpkin?

NIkkei is the world's largest circulation financial newspaper. Its political leaning is described as moderate conservative but its humble beginning as an in-house publication for one of Japan's largest sogososha, Mitsui & Co. maybe reflective of Japan's view of Malaysia.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Spinning confidence need be sensibly done

In December 11, 2017, The Edge reported the Senior Vice President of UOB Malaysia forecasting ringgit to strengthen for 2018  from the level than of 4.07 to below the psychological level of 4.00.

That was a gutsy, specific and justifiable forecast made. The details HERE. Ringgit was flat that month before US dollar nosedive against ringgit to actually went as low as near 3.85.

Unfortunately, the economic senario took a different course and all the markets went under with ringgit weakened sharply and is expected to weaken further.

Confidence level on the economy, and the country is low. The euphorio is not over, but it will be once public realised the economic mess the new administration made. Lim Guan Eng screwed it big time with his so-called I am telling the truth bull.

After latex down and oil palm below RM2,100 per tonne, ringgit is expected to be do a sharp nose dive against US dollar. The opposite to the US dollar nosedive against ringgit the last time around.

Expectedly, the power at be are seeking media and analyst to avert the inevitable by painting a rosy picture and shed some confident on ringgit. Consequently, NST report yesterday reported ringgit can strengthen with a headline of 3.20.

Heaven's to Mega Troud! Ringgit is now 4.0250. At least, spin the story intelligently.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Dear KJ from a Gen Y

There was a subsequent reaction from YB Khairy Jamaluddin on the appointment of former Attorney General, Tan Sri Apandi Ali on UMNO Supreme Council.

Apandi has since rescinded on the offer citing the controversy his appointment could attract. If retired Court of Appeal judge, Dato Mohamed Ariff bin Yusof could accept appointment as Speaker for Dewan Rakyat, why not Apandi.

Perhaps, being associated with 1MDB and 1MDB related debacle is a major hinderance to any involvement with UMNO.

Back to KJ, his earlier comment on the direction of UMNO did ruffled some feathers.

One would have thought he appealed to the Gen Y but one reporter of that generation, Zaidi Azmi wrote a Dear KJ on his Facebook:

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Better not be Rais but a judge

Pakatan Harapan leaders met last Sunday to discuss the appointment of the Speaker for Dewan Rakyat i.e. Parliament. The announcement is expected today or tomorrow, if Tun Dr Mahathir is still trying to manouvre his way.

For quite sometime, words have been going around that Mahathir wanted Tan Sri Rais Yatim to be appointed Speaker but was resisted by the other leaders of PH. Sources claimed Mahathir asked for UMNO support from Dato Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi in the meeting at Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana prior to the party election together with his offer for UMNO MPs to join PPBM.

These days many loyal members of UMNO are questioning the loyalty-bility of their leaders and elected wakil rakyat, who could selfishly jump ship without giving due consideration to those who supported and voted for them. The selfish and betrayal acts of politicians raise concern of their integrity.

Though it is not the main concern in the third world politics of Malaysia, where political pundits are in awed with the slight of hands in the manouvering of politicians, irrespective whether it is morally and ethically correct, Zahid knew that it was inappropriate.

Be that as it may, PH government will find it hard to claim they are creating a new Malaysia with a highly inappropriate choice as Speaker. They should not choose Rais.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Handcuffed, chained for misdemeanor offense

Montage created from Bernama twitter report here

Tun Dr Mahathir denied he was vengeful but to those discerning eyes, not still in pampers and baby pacifier between 1981 to 2003, it is not believable. Not with the overtly aggressive actions of police, and MACC.

And, not with his recent statements and speech yesterday advising civil servants and politicians to be honest, avoid corruption and not enrich themselves, family and friends.

On the back of vengeful and witch hunting on civil servants, politicians and GLC CEOs throughout the country being removed drastically through dismissal, or immediate transfer or force resignation, there was a similar but small happening in Shah Alam yesterday.

A senior officer of MACC was handcuffed and chained by police to Shah Alam court to be charged for a relatively misdemeanor offense under the penal code.

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Low-contribution Khazanah management need revamping

The Mole's column last week, Replacing GLC CEOs: Financial constraint or politics?, discussed the plan by new government to change the CEOs of GLCs.

The arguments against the idea is the disruption to the running of smooth running of government, politically motivated move, out dated practise, scepticism over high salary as the basis, and pay peanut, get monkey.

While, the argument for the sacking is financial constraint, loyalty to previous government, top executive self reward themselves, and GLC success is attributable to their government linked than CEO capability.

Be that as it may, a particular comment caught our eye:
If an organisation pays their top executives Singapore-level salary scale but contributes less than one per cent annually to government coffers, by all means, the Trump-style “you are fired!” is justified.
From a mile away, one could spot the target is Khazanah. Who will get fired at Khazanah?

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Reality bites on the reborn

During Hari Raya on the second day at the house of a VVIP, a son of the host's close friend was loudly talking of new hope from the change of government.

The lad works in Tokyo and has a Mat Salleh wife. There was no slang in his English - American or British or Ossie - but the fluency tells that English is the family's first language and his Malay is rather pelat.

His profession was IT thus his profile is a dead giveaway on his level of knowledge and understanding on the matter he commented.

Nevertheless, we should celebrate his aspiration. It is that of our's too but different in choice, experiance and pragmatism.

Talking of pragmatism, has reality bite on the new government and the public of the new government?

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Is Tommy capable of preparing the 1MDB, SRC and AMLA cases against Najib, Rosmah?

Over tea that stretched to dinner yesterday with a lawyer involved in a well known case, the subject of Tommy Thomas as new Attorney General came up.

The politically neutral and fairly level headed lawyer said, it would not be easy for him to be AG but not be involved in prosecution.

Tommy is good in his private practise on constitutional law, civil cases and contract related matters but he has no experience in building cases.

Defense lawyer work is easier as one only need to punch holes into the public prosecutor's case. The burden of proof on public prosecutor is heavier. The reason cases need to be almost 100% solid or if it could be quantified, 95% sure before taking to court to be punched holes by defense lawyers.

In the light of many cases coming up, in which the court of public opinion dubbed certain individuals as wrong, it maybe a different story in the court of law.

Tommy's statement to confirm receiving MACC's Investigative Paper and forming two teams to study it suggest few implications. The previous AG only needed only one team.

Former Chief Justice, Tun Abdul Hamid likened the manner Tommy operate as AG to a private practise lawyer.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Finally, MACC caught up with this bastard CEO!

In August 2013, this blog was in pursuit of the CEO of Putrajaya Holding, Dato Azlan Abdul Karim.

The allegation was for abuse power and receiving kickback which involve victimising genuine and bona fide contractors doing real and hard work. [Read it HERE and HERE.]

Today is June 27th, 2018. After 5 years, this heartless, cruel and corrupt bastard CEO was nabbed by MACC.

.Malaysiakini reported below:

Zeti does not know she is being used by Mahathir

Before the previous BNM Governor, Tan Sri Muhammad Ibrahim was selected, the talk then was that Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz's preferred successor was 1MDB investigator, Dato Nor Shamsiah Yusof.

If she was seen promoting and campaigning for Muhammad then, she is now promoting, campaigning and soothing public concern on Muhammad's resignation and Shamsiah's appointment. Heard the better choice should be the baiyi but Shamsiah's 1MDB effort is more the interest of Tun Dr Mahathir.

Zeti is the prefered choice of Mahathir to be used till she is of no use and to be chug aside. Increasingly, she is of no use. How much could Zeti's soothing assurances be of value to investors in a slowly but surely crashing market and an economy heading for recession?

The same with Shamsiah.

Monday, June 25, 2018

A political analysis reminded of Amimal Farm

There is an interesting political analysis and forecast by Meredith L. Weiss, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Rockefeller College of Pubic Affairs & Policy, University of Albany - State University of New York on the online news portal, FMT this morning.

We neither agree nor disagree completely, but it is an interesting view on what happened and what is to come. Somewhere in the analysis, it reminded us of George Orwell's 1945 classic political satire, Animal Farm.

Having taken a change of stance in early 2015 and switched support, it was not the after event that revealed the hypocrasy but the events before that long led us to the eye opening realisation. So we lost and there are always winners and losers.

Maybe others will eventually notice these pigs.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Where is Malaysia's Foreign Policy heading to?

It is coming to the second month of the new administration.

Second time around Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir has yet to appoint the important "spine" appointment of Foreign Minister.

It is World Cup season thus the use of the term spine that is commonly associated as key position in a football term in which other team members are built around.

The diplomacy partnership between Dato Najib and Dato Anifah Aman had achieved more in terms of expanding diplomatic relations, bilateral agreements and cooperations at the international stage than previous administrations.

It is one strength of Najib's administration seldom known and far from being acknowledged locally. If not for diplomacy, Najib would have not attracted massive investments from Middle East, China, etc and undertake to champion the plight of the Rohungya effectively.

Mahathir's position on foreign policy is unclear that the "trade journol" on foreign policy and international relation, Foreign Affair took notice.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Repeating 1988 judiciary crisis to fix Najib?

Heard it from one of the horses' mouth that it is pointless to fight when one can't win.

It led us to ponder whether the resignation of Chief Justice Tun Md Raus Sharif and Court of Appeal President Tan Sri Zulkefli Ahmad Makinuddin was because their "extension" as Federal Court judges and subsequently their appointments could not survive the test of the Federal Court or some other reason/s?

If they had lost in court in the case brought by the Bar Council, the implication would be horrendous. Practically, all judgements that involved any of them could be appealed for review and only build up more backlog in court. Thus it is could be a gentleman move to uphold the court system

Otherwise, the dent on government expenditure would have angered Finance Minister, Lim Guan Eng. However, he is not likely to rebut as he did to Dato Seri Anwar's advice to watch his mouth.

Though Lim Kit Siang had called for their resignation, it was Papa Lim himself that was vocal during the 1988 judicial crisis. The Lims are silence now. So do Bar Council.

However, few opposition and senior lawyers did criticised this interference by the executive branch of judiciary. None of the pro-UMNO lawyers could be heard. Not even Perkasa, since a non-Malay and non-Muslim will likely be CJ.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Najib charged for sodomy to blame for markets fall?

Bursa lost 28 points yesterday, and foreigners sold RM554.94 million yesterday, up from RM238.85 million a day earlier. While the public begin to realise the declining state of the economy and 100 days PH Manifesto is a farce, there are still those in a state of denial.

They tried to rationalise as global money flow, EU oil palm decision, US-China trade war, ECB easier monetary policy, and insisted to blame Dato Najib's infrastructure plan is assuming too much debt. They believed new government will draw a good plan to make Malaysia developed by 2025 and called us working for George Soros.

Hello friend! Do search this blog on who is behind Sarawak Report.

This blog forecasted market would rally after GE (read HEREHERE and HERE). However, PH win followed by foul mouth of new government leaders and their witch hunting vengeance made us review our position and even warned of a market decline on all fronts (read May 22nd posting HERE).

Lim Guan Eng begin to shut his mouth and new government is trying to calm nervous investors and public But 'no claim by Mahathir that Japan will approve the Yen loan will succeed. The worry is Tun Daim is no more in his prime and the unconstitutionally authorised CEP will end their role after 100 days. Not so eminent for not able to deliver any of the election promises delivered.

We now begin to question whether there is more than meet the eyes. It is unbelievable that the stars are all aligned against Malaysia. Similar to the 1997-2000 financial crisis, Third Force claimed Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim is aware of the foreign sabotage on the economy.

Being currently denied PM-ship, is he is behind the market downfall again?

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Don't tell me markets down due to Zionist conspiracy

Cancelled celebration of Israel's victorious 6 day war in 1967 planned in Melaka
Third Force lent a hand to promote the previous posting before Hari Raya and the message with their own posting, PH is taking the economy on a downward spiral.

At least, there are bloggers concerned with the development in the market and implication on the country.

Few FB comments expressed concerned with words uttered by Tun Dr Mahathir and Lim Guan Eng as not helping the economy. In addition to repeated mentioning of RM1 trillion debt political hoax, there was the technically deficient earlier remark of Guan Eng on government bailing our 1MDB.

Enough of picking on Guan Eng. Azmin's remark is far more damaging. quoted his, "Economy is in a mess" remark here.

And, there have been many developments over the weekend and Hari Raya holidays. Comments on foreigners streaming out of the stock market have gone viral. There is also rising awareness on the important agriculture product of Malaysia, palm oil and potential of ringgit.

The instinct is it could be a stormy Monday by the indication of increased amount of foreigners' selling last Thursday.

It is strange that everything is falling into place since the selling two days before polling on May 9th. No ... no ... please not another Zionist conspiracy.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Moody debunked Hari Raya wishes

Today is the last day of Ramadhan and tomorrow begins the celebration of Aidil Fitri.

Be careful on the road to ensure a Selamat Hari Raya. Was just told a nephew had a road mishap yesterday that caused the life of his wife and child with himself badly injured. Al fatihah 

This blog made a premonition of an upcoming market black hole two weeks ago.  A commentator dispute us and confidently claimed we will be proven wrong. It would be most welcome.

The intention to be the prophet of doom is to forewarn the new Malaysia Baru government, which remained drowned in euphoria, Mahathir's vengeance, and DAP's impatience to undertake revolutionary change.

It is unthinkable but they seemed unaware of the current happenings and implication of their actions to the stock, capital, currency and commodity market as well as the country's economy at large.

They can't deliver on their manifesto but resorted to cooking up bankruptcy and 1 trillion debt lies [read here, here and here] to the detriment of economic confidence on Malaysia.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Shedding into Japanese snakeskin to deny bankruptcy

The big buzz on Tun Dr Mahathir's trip to Japan on the social media is him admitting that it is not easy to arrest, charge and imprison Dato Najib.

It is not be done in haste as failure to do so will result in people questionimg all the remarks and accusations made against him.

This is no more swings and roundabout but practically an about turn. Its also the snake shedding a new skin acceptable to the intellect of the un-uneducated Japanese and global audience.

Mahathir also said Malaysia will not slide into bankruptcy as there are “huge savings” from several government institutions, which can be used to help the economy recover in the event of crisis.

“I don’t think ... the country will slide into bankruptcy,” he said in a news conference broadcast live from Tokyo, Japan where he is attending the Future of Asia conference hosted by Nikkei.

The Malay Mail reported:

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Swings of bankruptcy to the roundabout on debt

Swings and roundabout is a British idiom to mean "losses, setbacks, or negative aspects of a certain situation are cancelled out or balanced by equally advantageous or positive elements (or vice versa)".

The election is over and PH has won. The advantage or positive outcome from the use of the bankruptcy - truly or falsely, has worn out.

The attempt of Lim Guan Eng to continue with the same propaganda line to claim country's debt as RM1 trillion could cancel out the advantage they have gain.

This blog have been calling the propaganda or fake news or such political drama as wayang. Coincidently, a commentator with nicname, Anti Wayang viral the following comment.

Saturday, June 09, 2018

An academic exercise on blame

A friend, whose organisation almost got chopped recently by the Malaysia Baru new government, sent an interesting message.

Her message was refreshing and current. It was something we had delved into since our late teens and wrote of it in this blog many years ago.

It is purely an academic exercise but thought its worthy for pondering, thus shared it below:
I think it's important that we acknowledge and frame the issues that Malaysia faces. 
While the sense of outrage is absolutely natural, let's recognize that what happened here is a story as old as time.

My Say