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Watch Closely Now: Kali and the Robbing of ECM Libra Avenue

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Lucky Man: The Award and 5 Blogs That Make Me Think

Press the You Tube link for the progressive rock group Emerson Lake and Palmer’s live performance of Lucky Man.

I am playing the Lucky Man simply because I’m lucky to be noticed, acknowledged and nominated by two bloggers for the Thinking Blogger Award - Biggum Dogmansteinberg and Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong. Unlike others, my award icon is shadowed to depict the double nominations.

I noticed Clark’s nomination earlier but decide to ignore it till he informs me in my blog comment. I was actually engrossed then with something else to do the tag. Now, I can ignore my buddy Big Dog and must acknowledge Clark’s nomination also (although I couldn’t find where his nomination posting is).

These memetag started in February 11th, 2007 by a blogger, Ilker Yoldas of The Thinking Blog. Enter his blog to understand the purpose and rule of the tag.

To me, the most significant distinguishable trait to differentiate a person from another is in the mind. In the opening statement of James Allen literary work, As A Man Thinketh (1902), he well described a Thinking Man in the power of a human mind.

Mind is the Master power that moulds and makes,
And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes
The tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills,
Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills:—
He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass:
Environment is but his looking-glass.
Art afficiando would know of "The Thinker", a great sculptural work of the great French artists and sculptor, Rodin.

"The Thinker" original sculpture at the Musée Rodin in Paris
(from Wikipedia)

"The Thinker" was a bronze statute that became instantly recognisable icon of intellectual activity. Over twenty cast of this Rodin’s sculpture are available in museums all over the world. The original remain in Paris at Mesee Rodin.

Aguste Rodin (1840-1917) created "The Thinker" in the tradition of Michaelangelo but depart from the conventional "decorative, formulaic, or highly thematic" work of the time. He represented intellect and poetry by modelling “the human body with high realism, and celebrated individual character and physicality”.

Thats a thinking man!

Coming back to the award, I accept this nomination as acknowledgement for my humble thoughts as written in simplistic words garnered from my limited vocabulary and literal ability.

To accept this ward, I am required to tag '5 Blogs That Make Me Think' and that will be strictly the criteria I adhered to. I will not subscribed to any party or ideological affiliation for I believe in listening to “others” to strengthen and improve ones own belief.

Drum rolls please!

My 5 nominated blogs are:

1. Analisismalaysia of Analisis Malaysia is a new blogger that came into the scene just around the recent marathon of by-elections. His or her common sensical analysis of the political scene from the BN perspective caught my and many attentions. I have no doubt that the blogger can be self critical too.

2. Rudin X of Boneka, Penyu dan SPR, is a PAS party worker, which I previously had a positive engagement (under a different psudonym off course) in a different forum. His lyrical and cynical description and analysis of the Malaysian electoral process is insightful.

3. Shaiful Bahri Saidin of Apa Ada Pada Name is not only a blogger but a regular contributor to the Malay mainstream newspapers of Berita Harian and Utusan on political and public interest issues. If I could describe his political orientation, it would be an UMNO with a pro-Pak Lah stance. I would consider his Blog the best in the rather limited depth and defensive UMNO pro-Pak Lah Bloggers.

4. Ktemoc of Ktemoc Konsiders is one of the earliest Socio-Political Blogger that caught my attention. I believed he is Chinese and pro-opposition but I appreciate (or perhaps agree) with some of his honest analysis. A case in point is his persistant refusal to accept Anwar Ibrahim.

5. Rustam Sani of Suara Rakyat [Vox Populi] is chosen not because I am trying to balance out for Anwar's cause. He himself is an intellect worthy of my attention. Apart from his position in PKR, not many is aware that he is the son of Ahmad Boestaman. His father could be categoried as a Malay Left and behind the Kesatuan Melayu Muda (KMM) and Angkatan Pemuda Insaf (API). This is an anti-British group that is one of the earliest Malay groups to declare independence as its mission. I met Rustam in New York when he was doing his doctorate at Yale. The little that I know of him after Yale was that he was with ISIS during the times of Dato Dr Nordin Sophie. He used to write a regular column in Utusan Malaysia when his works were acceptable for mainstream publication and believed he lectured at one local University. I was only aware of his father recently.

There you have it. My rather wide ranges of bloggers that make me think.

Being doubly tagged, I have 5 additional nominations but I will use only 1. That is for Shar101, a commentator worthy of this award. Off course, he has to start blogging. Are you gonna keep us waiting Ole’ Blue Eye?

Is there a ceremony for me with award money? :-)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever

Press the You Tube for a 1978 David Gates performance as my dedication for a fine young lady and a blogger I got to acquinted recently.

As per her announcement here and Rocky's goodbye here, Ijok by-election is her curtain call to blogging. It would have been her most precious "going away" present to see PKR win but alas, it is one present I am not willing to depart. That is the reality of politics.

The stark reality is that the "ravine" dividing the political party she dedicated herself to and the political cause I subscribed to is too far apart. It is also a huge disparity between political idealism and socio-political reality.

Surprisingly, that barrier has not been a problem for us as individuals to get acquinted, socialised, and even exchange honest personal socio-political views.

In fact, we were sending text sms to each other throughout the marathon of three by-elections. I wouldn't be surprised we sent decoy sms to each other to put the other off track. I will deny and she will deny, so its all within the "fun and games" of politics. We are not the main players anyway.

I may not agree wholesomely with some of her thoughts in her blog. However, I find the character and thought of this young independent city girl quite fascinatingly honest, and refreshing. It is meaningful to me that she linked my Blog and call it as her "crony". Her blog is hidden deep in my heart, inside my personal Goggle Reader of Blog Buddy.

If her experience (I believe she is part of the organising team) in this engagement had translated into the theme "Engage and Embrace" for the upcoming Blogger United get-to-gather for SOPO (socio-political) bloggers, then I'm proud with my little contribution.

Until we learn to engage each other at individual level, only then can a "bridge" be build to enjoin the two edges of that "ravine". With that "bridge" built, only then are we able to promote sincere engagement, remove mistrust, develop understanding, and a natural resolve from within to find a way forward.

Hopefully a better compromise, if not a solution, to our socio-political woes is in the offering in the future.

This is not the first of such attempt and definitely not the last. Many such past efforts failed when there are those few with vested interest, ulterior motive and ambition, and impatient overzealousness hijacked the noble intention.

Until trust is developed, beware that any "action" will have an equal and opposite "reaction". Lets appreciate a Malay proverb to the effect of delicately pulling hair out of flour, as to not to spill it. Be sensitive and delicate in our actions.

I had a buddy who thought he had to say goodbye forever. I know it isn't. Just like his case, I do not believe it is a goodbye. So dear lady, let me tell ye goodbye doesn't mean forever. See ye!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Ijok IV: MalaysiaKini Salaherti Kenyataan Tun Dr Mahathir

Oleh Iblis Kecik

KEMPEN Barisan Nasional dan pembangkang di pilihanraya kecil Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Ijok dihangatkan dakwaan pembangkang bahawa Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad kini menyokong dan mahukan pembangkang menang.

Ini berikutan kenyataan Dr Mahathir kepada media-internet Malaysiakini bahawa pengundi harus menggunakan peluang menghantar isyarat kepada kerajaan bahawa tidak semuanya dalam keadaan baik, walaupun Dr Mahathir tidak secara terus terang menggesa pengundi di Ijok supaya tidak menyokong BN.

"Jika anda tidak berfikir (mengenai) apa yang anda lakukan, maka anda tidak akan memanfaatkan undi anda secara bijaksana, dan tentunya, anda yang patut dipersalahkan (kemudiannya)

"Kecuali jika anda menghantar isyarat kepada kerajaan –"Lihat sini, jika kamu buat perangai, kamu mungkin tidak akan dapat undi saya dalam pilihanraya akan datang" – maka kerajaan akan kata –"Lihatlah, rakyat mengundi menyokong kita. Kami dalam keadaan yang cukup baik – ," katanya seperti yang dipetik Malaysiakini.

Walaupun enggan mengatakan sama ada kenyataan beliau itu bermaksud menggesa pengundi Ijok memberi 'undi protes', Dr Mahathir berkata, BN tidak diharuskan diberi sokongan secara membuta tuli.

"Jangan undi BN secara membuta-tuli, Jangan undi PAS secara membuta-tuli, Jangan undi DAP secara membuta-tuli. Gunakan kebolehan anda untuk berfikir," katanya.

"Jika anda mengundi kerana anda mendapat banyak wang atau kerana anda mendapat banyak projek, maka anda mungkin mendapat kerajaan yang tidak baik yang menggunakan wang untuk membeli undi anda," kata Dr Mahathir.

"Mereka tidak kisah sama ada ianya kerajaan yang baik atau tidak. Kami orang Barisan. Kami undi Barisan. Tiada penilaian, tiada kajian dibuat. Kami undi kerana kami mesti. Itu sebabnya saya kata, rakyat akan mendapat kerajaan yang dipilih mereka sendiri."

"Jika ada tidak berfikir (mengenai) apa yang anda hendak lakukan, anda tidak menggunakan undi anda secara bijak, maka tentulah, anda sendiri yang patut dipersalahkan (akhirnya)," tambahnya.

Kenyataan umum Dr Mahathir jelas. Beliau mahukan pengundi menggunakan akal untuk menentukan nasib mereka dan bukannya menyokong mana-mana pihak secara membuta-tuli. Ini adalah pendapat dan nasihat seorang negarawan.

Tidak timbul isu Dr Mahathir menyokong pembangkang dan menolak BN.

Keghairahan kedua-dua belah pihak, BN dan pembangkang, mengeksploitasi kenyataan Dr Mahathir kini membangkitkan pelbagai soalan dan juga tohmahan.

Tiba-tiba sahaja kedua-dua pihak kini menganggap "suara" Dr Mahathir sebegitu kuat sehingga boleh mengubah hala tuju keputusan pilihanraya kecil ini.

Mungkinkah gabungan Dr Mahathir dan Malaysiakini ini terlalu kuat sehinggakan dapat menggugat kekuatan jentera BN?

Sebelum ini pimpinan BN dengan angkuh menepis apa sahaja yang Dr Mahathir suarakan. Pemimpin-pemimpin BN amat yakin bahawa rakyat menolak apa sahaja teguran dan kritikan Dr Mahathir terhadap Kerajaan.

Jadi bagaimanakah di Ijok terdapat suara-suara keraguan yang mula menuding jari terhadap Dr Mahathir, bahawa kenyataan beliau menyokong pembangkang? Adakah BN tidak faham permainan politik pembangkang atau mula mencari "scapegoat", pihak yang boleh dipersalahkan jika keputusan tidak menyebelahi BN?

Seperti kata Dr Mahathir, jika BN menang maka kemenangan ini akan dikatakan sebagai sokongan terhadap kepimpinan Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, tetapi kekalahan sudah tentu kerana kelemahan kepimpinan negeri diketuai Dato Seri Mohd Khir Toyo.

Kewibawaan pimpinan Timbalan Perdana Menteri merangkap timbalan pengerusi BN Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak juga akan turut dipersoalkan kerana akan ada pihak di dalam BN/Umno sendiri yang akan mendapat keuntungan.

Apapun bagi pihak pembangkang apa sahaja akan digunakan dan dieksploitasi untuk meraih keuntungan. Ini jelas dilakukan akhbar pro-pembangkang, begitu juga dengan penceramah-penceramah pembangkang yang akan memanipulasi fakta agar Dr Mahathir ternampak seolah-olah menyebelahi mereka.

Tidak pernah timbul persoalan tentang sokongan Dr Mahathir. Apa yang baik untuk negara sudah tentu menjadi keutamaan baginya. Berkali-kali beliau ditanya di dalam forum terbuka mengenai sokongannya terhadap Umno dan jawapannya tetap sama.

"Saya orang Umno. Saya akan terus menyokong Umno, tetapi sokongan untuk Umno haruslah membawa kebaikan untuk Umno."

"Kita tidak harus menyokong kepimpinan Umno jika ianya akan membawa kerosakan dan kehancuran kepada parti. Kepimpinan yang merosakkan parti harus ditolak kerana ianya hanya akan membawa kehancuran kepada Umno," begitu jawapan Dr Mahathir.

Beliau juga sering mengulangi bahawa penolakan pucuk pimpinan yang membawa kerosakan kepada parti tidak harus disamakan dengan penolakan terhadap Umno.

"Jika pemimpin tidak boleh ditegur maka tidak akan ada lagi demokrasi dalam Umno. Ini bukan tradisi Umno".

Menurut Dr Mahathir juga semasa beliau menghadapi tentangan daripada Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah dan Musa Hitam, kedua-dua mereka turut menyatakan bahawa mereka hendak "menyelamatkan" Umno, tetapi ahli Umno juga yang menolak menyebabkan kedua-dua pemimpin ini terkeluar daripada Umno.

Begitu juga semasa beliau menghadapi tentangan daripada Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Hakikatnya, kesemua penentang-penentang ini diberi peluang bercakap dan menentang dan akhirnya ahli Umno sendiri yang membuat keputusan muktamad.

Dan setiap kali terjadinya krisis kepimpinan di dalam Umno, Umno biasanya akan bangkit dan akan menjadi lebih kuat.

Dato Onn Jaafar, pemimpin yang terlalu besar jasanya kepada orang Melayu tetap ditolak Umno apabila dirasakan yang kepimpinannya sudah menyimpang daripada matlamat asal penubuhan Umno. Dan selepas itu Umno bersatu semula di bawah pimpinan Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Apabila Tunku, pemimpin yang membawa kemerdekaan kepada negara, dirasakan tidak lagi berdaya melindungi orang Melayu, maka beliau pun ditolak orang Melayu, dan Umno tetap kuat dan tetap berjaya memperjuangkan nasib orang Melayu.

"Pemimpin datang dan pergi tetapi parti Umno harus terus hidup untuk memperjuangkan nasib orang Melayu. Ahli Umno mempunyai tugas dan tanggungjawab untuk menentukan pucuk pimpinan parti tidak menyimpang dari matlamat perjuangan parti".

Tidak perlulah mana-mana pihak cuba mengeksploitasi kenyataan Dr Mahathir. Yang penting rakyat harus bijak memilih pimpinan dan Kerajaan, dan Kerajaan yang dipilih harus bijak memimpin rakyat. Rakyat tidak harus ditipu dan pemimpin tidak harus menipu.

Ijok IIA: Persoalan Tambahan Untuk Tan Sri

Saya mendapat pesan dari Rocky, seorang blogger yang bersama saya di Ijok baru-baru ini, bahawa mungkin susah untuk dapat bertemu Tan Sri. Berikut adalah komen Rocky:


I have asked my friends in KeAdilan to pass your questions to Tan Sri. Kalau beliau tidak sempat menjawab sekarang, masih perlu dijawab minggu depan atau bulan depan.

Tan Sri Khalid is not in KeAdilan just for Ijok; he's known for staying in one place for the long term. So if your questions beg answers, he should answer them.

Lebih elok kalau kita dapat bertemu beliau.

Thank u.

Namun, saya memohon sesiapa boleh mengaturkan untuk kami, sila letakkan komen anda bila dan masa Tan Sri mahu bertemu kami. Mungkin dengan masa yang lebih, dapat beliau menjawab dengan canggih. Saya akan menunggu dan akan pergi walaupun saya dapat mesej ini:

"Kaum wanita dinasihatkan tidak pergi ke IJOK buat masa sekarang kerana BATANG BERJUNTAI dalam keadaan TEGANG." :-)
Disamping itu, saya mempunyai cutting suratkhabar lama untuk Tan Sri mengenang kembali seperti berikut:

The Asian Wall Street Journal
17 June 1994

PNB Chief Moves to Guthrie With Lucrative Share Deal

By Raphael Pura

KUALA LUMPUR -- The chief executive of Malaysia's huge national investment corporation will leave his post with a hefty golden handshake and the promise of more gains to come.

Permodalan Nasional Bhd. said Thursday that Abdul Khalid Ibrahim will acquire up to 20% of its publicly listed subsidiary, Kumpulan Guthrie Bhd., when he leaves his post as PNB chief executive on July 1 to become Guthrie's deputy chairman and chief executive officer. Datuk Khalid will initially buy a 5% stake in Guthrie, or 50 million shares, for 125 million ringgit ($48.1 million), or 2.50 ringgit a share. He will also have a three-year option to buy an additional 15% of Guthrie at a price to be determined.

Guthrie stock closed Thursday at 3.96 ringgit per share, up 24 sen. That means Datuk Khalid will enjoy an immediate windfall, on paper, of about 73 million ringgit. But Datuk Khalid said at a press conference that he intends to hold his Guthrie stake as a long-term investment, and plans to expand the company. "PNB wants Guthrie to be a corporation that could challenge . . . other multinationals in Malaysia and elsewhere," he said.

Guthrie, one of Malaysia's biggest plantation concerns, last year made a pretax profit of 101.4 million ringgit on revenue of 1.05 billion ringgit. The company currently is 90% owned by PNB, a government-created investment holding company that manages a portfolio valued at about 20 billion ringgit, the bulk of it in the form of unit trusts owned by more than three million Malaysians.

Datuk Khalid will be replaced at PNB by Mohamed Hilmey Mohamed Taib, a 41-year-old former banker and accountant who is currently PNB's deputy chief executive.

Datuk Khalid, a 47-year-old former university lecturer and merchant banker, joined PNB in 1978 and helped direct the then-fledgling investment company's growth into a mammoth stock-holding concern for Malaysia's "bumiputra," or indigenous, citizens. He also helped create a unittrust scheme whereby bumiputras, mainly ethnic Malays, can purchase shares in PNB's underlying stock portfolio and reap hefty dividends. PNB's after-tax profit rose 17.5% in 1993 to 736.9 million ringgit.

PNB made an international splash in 1981, when it wrested control of Guthrie from the company's British shareholders through a one-billion-ringgit "dawn raid" on the London Stock Exchange. PNB's other long-term investments include stakes in Malaysian Mining Corp. Bhd. and UMW Holdings Bhd.

Although Datuk Khalid's shift to Guthrie was expected, some Malaysian securities analysts were surprised at the heavily discounted 2.50 ringgit price for Guthrie shares that PNB offered its departing chief. When PNB floated 10% of Guthrie on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange in 1989, the company pledged to offer an additional 20% of Guthrie's equity to the public. The prospective sale to Datuk Khalid fulfills that promise, but it means PNB is passing up the chance to seek a higher price for Guthrie stock from other bidders or the public.

"It really looks like PNB is paying (Datuk Khalid) off," says one securities research manager, who believes Guthrie stock would sell readily. "They're forgoing a higher price on the market by offering such a discount."

Datuk Khalid says he regards the arrangement "not as a monetary reward, but as an opportunity because the risk is being taken by me." He adds that he is financing the acquisition largely through bank borrowings secured by the Guthrie shares. "I've not taken this much liability in my career," he says. "None of my family assets could cover this liability."

The PNB chief adds that the arrangement has the support of PNB chairman Ismail Mohamed Ali, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. Dr. Mahathir and Datuk Anwar head Yayasan Pelaburan Bumiputra, a government-backed foundation that is PNB's ultimate holding company.

Datuk Khalid says he decided to leave his PNB post for the challenge of owning and running a large company. "A portfolio manager is very different from an operational manager," he says, though he declines to outline his plans for Guthrie. The company's earnings have grown only slowly in recent years and Guthrie has begun seeking ways to expand into fields such as property development.

Mr. Hilmey, who replaces Datuk Khalid at PNB, has spent 13 years with the investment company, serving as assistant general manager of one of PNB's unit trusts and general manager for finance before becoming deputy chief executive in 1990.

(Copyright (c) 1994, Dow Jones & Co., Inc.)

Sekiranya ini bakal menjadi sebahagian dari jawapan Tan Sri, maka tentu sekali saya berani berkata deal Tan Sri ini adalah yang terbaik saya pernah lihat kerana margin capital gain boleh mencukupi untuk mendapat pembiayaan.

Tokoh korporat lain dimasa itu di suruh beli pada harga pasaran dan juga harga lebih mahal dari pasaran. Ada yang dipinta membuat National Service yang selalunya tidak menguntungkan. Apa pula National Service Tan Sri?

Adakah Tan Sri orang Anwar, isu Tan Sri sebagai kroni tidak pernah ditimbulkan oleh Dato Seri Anwar?

Lihatlah dan paham bahawa suratkhabar lama sebenarnya sesuatu yang berharga. Janganlah jual pada Cina-Cina yang memekik "Surat khabar lama! Surat khabar lama!". Isi kandungnya lebih berharga dari harga kertas yang dibelinya.

Kita tunggu sahaja jawapan Tan Sri Khalid. Adakah jawapannya jawapan ahli politik atau jawapan ahli korporat?

Ijok III: Kementerian Pertahanan Menjawab Tuduhan PKR

Sementara kita menunggu jawapan Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim pada persoalan-persoalan saya dalam Ijok II: Persoalan Yang Memohon Jawapan Tan Sri Khalid, ingin saya memaparkan Kenyataan dari Kementerian Pertahanan.


Kementerian Pertahanan hari ini ingin memberi penjelasan berhubung kenyataan-kenyataan yang dibuat oleh pihak-pihak tertentu tentang perolehan pesawat Sukhoi SU30MKM dan kapal selam Scorpene oleh Angkatan Tentera Malaysia.

Kementerian Pertahanan mendapati bahawa kenyataan-kenyataan yang dibuat terutama oleh parti-parti politik tertentu mengenai perolehan kelengkapan tersebut sejak akhir-akhir ini telah menimbulkan banyak kekeliruan dan salah faham di dalam masyarakat.

Selain itu, ia juga menimbulkan persepsi negatif dan prasangka bahawa perolehan kelengkapan untuk keperluan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia telah dilaksanakan tanpa mengikut prosedur yang ditetapkan, tidak telus dan membazir.

Di sini, pihak Kementerian ingin memaklumkan bahawa semua rundingan perolehan adalah dijalankan mengikut Tatacara Perlaksanaan Kontrak-Kontrak Perolehan Peralatan Pertahanan Negara oleh pegawai-pegawai kerajaan. Ia melibatkan pelbagai peringkat kelulusan termasuk Jawatankuasa Teknikal dan Jawatankuasa Rundingan Harga setelah penilaian-penilaian yang teliti dibuat demi memastikan perolehan tersebut menepati keperluan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia.

Selain itu, rujukan juga dibuat kepada pihak Jabatan Peguam Negara bagi mendapatkan kelulusan ke atas klausa-klausa kontrak tersebut. Semua terma-terma dan kelulusan untuk rundingan terus dikemukakan kepada Kementerian Kewangan dan kontrak hanya akan ditandatangani selepas kelulusan Kementerian Kewangan diperolehi.

Berhubung dengan perolehan kapal selam Scorpene, Kementerian Pertahanan ingin menegaskan bahawa dakwaan kononnya kerajaan telah membayar komisen sebanyak RM540 juta kepada Encik Abd Razak Baginda merupakan satu tuduhan yang tidak berasas sama sekali.

Kementerian juga ingin menegaskan bahawa dalam soal perolehan kapal selam Scorpene, TIDAK ADA sebarang komisen yang dibayar kepada syarikat Perimekar Sdn. Bhd. seperti yang didakwa. Ini kerana perolehan kapal selam telah dibuat secara rundingan terus - selaras dengan tatacara perolehan kerajaan - dengan syarikat pembuat iaitu ARMARIS (Perancis) dan NAVANTIA (Sepanyol) yang telah mendapat persetujuan kerajaan masing-masing.

Sebaliknya, syarikat Perimekar Sdn. Bhd. yang didakwa menerima komisen, sebenarnya diberikan kontrak menyediakan perkhidmatan sokongan dan koordinasi untuk tempoh selama enam tahun. Nilai kontrak tersebut adalah sebanyak EURO 114.96 juta, yang dibayar secara berperingkat-peringkat mengikut kemajuan pelaksanaan projek.

Perimekar Sdn Bhd dimiliki bersama oleh Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera (LTAT), Boustead Holdings Berhad dan K. S. Ombak Laut Sdn. Bhd.

Skop kerja perkhidmatan sokongan adalah seperti berikut:

1. Menyediakan kemudahan kediaman beserta kelengkapan untuk tim projek bagi 27 keluarga di Perancis dan Sepanyol untuk tempoh enam tahun.

2. Menyediakan pejabat urusan dan kediaman beserta kelengkapan bagi krew kapal selam TLDM seramai 156 orang untuk tempoh empat tahun di Perancis dan Sepanyol.

3. Menyediakan insurans kesihatan bagi anggota serta keluarga tim projek dan krew kapal selam di Perancis dan Sepanyol

4. Membayar elaun harian dan elaun krew kapal selam sebanyak EURO 50 sehari seorang untuk tiga tahun pertama dan EURO 60 sehari seorang untuk tiga tahun kedua.

5. Membiayai kos penerbangan pergi dan balik bagi setiap krew kapal selam untuk
balik bercuti ke Malaysia pada setiap 4 bulan (tiga kali setahun).

6. Lain-lain keperluan tim projek dan krew kapal selam di Perancis dan Sepanyol

Perkhidmatan koordinasi pula melibatkan:
1. Bertanggungjawab memastikan penyertaan syarikat Malaysia dalam pembinaan dan membantu syarikat-syarikat Malaysia yang berpotensi untuk menyertai program off-set.

2. Membantu kontraktor utama dalam memberi maklumat tentang prosedur kerajaan berhubung perlaksanaan kontrak.

3. Menyelaras latihan krew kapal selam antara kontraktor dengan kerajaan.

4. Menyediakan laporan koordinasi setiap enam bulan.
Jumlah kontrak EURO 114.96 juta bukanlah merupakan keuntungan bersih milik syarikat Perimekar Sdn Bhd., sebaliknya jumlah ini adalah meliputi segala pembayaran kos langsung bagi skop perkhidmatan sokongan dan tanggungan ke atas kos tidak langsung bagi perkhidmatan koordinasi seperti yang ditetapkan dalam kontrak tersebut.

Kementerian Pertahanan membuat keputusan untuk melantik sebuah syarikat tempatan bagi menyediakan perkhidmatan sokongan dan koordinasi kerana kaedah tersebut dianggap lebih sesuai dan berkesan. Ia juga bagi tujuan melicinkan kerja-kerja Tim Projek membuat pemantauan ke atas pembinaan dan latihan krew kapal selam di Perancis dan Sepanyol.

Selain itu, segala perbelanjaan untuk projek kapal selam ini dapat dikawal dan dijadualkan manakala perbelanjaan di luar jangka (cost over-run) dapat dielakkan memandangkan pelaksanaan projek perolehan kapal selam memakan tempoh masa yang panjang iaitu selama enam tahun serta melibatkan bilangan anggota yang ramai.

Berdasarkan kepada keperluan tersebut, maka syarikat Perimekar Sdn. Bhd. telah dilantik untuk menyediakan perkhidmatan yang diperlukan mengikut skop kerja yang ditetapkan.

Tentang perolehan pesawat Sukhoi SU30MKM pula, Kementerian Pertahanan ingin menyatakan bahawa perolehan adalah dibuat secara rundingan terus dengan Rosoboronexport, syarikat milik negara Rusia.

Rundingan terus ini adalah selari dengan dasar negara Rusia dan negara-negara lain yang mempunyai polisi bagi mengawasi penjualan peralatan ketenteraan keluaran syarikat negara masing-masing agar tidak terlepas kepada pihak-pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab.

Berdasarkan senario tersebut, semua kontrak-kontrak perolehan peralatan pertahanan ditandatangani oleh wakil Kementerian Pertahanan bagi pihak Kerajaan Malaysia dengan syarikat-syarikat Principal negara asing, termasuk dalam soal pembelian pesawat Sukhoi. Perolehan pesawat ini juga mematuhi Tatacara Perlaksanaan Kontrak-Kontrak Perolehan Peralatan Pertahanan Negara.

Dalam soal pembelian pesawat Sukhoi, syarikat Rosboronexport telah melantik sebuah syarikat tempatan untuk memudahkan urusan mereka di negara ini. Justeru, Kementerian ingin menegaskan bahawa sebarang urusan perniagaan antara Rosboronexport dan syarikat tempatan yang dilantik adalah merupakan urusan perniagaan biasa semata-mata dan sama sekali tidak melibatkan Kerajaan Malaysia.

Dengan penjelasan ini, maka Kementerian Pertahanan berharap agar semua pihak memahami keadaan sebenar dan tidak lagi mengeluarkan kenyataan-kenyataan yang mengelirukan dan boleh menimbulkan persepsi negatif terhadap Angkatan Tentera Malaysia, Kementerian Pertahanan dan Kerajaan Malaysia.

Cawangan Perhubungan Awam
Kementerian Pertahanan Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur

26 April 2007

Kenyataan ini menjawab tuduhan Parti Keadilan Rakyat bahawa Dato' Seri Najib telah mengambil komisyen dari pembelian dua aset oleh Kementerian Pertahanan.

Sebelum ini, Dato' Seri Najib telah menafikan ia terlibat dalam kes pembunuhan Altantuya dan ia tidak boleh memberi perincian lebih kerana ianya kesalahan subjudice.

Bagi kesalahan rasuah, saya menunggu kes mana yang PKR mahu disebutkan.

Adakah isu-isu ECM Libra Avenue, Pantai, Scomi dan lain-lain dikatakan berkait dengan Perdana Menteri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dan anak beranaknya akan dibangkitkan? Atau hanya menuduh kes-kes yang kononnya melibatkan Dato Najib dan Dato Seri Khir Toyo sahaja? Nampaknya PKR melakukan "selective accusation"?

Sementara itu, persoalannya mengapa Pemuda UMNO yang ketua sebenarnya, Khairy Jamaluddin "sengaja" berlaku ganas padahal perbuatan mereka mudah kini direkod dan laporkan?

Mengambil kata-kata Tun Dr Mahathir, nampaknya sekiranya BN menang Pak Lah di puji. Manakala, kalau BN kalah, Khir Toyo dan Najib akan di keji.

Ayah hamba menangis di kuburnya melihat tampuk perjuangan Melayu dipenuhi "gunting dalam selimut". Namun, UMNO mesti hidup terus untuk berjuang. Pembelot UMNO akan ditentang. Inilah perjuangan yang bagaikan menatang minyak panas yang penuh.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ijok II: Persoalan Yang Memohon Jawapan Tan Sri Khalid

Tempoh hari, saya telah dapat berjumpa Cikgu Parthiban untuk mengenalinya. Maklumlah, dia seorang tempatan yang tidak dikenali tetapi akan berhadapan dengan seorang tokoh peringkat nasional. Lawatan kami itu adalah atas inisiatif sendiri dan bukan mewakili sesiapa selain diri kami sendiri. Perkara ini perlu dijelaskan supaya tidak ada salah faham dan kaitan kononnya mewakili All Blog.

Hari ini saya sepatutnya berkunjung ke Ijok untuk bertemu Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, tetapi oleh kerana empunya kenderaan dilanda lelah, maka terpaksa dibatalkan. Diharap kami dapat bertemu dengan Tan Sri Khalid besok. Memandang hari mengundi sudah hampir tiba, masanya mungkin agak ketat. Dengan demikian, biarlah saya paparkan persoalan-persoalan saya dahulu.

Pada posting lalu selepas dapat bertemu Cikgu K Parthiban, saya bertanya samada Tan Sri Khalid seorang yang sesuai untuk masyarakat Ijok. Perolehi di sini. Pada kali ini, saya mahu jawapan agar "apa yang Tan Sri kata adalah juga yang dia kota". Saya tidak ada persoalan utama semasa Tan Sri berada dalam PNB tetapi tumpuan kali ini adalah urusniaga beliau di Guthrie.

Suratkhabar hari ini melaporkan Dato Najib, dengan kehadhiran Dato Desa Pachi CEO pertama PNB, mendedahkan Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, dengan bantuan Dato Seri Anwar, telah membeli saham sebanyak 6.7% dalam Kumpulan Guthrie dengan option sepenuh sebanyak 20%. Pembelian saham 6.7% itu sudah berharga sebanyak RM175 juta.

Bagi saya, persoalannya adalah bagaimana beliau membiayai pembelian ini?

Bank tidak akan memberi pembiayaan sepenuh untuk pelaburan dalam saham. Semasa itu, Bank hanya membiayai setinggi pun 80% nilai saham. Sekiranya 20% kos pembelian yang berjumpak sebanyak RM35 juta perlu keluar dari “kocek sendiri”, maka persoalannya bagaimana Tan Sri dapat memperolehi jumlah sedemikian dengan hanya gaji PNB yang lebih sedikit dari sekim gaji kerajaan.

Tentu sekali Tan Sri perlu bantuan dari sumber-sumber tertentu.

Isu memperolehi pinjaman itu satu. Setelah meminjam, bagaimana pula Tan Sri memperolehi wang untuk membayar faedah dan sedikti sebanyak pembayaran semula pinjaman pokok. Aliran masuk untuk pelaburan hanyalah dari dividen yang setiap tahun tidak seberapa.

Ada satu cara yang dipanggil pinjaman cara “bullet repayment” bermakna pembayaran balik dibuat sekali gus saja diakhir tempoh. Oleh kerana Tan Sri adalah seorang ternama, mungkin sekali Tan Sri dapat memperolehi kemudahan sedemikain. Maka tentu sekali, Bank mahu tahu apa rancangan Tan Sri untuk dapat mempertingatkan nilai saham dan dividen syarikat. Menjadikah perancangan Tan Sri?

Tan Sri perlu menjelaskan kerana sering berlaku kecurangan dalam pengurusan syarikat dimana tuan punya terpaksa meniris syarikat sebagai sumber untuk membayar Bank. Antara cara yang lazim dilakukan adalah dengan pemberian kontrak kepada diri sendiri melalui proxy.

Dalam Tan Sri cuba mempertingkatkan nilai saham dan dividen syarikat, Tan Sri dilihat melakukan pengembangan kegiatan syarikat yang agak cepat ke dalam hartanah, perladangan di luar negara, perlombongan marmar, dan lain-lain kegiatan. Ini juga perlu kerana ia berkait dengan pinjaman seterusnya untuk peratusan selebihnya 13.3%.

Adakah dalam usaha ini, Tan Sri telah meningkatkan profil risiko syarikat PNB Guthrie ini? Risiko boleh berupa meminjam wang dengan banyak, menipiskan tenaga dan keupayaan pengurusan, menjejaskan effisiensi syarikat, pendedahan kepada risiko pelaburan dan matawang luar negara, dan lain-lain.

Guthire dikatakan telah menghadapi masaalah kecairan dan tuntutan membayar dividen kepada pemegang saham telah menyebabkan Tan Sri perlu menjual aset syarikat. Adakah kebenaran disebalik khabar angin yang tersebar dikalangan ahli korporat dan penganalisa saham semasa itu?

Satu perkara yang menjadi tandatanya dikalangan ahli-ahli korporat adalah pertalian rapat Tan Sri dengan Lim Kin Hong. Lim Kin Hong melalui syarikatnya Sumurwang menguasai sebuah syarikat tersenarai bernama Kanzen. Kanzen terlibat dengan industeri keluli dan mereka menjalankan juga kegiatan pembuatan tilam. Malah, nama asal Kanzen adalah Dreamland Holdings.

PNB mempunyai kepentingan dalam syarikat ini dan wakil PNB dalam Lembaga Pengarahnya adalah Dato Sulaiman Sujak. Dato' juga adalah ahli lembaga pengarah dalam Kumpulan Guthrie.

Kanzen mempunyai syarikat membuat tilam di Tientsin, Cina. Sebelum Tan Sri membeli Guthrie, Tan Sri ada mengatur satu lawatan ahli Lembaga Pengarah PNB ke kilang ini. Sepulangnya dari Cina, PNB dikatakan telah mengambilalih kilang tersebut dari Kanzen. Kilang itu dikatakan tidak berdaya maju selepas pembelian oleh PNB dan mempunyai masaalah yang tidak diketahui oleh PNB.

Selepas itu, Kanzen atau lebih tepat Sumurwang dengan Guthrie telah membuat satu Expo Angkasalepas Antarabangsa pada tahun November 95-Januari 96. Untuk expo ini, sebuah tanah estet Guthrie di tepi Highway di Shah Alam telah dibersihkan dan diratakan untuk Expo ini. Apa jadi pada tanah ini? Adakah dia kini masih kepunyaan Guthrie dan kemudian dimajukan? Atau ia dimajukan oleh orang lain?

Selepas penjualan kilang tilam di Cina itu, Kanzen telah membuat perubahan korporat dengan menjalankan kegiatan pembuatan barangan elektrik runcit (consumer electric) dan hartanah. Nama syarikat kini berubah kepada I Berhad. Mereka kini sedang membuat satu pembangunan hartanah di Shah Alam, tidak jauh dari Kota Kemuning. Tanah yang dibangunkan mereka itu tanah siapa asalnya? Kenapakah seorang orang kepercayaan Tan Sri bernama Dato Mat Hasan Esa berada sebagai seorang ahli Lembaga Pengarah I Berhad? Dato Mat Hasan adalah CEO PUNB pertama pilihan Tan Sri yang kemudiannya berpindah ke PNS.

Persoalan-persoalan ini perlu di jawab supaya manifesto kempen Tan Sri di Ijok berkenaan rasuah itu betul-betul ikhlas (genuine). Pertalian rapat Tan Sri dengan Lim Kin Hong perlu dijelaskan supaya keraguan ini selesai.

Semasa Tan Sri mengepalai Guthrie, salah sebuah anak syarikat adalah Guthrie Malaysia Trading. Asalnya orang putih datang ke Malaysia untuk kegiatan berdagang. Dari berdagang barulah mereka menceburi kegiatan lain untuk menyokong kegiatan perdagangan. Syarikat ini amat bermakna dari segi nilai sejarah.

Anak syarikat ini terpaksa menanggung kerugian dan hutang kerana program payung Guthrie Furniture dulu gagal kerana katanya pengurusan yang tidak amanah. Ini bukan salah Tan Sri.

Tan Sri dikatakan telah menjual anak syarikat ini kepada beberapa bekas staff Tan Sri. Demi kesetian mereka kepada Tan Sri, mereka telah sanggup menanggung hutang sebanyak RM13 juta dari Maybank. Tan Sri dikatakan berjanji untuk memberi mereka kontrak-kontrak seperti pembekalan urea, bahan binan, dan lain-lain sebagai balasan untuk membantu membersihkan buku kewangan Guthrie dan juga untuk mereka bertapak. Selepas itu, baik juga untuk Guthrie bekerjasama dengan mereka.

Persoalannya, adakah kontrak kepada staff Tan Sri ini dikekalkan atau telah diselokkan ke syarikat lain? Apa jadi dengan usahawan Melayu yang mahu bekerjasama dengan Tan Sri? Katanya mereka telah di bankrupkan oleh Bank dan syarikat sudah tutup dengan pekerja-pekerja semua dibuang. Adakah kebenaran disebalik khabar ini?

Semasa Tan Sri mengepalai Guthrie, adakah Tan Sri telah mempertingkatkan kehidupan pekerja-pekerja estet? Adakah mereka mendapat gaji minima asas atau masih sistem gaji harian? Masa pengembangan Guthrie untuk membangunkan perladangan menjadi hartanah, apa pula nasib pekerja-pekeraj estet ini?

Soalan ini amat perlu Tan Sri jawab kerana reputasi dan keikhlasan Tan Sri dalam pengurusan yang cekap dan tulus yang sering Tan Sri sebut-sebut di forum dan ceramah korporat, dan dalam membantu rakan-rakan dan rakyat marhaen diuji.

Katanya ada Pengurus Tan Sri mempersoalkan antara persoalan-persoalan saya ini. Dia telah diberi tekanan hingga berhenti. Apabila dia hendak bekerja di tempat lain, dia menuduh Tan Sri mengenakan pengaruh menghalang dia untuk dapat bekerja di mana-mana dalam Malaysia. Akhirnya dia dikatakan terpaksa berhijrah ke New Zealand. Kalau benar, sayang sekali negara kehilangan satu anak muda Melayu yang berkebolehan. Dia ini kawan sekolah saya, kenalan pulohan tahun dan seorang yang amanah, berani dan dedikasi. Adakah dia berbohong atau adakah ini kebenaran?

Akhir sekali Tan Sri, saya pernah masuk rumah Tan Sri semasa ia sedang dibina. Semasa itu kita sedang menghadapi krisis kewangan 1997-98. Guthrie tidak berapa baik keuntungan kerana masaalah hutang dalam US Dollar. Pasti Tan Sri masa itu sedang tercungap-cungap membayar hutang Bank. Mana dapat duit untuk membayar rumah yang diberitahu pengurus disitu harga pembinaan asas tanpa ukiran, interior decoration, landscape, perhiasan-hiasan, dan lain-lain tambahan sudah mencecah RM3 juta? Betul ke harganya RM8 juta?

Atas semangat setiakawan dan semangat All Blog, saya harap saudari Susan Loone, seorang blogger yang dikatakan telah melawat Ijok secara virtual (buka di sini) dapat menyampaikan persoalan-persoalan ini kepada Tan Sri.

Tak ada aparal, saya harap dapat mendengar sendiri jawapan Tan Sri. Kalau ada maklum dan khabar yang kurang betul, maaf dan sila jelaskan.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ijok: Cikgu Tempatan dan Tan Sri, Isunya Yang Mana Sesuai?

Dalam satu pilihanraya kecil seperti di Ijok yang mana kedua-dua belah begitu hebat berkempen, rakyat boleh menjadi bingung untuk merungkai antara isu sebenar dengan pelbagai retorik, dan teatrik yang dilambungkan kepada mereka. Bagi merungkai kekusutan ini, rakyat Ijok hanya perlu “tepok dada tanya selera”.

Memang diakui Barisan Nasional mempunyai kelebihan sebagai “incumbent” dan kelancaran jentera pilihanraya mereka. Namun, kemasyhuran nama calon PKR, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim jelas sekali meletakkan calon Cikgu K Parthiban sebagai “underdog”. Maklumat umum dan tidak rasmi mengenai Tan Sri Khalid memang banyak diketahui ramai.

Kurang sekali yang diketahui mengenai calon wakil BN, Cikgu K Parthiban. Maka, atas usaha persendirian beberapa rakan blogger yang mempunyai pelbagai aliran fikiran dan kecenderungan politik, kami membuat lawatan untuk mengenali Cikgu K Parthiban. Sayang sekali, seorang rakan blogger kami yang jelas kecenderongan kepada DAP, tidak dapat bersama.

Kedai Kopi yang selalu dikunjungi Cikgu K Parthiban dari remajanya

Cikgu K. Parthiban, 38 tahun adalah seorang anak pekerja estet. Bapanya meninggal tatakala umornya 17 tahun. Ibunya dan 5 orang adik beradik terpaksa pindah keluar dari perumahan estet. Tujoh tahun lepas, ibu beliau pula meninggal dunia. Beliau telah dari muda dipertanggungjawabkan untuk membesarkan adik-adiknya. Kini, ada antara adik beradiknya adalah penuntut-penuntut dalam jurusan perakuanan, perguruan dan dua adalah pelajar perubatan. Adik-adiknya tidak dibenarkan beliau mengikuti kempen dan disuroh fokus pada pelajaran. Jelas sekali beliau telah berjaya memberi pelajaran keapda adik-adiknya.

Walaupun amat berat tanggungjawab yang ditanggungnya, beliau tidak mengetepikan pelajarannya sendiri. Beliau seorang pemegang ijazah Sarjana (Masters) dalam perguruan. Selepas selesai pelajarannya, Cikgu Partiban kembali berkhidmat di Ijok demi menjaga keluarga.

Sampai hari ini, beliau masih belum mencari pasangan hidup lagi. Begitulah kebiasaannya dengan anak-anak lelaki yang bertanggungjawab dalam masyarakat India yang mahu "lepaskan" adik-adik dahulu.

Selepas 8 tahun berkhidmat sebagai seorang guru di tiga buah sekolah dikawasan itu, beliau kini adalah seorang Pegawai Pelajaran di Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah. Dalam masyarakat desa, seorang Guru amat dihormati dan dekat sekali dengan masyarakat. Peranan mereka sering kali bukan sahaja khusus kepada urusan pelajaran anak-anak, malah menjangkau lebih dari itu hingga ke urusan kemasyarakatan. Cikgu K Parthiban juga tidak menjauhkan diri dan beliau adalah Timbalan Presiden Majlis Belia Daerah.

Perbualan kami terganggu dengan seorang bapa bertanya mengenai masaalah persekolahan anaknya

Kedai tempat kami berjumpa adalah sebuah kedai kopitiam Cina. Jelas sekali memang beliau dikenali ramai dan pelbagai bangsa yang keluar masuk kedai itu. Rupanya itulah kedai kegemaranya dari masa kecil lagi.

Dari perbualan kami yang dapat beliau selitkan sebelum terpaksa berlari ke tempat lain, satu perkara yang jelas, anak muda ini hanya tahu Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim orang korporat. Tapi ia dan agak berat mahu membuat sebarang komen balas mengenai perang saraf atau isu panas yang dibuat oleh PKR. Mesej yang mahu diberikan hanyalah dia mahu bekerja untuk masyarakat setempat.

Amat susah untuk mengesyaki yang tidak baik mengenai seorang anak muda yang sangat bertanggung jawab, berjaya membela adik-adiknya dan kini pulang bersama dan berkhidmat untuk keluarga dan masyarakat setempatnya. Tidak adil sekali untuk membuat curiga dengan sekali pandang.

Bagi Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, siapa tidak kenal tokoh perintis PNB ini? Siapa tidak tahu pencapaian beliau berkait rapat dengan pencapaian PNB? Siapa tidak tahu beliau antara beberapa pengurus yang menjalankan operasi "Guthrie Dawn Raid" atas strategi arahan kerajaan? Siapa tidak tahu dia mendapat peluang membeli 5% dalam Guthrie?

Selain mereka yang sudah berkecimpung dalam korporat, tidak ramai mengetahui masaalah perwatakan Tan Sri Khalid sebagi seorang CEO, persoalan-persoalan yang timbul mengenai pemilikan saham Guthrie oleh beliau, dan urusan-urusan perniagaan Guthrie yang mencurigakan. Untuk menimbulkan dan membincangkan isu-siu ini adalah agak kompleks untuk menerangkan dan menyakinkan. Jika ditimbulkan pendedahan korporat-politik ini sekarang, mungkin akan di sangsi motifnya.

Pucuk pangkalnya, adakah beliau benar menghayati perjuangan terkini beliau. Beliau mendapat hasil dari polisi DEB dan juga memperjuangkan DEB dalam kerjayanya. Kini beliau mempersoalkan DEB apabila beliau berkecimpung dalam PKR. Beliau membangkitkan mengenai rasuah tetapi ramai yang memahami mengetahui urusan beliau banyak persoalan.

Mungkin lebih baik dianalisa kerjaya politik Tan Sri Khalid. Beliau sudah lama memendamkan rasa untuk berkecimpung sebagai ahli politik. Beliau pernah cuba menjawat jawatan diperingat bahagaian UMNO Kuala Selangor tetapi gagal. Percubaan kedua beliau dia di peringkat cawangan pun gagal. Kemudian beliau masuk PKR selepas Anwar dikeluarkan dari penjara.

Pelbagai boleh difahami, tetapi yang jelas beliau tidak diterima masyarakat. Adakah aura dan personaliti dirinya sebagai ahli korporat susah untuk difahami atau didampingi rakyat? Mungkin sekali orang besar-besar seperti Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim yang dudok di rumah macam istana di Damansara hanya minat untuk berbincang perkara besar-besar yang tidak di fahami masyarakat desa. Mungkin sekali, beliau sendiri tidak berupaya memahami "hati orang biasa". Yang membuat saya berfikir demikian adalah temuramah beliau dalam TVInternet WTV8. Apabila ditanya mengenai kenapa PKR tidak meletakkan calun kaum India di Ijok, jawapan beliau adalah perlu ada sistem perkiraan “weightage average” macam mengurus portfolio saham. Adakah beliau fahami masyarakat India di estet Ijok apabila Guthrie enggan memberi mereka gaji asas minima?

Ini hanya persoalan-peroalan politik yang agak sinis dari saya. Sekali lagi, persoalan lebih utama, antara Tan Sri Khalid dan Cikgu K Parthiban, yang mana satu sesuai untuk masyarakat setempat ini dan memahami mereka dan kehidupan mereka.

Cikgu K Parthiban dikelilingi wartawan-wartawan suratkhabar Cina

Ijok adalah sebuah desa yang aman tidak jauh dari Lembah Kelang, lebih kurang satu jam dari Sungai Buloh. Kalau kita dalam satu perjalanan jauh, Ijok bukanlah merupakan mercutanda pengukur perjalanan tetapi hanya satu pekan yang disebut sekali lalu selepas sudah dilepasi. Pekan utama disitu adalah Ijok dan Berjuntai Bestari (atau nama lamanya Batang Berjuntai).

Sebagai sebuah masyarakat desa, pertanian merupakan kegiatan utama pendudok tempatan, samada di kampung, ladang atau pun pekan. Selain itu adalah kegiatan peruncitan dan perkhidmatan kerajaan di pekan. Persaingan bukan budaya masyarakat desa tetapi kerjasama antara masyarakatnya yang terdiri dari 51% Melayu, 28% India dan 21% Cina lebih penting.

Bagi struktur masyarakat sedemikian rupa, mereka memerlukan keperluan asas yang baik dan perkhidmatan kerajaan dari bantuan teknikal, latihan, sekolah, jalanraya, dan lain-lain. Sedia maklum, bandar yang agak luar dari aliran pembangunan tidak akan mudah untuk menarik pelaburan kalau bukan dibantu kerajaan. Namun, kawasan Ijok dikatakan kawasan dimana beradanya projek Lembah Buah-Buahan (Fruit Valley). Kami tidak nampak projek tersebut dari jalanraya yang kami lalui.

Untuk masyarakat desa yang mana penghidupan tertumpu kepada kitaran kerja-kerja harian dan keamanan kehidupan kemasyarakatan, mereka perlukan seorang yang boleh memberikan perhatian kepada mereka. Kalau tidak dapat, hidup masih berjalan buat mereka kerana masyarakat desa lebih berdikari dari masyarakat kota. Adalah lebih baik sekiranya ia dapat dibantu.

Birokrasi adalah sesuatu yang sering membawa kelembatan dalam menyelesaikan masaalah rakyat, walaupun pihak politik di kepala kepimpinan kerajaan mahu menyelesaikan. Wakil rakyat yang dapat berperanaan memintas proses amat efektif. Manakala, masaalah yang tidak boleh diselesaikan melalui jentera kerajaan akan dibawah keperhatian Menteri Besar atau Dewan Undangan Negeri. Secara praktikal, ini adalah ciri utama pemimpin untuk masyarakat desa dan kecil seperti Ijok.

Oleh kerana sengetnya pertandingan antara Barisan Nasional dan Keadilan, ada antara rakyat Ijok yang dikaburi pertimbangan mereka dengan perkara-perkara yang tidak ada kaitan lansung dengan Ijok. Contohnya, apakah kaitan kematian model Altantuya dengan Ijok? Selagi mahkamah tidak membuat keputusan, ia adalah satu fitnah untuk membuat pelbagai andaian. Sekali lagi, apa kena mengenanya dengan rakyat Ijok?

Persoalannya adakah masyarkat Ijok mahukan seorang wakil yang betul-betul menghayati masaalah setempat dan akan menyuarakan masaalah setempat? Adakah untuk mewakili Ijok di Dewan Undangan Negeri memerlukan pengetahan dan kepakaran dalam dunia korporat? Masyarakat desa sebegini tidak ada keperluan untuk dunia "Merger & Acquisition".

Masyarakat desa memerlukan seorang tempatan yang hidup bersama mereka, yang punya rumah berpintu sentiasa terbuka untuk mereka, dan keharmonian suasana desa dikekalkan. Penting sekali, masyarakat desa tidak harus digunakan sebagai anak catur dalam percaturan mendapatkan kuasa pihak-pihak tertentu.

Kuasa ditangan mereka.

Apa pula kata-kata rakan lain - Biggum, Rocky, Nuraina dan Zorro? Dan, rakan yang tak sempat ikut bersama tapi berada di Ijok, Jed Yoong ?

Monday, April 23, 2007

Bohemian Rhapsody: A Peaceful Sunday in Ijok

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality
Open your eyes
Look up to the skies and see
I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy
Because I'm easy come, easy go
A little high, little low
Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me, to me

Mama, just killed a man
Put a gun against his head
Pulled my trigger, now he's dead
Mama, life had just begun
But now I've gone and thrown it all away
Mama, ooo
Didn't mean to make you cry
If I'm not back again this time tomorrow
Carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters

Too late, my time has come
Sends shivers down my spine
Body's aching all the time
Goodbye everybody - I've got to go
Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth
Mama, ooo - (anyway the wind blows)
I don't want to die
I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all

I see a little silhouetto of a man
Scaramouch, scaramouch will you do the fandango
Thunderbolt and lightning - very very frightening me
Gallileo, Gallileo,
Gallileo, Gallileo,
Gallileo Figaro - magnifico

But I'm just a poor boy and nobody loves me
He's just a poor boy from a poor family
Spare him his life from this monstrosity
Easy come easy go - will you let me go
Bismillah! No - we will not let you go - let him go
Bismillah! We will not let you go - let him go
Bismillah! We will not let you go - let me go
Will not let you go - let me go (never)
Never let you go - let me go
Never let me go - ooo
No, no, no, no, no, no, no -
Oh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia let me go
Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me
for me
for me

So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye
So you think you can love me and leave me to die
Oh baby - can't do this to me baby
Just gotta get out - just gotta get right outta here

Ooh yeah, ooh yeah
Nothing really matters
Anyone can see
Nothing really matters - nothing really matters to me

Anyway the wind blows...

-- Queens, A Night at the Opera (1975)

The video is on YouTube

After so much eventful incidences in Ijok heard, we decide to make a day trip to Ijok. So happen, we were invited to witness the opening of PeaceMalaysia’s Medical Relief Centre. We left Kuala Lumpur around 1:00 pm.

The blogosphere has been bombarded by news of a war of sticks and mineral bottles, thankfully not stones, on nomination day. With majority of bloggers being Keadilan sympathisers, we could hear more of the Keadilan side.

I saw Azmin’s interview and the pile of mineral bottles and few sticks. Ah! MalaysiaKini. Remembered the words of their reporter in Kota Baru, "We give the coverage for other than Government." It wasn’t an eloquent explanation, so I take it with reservation.

I went there to get the UMNO-side account of the nomination day incident. On Saturday, we already had a laugh of one Keadilan member’s account of the event. So this the story I gathered.

Picture taken from the Blog Pilihanraya Malaysia for a BN side of the incidence

The Keadilan people had planned a psycho war to chant the alleged issues of Dato Seri Najib. Then Khairy rose to be heroic. When Khairy started yelling, the Keadilan chant changed to “Rasuah! Rasuah! Rasuah!”.

Khairy was stunt and Dato Seri Hishamuddin rose to Khairy’s defense. The chanting changed. Somewhere in there Dato Shahidan Kassim joined the fray and the chant changed again. Some names or rather. Both got stunt and embarassed. The chant was provocatively personal and allegations.

In the heat of the moment, one innocent empty mineral water bottle came flying from the Keadilan side. Our source said, someone told one MIC member to throw back the bottle but the MIC people ended up throwing more. So, the “battle of bottles” begin. I guess thats how all war got sparked.

I saw it as an effective Keadilan provocation to incite the UMNO crowd and later effectively blame them. Its just a game. All the comentators told me the same thing, “Dua-dua sama saja” (Both aside equally at fault). Unless one can fathom its significant, this is a typical psycho game on election nomination day in yet to mature Malaysian politics.

However, the incident on Jeff Ooi’s Lensa Malaysia team is uncalled for. I must say it is a genuine complain. Not only Rocky’s UMNO friends regretted teh incidencee, I explicitly expressed my disagreement to few UMNO Youth members and was acknowledged.

Surprisingly, Khairy should have done the politically correct thing to condemn the action but chose to deny. From day one, many spoke of the theory that Khairy’s behaviour was an act of sabotage designed to find excuse to oust Dato Seri Najib and Dato Seri Khir Toyo. The usual reaction, when any party lose a shout match, is to turn into a dignified act rather than losing their cool. Perhaps it is Oxfordian civilry message of “Don’t enter my turf”.

The prominent Pemuda UMNO operation centre near to the said incident

By 2:00 pm, we reached the Bilek Gerakan meant as PeaceMalaysia’s Medical Relief Centre at Kampung Bukit Badung. Along the way, you would see rows and rows of UMNO and Keadilan encampment. The way UMNO work, each targeted area is hosted by an UMNO Cawangan has a Selangor UMNO Division and a State UMNO assigned. The state UMNO assigned is Perlis.

Kampung Bukit Gadung is seen in MalaysiaKini’s report on past 2004 election (taken from Jeff Ooi's blog) as a black area for BN. Below is the report:

By 2:30 pm, Dato Mukhriz came and made a simple official opening. Villagers of mostly old folks and children begin to trickle in. Its conveniently at the Kampung's entrance. One really sickly old man arrived with a PeaceMalaysia volunteer and gasping for breadth. Dato Mukhriz hurriedly brought him a chair to sit and ease him to catch his breath. I guess its unlikely he could turn up on polling day but sometimes it is not about vote but purely from the heart.

Dr Halim Abdullah or playfully called by one YB as Dr Labia, is a Gynaecologist and Veteran of all PeaceMalaysia International and Local Relief Missions

The makeshift dispensary

A jovial local kid gets a hug from Dato' Mukhriz Mahathir

The Centre will close around 6:00 pm and the house to house visit is to follow. Keadilan also had their Medical team in the Pekan.

Around 4:00 pm, we left to meet some FT UMNO people at one mamaq shop in town, Restoren Zafrullah. The restaurant was just in front of FT UMNO headquarter. We met a group of UMNO people having their late lunch and joined in.

Few UMNO Ketua Bahagian joined our table and we had a great conversation till political celebrity blogger Sang Kelembai came to steal our show. While we were exchanging political jokes and banter, we brought up the issue of Internet and bloggers.

“In two to three elections time, the Internet can change the way of local politics and you guys better buck up”, we said. One of us interjected, “First thing you guyws should do is get rid of Pak Lah and Khairy.”

Suddenly a group of Keadilan came in the restaurant for their late lunch, I was looking at the nearest exit if any ruckus happens. I don't see any mineral bottle water around but lots of teh tarik glasses.

From from one corner, one UMNO man hollered, “Yem, amacam kempen?” One of the Keadilan chap turned around, “Baik!”. He must be Yem then. “Tak payahlah kau, tak ada can lah” the UMNO responded. “Menang kali ni”, Yem swiftly denied confidently.

They must be local politicians and know each other well. Whats on the Internet and whats on the ground are different things. Perhaps all these fights are merely outsiders. There seemed to be more party workers than voters today.

By 5:00 pm, we left home. Just at the peripherel of Ijuk, a nice banner of is seen. So UMNO has embraced the Internet and blogs for by-elections politics. I didn't see it for Machap or Batu Talam. Thats how tight and bitter the rivalry, when it involves Keadilan.

On the way back, our conversation in the car was about Keadilan’s campaign that is based on personal and allegation, which is subjudice for Dato Najib to answer. This is another Keadilan perception game, knowing Dato Najib is in no position to comment.

Naturally, the background of Tan Sri Khalid came up. He is a man clean and professional man till he bought and managed Kumpulan Guthrie. Then all those strange manouver in raising money for the purchase, his bad foray into Indonesia, and questionable management practise. Hmmm ... that makes for a good blog posting on the "ketokohan" of this Corporate Personality.

By the time we reached Kuala Lumpur, I suggested we take a look at Tan Sri Khalid’s home on Bukit Damansara. And we went.

Picture of Tan Sri Khalid's house taken from

By 6:30, I was dropped off at Bangsar Putra station. Before I got out of the car, I said, “This Ijuk by-election regretfully will turn out to be a by-election based on race.” I was only glad it was not UMNO but Keadilan. This will be an answer to reply to allegation of communal politics by other political party. They claim they are not, but when the need arise at elections, every party is practising it.

Anyway the wind blows...

A Voice
Kuala Lumpur
April 23rd, 2007 10:30 p.m.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

House Behind A House (II): Could There Be 3 Houses in Mosman Park, Perth?

There's a house behind a house
There's a dream behind a dream
There's a heart outside a heart
There's a hope behind a hope

When two people know that it's time to go
When do they give in
At what point in time do they really find
They must let it end

Lonely faces everywhere
Watch them starin' at their hands
As the walls keep closin' in
As the days go on and on

When two people see it can never be
When do they give up
When do they concede they must let it be
Now they've had enough
They've had enough

Lonely faces everywhere
Watch them starin' at their hands
There's a house behind a house
There's a dream behind a dream

-- Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, The Distance (1982)

(No video music link available but you can hear Bob Seger’s “Down on Main Street” on Google Video

There is a house behind a house. There is a story behind a story. The story is now big. It hit big because Tun Dr Mahathir made an apology yesterday for revealing wrong information on the alleged Prime Minister Abdullah’s house in Perth.

He was replying to the revelation by Raja Petra Kamaruddin of the ownership and market price of the house during a Press Conference after his keynote speech at the “Media and National Development” forum held at the Perdana Global Leadership Foundation, Putrajaya on Wednesday, April 18th, 2007. Both he and Khairy made a wrong remark.

Ringgg ringgg ringggg … Ringgg ringgg ringgg!

My phone was ringing. I hate being disturbed this early morning while surfing and reading through my favourite SOPO Blogs and doing minor up-date of my new blog, SOPO Sentral of Malaysia (Refer

“Hello, Pak “Tak-Mahu-Dengar-Fitnah” (TMDF) here.” I bet he’s gonna ask about Tun and the Perth house. “I saw on TV3 Evening News last night that Tun Mahathir apologised to Pak Lah for accusing he owns a RM60 million house in Perth. What do you say of that?”

“Yes, he apologised. That’s right.” I answered. “The fact and proof are all there. Why not apologise? It’s the only gentlemen thing to do.”

“I am sure them spin doctor will have a field day spinning news on his apology as though he apologised to Pak Lah. We know how Pak Lah reacted after their meeting just before Hari Raya as though he was a victim and Brendan was at his venomous best.”

“I am telling you, I know. I’ve been all my life in the newspaper business from the bottom up.”, he bragged.

“Why would they not spin it?” I said logically.

“Even Ali Ketam is already doing his “nasi tambah”. I meant it to be Dato’ Ali Rastam, the Melaka Chief Minister. It was reported in mStar, he claimed UMNO grass roots is not listening to Tun’s rambling any more and the level of loyalty now is very high. High level means no more questioning from the ground. That is his measure of loyalty, blind loyalty. Odah reported it (Refer

“Ali Rastam is not quite smart." Pak TMDF went on. "He is typical of Pak Lah’s boys, mediocre. They tend to believe they are the saviour and fighter for the Malay race. All "semangat" with no depth. The irony of it is that they celebrate their mediocrity. I heard this description from one Prof whilst having lunch at Golok.”

“One online political forum described it as "Celebritum de Mediocratis". No wonder Pak Lah had to rely on the friends of his son-in-law. Anyway, I don’t want to know what you and that Prof are doing at Golok but I’ll tell you another irony.” I said as I carve out a smile wondering what is he doing with a Prof in Golok. But I wouldn’t accuse him of being naughty.

“I would sense that he said something about news spin yesterday,” Pak TMDF made a guess refusing to talk anymore of Golok.

“Yes, indeed. Tun was saying in his speech that spinning paint an untrue picture of better or bigger than it actually is. This would result in wrong decision by the people and leaders and lead to detrimental effect to the country.”

“Whatever he used to say, when he was PM, he claims to have read comments from all angles in any issue. He refuse to let spin doctors do his work because he rather do it himself. Now he got spinned.” I sincerely believed because he is known for being a well read PM.

“That’s not actually right” Pak TMDF disagreed. “You remember the General Election that Ku Li was wearing one Kadazan headress, spinned as a Sabah Christian ceremonial headgear?”

“Yes, I remember that. Ku Li has a habit of occasionally turning over-confidence and shooting his mouth.” I said.

“That time someone in Berita Harian had a field day doing a spin on it. I can't remember who but the guy really made a career of himself after that.” Pak TMDF disclosing but disclosing any more.

“I guess any politician would take advantage of it. We in the paper were reporting.” He camouflaged his confession.

“Sure, you are. That must be interesting time, isn’t it?” I remarked. “Its not quite now. Tun described a documentary on Hitler he watched on TV. Hitler’s mistress, Eva Braun refused to highlight a mistake of Hitler’s and excused it as "But he is the Fuhrer."

“Its scary when he inferred the current situation at its worst could turn into Hitler’s days, where even the intelligent Germans turned stupid and abide blindly to a mad man. Off course, the muscle of the Boys of Hitler goons and Gestapo was at work to make the defiant obey.”

“Coming back to the house story, Tun’s closing words were “Tapi saya gembira kerana orang mengambil perhatian kepada apa yang saya cakap.” I think the ole man allowed it to get spinned. The reporters could be willing accomplice for they had long wanted to write a story about the house in Perth but was suppressed by 4th Floor Boys.”

Pak TMDF agreed. “He's an ‘ole pro in the media game. Never underestimate him. Those boys are quite predictable. Is there anything more that is not known to the public?”

“Well, I received an e-mail from somebody containing a list of property transaction at the Monmon Park, Perth area. It came quite timely because I have heard for quite a while that Pak Lah and family have 3 houses close to one another.”

“In addition to Khairy’s claim of it being Kamaluddin’s, there were others rumours that the house in Perth belongs to the Ambak’s, his late wife’s family, and even his brother, Dato’ Ibrahim.” I added.

Pak TMDF, “How sure is your rumour?”

“Well it is rumours that need investigation.” I said. It came from someone very reliable at getting and checking out information. I can’t tell him more, so I gave a different angle to him.

“I have all along known that Dato’ Ibrahim, his food technologist brother, has plans for a Nasi Kandar stall chain overseas and he has been regularly visiting Australia since he delisted Dewina Berhad in early 2000s. The MAS Catering takeover wasn't easy to secure financing.”

“Dato’ Berahim is fairly straight forward. He is a genuine businessman, who left his lecturing job at UPM. His home is fairly modest in Bangi, and you’d have to pass through low cost flats. I doubt that he would buy such luxurious homes.”

“People can change”, Pak TMDF said a matter a factly. “His daughters studied in Australia and they are shareholders in the Restoren Puteri Nasi Kandar”

“You probably right but I couldn't judge so when I met him." I replied somewhat defensive.

"Inside sources said Dewina fell from grace when Kamaluddin was Managing Director. He caused the cancellation of a UPM’s contract, had a hand to divert a contract with a British outlet chain somehere else, and they suspect he dabbled heavily in the Second Board run of '95.”

"Kamaluddin is shrewd, really shrewd. He is in together but only his partner BSA Tahir is in with an ISA rap on the nuclear centrifuge case, just prior to the General Election 2004. Why would Sang Kelembai vehemently vouch that the brain behind all this manouvre is Kamaluddin and not so much as Khairy."

“Shrewd in-a-hurry young people have a craving for the highlife.” I remark.

“He has his own private jet now”, Pak TMDF agreed. “He is likely to own a house in Perth. Khairy haven’t response yet and now he must response. I bet he is figuring a response that would not blow things further open."

“Anyway... If there are 3 houses of Pak Lah’s family or his in-laws, it should be nearby to the No. 34, Bayview TCE in question. That house was purchased on December 30th, 2003; just few months after Pak Lah became PM in 2003.”

“From the list that I received in the e-mail, there were 8 transactions made from 2003 to early 2006 on Bayview TCE, Monman Park. That is the road next to the park with a beautiful view of Swan River."

"The three houses, No. 22, 24, and 62 were transacted in 2004 and put back in the market within a short number of years. No. 22 and 24 houses were transacted in July 2005 and no. 62 in early 2006, respectively.”

“Wonder whether it is a transfer of name.” Pak TMDF enquired.

“That, we have to confirm. The No. 66 house was transacted in November 2003 and No. 66A transacted on June 2005”

“That could be like acquiring your next door neighbour.” He opined.

“There is also transaction for No. 46 and 52 in November 2004 and January 2006, respectively. One vacant lot changed hand on January 2003.” I completed my description of the Property Report.

“Its highly suspicious but our accusation must be based on fact than guesswork. Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to hear Khairy’s response not that its in all the major newspaper. Dato Patrick Lim’s press response would be great.”

“I agree." Pak TMDF concur to wait for Khairy's response.

"For a high end neighbourhood, its property market is strangely active. This is the great thing overseas. Information is readily available and corruption can be investigated by any Tom, Dick and Harry.”

“The problem with this country is that information is so difficult to get and it’s a very long tedious process. Like my recent visit to the land office recently. We should ...” Here we go again.

“I’m sorry I got to cut you off, Pak TMDF. I’m bit late now for I’ve got an early appointment at 10.30 p.m.” A white lie to get away from his rambling. Well, one day I have to tolerate and give him the chance to ramble anyway. I should hear his stories and experiances.

There's a house behind a house
There's a dream behind a dream

A Voice
Kuala Lumpur
April 19th, 2007 12:00 pm

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

House Behind A House: Khairy’s Perth Home Spin That Didn't Gyrate

There's a house behind a house
There's a dream behind a dream
There's a heart outside a heart
There's a hope behind a hope

When two people know that it's time to go
When do they give in
At what point in time do they really find
They must let it end

Lonely faces everywhere
Watch them starin' at their hands
As the walls keep closin' in
As the days go on and on

When two people see it can never be
When do they give up
When do they concede they must let it be
Now they've had enough
They've had enough

Lonely faces everywhere
Watch them starin' at their hands
There's a house behind a house
There's a dream behind a dream

-- Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, The Distance (1982)

(No video music link available but you can hear Bob Seger’s “Down on Main Street” on Google Video here)

There is a house behind a house. There is a story behind a story. The story today is about a house. It’s not an ordinary house, no. And, it’s not an ordinary story also. It’s a “home” to a powerful man.

It’s about a house in Perth that is revealing itself as Prime Minister Abdullah’s regular retreat. Its existence became known when he went for holiday and had his sinus operation in July 2006. The public began to realised it could be his Perth “home” late last year. He cut short his Greek holiday to do a 5 hour stopover at Johor and Melaka and went off for holiday in Perth.

There are many stories behind the house. It’s the house that is the talk of the town.

“So what is there to having a house in Perth as a regular retreat?” Pak “Tak Mahu Dengar Fitnah” skeptically said. As he awaits the waiter to place the teh tarik on our table, he continued. “It’s a like private Camp David and it is perhaps cheaper”

The house has been the much talked about and those “lying” bloggers has been curious, since his second known trip there. That fella was making a “badak mencari El-Ghazally” operation. (Open kickdefella who alerted us here, here, and here about housing areas in Perth)

It was raised by Tun Dr Mahathir in a talk organised by a Kulai UMNO Branch on March 29th recently. He said Abdullah owns the house and it cost A$25 million. That’s about RM60 million!

Pak TMDF would reply, “It’s not his and doesn’t cost that much, isn’t it?”

Tun may have found and revealed different information. Raja Petra revealed with documents and proof (open here) that it belongs to Datin Wong Mun Yee, said to be partner of Dato' Patrick Lim Soo Kit's.

One “lying unemployed female” blogger from Down Under, Ganesh Sahathevan revealed in his blog that the generous Datin is a partner alright. It’s his life and literally sleeping partner! She is the wife of Patrick Lim and Director of Equine Capital, the PLC he controlled.

Raja Petra further revealed that the house value and upon completion of its renovation will cost about A$8-10 million. There are those that commented it as only A$3.7 million. Valuation is subjective but perhaps it shouldn’t differ too significantly.

“Its not unusual for someone to give their second or third home for other’s to use as a retreat. Most people would be honoured to have the PM stay over at their home.” Pak TMDF asserted and seemed refused to believe.

It’s a house that Kamaluddin owns. Khairy said it and to quote verbatim from AgendaDaily, “Rumah yang dimaksudkan itu ... dimiliki oleh anak beliau ... rumah Kamaluddin

Aha … OK Go on,” Pak TMDF is somewhat in-denial but beginning to show keenness to listen. He sips his teh tarik that began to turn lukewarm.

Off course, the denial should have come from the accused, PM Abdullah himself. Just like Khairy has no locus standi to say it’s not time for General Election.

These days, reporters must be careful to ask such questions to Pak Lah. He can turn moody and even storm at reporters at Press Conferences. Then, they’ll get leery look from the accompanying “Tingkat 4” boys and even a phone call to their boss.

Perhaps, in making himself available to voters at the Machap by-election campaign operation room, Khairy have become conveniently accessible to reporters seeking for answer. He is after all the son-in-law of PM.

Khairy’s response fits with the common excuse cited by many when any luxurious lifestyle or indulging pastimes of Pak Lah is revealed. It is his son’s and he can afford it for his dad. Pak Lah is promoting religiously Islam Hadhari and yet Imam Hadhari contradicts himself and is unpoetic, meaning in conflict with his poem “Damai Abadi”.

These kind of talks can be heard at teh tarik talk and coffee house chat, and gets channeled to the Internet in Blogs, Forums, e-Groups, ICQs and many interactive modes.

“Lets return to the subject of Patrick Lim allowing his home for PM’s retreat”, Pak TMDF interjected the political rhetoric. “Why don’t you explain me about him and the implication here?” That is clear indication he is giving attention to the issue.

This house has a house behind it. This story has a story behind it.

Patrick Lim is very close with the PM. It is said that he is so close that political pundits are calling him Patrick Badawi. He was said to turn up Hari Raya morning at PM’s home dressed in “baju melayu” with “samping”, like he is family. Well, that’s rumours.

It is widely believed that what he wants he gets. Tun made the allegation in a talk in October last year that with Khairy, he “ruled” Terengganu. He is a major beneficiary of the high profile Monsoon Cup and is developing Terengganu's Pulau Duyong.

Equine Capital is the property developer for the integrated Crescentia Park project and Penang International Equestrian Centre, at the 2,560-hectare Bandar Cassia Township in Batu Kawan. It is located at the mainland end of the Second Bridge. Some felt the Penang Second Bridge as unnecessary. One UMNO ADUN actually raised it at the State Assembly but is still being pursued.

Patrick and Cindy, as the wife’s is affectionately addressed as, are the usual accompanying socialites at the late Datin Endon’s charity or social functions. The word around is that you get into the good book of the main of the 4K, the late Kak Endon, you’re set for life!

So, the close association of Patrick Lim and the Badawis is common knowledge and for Badawi to use their Perth home is perhaps tolerated by Malaysians. It’s not like we are in Britain, where as one friend told me that a politician land himself into trouble for using a more expensive postal service than that stipulated for official use. The fact that Khairy wrongly answered it as Kamaluddin’s confirms the close link and this is cronyism, or perhaps nepotism, since they are like family.

Imam Hadhari ….

Pak TMDF interject, “… I can see the conflict of interest. It is raising concern that the closeness is no more personal but could have mutual exchanges of favours. This new development raised the possibility that Kamaluddin is getting the house from Patrick’s on behalf of the father. Since Kamaluddin is the “Anak saya kaya”, it looks perfectly legal. Khairy’s ignorant remark blew the whole cover”.

He could be pretty presumptous at times but is seeing the point. “When you are a public official or politician, one should not only be clean but beyond any doubt seen to be clean. This is essential for the present officials and politicians. For a pious looking Prime Minister with degree in Islamic Studies and grandson of a distinguished Ulamak, he should set an example since he is promoting an Islamic brand." he continued.

"What we were you saying about the story behind the story?”

Perth seemed to be a point of reference to quite a few eventful incidents. The story behind the story is about Perth.

It was the call from Perth to Dato Annuar Musa, who was in hospital recovering from motorbike accident, that an instruction was given to “do something" about Tun Dr Mahathir’s scheduled talk in Kota Baru on July 28th last year.

It turn out that Tun was blocked by few burly men from entering a Pajero to speak to the crowd at the Kota Baru Airport. He got pepper sprayed during the tustle. The court case on the alleged person, Dato Nik Sapeia, is ongoing in Kota Baru court. This Dato’ used to benefit from Tun’s help but he is an important office bearer of Kuala Krai UMNO Division. The Division Chef is Dato Romzi’s, PM’s strongman in Kelantan.

That conversation was witnessed by many, among others was Tengku Razaleigh.

“And the second visit recently? Pak TMDF’s curiosity confirms me he is now convinced.

That’s not the only one dirty trick Pak Lah is capable of doing. He planned to deny Tun from being elected delegate of Kubang Pasu for the UMNO General Assembly last year. It was alleged that bribe with physical and psychological harassment was used. But that’s another story.

When the big flood that reportedly displaced some 115,000 Johorean happened, Pak Lah was returning a state visit to President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. After the visit to Caracas, he was off for his holiday to Greece.

Along the way, he stopped over at Turkey and visited the yacht or gullet at Bodrum with Tan Sri Ananda Krishnan. It got published in Huriyet, the Turkish newspaper on December 20th and Rocky got the scoop. PM denied it was a RM30 million gift to him. Then many permutation of rumours but Huriyet never retracted the news report. The truth is out there with Ananda.
That’s another story also.

“Right, right,” Pak TMDF getting excited as he gulped his already cold teh tarik at one go.

It’s the house that made the public realised of the repeated visit to Perth and began their curiosity. The PM abruptly ended his Greek holiday upon learning of the massive flood in Johor. He only made a 5 hour stopover to visit few sites in Batu Pahat and Muar, the Melaka on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2006. There was that newspaper coverage showing him in a photo with a baby in Melaka, like it an election campaign and said everything is under control.

If the Johorean had known, they would be slighted. Quite a few of the Johorean Minister went for holiday and didn’t turn up until much later. PM finally made a serious visit of the flood victim on January 16th, 2007, after the Asean Summit in Cebu, Phillipines.

While they suffered, the PM was enjoying himself golfing, deep sea fishing, opening his brother’s Puteri Nasi Kandar restaurant, attending New Year party, episode with Nori, and many “another” stories. The losses is estimated at RM1.5 billion. How could he took it easy?

Why does he love Perth? Does he know what the Pentagon built in Perth? Another story …

Pak TMDF suddenly start, “The problem with this country ….”.

I know that mode. Give him some new information and he will start lecturing his higly helicopterial analysis of whats wrong in this country. He’ll come up with some better model from Europe or America to duplicate. He is alright, I said to myself but I believe my not so perfect Malaysia should have its own unique way of solving its problems.

It’s a beautiful home with beautiful scenery, a beautiful nearby park, a beautiful pier, and a beautiful golf course. It’s a place for a Prime Minister to lose himself into this trapping he dreamt off decades ago.

There is a house behind a house.
There is a dream behind a house

A Voice
Kuala Lumpur
April 11th, 2007 12:30 p.m.

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