Friday, April 30, 2021

Is something big hatching on Malaysian rail involving Scomi?

Tun Daim sent to China in July 2018 as "special envoy" for "special purpose" 

Blogger Captain M picked up the news on the appointment of Van Chiang Lum as member of the Board of Directors of Scomi Group Berhad (Scomi) in his analysis of Destini Berhad's MRO deal with KTMB (read here and here). Van is in the senior management team at Destini

Conveniently, Captain M linked the appointment to this blog's revelation that Destini is on the hunt for companies for operational support to ETS, a 70% recently acquired subsidiary of KTMB for MRO.

While this was happening, media reported Scomi's CEO, Sammy Tse Kwok Fai tendered his resignation yesterday. He and few other Directors of Scomi retired from the BoardSammy and another Director voted out, while two Directors subsequently resigned. 

Two new Directors were appointed to the Board of Directors, namely, Van and a Dato Wan Shahruddin bin Wan Mahmood. They will join the two remaining Directors, Shah Hakim Zain and Tunku Azlan Tunku Aziz.  

The rehabilitation plan, to quote NST here, "could potentially include reviving existing businesses in which the company has experience".  

Monday, April 19, 2021

"Taiko" diplomacy fail to deter China control over Malayan rail

China is a superpower and it has and will behave like any other. It will do whatever it takes to build hegemony over what it considers its area of influence, even via corrupt means. - P Gunasegaran

P Gunasegaran wrote on the new ECRL deal in The Vibes last week. 

Despite no proofs and new information, he insisted the original cost to build the ECRL put together by Dato Najib was meant to skim off money to pay for 1MDB debt. Its 3 years since BN government lost the 14th General Election, but no effort to use this allegation to ensure Najib eventually end up permanently in the slammer. 

Instead, PH government went back and forth with the China government and contractor to finally cancelled it. Under PN government that is developing the perception as a mutant PH 2.0, they recently announced reviving the ECRL to the original Najib plan at lower cost.

Naturally, Gunasegaran is still not happy with the recent develoment. The reduced cost is not sufficiently significant and does not protect our national interest.

Foreign Minister Dato Hishamuddin's made a recent diplomatic embarassment to both Malaysia and China in his attempt to buddy up by calling his China counterpart "taiko". It does not bring about a significant decrease in cost and China's dominance in the local rail will continue unabated. 

Friday, April 16, 2021

Mahathir washed his hands as Bukit Aman investigate Zeti's husband

The Edge Online reported yesterday:

Datuk Dr Tawfiq Ayman, the husband of former Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) governor Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz, was spotted at the police Commercial Crime unit here giving his statement for three hours.

Wearing a mask, he was seen waiting and talking to his lawyer at a coffee outlet at 9.50am before going into Menara KPJ in Jalan Tun Razak 10 minutes later.

Sources told that he had his statement recorded for three hours and was seen leaving the vicinity slightly after 1pm, while being accompanied by his lawyer Datuk Jagjit Singh. It is understood he may come again next week.

Tun Dr Mahathir washed his hands and claim ignorance of Zeti's 1MDB involvement. His denial is not believable to staunch Najib supporter and FBooker, Lim Sian See.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Why is MoT KSU getting personal with Railway Union?

Minister of Transport , Dato Wee Ka Siong launched the Diesel Multiple Units (DMU) trains in Pasir Mas, Kelantan last week to replace the old diesel locomotive and passenger coaches servicing the Kelantan and Pahang route. 

Unfortunately, the good news was negated by the significantly greater effort by MoT for a wider media coverage to their Secretary General (KSU)'s police report against Sabahkini2 for revealing direct negotiation for 6 cars Intercity Electric Multiple Units (EMUs). 

The KSU then followed up with MoT issuing statement to attack the Railwaymen Union of Malaya (RUM) on matters related to the launched 13 DMUs for East Coast. Unlike against Sabahkini2, there was no police report but a serious accusation of slander was made towards the union.  

The launch would have overshadowered the accusation of widespread preference and direct negotiation for China including the China supplied DMU for Kelantan. However, the personal manner the KSU reacted to criticisms negated any positive message from the launch. 

MoT may have gone to the extent of attempting of forcing a blog to take off their posting.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Will court fairly disqualify Gopal Sri Ram?

After much excuses and typical lawyer's wiggling, Dato Gopal Sri Ram failed to produce a letter to prove he was authorised as Deputy Public Prosecutor to represent government in the Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor's "solar project case".

This happened at the Court of Appeal last Thursday, but was conveniently not given coverage by media.

Gopal tried to wiggle his way out from producing the letter last week with the excuse he cannot give a copy of the letter to the defense team and claimed it is confidential.

The defense team then countered back. If he cannot give it to the defense, then show to the judges. The judges agreed. The court took a break as Gopal had to get the letter before the court. 

When court resume few hours later, he produced a letter signed by current Attorney General, Tan Sri  Idris Haron. It is not signed by former AG Tan Sri Tommy Thomas in which he was the AG at the material time the case started.

Will the increasingly seen as bias court process against "KlusterMahkamah" finally do justise and act fairly and professionally with integrity?

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Fair comment from MoT on KTM direct nego, but still raise questions ...

Ministry of Transport managed to neutralise the carbotage issue, which denied Malaysia access to Facebook Internet cable link-up to North America, with the announcement ECRL will revert to earlier planned route albeit RM5 billion cheaper.

However, latest reply by MoT to direct nego issue for KTM's 10 electric train for its ETS service is raising more questions.

Malaysiakini reported "MOT defends decisions to buy 10 trains through direct nego". An excerpt reads:

Monday, April 05, 2021

UniKL RM350 million reserve attracts insects to replace educationists

MARA officers and 5 exco members in UniKL are the new target for dismissal by politicians and wannabee politicians in MARA Corp. 

Free Malaysia Baru, a PPBM back website wrote a summary of wrongdoings in MARA during the days of Pakatan Harapan dan Dato Shafie Apdal at MARA Inc. as though the current team is the saviour.

It is no surprise because FMB was the website that launched the attack to recently unceremoniously and unjustifiably removed MARA Corp CEO Dato’ Badlisyah Ghani and his management team of reputable professionals.

Prior to the unlawful dismissal, other blogs were used to discredit Badlisyah and his action for bringing in experienced and leading professionals in their field into MARA Corp. 

The same modus operandi will be used and their gun is aimed at personnal in UniKL. The intention is obviously for PPBM politicians and wannabe politicians in MARA Corp to wrest control of MARA’s crown jewel. 

It is not because UniKL is a private university with number of students more than any IPTA. And, it is not because UniKL has built a history of developing the institution from conceptual to achieve internationally recognised educational milestone. Most likely than not, the RM350m reserve of UniKl is like sugar and honey attacting ants and insects.

No wonder the new Uncle Don owner, Dato Megat Shahriman once passed a remark to throw the UniKL CFO out from the top of Menara KL. Apparently, he owned and managed the revolving restaurant at Menara KL. 

Friday, April 02, 2021

Destini MRO: Why only shopping for companies now?

Since this blog's March 14th posting, "Railway union up in arms as KTMB awaits new Chairman", been pondering over the crux of the issue behind the Railwaymen Union of Malaya (RUM) concern or more precisely opposition to KTMB's MRO Joint Venture with Destini Berhad. 

After a while, it was noticeable that the only significant media coverage was by Edge Online's Destini's JV announcement with KTMB in late February. The other being Union's reaction few days later to  oppose and call for MACC investigation. 

No other media coverage and public discussion of the deal. Most glaring, but unnoticed by media, is the absence of announcement from KTMB or any media coverage from KTMB's side on the 70:30 JV favouring Destini. 

It was neither mentioned in the poorly updated News section of KTMB website here nor Ministry of Transport website here. All silent .... none in their press release or announcement, and not even on their social media.  

Strange, truly strange.

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