Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pre-LIMA break in Langkawi

Just returned yesterday from a poor Internet access area. That should explain for our long not up-dated blog. 

There was an invitation for a 'tahlil' in Ayer Hangat, Langkawi for last Friday, LIMA was to begin today Tuesday and dissolution of Parliment is expected to be around the corner before LIMA ends Saturday.

Before getting stuck in the bunker with the general election campaign and the maddening crowd for LIMA and school holidays trickle into Langkawi, we thought it is not a bad idea to go for a bit of R&R, visits and education in Langkawi.

When we arrived Friday, our F-18 and Sukhoi can be seen from afar lined up for LIMA exhibition. The airport tarmac is a secured area, so we can't get close enough for a shot.  (See above)

There will be more Monday.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Barbarians returning and waiting at the gates [up-dated]

In 2008, DAP Penang had done all the work and look sure of beating Gerakan led by the 'lembik" Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon.

Lim Guan Eng turned up at the Penang state DAP committee meeting before election to announce he is running for both state and Parliment seats in Penang and basically push aside the more popular Penang DAP Chairman Chow Kon Yeow to assume the post of Penang Chief Minister.

DAP custom is repeating itself in Johor with Lim Kit Siang returning back to his home state, Johor to run at the Gelang Patah seat after wandering over the years all over the country - from Melaka to Petaling Jaya, Penang and currently Ipoh.

The senior Lim seemed to be emulating his son to steal the glory from the long hard work of Johore State DAP Chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ghost of Johor's Iskandar Waterfront scam

Maybe the timing is bad, because the general election is looming and it could make Johor Barisan Nasional's campaign bad. But after election, game will be practically over.

Sorry ... in our struggle for "agama, bangsa dan tanahair (alif ba ta)", that must take priority over mere vehicle or tactical use of political parties and NGO.

What more when it is about a corrupt act that will jeopardise our sovereignity and the interest of the rakyat of Johor?

The opposition will take advantage of this revelation but Johor BN and UMNO must convince the voters that it is about individuals and not the rakyat or party or government aspiration, policy, and plan. 

Another way of looking at it is to view it positively. This will make all the parties involve realised, pressure to act, and a quick decision made from our usually cautious 11:45th hour decision-maker PM.

The plan must be aborted immediately. Investigation must be made by MACC. All the Directors and Executive/Managing Directors put to task by resigning and immediately replaced. Gani must not be MB anymore.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shut-up and brace yourself for a bumpy ride, Musa

Tun Musa Hitam was reported in the New Straits Times today reiterating a position he gave prior to the announcement of the South Johor Economic Region (SJER) or today called Iskandar Malaysia.

The project was announced by the sleepiest Prime Minister ever, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in March 2006 to deviate the attention from critics for cancelling the Scenic Bridge. He claimed it was his idea but nobody smart enough should believe it.

As the man who failed in his responsibility, when Sime Darby and Golden Hope was under his watch and had recently resigned, Tun Musa said Malays are already successful.

Tun Abdullah's mentor must be blind and deaf.

Tun Musa know nuts about economics and business. And, he was trained and assigned by Tun Abdul Razak to look and strategise in the area of education and politics.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The dumb Sultan chimply chine

The dumb Sultan Muhammad Jamalul Alam of Sulu chimply cede Sabah to a British Company. The Sulug here could be proud he got English blood.

In our previous business endeavour, we had a Tan Sri former KSU of a Ministry for 23 years as Chairman.

The late Tan Sri was a man of impeccable integrity, thus was much sought after to be on the Board of many public listed companies. He was also a member of the Board of Directors of PNB. 

He joined us just for nothing because he trusted a son of an Imam, a fellow Johorean and to help a group of aspiring professionals. Perhaps, it could be in appreciation for us being with the family in their moment of grief or have some common family acquintance.

At one time, we were to do an investment and had to get him to sign before he leaves abroad. To cut a long story short, he had to sign first and we'll keep the signed part to be attached to the agreement after a mistake corrected. 

While he was signing, he jokingly said, "Don't chimply chine!"

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Chameleon in Australia

If you thought Saiful's father turnaround statement was big news, then check this another turnaround by Anwar. Not actually a turnaround but his words was to please the Australian.

It is typical of Anwar to please the audience he is speaking to especially when he needs the support of Australian to accuse the general election as dirty and fraudulent after his expected lost.

Anwar can't say NO.

So he said he is not so much as anti Lynas but subject to blah blah blah ... he is fine and supportive.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Ignore the flank and shoot own feet

One can't keep attacking like Manchester United or one will end up losing to Real Madrid because of dumb defensive own goal error.

Be mindful of one's defense.

Even if one has a solid defense in the centre, watch one's flank. For instance, the flank attack by Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim should have been expected.

The writing is on the wall but many UMNO people are too selfish and some leaders are too dumb to understand that our supporters may have a price.

And, there are those non partisan ones working against Anwar but each may have personal or troubling issues too.

UMNO was complacent with their recent renewed confidence that it cost their own feet for not covering the flanks.

Hopefully it does not grow back to their arrogant ways like during the era of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Media screw-up at Lahad Datu

If it is Malaysiakini, it can only be expected.

As a George Soros funded organisation assigned to create chaos and disharmony in this country in order to execute their plan for a regime change and then bring in George to buy things for cheap like what he did it Russia, that is fine.

But, why is the mainstream media (MSM) also misbehaving?

Whatever their excuse, they should be more selective in releasing stories from Lahad Datu. They are reporting without understanding the implication of what they are doing.

Heck ... this is a crisis. It is not some wildlife adventure tour of Danum Valley.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Denial and lawsuit to avoid answering [Up-dated]

Anwar Ibrahim filed a lawsuit against who else, Utusan Malaysia and TV3. One can read on elsewhere for the news detail.

Reuters was the one that reported a Malaysian opposition politician had invited heirs of the Sultan of Sulu to Sabah to discuss land issues. All eyes were looking at Anwar and he denied involvement. [Read our past posting here.

Newspapers and news portal reported undisclosed sources telling the intruders were promised land in Sabah. This was used by the opposition to accuse the person making that promise to be Najib. 

The Harakah is one, see below:

Monday, March 04, 2013

Last words from our patriot

We have received a one last word from one of our patriot. Cry if you wish as you read his last SMS.

Another is a reaction from one of our security personnel to the unfair criticism and insult leveled at them. They fighting spirit is admirable.

We are in our comfortable arm chair looking at the computer while they are out there putting their life on the line.

They need our support and unity.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Get the facts right!

If one has no idea of who and what is VAT69, you don't know history and should have done your research before questioning why allow police to handle first and not the army. 

The answer to several other issues raised and hurled by the public and rudely expressed by opposition cybertroopers on the intrusion by the so-called Royal Army of Sulu was addressed in yesterday's posting [read here]. Strange that some opposition members support Sulu Sultanate claim on Sabah.

There is an excellent posting done with academic references by blog Andak Jauhar. The posting is in Malay, so those Malaysians can go and read it here.

For the rest, including Malaysian incapable of reading the national language because there are those that secured their citizenship by corrupting NRD officers as revealed in the Sabah RCI and use political pressure through demonstrations despite do not qualify, there will be a translated English version.

Our word to those propagandist and opposition cybertroopers working on over time to ridicule our boys that is defending the country against intruders. Don't just shoot your fuc&!^g @$$  mouth and think your arguments make sense and are smart. 

They are not. So, get your fuc&!^g facts right first!

Saturday, March 02, 2013

White flag trap and now two cops shot at!

The casualty at Kampung Tandou Lahad Datu did not arise from a from an attack by our forces or a mortar ambush by the so-called Royal Sulu army (Sulu intruders). It was an act of cowardice on their part to trap our forces with a white flag to mean surrender but just as they were casually approaching them, they were ambushed.

Before debunking further more lies by the oppositions, their brainless social media cybertroopers and their media towards our security forces, there is a report of another shoot-out. Police was attack at Kg Seminul, Semporna, a neighbouring district of Lahad Datu. Thus far, the official position is that it is not related to the Lahad Datu incident.

Hopefully, immediate and proper news are released from the operation centre. Not all and off course, not the security sensitive information, but none of this "we are in control of the situation" but still not resolved.

Don't they get it yet?

Proper communication is a key element in any crisis management. The necessary information is needed to bring confidence to the public that our securities people are handling the matter. Nahi nahi ni dah tak main lah sekarang.

None of this attitude to hope news dies off unanswered or trying to play down news. In this IT age, there are gadgets to help to monitor and remind us. It is an old school attitude ...

Friday, March 01, 2013

13 died, 4 injured to quench devil-incarnate Anwar's thirst for power

How much more should be deceived and sacrificed?

Just as we finished our posting "Sulu salami tactic" this morning, reports came out flashing that our security forces reece party faced a mortar ambush from the intruders side.

Unlike what was reported by the warmonger and messengers of false hood, our side did not attacked them because we wish to avoid blood shed. We were attacked and not the other way around.

There had been casualty on our side and also the so-called royal Sulu Sultanate army. Al fatihah to all of these lost Muslim soul. But frankly, their death was unnecessary.

Our immediate thought is how much more souls have to be sacrificed and millions deceived to quench this devil-incarnate Anwar's thirst for power before public sanity will be regained?

Sulu salami tactic?

Given the complexities of the situation, it needs a cool head and a well calculated decision. Rockybru is right to support Hishamuddin's Malaysian non-violent here.

Only problem is his corporate communication team stinks under this crisis situation. Perhaps, his press secretary tidor or got an attitude.

Phillipines asked for an extension on Wednesday. The intruders insist to not return.  

Hmmm.... boy, do we smell a salami. Meaning Salami tactic.

Just make sure it is kosher, please!

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