Monday, July 30, 2007

Khairy, Khairy Quite Contrary

Remember your English nursery rhymes? This is one I learned in kindergarten.

Mary Mary quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells
And pretty maids all in a row.

The nursery rhyme asked to be read in contrary.

Its not about some sweet country girl named Mary, but about the beheaded Mary Tudor. The garden is not a flower garden. Silver bells, cockle shells and pretty maids are not flowers.

Read about it here. Its gruesome.

I’ve made up my own version:

Khairy, Khairy, quite contrary,
How does your politics grow?
With Nori belle and ECM Libra debacle
And monkey callings all in a row.

Khairy called bloggers as monkeys. How amusing? In this phase of Internet with Google and Blogs, all it take is to recall back the accounts of the past. We will see how to the contrary he is.

He seemed open minded, calm and articulated well the issue of blogging when Joceline Tan interviewed him early this year. His comments in Joceline Tan’s April 19th, 2007 column in The Star entitled “Much Ado Over Blogging" is retrieved below:

Said Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin: “I don't think we should over-react or generalise because there are many types of bloggers and the majority are just blogging their personal experiences.”

But, he said, the unsubstantiated and anonymous nature of discussion, particularly in media blogs, is of concern.

“Take the more popular media blogs: there are all kinds of crazy allegations out there. If there is to be credibility in blogs, then you have to address these issues,” he said.

For much of 2006, Khairy was the subject of some the more bizarre and outrageous stories on the Internet. He has not bothered to sue, preferring to “live and let live.

But that does not mean he does not believe in legal recourse when it comes to defamation.

Some politicians react with clampdown calls but blogs are here to stay and they (bloggers) have to be responsible. They shouldn't complain if they're taken to court because, like everyone else, they're subject to the same rules of libel. People at the receiving end must have legal recourse and it's ridiculous to say that the state is coming down on you,” he said.
It sounds fair and square. You break the law and they’ll get you.

But my oh my, have we changed in three months. The latest from Khairy as per Bernama report entitled “Bloggers who slander must be brought to book, says Khairy” dated July 29th below:

(Bernama) -- Umno wants bloggers who resort to slander to be brought to book, said Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin.

He said these bloggers did not think about the sensitivities of others and the repercussions their writings can cause.

"There are no laws in the cyberworld except for the law of the jungle. As such, action must be taken so that the "monkeys" behave," he told reporters after opening the Papar, Kimanis and Sipitang Umno Youth annual delegates conference here today.

Khairy said there were some bloggers who thought they were above the law.

He said this when asked about Malaysia-Today webmaster Raja Petra Kamarudin being called by the police for alleged seditious comments posted on it.

Khairy added that he too had been slandered on websites but had yet to take legal action because the case might take a long time to be settled.

I pity Khairy. He was born in Kuwait and spent most of his life overseas.

With your limited vocabulary of Malay, is “monyet” the only description you know to dish out insults, Khairy?

This is not the first time.

In August 5th, 2006 during the rounds of Pemuda UMNO Division meetings, you called those spreading malicious lies as “monyet”.

It about the same time with the controversies surrounding ECM Libra-Avenue, Pantai-Parkway, and Johor Bridge.

Lets not forget buddy Kalimutu … opps Dato Kalimullah calling Tun Dr Mahathir “beruk sarkas”. Oh poor … Kali, I bet your mummy and daddy never took you to the circus. They don’t have circus babboon but circus bear.

All those remarks last year was meant towards Tun Dr Mahathir for his allegation and accusation towards Khairy and his father in law. Tun has proofs but he seek for exemption under the Official Secrets Act (OSA).

How about it? Would Khairy dare to advise Father in Law to grant Tun the exemptions? Or he prefers the cheap name calling and character assasination?

I persoanally believe you are corrupt, Khairy!

I know one very well. He bought into ECM Libra and within months ECM Libra took over Avenue Asset at deflated price from Government to enable the group to maintain control. He used the Minister of Finance office and threatened the Securities Commission officials.

Why did Khairy sold his shares last year? Guilty? If as he claimed to be "putih seputihnya", why did he used Dato Shahril Samad to manipulate PAC enquiry to shield him and his "Singapore Agent partner"? Conveniently, Kalimullah made a public apology to Dato Shahril in NST, before the enquiry.

In the Pantai-Parkway deal where Khairy's allegedly had a hand, why did Khazanah sanitized the route for Parkway to take a 51% majority control? Yet, the Hospital now run by Singaporeans?

Father in law and the cabinet has yet to answer all the issues Tun Dr Mahathir has raised on the Johor Bridge, New Straits Times, Proton, WPI and many more.

With all the development in the various venture and diplomacy with Singapore, is it not obvious that father in law, his cronies and Khairy are in-cohort with the Singaporeans.

Now it seems Khairy is friendly with the Singaporean, how about proving us wrong that being friendly with Singaporeans can be beneficial? Raise the water price to Singapore! Solve the CPF and Pulau Batu Putih issues!? Lets not forget KTM Land at Tanjung Pagar!

Come out with it and answer.

Whatever it is, I hope you figure out properly what animal you wish to call us bloggers, Khairy – monkey, or baboon or bear.

Look at the resemblance below, would this make him learn to ponder before speaking?

Coming back to the remarks he made in April. How did he address the issues if there is credibility? By name calling of animals like monkey, baboon or bear? Still leaving the issues unanswered?

Khairy said bloggers are subject to the same rules of libel. Go ahead take whoever is libelous to court – be it here or abroad. Why the need to use the police, politicians and media to apply the OSA, and ISA to protect himself?

There is one animal that describe you well, Khairy - thats chicken.

If he is no chicken, let see if he dare to stand as a Pemuda UMNO Chief contested, without all those dirty trick to block the other candidate.

Chicken has no balls. I am sure he knows he is not liked. Even after much harrassment, the motion for vote of no confidence against him at his own UMNO Rembau Division was only defeated by one vote.

He kept quiet and suppressed any voices within Pemuda UMNO on many issues pertaining teh interest of the people and nation.

When Lee Kuan Yew made his disparaging remarks, did you answered back? What about all those attacks on NEP? What about all those projects that does not balance the interest of the Malay and rest of Malaysians, and the nation? When Tun Abdul Razak was accused by Dr Kua Kia Soong's May 13 book, I did not hear a squeak from Khairy. He attacked MCA and Gerakan, but dare not face them.

How about using the mirror when you comb, Khairy? At least you will get to see your own face transforming into a chicken or an ape.


Read Dato Kamal Amir Kamal Hijaz piece "Menantu PM membinatangkan penulis" on Malaysia Today.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Catatan Ku: Caiomhe Butterly, Anugerah Hero Eropah Majalah Time

Pagi tadi satu tayangan filem dokumentari berjodol "Visit Palestine" diadakan di Muzium Kesenian Islam, Kuala Lumpur atas tajaan dan usaha oleh ABIM, Global Peace dan MSRI. Filem oleh Katie Barlow membawa penuntun kepada kehidupan harian Caiomhe Butterly, seorang aktivis sukarelawan International Solidarity Movement (ISM) dari Ireland, di kem pelarian Jenin, Palestin.

Filem itu memaparkan dengan begitu jelas penindasan dan keganasan harian ke atas orang awam, termasuk kanak-kanak, yang dilakukan semasa pencerobohan oleh askar-askar dan kereta kebal Israel. Caiomhe, yang hidup bersama pelarian-pelarian Palestine di Jenin, telah mendokumentasi suara-suara kesedihan, kemarahan dan keazaman rakyat-rakyat Palestin, terutama ibu-ibu, ister-isteri dan anak-anak.

Berikut ini adalah sinopsis filem oleh Katie Barlow yang disedut dari laman web Journeyman Pictures Ltd.
What prompts a young, well-educated Westerner to risk life and limb as a peace activist in the Middle East? With her striking red hair and bright lipstick, Caiomhe Butterly defies initial expectations of the ‘typical’ activist. Motivated by idealism, she blocks bullets with her body and ignores threats to her own safety to alleviate the suffering that surrounds. Her story provides a rare insight into the everyday lives of Palestinians, moving beyond usual depictions of one-dimensional heroes or victims. During a siege of Jenin, Caiomhe’s luck finally runs out and she is shot and wounded. With its harrowing frontline footage and intimate character portraits, this is surely one of the most powerful films to come out of Palestine in recent years.

A young woman steps fearlessly in front of an approaching tank. Its guns slowly focus on her and soldiers let rip a volley of bullets. She refuses to move. Twenty-four year old Caiomhe Butterly is trying to stop the Israeli army encroaching any further into Jenin. After a tense stand off, the tank reverses.

In the past few years, thousands of international activists like Caiomhe have travelled to the Occupied Territories to act as human shields. “We attempt to break the isolation Palestinians feel by representing in a small but potent way an alternative face of the West,” she explains. But it’s a dangerous undertaking. Several have now died. Others have been injured.

In April 2002, the Israeli army surrounded Jenin and subjected it to a two week siege. By the time they withdrew, 60 were dead, thousands had been detained and over 400 houses destroyed. “I grappled with how to respond and decided to use my physical presence to try and minimise the brutality,” Caiomhe explains. But, as she readily acknowledges: “It’s an uncomfortable dynamic only made possible because of inherent racism. Our blood, as foreigners, is deemed less expendable than that of Palestinians.”

One of Caiomhe’s main tasks is accompanying children to school. In occupied Palestine, getting an education is an act of resistance in itself. Nearly three thousand children have been wounded travelling to or from school. “We are often told that we are going to grow up an ignorant generation because the tanks are really distracting,” states one little girl. In a matter of fact way, she describes how she hides under her desk when the shelling starts while teachers help students who have fainted.

As the siege progresses, Caiomhe works as a volunteer with a local ambulance. Night after night, she comforts bereaved families and rushes wounded people to hospital. “It was heartbreaking picking up the broken bodies the Israeli army left in their wake.” After the April invasion, she is left scrambling in the rubble with her bare hands, trying to retrieve the bodies.

As the weeks turn into months, Caiomhe finds herself in more danger. “Israeli soldiers see me on a daily basis. That gradient of protection I have as a foreigner is being eroded.” Eventually she is shot in the leg and deported. On that same day, a UN consultant and 11 year old boy are killed and seven other children seriously wounded. Yet her love for Jenin remains. Awarded Time Magazine ‘Hero of our Time’, she travels the world publicising the plight of Palestinians. Her story becomes a conduit for their everyday lives and she soon returns to Jenin.

Activists such as Butterly are usually stereotyped as lunatics, meddlers or saints. But Caiomhe herself brushes off all suggestions she’s doing anything special. As she explains: “When you’re surrounded by violence, it’s a very human reaction to struggle for people to be allowed basic rights.”

Laman web untuk filem ini adalah di sini.

Caiomhe merasakan satu hipokrasi mendapat anugerah dari majalah Time yang menganugerahkan George W Bush sebagai "Man of the Year". Beliau merasakan tidak layak dipanggil "hero" sedangkan ramai yang yang telah memberi pengorbanan yang lebih. Namun, anugerah itu diterima untuk memberi perhatian kepada perjuangan rakyat Palestin.

Sepanjang filem, keberanian, semangat juang dan kecekalan rakyat-rakyat Palestin, terutama kanak-kanak, yang tidak luntur amat dikagumi. Bumi Palestin telah dicerobohi dan nodai oleh rasis Zionis selama 59 tahun. Keganasan, kezaliman dan pembunuhan yang berleluasa masih tidak melunturkan semangat mereka, malah masih segar dan kuat. Viva Palestine!

Doaku sentiasa mengiringi perjuanganmu mencari kehidupan, keamanan dan keadilan! Insya Allah, ianya akan tercapai. Tuhan sudah berjanji menunaikan doa mereka-mereka yang ditindas. Amin.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Catatan Ku: Celebritum de Mediocritis (CDM) Penyakit Baru UMNO?

Begitu caca marba keadaan negara di bawah pucuk kepimpinan UMNO dan negara yang sekarang. Siapa yang memimpin? Kenapa yang memimpin dipimpin selalu? Betulkah dia memimpin? Siapa sebenar memimpin? Fikir-fikirlah dahulu.

Beberapa hari lepas, saya berjumpa seorang sahabat lama. Semasa berbual, dia mendedahkan pada saya bahawa dia boleh dikira lingkungan dalaman ("inner circle") dan sering berjumpa Perdana Menteri untuk memberi timbal balas dan juga nasihat.

Biasanya mereka-mereka yang mengaku sebegini akan mengaku macam-macam ide mereka yang telah dilaksanakan. Ada akan cerita Pak Lah, kalau jumpa mereka, dia akan bergurau tumbuk perut. Ada pula akan cerita, mereka pernah bersama-sama semasa Pak lah kena gari polis di luar negara kerana speeding. Lakunan sedemikian tidak menjadi ukuran buat saya.

Sahabat saya sanggup bercerita kerana dia percaya pada saya sebagai sahabat dan saya akan merahsiakan butiran perbualan kami. Saya yakin dia bukan berlakun kerana dia memang berkebolehan, dedikasi dan etika moral. Orang keturunan suku kaum Jawa, macam kami ini, memang rajin dan ikhlas. Kalau saya boleh "isi bakul angkat sendiri" sekali lagi, bukan fitrah kami temberang dan bodek.

Alhamdulillah. Saya bersyukur dalam hati kerana ada yang "without fear or favour" menasihati Pak Lah. Jika betul sahabat saya ini ada saluran langsung tanpa disekat, dapat saya menyampaikan keresahan rakyat jelata, ahli-ahli UMNO bawahan, dan diri sendiri. Selain itu, dapat saya mendengar penjelasan-penjelasan sebenar mengenai isu-isu tertentu. Maklumlah laporan-laporan suratkhabar tidak boleh dipakai sangat.

Banyak orang yang mengaku ada saluran terus menerus, tetapi sering terlalu takut untuk menyampaikan kebenaran. Bila Pak Lah jawab "dia menantu saya", terus diam dan berhenti isu-isu yang melibatkan Khairy. Ada yang dulu macam singa, garang dan lantang, tapi dah jadi kucing kerana nak jaga kepentingan. Dah lama berjuang, nak cari duit bersara.

Saya bertanya sahabat saya, siapa "access"nya sambil melihat gambar-gambar yang begitu banyak kelihatan. Dia menunjuk kepada beberapa orang, yang amat biasa dilihat mengiring Perdana Menteri, yang dikatakan "Penasihat" dan menceritakan sedikit latarbelakang mereka.

Alahai sedih ... mendengar sahabat saya yang sangat berkebolehan ini terpaksa melalui mereka-mereka yang sungguh mediocre latarbelakang tapi menjadi "Penasihat" Perdana Menteri ...

Semasa berbual, kami bersetuju bahawa salah satu masaalah, samada dahulu dan sekarang, adalah terdapat mereka yang diamanahkan menjadi tidak amanah. Sahabat saya menyatakan pemimpin sekarang mahu memberi tanggungjawab dan peranan kepada lebih ramai yang sanggup kehadapan.

Namun, sahabat saya agak apolegis, bila berkata pemimpin sekarang tidak boleh buat apa-apa bila mereka yang dipertanggungjawabkan menyalahgunakan peluang dan kuasa. Saya kata yang nak kehadapan banyak kena sekat dan dalam hati saya berbisik, kalau tidak boleh buat apa-apa, itu bukan pemimpin namanya.

Ini membuat saya tertanya-tanya. Jika cara pucuk kepimpinan mengurus sumber manusia atau modal insan dalam organisasinya sendiri pun amat menyedihkan, bagaimana dia akan memajukan polisi pembangunan modal insan untuk negara?

Ada penasihat-penasihat dan kumpulan jaringannya begitu mediocre dari segi latarbelakang pelajaran, pengalaman professional, pemikiran dan ide. Kebanyakkan hanya hebat bercakap atau berpropaganda saja dan ada pula tidak habis-habis melawak, tapi banyak antara mereka hanya jadi perantara dan "talk only but cannot manage and deliver".

Bak kata seorang ahli Forum MyKMU bernama Big Guy, dia memanggil penasihat-penasihat atau kumpulan jaringan Pak Lah yang seperti ini sebagai CDM atau Celebritum de Mediocritis. CDM adalah satu nama ala Latin yang direka untuk menggambarkan sebagaimana kata-kata perumpamaan "besar sudu dari kuah" atau Celebration of Mediocrity. Mutakhir ini, orang-orang lama yang punya ijazah-ijazah Ivy League dari Amerika Syarikat atau Oxbridge dari Britain pun dah terikut-ikut menjadi CDM.

Satu lagi golongan Penasihat pula adalah "budak-budak Tingkat 4" yang bekerja di JPM, Khazanah dan lain-lain tempat penting. Mereka ini jaringan dan pilehan Khairy.

Mereka mempunyai latarbelakang pelajaran dan sedikit pengalaman bekerja yang agak impressive, tapi semangat perjuangan begitu nipis, dan hampir tertiris langsung jati diri Melayu atau Malaysia. Mereka ini diberi kuasa, tetapi bagai tidak dibimbing dan pantau langsung oleh Pak Lah, hingga sudah menjadi rakus, biadap dan ganas.

Seorang kawan pemberita menyaksikan sendiri kebiadapan mereka. Mereka boleh menahan, dengan terbuka atau berisyarat, pemberita dan juga Perdana Menteri dari menyoal dan menjawab perkara tertentu semasa majlis press conference. Kalau ada soalan terlepas, mereka akan pergi mengugut pemberita berkenaan selepas majlis.

Tersebar dikalangan peniaga-peniaga akan kerakusan mereka mencari harta dan mengayakan kroni-kroni mereka dikalangan Pemuda UMNO untuk pengaruh dan kuasa. Sudah mula tersebar kata-kata, mereka merancang untuk mengkayakan diri dengan merancang projek-projek "Mega Terbilang" yang tidak perlu dan duplikasi, kalau tidak bersaing dengan yang ada.

Sedih ... UMNO yang aku sayangi. Apa boleh kita buat untuk menyelamatkan UMNO, jika pemimpin di pucuk dan batangnya "akal mediocre kelas ketiga" dan yang muda berkuasa "semangat kelas ketiga".

Meniliki episod laporan polis oleh Ketua Penerangan UMNO, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhamamd Taib terhadap Raja Petra Kamaruddin, ia mencerminkan kelemahan minda dan keupayaan para-para sidang wazir, meminjam terma Dato' Kamal Amir Kamal Hijaz.

Jika benar tulisan blogger satira politik Husin Lempoyang berjodol "Pemburu Musang Tak Kenal Musang", ini sungguh amat memalukan. Rakan saya Biggum Dogmannstenberg dalam tulisannya "Mike Tyson helped Malaysia Today hits above five million" berkata tidak bijak tindakan yang hanya lebih mempopularkan lagi Malaysia Today. Saya sendiri pernah berkata di sini, tindakan menahan Nathaniel Tan sebelum ini hanya mencipta selebriti baru di kalangan pembangkang.

Saya ingin juga menarik perhatian kepada luahan kekecewaan dan kekesalan seorang ahli UMNO, Ab. Jalil Backer dalam laman MyKMU Net hari ini berjodol "Surat Terbuka Kepada Tan Sri Muhamad Muhamad Taib". Bagaikan terpelanting balik ke muka bila ditanya kenapa Tan Sri berdiam semasa New Straits Times menghina Nabi? Mungkin Tan Sri perlu juga menjawab tuduhan berbohong kepada Almarhum DYMM Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah.

I, Publius Melayu, seorang blogger baru dan ahli UMNO yang berpandang jauh untuk tidak membenarkan komentar di blognya, dalam "Sila Dihalusi Ahli UMNO Ini", menuntut pucuk kepimpinan parti melakukan tindakan yang berhemah. Sebelum itu di sini, dia meminta Raja Petra bertenang supaya lebih objektif dan seimbang tindakan seterusnya.

Ramai pengunjung dan juga penulis siber Malaysia Today berharap tindakan ISA yang dituntut Dato Nazri Aziz, yang "banyak sopan", tidak menjadi kenyataan. Sebagaimana kata komentar dan bekas pegawai tinggi kerajaan, Dzulman, agak anih cara Tan Sri membuat laporan dan begitu segera penyiasatan terhadap Raja Petra.

Goodbye Girl dan aktivis DAP, FreeLunch 2020 yang sudah timbul kembali di Metroblogging Kuala Lumpur berkata dalam "Bloggers inflated self importance" supaya menghormati undang-undang.

Senator Wan Ubaidah Wan Omar (PAS) dalam blog Ahli Parlimen PAS mengakui kadang-kadang berlaku perbincangan mengenai Islam yang agak keterlaluan. Saya sendiri agak bosan dan tidak ambil endah perbincangan ugama di Malaysia Today kerana rasmi saya hanya berbincang bab ugama dengan mereka yang arif saja. Namun, itu hak Raja Petra.

Kalau diamati pendapat-pendapat ini, tidak semesti orang UMNO bersetuju dengan cara perang siber yang tidak berhemah dilakukan oleh UMNO. Begitu juga, tidak semua ahli pembangkang bersetuju dengan cara Raja Petra yang juga ahli PKR.

Sebagai menutup rentetan Catatan Ku pertama hari ini, modal insan rakyat Malaysia sudah ada yang matang. Masaalahnya, pucuk pemimpin dan balaci serta pengampu tidak mematang dan tidak mengemaskini pemikiran dan hujah-hujah mereka mengikut peredaran masa dan peningkatan minda.

Anih sekali membayar cyberwarrior dari budak-budak mentah untuk berhujah untuk mereka. Keupayaan mereka memberi penerangan hanyalah menyampaikan hujah-hujah yang cetek, perdebatan yang biadap dan berupa "character assisination", dan mungkin melakukan cyber vandalism.

Apa erti beriya-iya nak jadi pemimpin, kalau kebolehan mediocre dan terbatas, serta mudah ditunduk budak hingus?

Akhir kata, UMNO perlu meletakkan sesuatu pada tempatnya dan ahli-ahlinya sendiri perlu berani melakukan ... Ini bukan menghasut untuk melakukan sesuatu tidak baik, menghina sesiapa, dan tiada dokumen rahsia yang sudah dikeluarkan. Hanya suara teguran yang benar dan berani.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Universiti Malaya Anugerah Ku Li Tokoh Syarahan Za'aba 2007

Saya mendapat jemputan tetapi tidak dapat menghadirkan diri pagi tadi. Maka, saya memetik posting saudara Mohamed Sayuti Omar di blognya Merah Tinta MSO seperti berikut:

Tokoh dan Peristiwa

Tengku Razaleigh Tokoh Syarahan Za’ba 2007

TENGKU Razaleigh Hamzah diberi penghormatan oleh Akademi Pengajian Melayu Universiti Malaya apabila dipilih sebagai tokoh Syarahan Za’ba 2007. Beliau merupakan tokoh Syarahan Za’ba ke lima.

Sebelum ini Akademi itu telah memilih empat tokoh untuk menerima penghormatan bertaraf akademi itu.

Mereka ialah bekas Ketua Menteri Sarawak, Tun Patinggi Abdul Rahman Ya’kub, (1986) Profesor Kuliah Undang-Undang UIA, Tan Sri Prof Ahmad Mohamed Ibrahim, (1997) bekas Ketua Pengarah Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) Datuk Dr Hassan Ahmad, (1999) dan Bapak Tenas Affendy (2005).

Kenang jasa

Pemilihan itu adalah sebagai mengenang jasa dan bakti bekas Menteri Kewangan itu kepada nusa dan bangsa sejak lebih 30 tahun lalu khususnya dalam bidang pembangunan ekonomi.

Tokoh Syarahan Za’ba diperkenalkan oleh Akademi Pengajian Melayu, Universiti Malaya untuk menjadi wadah melontarkan fikiran berkenaan keilmuan Melayu oleh tokoh-tokoh utama di dalam dan luar negara.

Pagi tadi (Khamis 26 Julai) bertempat di Akademi Pengajian Melayu UM, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah telah menyampaikan pidatonya yang bertemakan ‘Pembangunan Ekonomi Dan Kemelayuan’. Kira-kira 1000 hadir mendengar ucapan beliau termasuk pejuang dan pencinta bahasa, sasterawan, ahli politik, ahli perdagangan, kakitangan Universiti Malaya dan mahasiswa.

Antara tokoh dan orang kenamaan turut hadir, Naib Canselor UM Datuk Rafiah Salim, bekas Pengarah ITM Tan Sri Arshad Ayub, bekas Naib Censelor UTM Tan Sri Prof Ainuddin Wahid, Profesor Ismail Hussein, Presiden Majlis Tindakan Rakyat Kelantan (MTRK) Datuk Ibrahim Ali, Presiden Rakyat Prihatin Malaysia (Prima) Datuk Kamal Amir Kamal Hijaz, bekas Ketua Anngkatan Muda Keadilan, Mohd Ezam Mohd Noor dan lain-lain.

Antara lain dalam ucapannya Tengku Razaleigh turut menyentuh soal kedudukan Bahasa Melayu, mutu pendidikan di IPTA, masalah ekonomi Melayu dan perpaduan nasional.

Mengenai bahasa Melayu Tengku Razaleigh melahirkan rasa kesal dan bimbangnya mengenai nasibnya yang kabur dewasa ini.

Berhubung kedudukan ekonomi orang Melayu, beliau menyeru orang Melayu supaya terus berusaha membaiki kedudukan ekonomi dan jangan terlalu bergantung kepada bantuan atau subsidi.

Melayu perlu sedar

“Melayu yang mendapat sedikit kemudahan perlu sedar yang ada kepada mereka hanya hanya jaring perlindungan keselamatan agar jangan tersembam dalam perjalanan kehidupan ini,” katanya.

Justeru katanya orang Melayu perlu berusaha dan bersedia menyahut cabaran globalisasi.

Mengenai masalah ekonomi orang Melayu Tengku Razaleigh yang juga ahli Parlimen Gua Musang meminta orang bukan Melayu jangan memandang perlindungan yang sedikit dimiliki orang Melayu itu sebagai alasan untuk tidak membantu orang Melayu.

“Orang bukan Melayu perlu membantu orang Melayu agar mencapai kedudukan ekonomi setaraf dengan mereka,” uajarnya sambil menekan kalau kedudukan itu dicapai barulah keharmonian negara yang dikecapi kini akan berkekalan.

Beliau menaruh kebimbangan sekiranya orang bukan Melayu tidak menghormati kepada orang Melayu, keharmonian yang ada kini akan hancur.

Beliau juga menjelaskan, orang Melayu yang bersikap akomondatif tidak membuat tuntutan-tuntutan yang melampau walaupun mereka merasakan hak mereka berbuat demikian terbuka. [wm.kl 11:05]

Untuk mendapat teks sepenuh syarahan Tengku Razaleigh, kita tunggu seorang penyokong Ku Li mengemaskinikan blog, My Ku Li nya di sini.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Negara Islam Uproar: Much Ado Over Nothing!

The current uproar led by the DAP over Dato Seri Najib’s remark on Islamic State is but another of DAP’s attempt to agitate and create discontent by the non-Muslim for political capital. The non-Muslims, on and off the blogosphere, demonstrate their unity on this issue.

The biggest surprise is MCA's bold stance to lay claim Malaysia is historically a secular state and is in a war of words with Pemuda UMNO. Thats in concurrent to DAP and Gerakan's stand. PKR is just for Anwar Ibrahim.

The line is not clearly drawn between Malays/Muslim against non Muslims. There will be the usual voices of fringe Muslims of Malik Imtiaz, Harris Ibrahim, Sister in Islam and their likes fighting for their secularism cause and anarchic liberal Islam view. Anwar Ibrahim, the 70s voice for “rising tide of Islam”, takes a personal potshot at Najib to call him “jahil” but adds nothing to voice any dissension.

All these noises are much ado over nothing!

Najib’s Comment

In a press conference last Tuesday July 17th, 2007 after delivering the Prime Minister’s speech on his behalf at the International Conference on the Role of Islamic States in a Globalised World, Dato Seri Najib corrected an allegation by one member of the press that Malaysia is going the secular nation way. This is the source of much uproar.

What did Najib actually said?

Bernama July 17th, 2007 reported Najib’s claim that Malaysia is an Islamic State. However, Utusan Malaysia July 18th, 2007 issue described in their header as “Malaysia bukan negara sekular tetapi merupakan sebuah negara Islam dengan takrifnya yang tersendiri.”

IS DAP interpreting “Negara Islam” as “Islamic State”? Could it also mean “Islamic Nation”? What is “takrifnya tersendiri” or its own interpretations?

Najib point of view as reported by both sources is that Malaysia has never held to secularism but guided by Islamic fundamentals for Islam is the official religion of the federation. Correctly, he pointed out that Malaysia respect the rights of the non Muslims. He added that “Malaysia does not want to be stereotyped with the Western definitions of a secular and a non-secular state.”

Understanding Secular State

As Najib highlighted, let’s understand Western definition of secular state.

Using the convenient reference of Wikipedia here, a secular state is described as “a state or country that is officially neutral in matters of religion, neither supporting nor opposing any particular religious beliefs or practices, and most often has no state religion or equivalent. A secular state also treats all its citizens equally regardless of religion, and does not give preferential treatment for a citizen from a particular religion over other religions.”

By that simple definition, let’s now refer to the Constitution of Malaysia, the “holy book” for those secularists but claim as Muslim. Often heard, these Muslims are not interested in historical evidences, political (partisan or not) considerations, and societal resolutions (see how my posting "Key To The Highway: Interfaith Issue ... Gimme A Break!" for society resolution got skewed, heated and diverted away by combative commentators).

They and their conspirators only say, only the law matters and the Constitution as supreme words in this land!

Islam in the Constitution

The Masjid Agung Demak in Central Java, believed to be built by the Wali Songo brotherhood in 16th Century Demak Sultanate

Masjid Kampung Laut of Nilam Puri but originally located at Tumpat, Kelantan and built by a group of missionaries in 1730 in the tradition of the Masjid Agung Demak

Fine, lets see what their “holy book” or Malaysian Constitution has to say.

It is clearly stated without any exception that Islam is the official religion of the Federation of Malaya, later adopted for Federation of Malaysia. The Reid Commission acknowledged this also.

Secondly, although article 11(1) states that every citizen has a right to profess and practise the religion of their choice, but it comes with the exception of Article 11(4). That article forbids the preaching of other religion to Muslims.

Thirdly, Islam is the only religion with the legal and administrative system in this country, acknowledged by the constitutions. The recent Lina Joy case demonstrate the power of the syariah court on matters of Islam, which include entering and leaving Islam and the legality in the relevant documents issued by the various Majlis Agama Islam and Jabatan Agama Islam. Sadly, Siti Fatimah @ Revathi may lose and suffer on legal and documentation grounds. Her only option is to resort to the “kurang ajar” route to challenge the Constitution.

In summary, Malaysia has a parallel legal system of the civil and syariah courts with its own set of jurisdiction as stated in the "holy" Constitution. Article 11(3) provides for all religion to administer their own affair and so does Islam.

Fourth, article 12(2) of the Constitution allows for government to allocate spending or provide subsidy for expenses on Islamic administration, Islamic institutions, and teaching of Islam. With this respect, the Government is not obliged to allocate any budget to other religion as it is not provided in the Constitution.

With all these provisions, are we then a secular state with the separation of state and religion in accordance with the philosophy of secularism? If they still insist so, then explain why the existense of such clauses? These clauses has been around since independence. The treaties between Raja-Raja Melayu and British has provide these provisions and acknowledge in Reid's Commission. Their forefathers accept it with their eyes wide open.

Islamic Nation or Islamic State? Or Politics?

Masjid Tengkera, Melaka's oldest surviving masjid and built in 1728

Clearly, the Constitution clearly expressed the more elevated position of Islam over the other religion. Thats the simple understanding as the basics.

For the more twist and turn of the interpretaions, lets leave it to qualified and practising lawyers, possibly those from respectable academic credentials, to argue it. Respect the judges' decisions for they have the final say. Thats the legal adverserial route that I do not advocate, for I am for dialogue within society and amongst "men" of cloth.

Whether Malaysia is an Islamic State or Nation, it will be subject to lengthy constitutional and theological debate.

Tun Dr Mahathir, in 2001, already claimed Malaysia is a Negara Islam and he was leaning to Islamic State. Mahaguru58 here takes a puritanical stand that Malaysia is yet to truly qualify as an Islamic Nation. ABIM President Yusri Mohammed, as reported on Malaysiakini July 21st, 2007, takes the position that “Notwithstanding the constitutional and theoretical debates, Malaysia has been an Islamic state in practice ever since Independence.” Jeff Ooi has regenerated some old newspaper cutting of Tunku ABdul Rahman and Hussein Onn here.

On MCA’s claim that there is historical evidence that Malaysia is a secular state, let’s ask them where do they want to start?

Batu Bersurat Terengganu proves the existence of Islam before 1326/1386

British first intrusion into Malaya via 1874 Pangkor Treaty? The days of the Melaka Empire? Period of Terengganu's Batu Bersurat in the 14th Century? Why not stretch it to 1136 Kingdom of Merong Mahawangsa , the descendent of today's Kedah Sultanate? Do not forget the Reid and Cobbold Commissions. Why not throw in the wrongly applied used of term of Jean-Jacque Rousseau’s Social Contract in the debate?

Was there Syariah court and Hukum Syarak practised in Malaysia or Malaya or Melaka Empire or any preceding Malay Kingdoms? Where is the position of Islam legally?

Off course, MCA's stand has political dimension, just like the reaction of DAP, PKR, Gerakan and MCA. Perhaps, Najib too. And, general election is around the corner. That could explain for the damage control here and here. Let’s leave it at that. But why is UMNO not defending Najib with facts and reasons?

Is Najib not right to say that we are not a secular state? Is he not right to say that Malaysia is a Negara Islam”? Is he not right that Malaysia has its own interpretation and definition?

So, what’s the beef?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

For Nat-Sake! He's Out, But Jo B's Still Goggling!

Nat was released yesterday Tuesday July 17th, 2007 from the Bukit Perdana Government Complex (behind Bank Negara Malaysia) down to the wire just after the 4:30 pm dateline.

My presence there was to show support for another blogger as per my blog posting "For Nat-sake! Its About Blogger Solidarity". I SMS Rocky to break the news here and watch from afar, not to be in the line of "photo" crossfire. Don't wanna be caught dead in a pix with Tian Chua. Its more respectable to be photographed with my pant down and pecker erect!

Nat's laptop and handphone is still being held by the police. That means he is still under investigation and not off the hook. Believe he is due to appear in court, but I am not sure of the purpose/(s).

Nat seems defiant and insist the police have nothing against him. My source tells me the police were still "goggling" or netspeak for searching. As one who like to trust the integrity of the police, I find this disturbing. Why would police held someone when they have no clear idea what they are looking for? This is not the police that I like to know off.

Nat's detention coincided with the Attorney General's announcement of Dato Johari Baharum (Jo B)'s innocence from the alleged corruption involving three gangsters as posted in one freeweb site here. One commentator placed on Nat's Jelas blog another freeweb link of similar information but better presented. That was widely believed to be the source of Nat's trouble. Some suspect the commentator and second link as planted for Nat had moderated the comment but allowed the link. Heck what me worry! That second link is here.

Theer is serious doubt it has anything to do with the doctored picture of Dato Seri Najib, Abdul Razak Baginda, and the late U-Nee (to represent the late Altantunya) together on a dinner table. Najib is smart enough not to react to such provocation as to detain anyone on such frivolous basis. Only a no brainer like perhaps Jo B would do such thing, but not Dato' Najib. Najib will not want to create a new matyr for the PKR. This a real bodoh act!

This incident begs several questions:

1. Did Jo B as per the Bernama report "Police Asked To Investigate Websites Spreading Lies" actually instruct CID over the Police Chief, Tan Sri Musa Hasan? Incidently, he had earlier made report to initiate investigation on alleged corruption by the Police Chief. Tan Sri is not suspended by the Minister and he is still in charge. In case, Jo B care to read the law books, there is no legal power accorded to any Deputy Minister. Most Deputy's role is to assist the Minister and oftenly it is public relation work.

2. Why did the police entertain such request from the Minister? Were they pressured to do so from the Deputy Minister or others higher up, most likely the Minister himself i.e. Prime Minister?

3. If the claim that the police was still "goggling", that would mean Jo B has committed an offense to instruct the arrest under OSA when he is unauthorised to do so under the law. In addition, he has put the police in an embarassing situation to detain someone without a clear idea of the offense.

4. Jo B's remark represent a threat to bloggers. Isn't wild accusation and threatening any law abiding citizen an offense?

Jo B replaced Dato Nor Omar, who was transfered as Deputy Minister of Education, for this post. But he will always be remembered as the Tun Dr Mahathir's former Secretary and Kubang Pasu UMNO man, who back stabbed his own former boss to deny Tun from being elected as delegate for Kubang Pasu for the 2006 UMNO General Assembly. The case was only recently dismissed by the Jawatankuasa Disiplin UMNO and announced by Dato Najib weeks earlier.

The website allegation has tattered Jo B's already bad reputation. While he seemed to remain in control at the UMNO Kubang Pasu Division, the unhappiness and disrespect for his act at the ground is widespread. No crying act can absolved him. There is widespread resentment on the ground towards him and and submitting him as UMNO candidate for Kubang Pasu MP will likely be handing PAS an MP seat on a silver plate.

Nat's detention is believed by some circle as Jo B's act to salvage his MP and Deputy Ministerial post. It is clearly bodeking in action as he support the current flavour, which is relevant to him. That would be to assist Dato Azalina's more-noise-than-substance cyberwar. If Pak Lah has any functioning neurons, do realise that anyone willing to backstab the person that gave him this cikgu sekolah biasa the break in politics are human with no integrity and loyalty to anything. Will he be loyal to you, Pak Lah? Really, he is not worthy.

Nat's detention raised the ability of current UMNO's so-called cyberwarrior to engage mentally, intellectual discourse and information (penerangan) role. Raja Petra is hardly heeding Dato Azalina's warning as come forward to say, "OK Let's Rumble". If engaging in cyberwar is to resort to OSA, please stop. It is making a mockery of UMNO. Get the cyberwarriors to go for the tutorials here and here from veteran cyberwarrior, Cuit Sikit.

Lets not make UMNO lose credibility in the face of the opposition with these cheap character assasinators. In these sensitive times with Pak Lah in the midst of crisis of confidence, aggression and intimidation will cost UMNO dearly votes away from the common people. In the last general election, the arrest of BSA Tahir under ISA to save Kamaluddin, could be unnoticed. Not now!

I'm just glad Nat is OK. How about leaving PKR and FFF for some truly humanitarian work, Nat? :-) ... Just trying ....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

For Nat-sake, Its About Blogger Solidarity!

Nat was detained by police! Who is he?

I make no bone to state my opposition for Nat’s political party. I will not mince my words to express my distrust of the Foundation for Future, which Nat is its secretary. I call the doctored picture of Dato Seri Najib posted by Tian Chua and allegedly created by Nat as distasteful and childish.

But on this detention, I am putting aside politics – party, gimmick and Anwar Ibrahim! There is plenty of other time for it. I am just a blogger concerned for another blogger.
Li Tsin announced the court decision to give police detention under remand order till Tuesday for investigation on cyber crimes under Section 8 of the OSA.

Elizabeth Wong, described some 6 hours of dissappearance, prior to surfacing at IPD Dang Wangi. Howsy made lots of other fishy observations. Nuraina Samad is alarmed and asking whats next?

Zorro felt its intimidation. Sivarasa called it an act of oppression. Ktemoc called it draconian intimidation. Mahaguru58 thinks he is caught in between. Anwar Ibrahim wants to spin it to politics and the approaching general election. Many others have and continue to say.

Rocky wants bloggers to stand their ground and relate the first OSA case of Sabry Sharif. Malik Imtiaz claims the OSA is unconstitutional and in conflict with certain aspect of the constitution.

I want to believe the police have dutifully undertaken their job in accordance with the regulations and proper due process of law. I want to believe his detention has legitimate reasons and basis for investigation, not for anything else. I want to believe he will be freed immediately, if there is no more basis to detain him further.

I want to believe the police reputation and integrity remain intact, the system is running well, and the various suspicions and allegations on them as untrue, for I am sympathetic to the police and oppose IPCMC.

Nat, you are a nice person and I hope you are alright! Li Tsin, Cheryl and Nat's parents, I sympathise with what you are going through.

Rocky, Jeff, and All Blog, I will stand in solidarity. For ... its about compassion for another! Its about bloggers solidarity!

Bobjot suggest ways to support. Put up Mob's poster. Write to authrities. Sign a petition. Attend candle vigil.
We do whats necessary. And, police do their's. No one should be victimised. Peace and security should not ever be compromised.

Monday, July 16, 2007

MAS is Burning, Butcher From Shell Is Fiddling

After the "MAS Flight Delays: Idris Jala Lied" posting yesterday and Rocky's "MAS vs AirAsia" breaking news today, an SMS updated me that the flight delays is running into 20 a day and not 30-40 delays for the past 2 weeks. The truth is out there but lets read NST Monday July 16th report below:

Fury after being kicked off flights

SEPANG: The mood was ugly at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) yesterday. Hundreds of passengers were stranded and some, facing delays, were furious when informed that their Malaysia Airlines flights were overbooked.

Perth-bound MAS passenger Darren Woon, 25, was upset when told his flight was full.

He claimed a MAS employee said it was overbooked by 50 people.

"I can understand if it’s just five people ahead of me, but 50?

"They didn’t even make an effort to contact us. They merely waited for us to turn up, then tell us the bad news.

"This is so unprofessional."

Woon claimed he was supposed to be at work today in Perth.

Foo Ee Lin, 26, who was sending off her 17-year-old sister to Melbourne on a MAS flight, was outraged when told that the flight was overbooked by 60 passengers.

"I’ve been flying to Melbourne for the past six years but this is my worst experience."

She said MAS should have called as her sister’s seat was confirmed. "My sister is having her exam (today), if she misses it, how does MAS plan to compensate?"

Yesterday, the New Straits Times reported that on-time departures had fallen below the airline’s record of above 80 per cent of flights.

Productivity fell as many employees were reportedly unhappy after the management carried out a performance appraisal using a system which they said they were only trying out.

They were also disappointed about their performance bonuses, share options and a recent one-off payment.

MAS human resource senior general manager Effendi Abdul Rahman yesterday issued a statement saying that under the mutual separation scheme last year, 2,622 employees left the company, and not 20,000 as reported.

This year, he said manpower may be reduced by 700.

Sources at the KLIA claimed MAS employees were on a so-called "silent strike". Because of this, they said many international and domestic flights were delayed, including those to Perth, Melbourne, Auckland, Penang, Johor Baru and Kota Kinabalu.

Look! Everyone knows about it. Does Idris Jala have a "Zaki Zahid and Vincent Lim" on the staff insulating information from him? He needs to get his bony ass up and start doing a walk-a-bout to see himself the situation!

In a crisis situation, communication is an essential of crisis management. Why is Idris Jala's SGM "merepek" about spending RM200 million on ticketing system and a saving of RM70 million a year with grumpy customers having to queue and wait from the delays? Read NST Monday July 16th report below:

Malaysia Airlines to invest RM200 mil in electronic ticketing

SEPANG, MON: Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is investing RM200 million within the next three years to upgrade its passenger services system, providing customer with the option of completing all booking, ticketing and check-in transactions from their home or office.

By September this year, the airline will be electronic ticketing (e-Ticketing)-capable, providing customers with the ease of printing their own tickets and option of making changes to their travel itinerary themselves, thus doing away with visits to the ticketing offices or travel agents.

“Check-in will also be easier as passengers will just have to show their e-ticket number as a form of identification. There will be no more problems associated with misplaced, damaged or forgotten tickets,” said MAS senior general manager, transition management, Dr Amin Khan.

Speaking at a media briefing here today, he said once the eTicketing process was completed, there will be a cost savings of RM20 per ticket with physical tickets no longer needed. This will translate into savings of up to RM70 million annually for the airline, he added.
About indication on the aerobridge story, it seems that MAS has issued a statement published on The Star Saturday July 14.

Aerobridge slips, damaging plane door

SEPANG: An unmanned aerobridge, which was docked to an aircraft, caused damage to the aircraft door when it suddenly shifted downwards at KLIA here on Tuesday.

A statement from Malaysia Airlines (MAS) said that no passengers were involved in the incident. The cause has yet to be ascertained.

“The aircraft for flight MH378 was scheduled to depart from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, but no passengers were using the aerobridge during the incident,” it

“All the passengers bound for the flight were then in the holding lounge and were transferred to another aircraft to depart for their destination at 10.40am,” read the statement.
With the aircraft door damaged, the earlier posted remark "a standby aerobridge should be readily available or passengers redirected for their boarding with the least time delay" is inaccurate. What begs an answer now is how could an aerobridge be unmanned? Was it moving on its own? Aerobridge are people operated and the last thing you'd want in your organisation are annoyed ground handling personnel.

The Butcher from Shell needs to understand the nature of airline industry. This is a highly regulated industry with a standard of no tolerance, and many check and double checks. The staff is constrained by the many and types of regulatory requirements set by many International bodies to abide to ALL aspect of its operations.

If a bus stalled in the middle of the highway, it could pullover and wait for help. Should a distillate plant not working well, production could be stopped and problem fixed, if technically possible. Aircraft can't pullover and stop engine at 20,000 feet.

The safety feature and extra precautions is beyond any other industries, such that it is safer flying than riding a bus. The exception would be Dato Chan Kong Choy's favourite Airline, where pinching penny from every nook is a priority and emergency landing three times a year at Kota Kinabalu is a typical day-to-day affair.

Such are the standard to be met that the work environment in an airline is highly stressful. Staff can be penalised for the slightest of mistake. The repair for the aerobridge bust up with the aircraft door could run into hundreds of thousand and staff DI-ed. As a result, the airline industry is highly unionised and this arised out of the need to protect workers.

With such a tense and pressured work life, the last thing MAS needs is to have a "Best Money Can Buy" Butcher as CEO that failed in turning around the operation, merely doing sacking and asset sales, and bias ESOS for himself and his team, before the whole thing crash and burn.

These staff have long memories when lied upon. They have been through a long journey, gave their support, and made much sacrifices, since Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman left. Idris Jala should have emulated Tan Sri Mohd Nor Yusof's open approach to communicate by updating and regularly briefing the staff to get their support. Tan Sri Mohd Nor promised no retrenchment. And, they are aware of the crap involving AirAsia and their seconded novice parked into management position in MAS over the more conversant MAS Managers are affecting the whole organisation.

Without a trusting and motivated staff to support, Idris Jala will never achieve the turnaround in this highly unionised industry. That, Idris Jala can personally guarantee Pak Lah and not the 6 quarters of continuous profit. Perhaps, this is all PMS or actually is Pre-Meditated Sacking meant to merge with the financially constrained AirAsia.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

MAS Flight Delays: Idris Jala Lied!

The recent Special ESOS that instantly enriched few novice and non airline-experianced management, at the expense of hardworking and diligent MAS staff, has taken its toll. The workforce obviously demotivated by the biased share allocation has reluct from the companies taglined “beyond expectation” service and a spate of flight delays are happening daily.

In the Sunday Times today, Datuk Idris Jala denied it is due to demotivated staff and attempt to attribute the delays to technical reasons. Yet, the bulk of the statement is addressing problems arising from the controversial Special ESOS.

Who is he kidding? Is Idris Jala lying through his teeth?

Idris attribute the delays to 3 factors; namely technical problems, bad weather, and introduction of new check-in system. The most accessed story on NST Online on Sunday today entitled “Statement by Datuk Idris Jala with regards to article on MAS employees crying foul over ESOS distribution” is reproduced below:

WE are aware that there are employee concerns over the Performance Management System (PMS).

"We are taking immediate steps to address the concerns. Yesterday, Friday, 13 July, we met with the senior members from all Unions and Associations, and will immediately set up a Special Task Force on Performance Management, led by executive director and chief financial officer, Tengku Datuk Azmil Zahruddin.

All the Unions and Associations, and management will be represented in this Special Task Force.

The task force will meet next Tuesday and its first and immediate task will be to arrive at a workable solution to address the current concerns around the Employee Share Option Scheme (ESOS) and PMS that have been voiced by employees.

The members of the task force will be tasked to provide their recommendations on immediate actions to be taken at the very latest by Friday, July 20.

At the same time, we are experiencing several flight disruptions due to a combination of factors including technical issues, bad weather and the introduction of the passenger services system.

In terms of technical issues, there were two significant engineering related instances this week.

One involved a Boeing B777 grounded in Frankfurt on July 9 due to an engine damaged by an apron baggage loader.

The engine was subsequently rectified and the aircraft is now back in operation.

Another was an Airbus A330-300 now grounded indefinitely in KL International Airport (KLIA) since Thursday, July 12, after one of its cabin doors was structurally damaged when an airport aerobridge fell to the ground.

In addition, a Boeing B737-400 was grounded in Kota Kinabalu airport on July 12 awaiting special parts for its cockpit window while another Boeing B737-400 is currently undergoing a comprehensive rectification of its flight control system in KLIA.

Bad weather also caused several flight disruptions where among the notable ones were the Kuala Lumpur-Melbourne flight on July 10 that was diverted to Adelaide and a Kuala Lumpur-Penang flight of the same day diverted to Langkawi.

Every one of these situations invariably caused a shortage of operational aircraft, which necessitated the reshuffling and re-timing of some of our normal schedules.

In some instances, one or two `high frequency' flights were cancelled but we compensated by deploying a larger aircraft that could accommodate the combined passenger load.

Apart from our services to some domestic stations, our flights between KLIA and stations such as Penang, Bangkok, Jakarta and Singapore were impacted by such ad-hoc re-timings.

Where possible, we notified passengers in advance of these re-timings and flight rescheduling, whilst we also worked with the airport operators for such updates to be featured in the flight arrival and departure information display boards.

These were complemented by appropriate service recovery measures at the various airports to minimize passenger inconvenience.

The technical issues and bad weather were compounded by the introduction of a new passenger services system in line with the mandatory IATA (International Air Transport Association) requirement for e-ticketing.

Like any other new system, we are going through some teething issues as not all our employees are familiar with the new check-in system.

In some cases, this may result in passengers being checked in slower than usual.

We apologise to our customers for the discomfort they experienced arising from these situations.

We are aware that there are speculations that the delays are partly due to dissatisfaction over the newly introduced PMS, ESOS and bonus payment.

We have investigated every incident. At this stage, there is no clear evidence of this and we are continuing to monitor closely every delay and the causes.

As mentioned earlier, we are working closely with the Unions and Associations to address the employees' concerns through the Special Task Force.
Idris Jala lied in this statement!

Insider sources in MAS revealed that the flight delays are not few and normal. In the past two weeks, there has been 30-40 flight delays, or an average of 3-4 flight delays. That is perhaps superb for AirAsia standard of service but not for an Airline with International routes and credible service record like MAS. On a normal day, MAS runs an average 300 flights daily.

Idris Jala's claim to attribute to technical problems and bad weather is fallacious. These are part and parcel of a normal airline operations and should be addressed with ease. The questions that arise are MAS's ability in service recovery and its readiness in preparation and response to such normal happenings in the day-to-day of any typical airline operations (except AirAsia, off course).

To illustrate the point, insider described one such delay was a case of malfunctioning aerobridge or colloquilly described as, “it had fallen off”. Obviously, a standby aerobridge should be readily available or passengers redirected for their boarding with the least time delay.

MAS has a history of sabotage from disgruntled staff. Management have enhanced security and supervision in the engineering work area to ensure no repeated incident of wire cutting as happened many years ago. Perhaps, Idris Jala has considered personally doing late night surprise engine count check.

Dissatisfaction is clearly endemic in the past one month throughout the organisation. MAS Managers and staff has resigned to a work-to-rule unspoken protest. There is wide spread reluctance to undertake any "extra effort" initiatives. Sentiment among staff is "jangan susah-susah, boss baru tak tahu apa saja dapat macam-macam". The corruptible MASEU and MAS union officials does not help their cause either.

The reason to implement the new passenger services system or check-in system, spinned and justified by Idris Jala to meet the IATA requirement, raises more questions.

Is the new system necessary? Insiders within MAS has long complained that the new system, "SITA Check In Sytem" as more inferior to the existing "MAS Komputer" system. To know some story about the system, all one need is to recall back the “flying buffet” chain e-mail that was making its round few years back.

This system was proposed by one Puan Mazida bte Mohd Noor, a subject of that vicious email. She has recently resigned from MAS, but her proposed system is still being pursued by management. Could this be the system that raised in the e-mail suspicion of kickback, excessive salary for an over-rated expatriate, and sordid personal details?

Idris Deceived the Government!

The real reason believed for the rush to implement this system now is speculated as Idris Jala’s desperation to “score points”. Operational people have long highlighted the inadequacy of the new system to retrieve certain critical information. Could this system serves to falsify profit figures for Idris Jala?

As it is, he has successfully deceived the Minister of Finance (MoF) in face-to-face briefing into believing his 6 quarters of continuous profits guaratee. It is too obvious the praise by MoF II as “the best CEO money can buy" a statement typical from an easily deceived Pak Lah.

Pix taken from Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin's blog posting "Idris Jala: CEO that Money can Buy"

Industry circle have long questioned Idris Jala’s turnaround ability. Thus far, all he has done is to retrench experienced staff and management, and is replaced with novice or non airline-experianced, and over-rated Accountants.

Although partly stiffled by the Minister for “Air Asia affair”, Dato Chan Kong Choy and the politically influential AirAsia, Idris is incapable turning around AirAsia operationally. The so-called profit of MAS on those profitable quarters have been merely from asset sales and said to be creatively translated as operational profit.

Within Shell, he is merely known as "specialist" in retrenching exercise and busting unions. Existing and former MAS staff will never forget his press statement, when first joined MAS, to deny laying off of staff but focus on operational turnaround. Just to show that Idris Jala is a compulsive liar.

For more perspective with the happenings in MAS, read back Biggum Dogmannsteinburg's "MAS: Going Beyond Whose Expectations?" and Jeff Ooi's Citicorp: Sell Airasia to Take Profit.

The Human Resource Man Myth

The latest debacle involving the Special ESOS and PMS (widely ridiculed as Pre-Meditated Sacking) illustrates the myth of Idris Jala as a Human Resource man meant for human resource turnaround strategy. MAS is an organisation with one of the biggest workforce in the country and a leading player in the local aerospace industry.

The aerospace industry is one industry that provide a platform to elevates the country's ability in high technological capability. Try fathom the amount of money required to develop this industry? It requires millions or not billion to establish the facilities, and training the highly specialised technical skills. Pak Lah received headline for "Aerospace New Growth Area For M'sia To Exploit" in his November 21, 2006 statement (read from this PM Department link here).

With the appointment of Idris Jala as his "Human Resource Man" at MAS, does Pak Lah realised of the impact to the industry's "Pembangunan Modal Insan", to pun another of his slogan? How is Malaysia to meet his plan to be a global player in the aerospace industry by 2015 with the skilled and experienced aerospace personnel migrating abroad and existing ones disgruntled? How do you develop human resource, when you can't even manage in the first place?

If he care to find out, the majority, if not monopoly, of players and technical people in the Malaysian aerospace industry are Bumiputera. The plan for an aerospace industry has been set long before he learned to pronounced the word "aerospace" correctly as he is still struggling to learn to pronounce "aerospatile". It is not developed after his 2006 press statement.

This is yet another of his lying slogan, "Malay Agenda". His appointed turnaround man for MAS, Idris Jala is a case of "tikus membaiki labu". That seems to be the order of the day for Pak Lah's GLC reform and turnaround, like in Proton.

If Idris Jala is the Project Leader and MAS was the turnaround project for "The Apprentice", I can bet till my last dollar The Donald would utter to him, "You are fired! Now get out!". I would imagine he turn towards the standing Pak Lah standing and say, "You too! Go, you both!"

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ayahanda Bonda: May You Bloom and Grow Forever

Penghulu kata, pendulu bicara

Izinkan saya sedikit masa,
Berkongsi sepatah dua kata,
Sambil duduk bertentang mata,
Sebelum kita menjamu selera.

Assalamualaikum dan
Good Afternoon,
Kepada hadirin dan kedua Tun.
Jika bunyi kurang santun,
Mohon maaf, mohon ampun.

Kita berkumpul sebagai keluarga,
Meraikan bapa dan ibu tercinta,
Tak ada mereka tak ada kita,
Itulah ayat pendekar tua.

Bukan tujuan mahu meminta,
Tidak juga ingin bercerita,
Cuma mahu bertentang mata,
Mengatakan kasih kepada Tun berdua.

Di sini kita duduk bersama,
Adik kakak, abang dan anak,
Dalam suasana penuh gembira,
Kerana kita berkeluarga semua.

Jika dahulu Tun Mahathir berkuasa,
Didamping pula Tun Siti yang setia,
Kini, mereka dah ada yang lupa,
Mungkin tak sengaja...

Wahai kedua ibu dan bapa,
Kami ikuti kisah mu berdua,
Ke sana ke mari seia sekata,
Pahit manis dirasa bersama.

Tempoh hari Tun terlentang
dalam kesakitan jantung diserang,
Kami, adik kakak, abang dan anak
risau dan gundah, tidor tak nyenyak
namun, berat mata memandang,
berat lagi bahu memikul
Dari jauh ramai juga yang datang,
Meninjau kesihatan berdoa panjang.

Berkat doa kita semua
dengan usaha tabib istimewa,
permintaan kita dikabul jua
Tun pulih sediakala,
Berjuang terus tanpa kira
Kadangkala menunggang kuda,
Membikin kita risau semula.

Jika diikut langkah mereka,
Semakin jauh kita menjaja
Membawa khidmat mengebar bendera,
Negara tercinta semakin ternama.

Jangan dikira usia mereka,
Ia cuma angka semata,
Cuba selami jiwa mereka,
Mungkin terasa semangat waja.

Budi dan jasa ditabur merata,
Tunjuk ajar diberi percuma,
Ramai penerima mengumpul harta,
Tak kurang juga yang mudah lupa.

Years ago when you were in power,
Never did once you surrender,
Acknowledged by all as the consumate leader,
Taking the nation to the world yonder.

Ninety-seven, and, ninety eight,
Turbulent years, everyone said,
Street wars and currency raid,
We found ourselves going into the red.

When others were full of doubt,
Instead, you chose to shout,
And proved beyond a shadow of doubt,
Why we need to stay above board.

If, today we have excelled,
It's partly because you taught us well,
Now, allow us to wish you both well,
And may your good fortune continue to swell.

If there's anything you need, pray tell.

Udah, cukuplah dulu kita bercerita,
InsyaAllah disambung di lain masa,
Mari kira raikan ibu dan bapa,
Tak ada mereka tak ada kita.

Pulau pandan jauh ketengah,
Gunung daik bercabang tiga,
Hancur badan dikandung tanah,
Budi yang baik dikenang juga.

Pisang emas dibawa belayar,
Masak sebiji di atas peti,
Hutang emas boleh dibayar,
Hutang budi dibawa mati.

Kalau ada jarum yang patah,
Jangan disimpan di dalam peti,
Kalau ada silap dan salah,
Jangan disimpan di dalam hati

Ahmad A Talib (from his blog here)
10 julai, 2007
Perdana Leadership Foundation, Putrajaya

The above verses was penned and presented by Dato' Ahmad A Talib at the celebration of the recent birthday of Tun Dr Mahathir's and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah's birthday, which fall on July 10 and July 12 respectively. Near the end of the reading, there was a hint of “teriak” or kedahan slang for melancholy in his voice. Perhaps, it was his expression of sadness or, perhaps it is his gratitude.

Love him or loath him, no one would deny Tun Dr Mahathir’s presence in the history of this country. The sceptic may say what they wish, but he provided in that 22 years the leadership for a nation brimming with potential and yearning for progression.

As mortal, he may have erred here and there. I myself had some disagreement but resign myself to accept that he is not out there then to merely please me alone. The long and short is he did his best, even if some may detest.

Leadership is not a simple subject to describe. The people lead, and situation warrants its own brand of leadership suitable to the requirement of the time.

R.J. House in his book, Culture, Leadership, and Organizations: The Globe Study of 62 Societies (2004) defines "leadership" organizationally and narrowly as "the ability of an individual to influence, motivate and enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of the organizations (or nation in this case) of which they are members (or citizen in this case)".

Perhaps, on another significant occasion of his life, it is worth deriving a lesson from it. As I reflect, the truly significant legacy and lesson from Tun Dr Mahathir that he has imparted to us and for us to emulate is the myriad of leadership qualities he exhibit.

Leadership needs a vision and that vision need to be articulated well. Leaders display a passion and strong conviction of, what they regard as, the moral correctness of their vision. That conviction comes with great confidence, determination and persistence.

Leaders is not about image building only, without the role model of competency, credibility, and trustworthy. Outstanding leaders are great communicators that are able to drive its followers to a certain high performance expectation.

The most indelible mark of Tun Dr Mahathir's leadership to me must be his currency crisis management and his brave message to our former colonial master, I'll buy from you last!.

It is now best left for history to judge him. Be it friends or fore and whether they care to admit it or not, I strongly believe we miss his leadership, brevity and decisiveness, more than anything else.

I guess I can emphatize with the sadness felt by Dato Ahmad A Talib. The treatment he gets display a bad trait of society today. We have lost the attribute to respect our elders, a representative of our past. The fascination for new this and that and amplified further by slogan for paradigm shift represents a digression from a Malay culture for positive continuity and continuous progression. People and nation without continuity with its past shows disrespect for its history. Such people and nation is doomed.

Again, happy birthday ayahanda Tun Dr Mahathir and bonda Tun Siti Hasmah. May I end by dedicating these verses from Edelweiss, the song from the movie Sounds of Music, for you both:

Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever
Edelweiss, Edelweiss
Bless my homeland forever

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