Saturday, June 30, 2012

Debunking Scorpene Scandal Part II: Perimekar, a bonafide operation

Malaysian crew on the Scorpene submarine
Our plan was to debunk the alleged Scorpene Scandal step by step, issue by issue and lie by lie. That way, each aspect of the alleged scandal is addressed and fully understood.

However, the rapid succession of response by their master spinner or easier described as liar, Tian Chua, to dispell Zahid's denial in Parliament made us ponder on the manner they raised continuos doubt and suspicion. Since they are the accusing party and responding every answer with accusing questions, the burden of proof should be placed upon them.

For almost a year prior to the leak of the documents last week, SUARAM and PKR politicians have been demanding answers on series of allegations and speculation related to the police investigation. Their motive is  to raise doubts and suspicions among the public.

They raised questions in Parliament, demand MACC to investigate, poke on certain personalities to answer them, and one wonder whether they demand for anyone to resign have been asked or not. The Government is right as to not entertain them or Government will end up playing to their tune.

The Government side have given answers after answers and clarifications after clarifications but they refuse to accept the answer. They want to continue to question and make-up stories as though the answers and clarifications are insufficient. Since they are having the doubts and making allegations, they should be the side to prove without any reasonable doubt? Why the "without any reasonable doubt" condition?

Easy ... as raised in Part 1 here, their motive is to form of link between the death of Altantuya with the submarine deal. PKR, SUARAM and opposition propaganda wants voters to believe that there was a cover-up to the murder because Altantuya was involved in the deal, denied her fair share and killed.

Then, they should "show the smoking gun!" 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Debunking Scorpene Scandal Part 1: Sensationalising Altantunya

Many have formed their own opinion and perception on the submarine issue that became hot and sensational arising from the brutal death of Altantunya in 2006. How much is fact and how much is mere fiction, perception and guesswork. But the corruption allegation on the submarine need to be addressed.

Until the "opposition", which includes their NGO arm, SUARAM and their French lawyers can prove their allegations, no amount of demands and call on the BN Government can make them say more.

"Paul Mason shall sell no wine before it is time," as the tagline in a famous commercial with the great filmmaker Orson Welles. They will reveal their card when the time is right.

With some knowledge and information on the inner working of the defense industry; the whose with who, who wants what, and who gets what, Nurul Izzah's allegation that the €36 million to Terasasi from Thales International Asia (Thint Asia) is proceed for selling of Government military secret is laughable. Probably it has nothing to do with Scorpene.

It is funnier because many personalities involved with the submarine are those we know personally. We learned from them of the problems faced in building the submarine, thus it made all these allegations by opposition look preposterous.

This blog intend to debunk each issue by issue using information from their sources. We will reveal the inconsistency in their allegation, and the ever changing stories. There are allegations they made that has quiet down because there is no proof.

For those so confident that there is a case against Najib, the Government side knows what is in the cards of the "opposition", especially with the leak of the 153 documents, but the opposition and even the judges do not know what the government have.

So let the games begin!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Now the submarine boo boo

In the process of writing about the lie in the Liar's daughter, Nurul Izzah's allegation on the radar system of our airports here, we discovered she is quite a compulsive liar and most of her allegations in public are factually and logically deficient.

Recently, she claimed one of the strategic partner of Felda Global Venture Holdings Berhad (FGVH); namely Louis Dreyfus Commodity pulled out totally from the IPO.

Deputy Minister PM Department, Dato Ahmad Maslan denied the pullout but they refused to believe him. In actual fact, Louis Dreyfus reduce their shares to 0.5% from the initial plan of 2.5% but confirm their strategic tie-up.

According to their website here, Louis Dreyfus Commodities "is a world leader in the processing of agricultural products and the merchandising of a diverse range of commodities."

They are "number one cotton and rice merchant worldwide and ranks in the top three in orange juice, wheat, corn and sugar and in the top five in oil seeds and coffee." Isn't that a benefical partnership for the world's third largest producer of palm oil?

It shows again that Nurul Izzah lied.

She also lied in her allegation that Perimeker were paid €36 million (RM142 million) by DCNS for selling confidential documents on the evaluation of Scorpene submarine by the Malaysian Navy. The money was paid into Razak's company, Terasasi in Hong Kong.

Back when the opposition was led by Lim Kit Siang, they were ethical, and well respected for their ability to stir up the Government with their factful revelation and sound argument. WHat happened to them now?

Since led by liar Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the opposition has fallen into a state of decline. Their allegations are poorly substantiated, void of fact, sensationalised with lies and made-up stories, and illogical arguments.

Many versions of €36 million

On this but another of Nurul's lie, she claimed in late May that the national defence secrets was sold to the French Submarine manufacturer DCNS by Razak Baginda in response to French lawyer Joseph Breham revelation.

Was Nurul Izzah aware that the same €36 million raised by SUARAM and their French lawyer was before this claimed as payment made by Perimeker to a Malta-based company Giffen. They made it out as though Perimeker had paid that amount to Giffen and eventually finds its way to Terasasi.

On another occasion, they, as in to group SUARAM, their French lawyers and opposition particularly PKR into one, claimed that the €36 million was a payment made to Terasasi from Thales Asia or Thine and not DCNS. Thine together with Armaris later had stake in submarine manufacturer, DCNS.

None of the allegations are backed with documents or some sound facts. It kept changing.

At one time, they claimed that the payment made to Perimeker for the whole €114 million (RM574 million) were commission to Razak Baginda.

Since 2007 during the Ijok by-election, Anwar claimed he has documents to show that Najib via Razak received RM500 million in commission for the two submarine purchased. [See You Tube at 4:50]

Anwar kept repeating the same allegation as recent as in Kelantan several weeks ago. But he has yet to produce the documents.

Recently, they claimed that there is a fax document to claim that Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak who was then Defense Minister requested bribe for USD1 billion for the €1 billion (RM5.7 million) purchase of two submarine.

Forget about documental proof which is likely to be non-existense, does that make sense?

Simple denial sufficient

With a storyline from them that kept changing and not backed by documental proofs, do not complain if it is being simply denied by the Minister.

Read the denial by Malaysian Insiders report yesterday:


No secrets leaked, says Mindef

By Shannon Teoh
June 27, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR, June 27 — Putrajaya has insisted no information was leaked on the evaluation of the RM7 billion Scorpene submarines bought in 2002 despite court documents claiming the contrary in an ongoing French inquiry.

The defence ministry (Mindef) said in reply to an adjournment speech by Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar that it did not have any information on allegations that secret documents were sold by a company linked to political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda to a French defence firm.

“To the best knowledge of the ministry, up to now there is no information detected to have been taken out of Malaysia.

“The defence ministry has no information on the allegations of so-called secret documents sold by Terasasi (Hong Kong) to Thint Asia (Thales International) said to be worth €36 million (RM142 million),” Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi told Parliament early this morning.

He also denied any knowledge of dealings between the two companies, the latter of which having formed a joint-venture with French defence giant DCNS to build the two vessels, as the government had no dealings with either company in the purchase.

“The statement by the Lembah Pantai MP that the two Scorpene submarines were purchased from Thales International are untrue,” the Bagan Datok MP said.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who was defence minister at the time the deal was sealed, has for years denied allegations of wrongdoing in the purchase.

There has been no evidence linking him directly to the alleged corruption in the deal and his supporters say the opposition is behind efforts to revive the issue just ahead of an election that must be called within a year.

French lawyer Joseph Breham, who is acting for activist group Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) in the ongoing inquiry in Paris, said last month the data allegedly sold was purportedly for “commercial engineering” works

Abdul Razak, a former think-tank head who was at the centre of a 2006 investigation into the murder of Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaariibuu, is listed as a director of Terasasi with his father, Abdul Malim Baginda.

The company was previously incorporated on June 28, 2002 as Kinabalu Advisory and Support Services Ltd, according to the Hong Kong Companies Registry.

Suaram filed a complaint against DCNS in a special French investigative court at the Paris Tribunal de Grande Instance in April.

The opposition has described the alleged leak of defence secrets as an act of treason, demanding an investigation by the government.

But Zahid discounted any such move by the Najib administration, saying the procurement was done according to existing guidelines and it would not seek access to documents from the inquiry.

“The Malaysian government understands there is no hearing in France regarding the Scorpene submarines. Therefore, there is no question of the government asking to be observers,” he said.

He refused to elaborate when approached by The Malaysian Insider later, saying “that’s the official statement.”

Nurul Izzah, who is PKR vice president, later told reporters that the minister was “technically correct” as the case had yet to enter a full hearing and was currently still a judicial investigation.

Malaysia paid RM6.7 billion in 2009 for the two submarines of which RM574 million was earmarked for co-ordination and support services for Perimekar Sdn Bhd, owned by Abdul Razak.

Abdul Razak is being sought as a witness in the French case.


Nurul admitted the Minister is technically correct. No proof, next no talk la Nurul Izzah the liar's daughter turned liar.

She said to wait for the full hearing. but will Nurul stop repeating the lie until it is proven and presented in court? Maybe not.

Talking about full hearing in the French Court, that will take 2-3 years. Will there even be a hearing if Perimeker turned out to be genuine logistical support for the project?

They will not believe it but what if we say that they other side is aware that Perimeker hardly make any money or profit?

SUARAM under pressure

The latest revelation had all the 153 documents, compiled by police which Suaram claimed they sighted but could not get a hard copy of the documents to proof their various allegations, is released out in the Asia Sentinal here.

We suspect that SUARAM is under terrible pressure after being accused for lying and spinning but have no proof to show that someone from their side may have leaked all the documents to Asia Sentinel.

Recently SUARAM was under much heat from the accusation of lying when they announced on June 15 at their fund rasing dinner that Jasbir Singh Chahl will subpoenaed but no such instruction was received by the local French Embassy.

Since it is not a trial, there is no subpoena but call of witness. The local Embassy will pass the order to the Malaysian police to serve the appearance order. Do Malaysian need to comply?

According to Suaram here, they have legal means to get witness to cooperate.

SUARAM is merely working on hunch that there is possibility the Malaysian purchase of Scorpene submarine is laden with corruption like another case in September 2008 involving Pakistan.

Gérard-Philippe Menayas, former chief financial officer of DCN mentioned Malaysian submarine contract in his memorandum in the Karachi case.

“Since the entry into force of the OECD Convention regarding the fight against corruption in September 2000, only two contracts have been signed; the first with India, and the second with Malaysia in 2002. These two contracts are the result of commercial actions undertaken prior to the OECD Convention.

Now that the documents are all released, could SUARAM care to pinpoint which documents prove their various allegations and stories. That way our translator can do his work to double check too. Our translator is pretty good. He talks French even in his sleep.

How about SUARAM first prove to us the story of the Malta-based company, Giffen claimed to be used to channel money. Show me the money!

The submarine story that is intended to be inextricably linked to Altantunya's murder have been the game played by SUARAM on Najib. That political intention is so obvious.

The submarine deal was signed in June 2002. In court in the trial against Azrilah and Sirul, it was stated that Razak got to know of Altantunya in 2004, way after the submarine deal was signed.

There were claims that she can speak 6 languages and was a millitary dealmaker or translator in the deal. The opposition spin stories that she was allegedly killed for demanding her share of the commission.

Now it turns out that she does not speak French and only speak Russian. During the murder trial, it was proven that she can't be a translator. Even her English as proved by her letters was child-like and pathetically horrible. Heard it from one of the lawyer ourselves.

Altantunya's death was being repeated by SUARAM for sensational value. And the political motivation was obvious as SUARAM only raised Najib's name to be "subpoena" as witness.

Why only Najib?

Tun Dr Mahathir was Prime Minister till October 2003. Tun Abdullah Badawi was subsequently the Prime Minister till 2009. He held the defense post towards the end of his premiership and before that. They could have drag Tun Dr Mahathir and Tun Abdullah but only Najib.

There are many cases of ever changing stories and wild speculations in SUARAM's politically motivated game to smear Najib.

The lies are out there, the truth kept tight

While we happened to have some privy knowledge in this so-called Scorpene Scandal, there is no need to divulge new fact and the truth.

Revealing their lies from their sources is sufficient and we intend to debunk it one step at a time.

The police documents already showed there is no proof of entry by Altantunya into France. However, Asia Sentinel had pictures of her in France without any date, and other information. There are claims that the picture came from Dato Syed Abdul Rahman the Mongolian ambassador.

There are those that claimed she may have entered through other EU country but it seems Mongolian requires VISA to enter.

When asked of this, one of the editor of The Mole told us that SUARAM's Cynthia Gabriel made up excuse that she may have entered on diplomatic visa. That is not possible and it shows she could not substantiate SUARAM's own story here.

She is caught lying again like her alleged subpoena of Jasbir Singh and many other lies.

For a long while, the story of Scorpene only gets revealed in pro-opposition portals; Asia Sentinel, Free Malaysia Today and Malaysia Today, Malaysiakini, Malaysia Chronicles and The Malaysian Insiders.

It is a surprise as to why no coverage from International News Agencies including France own AFP if this is scandal and a big international story.

After the revelations by MT here, FMT here and Asia Sentinel here seemed to change tone together, Reuters here reported with a less convincing tone on the corruption.

Reuter reported it as mere trouble on the Prime Minister before the election. They quoted SUARAM's lawyer answered that they couldn't prove the corruption money goes to UMNO as they alleged. The role of Terasasi is not known.

Hopefully the Government will comment on that later. Even Thales have been quiet facing up to all these wild unsubtantiated allegations. Hopefully they will clarify matter too. So do Razak Baginda.

Our suspicion is the Government is keeping quiet because SUARAM and their lawyers is repeatedly shooting their own feet that they do not need to explain anything. This is similar reaction by Zahid's easy denial.

The Government could be waiting for the right time to do so. And the opposition can only press on to swing the ball back to the Government side of the court. They may have realised recently that they are caught and the Government have something up their sleeves.

SUARAM questioned

Most blogs are only answering based on the opposition's sources. That is dangerous for SUARAM.

In the meanwhile, SUARAM is getting exposed as an organisation funded by George Soros, NDI (an American organisation with link to CIA covert operation) and acknowledged as part CIA organisation.

Their strong links with opposition is too obvious that Cynthia Gabriel has no solid answer than mere rhetorics. [Read Apanama here.]

Another big issue on SUARAM is how did they paid for the lawyers before the fund raising dinner and how they will maintain these French lawyers till the two to three years is over?

How much more dinners and fund raising to pay these expensive lawyers and SUARAM's own lawyers too? A SUARAM dinner could raise maybe RM100,000 but the legal bill could come in the millions.

One after another of their lies and propaganda is being exposed. Time is not on their side. All it takes is one 'bomb' and the reputation of SUARAM is ruined forever.

As said by YB Zaharin Hashim from Bayan baru, "The more information comes out, the more the opposition and Suaram will have to answer."

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nurul Izzah's typical opposition bo bo

Although we are pro-Barisan Nasional in partisan inclination, we also hope for a better more credible and respectable opposition to play the role of check and balance to Barisan Nasional. The hope was that new breed of opposition will emerge like Nurul Izzah, Tony Pua, Salahuddin Ayub, Lim Guan Eng, etc. Off late, all of them turned out to be disappointing.

Lim Guan Eng may have won a lawsuit against Utusan Malaysia, but in our view, the Malaccan-born from Johorean father Penang Chief Minister is a compulsive liar, abused the media, and do cheap politics. He is equally corrupt, chauvanistic and draconian. We know what happenned in Penang ...

So did Tony Pua. He not only lost a lawsuit and has to pay RM500,000, but has not live up to his professional credential and became arrogant. He claim he is only an MP for national level issue and will not bring himself down to day-to-day issues of common folks in his Petaling Jaya Utara constituent.

Salahuddin Ayub, the former PAS Youth Leader and current Vice President has a problem that is endemic of PAS. They can't take up an issue for the strength of an issue without giving a political and sensational spin that usually loses focus.

While Nurul Izzah is daughter of arch political enemy, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, but she epitomise the hope of many young women in politics. The mother of two is educated, has the pleasant look, speaks well, and now her party's Vice President. Unfortunately, she has picked up many bad habit of papa.

In several recent episodes in her constituent, Lembah Pantai, she turned out to be a drama queen and heartless and inconsiderate in her politicking. She picked up papa's worst habit of lying, spinnning and making up stories. Nurul has poor grasp of logic behind the facts and her sensationalising is becoming more obvious.

The allegation she made against AAT Sdn Bhd is another fine example to the many she has made.

Sensational allegation

In a Malaysiakini report dated June 21st, 2011, Nurul Izzah alleged that an air traffic control system costing €26.0 million (RM128.4 million) supplied by a company AAT Sdn Bhd (AAT) to the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) for use at several airports as part of the National Air Traffic Control Centre (NATCC) was both defective and not done as open tender.

The trademark of any issues raised by opposition is to sensationalise the story, or spiced with an angle to raise emotion and public anger. Even if it means lying or twisting the facts. This allegation by Nurul is no different and anyone can suspect that the allegation could be faulty.

She sensationalise the indirect shareholding of Ikwan Hafiz Jamaluddine, son of former Malaysian Ambassador to the US, Dato Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis and former Chairperson of DCA Dato Zolkifli Abdul who retired in 1997 in AAT via a company Tirai Variasi Sdn Bhd's 50% shareholding in AAT.

One can spot something is not quite truthful when she claimed in Free MalaysiaTiday report dated June 8 here that the information and supposedly documents reached her door step. Usual storyline to protect her source. Read here.

Read in the June 21st Malaysiakini report in full below:

The above Malaysiakini report is reproduced because AAT management have wrote to Malaysiakini to withdraw and correct the above article.

However, like any opposition raised issues, there will be a build-up. This is no different because they build-up the issue from claims of sysytem defect and brouhaha over public safety.

In a June 8th Zaid Ibrahim-controlled Free Malaysia Today report here and June 9th article in Tian Chua-controlled Malaysia Chronicles here by Nurul Izzah with her usual con-conspirator Tian Chua and N Surendran, they alleged that there were 68 defects with the system.

She cited cases where the system "suddenly changed from MRT to DARD in a few seconds causing the target to drop and becomes transponder code only even though the data line is serviceable." Her claim was that "flawed controllers revert to the old system of not using radar."

By mid-June the story has picked up tempo into an issue of corruption and cronyism. The Malaysian Insiders report dated June 14th here and Malaysia Chronicle report June 15th here, they begin to drum up on the shareholding and twisted it as "project to a minister's family member."


Using a set of documents leaked to them, Nurul made a molehill out of mountain without making proper investigation into the matter.

Lost is our hope of a credible opposition for Malaysia that raised and discuss issues based on facts and sound arguments. The current zoo-like charade and monkey acts in Parliament will continue to stay for a while.

Having checked with our sources within DCA and Malaysia Airports, Nurul allegation is untrue and slanderous. And, AAT has written to Malaysiakini and somehow made its way to our doorstep from some sender from Bangsar. Isn't that where Malaysiakini's office is?

Firstly, there is no such supply contract from AAT. The system is supplied by SELEX, the OEM for the original system in 1994.

Second, since Nurul Izzah claimed that "
air traffic controllers at the National Air Traffic Control Centre (NATCC), Subang Airport have lodged a complaint with the Director General of Civil Aviation regarding a recent system upgrade of the Malaysian Air Traffic Control Network ...", it needs to be clear that the system that cost so much is not meant only for Subang Airport but for the whole country.

That is part of sensationalising an issue to give the impression that the system that cost so much is only for Subang.

Third, AAT is merely the one doing installation and technical assistance and appointed by SELEX. AAT has no dealing with DCA or MAHB.

JJ's Son

This brings to the fourth issue of the interest of JJ's son and Dato Dzulkifli in AAT. What is the issue then?

Isn't Ikhwan Hafiz a separate legal entity than his father, JJ and is entitle to make a living including doing business? JJ is not a member of Cabinet despite the so-claimed Ministerial status. He is not part of any establishment that makes decision with respect to SELEX or AAT's contract.

Maybe one do not like the idea of powerful man's children getting contracts, but one likes and dislikes is not the issue. And is it a legally valid complain?

Moreover, the Dato Dzulkifli being alleged to have links with DCA has retired for more about 15 years! Bet most officers in DCA hardly knows the man.

One thing has to be understood about AAT. It is established by former Army Engineer Kol (R) Dato Mohd Munip in 1994. It is a bonafide company established to develop in country capability (or in other word local based technological capability) in the area integrated air traffic capability in air traffic management.

It is not a one-off contract company but have been around for 17 years and exported their technology to countries like China, India, Middle East, etc. It has 110 engineers and technologist including young Engineer, Ikhwan Hafiz in their payroll and management.

Despite the presence of a powerful man's son and his group's 50% shareholding,
which his cash rich father may have supported, Kol (R) Dato Munip claim himself as one of the controlling shareholders of AAT.

In a technical company, control does not necessary lies with the shareholding structure but the proprietary knowledge, licensing and likely the link with SELEX.

The company is a seldom found structure of win-win and cooperation.

The AAT letter to Malaysiakini below:

No Defect

Fifth, there is no such claimed defect.

Perhaps Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha is giving a typical bureaucratic or political denial that is seldom short of facts to make it believable.

That is an endemic problem in public relation and communications today. The public does not buy into simplistic denial. Bureaucrats and even corporate communication is still stuck in a mental time warp not realising that such denial does not help to convince their cause in the Social Media.

We've given a helping hand to call our kaki in DCA and MAHB. Since one of us is an ANSARAn, he has friends everywhere, more in number than any MCOBA or TKCians.

The answer is no such thing. All system is working find.

The phenomenon described by Nurul is typical one find when there is overlapping coverage by more than one telco tower in a particular area. One find that our handphone will have a short glitch but there is nothing faulty.

The described phenomenon is similar.

This does not means that the document with complain by Subang controller is not genuine. Maybe it is and maybe it is not but for sure, it could be any such technical report which report as they experiance it.

DCA and MAHB is aware and see it not a technical issue but a common phenomenon. Most important, it is not dangerous to the public as exagerated by Nurul.

Cannot be an open tender

Sixth, the typical practise in radar system acquisition is the preference to upgrade any existing and fine working system.

Although it does not concern AAT, but of SELEX, it need to be understood that it is a better choice not to change brand but onlu upgrade. It is easy and convenient. No more the need to test and synchronise with existing system in cases of new brands.

This contract had no open tender and could rightly be called closed tender because it is only open to SELEX. It is merely expanding the usage of an existing system.

Seventh, out of the contract of RM128.5 million given to SELEX, how much did AAT get?

There are three companies doing the subcontracts. The lowest is for RM125,000. million. Second lowest is for RM1.17 million.

Yes, AAT got the highest subcontract award. Go ahead if they wish to make a big deal out of a RM9.19 million job. Ikhwan can't even buy a new Porsche.

Eighth and last, there is no issue of public safety at stake. Please not make mountain out of molehole. Exagerating over nothing.

Now Nurul ... would she apologise and answer for her wrongful politically motivated allegations made against JJ? Would she reply appropriately to explain her wrongful accusations?

If she is her father, she won't. She probably would dispell this answer as the work of UMNO. So what, if we support UMNO.

Fact remain a fact. A lie is a lie.

Typical of opposition

That is the problem with opposition these days. Their allegations are seldom spiced with emotional allegations like in this case public safety, alleged Minister's son, croynism and corruptions when on fine combing the allegation, there is none.

It is irrresponsible and malicious to make the public panic and create accusation based on a simplistic conclusion.

There is JJ and there is his son. So immediately assumed as cronyism and corruption. It takes more than that for such to happen.

In her attempt to raise the issue of no tender for contracts, she should look back to her own party in Selangor. Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim made policy statement that all Government procurements must be on open tender but hundreds of contracts are not given out on tender basis for the last three years!

Coming back to Nurul who as Vice President, seemed to be assigned issues to rise in public, please do your homework. Our suggestion to Nurul is for her to focus on her Lembah Pantai constituent which she had failed to attend for the past many years due to her party's excessive politicking.

As Member of Parliament of Lembah Pantai, she failed to raise the concern of the urban poverty in her area. But yet she irresponsibly poisonned the mind of some of the poor from moving out and take up a more decent housing given by Government for the sake of her politicking.

This did not include the charade from cheap drama she created as though her ceramah was attacked.

Instead of raising defective issue like AAT, Nurul should help her father answer a long list of questions and allegations that is getting longer left unanswered including allegations of sexual misconducts, corruption, abuse of power and war chest of RM3 billion in his days as Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister.

Perhaps she could help her Deputy President too whose been keeping quiet to the list of issues raised against him.

That is if mother allow it.

One for the road, Nurul should spend more time finding out where and what activities did husband, Raja Shahrir chaperoned his father-in-law to and for?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Macho talk, woman CEO and big headache

When Tony F said he is 'glad' after Malaysia Airlines deal failed, it was a face saving remark. Off late, he has been talking too much and creating fanfare to save face and detour attention on his problems.

At least he did not say thing like being maligned and vilified in the blogosphere and ask the Board of Directors to affirm he is not a skunk. That is for pampered cry baby Gen Y CEO wannabees who claimed himself as an aviation specialist and expert. Tony F is made of harder stuff.

When he said he is moving to Jakarta, there will be no engineering business for MAS. Now we know how sincere he is to collaborate. [Read in Bigdogdotcom here or The Star here of the interview].

Let Tony F pass the business to Jakarta. See whether he will get the kind of service he gets with MAS and MAB. If he doesn't pay up, pray the Indonesian don't cut his ears off.

He was reported by Reuter here saying, "I'm just trying to make more money. There is no hidden agenda."

What a greedy pig he is. There should not be any sympathy if he goes around like Van Gogh.

Fell for his fanfare

Tony F is just being himself.

The stupid thing is why did some fell for his tricks and treachery to sacrifice the national airline. It is really stupid to attempt the CCF deal with a known low life character. How could anyone missed that?

Before looking at the numbers and all, an important step in dealmaking is knowing the personality. Can you trust the person? Do they have any sense of honour?

Even thieves have honour and code.

More foolish is the revelation that all the Air Asia people that joined MAS have and will return back to Air Asia.

From Idris Jala to AJ, can't they see that?

Why would they leave an Airline they are convince is where the growth is to go to a highly debted, losing profitability and lost its premium shine, MAS?

Tony F have been talking of Jakarta for many years. Indonesian market is the growth of tomorrow.

Yet when in MAS, Danny gave the Bandung route to Tony F. Is the Board of Directors so sure of his honesty and integrity?

Moving or not to Jakarta

Again, don't fall for Tony F's Jakarta talk.

It is obvious he tries to replicate Malaysian operational success abroad. At the moment, he dare not say he moved his headquarter. He still depend on the Malaysian market and would jump should it be open up soon.

But he is talking big as though he could grow profit by five-fold abroad. Can he get the same preferential treatment and political clout in Malaysia as he gets abroad partnering with former political despots? [Read The Star today here]

So he claimed Air Asia will only establish an AirAsia Asean office. Its role will be similar to the Dublin office of RyanAir as strategic planning office for Europe. Sure, is Ryan Air headquarter in Dublin too?

They made a big fanfare out of the announcement of Air Asia's new young lady CEO, Aireen Omar for Malaysian Operations.

But it's too soon to say hurrah for women's liberation, Kak Ena.

Not from a man who used his stewardess as sex object like Sir Richard Branson used his Virgin ladies. See You Tube above of Air Asia advert.

It is only a fanfare. Just like the move to Jakarta. Read The Edge report below:


AirAsia Malaysia's HQ not moving to Jakarta, says Fernandes

Written by Surin Murugiah
Wednesday, 13 June 2012 13:32

KUALA LUMPUR (June 13): AIRASIA BHD []’s group chief executive officer Tan Sri Tony Fernandes reiterated that AirAsia Malaysia's headquarters was not moving to Jakarta.

He said the low cost carrier (LCC) was committed to upholding its “Now Everyone Can Fly” pledge to Malaysians that.

In a statement Wednesday, Fernandes said the establishment of the AirAsia Asean office in Jakarta as the LCC’s regional base was to help to more fully deliver on that pledge to all the people of Asean and beyond.

He said that shifting AirAsia's emphasis to a regional strategy was not just good business, but also a move that will keep the LCC ahead of the inevitable competition that is heading its way.

“But while others focus largely on trying to gain market share in domestic markets, we seek to expand our footprint throughout the region.

“After all, no single domestic market in Asean, not even Indonesia, can match the potential of a regional Asean market of 600 million people and a combined East Asian market of 2 billion,” he said.

He said AirAsia Asean would serve as the "nerve centre" of the LCC’s regional expansion.

He said it would operate very much like how the Ryanair office in Dublin, Ireland, serves as the strategic planning centre of Europe's largest LCC.

“AirAsia Asean will also help us to ensure that our voice, our concerns and our appeals are heard much more clearly in the corridors of power within ASEAN,” he said.

Fernandes said that one of the reasons for locating the office in Jakarta was to help AirAsia engage more closely with the Asean Secretariat, which was headquartered in Indonesia's capital city.

“Locating our regional base in Jakarta is also likely to have the beneficial effect of helping raise the profile and branding of AirAsia Indonesia, which is heading for a listing on the Jakarta Stock Exchange by the end of the year,” he said.


Indons ain't stupid

Ignore all the cock and bull story of Jakarta as Asean Secretariat for Tony to ready for Open Sky 2015 and the potential of Asean.

There are about 20 LCCs competing in Indonesia. The Indonesians are spoilt with choices and not to be easily bullied as the Malaysian customers by it's one and only LCC.

Even that is not for long with a law allowing Airline not on time to be sued.

The only way way AirAsia Indonesia can increase passenger load is to stop the long list of hidden costs and surcharges which totals up to the same price as Garuda ticket but without the inconvenience and long wait.

Associate company, PT Indonesia AirAsia was founded in 1999 as Awair and was then 40% owned by former President Abdul Rahman Wahid before he relinquished it.

It became an associate when Air Asia took over 49% in 2004. It changed name to Air Asia Indonesia on December 1, 2005. Air Asia Indonesia has currently a fleet of 17 A320s and by the look, it is struggling to get listed.

Initially, it was planned for fourth quarter 2011. The company had appointed CIMB Securities Indonesia and Credit Suisse Securities Indonesia as joint-lead underwriters for the 20 percent IPO.

Tony F announced for third and fourth quarter 2012. The Reuters Monday here reported Tony have moved it again to first quarter 2013. He claimed time was slotted for listing of Air Asia-X but he has been on a wait and see. Many scheduled IPO have been shelved.

There is a big headache for Tony F. Air Asia started operations in 2001 and get listed in 2007.

Only Gus Dur is known. The other Indonesian partner is not but could be powerful too. They may have waited long enough on Tony F's promise to list.

On March 23rd here, ABITW wrote of the potential problem of Air Asia and the Air Asia Thai listing delay. That problem look solved. Thanks to Thaksin's sister, Yingluck being Prime Minister.

Air Asia Thai was listed on May 31st. Read The Sundaily news report here.

According to The Edge report here, Air Asia need to list off both it's Thai and Indonesian associate in order to bring its gearing to below 1 from 1.4. Still, the transfer of aircraft funding to the associate will only be gradual.

AirAsia placed a then record order with 75 Airbus advanced A320-200 planes worth USD18 billion for delivery 2016. Tony F boasted of ordering another USD4 billion deal to buy another 50 Airbus A320s. In addition, Tony was reported to have ordered 200 Airbus 320 Neo and the option of another 100 more.

He's plan to sign five more joint-venture agreements with regional airlines within the next two years. Read Business Times here.

To IPO or not?

Tony is telling the Malaysian media as though the Indonesiaan are sitting still.

No ... Government backed, Garuda Indonesia did their IPO in February 2011, although undersubscribed of the RM1 billion target which is still held by underwriters. They control 24% of domestic market and have tie-up with 3% market share LCC, Citilinks.

Indonesia's leading LCC, Lion Air has a USD21.5 billion deal for 230 Boeings 737 to add to their existing fleet of 92. Their order book is 400 airplanes. Lion Air has 51% market share of Indonesiaan domestic market and ambitous target of 60% market share, which some see as implausible.

Lion Air had to announce delay of their USD1 billion IPO flotation plan due to poor market condition and safety ban by EU.

Aside from Garuda and Lion, there is also Singapore Tiger Airways's Mandala and Pacific Royale to contend with.

One can see how edgy he is but he can't show that in Malaysia. He carries an image of being on the ball and like Ferguson of Manchester United or Branson of Virgin have the upper-hand in the war of words.

Two major IPO for Singapore and Hong Kong has been recalled due to market volatility stemming from the European debt crisis. He can't play acting on this.

Women CEO distraction

With Tony F and Din leaving for Jakarta, flagbearer Air Asia Malaysia will be under 38 year old Aireen Omar. The announcement of a young woman as CEO seems to distract media from the headache Tony is facing.

She joined AirAsia in January 2006 as Director of Corporate Finance and is now Regional Head of Corporate Finance and Treasury.

Before that, she studied Economics and Political Science from the London School of Economics (LSE) and holds a Masters in Economics from New York University (NYU).

Started out as an Associate with Deutsche Bank Securities Inc, New York in September 1997 till August 2000.

Returned to join Maybank Investment Bank as Assistant Vice-President from March 2001 to November 2003. In December 2003 she joined Bumiwerks Capital Management as Director until December 2005.

Maybank Investment Bank and Bumiwerk; birds of the same feather flocks together. The link to Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop and Dato Kalimullah Masyerullah Hassan remains.

More management change in MAS as CFO Rozman Omar is set to leave. So too is Head of Engineering, Azhari Mohd Dahlan. Both are likely to return to Air Asia.

It seems former MAS Datuk Bernard Francis is rejoining as Head of Commercial for Air Asia Indonesia. Make your own conclusion.

All Tony F need to do is take in Danny.

Opened card

Now that Tony F's cards are opened, he has a game playing with MAHB. Will he continue with it or leave it to Aireen to handle.

With his move to Jakarta and his big plans known, Malaysia Airport can't afford to blink in the eyeball-to-eyeball head-on between Tan Sri Bashir and Tony F.

His move to Jakarta is not about getting away from the tense of operations at the headquarter and a relax environment to plan and monitor the competition with 20 other staff.

It's about making Air Asia Indonesia grab the Indonesian market share. This time they do not have a Khairy and Zaki Zahid. Neither a Tun Abdullah.

Even if they do, the market is the determinant. They can't yelll unfaoir and at the same time, get all the preferential treatments.

MAB know that with the failure of his Air Asia-X long haul model, tough global economy, rising competition, and made worse by his bad boy image within industry, they can call his bluff.

If only, there is no politicians and Khazanah interference.

But Tony F knows that Khazanah only extend Bashir's contract by a year and looks likely, Khazanah is looking for someone to put there.

Tony F will want to put his man. Hope they are not talking of Danny still.

With respect to another Khazanah company, Malaysia Airlines, they should look at Indonesia too. For that matter, MAS must be able to see beyond the obvious before they go.

Does Khazanah roar have MAS interest at heart? And what is in their heart for Penerbangan Malaysia Berhad?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Danny Nanny's parting shots! [up-dated]

The good news is Rashdan Danny Yusof will leave MAS at the end of this month. Good riddance to this remnants from the corrupted network of Tingkat 4 boys.

The bad news is he decided not to leave quietly. He was featured in the front-pages of the mainstream newspapers' business column.

The Star report on Wednesday here quoted MAS claiming Danny left for personal reasons. It is a diplomatic answer but personal reasons can mean many things.

That way all of us can move on and there is a finality to the CCF debacle. Despite wrecking MAS twice, Danny too can move on. As BK Siddhu wrote last week here, "Enough time has been wasted fighting battles.

"The onus is on everyone at MAS to close ranks and work harmoniously to bring this airline back to profitability. It is not the job of an exclusive team but an inclusive initiative."

Despite certain reservation, we like to lend our hand and have given our words to support. By the look of things, all is progressing well and does not need commenting. [Read Bigdogdotcom here]

Unfortunately, the overeager and overbearing CEO wannabee decided to throw a couple of parting shots. First on the bloggers. Secondly, it is not impossible that he may have sabotaged Najib too!

Birds of Same Feather

Interestingly, the front-page news in Wednesday The Star Business Section had a picture of Danny with Ahmad Jauhari and Maybank Investment Banking CEO, Dato' Tengku Zafrul.

Coincidently, Zafrul replaced Danny at Maybank Investment Banking and had himself brushes with bloggers for his snide remark he made at Felda Chairman, Tan Sri Isa Samad.

Oh pleazzz ... these Gen Y's CEO-in-a-hurry should know better than to comment on the ethical and moral issues of others when they are pampered kids whose overzealousness for success defy moral and ethical values.

Zafrul thinks we do not know that one of his uncle is in Felda and aligned to the mutineering Director General, Dato Zulkifli-led faction. That was why he tried to pursue Felda listing job at Avenue Capital. There was also his mother at EPU lending a helping hand.

That lesson with the bloggers was something Zafrul should have shared with Danny before he was asked to leave Maybank Investment Banking for former partner's organisation Khazanah. Birds of same feather. They stink together.

At MAS, Danny was too over eager to exert his presence. He refused to win the heart and gain the respect of MAS staff.

While personal reason was cited by the press, the real reason he left MAS was simply he had no heart to appreciate other human beings. How can one expect to turnaround or rebuilt organisations by being inhuman? Organisation need humans.

Rabbit-faced Danny had ruthless intentions and the stench from his waste-filled heart stinks to high heaven!

At least under the Butcher from Shell, the 3,000 retrenched staff had something to live on. Former CEO, Dato Idris Jala had a MSS.

While Danny was on the steering wheels and AJ was still learning the rope, strange talk emerge of major retrenchment exercise but without any compensation.
Managers were advising staff to resign and get a job out there before the mad rush begins. Human Resource made no effort to squash such rumours.

There was talk staff being offered to resign from MAS and take up job in MAS Sdn Bhd with Danny deviously telling them to "take it or leave but don't expect any retrenchment benefit!"

There was tyranny throughout the organisation with Managers supposedly instructed to get petty and pick on the lower staff. At least, the Butcher from Shell, Idris Jala did not ill treat staff in such manner.

Circular e-Mail

Usually when someone leaves an organisation, even in cases of getting fired, one leaves the organisation amicably. A simple announcement, some tribute, thank you and one part ways.

But the e-mail circular by AJ to announce Danny's resignation was strange. On June 12th, 2012 at 18:22:19, an email circular was sent with the following clause:


I regret that in past months, Danny has been most undeservedly and unfairly vilified and maligned in the blogosphere. Despite this tremendous pressure and stress, Danny has been deeply committed to the turnaround of our Company and the Board appreciates his commitment to continue to assist the Company whenever needed.”


It was short, formal and typical of such announcement. But no ...

Two hours later at 20:30:17, the Circular e-Mail was amended with the bold part above expanded to retaliate against Bloggers and defend Danny. Read the para with the strange amendment, below:


I regret that in past months, Danny has been most undeservedly and unfairly vilified and maligned in the blogosphere. Contrary to such blog reports, Danny has displayed an exemplary work ethic and dedication during his tenure in MAS, and has been deeply committed to the turnaround of MAS. The Board also expresses concern over the rampant leakage of company confidential information that results in disinformation in the blogosphere. The Board endorses Danny’s integrity, honesty and sincerity and considers his departure to be a genuine loss to the company. The Board also appreciates his commitment to continue to assist the Company whenever needed. As Chairman of the Board, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Danny and wish him farewell and all the best in his future endeavours.


A case of revenge of the nerds.

Worst still, these overzealous and impatient zealot want to clean Danny's name immediately after keeping silence on all issues raised in the blogosphere.

This is not the way. Circular e-Mail with normal formal language (although not quite normal) like this can't absolve his sin in one go. These days it is no more believable.

Anyway, we are quite sure it did not come from AJ. The last thing AJ would like to do is to pick fights with bloggers. He needs all the support he could harness. It would matter when he has to deal with a certain past encounter of a third kind.

Thus it could only come from the Board of Directors and that could be checked from Board papers. Another possibility would be a call came from Danny's nanny, Khazanah Nasional incompetent CEO, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar.

Instinctively, it is most likely to have been corrected and recirculated at the behest of Danny, the overeager and overbearing wannabee.

If it had been the insistence of the Board of Directors, then it is worth to focus on their re-election for the upcoming AGM.

Except a few, most of the members of the Board of Directors and Adviser may have ulterior motive and benefited from MAS but do not have the Airline experience to contribute to MAS. They are likely there at the request of Khazanah to protect Sleepy's interest in the long term cannibalisation of MAS for Air Asia.

Compare the profitability of MAS pre-, during and post-Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli era. The post-Tajuddin era operation failed miserably and has an erratic profitability. Thanks to Khazanah Nasional as shareholders, "geniusness" of Binafikir's WAU, and Tun Abdullah as Prime Minister.

Amusing Accolades

Both version of the e-mail Circular can be found here in YB Wee Choo Keong's blog.

It is certainly amusing to read the e-mail that gave Danny such tribute as "instrumental in the formulation of our current Business Plan which was announced in December 2011." It explains why MAS had to change Business Plan some 7 times and Organisational Plan some 4 times since he first appeared back into MAS in October 2010.

Danny was given credit for "strategic initiatives have recently shown positive results in our Q1/2012 earnings announcement." Does the strategic initiatives include hiring and paying Air Asia consultant in the millions and appointing unqualified key staff of Air Asia?

Even as a lawyer, Wee can spot that Danny, who over the years, have been going around as a self-proclaimed aviation specialist and expert for Khazanah, has no business and operational sense. We'll not share what aviation practitioners comment of Danny's expertise claim, fact finding questions and views.
Read again his blog here.

The truth is Danny never had the interest of MAS in mind. The first WAU looks to be about quick job and fat fee for Binafikir. This time around, he is in MAS to carryout orders from Air Asia's Tony F to pick up the juicy morsel of meat for Tune Air.

CCF is not a Comprehensive Collaborative Framework as it is described by Danny in some fancy Latin mumbo jumbo to supposedly mean no party will take advantage on the other. It was a CIMB-led Conspiracy Framework, another Dato Nazir Razak-led repetition of Trimerger and many other unnecessary GLC corporate exercise.

Many within MAS were aware that there were lots of routes cut that ended up in the hands of Air Asia and Air Asia-X such as the Sydney, London, and many other routes upon his entry on October 15, 2012 and before AJ was appointed into MAS.

Firefly was an out of focus strategy of Idris Jala. It was expected to lose like any first year of operations. But it was operationally profitable to afford handsome bonuses for staff. Danny chopped it immediately to save Tony F from competition. Read CAPA reports here and here to see Danny was saving Air Asia than benefiting MAS.

Danny made hurried decisions before AJ came in and the CCF was sorted and signed to favour of Tony F and Air Asia.

No Rabbit Out of Hat

Financially, he did a low class and cheapest trick in the creative accounting textbook for novice. Provide for all possible losses and look good for next few quarters.

The massive loss of RM2.5 billion from writedown was ridiculously unrealistic and inconsistent for an ongoing concern. Thus to claim profit of around RM100 million for first Quarter is no big feat. It should be more if MAS was not informally led by Danny.

To credit Danny that had "spearheaded a special team by providing tremendous focus and steer to secure the Funding Plan", it was no rabbbit out of the hat trick from Rabbit Face.

Nothing "tremendous" to claim the RM2.5 billion Sukuk bond was well received. It was right hand issuing the bond and left hand using KWAP and EPF fund to subscribe. Public is not stupid and everybody anticipated that Government will help.

The fee in the millions was buta-buta paid to Maybank Investment Banking. Suspect something for Danny for later days.

Read former Corporate Banking Manager who has gone through the mill, Outsyed the Box comment on Danny's funding structure here. He was never CEO but can think better than Danny to protect Government as stakeholder.

Frankly, the funding structure and CCF is no creative financial engineering. Our poser to Danny: After getting the funding in place, what happens after that? And after that?

Was maximising shareholders value considered? Cukuplah hint. With this, what if something go wrong?

Mind you, it is not impossible with majority non-Airliners in the driver seats, risk of sabotage from Air Asia loyalist in key positions, and widely known incompetents like Datuk Mohd Salleh Tobrani promoted (that is why PAS claimed him as most senior around) by top management.

MAS management do not take the bull by the horn or take charge. Neither are they visionary enough to be one step ahead of the crowd. Because they are dominated by trend following analyst

There happen to be a former analyst that is incompetent and lack vision in leading Khazanah.

Media and Cover-up

Why was the CCF and financing structure that had Danny's hand in had no vision and lack ambition? Janji siap dan cukup makan. Very tidak apa in attitude.

Now we know. Out of the blue, The Star with Tony F on it's Board of Directors wrote a piece "What is MAS intrinsic value?"

One can suspect that Khazanah is bailing out of it's responsibility to manage and turnaround strategic investments of the nation. Again and again, it happened to UEM with PLUS in it, and Proton.

Remember that Khazanah once sold Telekom shares to Singapore Temasek in exchange for pittance.

Luckily the CCF was reverse. Danny may have known about the planned Khazanah sales and would have substantially benefited from insider trading of his 1,201,900 shares in MAS.

So ... Danny is angry with bloggers, specifically of YB Wee Choo Keong for revealing the illegal Nanny upgrade. Dare him to sue Wee!

Can the Board explain how Danny was "most undeservedly and unfairly vilified and maligned in the blogosphere" with the rule on children in first class is crystal clear, Voyage Report stated the event, and Managers are scared into participating in the DI?

Public perception develops when issues raised was never addressed by the person and management. Public and Media Relation of MAS was not engaging. Yeah right ... only take the mainstream media for the A380 ride.

Alternative media and bloggers have a different culture than old school journalism and they have long memory.

As far as what is known of Danny and his employment history, it is a joke to equate him with "examplary work ethic and dedication" and "deeply committed to the turnaround." Oh really? Mind explaining why Danny wasted RM18 million MAS money to advertise with bottom-of-table QPR?

Spending so much on unmeaningful advertisement but yet MAS sold it's London building that gave good advertisement value.

Basically his effort is exemplary and committed to jahanamkan MAS for Tony F pocket. Read Tony F's latest charade in Bigdogdotcom here to prove the point that MF is not sincere.

Call his bluff. Let him leave for Jakarta. There is many things in common between Tony F and Indonesians. See who gets cheated last!

For the Board of Directors to endorse "Danny’s integrity, honesty and sincerity and considers his departure to be a genuine loss", it only shows birds of same feather flock (and cover-up) for each other. Simply, it takes one to know one.

For the next two weeks, ask Danny the so-called man of integrity, honesty and sincerity:

Why is Amokh and him too afraid to answer to Parliamant on the Binafikir fee? If it is not true, correct the allegation that it is 2.5% of the about RM5 billion unbundled asset to PMB?

Keeping quiet does not show tranparency and it is an indication of dishonesty.

If the Management and Board of Directors is any smarter, they should have not complained and bitched "over the rampant leakage of company confidential information." Typical unwise overeager Gen Y. That phrase acknowledge truth in the leaks!

Yet they claim "disinformation in the blogosphere." If so, it goes back to MAS's incompetence in communication. Still stuck in old ways like their Adviser.

The leakage shows the management do not listen and staff have stopped trusting them. Management refused to heed the warning from the first townhall meeting that already demanded Danny not to be CEO.

The only way left for staff and maybe union to save the company from the planned cannibalisation is by leaking and revealing it to the public of the insidious plan. Clearly, the public is supportive.

This Circular e-Mail have made it tougher for AJ to be positive and regain the trust of the unions and staff.

Villifying bloggers is the dumbest thing MAS did. Bloggers are close to the ground, common people and rakyat. Despite some hit and misses, generallly blogger's information are useful feedback for management and administration.

We are being positively engaged by the Prime Minister, Ministers, corporations, businessmen and politicians, except MAS.

Potshot at Najib

One old timer in the airline industry said to us that he is aware that MAS is planned to be destroyed. That is why no effort is put to restructure MAS in other way than to cannibalise for Air Asia using CCF.

These hands, which are generally known characters and will do anything including the astounding news in the NST below:


13 June 2012

Union opposition, negative perception reasons for MAS-AirAsia deal termination

KUALA LUMPUR: Opposition from the Malaysia Airlines Bhd (MAS) workers' union and the negative public perception are among the factors for the termination of the agreement on the share swap between MAS and AirAsia (Tune Air).

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said since the implementation of the share swap, several MAS workers' unions did not give their cooperation to the MAS management and had opposed several efforts for drastic changes that were important for the recovery of the airline.

Najib, who is also the Finance Minister, said this in his written reply to a question from Hee Loy Sian (PKR-Petaling Jaya Selatan) who wanted clarification on the outcome of the investigation by the Securities Commission on the share swap agreement and the factor that led to the termination of the share swap.

The Prime Minister said the negative perception on the price collusion and the perception of antitrust practices had also resulted in a negative public perception on the share swap.

"This had placed pressure and distracted the focus of the MAS management on efforts to turn the company around.

"Subsequently on May 2, 2012, Khazanah(Nasional Bhd) had agreed to terminate the share swap in order to give an opportunity to the MAS management to concentrate on efforts to achieve benefits of synergy that had been identified," he said.

Meanwhile, Najib said the share swap agreement between the two companies was not subjected to investigation by the Securities Commission. -- BERNAMA


At one go, many would be angry with the PM.

As it was made to understand, officials from the Ministry of Finance with the help from Khazanah would be the ones to assist PM prepare answers to questions for Parliament.

Lets get this straight. The unions were merely messengers of the wrongdoing, conflict of interest, and going-ons in the Company. Why should they be blamed?

For an plane to fly, three areas are critical; the pilots, the cabin crew and engineering. Everyone else, including the CEO and Board of Directors are playing supporting roles.

So what does union cooperation got to do with management bad decisions and plannings and poor communications? Have they not been doing their work?

Off course, staff can't give extra dedication and commitment with the future unsure, many tyrants like Danny roaming around within, cheap manouvre like NUFAM, and Khazanah as a devious major shareholder.

Really ... Najib is more diplomatic, articulate and politically savvy as to answer this written reply. Could someone be sabotaging him? Who?

Could it be Danny through his cooperating buddies in Khazanah and other remnants of Tingkat 4?


Many staff are peeved with that answer if not for this saving grace of a comment below in NST today:


15 June 2012

Union's support vital for MAS' turnaround plan

KUALA LUMPUR: A union is usually described as a democratic organisation of working people standing up for their rights on the job.

On the other hand, it is also said that unions can also be unreasonable to deal with when they put pressure on companies in terms of wages or their attitude towards certain company policies.

In the case of Malaysia Airlines (MAS), its workers unions were opposed to the share-swap arrangement with AirAsia and hence the subsequent rescinding of the deal.

It is common knowledge that they were unhappy over certain arrangements which they deemed as having put MAS at a disadvantage to the low-cost carrier.

Certain quarters have also questioned the lapses in judgment by MAS' major shareholders which had contributed to the brief but failed tie-up.

But going forward, MAS needs the support of its various employees' unions for any new turnaround exercise while its employees should embrace change so that they will have a better and more secured future, say analysts.

RAM Holdings Group Chief Economist Dr Yeah Kim Leng said regaining its lustre as one of Asia's premier international carriers is not going to be easy as the global airline industry is facing an increasingly tough and challenging environment.

Rising fuel costs, falling demand, fierce competition and challenging regulatory environments are plaguing the industry, he told Bernama.

Against this grim backdrop, all airlines have to contend with the constantly changing business landscape, failing which the weak, uncompetitive and inefficient will be driven out.

Dr Yeah believed that restructuring in various industrial sectors and companies were happening at a much faster pace in the country in response to the rapid internationalisation of trade, investment and business opportunities amidst the need to escape the middle-income trap syndrome.

Once the plans to revitalise MAS have been unveiled, the onus will be on the employees' unions to rally around their company.

Dr Yeah also said the MAS management would also have to work hard to fully harness its human capital and motivate its workforce to improve areas like cost efficiency, productivity and service quality to realise the company's business goals.

The critical success factors, he stressed, would be the ability to execute the airline's business strategies effectively and this has to be communicated to its employees with the cooperation of their unions.

Sharing the same view, another analyst who requested anonymity, said as MAS is essentially a service-oriented business and a government-linked company, the airline certainly needed the unions' support to turn around.

"The unions should give assurance that their members are supporting the management's turnaround plan while the management has also to give assurance on job security," he said.

The unions, he said, have to accept changes in a number of areas so that MAS would have a strong chance to grow again. -- BERNAMA


Dr Yeah is absolutely right.

And Danny is an example that have given Gen Y a bad name; lazy, self-centred, and devoid of loyalty.

They don't bother to understand the problem thoroughly. They think they are already right. They refuse to listen to others.

They don't build anything but have no qualms to destroy something for their own narrow perspective.

And they don't seem to understand that organisation need people and that is why personnel management is now called human resource.

There are more than 20,000 workers making a living from MAS. What do they care?

Actually they don't really care about MAS. Only themselves.

* Up-dated and Edited: 16/6 11:30 PM

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Malaysia, "an increasingly polarised society"?

Last Monday, His Royal Highness the Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Nazrin Shah delivered a public speech for The Razak Lecture Series at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur at the invitation of the Razak School of Government.

His Highness's speech centred on the issue of governance, specifically the topic of 'Challenges of Governance in Contemporary Malaysia.'

In brief, His Highness said that despite Malaysia's diversity, the country could count on the people to unite and face problems together in many trying times. However, national unity have regressed in recent years.

This led to His Highness view on the difficulty of governing "an increasingly polarised society" as the first challenge of Governance in contemporary Malaysia. The second challenge is for policymaker to be more decisive and not shy from making corrective measures, particularly to get Malaysia advance to the next level of economy and out of the middle income trap.

This second challenge on governance did not get much media coverage and was only given scant coverage in the News Straits Times. In times when cutting subsidies may cost the ruling party it's chances in the general election, the paper may wish deal with the issue after the general election.

It was His Highness comments on "an increasingly polarised society' that draw the most attention and getting much coverage and discussion in the mainstream and alternative media. The question that begs to be asked: Is Malaysia really "an increasingly polarised society"?

Or is it merely the initial reactions and growing pains of a more open society facing increasing public demand for accountability, transparency and good governance?

Increasing Polarisation

In the discussion on Malaysia's increasing polarisation, His Highness Raja Nazrin viewed that Malaysian society has regressed and lost it's civility, graciousness and moderation. Views become hardened, less accomodating for others, and only 'take and take' unlike the willingness in the earlier days for give and take. There was also strong statements against civil society and Internet.

Few extracts from media coverage to Raja Nazrin's comment. The Star below:


Malaysian leaders now face the challenge of managing an increasingly polarised society, said Raja Muda of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah.

"We seem to have lost a sense of graciousness and civility in public life. This is not just in Malaysia but a worldwide phenomenon," he said ...


The extract from Malaysiakini below:


Raja Muda of Perak Raja Nazrin Shah says Malaysians are increasingly polarised and blames civil society groups for contributing to this scenerio.

In an apparent reference to the Bersih 3.0 rally, which was organised by a coalition of NGOs, Raja Nazrin (right) urged Malaysians to exercise moderation.

“Civil society is rapidly becoming uncivil, and the spirit of give and take is being replaced with the spirit of take and take,” said he said.

One of the main challenges of governance, he said, is to manage an increasingly polarised society and that moderation should prevail over extremism.


Extract from The Malaysian Insider, below:


He noted that another challenge facing Malaysia is managing an “increasingly polarised society” in a climate of weakened national unity.

He said “opposing points of view have hardened and become more entrenched”, and lacked the “spirit of accommodation”.

“Demands have become more vocal... framed in ever more aggressive and confrontational terms, and sometimes even accompanied by acts of violence.”


The extract from Bernama's report, where Internet is criticised, below


Malaysians need to be discerning enough not to fall prey to religious or ethic posturing, or be swayed by loose promises and ill-founded stories, the Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah said.

He said there appeared to be a tendency among some quarters to criticise and condemn without sufficient basis, to exaggerate and falsify information, and to deliberately undermine the credibility of institutions.

"The Internet is a favourite highway for this activity and the gullible and the disenchanted become easy prey," he said ...


Growing Pains?

The reactions to the perceived polarisation in society differs.

Of late, a certain quarter of society talks of returning back to the past to the so-called glory days of Tunku Abdul Rahman or Tun Abdul Razak. Isn't Tunku Abdul Rahman era the time racial clash of May 13, 1969 occurred?

Forget Dr Kua Kia Soong and SUARAM's attempt to claim it as a conspiracy by Razak as excuse to implement NEP based on western accounts of the event. It was Tun Razak that had to deal with the mess from the simpleton royal mind of Tunku. Much as Tunku's diplomatic ability is acknowledge, he was a simple anak raja with limited ideas to resolve the complex problems of society except for seeking status quo.

Thus the claim by the NGO that racism did not exist during Tunku era and not a problem in past society is merely romantic. So is the struggle by a newly formed multiracial political party that is seemingly similar to that of the newly formed NGO and a former political party to return to the so-called true and original struggle of UMNO.

Linked to the same group is the possibility of convening a pre-independence like meeting to renegotiate another Social Contract dubbed a National Correction Program.

Whether these are political ideas of substance or romantic dreams of those that have passed their due date, history waits for no man and will keep on going. Societel changes is unlike a clock that can be rewound and reset.

Gone are the days where bringing disunity in society is frown upon and divisiveness can be sternly dealt with. The culture of openness is here to stay and reverting back could be more a political disadvantage than advantage.

Once open, it is difficult to close back. Diversity is here to stay. The evils from the openned Pandora Box is much at large too.

Another view on polarisation is from this Singaporean blog, groundnotes.

Polarisation is not a bad word, the blog claimed. It is part of multiculturalism and diversity. And forms part and parcel of the process of maturing society. An extract from the blog below:


First of all, polarisation is not a bad word. It is a natural state of affairs in any culturally mature society where different ideologies, religions, and lifestyle practices have set in. A multicultural society is, by definition, a polarised society. It only means people hold beliefs and values different from others. In fact, polarisation may be a good thing. Polarisation demands equal time for dissenting views which many conservatives do not have time or inclination for. Acknowledging polarisation will allow marginal voices to be heard and this is expecially important in a country where the space for public discourse is monopolised by the state.

Not only is polarisation a natural state of affairs, it is necessary for the evolution of society. A society that does not argue with itself, does not debate itself, or does not question itself, is a society that is in arrested development. It will be a Panglossian society where everything is believed to be hunky-dory; until something major comes along and then we realise that we do not have the intellectual track-record to address complexity. Sure, a polarised society is a messy society but this is not always a bad thing.

If so, then why has polarisation has become a bad word with Singapore media and politicians?

The illusion that Singapore is a cohesive unit makes it easier to rule and administer. If we believe that everyone thinks like us and shares the same values as us, then we are less likely to rock the boat, which makes it easier for us to be governed. Polarisation also exudes fear, fear of everything that we’ve achieved suddenly falling apart.


Dealing with Polarisation

By hoping that today's society be more moderate, accomodating and practise give and take, His Highness Raja Nazrin is caught in the same romantic ideals as that same quarter of society that believes the clock can be rewind back to the days of the past.

Perhaps it is not practical for His Highness to expect on society to reverse the clock. Unless an event of catastrophic proportion and implication, it won't happen.

However, His Highness did touched on some long term actions essentials in dealing with increasing polarisation.

Among others, His Highness suggested upon society to be more discerning on information and be more factual before making or accepting criticism against Government.

The extract from The Malaysian Insiders, below:


The public must be careful when encountering criticisms against government institutions that may be false or lack sufficient evidence, Perak Crown Prince Raja Dr Nazrin Shah said today.

“The challenge for ordinary Malaysians is to be discerning enough to not fall prey to religious or ethnic posturing, or be swayed by loose promises and ill-founded stories,” said Raja Nazrin ...

He acknowledged that public scrutiny is needed to help ensure good governance, but said some criticisms appeared intended to discredit government institutions.


His Highness stressed on “restraints on the arbitrary exercise” of powers to ensure that their “positions of trust and responsibility are not used for private gain and that the national interest, and not special interests, is always served.”

Clean and good governance will lessen the politicising of governance and steer political discussion to higher plane of discussion.

“The importance of transparency and a zero tolerance towards corruption cannot be emphasised enough” and it quite relevant for a society increasingly demanding for good governance.

In the News Straits Times, His Highness reportedly mentioned the need for law and order to change with the times, below:


"It is very important that our laws and institutions of governance evolve in line with the aspirations and expectations of ordinary Malaysians, particularly the younger generation.

"The government, to its credit, has also responded by instituting a number of reforms to repeal and amend laws that were more attuned to the more challenging security environment of an earlier era to suit the changing times."


It is all but part of the maturing democrasy of society. However, the problem of misinformation in public debates in our highly partisan society needs urgent address.

Before politicking becomes a deterrent for participative democrasy by the public, there is an urgent need for a credible and impartial party able to stem such unsavory practices and right the wrongs.

In more mature democrasy, that is the role of free media.

His Highness highlighted the role of monarchy as stabiliser or the fourth pillar of Government in the doctrine of separation of powers between legislature, executive and judiciary.


Raja Nazrin said the monarchy had a far more overarching influence, one of which was to ensure the functioning of a sound and healthy democracy.

"Our Constitution places the monarchy above the political fray and extends to it the role as the guardian of justice, the arbiter in times of conflict and an overseer of the pillars of state.

"The special position of the rulers also enables them to voice their concern on issues plaguing the public and possess the ability to persuade in a way that few can."


Expectedly His Highness did draw some flak from an online commentator [read TMI here] for the monarchy's role in the Perak crisis that end up swaying to one side, Barisan Nasional over the others.

In a polarised society, a decision in favour one side will naturally be met with a negative reaction from the other side. A decision, be it from the monarchy or court, does not mean a finality to an issue but lingers on.

Taking account the need to improve good governance, corrupt free, keep law and order up-to-date with the times, maturing democrasy, discerning on facts in public debate, free media, role of monarchy, etc, how then do one deals with such polarisation?

Social polarisation will remain because man as social animal will have natural differences in views. The important thing is for society to accept that differences in stride with the changing times and lessen antagonism that arise from differing view.

Another point is to ensure the differing views are well substantiated with facts and sound arguments instead of manipulative spins, false accusation and cheap propaganda.

That requires education and maturity but on the part of Government and politicians, there must acquire communication skills, learn to appreciate alternative form of media, and be more aware of the function of public relations professionals.

According to Wikipedia's description here, "social polarization is associated with the segregation within a society that may emerge from income inequality, real-estate fluctuations, economic displacements etc. and result in such differentiation that would consist of various social groups, from high-income to low-income."

Such social polarisation can be dealt with using economic policies and measures. But not when it comes to social polarisation of another kind. . here described it as "one which has extreme disagreements on at least one important issue.

We could say that the US is polarized on the issue of abortion, for example. Many people think that abortion is a monstrous crime which should never be allowed, while many others think that it is absolutely necessary for women to be able to obtain abortions. This is also known as the "pro-life vs. pro-choice" argument."

Ultimately, when there is no more resolution to the differences, one falls back to the political process where voters vote on candidate's inclination to pro-life or pro-choice position.

A significant number of voters believes that the resolution to the Perak crisis is the ballot box. The one at the losing end calls for the people to decide. The question many would also ask is: if they lose again, will they forever hold their peace?

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