Monday, April 30, 2012

Bar Council's ignorance or ignore

Were these lawyers ignorance of the law or they were told to ignore certain happenings?

The Bersih 3.0 mob may have fell for the trap. They are now relentlessly trying to fight back using police brutality as their arguments.

The police allowed them to march on but when it comes to crossing the Dataran Merdeka barricade, that is no go. There is a court order and the police is responsible to carry it out.

The mob should have dispersed but they did not. Instead they went on a rampage. These mob attacked the police and destroyed public property. According to sources within Hospital Kuala Lumpur ambulance and medical team, the mobs attacked them while trying to save the injured.

Yet Bar Council chose to ignore such happenings. When they blame the police, it only shows Bar Council are ignorant of the law. Or they ignore the law, perhaps?

Ambiga also cannot deny knowledge of many a happenings because she planned it that way.

She can't be ignorant of opposition hijacking. It is a repetition from the first Bersih. There are also the purple colored PAS's Unit Amal. Dig up who are in her Bersih committee members.

Complain all they want but the law empowered the police to act and do the necessary to contain the situation, even the use of force. Off course, there will be collateral damage, including on the press.

Bersih and opposition mob wanted to play rough. Such retaliation can only be expected. Don't be cry babies, okay.

As far as the press, some press member get killed in their line of work. Remember the Somalia incident. If they don't wanna get hurt, cover the fashion and lifestyle pages. Even that they might fall off a their high heels or knock over by some gay bodyguard.

Maybe they didn't visibly carry their press pass. That can be the only reason why they get hit by police too.

Do understand that the police are only human.

After a night of inhuman harassment and insult, then these mob attack them in numbers and seriously injured members of their 'pasukan' (team), don't expect police to be nice and courteous.

Courtesy is for peace time. Saturday was 'war'.

During the Bersih 3.0 mob act on Saturday, Bar Council had volunteer lawyers stationed all around as observer. Their comment are only expected to be bias against police.

One wonders: Do these so-called lawyers know the law? They want to argue about human rights, do refer to previous posting here. Police have human rights and duty bound to protect human rights of majority others.

The Star reported on the Bar Council as follows:
Monday April 30, 2012

Bar slams police conduct at rally

KUALA LUMPUR: The Bar Council has refuted Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein’s assertion that police acted professionally during the Bersih 3.0 rally, saying instead that their actions were reminiscent of Bersih 2.0 last year.

Vice-president Christopher Leong said police had practised restraint in the morning but their attitude underwent a “sea-change” at 3pm.

“The reported breach of police barricades in some areas does not justify it unleashing the full force of their arsenal,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Although Leong agreed that organisers of public assemblies had to bear some responsibility, he said it did not justify the rough response.

The council, whose members had monitored the rally, reported harsh police action such as firing tear gas and water cannons directly at the crowd and assaulting members of the media.

Meanwhile, Perkasa said those who made fun of the royalty should have their citizenship revoked, adding that the Royal Malaysian Police meant that they belonged to the King.

Its chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali condemned the beating and insults hurled against policemen on duty as humiliating the King.
Ibrahim Ali has a point there but lets focus on the law since they are supposedly law practitioners.

The Police Act Article 27 empowers police to regulate assemblies, meetings and processions. It is a long lengthy and detailed article of the act with few sections and many clauses and subclauses.

Let's quote 27B below:


The police is empowered by a court order, so Bersih is not just another rejected application to the police. The court order have been served on Ambiga and her Bersih organising committee too.

The police had given sufficient notice. There was a banner to notify them. But the defy. Still police showed restrain.

The police were not just facing with resistance like refusing to leave. They were harrassed the night before.

These mobster ram through police barricade.

The last ditch to Dataran Merdeka was the wired barricades. The mob were encouraged by Azmin and Anwar to ram through. See the image below to identify Anwar and Azmin. There is a video under.

Notice Anwar signaling, waving and encouraging them by shouting, "Masuk! Masuk!"

The Bar Council wants to claim about police brutality? Ambiga herself admitted she lost control. The video below shows what happen after the barricade were broken:

They went after the police and FRU has to act on the court order.

The right response to the whacked victim is "Padan muka!"

It happened okay.

The police have a job to to disperse the crowd. The law allows them to use force if necessary.

They could arrest them or they could decide to use the Genghiz Khan battle strategy. Beat the shit out of one or two and released them. That will scare off the rest.

That is police technique used elsewhere in the world too. In more advanced democratic country the riot squad are less forgiving than ours.

Heard anyone of them reportedly hurt or died?

Just don't get reports from Dr Thomas Hoogland, or Brian MacDOnald or what's the other DNA expert. Their reports have no credibility. Get it from HKL.

If there had been, trust them to make a massive propaganda to turn him or her into a martyr. Where are their senses when they could claim a defendent throwing a shoe at judges as innocent and hero?

Don't talk of human rights. That's bullshit argument. Read here.

How about the rights of others for security and etc? Rights and freedom have the law as limits. Remember that!

Those Bar Council lawyers scattered all over should see that the mobs refused to disperse. The police had to be high-handed to take control of the situation. They have to go offensive.

The lawyers closed one eye to the mobs breaking the law and only see police use of force.

They will not see that the mobs were armed. There was an incident where police arms were confisticated by the mobs. That was how dangerous it was.

The mobs have no business to be in Sogo, if the sit-in was planned for Dataran Merdeka. They halted a police in his patrol car. Banged up the police car and overturn it. Later bang up the unconscious policeman.

There are other police vehicles too!

One policemen was hit by a brick and six Bersih mobs rough him up so bad that he was sent to ICU was rumoured to have died.

These constitute public properties same like the roller door at the LRT station.

It is a surprise that the Bar Council lawyers could not see that the mobs act on the police and public as illegal under the Police Act and penal code. The police were acting in accordance to the law, even if it about banging up a protester.

The protester banged up was not reported seriously injured, but the police were. The next time Bersih wants to play rough, be prepared to be hurt too!

One wonder if Bar Council lawyers know the law. Otherwise, let the Government take over the accreditation. One can trust the authority upon some skewed and bias lawyers to do so.

Bar Council should be impartial in their observation. Make sure they know the law and be selective in their observations.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Police got human rights, too!

The images of Bersih 3.0 is marred with supporters going after the barricades, chanting abusive words towards against police, damaging police car, overturning police car, and injuring a pillion traffic police into a comma, etc.

They will try to make up excuses and spin the police had been high handed in carrying out their jobs under the law. The video and pictures will show they were instigators irrespective of the comment by pro-gay foreign observer or Bar Council.

Before and during the event, these Bersih 3.0 supporters were claiming they have rights to hold a peaceful "Duduk dan Bantah" sit-in at the Dataran Merdeka. They argued that if a concert can be held there, why not a peaceful demonstration to call for a clean election.

The reason was finally expressed by Minister for "Domestic Affair", Dato Hishamuddin Tun Hussein Onn as security reasons. Any demonstration with opposition hands in has planned chaos. This particularly so with Hishamuddin Rais, Tian Chua, Shamsul Iskandar Akin, "Chegu Bard" etc. conspiring it.

They argued that it is their God given rights under their holy scripture, the UNITED NATION'S UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS (UN Declaration) to have an opinion and to assembly peacefully at Dataran Merdeka.

It is as though their rights to assemble is ABSOLUTE. Do the authorities have no rights under the same UN Declaration? Do the majority who are not for such security risky gathering have no rights?

As it is, the opposition and Bersih 3.0 organisers are working hard to come out with excuses and spins to cover for the negative perception their aggressive supporters have put them in such spot.

It does not help that the Twitters and Media coverage from the pro-opposition mainstream and alternative media.

They know these images are just the beginning:

There will be more detailed videos and pictures coming out as the try to spin excuses.

Let's talk of their claimed rights under Article 19 and 20 of the Declaration. Taken from the whole Declaration here, the articles are below:

Do these Bersih and pro-opposition supporters really embodies the spirit of Article 19 and 20? Can they "agree to disagree"?

Among us bloggers of the pre-2008, pro-opposition friends like Zorro, Shar, Harris Ibrahim (who happen to be in the Bersih 3.0 committee) and many more react badly to differences in stand and position. They are quick to smear us negatively in the same paint as others within UMNO or BN which we ourselves do not agree to.

While we do have some agreement on certain issues, but they can't accept losing their usually prejudicial arguments based on unsubstantiated perception against our factual based arguments. In this respect, Raja Petra is still a fair and true gentlemen worthy of intellectual duels.

Try this with your pro-opposition friends and family to see how they turn from defensive to aggressive when you can't agree to their perception and prejudicial arguments.

So much for article 19 and 20.

So .. does the UNITED NATION'S UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS accord these hooligans the rights to supercede the authority in the matter of public order?


Let's go through the Declaration and see few articles.

When Hishamuddin said Bersih 3.0 can't be held for security reasons, he is protecting the rights to security of many others - shopkeepers, office workers, and non participating public.

This will be their argument against the more than 300 detained.

How about that traffic policeman being thrown a brick and beaten by six angry mobs? Does he have no rights in carrying out his duty as provide under the law?

How about the feeling of the police man when they were inhumanely jeered "
anjing" the night before?

Where are those human rights lawyers sympathetic to the human rights cause like Harris Ibrahim, Edmond Bon, etc.?

Yes, Harris claimed to be a human rights lawyer. Would have thought that he better control his temper to a human level before thinking of the rights of other human. Otherwise he is a relatively nice guy, though we beg to differ on many issues.

Article 6, 7 and 8 talks of the rights under the law. It means all and not just one side which the human rights activist tend to do. Police have rights to under the law.

Talking about the law, don't the police as the one responsible for enforcing the law have the protection of the law against such attacks both physically and on their honour and reputation (by the fact they are being called "anjing!").

Sounds like a spin but think about them and not just for oneself only. They have spouse or love ones too. The Bersih supporters tend to think simply that they are the rakyat and they can order anyone in Government service as their peon. Read somewhere in Malaysiakini's MY SAY I think.

That peon they are ordering around is also a rakyat, asshole!

The UN Declaration described the participation of the people in Government is through election.

They can participate in the Governmental process through their elected representative and Government take their command through the established chain of command from elected officials to Government high officials.

Not directly from these yellow *ssh*les!

Police do not carry orders from people, more so minority but from their superiors. The Government is empowered through the electoral process, thus police is empowered.

Now for more serious stuff. Article 28 talk of rights to a social order.

What is social order?

Order in society can come in the form of cultural, religion and community consensus.

The most clear cut social order and also empowered is law and constitution. It is a rights to have law and order.

As citizen, the majority has agreed to the Constitution and the rights and freedom of the minority is protected. That social order comes with law and order and police is an agent of that accorded authority.

Will bet this anarchist have problem understanding that.

In any argument that used human rights as basis, article 29 is a powerful answer. Article 29 (2) acknowledged the law as the limit to unbridled rights and freedom.

If Bersih and opposition wants an anarchic Government without detailed law and that means we do not need lawyers and Bar Council, win the election and amend the law.

Otherwise *ssh*les, the UN Declaration admits the legal limitation to their own declared rights and freedom.

Article 30 basically say that group within Bersih out to create chaos and destroy public order is a destruction of human rights and freedom, thus they do not have any such rights accorded under this UN Declaration.

The conclusion this untrained in law can simply read with honesty, without the putarbelit of a lawyer, is that the police have every rights under the UN Declaration too.

So shut the f*ck up to all those yellow *ssh*les using it for sexual pleasures! My rights too to call unnamed others names.

Someone should make a report to SUHAKAM against Bersih for denying the rights of the majority and against police for dereliction of duties as accorded under human rights. The police should have used their power to belasah those dickh*ads!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend with this song by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

"You Got That Right"

Well I've heard lots of people say
They're gonna settle down
You don't see their faces
And they don't come around
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I got to move along

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Travellin' around the world, just singing my song
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You got that right
Said, you got that right
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Even redneck Lynyrd Skynyrd got right(s). Just do not mind them to do their things.

We do ours.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Laws and rights to Dataran Merdeka

While googling for news, this statement appeared. "It's our padang and we've the right to use it."

One can read the Malaysiakini YOUR SAY discussion here. and try to give your opinion. The keyword is try because they do not welcome opposing views. It is heavily censured and only selective opinion released.

Naturally it is only their opinion that get released and opposing opinion will be released once the cyber troopers have ready an answer.

On Facebook, opposition cybertroopers are smart at crowding out opposting views and opinions.

While in Penang, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng warned Chinese schools that subscribe to Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian will be denied funding. That is an extension to their lifelong fight against Utusan Malaysia and at one time, Utusan Melayu.

So much for Bersih, 2.0 and 3.0 demand for fair media. Do these left leaning and liberal NGOs together with opposition actually practise so? Do they understand their rhetorics about free speech, self expression and transparency?

Can they appreciate the maxim "agree to disagree" means also to agree to disagree with Utusan Malaysia, Malaysiakini, The Malaysian Insiders, News Straits Times, The Star, The Edge, and so on. It does not say agree to kill, okay?

Now on that statement.

Bersih and many other demonstrations have the strong backing of Bar Council. These are practitioners of the law. The rule of law they demand. When such is the demand, it automatically means law and order. It means a society govern by law, rules and protocol.

Are the statement and accompanying arguments consistent with what they said?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shafie prepared to sue

Short and sassy.

That was Dato Shafie Apdal's response. He denied all allegations in Noor Azman's police report  Those spreading this allegation have bad intention and politically motivcated, which is true. It coul dbe from within and without Shafie's political circle.

He will take legal action against those who continue to slander and implicate him in this matter.

It is our practise at ABITW to give the right to response to those publicly known denials. The private ones is beyond anyone to know. Ada dengar itu YB? 

Some commentators felt PKR and their lawyers are that good and can strip naked those implicated in this allegation. They are most welcome. Burden of proof is on the driver and Zuraidah is a mere third party.

Will Zuraidah be brave enough to continue? She doesn't have balls. Or she does?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Wind blowing against Zuraidah

Zahida responded, explained and suing
Life is a cycle, they say. What goes around comes around.

It wasn't too long that this blogger told someone related Zahida Rafik to keep within the realm of politics. Keep our peculiar behaviour private within closed sphere.

When it crossed outside it's territory, the outcome gets unpredictable. At the extreme, reactions can be beyond lost reputation and smeared name. It could turn into lawsuits, subject to police investigation, physical abuse and other least expected retaliations.

Our prayers are with him to get out unscathed. His spontaneous action may seemed clumsy but he had avenged injustice and misery done to my late "brother." The late family would thanked him for that.

However, he can't be solely to blame. Sometimes politicians have problem understanding this boundary concept  themselves. There are politicians that do not publicly refute allegation or criticism but resort to taking it outside the realm of politics, like the court.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday malaise on Danny's malice cover-up

Ah ... isn't Sunday great?

It's the time for long lunches or laze around the house that is not sufficiently occupied. Watch the tube or movie. Hear music. Sweating it out with a walk in some park or swimming in a pool.

Yes ... swimming more than 5 laps in an Olympic sized swimming pool can make your body warm despite engulfed in water.

Wee Choo Keong's latest posting here alerted us that MAS, a high technology company decided to return to the stoneage to ban the Internet.

What man Danny .... in this age, there are I-pad, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Tablets, I-phone and  Smartphone available to MAS staffs to access Internet. It is next to impossible to censure. Those Internal Circulation can still 'bocor.'

These 'outsiders' managing MAS have a real attitude. Instead of listening to BK Siddhu's repeated advise here to engage with the staff.for ideas, support and cooperation to turnaround the company, they seemed to get more draconian.

The thing that got us out of the lazy chair this Sunday afternoon is a new finding on the Danny-Nanny scandal.

These WAU team, remnants of Tun Dol Badawi legacy, got really no class. Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli, who they conspired to demolish, pay for his personal travel on MAS even though he is entitled.  

Friday, April 20, 2012

Flying pots and pans in Shafie's household

Pots and pans flying through the air could be the work of a poltergeist but not in the household of Minister of Rural Development cum UMNO Vice President, Dato Shafie Apdal.

It does not need a supernatural to take off.

An old gossip of Shafie with starlet Zahida Rafik resurfaced again. The latest has a twist that would have Shafie avoiding pots and pans from Datin Shuryani binti Shuaib.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hanafiah's concern of TH turned out true

There are folks that expect certain pro-BN bloggers to stop raising issues on Khazanah Nasional coming to an election.

They are entitled to their view. True, some issues can be kept on hold for after the general election. However, for issue like MAS-Air Asia CCF, it would be too late by then. These buggers would want to lock up everything fast.

Most corporate issues are not election campaign material unless there are elements of corruption. Even if there is suspicion of corruption, it has to be comprehensible to a simpleton PAS politician and supporter. Usually they do not articulate on corporate issues well and one got themselves sued for saying the wrong fact for nothing.

Without fear of that political backlash, there are a potpurri of concerns over trust companies under the Government, like Tabung Haji and PNB. It could be about the deviation from formation objective, personalities, investment policies, and leakage.

As Prime Minister cum Finance Minister cum Women, Family and Community Development Minister, Dato Najib has a lot on his plate to chew. Inheriting the premiership from the incompetent Pak Lah was not easy. It is time he identify a capable Finance Minister to take some load of his shoulder.

Hanafiah's concern

The objective of Tabung Haji is clear cut. It is a saving mechanism for potential pilgrims to Mecca. They are also the authorised agency to manage the pilgrimmage.

For many years, the concern with Tabung Haji was it's investment portfolio. Back in 2010, the was much talk that Tabung Haji was over exposed in stocks with 40% of it's RM25 billion fund in equity, unlike EPF which was less than 20% of it's RM300 billion fund. Earlier in 2009, despite the market surge, Tabung Haji only declared 5% dividend vis-a-vis EPF's 5.65%.

Utusan Malaysia dated March 8th, 2010 reported former Tabung Haji Chairman, Tan Sri Hanafiah Ahmad seeking for investigation and questioning their investment. The report below:
Lantik badan siasatan bebas

KUALA LUMPUR 7 Mac – Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) didesak supaya melantik sebuah badan akauntan bebas yang berwibawa dan profesional untuk menyiasat secara terperinci segala aktiviti pelaburannya dan anak-anak syarikat.

Bekas Pengerusi dan Pengarah Besar TH, Tan Sri Hanafiah Ahmad berkata, siasatan itu perlu disegerakan kerana terdapat banyak aktiviti pelaburan lembaga itu yang dipersoalkan oleh para pendeposit yang kini berjumlah 5.1 juta.

Hanafiah berkata, TH merupakan sebuah institusi yang dimiliki oleh orang ramai khasnya umat Islam dan pihak pengurusan tertinggi perlu tampil untuk memperjelas dan menunjukkan bahawa segala urusan pelaburannya telus.

Beliau menegaskan, terdapat banyak perkara kini dipersoalkan oleh para pendeposit terbaru melibatkan Petra Perdana, pelaburan dalam syarikat-syarikat tertentu seperti Ramunia, Silver Bird dan Lityan serta di sektor perladangan bernilai berbilion ringgit di Indonesia.

Hanafiah berkata, TH sebelum ini pernah bercadang untuk memiliki hotel di London, United Kingdom tetapi tidak menjadi kenyataan.

"Soalnya kenapa boleh timbul cadangan untuk memiliki hotel di negara itu sedangkan keutamaan perlu kepada pemilikan tempat penginapan di Arab Saudi yang akan memudah dan menyenangkan umat Islam menjalankan ibadah haji," katanya.

Beliau khuatir keghairahan pengurusan lembaga itu dalam pelaburan menyebabkan tujuan asal penubuhan firma itu dilihat tersasar lebih jauh.

"Saya memang takut melihat keghairahan mereka melabur.

"Jangan membuat pelaburan ala koboi kerana ditakuti institusi ini ‘runtuh’ sekiranya ia tidak dipantau dan dikawal,’’ kata beliau kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini.
Tabung Haji's officio, Abi Musa Asa'sari Mohamed Nor denied Hanafiah's concerns with claims on their performance and accountable process. [Read Utusan Malaysia here. ] However, Abi Musa, whose position in Tabung Haji was not mentioned in the report, did not answer precisely the concerns of Hanafiah.

Information source from Tabung Haji (invesment monitoring unit) reveals then that Tabung Haji made major losses in equity investment:
Axiata - (>RM150 million)
Tenaga - (>RM150 million)
Ramunia - (>RM50 million)
BIMB Holdings - (>RM150 million)
Lityan - (>RM60 million)
Green Packet - (>RM40 million)
MEMS Technology - (>RM40 million)
Muhibbah Eng - (>RM40 million)
AKN Tech - (>RM30 million)
Out of 200 stocks owned by Tabung Haji, only 30% (or 60 stocks) are profitable. The total losses of those 140 stocks that are in the red are about RM2 billion. That should explain why Tabung Haji paid the same dividend rate of 5% for 2009 when KLCI surged more 40%.

Bad investment

Today those concerns of Hanafiah are beginning to realise. What happened to investment made in Petra Perdana, Ramunia, Silver Bird, Lityan and the 83,000 hectare plantation in Riau, Indonesia?

Why was Tabung Haji getting themselves in desperate cases of bailout like in the case of Ramunia, Silver Bird and Lityan?

While this blog had defended Tabung Haji [read here] against politicians making mountain out of mole hill with regard to Silver Bird, Ramunia and Riau plantation, this blog share the concern of Hanafiah.

Perhaps, serious reflection need to be made on the competence and integrity of management and various committee of Tabung Haji. Phenomenon of moral hazard in banking should not be allowed to happen in Tabung Haji. Nothing is too big to fail in the world today.

As our claim earlier of the lack of intelligence of PAS politician on corporate matters, Husam tried to spin an issue on the sales of Riau plantation to the opposition friendly Kuok Group. Trust a PAS politician to be factually wrong that he got himself sued by Khairy for making wrongful allegation to link him with Pantai deal.

The more credible Hanafiah was more concern with the purchase and not the sale of the multi-billion plantation in Riau. Read the following news report, below:
Tabung Haji to sell 95% stake in Riau plantation for RM2b

Tuesday, 03 April 2012 09:27
Siti Radziah Hamzah

Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) has conditionally accepted a proposal from an Indonesian-based company to acquire 95% of its equity interest in PT TH Indo Plantations (THIP), according to a spokesperson from TH.

THIP is estimated to be worth RM2.3 billion, which includes 83,879ha of plantation land, one kernel crushing plant, six palm oil mills and one biomass plant in the province of Riau, Indonesia.

If the deal goes through, TH is expected to make at least RM2.19 billion, which is to be satisfied via cash payments.

It is understood that TH is actually discussing a price of above the market valuation of RM2.3 billion to sell the assets and has principally approved the deal.

“The board of TH has principally approved the deal, subject to regulatory approvals from the Indonesians,” said the spokesperson, declining to reveal the identity of the Indonesian buyer.

In a statement recently, TH group managing director/chief executive officer Datuk Ismee Ismail said TH had received the proposal in February 2011.

“TH expects to utilise the proceeds from this divestment to be invested in other plantation assets.

Plantation will continue to be one of the main investments sectors in TH, taking into consideration its steady cashflow and long-term prospects.

“We believe that the offer received provides a good opportunity to realise the appreciation in value of its investment in THIP,” he added.

THIP owns and operates 83,879ha of oil palm plantations since 1997.

Compared to the value of its initial investment, the offer received will provide a favourable return on investment.

“Transactions such as this will definitely benefit our depositors directly,” Ismee said.

He added that TH will continue its efforts to manage its investment responsibly in the best interest of its seven million depositors, while ensuring competitive returns.
Now that it is sold to PT Borneo, instead of Kuok Group as claimed by Husam, the question is why was it sold?

One is talking Indonesia here. Some vital information is still be held back. The report was a typical sanitised corporate public statement.

London Property

Now another shocker that was the concern of Hanafiah:
Friday, April 13, 2012, 07.37 PM

Tabung Haji to invest 200m pounds in UK

KUALA LUMPUR: Tabung Haji expects to make at least one investment amounting to 150-200 million pounds (1pound=RM4.8732) worth on a commercial property in the United Kingdom this year.

Its Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Ismee Ismail, said the property had been identified for investment from a study carried out since 2008.

Among the considerations taken in the study included the adherence to syariah principles.

"We had to be careful as we needed to study each of the tenant company occupying the property and ensure their compliance with syariah," he told reporters after signing the Malaysian Corporate Integrity Pledge here today, along with his senior management, CEOs of subsidiary companies and 450 members.

The event was witnessed by Tabung Haji Chairman, Tan Sri Abi Musa Asa'ari Mohamed Nor, Chief Commissioner of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, Datuk Seri Abu Kassim Mohamed and the President of Malaysian Institute of Integrity, Datuk Mohd Tap Salleh.

Tabung Haji today also became the first government linked investment company (GLIC) to have taken the corporate integrity pledge in order to bring further up its corporate governance, accountability and culture of transparency.

On the sale of its oil palm plantation in Indonesia, Ismee said Tabung Haji was planning to use the US$910 million received from the sale towards the purchase of plantation land in Malaysia.

"We will be looking out for land (oil palm plantations) which are more closer to us in Malaysia itself or in other nearby countries which we can manage easily."

He also reiterated that oil palm plantations remained a core sector for the company and that the sale of its land in Indonesia was part of a restructuring in the sector's portfolio. --BERNAMA
So does that mean Tabung Haji could not manage easily the Riau plantation it bought. Why did they buy it then?

What a lame excuse of looking for land more closer to Malaysia? Riau is close enough that they speak Malay in Malaysian accent.

On the London property, Hanafiah asked for the investment rationale. This should can be an issue for Husam to build on, if he understand how to make it an "intelligent" issue.

Poor rationale

It doesn't matter that MACC Commissioner and Pak Lah initiative-MII's President are present at the MCIP. It is only a ceremonial pledge. Actually, MACC should maintain a distance so that they can play their enforcement role without fear or favour.

When the intention to purchase property in London was first raised, the rationale given was unconvincing. What is this global makbel smoke screen?

That was why Hanafiah raised the question. Read below:
Friday, September 4, 2009
By The Star (by Zazali Musa)

"Tabung Haji sees good opportunities to own properties in Europe"

JOHOR BARU: Lembaga Tabung Haji (LTH) is now looking at Europe as part of a strategic investment plan to further expand its property portfolio via subsidiary TH Properties Sdn Bhd.

The fund’s chief executive officer Datuk Ismee Ismail said it had explored London and found that the city offered good returns for property buyers.

"After London, we are going to other major European cities and we believe there are good opportunities for us to own properties in Europe,"’ he told reporters after giving out Hari Raya Aidilfitri contributions to single mothers here. [Our comment: London and other major European cities are matured economies. Can one get bargain? Attractive return but what about capital gain?]

Ismee said LTH was already known among investors and bankers in Europe as an “Islamic economic powerhouse” due to its large fund size.

TH Properties has invested about RM2.3bil in properties in Malaysia as well as Makkah and Madinah in Saudi Arabia, according to Ismee.

He added that for the last two years, instead of focusing on properties in Kuala Lumpur, the fund had been going to Georgetown, Johor Baru and Kota Kinabalu as these places also offered good investment opportunities. [Our comment: Smoke screen, smoke screen, smoke screen ...]

“You can’t go wrong when it comes to (buying) property but you must remember the three words – location, location, location,’’ he said. [Our comment: Tell that to the Japanese when they went heavily into American properties back in the 90s]

[Our comment: The rest are all garnishing.]

Separately, Ismee said the number of LTH depositors had increased to 4.7 million while its fund had grown to RM23bil.

In 2006, there were 4.5 million depositors while its fund stood at RM16bil.

He attributed the increase to two main factors – the growing confidence among depositors and a good dividend pay-out compared with other syariah-compliant financial products.

LTH paid a 5% dividend to its depositors last year. It hopes to maintain the rate this year despite the current global economic crisis, according to Ismee.
Why did Ismee insist and the committee/s approved to buy those London properties?

Is this a neo-liberal belief from some wet-behind-the-ears kids, whose never been around the block, claiming the world is conquerable?

Investment of GLC like Tabung Haji cannot be blinded by numbers and return only. They have a role to play in the local economy on behalf of the Muslim and Bumiputera community, such as stated by this report below:
January 26th 2012

GLC patut 'ambil' kuota bumi


KUALA LUMPUR 25 Jan. - Syarikat-syarikat milik kerajaan yang bergiat dalam sektor hartanah dan unit amanah hartanah wajar membeli kediaman kuota Bumiputera untuk mengelak aset berkenaan 'bertukar tangan'.

Pensyarah Kanan Jabatan Pengurusan Hartanah Fakulti Seni Bina, Perancangan dan Ukur Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Shahrom Md. Ariffin berkata, pendekatan itu dilihat sebagai cara terbaik dan lebih praktikal dalam usaha menyelamat hartanah yang diperuntukan kepada Bumiputera.

Beliau berkata, masalah kediaman tidak terjual itu disebabkan pembeli Bumiputera berminat tetapi masih belum membelinya.

Justeru, katanya, sekiranya kediaman-kediaman berkenaan dibeli oleh GLC , sekurang-kurangnya hak yang diperuntukan kepada Bumiputera terjamin.

''Siapa kata Bumiputera tidak berminat untuk memiliki kediaman, banyak yang masih mencari-cari dengan tumpuan terhad kepada kediaman berkos rendah dan sederhana. Jumlah Bumiputera yang mampu memberi rumah sederhana mewah dan mewah begitu kecil.

''Oleh itu, saya syorkan Permodalan Hartanah Bhd., Permodalan Nasional Bhd., Majlis Amanah Rakyat, AmanahRaya Bhd. atau Lembaga Tabung Haji mengambil alih hartanah-hartanah tersebut.

''Kalau Bumiputera secara individu tidak mampu, saya yakin agensi-agensi ini berupaya kerana mereka memiliki dana yang besar,'' katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia ketika dihubungi di sini hari ini.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika mengulas cadangan Persatuan Pemaju Hartanah dan Perumahan Malaysia (REHDA) supaya status hartanah lot Bumiputera ditukar secara automatik kepada bukan Bumiputera jika gagal dijual dalam tempoh masa tertentu.

Cadangan itu dibuat bagi mengatasi kerugian yang didakwa terpaksa ditanggung oleh pemaju ekoran gagal menjual hartanah berkenaan, selain perlu melunaskan kos tertentu untuk mengubahnya ber dasarkan undang-undang semasa.

Presidennya, Datuk Seri Michael K C Yam berkata, kaji selidik yang dilakukan REHDA mendapati masalah kegagalan menjual hartanah lot Bumiputera merupakan punca paling utama kerugian ditanggung oleh pemaju untuk empat tahun berturut-turut.

Mengulas mengenai tersebut, Shahrom mengakui REHDA tidak boleh dipersalahkan berhubung cadangan yang dilontarkan.

Ini kerana isu berkenaan adalah perkara lapuk yang dibincangkan hampir setiap tahun oleh para pemaju tetapi ia tidak dilihat secara serius oleh mana-mana pihak.

Akibatnya, kata beliau, isu itu bersifat bermusim tanpa tidak diketahui bilakah jalan penyelesaiannya mampu dilaksanakan.

Bagaimanapun, tegas beliau, jalan penyelesaian perlu dilihat secara teliti oleh kerajaan untuk mengelakkan para pemaju hartanah tempatan rugi dan pada waktu yang sama pertahankan hak Bumiputera.

Shahrom menambah, cadangan menukar hak milik hartanah yang diperuntukan itu tidak wajar dipertimbangkan kerana dikhuatiri keistimewaan itu akan hilang secara perlahan-lahan.

"Mekanisme yang betul perlu dibincang, diteliti dan dilaksanakan. Tetapi saya berpendapat kuota kediaman Bumiputera boleh diselamatkan oleh agensi-agensi terbabit," katanya.

Beliau berkata, di sebalik tumpuan agensi-agensi berkaitan kepada hartanah komersial, mereka boleh menambah hartanah kediaman sebagai portfolio baharu terutama di kawasan-kawasan utama yang berpotensi besar dan berdaya saing.

"Contohnya di kawasan Mont Kiara dan tengah-tengah kawasan segi tiga emas Kuala Lumpur kerana kediaman di kawasan ini tidak akan jatuh dan baik untuk pelaburan jangka panjang.

"Dengan pembelian kediaman, entiti-entiti terbabit bukan sahaja membantu menangani masalah pemaju, pada masa sama GLC mampu mempertahan dan menyelamatkan hak milik Bumiputera.

"Mungkin kediaman yang mahal itu tidak mampu dimiliki Bumiputera pada masa sekarang, tetapi mungkin boleh dijual pada tahun-tahun mendatang. Siapa tahu ketika itu banyak Bumiputera yang mampu," katanya.
Questionable links

When neo-liberal was earlier mentioned, it actually is raising concern whether Ismee's actions has to do with his background and links?

Ismee's background as CEO ECM Libra Securities used to be put to question because it means having links with Dato Kalimullah, Lim Kian Onn dan David Chua. He was attached in Dato Azman Yahya's Danaharta, which the talk in the market was that he took oppurtunity to sqeeze cashstrap businessmen, particularly Bumiputera but not the Cina.

One rumour source claimed his father's boasted around Kampung Tunku that Ismee got the job over a lunch appointment with Khairy Jamaluddin then.

There is a bigger concern.

When Tabung Haji bailed out Lityan in 2010, Ismee was on record personally given 1,000,000 new shares in Lityan. It was not given to Tabung Haji but the CEO personally.

His name cropped up in parliament when Wee Choo Keong raised issues not investigated by SC Chairperson, Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar. Read here.

Rumours were saying that it was a token of appreciation after getting the relisting approval from SC. Upon listing, Lityan shares flew and talk was Ismee got himself a brand new Mercedes S320 Plat no XXX19 from the "free" shares.

Guess who is the Chairman of Tabung Haji's Investment Panel, if not the controversial Mr Fix-It husband of former SC Chairperson, Dato Azizan.

And there is another rumour of Ismee in Tabung Haji's sale of 54 acres of prime land at Bukit Jalil to SPPK at dirt cheap price in 2002 of RM25 psf when market was around 120 psf. Ismee was awarded a bungalow lot by SPPK and him and his gang made close to RM500,000 each!

Fact or fiction, true or rumour, the story of leakages in Tabung Haji's Investment Department is legendary. It is an open secret in the market. It has been going on since time immemorial, as far as many in the market can remember.

When this blogger was hawking an investment proposal, we met senior management from Tabung Haji able to afford a cash RM1 million investment.

There is a high level of distrust in Tabung Haji's investments decision that there was uproar when the intention to list TH Plantation was made in 2005. Read Utusan Malaysia here.

It raised lots of suspicion. Was Tabung Haji having acute financial problem that it needs to list? Is someone getting something out of it?

Despite several measures taken several times, the talk is still going on. Ismee's name is still being rumoured.

They asked why was MACC quiet on this? They claimed MACC had cleared him of any wrongdoing. More than that, one source claim any whistleblower leaking info to MACC will be known by morning next day. Great material for Husam to spin on.

Maybe there is no case against him but how do one explain of the Lityan shares. Hanafiah is fair with his concerns.

Lastly, apart from the issues raised, it was made known to this blogger decades ago by a General Manager of Tabung Haji that their assets outstrip the total savings of depositers in the tune of RM6 billion vis-a-vis RM3 billion.

Maybe it is larger now. Tabung Haji does not give out it's accounts to depositers like PNB. Enquiry with the PR Department could raise alarm bells all throughout the organisation.

To whom does this surplus asset goes to? Who is supposed to own it? Does it belong to the depositers or Government? Why can't it be utilised to make Haj cheaper for the lesser in the Muslim society?

If that request is not financially tenable, why then is the concern for Tabung Haji's investment? Could the surplus asset be attracting many dishonest operators within Tabung Haji making "ownership claim"?

Until someone of unquestionable integrity and rumour free background is placed up there, the public will keep poking issues on Tabung Haji despite their excellent Haj management ability.

May God save us all, if trust companies like Tabung Haji, which is intended to perform ibadah, is corrupted by unscruplous professionals.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Two MAS engine trouble incidents: Adding two and two

On March 31st, 2012, this blog wrote of a technical incident involving MAS's Boeing 777 flight to Mumbai that had to return back. [Read here]

Rocky blogged his experience yesterday of his flight to London on a 747-400 that had an engine went bust 10 to 15 seconds in the air. Read here.

This is incident happened 17 days after the earlier ncident. Definitely not something MAS is known for. It should be something to come from Air Asia and their reknown repeated problem with landings.

Enquiry mind wants to know and it begins to wonder and wander.

The following was how The New Straits Times reported:
17 April 2012 | Last updated at 03:21PM

MAS flight disrupted due to engine problems

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airlines said a technical defect of an engine on its 747-400 saw the London-bound MH2 flight, originally scheduled to depart KLIA last night, to be rescheduled to this morning.

Picture credit to

The plane left KLIA at midnight, only to turn back to the airport at 2.05 am. On board were 351 passengers and 21 operating crew.

MAS, which issued a statement 12 hours after the incident happened, said the aircraft was grounded upon arrival.

The 747-400, which has been in service with Malaysia Airlines for more than 10 years, is powered by the Pratt & Whitney 4056 engines.

“A rescue aircraft was arranged with a fresh set of crew to continue the flight to London, scheduled to depart KLIA again at 1030am today,” it said. The plane finally departed KLIA at 10.34am.

The national carrier said it provided full board hotel accommodation the passengers.

Meanwhile, a passenger Datuk Ahirudin Attan, wrote in his blog rocky’s bru, that the plane had been in the air for 10 to 15 seconds before hearing a “huge, ugly "thud".

“ ... immediately those who had flown enough times knew something had gone awry. The big bird shuddered and then someone said "Fire!".

“A stewardess was running up the aisle to the First Class cabin, followed by a male colleague. I did not see any fire; I was at the window seat on the 16th row, just a few seats before the four engines of the 747, and the engine that we lost was on the left wing.”

He complimented the airline’s cabin crew for allaying passengers’ fears and that they were cool despite their own, and “continued to engage us well throughout the 90 minutes that the aircraft had to circle low over KLIA to dump fuel for the landing.”

Meanwhile, Boeing said it is waiting for a full report from Malaysia Airlines on the incident.
This incident was reported by Bernama and several other newspapers and picked up also by foreign media.

It is unbecoming of MAS to have two technical incidents within 17-18 days. This should be the sort of thing that happen at Air Asia.

For a fact, when Air Asia was having a bad streak with the media for their repeated occurance of landing mishaps, there was a blackout instruction to local media from reporting Air Asia landing mishaps by then NST Spinmeister Dato Kalimullah "Masya Allah".

For MAS, such occurrence happens once in a blue moon or lunar years. Finally, when MAS had one runaway overrun somewhere, it became the much needed balance view of landing mishap in Malaysia reported by NST.

Now, when a repeated engine problem happens, all fingers may be pointing to MAS's Engineering Department.

Let see what is the latest happening there.

Looks like our MAS specialist YB is in an uproar over the appointment of Azhari Dahlan as Head of Engineering. [Read here.]

Shane Nollan, Rozman Omar & Azhari Dahlan are recent appointments from Air Asia brought in by consultant Plane Consult.

Having ex-Bina Fikir con-sultan, Dato Rashdan Danny Yusoff seems to not be sufficient in the tradition of Tingkat 4, the bill don't seem to be big enough for cash-laden MAS.

A Tingkat 4 or Ethos Consultant is not complete without external consultant brought in. Plane Consult, consultant to LCC Air Asia was brought in, thus deeming the appointments as recommended by them as conflict of interest.

Before that YB Wee claimed that the fee paid to Plane Consult for RM2.8 million as a waste and not in accordance to the so-called plan to cut cost. YB Wee is very detailed in his allegation here.

Why would one need a consultant with such a heavy top team around?

There is former MAS Managing Director as Chairman, Tan Sri Mohd Nor Yusoff, illustrious former CEO of many PLCs, Encik Ahmad Jauhari, the brilliant because of his arrogant, Danny Yusof and in the background is the former Bina Fikir Sdn Bhd partner cum Khazanah CEO, Tan Azman Mokhtar the "analyst"?

Give AJ the break. He came in upon completion of CCF.

Before AJ came on board, these people together with Dato Nazir of CIMB were the geniuses that concocted another WAU called CCF.
Nazir is the Prime Minister's brother but this spolit brat youngest brother does not care for the brother's aspiration for the nation and compassion for the rakyat. Why should he be when his salary bigger than the holder of sovereignty for Johor, the Sultan of Johor?

The Sultan get the rap from the business public in blog commentaries but Nazir comes out clean as a whistle in every sneaky deals he is up to. He is so indifferent that he does not know the New Economic Policy. Ini bank CEO, bang!

The industry described him as the big bad IB or Investment Banker who is flexing his Tun Abdul Razak surname despite his polite charming dexterior.
These geniuses do not need consultants because one only employs consultant when one do not know how to manage or do things on one's own!

Back to Azhari Dahlan, bet the MAS staff would be most uncomfortable to have their competitor spy and control their operation from the inside.

More so, with the claim that Azhari is the former head of Air Asia's Engineering Department. How many hundreds of LAME or Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer do Air Asia have to claim an Engineering Department?

Everyone in the industry know that Air Asia out-source their engineering to MAS and others. Something is seriously wrong with Air Asia operation as BigDog barked few years ago here.

Singapore is believed to reject their engineering business. Does that give them much credibility as an efficient Engineering Out-Source Department?

YB Wee had in his earlier posting highlighted that Azhari Dahlan as a former Head of Engineering AirAsia and recently parachuted into MAS as Head of MAS Engineering without DCA and/or EASA Approved Nominated Post Holder.

This is serious shit.

How is going to manage all the LAMES when he himself is unqualified?

YB went at length on the various licences in his address to Parliament. Read here.

Is having Azhari Dahlan the benefits that MAS gained from AA and/or AA under CCF since the secret share swap executed on August 9th 2012 until now?

MAS staff would feel that they have hundreds of Azhari Dahlan in their stable. Mind you, MAS LAME are well sought after abroad.

Returning back to the two engine blow-outs, these two incidents should remind of an incident happening during the time of Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli when he attempted to look into the issue of spares and procurement of parts.

In MAS, there is a corrupt syndicate in the purchase of spare parts of Mafioso proportion. It is collusion between the Managers and Suppliers.

When Tajuddin attempted to put things straight, two Boeing Engine sent there for MRO by other Airlines went missing. It only reappeared in Mumbai when the new procurement plan cancelled.

Such sabotage is not an isolated case. Below is a 2005 report happening in Sepang:
March 18, 2005

MAS staff member held over aircraft sabotage

SEPANG - A MEMBER of Malaysia Airlines' engineering staff was picked up at his workplace at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) on Monday in connection with the sabotage of four MAS aircraft over the past two years.

The 25-year-old man was arrested about 10pm and taken to the Sepang magistrate's court the following day. Police obtained an order to put him in remand for two weeks.

Police Superintendent Zahidi Ayob confirmed that an MAS employee was arrested. It was the first arrest linked to the sabotage of the four MAS aircraft.

The most recent sabotage attempt was detected in January when an MAS A330 flight to Kansai, Japan, had to be grounded after maintenance crew found hydraulic oil spilled on the instrument panel in the cockpit.

The airline received two threatening letters after the first sabotage was detected in 2003. It was unclear what, if any, demands were made.

The latest threat was received in January soon after MSA announced a RM100,000 (S$42,500) reward for information.

The arrest comes days after a special team of forensics experts and airport police set up counters at the airport to obtain thumb and palm prints of some 1,200 MAS engineering personnel. -- THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK
Below is a case in 2003:
Police Arrest 3 MH Staff Over A330 Sabotage

Posted 2003-10-30 23:47:41

SHAH ALAM - Police have arrested three Malaysia Airlines (MAS) employees suspected of being involved in an attempt to sabotage an A330 Airbus aircraft on Oct 2.

Senior Assistant Commissioner Abu Bakar Mustafa said the three, aged between 28 and 44, were maintenance workers in the engineering department.

Two were arrested on Oct 22 and were remanded until last Friday, he told Utusan Malaysia newspaper on Wednesday.

'The third suspect was picked up last night. Police have obtained a remand order until Nov 6,' he said.

Police are continuing their investigations and may pick up more suspects, he added.

The aircraft in the Oct 2 incident was scheduled to fly from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Perth.

But pre-flight checks revealed that some of the plane's wires had been tampered with.

The flight system also showed a serious malfunction of the cockpit's flight instruments.

Three hundred passengers were transferred to another aircraft for their flight. -- The Star/Asia News Network
To conclude, lets us these few questions. Is the recent engine problem a case of sabotage from the Engineering staff?
Possible since it has happened before in MAS.
Could it be a case of revolt?
Also possible due to the dissatisfaction of MAS staff to Azhari's appointment as told by YB Wee.
Could it be linked to the new Head of Engineering and Air Asia?
Dare not accuse without a plausible story or proof. If this is a criminal case, such possibility will not be dismissed off.
Just adding two and two.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Danny-Nanny scandal turn into Reign of Terror

Last Friday April 13th, Secretary of one of MAS unions aka union with the "balls", MESSA, En Matdiah bin Mohammad sent out an e-mail to MAS Chairman, Tan Sri Mohd Nor Yusof and circularise to management, unions officials, etc.

This e-mail is consequent to another e-mail from union dated February 4th, 2012. [Read here]

In addition, ABITW received information that the reign of terror in MAS has begin to cover-up the incident and to find scapegoat to quite down info leak to YB Wee Choo Keong.

The Internal Flight Superintendent (IFS) on the flight is responsibile for carrying out her responsibility to record in the Voyage Report any happenings in the cabin during the flight, including movement of passengers.

On that that memorial new year Sydney to Kuala Lumpur flight, the responsible IFS, one named Joyce Tan was merely doing her job. She is being subjected to harrassment and enquiries by Danny's stooges.

She could be victimised by many carpet baggers of kaki bodeks (apple polishers) and kaki tikam belakang (back stabbers) survivors prevailing everywhere within MAS.

They are most prevalent within the later intakes of senior executives and managers. MAS is a big organisation and politicking has become endemic since the arrival of Danny and conman cum consultant, Plane Consult.

In MAS's Cabin Crew Department, there are several kaki bodeks officers and Manager, like Gunalan, Gerald Quinten, Chang, and few others, willing to victimised colleague and staff to get management's attention. Danny is in such predicament that their help will gain them promotions.

Danny was afraid that the Danny-Nanny scandal will leak to the press. So his denial was made in private in a MAS Town Hall meeting. Despite swearing using Quranic verses, it did not make his story any believable. [Read here]

Let God deal with this heartless scumbag of a liar because The Voyage Report with YB Wee Choo Keong would prove Danny lied.

The problem is Joyce is being victimised and accused by panels set-up by some kaki bodeks for leaking the Voyage Report when the report is accessible to a lot of people.

Anyway, why the fuzz over the leak report. It is like going after the messenger when the culprit is scot free. If not for the leakage, the true character of Danny is not known to Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib who after the general election, should be kicking these kind of bastards entrenching themselves in GLCs and claiming to be believers of market, neo-liberals.

Danny is trying to go around with an excuse that Flight Captain Mohd Yunos bin Ibrahim had allowed for it. In actual fact, it was Danny who instructed the Captain. Sorry Danny Boy, it still does not cover for an infringement on a February 2010 circular that disallow baby in the first class cabin.

Through this Danny-Nanny scandal, thank God, there is MESA, MAS Executives Association. All the other unions particularly, MASEU, the union for graded employee is only a peck of hen.

Although sounding brave in the media, President Alias Ali is a chicken shit coward. Management is holding his balls with an in-flight cleaning contract and he is hidded away quietly in Kota Baru. While, the manager's union, supposedly with access to more information on the crap going around, are sucking Danny's c*ck and all the way swallowing his scr*t~m.

Again as happened before at Maybank Investment Banking, staff are mutinising against MAS Deputy Managing Director cum Short and Medium Haul CEO cum "real CEO" of MAS, Dato Rashdan "Danny" Yusof.

By the look of things, Danny should be heading a secret outfit within the Prime Minister's Department Research at the assistance of Omar Rasputin Ong that is manned by heartless and emotionless robots.

Another equally capable, more specifically incapable with dealing wth humans, that Khazanah love to keep in their stable of incompetent Directors, to be considered to assist Danny will be Khazanah Executive Director and former Sime Darby EVP, Hisham Hamdan.

Off course we are kidding, but the point is these people can't manage and relate with human. If more clones of Dato Idris Jala is bred and reproduce, the Government should close up Institiut Jantung Negara. There will be no more heart related diseases in this country. In replacement, GLC CEO, policy makers and bureaucrats are heartless zombies instead of a people first Prime Minister.

Also another case of protected incompetent from Tan Sri Nor Mohd Yakcop's stable of protege that never learn lesson from mistakes but continue to repeat without conscience.

Union and staff with muted union representatives should not keep this under lid but keep voicing because Danny is a cohort with Air Asia to destroy MAS. No second opinion needed. See WAU and why WAU II is still being applied?

Are they so stupid as to not have other plans but only can think of WAU only?

Back to Danny, MESSA confidently took the bull by the horn and wrote the following e-mail to demand Rashdan to leave MAS due to his said disgraceful behavior on MH 122.


Date: Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 11:20 AM

Subject: MH122 Followup

To: Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof
Cc:,, Ab Halim Said , chanvscm , jamals , Izwan Ismail ,,, kzsaisi ,, hussha ,, dinza ,,,,,, Aluyah Hj Morshidi ,,,,,,,,,,,

Salaam Tan Sri, copy rest

Based on our enquiries over the MH122 First Class Cabin in-flight incident of 1st January 2012, we were made to understand that investigations carried out by the Integrity Unit has established that there is a strong basis to implicate the DCEO with a gross breach of discipline in respect of the unwarranted presence of an infant and a nanny in the first class cabin of the subject aircraft whilst it was enroute from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur.

You would recall that I had immediately made known to you of our concern over the related crew being called in for an investigation by the Company. I had then implicitly informed you that the crew must not be unnecessarily inconvenienced or subjected to any form of reprimand or retribution for merely performing their job dutifully as required. In return, you had responded with a hope that “the proper authorities will discharge their function promptly in the expected manner”.

Alhamdullilah, from our enquiries, we learned that the investigation this time was done quite professionally by the Integrity Unit with minimal distress, unlike other investigations done by the other arms of the Administration that were more akin to those that I had previously intimated to you, where it has even become the norm for certain parties to fabricate evidence(s) in furtherence of their own agenda.

In respect of the case against the DCEO, I would believe that you have been informed of the Integrity Unit’s findings and/or its progress. I feel that there is no need to remind you that the allegation of indiscretion is very serious in nature and that somehow, have been aggravated when the Almighty was invoked by a certain individual in public.

It is high time that the responsible person stand up and exit gracefully…. NOW, as our beloved MAS have been dragged into odium and public contempt.

Procrastination is unacceptable as too much is at stake. The longer we wait or delay action would do more harm than good to MAS’ recovery towards our national aspiration.

Matdiah Bin Mohammad
Secretary, MESA”
Hurrah for MESSA!

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