Saturday, April 26, 2014

Obama's hesitant pivot into Asia

US President Barack Obama arrived in Malaysia with the hope to energise ties in the midst of allegations of conspiracy by the American military establishment in the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

He is the first serving US President to visit Malaysia since Lyndon Johnson visit in 1966. This visit is part of his tour of Asia to fortify alliances in the midst of concern over China's rise in the region.

There is an increasing anxiety inside Washington that the hope’n’change promised by the so-called “Asia pivot” may need some tempering during this historic tour.

Unlike China that has build-up close trading relationship with Malaysia as it's biggest trading partner, Obama's pivot policy is military in nature. Obama could only offer the troubled Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement on trade.

Brooking Instutute blog posting on the summary of opinions on Obama's trip to Asia clearly shows. Read here.

Friday, April 25, 2014

China Energy multibillion investment a quantum leap for Kedah

A cynic commented that the connecting highway to Pulau Bunting is to grow padi. Surely that is not a mature and informed comment.

The connecting highway was part of the planned Zon Industeri Petroleum Yan (ZIPY).

Last night, there was a signing ceremony to confirm the participation and invesment of China Energy Huacheng Industrial Investment Co. Ltd. in Merapoh Corporation Sdn Bhd to revive the ZIPY project.

There was a large press presence last night but thus far, only few reports available on Google. There rest could follow later.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

White elephant no more

The bridge to Pulau Bunting in Yan, Kedah had become a subject of ridicule by the opposition.

During the Sungai Limau by-election, there was an attempt to raise the issue in the blogs but it did not catch-on to become a major campaiggn issue.

One blog Anak Sungai Derhaka ridiculed it as BN project for goblins (orang bunian). The blog claimed it cost RM7 billion to build the bridge. [Read here.] Off course, RM7 billion is excessive a spin and will reflect badly on the opposition blogger's reputation and professionalism.

Another opposition blogger, Ameno World debunked her own team's allegation. She admitted it only cost RM126 million. [Read here.] But still harp on what is Dato Mukhriz going to do with the bridge that have become a favourite fishing spot for the area.

In March 2014 recently, another opposition blogger Kedahkini here asked when will it be officially launched.

The answer to all these insinuations is to wait no more.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

UEM's three times stupid (Part 2)

How easy it is for people to deviate from the real issue raised.

We were quickly accused of being racial just because the Sunrise or Dato Tong Kooi Ong's people placed in the top management of UEM Sunrise are Chinese. If so, then raise the issue of Sunrise coincidentally one race policy.

Some tried to use the meritocrasy argument by highlighting Tan Sri Hasan Merican as an example. On the same note, they tried to predictably argue that UEM is better now after the merger with Sunrise.

Thanks for arguing in that manner. You've taken the issue raised in the direction we wanted it to be. In other word, you fell for our bait.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

UEM's three times stupid (Part 1)

On June 8th, 2009, this blog posted an article entitled Is the de-listing of UEM Group a cover-up for a major loss? prior to the appointment of Dato Izzadin as UEM Group new CEO.

That first article was explosive because it revealed a failed Salwa Road project in Qatar. It attracted 34 comment, mostly from within UEM Group and sent "tremors" up to Mercu UEM.

This blog went on a hot pursuit for a month and comments on certain postings reached more than 100. It may have made management nervous that a meeting was arranged with UEM Chairman Tan Sri Tajuddin Ali. In the meeting, Tajuddin promised to solve the Qatar road problem in two years. He promised to hand hold the new CEO, Dato Izzaddin Idris.

Ample time have been given. Tajuddin Ali did not deliver his promise. The last check with Izzadin, the Qatar matter was still left unresolved. Just like what happen at Sime Darby, it is time for Tajuddin Ali, the Board of Directors and management of UEM and Khazanah to answer to the public.

And, we do not see him guiding Izzadin in the right path. UEM was in the limelight for it's dispute with another Khazanah company, MAHB with regard to "delayed" construction of KLIA2.

However, the bigger issue on UEM this time is the takeover of Sunrise and it has raised many eye brows.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Cats' tragic endings

"Lucky" was not so lucky.

Heidi text the Mrs in the early morning to inform "Lucky" passed away. She tried hard to get "Lucky" a mother cat to feed her.

The mother cat at her home had trouble milking "Lucky". She was confused to milk a strange kitten much younger than her own.

It was made more difficult with father cat getting jealous at seeing other kitten milking on the wife other than his own kitten.

So Heidi had to stayed up late to nurse and feed her.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Lucky" found a mother!

We've just returned home from sending "Lucky" to her new mom.

It was a long day filled with nervousness on what holds for "Lucky", the kitten we've left at the animal care center since last Thursday.

In fact, we extended by another day by telling a white lie to the centre that we've caught a mild flu Sunday. She bought into it out of the fear of contagion risk to the kitten.

The Mrs is due to return to work tomorrow and we need to be back in the groove of things. We desperately needed someone better to care for her. It was only late in the evening that a willing mother was found for "Lucky".

By the way, "Lucky" is the new name just adopted by Yati, the Mrs friend cum mummy finder for the orphaned kitten.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Plight of a stray cat

Last Thursday, we left two 5-days old kittens to an animal hospital for care.

We had no one to seek help with their feeding for last weekend because we have to be away for "work". The Mrs took care of them from Wednesday after the stray cat mother disappeared from our parking lot together with another of their sibling.

On Saturday, the vet called us to inform one of the two kittens died. It was expected since it had not been taking much milk, body cold and sleeping all the time.

Four or five months ago, the mother was pregnant and delivered three kittens also. However, someone stole them and for days she was seen looking for her three lost kittens. This time, it is her and one of the kittens' sibling that is lost.

Out of six kittens and a mother, only one survive. That is the stark reality facing stray cats, which many is not aware off. They reproduced many but survival rate is low.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Royal touch to the Tropicana land deal?

Picture only decoration purpose

The Tropicana land deal, which we have been playing up in the last two posting, is clearly a scam and corruption at work.

Off course, it is baffling how Tan Sri Khalid, Selangor exco and PNSB could allow 1,172 cares of land meant for water mitigation be put up for sale for property development. Then allowed it's sales at grossly undervalued price of RM1.3 billion to Tropicana and payable over 20 years.

The state pretended to be unhappy with the part sales of 308 acres of the land for double the value of RM470 million to Khalid-crony, Eco World. But, gave further discount of the believed to be valued at RM1.7 billion land at cash term of RM844 million.

Our comment yesterday of Dato Noh Omar's late reaction is not baffling enoough. The most baffling is the silent media coverage despite it being raised by several pro-opposition media, including The Star.

A late call yesterday told us that there is a royal touch in the Tropicana deal, thus the silence. However, the source did not indicate it has anything to do with the Sultan.

So please note that the picture above is only decoration.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Tropicana: United Malay Noh Omar (UMNO) finally woke up

It is not that we do not wish to continue on the PKNS issue, but we wanted to see how long before UMNO Selangor wake up from their lull to take up this issue.

When we wrote on the previous posting, it was March 31st. Tan Sri Khalid made the request for Tropicana to pay-up immediately on March 27. UMNO Liaison Chief, Dato Noh Omar only responded yesterday on April 7th, 11 days later.

It is not that we did not share the information. Immediately after the posting we alerted his boys and many other notable individuals. We even shared in our Whats App groups with other bloggers but we  commented to see how long UMNO Selangor will response and take up the issue.

That Dato Seri Prime Minister and UMNO President is indicative of the lackadaisical attitude of the UMNO leaders, particularly in Selangor.

Noh Omar may have taken interest to grab your attention for the next cabinet reshuffle that is being widely said. Do reconsider because he failed miserably in Kajang and it was reflective of the self defeating attitude prevailing in UMNO Selangor everywhere from top to bottom.

How to win back Selangor?

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