Monday, February 28, 2022

MARA Corp: Dishonest, incompetent "servants" cannot be entrusted leadership role

The MARA Corp issue was diverted from public attention as it was overshadowed by other more "exciting" development in the social (including legal-religious), politics, and economics areas. 

Statements from MACC, and MARA contributed to the perception the problem is being swept under carpet by the close service government organisation. Probably, there is the intention to save this critical organisation for Bumiputera empowerment from further public embarassment. 

However, there should not be any more cover-up. Long overdue for a major clean-up. Decades ago, efforts by many including educationist Tun Arshad Ayub to review and revive MARA were railroaded by MARA bureaucrasy. 

Monday, February 21, 2022

Is Keluarga Malaysia pandering to the lazy fatcow telcos?

Nuclearbursaman here wrote about the supremacy of Ericson system employed by DNB for 5G SWN system.

Today he highlighted here Tan Sri Annuar Musa's twitter here of his discussion with Celcom-Axiata, Maxis and Digi.

It spark speculation the three telcos will combine to form the second 5G network to defeat the purpose of establishing DNB and employing the economical and consumer friendly SWN approach.

Not only it seemed to pander to the self serving interest of Mahathir's cronies and feed into rumours of Annuar Musa year-end vacation with Vincent Tan during the flood, it is repeating the past failure of depending on telcos to rollout the 4G.

More likely than not, the result will be the same with all the Mahathir era privatisation. Seldom guised as promoting competition, it is usually self serving and failed to achieve national interest. 

The Mole has a story:

Sunday, February 20, 2022

UMNO's not-so-secret weapons

Star Online, February 19th' 2022

By Joceline Tan 

DATUK Seri Hasni Mohammad (pic) was not well-known outside of Johor until recently.

The caretaker Johor Mentri Besar is now centrestage in a state election which some insist is unnecessary but which everyone is watching very closely.

On Wednesday evening, Hasni had a captive audience when he briefed the Umno supreme council meeting on the preparations for the Johor polls.

What he had to say was quite unlike what Umno leaders are used to hearing.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Nusantara: Differences in interpretation, but will it be new capital for the Malay world?

The abstract on a 2016 journal article entitled "Nusantara: History of a Concept" in the Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society opened with the words:

The dictionary meaning of ‘Nusantara’ is ‘Indonesia’ (in Indonesia) and ‘Malay World’ (in Malaysia), but different meanings have been attached to the concept throughout Southeast Asian history. It appears in fourteenth-century Javanese texts but largely disappeared from written materials for a time, and surfaced again when its almost magical qualities were (re)discovered in the late twentieth century. The meaning of the term has changed over time.

Now that Indonesia have announced the name for their new capital on Kalimantan Island as Nusantara, more likely than not, the Indonesian meaning will prevail. 

Will Indonesia take ownership as the new capital of the Malay world?  

Monday, February 14, 2022

A convincing argument for DNB's SWN approach for 5G: Customer first

The political leaning in the critiques made against the Single Wholesale Network (SWN) tended to be speculative on contracts - who secured, size and claims of pre-awarded subcontract. Lets deal with the allegations on a latter date. In the meanwhile, the only specifics able to be mentioned is the award to Ericson. Other sub-contracts is still in the process and a work-in-progress. 

Contrary to claims, it was no rush job and taking Hua Wei presents a complex security and international problem of its own. Furthermmore, its an open secret that Hua Wei is linked to Maxis. For Dato Mohamed Hasan to criticise SWN using the competition argument is both hypocritical and an oxymoron. When it comes to Atoq's interest, there is no fair competition! 

The overwhelming argument against Hua Wei is they did not submit any bid so it is end of story!

Another issue that has legitimacy is the appointment of Ralph Marshall as DNB CEO and his issue with the law in India. 

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Azmin in political desperation and should say adios

Azmin's portal MalaysiaNow was recently called genetic defect by blogger Life of Annie for their repeated attempt to pick on Dato Vinod Sekhar. It seemed to be his pursuit to end the career of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim by crippling his adviser.

However, MalaysiaNow seemed to lack the aptitude to use business and corporate issue to leave any dent. They now run the risk of being sued by Tan Sri Tony Fernandez for getting their facts all wrong. 

Its more elaborate but to keep it sweet and simple, Government provided him guarantee but not loan. 

Not only MalaysiaNow screwed up, another of Azmin's propagandist, Chegu Bard failed miserably in the role he is supposed to play. 

His attempt to pick on Dato Seri Zahid Hamidi and Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew on the RFID issue ended embarassingly with him apologising and pulling out his FB article.    

The screw up of his media and propaganda arm is an indication Azmin is in political trouble water. They should have focussed to help out Azmin's politics than dabble in an area they do not know enough. 

Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Investigated MARA officer claimed MACC is in his pocket

A Little Bird claimed one of the five MARA officers seconded into MARA Corp, exposed by Edisi Khas and investigated by MACC in their raid yesterday arrogantly boasted to his collegues in MARA that he has got MACC in his pocket. 

Whether it literally means MACC officer was bought or MACC investigators bought into his explanation hook, line and sinker, it is not confirmed at the moment. It does raise concern that MACC announcement on Saturday gave MARA sufficient time to cover-up any wrongdoings. 

One "expert" on government procedure claimed they could do a back-dated Board of Directors resolution. Perfectly legal, but ethically questionable practise. 

Yesterday, MACC raided MARA headquarter, MARA Corp office and MARA Corp company secretarial company, Prudenz Corporate House Sdn Bhd from early morning 9.00 AM and left with documents. 

Sunday, February 06, 2022

The real culprit of MARA Corp revealing themselves

Edisi Khas twitter have been making quite a buzz lately with their whistleblowing activities. It was initially a website, but blocked by MCMC. Their twitter account have been more effective and unhindered. 

Without a proper identity and trumpet blower similar to Lalitha than whistleblowing or whispering, they hardly qualify legally for witness protection. Nevertheless, they received certain degree of respect. 

When told Edisi Khas have been off target lately and exposed their lack of technical competency, one law enforcement high official confided he dare not comment. "We can never know what they know". 

Edisi Khas have the advantage of information beyond the access of the public in their revelation on the inner sanctum of police force, MACC or certain law enforcement outfit. How much is true and how much is fiction, the public is not in the capacity to verify. 

In their recent episode against Tan Sri Azam Baki, few claims made with regard to Securities Commission and the related Securities Act indicate they were guessing and prejudical in their assessment of a highly technical and legal matter. 

Nevertheless, they have been ruffling quite a few feathers with their revelation on MARA Corp made over the weekend. Their hint and first salvo here and here.   

Saturday, February 05, 2022

Another hardly saying anything spin by MalaysiaNow...

How about naming the medical expert? 

The MalaysiaNow team is quite an incorrugible lot. Thought the last time they were at it in November 2021, they are over with the issue against Dato Vinod Sekhar and the emergency ventilator supply for Hungary at the height of the Covid 19 pandemic. 

Its obviously politically motivated. If there was a case against Vinod, the relevant authority would have move in by now to apprehend Vinod and hold him up under remand. None yet or there is just nothing to work on. 

The latest move by Abdul Rahman Koya and other suspected collaborators namely; Hilman Idham, Dato Saifuddin Abdullah and Dato Azmin Ali maybe intended to drum up public anger to pressure or justify the relevant authority to be more aggressive.  

Thursday, February 03, 2022

Saddiq, and the 749,731 new voters: Perception or real?

The media frontpaged the 749,731 new voters that will be automatically registered to vote for the Johor snap state election. Immediately, there is a widespread perception developing that Syed Saddiq will be a phenomenon and holds the card for the next state government for Johor.

There is already talk that Muda will be in coalition with Pejuang and Warisan with the likelihood of close cooperation with DAP with and without Amanah or PKR. 

The opposition parties are in disarray and the only way to stop BN is for a grand coalition between PN and PH. The question is whether it is ideologically and personalities involved compatible. 

Azmin is considered to have betrayed PKR, it does look possible for PKR to accept PPBM. More so, it is similar to repeating their cheated cooperation with Tun Mahathir.  

Nevertheless, Muralitharan Ramachandran warned in the New Malaysia Herald news site that "Contesting parties should not be overconfident" as he focused to advise on BN not to lose sight. 

There could be many reasons. For one, the perception that Syed Saddiq and Muda represent a new wave of young voters could be beyond the conversation that KJ once created in his 20s.

The automatic registration made the wave a possibility, but it does not necessarily benefit Muda. Much work need to be done.

The reality is the automatic registration and younger entry to voting at 18 year old are two new unknown political phenomenons in Malaysia. 

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