Sunday, February 27, 2011

Apa akan jadi jika Anwar kembali ke UMNO?

'Andaikatanya sebelum pilihanraya umum ini nanti, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim kembali masuk ke UMNO, agak-agaknya bagaimana rupa landskap baru politik negara dan kedudukan PM sekarang?

Adakah jentera yang ada sekarang seperti Ezam Mohd Nor, Dato Saifudin Abdullah, Dato Dr Zambery Abdul Kadir, Dato Dr Zahid Hamidi, Dato Shahlan Ismail, Dato Ahmad Maslan, Dato Dr Fuad Zarkashi, Dato Suhaimi Ibrahim, dan lain-lain yang pernah menjadi sebahagian dari rangkaian Anwar akan masih tetap setia kepada Perdana Menteri Dato Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak atau Anwar?

Berikan respons anda. Tiada halangan.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Syed Akbar replace Uncle Loh-Bird on MACC

We delay the fourth part of our "What "the untold MAS story" did not tell?" series to report this important appointment.

Book writer, former banker, property developer, jeweller, adventerer, ...and many other -ers to come from saudara Syed Akbar Ali, including blogger OutSyed the Box, was sworn in as member of the Consultancy Panel on Corruption Prevention and Education for the MACC this morning at 11:00 am at the Prime Minister's Office.

This smart man predicted countries in Middle East is due to fail and the current fall of dictators in his book Club of Doom.

His appointment presumbly replaced the dubious character Tan Sri Robert Phang aka Uncle Loh-Bird.

We commend this appointment by the Prime Minister and believe Syed Akbar is suited to provide ideas and input on how to prevent and educate the public to fight corruption.

It takes a clean, sincere and incorruptible character to fight corruption and Syed Akbar fits that role for now. His role is described here.

If he doesn't, rest assure we bloggers will be the first to whack him to smitterens.

The appointment is also an acknowledgement of MACC on us bloggers in their campaign against corruption. Bloggers, from both side of the political divide, should use Syed Akbar as conduit and avenue to channel ideas, issues and efforts to combat corruption.

As far as pro-UMNO bloggers, we have proven and built the credibility to be non-partisan in our fight against corruption.

When will the pro-Pakatan bloggers begin to be honest and not look at blurting on their Pakatan Government as foresaking their political cause?

Be it the leaders or members of Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat, both do not agree with corruption. Thus we do need to politicise and partisanise corruption?

Be them - Politicians, BN or PR, or Government servants or Corporate man or Businessman or any common man Tom Dick and Harry - all corrupt offenders are enemy of the state!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A gay Minister in Cabinet and Johorean ...

Looking at the progress at Jalan Duta, there will be a prima facie case against Anwar Ibrahim and he has to prove himself as innocent.

Anwar is up against DNA forensic evidence and Saiful steady testimony in court to be supported by the three doctors that attend to Saiful, other witnesses and the CAMERA.

He will need to prove he has alibis to claim he is somewhere else. Can he proof the camera wrong?

Can his six alibis show they were around with Anwar when the camera proves otherwise?

Anwar is set for Bamboo River. Sodomy is a crime punishable by imprisonment.

Back in 1998, Tun Dr Mahathir dismiss him from Cabinet on a justifiable reason of moral and indecent behaviour before Anwar was brought to trial.

Will Najib dismiss a member of his cabinet if found to be gay?

Dato Seri ... as far as we can remember, this talk have been going on for more than three years.

There is a Cabinet Minister from Johor that is in the habit of going out socially with pretty young boys to restaurants and nite clubs in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Baru.

The can see this.

Source from his UMNO Division described him as intimately close with his Political Secretary, described as jambu by fellow youth member in the Division.

The Minister could be seen as touching the thigh of his Setpol and massaging his neck and shoulders with soft sensuous touch that made those witnessing uncomfortable.

One reliable source claim that there is a particular pretty boy that is particularly close with the Minister.

They pretty boy used to work at a corporate affair department of a major Bank in Kuala Lumpur but have moved to an International Invesment company.

The source claim to personally view an intimate telephone conversation between the 20 something former bank corporate affair officer with the Minister on the other side of the conversation.

The source verified the handphone number at the receiving end.

The conversation was intimate as they talked about indiscreet subject like performing the mandi wajib. The pretty boy was so close with the Minister that he could request for RM20,000 with ease.

The pretty boys revealed to our source that he used to meet the Minister at Nikko Hotel. He had laid bare his body to massage the Minister.

But the source's story stop short at the interesting part.

There will be no names revealed.

In case, anyone is guessing as Dato Seri Hishamuddin Hussein because this blog used to call him pondan for his indecisions at MInistery of Internal Affirs, our answer is No.

It is not Hishamuddin.

The story is already much talked within UMNO Johor. Don't tell me Najib doesn't know. In case he doesn't, he should get this investigated.

If Anwar had to face many ordeals for his criminal sexual orientation, this Minister can't stay on. He could be a major embarassment to Najib's transformational cabinet.

Morality must never be set aside.

* Edited 10:30 PM

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pre-empting Anwar's wayang of DNA specimen sample

At the Anwar’s Sodomy II trial at the Jalan Duta court today, the head of of the Paternity DNA Unit, Forensic Division, Malaysian Chemistry Department Nor Aidora takes the stand. She has dealt with 100,000 samples and involved with biological DNA analysis and proof.

Sample swab from Saiful’s arse have been established by DNA specialist Dr Seah Lay Hong as belonging to a dominant Mr Y.

In court are five items – a piece of hair, a white toothbrush, a piece of Good Morning branded wash towel, another piece of hair, and a plastic mineral water bottle.

Anwar had defiantly refused to voluntarily give his blood, any intimate sample for latest DNA profiling when he was detained for questioning. Those items are likely the method they extracted non-intimate sample as specimen sample of Anwar’s DNA profile.

The task of determining Mr Y as Anwar Ibrahim falls on Nor Aidora.

Anwar’s lawyer will find technicality to dispute her finding. Karpal Singh is expected to accuse the method to obtain Anwar’s sample are illegal. Anwar’s propaganda machine will call conspiracy.

Is it so? What is the law on this?

This posting is to pre-empt Anwar's propaganda and antics.

Anwar’s Trial

The main witness, Saiful Bahri has testified and Anwar’s team of illustrious lawyers made no attempt to dispute Saiful’s testimony. In fact, Saiful’s testimony damaged Anwar’s public image with such graphic description of the sodomy incidence and snide remarks.

Subsequently, the three doctors that attended to Saiful took the stand and was cross examined. No big dent as Anwar’s lawyer couldn’t dispute the professional procedures and opinion of the doctors.

Hope the rakyat realised that there is examination done by Pusrawi doctors and no such doctors report that was being bandied around by PKR the polictical party of liars.

The doctor report and statutory declaration published on Malaysia Today by Raja Petra and his band lying bloggers including someone claiming to be a Professor are fake and they have no credibility as bloggers.

The DNA part of the prosecution proof had some hick-up because of the aggressive questioning by defense lawyers of Dr Seah Lay Hong seem shattered her a bit.

At the end, it is just Malaysiakini doing spinning and defense lawyers were merely playing exterior issues. It remain undisputed that dominant sperm belonging to Mr Y, which is allegedly Anwar’s, is left unquestioned.

DNA Act 2009

Let’s assume Anwar’s DNA profile were secured from his fingerprints and hair extracted from those items. Those items are not voluntary given specimen. Is it legal?

The DNA Act 2009 define sample as intimate or non-intimate samples defined below:
“non-intimate sample” means—
(a) a sample of hair other than the pubic hair;

(b) a sample taken from a nail or from under a nail;

(c) a swab taken from any part of a person’s body other than a part from which a swab taken would be an intimate sample; or

(d) saliva;

“intimate sample” means—
(a) a sample of blood, semen or any other tissue or fluid taken from a person’s body, urine or pubic hair; or

(b) a swab taken from any part of a person’s genitals (including pubic hair) or from a person’s body orifice other than the mouth.

Taking samples

The DNA Act with regard to taking samples are grouped into intimate and non intimate samples.

Taking of intimate sample 12. (1) The procedures for the taking of an intimate sample of any person under this Act shall be in accordance with the provisions of this section and as prescribed. (2) An intimate sample of—
(a) a person reasonably suspected of having committed an offence;

(b) a detainee; or

(c) a drug dependant, may be taken for forensic DNA analysis only if—
(A) an authorized officer authorizes it to be taken; and

(B) an appropriate consent in the prescribed form is given by the person from whom an intimate sample is to be taken.
(3) Subject to an appropriate consent being given under subparagraph (2)(B), an authorized officer shall only give his authorization under subparagraph (2)(A) if—
(a) he has reasonable grounds for—
(i) suspecting that the person from whom the intimate sample is to be taken has committed an offence; and

(ii) believing that the sample will tend to confirm or disprove the commission of the offence by that person;
(b) an arrest has been effected on or a detention order has been made against a detainee; or

(c) an order or a decision has been made pursuant to the Drug Dependants (Treatment and Rehabilitation) Act 1983 against a drug dependant.
(4) An authorized officer—
(a) shall give his authorization under subsection (3) in writing; or

(b) where it is impracticable to comply with paragraph (a), may give such authorization orally, in which case he must confirm it in writing as soon as may be possible.
(5) A person from whom an intimate sample is taken shall be entitled to the information derived from the analysis of the sample taken from him. (6) An intimate sample shall only be taken by a government medical officer.
Since Anwar refused and police couldn’t be forceful on Anwar for fear of the political fallout and his wayang, they resort to take hairs or fingerprints via non-intimate sampleans.

The law on this reads below:

Taking of non-intimate sample

13. ` (1) The procedures for the taking of a non-intimate sample of any person under this Act shall be in accordance with the provisions of this section and as prescribed.

(2) A non-intimate sample of—
(a) a person reasonably suspected of having committed an offence;

(b) a detainee; or

(c) a drug dependant, may be taken only if an authorized officer authorizes it to be taken.
(3) An authorized officer shall only give his authorization under subsection (2) if—
(a) he has reasonable grounds for—
(i) suspecting that the person from whom the non-intimate sample is to be taken has committed an offence; and

(ii) believing that the sample will tend to confirm or disprove the commission of the offence by that person;
(b) an arrest has been effected on or a detention order has been made against a detainee; or

(c) an order or a decision has been made pursuant to the Drug Dependants (Treatment and Rehabilitation) Act 1983 against a drug dependant.
(4) An authorized officer—
(a) shall give his authorization under subsection (2) in writing; or

(b) where it is impracticable to comply with paragraph (a), may give such authorization orally, in which case he must confirm it in writing as soon as possible.
(5) The person from whom a non-intimate sample is taken shall be entitled to the information derived from the analysis of the sample taken from him.

(6) A non-intimate sample shall only be taken by—
(a) a government medical officer; or

(b) a police officer or a chemist.
(7) If a person from whom a non-intimate sample is to be taken under this Act refuses to give the sample or refuses to allow the sample to be taken from him without good cause or the sample cannot be obtained despite all reasonable efforts taken, that person may be taken before a magistrate and the magistrate may, if satisfied that there is reasonable cause to believe that the sample tends to confirm or disprove the commission of an offence by that person, order that person to provide his nonintimate sample.
If Anwar was more cautious as to not leave any hair or fingerprints behind, there is still the court order.

Before the Act

Off course, Anwar will question the use of DNA Act and claimed it was passed in Parliament to discriminate against him.

According to the blog, The Unspinners, Anwar refused to give his blood as an intimate sample in the sodomy case I. But he made one mistake to dramatise the Arsenic poisoning and AIDS injection to kill him.

Tan Sri Musa Hassan approached him and his wife and insisted he must cooperate or he will be forced because under a contagious disease act, it is required and compulsory to give blood sample.

Under the law then, there is provision for illegally obtained samples meant for non voluntary sample like non intimate sample. Karpal protested in court and Musa explained to the acceptance of the judge.

Enough wayang Anwar.

If you are innocent, why do you not cooperate to give samples? No conspiracy excuse ... we’ve enough of that from you.

Admit it that Anwar fear was because he was guilty.

And all those fear of conspiracies indicate Anwar's fear of himself. He had been the master conspirator behind many conspiracies!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cronyism creeping into silver state

February 6th, 2011 marked the second year since the changeover in power from the DAP-puppet Government of Dato Seri Nizar Jamaluddin to UMNO-led Barisan Nasional government of Dato' Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir.

Back in 2009, hope on Zambery were high.

The Malays in the know of happenings within Nizar's DAP puppet Government expect the systematic deprivation of Bumiputera revoked and more inclusive policy in place. Nizar lost power because he succumbed to the will of the sino-centric enfant terrible cousins Ngeh Koo Ham and Nga Kor Ming.

Dr Zambery display the sincerity, patience and work rate to revive confidence with the Government, face the opposition onslaught and endear himself with the people.

But, a big BUT it is, Zambery has a major problem with people surrounding him. Most of his appointees have not been of much inspiration and assistance. Rumours and murmurs on the ground is disturbing. Cronyism and leakage is creeping in.

This is a case Zambery has to avert.

Barisan Nasional unexpected lost power in Perak can be partly attributed to the political tsunami sweeping the nation in 2008.

Another part of the reason was the pent-up impatiance with past Menteri Besars of Dato Tajul Rosli and Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib inability to revive the once glorius silvers state of Perak out of its long standing economic doldrum.

Although Perak means silver, the silvery product that brought prosperity and turmoil to Perak was tin. Whether it is reflective a delusional psyche of the Perakians or high expectations, Perak have not been able to revive it's economy since the tin market crashed in early 1980s.

The people of Perak crave for development to revive the once glittery state out of the long economic doldrum.

Zambry, the academician - doctoral degree in political thoughts from Temple University, Philadelphia, US and former head of the Akademi Pemuda UMNO at the time Anwar Ibrahim was Deputy Prime Minister - did not waste time to get into the steering job of moving SS Perak.

He understood that Perak have not had an alternative economic sector to replace tin mining in sustaining the growth. He is clear on his position as Menteri Besar was a result of defection of three Pakatan Rakyat Assemblymen Osman Jailu, Jamaluddin Radzi and Hee Yit Foong.

He face the pressure of a hostile opposition, Chinese populace viewing the changeover as a Malay power grab from Chinese hand, dispirited UMNO and the long awaited development of the state.

Within months, Zambery incepted a think-tank, Institut Darul Ridzuan (IDR) to generate the thought process to plan, and strategise projects in Perak.

Emulating the approach of the darkest five-year of Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to appoint consultants such as McKinsey, BCG, Binafikir, Ethos and Innovation Associate to do the 'thinking' role for the Federal Government (previously carried out by EPU, ICU, MAMPU and Treasury), IDR became 'consultant' to the Perak state government.

Former Associate Director of Innovation Associate (IA), Aminuddin Hashim was picked to head IDR. Briliant as a student, where he came out top in the world for his third year CIMA seating.

At IA, Aminuddin was the right hand man of IA Executive Director, Datuk Dr. Hamzah Abu Kassim.

Hamzah was an NEAC member who has been in the radar of this blog. [Read here.]

He is the man behind the idea for the Talent Corporation which is suspiciously looks another of his advise and "plough" scheme. [Read Syed Akbar Ali here and more here.]

Amin had been with Hamzah since the days of Ernst Young CapGemini until they had a slight personality clash and split.

With Zambery, Amin could see political patronage that will enable him to move along the 'corridors of power' via access to the vast opportunity of government consulting jobs of IA and more limelight for himself.

Since assuming partner position within IA is a far fetched notion, taking Zambery's offer seems to be very smart move that could bring him closer to political masters and decision makers.

Amin leadership of IDR wasn't a great feat after all.

IDR lack the macro planning expertise and experience, more over for government machinery like the Perak State Government.

Exco members could be heard grumbling of Amin being typical consultant of wanting to tell the time on the exco member's watch than with an idea of his own.

In one incident, Amin was given a drubbing for asking what the exco member wants, when he was paid to do the thinking and provide the guidance and roadmap for the state.

The next best idea that IDR could have come up with was to create 'laboratories'. This is an after thought after a strategy to move Perak based on a conceived tagline of 'Perak Aman Jaya'.

The labs are supposed to formulate policies and game plans to work within the meaningless tagline. Like PEMANDU, these labs don't really work. They formulate plans that are not easy to roll out.

As consultant, IDR have minimal knowledge and experiance on how to make the 'plans' work and realisable into significant impact on the lives of Perakians. Hence, for a little over one and a half years, nothing seems to move.

This created discomfort amongst Perakians. Members of the Perak exco under Zambry is questioning the relevance of keeping Amin on state "payroll".

Suddenly, a freshly formed Kota Damansara 'addressed' firm Talent Solution Sdn Bhd proposed to IDR for a human capital project for Perak. It involves recruitment jobs.

The firm is supposed to form job and career centres in Perak and collate all job seekers particularly the unemployed youths and graduates and submit them to appropriate training and eventually placement. This is a carbon copy of a similar program of IA with Khazanah that bombed.

Conveniently, the bill will be charged to Perak State Government.

How and why the IDR under Amin awarded this 'direct nego' lucrative job to Talent Solution is very interesting. Checks revealed that both directors of the firm had never any recruitment experience before. The firm was only formed in October 2010 and have no operational office address.

Our source said the real promoter of the human capital project in Perak is one of IA's subsdiary CEO. The subsidiary is believed to be Agensi Pekerjaan Career Xcell Sdn. Bhd. and does the 'train and place' recruitment arm for IA's consultancy offering.

It is not clear whether or not this latest IDR infused human capital scheme would work or not.

However, it contradict the role of IDR to spearhead growth and incidently job creation to stem migration of youth out of the state. This program means IDR is acting as conduit for human capital leakage out of the state.

For a Perak GLC to award a project exclusively to a firm without any experience and this job being the firm's pioneer job doesn't bring out a sense of 'aman' for Perak to 'jaya.' With Amin giving the job to a former IA colleague instead of existing firms, this is another blatant cronyism.

It is also another hare-brain scheme for persons currently or previously were around Hamzah attempt to corner the lucrative human capital consulting market. Since it involves a member of NEAC, who is supposed to abstain involvement, it is a conflict of interest, abuse of power, and "insider trading."

Thus far, Zambery is lucky.

Public perception is still saving blame from him. But if he allows state budget to be spent for a frivolus idea and padding of crony's pocket, blame would be eventually reach him. It is believed that he has been made aware of.

However Zambery has to contend with an increasingly disgruntled UMNO grassroot. Zambery is pandering more to a higher power than oiling the state UMNO machinery.

Those in the know are blaming him and some are already accusing him of being in-cohoot with regard to few major cases of leakage of the state UMNO political funds. He made no stern action against the offenders from within his office.

Zambery does not have an effective communication machinery to deflect any bad news against him.

With a press secretary whose arrogance and scheming had isolated Zambery from the local press corp and pro-UMNO bloggers that helped defend him against opposition onslaught, and raised eye brow within the UMNO and public, Zambery could be facing it alone when the chips are down this time around.

Be careful, the crazy Nizar could be reading this.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What "the untold MAS story" did not tell? (Part 2)

It is time to leave Tengku Zafrul aside for him to figure out whether he wish to have a press conference and explain his side of the story or not. Will this blue blood silver spooned boy dare to not do a Zarinah?

It is also time to put aside temporarily the story of Tan Sri Robert Phang. His resignation serve our purpose of getting the attention. It is time to focus on unscrambbling all his allegations made on the pretext of perception. The Chinaman is in a state of fright and typical of Chinaman, he is busily bodek-ing and bribing to surpress the truth about himself.

Time this blog return back to the What "the untold MAS story" did not tell? series. It is not about saving Tajuddin. Who cares, he made a name of himself and is rich. This is about exposing the mechanic these lying anti-nationals are doing to discredit our national institutions.

All it takes is to remember that Raja Petra and Din Merican are agents and perpetrators of lies and deceit. Din can call this blog a rogue but it is proven on many occasion and frequently that he and RPK have been wronged and caught lying.

It is a long list.

The untold side of the group meeting with PM and arbitration by ICC

In Part 1, the letter from CID Chief Dato Ramli Yusof to Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (or shorter address as Tun Dol which is similar in sound to tunggul) left clues that there is more than meet the eyes - the choice of English used, legalistic style of writing, and the names of people being cc-ed the letter.

The letter to Tun Dol from Ramli Yusoff was dated March 26th, 2007.

On the same date as stated in MASKargo Managing Director Shaari Sulaiman's memo to the MACC Commissioner dated May 20th 2009 (see above), Dato Ramli gave a briefing to the PM Tun Dol and accompanied by the names cc'ed in the letter - Dato Munir Majid, Dato Idris Jala, Dato Anwar Zaini and Dr Wafi Nazrin.

A week later on April 4th, 2007 was ICC arbitration result which MAS lost. Rosli Dahalan was the lawyer believed to have advised MAS to go for arbitration in Paris. ACL wrote to ICC on October 25th 2004.

Another important date is the promotion date of Ramli Yusof to the position of Director of Commercial Crime Investigation or CCID on May 2005. It was after Abdullah ascension to Prime Ministership on October 2003.

Subsequent to Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli leaving MAS, there were police reports made by MAS against Tajuddin dated January 4th, 2002. Another report on police report on May 4th 2005, was about the time Ramli Yusof was promoted to CCID. (see Shaari's memo above)

We do not have copy of the police reports but notice that both police reports are about the Hahn project. It is not about Tajuddin losing RM8 billion which have never been substantiated.

By the year 2004-05, the investigation could not come up with anything to pin Tajuddin. It was in police lingo, NFAed.

Actually, there is no such thing as NFA or No Further Action. It is merely a colloquil term amongst police that officially means no more investigation until something comes up.

As one high police official used to tell this blogger, "The Police never close any book until it is brought to court. It is always open to await more information and new leads."

These people - lawyer Rosli Dahalan and MAS officials - had no new leads and information to give the police but was making a wayang out of the stalled status..

In the same Shaari's memo, MAS claimed to only realised that the investigations had been NFAed around the submission to the ICC.

Here is a big joke!

But in the same memo, Shaari claimed they only found out that police NFA-ed in late 2008 before the evidentiary hearing in the 2nd stage Arbitration proceedings.

When did MAS actually realised the investigation was NFAed?

It looks like MAS realised it many times. By reading Shaari's memo, which is likely to be written by Rosli Dahalan, the realisation that the case was NFAed came at least when Ramli beame CCID and in 2008!

Truth to the matter is there was not enough issue to pin Tajuddin legally.

Our high level police source claimed that the only thing they could found on Tajuddin was small bits here and there like not returning back books borrowed from MAS library as a matter of speaking. Not the many claims in Shahrin's May 20th 2009 memo to MACC.

Off course, the perception and talks is more than that.

The market speculated that Tajuddin made money from commissions from purchases of aircrafts. During his time, MAS was going on a major fleet expansion.

Public suspect that Edaran Computers was fleecing money out of MAS by supplying PCs. Wonder how much do one make from selling a single PC?

The rumour machine was saying Tajuddin was getting away with everything because he controlled the board. But he had only two representatives on the Board of Directors and Government representatives were dominating.

Off course, the convenient answer was Tajuddin has the ears of Tun Dr Mahathir and they fear to oppose him.

That only indicates that most Government representative and Independent Directors are idiots and don't deserve to be there because they cannot protect the party they represent.

If there are proofs and the RM8 billion alleged loss were real, we would have tag along with Raja Petra when he invited us to pin Tajuddin many years back.

To pin anyone, it requires a justifiable story and some fact to back. It can't be written by someone who has got an axe-to-grind against Tajuddin.

Raja Petra couldn't convince and Salahuddin Ayub couldn't explain for the MAS's RM8 billion loss under Tajuddin. Now we know who the idiot that accepted Raja Petra's invitation.

Below is the whole of Shaari Sulaiman's memo to MACC to request investigation:

MACC answered back to refuse for reason that the file belong to the police and MACC will not encroach and duplicate police investigation.

They got into a tantrum with MACC, to add to their tantrum with police by blaming a conspiracy by Tan Sri Musa Hassan and tantrum with Government prosecution office by blaming Tan Sri Gani Patail.

The letter below:

There are few things that need to be realised.
One, Ramli Yusoff and those MAS people met Tun Dol on March 26th 2007, a week before the ICC result on April 4th, 2007 exonerated ACL and Tajuddin with MAS having to pay up. It means they were pre-empting for their loss to ACL and justifying to pursue Tajuddin.

Their justification was the amount Tajuddin wanted was not the amount ACL is getting.

Big deal! Who in the world sue at or less than they should get? Ask their friend, Anwar Ibrahim, who sue every other person the amount of RM100 million for any words wrongly said against him.

Two, the ICC result in favour of ACL and Tajuddin. The ICC Arbitration was fair and even handed. No spin and perception play through Din Merican's blog or hearsay from Rosli Dahalan bullshit all over town could influence ICC. They are not swayed by politics.

ICC had considered and deliberated on ALL allegations made against Tajuddin. This include the content of the letter to Tun Dol by Ramli Yusoff dated March 26 2007 but actually written by lawyer Rosli Dahalan, and content of subsequent police reports, memos, declarations, and appeals to police, MACC, or Attorney General.

It should include these documents revealed by Malaysia Today below:
  • MAS Dr "Don" 's declaration dated January 4, 2002
  • MASKargo's Dato Ong's declaration dated May 5th 2005
  • Letter from *Shaari Sulaiman, Managing Director MAS Kargo to MACC Commisioner dated May 20, 2009 to request investigation
  • Borang Aduan Shaari Sulaiman dated May 20, 2009
  • Report by Shaari Sulaiman to MACC dated May 20, 2009
  • Dang Wangi Report No. 347/02 dated 4 January 2002
  • Dang Wangi Report No. 12532/05 dated 4 May 2005.
* Shaari Sulaiman is son of former MAS Deputy Chairman, Tan Sri Sulaiman Sujak. Another case of Tengku Zafrul?
All facts of law by MAS lawyers sudah ambil kira ... ma!

Rosli Dahalan should have made the strongest case forward to the ICC which was based on Malaysian law. Unless Din Merican claim he is a good lawyer with unquestionable integrity is also another of his lie, Rosli Dahalan would have left no stone unturned. This Singaporean does not need to come out with excuses after the verict.

But they lost.

Picture of a copy of the ICC Award is in this blogger's
possession. Compliment of Rosli Dahalan's office ... hehehe

The details can be elaborated but it will bore readers with legal technicality.

The points are available to counter all of the lies and spin in the various memos, police report and letters emanating from MAS, which are of no legal value but merely spin and lies of Rosli Dahalan.

The documents is available and analysed for us to prove that the esteemed Dato Professor Din Merican and Raja Petra are compulsive liar and spinner.

Din claim himself disillusioned with Anwar but Malaysiakini described him as close associate of Anwar Ibrahim. JR Mallott described him as friend.

To pun the idiom, birds of the same feather, Anwar and Din must be liars of the same tongue or same breed of Mamak.

Food for thoughts for fellow readers.

Din Merican with input from Rosli had downplayed the ICC judgement. Ponder this: why didn't MAS appeal the judgement by ICC?

What we have come to know is Rosli and MAS lawyers had not properly briefed the MAS management, Government and all stakeholders. Instead they are playing wayang such as linking Ramli Yusof corruption charges with investigation of Tajuddin and making accusation that Shahidan Shafie help closed the MAS investigation.

Raja Petra and Din Merican (with Rosli Dahalan allegedly behind) had spinned that Ramli Yusoff was victimise and charged for corruption and abuse of power because he reopen the file of Tajuddin Ramli. They were using also the lembu Robert Phang as a dumb loudspeaker. Why?

Wait for the next one as we reveal a high level conspiracy involving the MAS official, a Pak Lah sahabat, Rosli Dahalan and police officials. Together to be revealed is Rosli Dahalan's motive.

Promise to be a bomber like many other bombs we have exploded before in this blog. Police and MACC should start to look into.

Let's hope that Ramli Yusoff visits to meet IGP Tan Sri Ismail does not sway things and the law is allowed to takes it's own course without any "film directors" directing wayang and doing perception play behind the scene.

Stay tune.

* Updated and edited 16/2/2011 8:30 AM

Monday, February 14, 2011

Zafrul doing a Zarinah

The Malaysiakini news appeared on February 8th, 2011 and it is February 14th 2011. Six days has passed.

This is no longer the days of snail mail, newspapers, and line calls. It is too long to hear no response. One can consider what happened as the truth.

Since his remark was published in Malaysiakini, the blogs have been making an issue out of Tengku Zafrul's remark, pro or con. The latest Harakah gave a frontpage coverage.

Zafrul's silence inspire us to post something here to put the disparage of information and murmuring into perspective.

Suddenly he got my neighbourhood breakfast kaki to awake me from my short sleep because he wants to meet.


I only begin to sleep after doing my subuh prayers and was only having minimal sleep the night before. To hear Zafrul wanting to meet me, it just made my day.

Zafrul is stalling and avoiding the press by trying to meet privately so that things will hush hush down. He is doing a Zarinah. She had a Deputy Minister instruct us to meet her and her husband.

No can do.

He doesn't pay me salary to order me around. No one does!

Zafrul should hold a press conference and state his stance. I want to hear him criticise organiser Idea and Pemandu.

And he has some more than 13 years of story to explain.

I am being brutal.

The reason being ... why didn't he responded when I attempted to meet him to hear his side of the takeover of Avenue by ECM Libra back in 2006?

It is payback time.

I am not interested to meet and hear his explanation privately now about being misquoted and his claim that he has video proof of being spinned by Malaysiakini.

Six days has passed, damage has been done and he is now for public domain, even if mainstream news did not picked it up. There is a public campaign against him picking up steam.

A source said he was in Bangkok all these while. What so important for him to be in Bangkok when he messed up some other people's name?

That is selfish and inconsiderate!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tengku Zafrul, Maybank's wrong signal to the market

In a forum organised by Melayu Liberal group, Idea, Maybank Investment Banking CEO, Tengku Dato Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz commented that the appointment of former Negri Sembilan Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abdul Samad as Felda chairperson has been unsettling news for the market.

Malaysiakini quoted him saying further, “There have been many GLCs that have ex-politicians appointed as chairpersons, but Felda is a rare case, where the market is concerned with such an appointment. It sends the wrong signals.”

On the contrary, Zafrul.

The wrong signal to the market that is sending jitters to investors is emanating from Maybank. By the end of this posting, even Zafrul should be convinced that it is he himself that is unsettling the market.

If I am still active in the market, I will be MORE concerned with the general level of incompetence, lack of integrity, and unnationalistic spirit, including the absence of compassion for fellow Bumiputera, prevailing amongst the existing crop of so-called professionally trained young CEOs and senior executives of GLCs.

It will not just end there.

It goes all the way up to the CEO of Khazanah, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and his senios executives. Compunding further will be the problems of moral hazard and dishonesty of the Minister-in charge, Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop.

For someone who started his career in 1996, Zafrul rise straight to the top of the corporate food chain without any operating experience would unsettle any financial markets.

Zafrul began his career circa 1996 and his first job was believed to be as an Investment Analyst in a small French Bank, Credit Agricole. He became their representative Director.

He was then roped in as Investment Relation Officer at Tenaga Malaysia Berhad by the then Chairman Dato Seri Dr Jamaluddin bin Jarjis or JJ as everyone would call him.

When JJ moved to become Minister of Finance II, suddenly this average joe metereorically rose to become CEO of Government-owned, Avenue Asset or later Capital.

All it takes is to understand that his mother, Raja Zaharaton Raja Zainal Abidin was the Director General of Economic Planning Unit.

She represented the Government as Independent Director of TNB at the time of JJ and the time of Dato Dr Awang Adek Hussein as Chairmen of TNB in the mid 2000s.

His mother's brother is now Senator Raja Dato Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin, the Federal Territory Minister and Urban Well Beings and Head of UMNO Lembah Pantai Division.

A nice man, nice Datin and nice daughter.

They say Zafrul has family relation via JJ's wife, Datin Seri Dr Kalsom Ismail and it was when JJ was MoF II to Tun Dr Mahathir that he was appointed COO and later promoted to become CEO of Avenue.

One can read his bragging of himself in this Nut Graph interview here and this company profile of RZA here to get an idea of his family.

Zafrul fits the myCEOwatch blog description here as "the country's most ambitious Malay crony of the first decade of the 21st century." He fits in the model Melayu Liberal spewing neo-liberalism but practisioner of cronyism and nepotism. Read here and here.

His irresponsible view of Isa Samad is reflective of his arrogance from the ignorance of youth and his ideological and personal alliance with the most hated son-in-law in Malaysian history, Khairy Jamaluddin.

It was around the time of 2005 when Zafrul was at Avenue Asset, JJ was MoF II and mother Raja Zaharaton was Director General of EPU that there was an attempt to list the business operation of the Felda organisation, Felda Holdings Berhad.

This is something for MACC to dig back.

The idea is heard to have come from another member of Maybank's current top management.

The linkages of those names was one issue but another issue was the eventual shareholding structure of Felda Holdings.

Off course, it is will no more be Koperasi Felda and Felda proper holding the bigger chunk but reduced for a big piece of the pie to be divided up by rats and other animals.

Some say Khairy has his hand in that piece of the pie.

There was also a scheme for a Felda Holdings to buy an expensively priced business abroad as to justify raising fund through the market. This amazed the internal staff and management because they know Felda is cash rich and do not need to list and share the cake of their effort.

With that background story on Zafrul, any shareholder of Maybank should feel shivers running up their spine. Hold on, there is more to scare the shareholders of Maybank and stakeholders of PNB.

It is an open secret that Zafrul was KJ's proxy in NGO, Promuda and he was on KJ's side when Promuda was split apart by the Tun M-Tun Dol clash.

One can say also he was non-commital and playing it safe.

It was around that time that Zafrul open the books of Avenue Capital when Khairy and Kalimullah barge into the office and say, "I want this Company."

Zafrul had an earlier ambition to do an MBO of Avenue from MoF. He intend to submit a proposal. Whether he did ot not, Dato Hamzah Zainuddin also submitted one to Tun Dol.

Both papers eventually landed on Dato Zaki Zahid's desk but did not reach the destined Koperasi Usaha Bersatu (KUB) assigned by Tun Dol. It got diverted to Khairy's secret penthouse for his rendesvous with Maya Karin.

He left before the merger began as though in protest. The whole system, rules and procedure, process of Government and Parliament's PAC was manipulated and abused to enable ECM Libra to takeover Avenue Asset.

Zafrul joined Citibank and left in a short time.

Within a year, he emerged as CEO of Tune Money with Tony Fernandez, Kalimullah and his ECM Libra team. Only an idiot will say they are not linked to Khairy. So it seems Zafrul was rewarded for betraying his former employer.

Talking about all these evil people will not be complete without talking about Tan Sri Amirsham Aziz and Maybank.

One corporate player said Dato Amirsham Abdul Aziz was linked to Khairy. He gave Khairy's associates of robber barrons the access to Maybank's funding and got himself rewarded as Minister who could only answer leaked question in Parliament.

Yet other Bumiputera had to face a gruelling Maybank to get loans during Tun Dol era.

As the days passed by and seeing Amirsham and his set of Melayu members in NEAC betrayed the Bumiputera, I would believe if any source of stature were to tell me that Amisham had "looted" Maybank in the BII deal.

Zafrul's presence in Maybank may not be Dato Wahid Omar's preference but at the request of somebody higher up.

That is the problem with Wahid. He seems to be a loyal servant ever willing to carry out instruction from above and clean up other people's shit. He may have had to obliged to absorb Zafrul to clean up or cover, in the name of restructuring, the bad loans of Khairy's associates.

Zafrul is a chap who is not worried about getting his hands dirty. What is meant as hands dirty is not hands on but play dirt.

He belongs to the non civil service era of MCOBA product that not gentlemanly brave to face confrontation but infamous for using people and stabbing behind the scene. I have friends working under Zafrul and friends who are friends of Zafrul. "Susah anak orang kaya ni, semua dia nak menang."

Prior to Maybank, Zafrul got himself entangled in insider trading in the EON Capital-Hong Leong merger during his short stinct as Kenanga Director.

His former boss at Avenue, Deputy Chairman Gooi Hooi Soon denied sharing infomation with Zafrul and Zafrul denied as he took the stand in court. I don't buy their denial. It is easy to deny because it is difficult to proof.

Zafrul's so-called moralistic comment against Isa is really frightening because it is made part without any sense of guilt or shame from any attempt of self reflection. Is this crooked boy wonder claiming other's as crooked?

His comment about Isa Samad should be of concern to PNB as ultimate shareholder and other shareholders of Maybank. It is indicative of immaturity and negligent attitude common in other GLCs and Khazanah but is creeping into Maybank's top management.

How do you deal with an infantile CEO who can't understand that the very person who approve his appointment as CEO is the one that approved Isa Samad as Chairman? Is he questioning the decision of his ultimate boss, the Prime Minister?

From the words heard, Najib is really upset and had instructed through Zafrul's uncle, Raja Nong Chik that a written apology be sent to Isa.

Zafrul is desperately seeking for an appointment from Isa to seek apology. He thinks we could do a Nazir Razak when he passed bad comments on NEP at the MCA Economic Conference last year and was given audience to seek apology and explanation i.e. lecture from Tun Dr Mahathir

He forgot that Isa knows of Zafrul's association with Khairy Jamaluddin, Tun Dol's son-in-law. (If he doesn't, this blogger will e-mail the Felda boss.) Isa is heard to have said, "He got better things to do (than meet that boy)."

People tend to kid Isa as pendek but the whole Maybank management will be shorter than Isa when they come begging on their knees to ask Isa not to reciprocate.

Felda has every right to be angry and reciprocate when a Banker shows no respect for client. More so, when those remarks are laden with political agenda.

Isa was fixed by Tun Dol, Khairy and a coterie of evildoers that include Abdullah's own family, certain Sahabat. For recollection, read back the series written in this blog to defend Isa - sini, sini, sini dan sini serta sini.

Now if I am Isa and the Chairman of Felda, I would immediately instruct Felda to take out all cash and deposits from Maybank. They can close their Jalan Maktab branch for all I care.

Another Bank can immediately takeover that same premise and with the deposit, they can instantly be a financial powerhouse.

Felda's money is not safe under the safekeeping of a Bank managed by a "good boy", as one SMS reply from someone that can be considered as Zafrul's boss described him.

Maybank Investment Bank must not qualify to be adviser or underwriter in the listing exercise of any outfit of Felda.

In the first place, boys should not pretend to be adults, be showered with accolades like Datokship, and socialise with adults until they are mature enough to know who is their boss, when to talk, and what to talk.

If the boy wish to speak as he pleases, quit his job and be a blogger.

Zafrul must truly be wet behind his ears to not know that Felda had been a major shareholder of Maybank from it's post Khoo Teck Puat era under the Government and a longstanding major client of Maybank.

The person that shaped Maybank is the same person that shaped Felda and has a hand in Mara. The person is Allahyarham Tan Sri Taib Andak or Wak Yib as Muorian of Parit Bakar would address him. Zafrul should know that Taib Andak is not just the name of Mawi's Felda home.

That is just the surface of the insult he has incurred on the Felda organisation.

The damage the nincom-poop did

Zafrul has made himself a political liability and disservice to his political master. His remark has given the opposition bullets to put his employer - the Government and Dato Najib - in their firing range.

Since it is happening, shouldn't he be fired again?

Yes, I said fired again because it is nothing new for this over ambitious job hopper who carry no moss.

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