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MATCVS resort to lying and underhanded means to get illegal FRCS recognised

They were selling shortage of Medical Specialist to get public and political support to push for the unrecognised Parallel Pathway program for the 'illegal' FRCS International of RCS Edinburgh.

The shortage could not be overcome by the PP program since it is not recognised by the Malaysian Medical Council. PP does no not comply with the amended Medical Act 1971, Medical Regulation 2017 and Malaysian Qualifying Agency Act 2007 on the criterias of running a foreign educational program, recognition of the program, registration of the program, acceptance as Specialist, and registration into the National Specialist Registrar.  

The champion and coordinator of the program, the Malaysian Association of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons (MATCVS) resorted to lie and claim their PP program was already recognised but it was duly dispelled by MMC. 

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Taken aback, the "medical scam syndicate" resorted to apply political pressure through few colluding wakil rakyat to voice in their respective Dewan and using other more underhanded ways. 

One resorted to lie and claim the FRCS International are already registered in the NSR but turned out those he referred do not hold PP's FRCS International diploma but the recognised FRCS (JCIE) Intercollegiate and Masters in Surgery.  

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This coordinated effort to lie and mislead the public has been carried by supposedly distinguished medical doctors and it will cost lives on the operating table.

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The negligence of these self serving doctors has reached its toll on patients:

Rumours or facts?

I heard this directly from the horse’s mouth. 

There are rumours of high POMR (Post Operative Mortality Rate) for 2023 around 50 cases. In simple term, every week someone died after open heart surgery and this is not good. 

POMR refers to the rate of death that occurs within a 30 days period after a surgical procedure. It's typically expressed as a percentage and is an important indicator of the safety and effectiveness of surgical interventions. It is often used in healthcare quality assessment and research to evaluate surgical outcomes and identify areas for improvement in patient care.

There are also rumours of complains by Junior Medical Officers of bullying and harassment by Parallel Program candidates in various hospitals, poor operative result leading to these doctors being brought up to hospital enquiries. 

I have the evidence but please check. This shows poor monitoring and management of a training program. As I said before in my other articles, these part time educators have no business running a training program like this in this country. Leave it to the professional educators in the universities to do this. 

Afterall, this is what we do fulltime. 

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