Monday, August 29, 2011

The police we trust, Your accomplice we don't

Whether it is his stubborn Bugis blood or salvaging lost pride, it is pathetic to see Raja Petra's last ditch effort to defend his loss cause to frame Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli with that ridiculous claim of RM8 billion loss during his Chairmanship at Malaysian Airlines (MAS).

In his posting, MAS lost discrepency, his reply to the annual accounts proof that we presented is to spin and attempt to entrap us as though we trust the auditors more than the law enforcement institution, PDRM.

Nice try, my friend.

It is not the police that we do not trust. It is your accomplice in this big lie that we don't. And they are the schemer, lawyer Rosli Dahalan, and the primary accomplice, former CCID, Dato Ramli Yusof.

The supporting roles are played by former Kuala Lumpur OCCI, Dato Mat Zin Ibrahim, former MACC sub-committee member, Tan Sri Robert Phang, Member of Parliament, Salahuddin Ayub, and undeservingly decorated Associate Prof. Dato Din Merican.

Now to return the ball back to his side of the court. May we ask as to why he - someone who claims to fight against corruption, purveyor of justice and democrasy, and fighter of human rights - mixing with such unsavory characters?

Ramli's lie

When Raja Petra jumped straight to claim the police or Ramli Yusof as the person responsible for the RM8 billion lie, it saves us the trouble to explain. The RM8 billion figure came from the following letter:

Do read the names this letter was addressed and cc'ed for they are the third level accomplice.

From this letter, The Malaysian Insiders claim that the figure came from within MAS in a police report in 2002 can be debunked. The police report was made by Dr Mohamadon bin Abdullah but it does not mention of such numbers. See below:

Neither was it mentioned in the police report by Dato Ong Jyh Jong in May 2005 and Shahari bin Sulaiman (to MACC) in May 2009.

The conjured up figure would not have come from MAS. Below is the loss that they knew:

If MAS with all the accounts and documents at their disposal dare not quantify and accuse Tajuddin of such humongous loss, how did the police and specifically Ramli Yusof, trained at UIA in law (not accounting) came up with RM8 billion?

It requires the same level of stupidity to present an accusation with intricate organisation chart and so-called sordid transaction but was dated May 2003 after Tajuddin left MAS?

Unsavory characters

Raja Petra is only interested in using Malaysia Today as a political propaganda machine. He admitted that Malaysia Today is now not interested to seek truth but to perpetuate lies and untruth.

Let's not mind him for that.

But we are not interested to pin people, even how unsavory they are being perceived. It is a grave injustice to accuse someone, be it the murder of a Mongolian or be part of a fraud to create fictitous medical report or now create losses which were untrue.

We will not mince our word to say that this is but part of grandiose skull and drudgery conspiracy of the schemer Rosli Dahlan to fix Tajuddin.

We'll not bother retelling the story again. Read back our past postings below:
December 16, 2010 - MAS corruption investigation lose objectivity to political spinning
December 27, 2010 - Why the chase for the ghost of the past?
January 17, 2011 - Exposed: MACC adviser bribed a Ministry Sec-Gen!
January 19, 2011 - Phang got petty and personal
January 27, 2011 - Don't cry for him ... Robert Phang
February 06, 2011 - Connecting the dots of conspiracy
February 07, 2011 - Another side to Gani's pilgrimmage story
February 15 - June 12, 2011 - What "the untold MAS story" did not tell? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6
June 06, 2011 - Speak up not without fear, but with facts
June 18, 2011 - Concluding what "the untold MAS story" did not tell
In fact, Raja Petra's series on Sarbaini recently had the touch and signature of Rosli Dahlan's vengence against MACC. Read Ahmad Sarbani’s death: the lies and deceptions by the MACC Part 1 to Part 9

It started with Rosli approaching his UIA buddy, Ramli Yusof on his return to Bukit Aman. Enough of Rosli Dahlan, now why is Raja Petra mixing with a crooked cop Ramli Yusof?

For a police who joined the forces in the early 70s at a monthly salary of RM400, how did he accumulate asset of RM7.7 million and never lost money in the stock market? Read the expose by The Unspinners here and here.

Raja Petra could use the court's acquital as defense and he has the rights to. But, it is not fool proof argument. Our court system is littered of judges with no balls to sentence suspects of Money Laundering Act (AMLA).

By half the standard of evidence of our MACC, suspects in Singapore or China are guaranteed prison sentences. However, our dumb judges are protecting corrupts by insisting on proving the corrupt act.

Don't tell me Sabah Deepthroat, Mutallib Mohamad never told Raja Petra about Ramli Yusof's widely known exploit in Sabah?

For Ramli's case, it is convenient to have a wife as judge.

More so to have his friend and long time accomplice, Dato Mat Zin Ibrahim befriend a lawyer by the name of Halim Yahya. Mat Zin is the former Kuala Lumpur OCCI. They gang-up together against Tan Sri Musa Hasan.

Unfortunately, this 7 million dollar man blew away his "hard earned" money in a venture with some Chinaman and was facing bankruptcy in May 2009.

It is easier doing business inside the force than outside the force. Just like Ramli is a better stock market player inside the force than any trained Fund Manager in town.

Lucky for Mat Zin to get coverage in Anwar Ibrahim's blog. It is not coincidence that Md Zin is now on Anwar's side on his black eye and DNA issues.

Most likely he is not bankrupt anymore.

Is he replacing Robert Phang as attack dog?

Enough is already known of the unsavory side of Robert Phang and Din Merican. There is more in store, if it is convenient.


As for former attack dog, Salahuddin, he is now liable to be sued. He raised about the RM8 billion loss and claim it as big as PKFZ in 2010.

Thanks to Salahuddin, not only Tajuddin may end up owning The Malaysian Insider, he has the option to wind up Harakah and PAS.

Salahuddin and Mahfudz may end up financially unfit to hold political office.

The Malaysian Insider is too proud and stubborn. They have did it before on the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.

They thought they could do the same on a fallen corporate player. After the May 31st article, they repeated the same allegations on Augst 12th and August 15th. Always do your homework.

UMNO Selangor is seriously pursuing Mustafa Ali legally for his wild accusation at UMNO Selangor for the DUMC saga. Ministry of Home Affair is suing Zuraidah Kamaruddin for her wild accusation and fraudulent documents used to slander the Ministry.

The Malaysian Insider don't stand a chance of winning this lawsuit. Taib Mahmud has a lawsuit against Malaysiakini and it is much in his favour. We heard another one is coming.

Telling lies will be an expensive affair from here onward.


Raja Petra thinks by claiming that the Ramli Yusof letter to Abdullah Badawi will save Malaysian Insider because Tajuddin will have to sue the police too. Why bother over a letter that is not publicly available?

Did he not follow Anwar's case where Yusri Ali formerly of Pusrawi could not produce the original medical report?

For curiosity, let's ponder where did Rosli conjure up such number?

Perhaps it could be from within MAS as Malaysia Insider claim. Becuase it must come from someone, who is too used to very big numbers that RM8 billion is meaningless. That someone cannot be from inside MAS. Who brought him or her into MAS?

Could that someone - out to see MAS fail so that they could benefit from it - whispered those sweet numbers to these people? Rosli should know.

Or perhaps he doesn't. If so, he is still a two bit player and there is a bigger Schemer.

We have some idea who. Stay tune after Raya.

In the meanwhile, Selamat Hari Raya and the customary but sincere Maaf zahir dan batin.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

MUSICAL PRELUDE: Comfortably Numb

Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone at home?
Come on, now,
I hear you're feeling down.
Well I can ease your pain
And get you on your feet again.
I need some information first.
Just the basic facts
Can you show me where it hurts?

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon.
You are only coming through in waves.
Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying.
When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons.
Now I've got that feeling once again
I can't explain you would not understand
This is not how I am.
I have become comfortably numb.


I have become comfortably numb.

O. K.
Just a little pin prick.
There'll be no more AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
But you may feel a little sick.
Can you stand up?
I do believe its working. Good.
That'll keep you going through the show
Come on it's time to go.

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon.
You are only coming through in waves.
Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying.
When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown,
The dream is gone.
I have become comfortably numb.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why is George Soros selling gold and buying farmland?

Mike Adams
Natural News, Aug 15, 2011

Food prices are skyrocketing all across the globe, and there’s no end in sight. The United Nations says food inflation is currently at 30% a year, and the fast-eroding value of the dollar is causing food prices to appear even higher (in contrast to a weakening currency).

As the dollar drops in value due to runaway money printing at the Federal Reserve, the cost to import foods from other nations looks to double in just the next two years — and possibly every two years thereafter.

That’s probably why investors around the globe are flocking to farmland as the new growth industry.

“Investors are pouring into farmland in the U.S. and parts of Europe, Latin America and Africa as global food prices soar,” reports Bloomberg magazine (…).

“A fund controlled by George Soros, the billionaire hedge-fund manager, owns 23.4 percent of South American farmland venture Adecoagro SA.”

Jim Rogers is also quoted in the same story, saying, “I have frequently told people that one of the best investments in the world will be farmland.”

That’s because demand for food is accelerating even as radical climate changes, a loss of fossil water supplies, and the failure of genetically engineered crops is actually reducing food yields around the globe. Ceres Partners, which invests in farmland, has produced astonishing 16 percent annual returns since its launch in 2008. And this is during a depressed economy when most other industries are showing losses.

Why growing and storing your own food can be a goldmine

All this means we can count on three things happening in the years ahead:
Prediction #1) Food supplies will become more scarce.

Prediction #2) Food prices will double over the next 2-3 years, and then probably double again in another 2-3 years.

Prediction #3) When food prices are 400% of today’s levels, backyard farming or gardening pays off big in terms of real dollar savings.
In other words, as food prices skyrocket, it becomes increasingly more financially viable to grow your own food (or store it now while prices are low). I’m listing some resources below where you can learn more about growing your own food or storing high-density superfoods right now, but in the mean time, I’d like you to start considering the idea of starting your own garden in the spring.

You can’t grow gold. You can’t print your own currency (unless you’re the Fed). But you CAN grow something more valuable than gold and money: Food!

Lessons from post World War II Taiwan and why food is more valuable than gold

I lived in Taiwan for two years, and I’ve had the opportunity to talk with people there who lived through the post World War II recovery. During the war, of course, Taiwan was occupied by the imperialist Japanese empire, and Taiwan existed in a state of military occupation (with perpetual martial law).

After the war ended and the Japanese left, Taiwan bootstrapped its own government into power under Chiang Kai-shek. The old Taiwan currency was immediately printed in large quantities by the Taiwan government leading to a runaway inflation scenario for what is now called the “old Taiwan dollar.” Very quickly, however, the government launched a new currency called the New Taiwan dollar (NT$). By 1949, the old Taiwan dollar was being exchanged for the New Taiwan dollar (NT$) at a ratio of 40,000 to 1. (Yep. You had $40,000 and now it’s worth a buck…).

During those years after WWII, if you wanted to rent an apartment, buy a house or find a place to live, cash was worthless and even GOLD wasn’t considered very useful. The only thing that represented real wealth was FOOD. If you had food, you could trade it for anything: an automobile, a home, tools, clothing or even land. If you didn’t have food, you were bankrupt; regardless of how much cash or gold you had.

A chicken that could lay eggs was worth more than an ounce of gold!

You can’t eat gold, folks. And you can’t eat silver. Everybody has to eat to stay alive, and that means everybody needs a constant stream of food just to keep breathing. That’s why investing in food makes so much sense.

And by “investing in food,” I mean any or all of the following:
• Investing in storable food that you can save on the shelf and keep for future use or barter.

• Investing in your own gardening skills so that you have the know-how to produce food when needed.

• Investing in non-hybrid garden seeds so that you have the genetic blueprints to grow food that can propagate itself generation after generation.

• Investing in farmland — especially farmland with water — that offers the fertility and climate to produce food.

• Investing in educational courses that teach you how to create food through a variety of methods: Wildcrafting, gardening, sprouting and so on.

Retrieved from


Are you listening or still caught in web of bureaucrasy and excuses? Or just ripping off?

Where is Khazanah Nasional and their supposedly strategic investment policies for the country in this area?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ng yens Mirza's second acquital?

Datuk Mirza Mohammad Taiyab Beg.

The name of the Director General of Tourism Minister - the man who dare say NO to his political Master, the man who will not stoop to political nonsense - should ring the invoke a sense of guilt in the consciousness of the former as well the current Tourism Ministers.

The former, Datok Azalina Mohd Said had her Ministerial career ended after attempts to fix him with corruption charges failed. While dentists are supposed to fix aching teeth, Dr Kamariah (Din Merican's current wife) was helping her friend at University of Malaya to fix on an innocent man. Read one of the posting here.

Najib left Azalina out of his new cabinet. She will be another casualty of wasted leadership talent in politics. For this case, it is the politician's doing and not a story of fallen heroine to the dirty games of politics.

For whatever bad luck of Mirza, another lady Tourism Ministry, Dato Ng Yen Yen, whose eager to get her son a piece of the action on the advertisement budget, is setting him up for the slammer also. Read back this old posting here.

Maybe luck is still with Mirza. Former Pempena COO Mohammad Rosly Md Selamat, who was charged with Mirza on a Malaysian Kitchen related transaction, was acquited together with former Pempena financial controller, Lim Khing Tai yesterday.

Will this be a prequel to another acquital? Mirza's miraculous second return will only make him more respectable and influential amongst his peers, subordinate and industry stalwart to resist his political master. It should auger well for the industry to move on the rightful and righteous path.

If so, it will mean it is Yen Yen who will end up moving. Will she fight it out? Or end up the same fate as Azalina?

Former Pempena COO acquitted of CBT charge

The Star, August 17th, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR: A Sessions Court here acquitted and discharged two former high-ranking officers from Pempena Sdn Bhd, a subsidary of the Tourism Ministry, over a CBT charge involving RM 169,770.

Session Court judge Rozana Ali Yusoff held Wednesday that the prosecution had failed to proof a prima facie against former Pempena COO Mohammad Rosly Md Selamat and former financial controller Lim Khing Tai.

She added that the prosecution had failed to prove that Mohammad Rosly and Lim had control of the company's fund.

Instead, she said, Mohammad Rosly and Lim only acted on the instructions from the top people who gave them the power to sign cheques.

"Everything was done in the open and in the presence of other directors," she added.

Mohammad Rosly was charged with using the money, in four Bumiputra Commerce Berhad cheques, which had been entrusted to him as payment to Ummi Hafilda Ali.

He was charged with using the money to pay sponsorship for a concert by singer Amr Diab, despite being aware that the payment had yet to be approved by Pempena Sdn Bhd's board of directors.

The offence was allegedly committed at the Pempena Sdn Bhd office at Menara Dato' Onn, Putra World Trade Center on Aug 15, 2006.

Lim was also charged with the same offence.

With Mohammad Rosly acquital, will it be a divine signal that Mirza will be out too? The second attempt to fix Mirza for corruption is for a different case back and Mohammad Rosly is being charged together in August 2010.

Mirza denies RM888,000 CBT charge

The Star, Tuesday August 17, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR: Tourism Malaysia director-general Datuk Mirza Mohammad Taiyab Beg has pleaded not guilty to criminal breach of trust (CBT) involving RM888,000.

The 52-year-old was jointly charged with former Pempena Sdn Bhd chief operations officer (COO) Mohammad Rosly Md Selamat, 56, who also claimed trial at the Sessions Court here.

The men remained calm when their charge was read out before a packed courtroom at the court complex here yesterday.

Earlier, Mohammad Rosly pleaded not guilty to another CBT charge at another Sessions Court.

The two were accused of committing CBT at the Pempena office at the Putra World Trade Centre here on Feb 27, 2007.

The men, who were entrusted with RM888,000 of the company’s funds, were accused of committing the crime when they paid the sum to LCL Interior LCL Dubai for a project to build a restaurant in Dubai.

They allegedly paid the money to set up the eatery called Restoran Malaysia Dubai al­­­­­­­­­­­­­though the project did not fulfil the necessary requirements.

Sessions judge Azizah Mahamud granted Mirza and Mohammad Rosly a bail of RM30,000 and RM50,000 with one surety respectively. Both men made bail.

She fixed Sept 6 for the next mention.

The judge ordered that Mohammad Rosly’s passport be impounded but allowed Mirza’s passport to be surrendered on or before Sept 1 to enable him to perform the umrah.
Mohammad Rosly

Mirza was represented by counsel Shashi Menon while lawyer Rejinder Singh acted for Mohammad Rosly.

Deputy Public Prosecutors Nahra Dollah and Rebecca Mathan appeared for the prosecution.

This is the second time Mirza has been charged for graft.

On Aug 13, 2008, he claimed trial to wrongfully accepting a sponsored dental implant treatment worth RM13,860 from his brother’s partner in a consultancy company, which obtained overseas projects from the agency.

He was alleged to have received the sponsorship from Perunding Pakar Media Sdn Bhd’s director Zulhisyam Ayob, 48, with­­­­­out consideration, at Clinical Practice Pros­thodontics Sdn Bhd, in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, between Jan 17 and July 26, 2005, when he was the deputy director-general 1.

On July 24, last year, Mirza was acquitted by Sessions judge Zainal Abidin Kamaruddin without his defence being called.

The prosecution then filed an appeal with the High Court, but withdrew it in May.

For this case, Mirza signed the cheque as mere authorised signatory of the Company upon other's empowered approval for the payment. Thus it is mind bloggling that he end up being charged by Attorney General's office.

Almost everyone asked, including MACC officers, vouch for his integrity and honesty as well as brevity to resist Minister's whim and fancy. It is almost a chorus that the suspicion that he is being fixed by the current Minister to ease her son's role for a piece of action in the ad budget. How could a case be built against him based on such intentions, especially it is not easy to hold up in court?

With some knowledge of the case, the real indiscretion lies with money from a failed Hyderabad restaurant which is supposed to be returned but get rerouted elsewhere. Why was this left unaddressed by MACC?

Could Yen Yen explain?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

MAS-Air Asia swap: A shroud of mystery

Ihe opportunity for me to give the most current commentaries on the few development involving the latest development MAS has passed me. I was hospitalised since last Tuesday.

After undergoing fairly lengthy tests, it turns out I've been asthmatic for quite many months. Having undergone the treatment, I am feeling much better now. Not fully recovered, but physically better.

A word of advice: Never underestimate that common COUGH.

As much as I am yearning to comeback fighting on the MAS issues, I will have to pace myself. For one, I will have to analyse what was the meaning behind the meaning of Tun Dr Mahathir's supportive words for the swap excercise. He hoped MAS can learn how to reduce cost.

Thus I'll not start going Tora! Tora! Tora! to blast every other insider input I get but to compile and review the various views already expressed on the issue. A friendly, elderly and wiser advise told me to remain supportive of Dato Najib.

We'll start with Miriam Mokhtar's column on FMT here minus the caustic sarcasm part on Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli. That issue will be covered differently. Remember that this blog was the one to debunk the RM8 billion slanderous claim on Tajuddin.

Not forgetting her terrible treatment of Pehin Seri Taib Mahmud leading to the Sarawak State Election in April 2011, the gist of Miriam's column provide a background view of this issue. She expressed the concern of opposition politicians like Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad on matter of competitiveness, monopoly and business fairplay.

After all, the Government embarked on an Airline Rationalisation Plan in 2005 to promote competition within local aviation industry but not saved from being shrouded with intrigue.

Why is the MAS/AirAsia merger necessary? Was it to help MAS or AirAsia? No one really knows as this deal is shrouded in mystery.

The fly-by-night people in charge of MAS are no better than a posse of cowboys. Why do we continue to tolerate the wasteful antics of our politicians who indulge in a game of real-life Monopoly and who use taxpayers’ money to bail out ailing companies?

In a perverse reversal of the saying “King Midas and his golden touch”, it appears that whatever BN-Umno politicians “touch” will always turn to dust and ashes.

This deal that is struck with MAS and AirAsia is another smack in the face for the public. What sort of responsible government allows such a merger to take place? By agreeing to this merger, the government has neglected to address healthy competition which in essence should benefit the airline customers, companies and the Malaysian economy.

What about fair trading practices? Or conflict of interest? Or share prices? Maybe the Securities Commission should start probing both AirAsia and MAS about insider trading or any other irregularities. What about the jets each carrier uses, the agreements and maintenance contracts signed with Boeing and Airbus? Who honours what? ...

...With this latest defrauding of the public purse, how much of the taxpayers’ money has gone unaccounted for? This government is neither transparent nor accountable. It does not adhere to its own catch-phrase, “People First, Performance Now”. It doesn’t even match up to its own Key Performance Indicators.

In the late 1960s and 1970s, working for MAS was both a privilege and carried great prestige. Today, there is a different portrait of the MAS employees. Many are unhappy and morale is at an all-time low. Disaffection with MAS is felt by cabin, flight and ground crews including engineering and maintenance staff.

Jala’s forte

When Singapore Airlines (SIA) and MAS emerged from the ashes of the now-defunct Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA), SIA went from strength to strength while MAS was left in the doldrums....

...In these days of rising fuel costs and tight profit margins, the airline industry is more competitive than ever. However, the Malaysian Cabinet denies putting government officials in charge of a global brand.

These officials are clueless about most things and have no experience of running an airline. The first thing to effect a turnaround should have been to disband the senior management, all of whom are mere government puppets.

If there was one brief moment of respite for MAS staff, it was when Idris Jala took over and was “praised” for turning the company around. But even simpletons realise that selling your best assets just to make the books look good, is not financial wizardry. Many in MAS are still angry with Jala.

Asset stripping was Jala’s forte. He also engaged in cost-cutting by reducing many of the privileges enjoyed by the staff without addressing the problems created by Umnoputras and BN politicians who treated the airline like it was their own private transport.

Jala, having collected his performance bonus, then entered the government’s bloated political élite club via the back door and became a senator and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.

So if Jala has turned MAS around, why is the MAS-AirAsia merger necessary? Was it to help MAS or AirAsia? No one really knows as this deal is shrouded in mystery.

Mahathir remarked that the MAS-AirAsia merger was a “very good idea” as “AirAsia can learn about the experience of MAS and MAS can learn how to reduce costs as done by AirAsia”....

...Being held accountable

When will we have a head of MAS who is brave enough to say “No” to the government? MAS was a fine airline decades ago and many Malaysians were proud to fly with it. These days, MAS is overpriced and uncompetitive.

AirAsia is nothing to shout about. Customer service is non-existent and it is not cheap flying AirAsia on some long-haul flights. The merger will be another nail in the coffin with regard to competition....

Friday, August 12, 2011

RM7 billion debt Tony now inside Malaysia Airport?

After getting into MAS through a swap, BigDogDotcom here raised the question of Air Asia taking strategic equity in Malaysia Airport Berhad (MAB).

BK Siddhu of The Star reported of a Board revamp at MAB with some Air Asia familiar names getting on board. This is strange.

In the case of MAS, a competitor came into MAS. Now this would mean Air Asia that is a slippery debtor that accumulated RM105 million current debt with MAB is going to come on board to advise MAB on cashflow management and how to run an Airport?

The way they structured their presence in MAS was to placed themselves in active role through a newly formed exco or a management committee. They will want an active role somewhere in MAB too.

Can Bigdog's corporate claivoyance turn out true?

Read BK's news report:

Board revamp at MAHB?


The Star Friday August 12, 201

Changes said to be coming gradually

PETALING JAYA: A revamp of the boardroom of Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) is next after the airline industry in Malaysia underwent substantial change with a share swap agreement between Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and AirAsia Bhd.

Sources indicate changes are afoot at MAHB but it would be more gradual than the wholesale changes seen at MAS following the blockbuster deal between Khazanah Nasional Bhd and Tune Air Sdn Bhd.

The idea behind the move to make changes to the board of MAHB is to infuse new blood and realign the interest of the shareholders by bringing people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

“It is common to bring in new people. It is a way to help push the industry forward but it would not have impact on management,” said a source.

Talk of changes at the operator of airports in the country comes just days after the MAS board was revamped following the purchase of a 20.5% stake in MAS by AirAsia's founding members.

Both Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun now sit on the board of MAS. Following the share swap agreement between the two major domestic airlines, six board members resigned and six new persons, including Fernandes and Kamarudin, were appointed.

Khazanah Nasional is the single largest shareholder in both MAS and MAHB.

Khazanah has declined comment on talk of changes at board level at MAHB. The airline operator, which manages 39 airports including KL International Airport, has 11 board members.

Both MAHB and AirAsia have had public clashes in the past over difference of opinion regarding how operations at airports that are plied by AirAsia should be handled.

As a company, MAHB has been recording positive growth in the past few years. Its share price, once hovering at the RM2 range, had been rising and closed at RM6.18, down one sen, in yesterday's closing.

The company reported a 37% rise in net profit to RM81.9mil or 7.45 sen per share for the second quarter ended June 30, 2011 and revenue was up 25% to RM654mil.

The improvement in MAHB's financials was led by the higher passenger and commercial revenues and a drop in financing expenses.
An ikan bilis swallowing a bigger fish.

A competitor that exist to provide competition is on trail to swallow his competitor. A debtor teaching creditor how to do business.

It's a crazy Malaysian corporate scene in the making.

Hmmm ... any PLC available for the RM13 in my wallet? I've got my eye on Rimbunan Hijau.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bout of fresh air for more drama to come

Betcha think an old rocker like moi wouldn't know how to appreciate Bach. Before you make that wrong assumption, there are lots of rock musicians influenced by Bach and Morzart in their work these days. I do selectively listen to classical and opera.

It's been 10 days since I last blog. Many friends cum readers and well wishers have been calling and SMS me up. Even Rocky have removed me from the Blog that Rock list. Will have to remind him to reinstate the rocker blogger back.

The BIG BAD cough that begin to trouble me since July 27th was not subsiding. Consequently I made an appointment with another respectable physician at Pusrawi for second opinion. He added three more to my longer list of medical issues from my last visit to a Specialist.

Finally after two consecutive sleepless nights and days from continuous coughing, I've had it. I checked-in early morning Wednesday before subuh to a nearby hospital I am loyal to. I wonder will the hospital realise my loyalty and present me with a goldwatch.

By evening, after a whole series of tests, blood samplings, prick here and there, and the usual rounds of BP, temperature monitoring by the nurses, the respirator specialists, Dr Wahab (sorry didn't catch his full name yet) told me I've got spasm on my air passage and I had finally succumbed to my family inherited disease, asma.

No wonder I've been short of breath lately.

Right after my Mrs and few guest left for the evening, I got drowsy or 'high' from my sixth round of nebuliser for the day and consumption of probably half the pharmacist' list of drugs in the storeroom. I laid down to look forward for my long needed sleep.

After four hours of quality sleep with hallucinating dreams of being in a war torn hospital, I was widely awaken by cough. I requested for a lozenge and suddenly remembered about up-dating this blog. Before this, the incessant cough disrupt my thought and focus when attempting to write.

And I sure got a few issues to write about.

Firstly, the issue of Hishamuddin and his strings of decisions that are making him look bad within the UMNO circle of supporters as weak, indecisive and afraid.

In his effort to seek help from bloggers to clarify himself, he sent out his political secretary and political product marketing man, Dato Markiman to "engage".

The problem is neither Hishamuddin (due to his reluctance out of his own cowardice) nor Markimen understand the term engagement with bloggers means to them.

He should understand that some of us do not deal with messengers, especially with his boss avoiding us for years. With him seen as fumbling all over the place, does he expect complimentary posting? Bloggers should not be force to write what they have yet to be convince off. If they believe in you, they will do so willingly and with much passion.

What happened subsequently was one desperate teacher's pet e-mailed my piece, Has the Government and ruling party become afraid? to Hishamuddin and his host of secretaries in a not so nice intention. Markiman responded by questioning why the piece "hentam" Dato Najib, Dato Hishamuddin, Government, etc. after he had engage us.

We are not mainstream press where they are careful at asking questions and making demands. We are not. Have you delivered what we asked? Remember that is a test of trust and confirmation on an allegation.

Secondly, I really wanted to write about the JAIS raid on the illegal church, Damansara Utara Methodist Church when it happened.

Naturally these days, one can expect a partisan and communcal divide on the issue. But in defense of JAIS, I really want to clear the air on the Christians argument and slanders made against JAIS.

There was nothing forceful in the manner they came to investigate. Despite empowered to raid without the need for warrant, they only entered with permission after an hour of stalling from the organiser.

If there had been act of proselytizing of Muslim by the Methodist church, in which many indications points in that direction, it was both an unconstitutional and illegal act. No talking of those human rights and democrasy arguments because Malaysia do not practise TOTAL DEMOCRASY but guided DEMOCRASY.

Observe the various exceptions and conditions for any given rights or liberties given. In most cases, the preservation of peace and harmony of the majority or public is supreme and not our personal liberties.

Thirdly, the MAS-Air Asia share swap. Many bloggers and personalities have spoken against it. Sakmongkol, Bigdog, Rockybru, Jebat Must Die, Hantu Laut, etc to name a few bloggers.

Former SC Chairman, Tan Sri Ali Kadir, former MAS CEO, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman, YB Wee Choo Keong, YB Dzulkifli Ahmad, YB Anwar Ibrahim, and many have come out to the fore front.

This deal have been described differently by many.

For one, it is a deal to cover-up a bunch of "corporate leader" who in the past failed in their task through a scheme called Wide Unbundling of Asset and continually allowed to handle the MAS turnaround by appointing the wrong person at the top.

The deal is a poorly structured to heavily favour Tan Sri Tony Fernandez and partners at the expense of the loyal staff of MAS, especially the 3rd, 4th and 5th level (forget the most crooked and self serving 1st and 2nd liner) and the various stakeholders.

The demure, fair, and sweet looking nurse is giving me that stare from afar. Don't get the wrong idea. She is sort of telling me to sleep and get a good rest.

So my last word on the share swap, it was a long anticipated pre-planned, organised and systematic rape and plunder of MAS by the Pu*ima* Hall of Fame.

For us who fought the Abdullah establishment because of deals like ECM Libra-Avenue merger, succumbing to Singapore interest, etc, it is frustating of see Najib's silence which is a blessing to allow the same set of racoons and their associates to pursue their endgame.

These shows a major weakness of Najib's leadership; the fear to hire and fire for the right people with the right and suitable background for the right post.

No such excuses of letting private sector deals at their own. Malaysian economic model is not free economic model but a political economy model. The executive can have their influence but Najib should veto it.

If he doesn't, it is obvious he is allowing it for his brother Dato Nazir Abdul Razak and his favourite boy wonder whose advise he will never refuse, Dato Omar Ong who is on Air Asia BOD.

By analysing the series of events and development in the local Airline industry and the personalities from 2005 onward, one can easily spot that this is a big-scale version of a similar and controversdial ECM Libra-Avenue involving Khairy and Kalimullah. There are links with these two characters and it is worthy to be dubbed ECM Libra-Avenue II.

I have my political angled suspicion as to why this deal came about, but I will write more from the business and corporate perspective.

This deal have the potential to be the "crooked bridge" that burst the dam on Abdullah but this time on Najib. Mainstream media and cybertrooper of UMNO does not have the depth and sustenance to deal in such issues.

Unless Najib heed this warning, he would only make Tun Abdullah and Khairy happy to avenge by making the much touted Najib have the shortest career as PM.

Fourth, Najib has much problems lurking on the his various corporate business endeavours and economic policies but able pro-UMNO bloggers have held back their critic in favour of direct engagement and proper channel feedback.

Unfortunately, it is not being given a second thought as Najib continued as planned. It is a shut-up strategy.

Najib's over focus on economic transformation programs only look nice on Idris Jala's Shell styled power point presentation but does not catch the imagination of the masses.

The masses needs cannot be left to the market elements alone. They day to day improvement in life is still dependent on economic growth which still need Government priming and nudging than the so-called public sector initiative and the long term economic reform plan that is touted to be able "to leap tall building with a single bound."

Those day to day economic activities that lead to annual growth is more relevant to the man on the street and voters. Endless talk about economic reform without economic growth is like a company stop operation to focus at reengineering and restructuring their organisation.

Fifth and not the last, is whether UMNO and Barisan Nasional is serious about winning the 13th General Election?

They are not effective in their communication (or penerangan) of Government policies and party programs.

From this blogger's eye, while they other side are dishing out one after another propagandas and psywar materials, UMNO - it's party machinery and leaders - are quiet.

Only the bloggers are voluntarily doing in their own unguided and mismashed ways with limited resources. Government agencies and newspapers are helping more out of concern although it is none of their goddamn business!

Admit it truly, the 3Ps of penerangan, propaganda and psywar of UMNO and BN are down the parit.

The nurse is staring again.

Sixth, there were three pointers that Tun Dr Mahathir gave to Najib to win the 13th general election - take care of the Malays, manage the economy and get rid of corruption.

In challenging political times, hold on to your base of loyal Malay voters. Another reason is a united Malay voters privide stability to the political environment.

But what Najib had done to ignore the bumiputera community. They are agitated with his political effort to woe Chinese voters that come at the expense of the bumiputeras.

Abolishment of MECD, Pemandu, Teraju, subsidies, and scholarships issues to name a few of the issues of their concern. His Pemandu, and Teraju outfit has not caught the imagination of the Malay activists and intellectuals, save for the kaki bodeks and pengampus.

On that score, his political situation could be that of the Malay proverb, "Yang dikejar tak dapat, Yang dikendung berkeciciran" (The one chased failed to secure, The one in hand lost). (Thanks Helen for the correction!)

Najib's transformation program could be exciting on a Idris Jala's powerpoint presentation deserve of winning any corporate powerpoint presentation competition. But to the common people, it is food on the table, money in the pocket and life that need to go on that matters. Najib seem to just realise he should address it now.

For the commercially driven Chinese support, without a growing economy to keep them busy, they get political.

For corruption to be eradicated, it is not just about expanding UMNO's voting base. It is to see real meaningful convictions of corrupts. What happened to UMNO's political reform? What was done to the stiffling Warlord culture?

Government must show confidence to the public that political interventions, crooked judges, and government bureucrats power monopoly do not hinder MACC's fight against corruption. Unfortunately Government looks weak by succumbing to much to the opposition propaganda intended demands surrounding the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

How does Najib expect himself to get two third majority and regain all the lost states if questionable deals and development plans like MAS-Air Asia share swap, IMDB development, UDA Development, Iskandar Malaysia, etc still happen and remain in existence?

That is what is in store at ABITW if I get around to write it all. Wish me well, I need to get well first!

Hai missi ni dok tengok-tengok. Aku cium kang ...

Monday, August 01, 2011

Oh God, help me make it through Ramadhan

My throat have been troubling me for a week. It spoilt my short R&R cum "work" early last week.

Upon my return on Wednesday, I immediately paid a visit to my ENT Specialist, Dr Aminuddin Saim the next day.

Dr Aminuddin happen to come from my kampung and his younger brother to my schoolmate and friend, Prof Dato Lokman Saim of UKM.

Both the brothers were the leading doctors in the ground breaking bionic ears operation some 10 years ago. Dr Aminuddin has a practise in Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital and is still dedicated to research and patenting his medical findings.

Now the bad news.

As told by Dr Aminuddin, it seems I've got sleep apnoea and acid reflux problems.

Sleep apneoa explains for the loud snoring in my sleep or even at half sleep, waking up with dry mouth and sore throat, restless sleep, daytime sleepiness, and a series of other symptoms. Read on here if you wish to learn of this problem.

Here is the funny part. I used to kid that Pak Lah should take up Chairmanship in Foundation for Sleep Apnoea. It's Pak Lah's pay back time.

In my last appointment some months back, Dr Aminuddin told me of this possibility. This time around he suggest I start looking up to buy a sleep machine. Not only is my trip and travel cumbersome with my IT paraphenalia for blogging, I have to now worry about carrying a sleep machine.

A new sleep machine in Malaysia is rather pricey. It can fetch up to RM7,000. Heard one can get on e-Bay at as low as RM2,000. If there is someone selling a second hand machine, do leave a message in my commentary box.

For the incessant cough I've been suffering for a week, it looks to be a recurring old gastric related sickness. I had it in my youth as a result of skipping the bad hostel food.

The sporadic cough and sore throat had been around for more than six months to as far back as Hulu Selangor by-election.

Acid reflux or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, commonly referred to as GERD, is a condition in which the liquid content of the stomach regurgitates (backs up or refluxes) into the esophagus. Read here.

In my case, I've got no liquid regurgitating back but more of gas. At times, I feel like puking but hardly any liquid comes out.

The weekend rest and strict adherence to the specialist recomendation helped but not significant enough. It is still discomforting.

And I've got my other issues to worry.

My worry is I've got a major travel plan in two months time. I need to be strong, healthy and fit, not to mention the tall order of being lean as soon as possible.

It is only noon on the first day of Ramadhan and the pain from the repeated cough without medicinal help is quite excrutiating.

Hope I can last the day. And it's only the first day.

Oh God, help me make it through this Ramadhan.

Anyway, to my fellow Muslim reader, happy Ramadhan. May your Ramadhan be a joyful and spiritually fulfilling. The real thing is in Ramadhan and not so much as Syawal.

For those curious non-Muslim, try fasting with us. It is good for you. Start slow and try to catch up. But on one condition.

You are not unhealthy like my condition now.

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