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If I don't hear Hindu Sangam criticise the Basel Christian Church, I am calling them ...

... racist! Like Hindraf, I demand they be outlawed!

Rev James Wong of the Basel Christian Church of Malaysia in Sandakan was reported by yesterday's The Star dated November 28th, 2008.

“Why must you get involved in a practice that has an intimate connection with a religion or religious belief?”
I agree with the Reverand and it is fairly relevant to Muslims. Writer Syed Akhbar wrote of his conversation with his friend, a Christian:

Yoga asks you to focus inside, on your Self (or into your Self) to motivate your body's own inner strengths. He said this was against Christian teachings where you are supposed to draw strength from God (and not from your Inner Self etc).
Islam differ. We talk of taqwa or submission to God. Ones level of spirituality or closeness to God corresponds with ones inner sense of taqwa, reda, etc.

Hindu Sangam and the western liberal Sister-in-Islam made statements and the MSN played up the edict of the Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan. Will they do the same now? I demand their position on the statement of Rev James Wong of the Basel Christian Church of Malaysia. With this new revelation, I demand MCCBHS to reprimand either Hindu Sangam or the Christian Church.

I admit Majlis Fatwa did erred but it is relatively minor and they are not wrong here. For communication graduate, Norhayati Kaprawi of SIS to comment, I suggest she start having mirrors in her home for they are authorised and experts. You have no locus standi and credentials!

Before I touch on the Majlis Fatwa, this article by blogger Pesanan is a good read. He gave a simple explanation on religous rights from the Constitutional and Quranic perspective, and addressed the twisted views of the liberal. Be forewarned, the blogger, Pesanan only entertain comments in Bahasa Kebangsaan.

Such groups like the Article 11 people are famous for twisting our understanding of religous rights through half truth and avoid confronting real issues by disguising it with their "me-think" western philosphical ideas. Out of their own ignorance and simplistic intelligence, some bloggers bought it hook, line and sinker.

Hindu Sangam who?

In their statement, Hindu Sangam made stated below:

It is regretted that the National Fatwa Council did not consult with the Malaysia Hindu Sangam first so that the religious and non religious aspects of “Yoga” could have been explained to them.
If Hindu Sangam said, "The Malaysia Hindu Sangam respects the right of the National Fatwa Council to give guidance for persons professing Islam on the tenets and practices of Islam.", what the hell was said above?

Is this a human with brain talking or a snake twisting a victim? Apologise, if that is taken as racial slur, for it is not meant so. They have expressed themselves in a twisted fashion. WTF! What business of Hindu Sangam to think they are the superior for the Majlis Fatwa Negara to report to?

They have no jurisdiction. Without reservation, I say Hindu Sangam have no locus standi to make claim to represent all Hindus. Their statement should be considered as representing their members and Association, but most likely, it only represent the Committee or only the President.

In comparison, the Islamic Institutions in Malaysia have the constitutional sovereign legitimacy to be the authority and representative of Islam under Article 3 and 11. Let me put it to them, Hindu have no mentioning in the Constitution. But, that doesn't mean non-Muslims have no rights. They do, but understand what is meant in the Constitution as in to practise in "peace and harmony".

Face fact, the status of Islam and Islamic Institutions under the Constitution is legally and administratively different. There is nothing anyone can do and change the status of Islam to be samarata with other religions and deny its constitutional and historically superior status. That is the main teras that binds all of us together.

The only way is to abondon the Constitution. The way to do it is to overthrow the Government and Raja-Raja Melayu through arms revolution. The way it is usually done is to create people uprising, chaos and civil war. If there is such intention, that is tantamount to treasons. Traitors should be hanged!

They can succeed but it will be over my dead body! I will not allow our peace and harmonious co-existence and acceptance of each other be sacrificed. Never!


Back to the yoga issue, the legitimate point that the Majlis Fatwa was driving at is the religous elements are not congruent to Islamic practise. Practising it would mean taking the risk of shirk.

Fatwa being a source of guidance is meant for the general Muslims. In most cases, those knowledgable and sufficiently learned may not conform to the fatwa meant for orang awam. However, they do not question it openly. This explains for my nasty words for Norhayati's ignorance and arrogance!

The fatwa is for Muslim and only Muslim. There is no bloody issue of sensitivity. I do not understand this Norhayati anak Jawa Kaprawi. Frankly, I do not understand those, who naively allow themselves to be a pawn for parties critical of Islam. Most of them are non practitioner of their own religion or aethis! Those, who does not practise religion and choose to blindly refute the age old and tested tradition of religion, have no business to speak of Islam or any religion in public.

For argument sake, it is the same argument lawyers love to impose on non-lawyers. The way to refute them is to say that ignorance of the law is no excuse. Thus common men and women have the locus standi. But it doesn't apply to matter of faith. It is guided!

If the yoga edict had been kept within the knowledge of the Muslim community and not being blown into frontpage headline by the English press, it is a non-event and non-issue. A Kadir Jasin made a good explanation and gave a good advise for Majlis Fatwa to consider (read here). The MSN is clearly the most guilty party here. What is their agenda?

On the part where the Majlis Fatwa erred, their statement and fatwa should not have been confined to only yoga, but all forms of physical excercise and martial arts, including chi gong, tai chi, shaolin, and even silat.

A friend sent an interesting joke, what about sex? It seems the kamasutra have included all the halal techniques in their more than 1,000 repertoire?


I'll preempt to say Hindu Sangam will not make any statement against the Church group. MCCBHS will keep silence against their own. I anticipate biasness and ulterior motive.

Hindu Sangam statement is a manifestation of their stereotype and prejudice of Islam. It stems from their ignorance and twisted understanding of the Constitution. They have developed a total disregard and disrespect to the legitimacy and authority of the Islamic Authorities and Institutions under the law.

With their affiliations with various groups, they were a party to brush the Islamic Institutions as dogmatic and discriminatory Institiutions. God forbid, it does not arise out of hatred arising from religous rivalry, and Muslim-bashing trend from Hindu millitants from the Hindu mother country, India.

The current going-ons to question everything that is already agreed and defying the Malay and Islamic historical sovereignty is more than mere demand for what is perceived as equal rights, and justice.

It is undeniably political posturing and power play that has taken a millitant and defiant mode with ungentlemen and unlady-like derogatory words being flustered with abundance. Such vocifeous unrelenting and unreasonableness demands that is underlined by ignorant, stereotyping, and prejudice is undeniably a retaliation from a misguided perception of racism. I am just wondering, has Hindraf found a new sanctuary?

TAKE NOTE: I am in no mood to allow publication of dissenting comments.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Anwar cause further split in Malay polity

Anwar Ibrahim with Erdogan and Abdullah Gul

This time its PAS

PAS is under pressure to be more exertive. Confidence among their non-member Malay grassroot are slowly waning. It is saved only by UMNO's over-extended party election. PAS, which branch out from the main trunk of Malay polity of UMNO, has undergone several ideological transformation. But the current silence of PAS from rebutting critics on azan practise, fatwa on yoga and tomboy, etc is very unbecoming. Dr Mahathir had to tease PAS to awake them from their slumber (read Utusan report below.).

Underpinning their silence is their association with PKR under Pakatan Rakyat. That association has usurped into PAS a pro-Anwar faction within their fold. The faction dubbed as the Erdogan faction is expected to mount a challenge on the leadership. The clergies have reacted. YB Khalid Samad, MP for Shah Alam was removed by the state PAS Commisioner, YB Dato Dr Hasan Ali from the state PAS leadership. Khalid can be remembered as the PAS MP that delivered a speech at a Church in Shah Alam.

On Aug 18th, 2008, this blogger put up a posting, Anwar or Istiqamah for PAS? to pre-warn of such faction. Back then, PAS members denied such existence. These days they no more do.

New Straits Times, September 22nd, 2008

Anwar's dream widens Pas rift


DATUK Seri Anwar Ibrahim's obsession of becoming prime minister is causing more ripples in Pas. Tension between the pro-Anwar group in Pas, popularly known as the Erdogan faction, and the pragmatic ulama-backed group has been pushed up a notch.

The fracture over the opposition's "prime minister-in-waiting" has re-emerged, this time over Anwar's claims -- since proven to be a bluff -- of forming a new government by Sept 16.

Insiders fear that the internal conflict could have an impact on the Islamist party's future in Pakatan Rakyat, especially with Anwar's continued inability to deliver on his promise to oust Barisan Nasional.

The split, they say, may leave casualties in the present leadership.

This could take place even before next year's party elections as there are moves to replace those perceived as being pro-Anwar.

The party elections are likely to see contests for key posts between the warring factions, the most commonly bandied about being a battle for the post of deputy president, currently held by Nasharuddin Mat Isa.

Supporters of vice-president Husam Musa want him elevated in the party hierarchy by opposing Nasharuddin as one of those behind the controversial and secret Pas-Umno unity talks.

Husam attentively listening to Anwar believed to be at Dubai on Jun 2008. Was the trip about a trade mission for Selangor and Kelantan or hatching of the Erdogan plan?

The Erdogan faction -- a reference to the younger moderates led by Husam -- came under heavy fire at the muktamar in Ipoh.

Delegates, especially at the Youth assembly, did not mince words when they slammed the leaders of the faction for "kowtowing" to Anwar's ambitions and bending to his agenda.

The faction leaders were accused of championing Anwar's cause for political mileage and to boost their own popularity with the masses.

The muktamar was reminded of Anwar's ungratefulness when he dumped Pas to join Umno, when it was Pas that had supported his activism before his entry into politics.

The party convention may have reaffirmed Pas' commitment to Pa-katan Rakyat but the rivalry between the factions did not end there.

An undercurrent remained, rising to the surface recently over an article published by party organ Harakah, in which Terengganu state commissioner Mustaffa Ali reasoned that Anwar would not be able to realise his Sept 16 takeover plan.

His comments landed him in hot soup.

Mustaffa, already labelled pro-Umno because of his role in the Pas-Umno unity talks, was criticised by Pas spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat for parroting the Umno president. He won himself another label -- "Umno mouthpiece".

It is believed that Nik Aziz accused Mustaffa of going against the wishes of the muktamar, which had supported Anwar as Pakatan Rakyat leader, without fully understanding what Mustaffa actually said.

This, the Tok Guru reportedly admitted when he met Mustaffa over the dispute last week.

The public spat between the two saw several Pas-linked blogs attacking the Erdogan faction for being behind the riposte by Nik Aziz.

Mustaffa, who is Harakah chairman, was in turn accused of directing the newspaper to tone down Nik Aziz's full statement. The irony is that the accusers are well aware that Mustaffa is not involved in the day-to-day running of Harakah. He merely chairs the board.

While the clash between Mustaffa and Nik Aziz has since been "resolved", with the former insisting that Pas is not in crisis, the party faithful are asking whether it is worthwhile for Pas to take the strain caused by one man who is not even a member.

A leader like Anwar, they say, will come and go.

Utusan Online 24/11/2008

Pas tidak mampu bersuara - Dr. Mahathir

KUALA LUMPUR 22 Nov. - Pas kini tidak mampu bersuara malah banyak tindak-tanduknya hanya untuk memuaskan parti lain termasuk membenarkan penternakan babi di kawasan kampung orang Melayu.

Bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad berkata, Pas rela menerima perkara itu, malahan tidak lagi berani untuk bercakap mengenai penubuhan negara Islam.

Oleh itu kata beliau, orang Melayu juga tidak boleh mengharapkan Pas untuk melindungi hak-hak keistimewaan mereka memandangkan parti itu lebih kecil daripada DAP walaupun mempunyai penyokong yang ramai.

Jelasnya, inilah dilema yang dihadapi oleh orang Melayu terutama pada Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13 nanti sama ada untuk memilih UMNO dan Barisan Nasional (BN) ataupun Pas dan pembangkang.

''Orang Melayu berpendapat kalau mereka mengundi UMNO dan BN bermakna mereka akan memilih pemimpin yang rasuah dan jika mengundi Pas bermakna mengundi pembangkang yang pasti tidak akan meneruskan pembangunan orang Melayu dan bahasa Melayu ," katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian semasa membentangkan kertas kerja mengenai 'Dilema Melayu' pada Siri Wacana Gapena V anjuran Gabungan Penulis Nasional (Gapena) di sini hari ini.

Ujar beliau, ini adalah dilema orang Melayu, tetapi menegaskan ia tidak bermakna mereka membenci orang Cina atau India.

Dilema itu katanya, bagi mempertahankan kedudukan orang Melayu kerana tidak harus menjadi hamba di negara sendiri.

* All pictures and information links courtesy of AnwarIbrahimDotCom.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The "Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya" of Khaled Nordin and the Musa Faction

The above newspaper frontpage should be fodder for a Husin Lempoyang satirical jibe. Looking at it as a half filled glass, it looks as though the number of cases is actually substantially lower. But since the number of reported cases have surpassed 1,000, thats a half empty glass news. What sort of wicked humour will he come up with?

Utusan Malaysia November 24th, 2008 yesterday reported Vice President nominee, Dato Khaled Nordin pleaded Tun Dr Mahathir not to reveal names. Why should he be worried?

Didn't Dato Nazri Aziz insinuated Dr Mahathir as making wild accusation and challenged him to reveal names? One veteran UMNO politician privately told this blogger that is the kind of challenge that one never do on Dr Mahathir.

One would wonder why would Nazri - as one of the two corruption files, the other being Tan Sri Annuar Musa, handed to Pak Lah before Dr Mahathir left office - intentionally want to provoke him? That is for interesting speculation. Nazri's return from a long hiatus of silence, usually to analyse a political situation, indicates his politics is taking a new direction.

Dr Mahathir's revelation would certainly make the rakyat happy. Khaled should be supportive of any effort that pleases the rakyat. The party nomination process gave a negative perception that corruption and cowardice runs deep to the grassroot. Don't Khaled want to claim "I'm very popular, 90% of the people voted us in" after GE 13?

Khaled pointed out, it could make things worse for UMNO. The situation is already very bad and it needs to get worse before turning for the better? That is exactly what Dr Mahathir is doing; to confront and chop off the bad body parts?

That begs the question: Why is Khaled not as happy as the rakyat? Can his remark be taken as a warning that his faction is willing to go for an all out war against Dr Mahathir?

There's Something About Khaled

During the recent call on Pak Lah to quit, Khaled was one among the few from Johor urging his withdrawal. The other being Dato Nurjazlan, Dr Puad Zarkashi, and another local UMNO politician.

Not to be missed out was Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin that is facing up to the brunt and vengence of Pak Lah through his financially backed proxy, Dato' Ali Rustam.

When the recent call for debate by Khairy was brought up, he was against it.

But perish any thought of Khaled defending Mukhriz's preferance for forum and refusal for a debate. Its just his typical shallow Mat Taib-type response to issues - don't raise this, don't question that, shouldn't this, and why are you not that.

His statement yesterday is another not quite forward thinking towards rectifying the situation, but is actually sweep the problem under the carpet attitude. Is he hiding something?

A product of Sekolah Menengah Dato Jaafar, Johor Baru, once dubbed as Sekolah Budak Jahat, Khaled was a promising youth leader back in the 80s. Under his mentor, Dato' Shahrir Samad, he rose to be Johor Baru's Ketua Pemuda.

His grandfather-mentor would be Tun Musa Hitam and uncle-mentor is Abdullah Badawi himself. Khaled is in Musa Derhaka's faction. Musa is a promoter of Iskandar Malaysia and will be remembered for his "pembelot" act of opening the Pandora Box to seek the end of NEP.

The recent commotion caused by his Ministry staff and Division's Ketua Pemuda, Khairy Malek at the Pasir Gudang UMNO Youth meeting affirm his inclination.

If one digs back through the piles of news, Khaled is among the few leaders that stood to defend Khairy in a Division Meeting opening address, when he was underfire back in 2006.

On Oct 30th, 2006, he described Dr Mahathir’s criticism of Government as worse than that by Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew. To quote The Star:

"If Dr Mahathir had wanted what he had been doing to be continued, he could have done what Lee Kuan Yew did, but he himself said that he wanted to retire and that he had been in politics for too long."
This is not a typical Mat Taib-type response but has the Nazri Aziz-type diversion and Kalimullah-type villification.

Khaled's Dahulu - Jahat Orang Musa

Khaled was a one time Deputy Minister for Public Work, deputy to the Indian kingpin, Dato' Samy Velu. That openned him to a world of opportunities. He pick up a few pointers here and there in raising political funds.

But thats is not where he got started. It was in a foray back in 1999 as accomplice to Shahrir. That is the reason Khaled was twice refused by the Sultan of Johor for MB post by an 11th hour switch in 2004 and prior to the 2008 General Election.

Tuanku is very concern on the plight of his rakyat orang asli. Ask the people in Benut, they would describe the Orang Laut as Anak Agong; refering to the time the Sultan was Agong. Local authority in Batu Pahat, Pontian and Segamat are quite restrained when dealing with them. Thats another perspective of the "Social Contract".

Khaled Nordin and Shahrir attempted to secure logging concession for some 1,200 acres of "Orang Asli" land in Bekok near Labis, Johor. Sources from Gelang Patah Division revealed that he was almost about to be nabbed by ACA but was saved by a wisk.

The biggest wrath from the Sultan incurred on any contemporary Johor leaders is not Khaled, despite twice being rejected but Syed Hamid. Syed Hamid incurred the anger and was specifically warned, "Aku dendam kau" when he played a role to deny Johor of its bridge. It was later found that he had a personal interest to sell sand to Singapore through his proxy.

Clean image Shahrir didn't stop there. He attempted to develop the Majidi Camp land given to the state for millitary use. This was relayed by one late Ungku, who claimed that he and his family members had to sign documents to put an injunction on the land. Words among Johor Baru contractors are the financier was a Singaporean developer.

The most embarassing drubbing must be on the patriarch of the faction, Musa himself. He was openly lashed out by the Sultan one Raya morning at Masjid Negara for some words he made of Tuanku is a public function. The Sultan was the Agong then and Musa was DPM.

Jahat orang-orang Musa!

Khaled's Kini - Tunggu Richard Cakap

Khaled foray as Deputy Works Minister, under the tutelage of Samy Velu, openned a new oppurtunity through his interest in TRC Synergy Berhad. One can conveniently refute the association by claiming his name is not found in the Company Secretarial's book. But, thats freshman year student argument.

TRC Synergy Berhad (TRC) is an Ali Baba company that was dubbed by the market as "Tunggu Richard Cakap", refering to Richard the CEO.

Based in Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur, TRC build up order book of RM1 billion by to quote Shar 101, "... ‘investing’ in a number of UMNO personalities." Such personalites include the 'political father and son', Shahrir and Khaled as former Directors.

Sources inside TRC revealed the Company have been footing the expenses of Shahrir and Musa Hitam. Musa doesn't take bribe but he is only interest is to enjoy life and someone else take up the bill. These days it is another synergy company footing his bills, Synergy Drive Berhad.

One would wonder why is he placed as Chairman there. Not only is he long out of touch but he knows nuts about the economy, and corporate matter. Tun Razak groomed him in area of education and politics and Tengku Razaleigh would have been more appropriate.

When Khaled was Minister-in-charge of MECD, TRC was given few ‘directly negotiated’ contracts, including several new MRSMs and IKMs, and was then vying for the UniKL, Johor branch, project.

TRC became Pak Lah's regime preferred contractor for its own reasons.

They were awarded the new Navy base at Seppangar Bay, Sabah. Guess what? It was packaged-in with building a ‘nice’ and ‘cosy’ private villa in Putrajaya for the Finance Ministry’s political secretary, a former chartered accountant familiar with the contruction industry.

There was also the Kuala Teranganu airport extension contract, in which the system failed and embarassingly caused the Agong's return to Kuala Lumpur delayed by nine hours on May 7th, 2006.

Khaled's stinct at MECD became an opportunity for him to extend his ambition in politics. Instead of seriously focusing his job on Malay entrepreneurship, he made Government program into a UMNO popularity program to organsie entrepreneurship program for Pemuda, Puteri, and Putera UMNO. Politicians have "no business to be in business." It is no brainer gestures like this and done openly that make pengundi despise UMNO.

For the 50th Independence celebration, Khaled awarded a company, Amar Sinar Sdn. Bhd the contract to EXCLUSIVELY supply all paraphanelia for the celebration. It traced out that the company owner, Dato’ Seri Dr. Yuhyi Azizan is his crony. Yuhyi has been securing contracts after contract with MARA, including MRSM textbooks and hair dressing training for Pusat Giat MARA jointly with Wella.

Another exclusive contract Khaled made out was to direct all building management under MARA wholesale to a Johor Company, TMR Urusharta Sdn. Bhd.

Then, there is the one he cleared Pak Lah's brother, Dato Ibrahim and UMNO Treasurer, Dato' Azim Zabidi from an impending court case by Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PNS). He did it by replacing Minister appointed, Dato' Ismail Sabri with Shahrir and the dismiss the CEO pushing for the court case. The current Chairman is Dato Dr Awang Adek Hussein.

Could his termination of UM VC, Rafiah Salim's, two years before the contract expired be more than her not having something between her legs? Lest we forget, there was a lucrative 27 acre UM land eyed by Hong Leong Group in co-hort with Bernama's Anuar Zaini and late Hendon's sister, Nona


Over the years, if not two decades, many parties - from his mentor, Shahrir, grandfather mentor, Musa Hitam, the Musa faction of the 1986's Team B and the not leaving out the Tengku Razaleigh people "serta" the opposition - have been accusing and insinuating Dr Mahathir with all sorts of indiscretions.

Abdullah have been trying for the past 2-3 years to lay blame on the ole statesman, but thanks to the brilliant, incisive and wise strategy of the son-in-law, Tan Sri-denied Kalimullah and Tingkat 4, its only cheap political spin.

On the correct correct correct ... episode, where is the subsequent court proceeding? Why the need for further investigation and yet reported as conclusive? Is it purely name smearing?

Through all this charade, Dato Zaid Ibrahim and Justice Dato Ian Chin put up a white flag to resign. Tun Salleh Abas and the judges is questioned by the public for their ex-gratia.

Defeated Zaid is now on a vindictive mode. He resorted to cheap scare tactic to smear opponents to Abdullah's faction by echoing Musa Hitam's Mahathirism. Musa, a legend in the tactic of "baling batu sorok tangan ", mentioned Mahathirism when he commented on Dr Mahathir's quit from UMNO.

Mahathirism is Musa's defense of Abdullah by brushing off Dr Mahathir's call for strong government by giving it a negative McCarthy-type association and branding it as Mahathirism.

Through all these ungkit-ungkit, lets include "some" of Pak Lah's band of sahabat in the picture. Not all are CDMs or Celebritum De Mediocritis like Ali Rustam, Det Khalid, Noh Omar, and etc. Not all are perasan bagus basking in self-glory in their functions, as though they and only they are the fighter and guardian of the Malay cause.

Some do have got brains; the brain to give sacrifice their body and soul to Pak Lah despite few actually acknowledged being cheated by Pak Lah out of their claims.

The above para is meant to provoke and awake them to realise that Biro Tata Negara has neglected their core role in promoting nation building. Without any reservation, BTN is a cause for Malay political split.

BTN have been diverted from its original role formulated by Tun Ghazali Shafie by Musa Hitam. Musa "used" BTN to be his personal political vehicle. Later, Pak Lah used it to create his network of feudel-minded loyalist. Anwar attempted to turn it into his personal outfit by using personalities like Roslan Kassim, Kamaruddin Kacha, etc.

Isn't this a great time to ungkit - past, present and future?


Yes, the future too.

The future looming could be Rohanna Mahmood's Ethos Capital becoming the new ECM Libra-Avenue, if fellow Director, Omar "mesti ada" Ong sucessfully manage to lobby himself back to Najib's office as Economic Adviser.

There is a story on the recent Edge issue broiling on Dato Ismee, former Director of ECM Libra Securities and current Tabung Haji CEO. Ismee, is an MRSM batchmate of Dato Wahid Omar of Maybank.

Its a widespread talk within the ANSARA circle that his interview for the Tabung Haji CEO post was conducted by one son-in-law over lunch. No one recalled such person as board members of Tabung Haji or Minister-in-charge. So much for his current clorox-cleansing public relation campaign.

Ismee is now slotted to move to replace Dato Khalib of TNB. Though it is a termination most welcomed by the TNB staff, the celebration will be a short-lived one. It could not be mere coincident that Khairy's cousin, Dato Shaziman Mansor is the Minister-in-charge.

Shaziman was a former Director of TNB. He was, in-cahoot with the Chairman, Dato Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis, usually called JJ, Chairman then, having their hands in every cookie jar in the organisation. Thats too lengthy to tell.

Corruption is so far reaching now but where the f*** is everybody? Yes, it is the f word and not a celebrity chef show. Where the f*** are all those claiming good in the past but now a party to it? Where the f*** are they, when it comes to the indiscretion Pak Lah & Sons Ltd. now?

Whether the ole statesman is genuine or as some accused as not genuine, thats totally besides the issue. He looks determined to wipe out UMNO of corrupt leaders and sticking his head out. Where is Pak Lah's resolve on this? Where the f*** are the leaders, particularly those claimed to be clean?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Suasana cemas menyelubungi Majlis Gapena bersama Dr M

Pada Sabtu 22 November semalam, Dr Mahathir dijemput oleh GAPENA untuk membincangkan "Dilema Melayu". Perbincangan ini adalah dalam siri Wacana Gapena Ke-5.

Saya agak terkilan kerana lambat mengetahui acara ini. Kehadhiran Dr Mahathir di Rumah Gapena pasti menarik. Sebagaimana yang diketahui ramai, Gapena memang menentang keputusan Dr Mahathir menukar pembelajaran Matematik dan Sains dalam bahasa Inggeris. Perkara itu turut dibincang.

Silap saya tidor terlalu lewat selepas masuk azan subuh. Apabila saya disedarkan oleh satu SMS dari seorang wartawan, kereta yang satu di rumah sudah diguna isteri untuk pelbagai urusannya.

Saya diberitahu seorang sahabat yang hadhir akan rasa cemas dalam nada suara dan pucat lesi rupa muka dikalangan masing-masing yang ke hadapan membincangkan mengenai politik Melayu yang dipimpin UMNO.

Akhbar berita hari ini terus memberi liputan kepada kempen serangan Dr Mahathir terhadap rasuah politik yang berleluasa dalam UMNO. Kenyataannya mengenai rasuah menyembut juga nama Najib.

Tentu ada yang memberi pelbagai pengertian kerana walaupun Mukhriz telah baiah kepada Najib, ayahnya tidak ada pujian langsung kepada Najib, melainkan teguran, kritikan dan nasihat. Satu masa dahulu Dr Mahathir pernah memanggilnya penakut.

Penulis menganggap Dr Mahathir sedang memberi tekanan terhadap Najib agar berani membuat keputusan, lakukan sesuatu yang sepatut, dan menunjukkan kepimpinan yang diharapkan rakyat dan negara.

Bercerita mengenai usaha Dr Mahathir memerangi rasuah, macam-macam interpretasi dan cerita lama yang bakal diungkit oleh pelbagai pihak menentangnya dahulu dan sekarang.

Benar atau tidak, terbukti atau andaian, dan panjang atau pendik ceritanya, yang penting sekarang adalah sesuatu drastik dan tegas perlu dilakukan semalam lagi. Dari cuba memberi analisa politik, dan merungkaikan pelbagai cerita sebalik cerita, penulis hanya mahu diutamakan mesej perjuangan menentang rasuah dalam parti ini.

Ianya perlu sampai kepada akarumbi. Mereka perlu menyokong parti untuk membanteras amalan rasuah. Pemimpin yang korup perlu disingkir. Tekanan perlu dibuat kepada kepimpinan parti untuk menyingkir pemimpin-pemimpin korup dari parti, tidak kira siapa mereka ini.

Para pejuang Melayu dalam rangkaian Gapena adalah salah satu rangkaian pendesak yang lama dan ramai. Walaupun tidak diberi perhatian oleh pihak yang berkuasa, mereka sangat diharapkan sekarang. Ada kata kepimpinan mereka sudah leka dengan curahan wang tajaan untuk berani bersuara.

Kebanyakkan penggiat politik dan ekonomi Melayu agak malas "melayan" penggiat sosio-budaya Melayu. Mereka dianggap tidak terbuka dan berpandangan jauh, malah dituduh sebagai jumud.

Itulah fitrahnya memperjuangkan sesuatu yang tidak tangible kerana penggiat ekonomi dan politik tidak memahami hasil dan tujuan dari memperjuangkan bahasa dan budaya Melayu.

Namun begitu, sepanjang beberapa tahun mutakhir, penulis dapat berpeluang untuk bergaul dan memahami pemikiran mereka. Sebenarnya, isi kandung dan rasional hujah perjuangan mereka itu jauh dari jumud atau berpandangan cetek. Lebih rapat penulis mengenali mereka ini, lebih faham penulis akan misi perjuangan mereka.

Penulis mengangap mereka benar-benar menghayati pembangunan negara-bangsa berasaskan Melayu yang tulin. Kalau kita hayati sejarah, diantara mereka ini adalah pendokong Malaysia Nationalist Party yang diharamkan British yang mengimpikan satu gagasan hebat untuk membina satu negara Melayu Raya.

Semalam, intelek-intelek Melayu ini memahami sungguh akan impak keadaan semasa dalam UMNO. Mereka kelihatan jelas gelisah dengan keadaan kepimpinan Melayu sekarang.

Pada kebanyakkan mereka, parti politik lain tidak sesuai dengan misi perjuangan mereka, walaupun UMNO sekarang dianggap sudah lari dari perjuangan asal.

Sudah ada ura-ura didengar antara mereka akan menyahut saranan Dr Mahathir untuk menggembelingkan pertubuhan-pertubuhan Melayu untuk memberikan tekanan terhadap UMNO untuk menyingkir pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO yang korup.

Adakah kepimpinan Gapena mempunyai political will untuk lakukan sesuatu yang tegas dan berani? Atau mereka akan masih lagi mudah ditolak dan beransur? Kalau usaha di Johor Baru selepas pilihanraya itu petunjuk, semangat mereka mungkin sudah kembali. Harapnya adalah darah dan tenaga muda bersama.


Bernama, Nov 23hb, 2008

Gejala Rasuah Sukar Dibendung Walaupun Najib Jadi PM, Kata Dr Mahathir

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 Nov -- Gejala rasuah dan politik wang dalam Umno tetap sukar dibendung meskipun Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak bakal menjadi Perdana Menteri dan Presiden Umno Mac depan, kata Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Bekas Perdana Menteri itu turut mempersoalkan sama ada peralihan kuasa yang dicadangkan antara Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dan Timbalannya, Najib mampu untuk memulihkan semula parti.

"Apakah dengan peralihan kuasa itu dapat memulihkan parti? Saya tidak boleh yakin lagi kerana saya belum lagi nampak Najib mampu menyelesaikan masalah rasuah dan politik wang.

"Kita tidak akan dapat semula Umno yang bersih untuk mewakili kita selagi ia tidak dibendung," katanya pada wacana "Dilema Melayu" anjuran Gabungan Persatuan Penulis Nasional Malaysia (Gapena) di sini hari ini.

Beliau berkata gejala itu agak sukar dikawal berikutan telah menjadi satu budaya dalam kalangan anggota Umno yang mahukan sesuatu jawatan terutamanya menjelang perhimpunan Agung Umno pada Mac depan.

Dr Mahathir juga berkata sekiranya Umno tidak kembali kepada perjuangan asal, parti itu akan dilihat tidak lagi relevan untuk bangsa Melayu.

Katanya kepimpinan melalui teladan adalah contoh yang terbaik di samping usaha berterusan membanteras rasuah.

"Kita mahukan pimpinan yang tegas dan mengambil sebarang tindakan terhadap sesiapa sahaja yang terlibat. Untuk ahli, kalau pemimpin itu terlibat dengan rasuah, jangan pilih dia.

"Kita tak boleh harap pembaharuan boleh dilakukan dalam Umno dan mereka harus ingat, kalau orang tidak memberi undi mereka tidak boleh menang atau sekiranya mereka menang dalam pemilihan parti, tak semestinya mereka akan menang pilihan raya," katanya.

Sementara itu, dalam sidang akhbar, Dr Mahathir ketika ditanya sama ada telah mengemukakan sebarang nama untuk dikenakan tindakan disiplin kerana terlibat dengan politik wang dan rasuah, hanya berkata beliau tidak ada berbuat demikian.

"Saya tidak ada cadangan untuk berbuat demikian (mengemukakan nama) kerana ramai yang telah hantar laporan salah laku kepada Jawatankuasa Disiplin parti," katanya.

Beliau berkata meskipun laporan telah dibuat, apa yang menjadi keutamaan adalah melihat laporan itu disusuli tindakan.

Mengulas mengenai keputusan Ketua Wanita Umno Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz yang mahu mempertahankan jawatannya, Dr Mahathir berkata: "Itu terpulang kepada dia. Apa yang penting pilih pemimpin yang tak terlibat dengan rasuah."

Dr Mahathir turut mengingatkan anggota parti supaya mengundi seseorang pemimpin dengan berdasarkan kebolehan dan bukannya kewangan.


The Star, Sunday November 23, 2008

Mahathir warns of the new Malay dilemma of money politics

KUALA LUMPUR: The new Malay dilemma will be who to vote for in the next general election, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said.

Given a choice between an Umno which he claims is corrupt and an Opposition party that may not guarantee Malay rights, Dr Mahathir said they would have three options in the 13th general election.

“You could vote for Umno but then that would mean you would be endorsing corruption,” he said in reference to the alleged rampant money politics in the ruling Malay party.

“The alternative is to vote for Pakatan Rakyat. But can we be sure they will protect Malay rights?”

Dr Mahathir said the third option would be to not vote at all but by doing so the possibility of Umno being returned to power was high.

He said that the March 8 election result was the direct result of those unhappy with the ruling coalition giving their vote to the Opposition.

“Party leaders are so taken into the culture of money politics because they had been given positions, titles or money that they support without question,” he said at a forum on the Malay Dilemma organised by the Federation of National Writers Association (Gapena).

“That is why there is this transition of power in March next year. They are finding the easy way out with no confrontation so they can save the face of this or that person.”

Dr Mahathir said the dilemma could not be solved unless Umno is clean.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Is Carolyn Hung putting words in Tun's mouth? Khairy-ST Conspiring?

Singapore's Straits Times reporter Carolyn Hung used a headline - "Dr M backs son, Muhyiddin" (read full report below) - for her report of Tun Dr Mahathir's current issues forum last Wednesday.

Being there at the PLF, when Dr M sounded the Gong for round 3, my immediate reaction is: Thats cheap! Its very misleading and an obvious "putting words in mouth" trick.

Its rather surprising that Carolyn seemed to stoop to such street level political analysis. The sort one find loitering at the sidewalk cafes of The Mall, in front of Pan Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur and late midnight Mamak outlets.

By putting words not said into Tun's mouth, her report could have the effect of reducing the relevance and diffusing Tun's call against vote buying. (Do read Johan Jaafar column in NST today - read below)

Singapore paper, and Hindu God-Muslim Mullah and Brendan Pariah's former employer. Perhaps, still employer. Ohhh boy .... do I smell Singapore conspiracy. Could it be a Khairy's conspiracy?

That should attract the "Khairy"-troopers here and generate lots of debate. One will expect the cheap shallow UMNOesque arguments, typically ala Mat Taib and Ali Rustam from Khairy's immature bunch of cybertrooper, flooding in. Off course, interspersed with name-calling and character assasination.

Yummy! Nothing excites me more than a good fight. The ole man sounded the alarm, "Offense is the best offense." And, a timely reminder - WARNING! Obnoxious comments will be refused release. Children, grow-up and behave ...

Thats not quite right, Carolyn

Round 1 was the June 2006 Forum at Century Club, Taman Melawati, organised by a hodgepodge of political activists; friends, foes and competing factions, including Raja Petra's Malaysia Today. This was the event that propelled MT.

Tun began to raise issues on the new administration of Abdullah's deviation from the policy masterplan into his Tingkat 4's poorly conceived Temasek skewed liberalisation-meritocrasy-globalisation policies.

Round 2 was his post-operation apprearance at the MyKMU affair in New York Hotel, Johor Baru circa 2007 to call for the removal of Abdullah.

For this Round 3, he called for "offence is the best defense" against vocal challenges against Bumiputera's Constitutionally enscribed rights. He called for a "peralihan kuasa" that is not merely body but still uttering commitment to "teruskan polisi-polisi Abdullah Badawi."

The mother of all call against vote buying corruption in UMNO. He demanded all corrupt politicians be rid off or UMNO will demise at the next GE13.

Dr M never mentioned Mukhriz and Muhyiddin there. Checkout with all the astute political pundits present. He was silent.

Tun was merely using the strange sudden surge of nominations for Muhamamd Taib and Ali Rustam at the third and forth week to illustrate the obvious rampant presence of vote buying.

I doubt Carolyn is unaware of Divisions instructed by wahyu from above, way way above, to nominate so and so. She should not deny knowledge that money was changing hands to delegates for nominations, and raising hands for vote.

On Mukhriz, Tun has never explicitly mentioned any support for him in any of his speeches or writing. Thats too obvious. He ain't stupid, cutey.

He did wrote in his blog to alert the possibility of money used to secure nominations. To illustrate this, he used Mukhriz's remark that he may not receive sufficient nominations due to money politics. The message he was trying to convey is that popular grassroot choices could be denied by money.

In further defense of Mukhriz, although the resemblance is uncanny, the reality is far from it. Mukhriz's early avalanche of nominations is unexpected. The only expected outcome was the final number of nominations but reversed as Khairy came third instead of first. On many occasion, the voting choice of delegates wildly differ from that of grassroots.

If she felt Tun is indirectly campaigning for Mukhriz, she better substantiate further. Otherwise, she could be perceived as playing to Khairy's gallery.

Khairy's Offensive Psywar and Image Repair Excercise

Khairy's psywar is to smear Mukhriz with the coward and softie image. During the later part of the campaign, his team was spreading rumours that "Mukhriz pun sama main duit."

His cybertroopers are using every bit of Tun's own political effort to save UMNO from further self distruction as campaigning for Mukhriz. They must have no qualm at the more than 1,000 complains received by the UMNO Disciplinary Committee. Wonder why?

Mukhriz refusal to debate is being used to brush him as coward. Name calling of mouse was not spared. The media was in co-hort by not highlighting he expressed willingness for Forum. After all, Khairy's excuse was for merely to explain his Manifesto. Kalimullah is not helping, is he?

One debate with ones opponents, like Shaberry vs Anwar and Lim Guan Eng vs Koh Tsu Khoon. Debates is a no holds bar affair and everything gets dished out.

Yet, Khairy said this is a friendly competition. Does he understand what he said? Can someone dig up his political manouvre and media campaign to discredit Khir Toyo till Selangor is lost to opposition?

Another aspect of Khairy's PR excercise is to scare UMNO members and public with Musa Hitam's negative branding of Mahathirism. (Read Big Dog's reply).

The opposition and the vindictive Zaid Ibrahim - indicted by UMNO for corruption and failed in his attempt to villify Tun using judiciary issues - was outrightly assisting Khairy. Opposition smear Najib as resuming Mahathirism. Media helped put words into Najib's mouth.

While, Zaid smear Mukhriz in his speech at Lawasia Conference. Thats "professional" of him to insert politics into an International Professional Conference.

For the information of many, Khairy was the person who gave the phone call to convince the idiot Zaid to Cabinet albeit briefly and ineffectively. He was all morning at the golf course and Khairy was incessantly calling his on his cellular till noon. By 3 pm, he was announced in as cabinet member.

In the meanwhile, Khairy is doing a rebranding and positive image repair campaign with the help of ex-Daim Press Secretary, Abdul Rashid Yusof and ex-Business Times reporter, Elena Shamsuddin.

The few days, after a bomb photo appeared, Khairy's PR excercise went to full effect. The pro-khairy blogs were consolidated.

The plan seemed to flood the search engine with links of positive Khairy image - nice guy, concern with the proletariat class, bangsa Malaysian identity, young, fresh ideas, progressive image, new etc. Sounds expensive for an unemployed but a very rich one, it seems.

The pictures of suspected "foreign agents" were removed and the blog presented him as a good boy without his hand in the ECM Libra cookie jar.

It is as though he is not the person that used to go pranching around town asking and claiming with such panache, "Do you know who I am am?" or "I am the PM's son-in-law?" or "I studied in Oxford." No denial entertained, just talk to Radzi Sheikh Ahmad what Khairy claimed of himself.

Interestingly, a blogger, openly claiming he is pro-Anwar is in the pro-Khairy blog team. No fear Anwar's picture is no more there.

Khairy immediately got a full centrepage coverage with a "I've being demonised" interview on the Malay Mail.

The night Obama won, Khairy gave two successive interviews on Astro Awani. He is trying to be associated with Obama. But he is no Obama. His Oxford friend, Phar Kim Beng described him as an anglophilic. Many still wonder, if his parents are not registered Malay, whether he is Malay in spirit.

It doesn't matter.

Khairy is reaching to the critical grassroot through tabloid's like Sayuti Omar's Siasah. I'm on ceasefire and will not comment on another writer but I am made aware he is promoting Zahid Hamidi.

In the latest Siasah issue, he gets front page with the his denial as taglines. Khairy is telling the akarumbi that the negative perception of him in the past five years is untrue. He is denying as though nothing happened. Why did he not seriously clarify his position in the last five years?

Waiting for his denial of the drinking session at Heritage Mansion's new wing opening nite.


Saturday, 22 November 2008 10:20

Dr M backs son, Muhiyiddin

Money politics under fire as ex-PM backs his son and Muhyiddin

By Carolyn Hong, Malaysia Bureau Chief in Singapore Straits Times

KUALA LUMPUR: When former premier Mahathir Mohamad sinks his teeth into something, he does not let go. This time, it is a campaign against certain candidates in the Umno race, and he could prove to be their most formidable opponent.

It is no secret that he is backing International Trade and Industry Minister Muhyiddin Yassin for the deputy president's post which, by convention, also means the deputy premiership. He is also backing his own son Mukhriz for the Youth chief's post.

Through his blog, viewed by almost 10 million readers since May, Tun Dr Mahathir has conducted a relentless campaign against 'money politics' within the party - the Umno codename for vote buying. In an entry on Wednesday, he wrote about how certain candidates had suddenly received an avalanche of nominations after trailing for the first two weeks.

'What caused this phenomenon? People say (I do not have proof, it's just talk) that a lot of money was spent by those left behind initially,' he wrote in Malay. No names were given, but it is assumed he was referring to those running against his preferred candidates.

His views stirred the ground. Dr Mahathir, 83, might no longer be in Umno, having quit in May in protest against Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi's leadership, but he still wields influence in the party. And recent history has shown that the former premier has a knack of getting his way, combining a relentless public campaign with astute moves behind the scenes.

His constant sniping helped erode public confidence in Datuk Seri Abdullah, and he will undoubtedly employ the same strategy again. His campaign on behalf of his choice of candidates could be a significant turning factor, and he is expected to step it up as the March election draws nearer.

When the Umno race for nominations began on Oct 9, it opened with a rush of nominations for the favourites: Tan Sri Muhyiddin as deputy president and Datuk Mukhriz as Youth chief. But their opponents soon caught up and qualified to contest.

Mr Muhyiddin will now face Rural Development Minister Muhammad Muhammad Taib and Malacca Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam. Datuk Mukhriz is up against the PM's son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin and former Selangor chief minister Khir Toyo.

The flood of nominations received by Mr Muhyiddin and Mr Mukhriz is no guarantee of success at the Umno polls, as history has shown.

Mr Muhyiddin, while regarded by many Malaysians as the most qualified candidate, is seen as aloof and lacks the wide grassroots network that his rivals have. He received fewer votes than either of his opponents when they faced off in the vice-presidential race in 2000 and 2004. Thus, despite the perception that they lack the intellectual heft for the post, Datuk Seri Mohd Ali and Tan Sri Muhammad will give him a tough fight.

Hence, Dr Mahathir's campaign has found some support. A Perak Umno divisional chief, Datuk Zambry Abdul Kadir, told The Straits Times he agreed with Dr Mahathir's view that money politics had become a more serious problem this time.

'Candidates who are not supposed to be there are pushing their way in there, struggling to get the nominations. It's quite sickening to see,' he said.

He stressed that Mr Muhyiddin was clearly the most qualified candidate, but he acknowledged that it is all up to the 2,500 Umno delegates who will vote in March. And the perception is that some of them could fall prey to bribes.

In the meantime, Dr Mahathir can be expected to keep up his unflinching campaign. Two days ago, he issued an ominous warning - that he would name in his blog Umno members implicated in money politics. He was quoted as saying in The Star that he would risk a libel suit to expose the identities of those he had received complaints about.

'I can't do anything about the complaints except to hand these over to the Umno disciplinary committee. I will put these names up in my blog.'

New Straits Time, Saturday, 22 November 2008 10:35

JOHAN JAAFFAR: To be strong, Umno needs to be clean

THE secretary-general of Umno told the world "my party is sick". Perhaps he was asked to comment on the incidents of fighting and chair-throwing at the recent divisional meetings, but these are merely symptoms of the current problems bedevilling the party. The truth is, all is not well with Umno today.

Its detractors would argue that Umno has lost touch with reality and is fast becoming irrelevant. It is wrapped in a time capsule while the world moves on. Umno, the once venerable institution, is living on past glory. Umno is the party of yesteryear that refuses to reinvent itself. It does not speak the language of today's youth. It fails to understand the emergence of generations X and Y among the Malays. It has become largely a party of pakcik and makcik (uncles and aunties).

Not so, say its defenders. Umno will remain relevant forever. It is a party that has changed with time, in fact realigning itself to face the challenges of the day. It is not the myopic party that some would like to believe; it is in fact a dynamic one ferociously grounded in reality. More importantly, as long as the Malays are around, Umno will be their hope and legitimate representative.

The Malays are changing, more so their values and world views. These are not the same ones who had supported Umno in 1946. Those who fought the Malayan Union, the nationalists who were instrumental in demanding independence and the post-Merdeka generation of leaders are long gone.

Umno's policies have created a new generation of Malays -- educated, successful and more assertive. The rise of Malay businessmen and women is one of the proud legacies of Umno leaders' long-term vision and planning.

Umno is the victim of its own successes. Power corrupts, and being too long in power, corrupts indiscriminately. Power becomes an excuse for many of its leaders to become arrogant and lose their bearings. Like many established political parties in the world, longevity equals misuse and abuse of power. Umno produces leaders who are not fighters anymore. They are accidental leaders who are thrust to national prominence by default or worse.

There is no more idealism in the belly of Umno leaders, some would argue. The semangat perjuangan (fighting spirit) is gone. To be somewhere in the party, one has to play the game that others play. It is not just about schmoozing, cajoling and shedding a tear or two to win the hearts and minds of the general populace, but money, lots of money, is a critical prerequisite. Thus, politik wang or money politics is redefining the concept of trust, loyalty and patronage.

I do not know anyone in Umno today who denies the existence of money politics in the party. Some, even in Umno, believe that the coming party elections will probably be the dirtiest in its 62-year history. Everyone is aware of how money is being used to win elections even at the branch level. Someone estimated RM250 million as the "cost" of the coming Umno elections. Others think the figure is too demeaning to be taken seriously -- the amount is much bigger.

Where do they go from here? If money determines who gets the votes and who doesn't, what good is the party to the very people they say they are representing? Has its members become oblivious to what is happening to the party that has become the backbone of the Malays? Are they condoning the practice just for the sake of ensuring the party's continuity? Money will divide and eventually kill Umno. It will be a party fractured and fragmented.

Perhaps, more importantly, party members -- believed to be 3.2 million-strong -- ought to ask themselves what has become of their party. Is this the party that has gone through tough times fighting for the interests of the Malays? Is this not the party that has for more than six decades defended the Malay rights and ensured its dominance, politically or otherwise? Is it not the party that has produced some of the finest, outward-thinking and rational leaders the country had ever known? Is it true that Umno equals openness, tolerance and goodwill? And its leaders are respected by all Malaysians regardless of race? Are Umno leaders not just leaders of the Malays but also leaders of all Malaysians by virtue of their positions in government?

Perhaps things have changed. The political culture in Umno has changed. Umno used to be the party of Malay teachers and the common people. It is now a party whose members are businessmen and the rich. Uppity Malays are jostling for position and power with the royalties and the aristocrats. Lesser mortals, too, want their share of the spoils.

Little wonder that it matters to be rich in Umno. Wealth is the insurance policy everyone is looking for. Money matters. Money talks. And money is a surefire way for one to get elected. One aspiring vice-president cynically came out with a suggestion -- tender all the supreme council posts. May the highest bidders win. He was annoyed at how easily Umno members are swayed by the ringgit sign. Election year is musim menuai (harvest time) for the pecacai dan balaci politik (political operators). And the delegates as well.

Let us pray that what we hear are merely urban legends. I am sure there are many who still believe in honour and fair play. Umno depends on these people. Umno leaders must walk the walk and talk the talk. Making noise about curbing or crusading against money politics makes good news, but noise does not solve problems. Actions do.

For the sake of Umno, there must be enough members who have the audacity to say no to money politics and to choose only the worthiest among the leaders. Umno must take a strong and uncompromising stand to rid the party of rogue leaders and corrupt members. To be strong, Umno needs to be clean. Or at least seen to be clean.

I dread the day when the secretary-general will have to advise Umno members to look in the mirror and ask, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, am I not the dirtiest of them all?"

Musical Interlude: Red House

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He is one of my favourite Hendrix. Its a raw and rockin' Red House over the common slow bluesy version.

It is got a lot of those famous Hendrix lick.

My new posting will be up when finish. Its quite a lot of lickin too!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tun memalukan gong pusingan ke 3, Masihkah Abdullah dan UMNO terus berdegil?

Gong ke 3 sudah dipalu semalam di Yayasan Perdana.

Bunyi gong tersebut jelas dihalakan ke arah mereka yang mempersoalkan hak dan kedudukkan Melayu yang terus dipersoalkan akibat kelemahan pentadbiran Abdullah.

Pentadbiran Abdullah tidak patut dikekalkan untuk lima bukan kerana rancangan lima bulannya tidak akan membawa kebaikkan untuk negara. Beliau tidak mungkin dapat lakukan sesuatu dalam lima bulan apa yang beliau tidak boleh lakukan dalam lima tahun.

Gong itu juga dihalakan kepada mereka yang masih mahu meneruskan polisi-polisi Abdullah dan mengekalkan pemimpin-pemimpin penakut dan penyokong Abdullah yang cuba dikekalkan melalui politik kotor dan amalan politik wang. Jika pemimpin demikian menguasai UMNO, hancurlah UMNO pada pilihanraya ke 13.

Sebelum ini, apabila dua kali gong berbunyi, ia meninggalkan kesan. Adakah UMNO akan terus tidak ambil endah gong yang membawa suara akarumbi UMNO dan rakyat jelata? Gong ke tiga tidak boleh tidak diambil endah.

Paluan gendang pertama Dr Mahathir adalah pada ketika pelbagai projek-projek dan usaha kerajaanya untuk meningkatkan kapasiti ekonomi dihentikan dan digantung. Ini bermula dengan Majlis Bersama Kumpulan NGO-NGO di Kelab Melawati.

Semasa itu, Tun mendedahkan mengenai peranan anak-anak dan kaum keluarga dalam pemerintahan, dan wujudnya apa yang dipanggil Tingkat 4.

Berikutan dari itu, sikap kerajaan pimpinan Abdullah Badawi terus menerus bersikap kasar dan ganas menahan dan memaksa ahli-ahli UMNO mengikut kehendaknya, paluan kedua dibunyi menandakan seruan menuntut Abdullah diturunkan.

Ini dilakukan di Hotel New York, Johor Baru.

Sikap Abdullah yang degil dan terlindung dari kenyataan akhirnay menyebabkan rakyat menjadi marah terhadap sikap dan tingkah laku serta kelemahan pentadbiran Abdullah. Akhirnya rakyat telah menolak pentadbiran Abdullah, UMNO dan Barisan Nasional.

Lima negeri jatuh serta majoriti Wilayak Persekutuan. Budibacara Abdullah memilih Menteri Besar ditolak di Johor, Terangganu dan Perlis.

Krisis keyakinan terhadap UMNO masih berterusan selagi Abdullah masih kekal. Abdullah bersungguh mahu kekal duduk di Putrajaya walaupun dia tidak boleh lakukan apa-apa. Kewujudannya hanya menjadikan UMNO bertambah rosak, tidak bermaya, dan lemah.


Utusan Malaysia Nov 20hb, 2008

Orang Melayu perlu pertahankan hak mereka - Tun Mahathir

PUTRAJAYA 19 Nov. - Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad mahu orang Melayu tidak terus mengambil sikap mempertahankan diri apabila hak-hak dan keistimewaan mereka dicabar oleh pihak tertentu terutama selepas UMNO catat prestasi buruk dalam pilihan raya umum lalu.

Sebaliknya bekas Perdana Menteri itu berkata, sudah tiba masanya untuk orang Melayu mengambil sikap 'menyerang' bagi memastikan hak-hak yang dinikmati selama ini dapat dipertahankan.

''Kita lihat sekarang ini ramai orang Melayu cuma mempertahankan diri tetapi tidak menyerang, kita cuma marah dengan kata jangan sentuh hak keistimewaan Melayu dan agama Islam.

''Kita harus mempertahankan kedudukan kita tetapi ungkapan orang Inggeris kata bahawa serangan adalah satu bentuk pertahanan yang paling baik, jadi kita kena serang, itu cara terbaik untuk mempertahankan diri," katanya ketika berucap pada Program Penerangan Isu-Isu Semasa di Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana di sini hari ini.

Menurut Dr. Mahathir, orang Melayu sejak dahulu mempunyai sikap yang lemah lembut dan ada kalanya tidak mahu mempertahankan diri walaupun tahu diri mereka tidak bersalah selain enggan menuduh orang lain bersalah.

Sebab itu katanya, apabila terdapat pihak mempertikaikan sosial kontrak, orang Melayu hanya mempertahankan diri bahawa mereka mempunyai keistimewaan yang telah ditetapkan dalam kontrak tersebut.

Bagaimanapun jelas beliau, orang Melayu tidak mendedahkan perkara-perkara yang dipersetujui mereka dalam kontrak sosial yang telah dinikmati oleh kaum lain di negara ini.

''Kita cuma pertahankan bahawa kontrak sosial beri keistimewaan tetapi kita tidak kata tentang apa yang kita beri dalam kontrak sosial, kita bagi banyak.

''Tunku (Abdul Rahman Putra) memberikan satu juta kerakyatan kepada orang bukan Melayu tanpa apa-apa soalan, ini ada dalam ucapan Tun Tan Siew Sin.

''Kalau hendak ambil balik hak Melayu, kita juga nak ambil balik hak yang diberikan kepada mereka," katanya.

Dalam pada itu, Dr. Mahathir menyatakan, selepas pilihan raya umum lalu, banyak pihak menyatakan mereka menolak perkauman tetapi mereka secara terang-terangan mempersoalkan mengapa orang Melayu mendapat begitu banyak hak di negara ini.

''Mereka mahu bahasa mereka digunakan dalam papan tanda dan mempersoalkan Melayu sebagai pendatang yang dikatakan tidak berbeza dengan orang Cina dan India," katanya.

Beliau turut mempertikaikan tindakan sesetengah pihak menyamakan kemenangan Barack Obama sebagai Presiden ke-44 Amerika Syarikat (AS) baru-baru ini sebagai satu petanda bahawa negara ini juga perlu dipimpin oleh seorang Perdana Menteri yang bukannya dari kalangan orang Melayu.

''Sejak Obama menang, ia jadi masalah pula kepada kita, sedangkan beliau tidak boleh disamakan dengan kita.

''Memang dia berkulit hitam dan ada campuran sedikit tetapi hakikatnya dia menerima budaya dan bahasa di AS yang asalnya dijajah oleh Anglo-Saxon. Dia cukup dengan identiti Amerika," katanya.

Sementara itu, Tun Dr. Mahathir mengingatkan bahawa UMNO dan Barisan Nasional (BN) mungkin menghadapi risiko tewas dalam pilihan raya umum akan datang sekiranya gejala politik wang dalam parti itu gagal dibersihkan.

Beliau menegaskan, jika sebelum ini rakyat beralih kepada parti pembangkang disebabkan pemimpin tertentu dalam kerajaan, mereka tidak mustahil akan menolak seluruh calon BN yang didapati memenangi pemilihan parti dengan cara rasuah.

Sehubungan itu, kata beliau, adalah tidak berguna sekiranya para pemimpin UMNO berebut-rebut untuk memenangi pemilihan parti pada Mac depan termasuk melalui cara rasuah tetapi parti kecundang dalam Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13.

''Jadi penolakan terhadap UMNO bukan suatu yang mustahil, kemungkinan besar kerana rakyat sekarang pandang jijik kepada UMNO.

''Kalau dulu UMNO didokong oleh rakyat, mereka bersedia memberikan sokongan kepada UMNO dan BN tetapi hari ini pandangan rakyat sudah berbeza, sekarang saya fikir rakyat sudah benci dengan semua pemimpin kerana mereka terlibat rasuah.

''Rakyat pandang UMNO yang meletakkan calon-calon yang menang dalam pemilihan parti merupakan calon yang rasuah, adakah parti akan mendapat undi?," katanya pada program Penerangan Isu-Isu Semasa di Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana di sini hari ini.

Bekas Perdana Menteri selama 22 tahun itu juga membidas pandangan segelintir pihak yang menyatakan orang luar daripada UMNO tidak wajar mencampuri dan mengambil perhatian tentang apa yang berlaku dalam parti tersebut.

Ini kerana katanya, selama ini UMNO dan BN berjaya memenangi semua pilihan raya umum lalu bukan sekadar dengan sokongan ahli-ahli parti sebaliknya atas dokongan rakyat yang menyokong dasar serta perjuangan parti tersebut.

Sehubungan itu, Dr. Mahathir berkata, pemimpin yang mengamalkan politik wang perlu disingkirkan daripada menduduki jawatan-jawatan penting parti bagi mengelakkan pandangan buruk rakyat yang berada di luar parti.

''Sudah tentu tidak semua pengundi gila tetapi ada yang masih waras, mereka akan tolak calon BN pada Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13 dan inilah nasib yang sedang menunggu untuk mereka yang keluarkan wang yang banyak," katanya.

Dalam pada itu, beliau berpandangan, pelan peralihan kuasa yang ditetapkan oleh UMNO tidak akan memberikan kesan sekiranya ia hanya membabitkan pertukaran pemimpin secara fizikal.

Sebaliknya, jelas beliau, peralihan kuasa itu mesti melibatkan pertukaran dasar-dasar yang sebelum ini didapati menjadi punca kebencian rakyat dan kerugian kepada negara serta menyebabkan UMNO menjadi lemah.

''Untuk bersihkan UMNO kita perlu kepada pemimpin yang berani dan bukan lebih mirip kepada hendak menjaga air muka orang lain.

''Oleh itu peralihan kuasa tidak hanya dalam bentuk tubuh badan sahaja tetapi mesti melibatkan segala dasar yang dibenci oleh rakyat, jika tidak peralihan itu akan menjadi sia-sia sahaja, kalau teruskan rakyat akan tolak kepimpinan UMNO," tegasnya.

Sementara itu pada sesi soal jawab, Dr. Mahathir menegaskan beliau akan cuba membantu ahli-ahli UMNO memerangi rasuah politik dalam parti termasuk menghubungi Lembaga Disiplin parti dan menghantar laporan mengenai gejala itu kepada badan tersebut.

''Saya juga boleh masukkan nama-nama mereka yang dilaporkan terlibat dengan politik wang dalam laman blog saya," katanya.


mStarRabu November 19, 2008

Impak politik wang, Mahathir ramal Umno, BN kalah teruk?

Mahathir serah Lembaga Disiplin Umno laporan


PETALING JAYA: Dalam siri kritikan mengenai perkembangan dalam Umno, parti yang diterajui selama 22 tahun, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad menegaskan, kelakuan buruk ahli dan pemimpin Umno kali ini besar kemungkinan menyebabkan Barisan Nasional (BN) dan parti itu kalah.

"Lihat 2008. Ketua-ketua perhubungan Kedah, Perak dan Selangor dapat jadi calon dan dapat menang pun. Tetapi BN dan UMNO kalah di negeri-negeri ini.

"Apabila parti kalah yang menang menjadi pemimpin dalam Umno tidak akan dapat menjadi Menteri Besar, ahli Exco dan sebagainya. Mereka akan bernasib baik jika dapat jadi pembangkang.

"Ramai daripada mereka tidak pun dapat jadi ahli Yang Berhormat. Mereka akan kalah," kata bekas Perdana Menteri dalam tulisan blognya hari ini yang bertajuk "Pencalonan Umno".

Sambil merujuk kepada amalan dan gejala politik wang, isu yang beliau sentuh sejak sebulan lalu, Dr. Mahathir hari ini menambah, dalam pilihan raya umum lalu pengundi-pengundi termasuk ahli dan penyokong setia Umno telah menolak parti itu hanya kerana pucuk pimpinan mereka disebabkan banyak faktor.

"Pada 2008 pengundi termasuk ahli dan penyokong setia Umno telah tolak Umno hanya kerana pucuk pimpinan Umno yang tak mampu memimpin, yang tunduk kepada Singapura, yang tak tahu kenang budi, yang utamakan anak menantu lebih daripada rakyat dan bermacam lagi. Kerana orang ini seorang, pengundi telah dengan berat hati undi parti lawan. Orang ini hanya seorang sahaja tetapi Umno dan BN yang menjadi mangsa," katanya.

Bagaimanapun jelas beliau, kali ini penolakan Umno dan BN oleh majoriti pengundi akan disebabkan mereka - Melayu, Cina dan India - memandang jijik keseluruhan Umno itu sendiri.

"Dengan mengetahui Umno terdiri dan dipimpin oleh perasuah, dengan anggapan bahawa siapa sahaja yang menjadi calon Umno dalam pilihan raya umum ke-13 akan terdiri daripada orang yang telah dicalonkan kerana rasuah, dipilih oleh pemimpin perasuah dari parti yang secara terbuka mengamal rasuah, apakah pengundi akan rela beri undi mereka kepada calon-calon Umno?

"Saya fikir tidak. Mungkin yang dapat nikmat tertentu akan undi BN. Tetapi ramai yang tidak akan undi BN," katanya lagi.

Isu politik wang menjadi perhatian banyak pihak dengan Lembaga Disiplin mendedahkan lebih 900 aduan diterima sepanjang kempen pemilihan parti baru-baru ini.

Dalam tulisannya hari ini, Dr. Mahathir, bekas Presiden Umno menyoal: "Apakah yang akan jadi pada Umno yang sudah kalah?Mungkinkah ia memberi nikmat kepada ahli dan pemimpin-pemimpin Umno? Tentu tidak," katanya lagi.

Beliau menambah, jika tidak hancur, Umno akan menjadi parti yang tidak bermaya, sekali gus tidak akan dapat pejuangkan nasib bangsa, agama dan tanah air.

"Mungkinkah Umno yang lemah ini dipulih semula. Saya tidak fikir UMNO dan BN juga yang telah dirosakkan oleh pucuk kepimpinan Umno pada mulanya dan sekarang oleh lain-lain pemimpin dan juga ahli biasa akan dapat dipulihkan oleh mereka yang telah merosakkannya kerana kelakuan buruk mereka," katanya lagi.

Alternatif disyorkan beliau: jika Umno hendak dipulih semula pemimpin yang telah mengotorkannya sehingga kalah perlu diganti dengan yang dianggap bersih oleh masyarakat dan ahli parti yang tidak tercemar dan masih berpegang kepada prinsip perjuangan parti.

"Soalnya siapakah yang layak? Sama-samalah kita fikir," kata beliau yang menyerahkan pucuk kepimpinan parti dan kerajaan kepada Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Oktober 2003.

Sementara itu, Bernama melaporkan, ketika sesi soal jawab dalam majlis dialog bersama beliau di Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana di Putrajaya hari ini, Dr Mahathir berkata, semua laporan yang diterimanya berhubung amalan politik wang dalam Umno akan dipanjangkan kepada Jawatankuasa Disiplin parti itu untuk tindakan lanjut.

Beliau menegaskan laporan tersebut juga akan diserahkan kepada Badan Pencegah Rasuah (BPR).

"Jika kedua-dua cara itu tidak berhasil, saya akan siarkan senarai nama mereka yang terlibat itu beserta laporan di dalam blog saya," katanya.

Beliau berkata, tindakan yang berani amat diperlukan ketika ini bagi memulihkan imej dan kedudukan Umno yang didakwanya kian tercemar ekoran amalan politik wang yang semakin berleluasa. "Jika kita tidak berani mengambil tindakan, Umno akan hancur. Inilah yang akan menunggu kita kalau keadaan ini berterusan," katanya.

Terdahulu dalam ucapannya, beliau berkata amalan politik wang adalah faktor utama yang akan memusnahkan Umno dan struktur keseluruhan parti itu.

Sekiranya tidak dibersihkan, negara perlu bersedia menghadapi keruntuhan kuasa kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN), kata Dr Mahathir.

"Apabila mereka menggunakan wang, pandangan pengundi kepada mereka akan lebur. Mereka (pengundi) jijik pada orang macam ini. Pada pilihan raya akan datang sudah tentu yang akan dapat jadi calon ialah mereka yang kalau tak cekap bodek pun, ialah mereka yang cekap memberi wang kepada pihak tertentu supaya mereka dicalon untuk menjadi calon pilihan raya.

"Rakyat akan pandang mereka ini sebagai calon yang terlibat dengan rasuah. Apakah rakyat akan undi kepada calon-calon ini?," katanya.

Dr Mahathir berkata, hanya ahli yang tidak menggunakan akal sahaja akan mengundi calon yang terlibat dengan rasuah.

"Seperti yang saya katakan, undi daripada ahli sahaja tidak memberikan kemenangan kerana undi dari ahli (Umno) itu sedikit. Kita perlukan undi dari pengundi yang bukan ahli Umno tetapi merupakan penyokong setia Umno," katanya.

Rentetan daripada itu, kata beliau, tidak mustahil untuk BN kalah pada pilihan raya ke-13 akan datang jika para pengundi enggan mengundi calon yang terlibat dengan rasuah.

"Itu bukan mustahil. Sebelum pilihan raya umum Mac lepas, kita fikir kita tentu menang di Selangor, Perak dan Pulau Pinang, tentu kita menang di Kedah, tapi apa yang berlaku adalah sebaliknya," katanya.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Perisytiharan Perkasa dan Persatuan Peguam Muslim


1) MENGINSAFI BAHAWA kelangsungan dan kejayaan Persekutuan Malaysia akan sentiasa bergantung kepada kejayaan sebenar usaha-usaha pengisian Kedaulatan Melayu dan Pribumi dalam proses kenegaraan dan amalan masyarakat Malaysia;

2) MENYEDARI BAHAWA sebarang usaha untuk menafikan kedudukan, kuasa, wibawa, kepentingan dan peranan Kedaulatan Melayu dan Pribumi dalam proses kenegaraan dan amalan masyarakat Malaysia akan menghasilkan ketidaktentuan kepimpinan negara dan amalan politik yang tidak terarah dan lemah;

3) MENYEDARI BAHAWA ancaman-ancaman terhadap kelangsungan dan kejayaan Persekutuan Malaysia yang berteraskan kepada Kedaulatan Melayu dan Pribumi, telah dan sedang berlaku dengan hebat, tersusun dan menyeluruh, yang menuntut perjuangan dan tindakan-tindakan penentangan dari bangsa Melayu dan pribumi, serta masyarakat terbanyak;

4) MENGETAHUI BAHAWA kaum bukan Melayu di Malaysia memiliki jaminan hak dan kepentingan sah pada tahap paling tinggi di bawah perlindungan Seri PadukanBaginda Yang DiPertuan Agong;

MAKA dengan berpandu kepada fakta-fakta yang benar, bukti-bukti sejarah dan bukti-bukti terkini dan hujah-hujah yang sah, KAMI Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (PERKASA) dengan kerjasama Persatuan Peguam-Peguam Muslim Malaysia yang bersidang pada hari ini, 16 November 2008 bersamaan 18 Dzulkaedah 1429H, dalam wacana Hak-Hak Pribumi dalam Perlembagaan di Auditorium Memorial Tun Hussein Onn, Kuala Lumpur, dengan tegas dan lantang menyatakan bahawa :

SATU - MENGGESA pihak kerajaan (persekutuan dan negeri ) agar sentiasa mendapatkan restu dan perkenan DYMM Raja-Raja Melayu bagi apa jua tindakan pentadbiran yang menyentuh atau berkaitan dengan hak dan kedudukan istimewa orang-orang Melayu dan Pribumi di Sabah dan Sarawak serta kepentingan sah kaum-kaum lain;

KEDUA - MENGGESA semua pihak supaya menghormati semangat perlembagaan yang mendasari dan menjadi paksi kepada kedudukan Bahasa melayu sebagai bahasa kebangsaan serta tidak melakukan sesuatu tindakan yang secara langsung atau tidak langsung menjejas dan menggugat kedudukan bahasa Melayu sebagai Bahasa Kebangsaan. Di atas semangat yang sama, kami menuntut dilaksanakan penggunaan sepenuhnya Bahasa Melayu dalam urusan perundangan dan kehakiman negara;

KETIGA - MENGINGATKAN bahawa peruntukkan asas perlembagaan adalah suatu piagam yang tidak boleh sama sekali di ubah, dipinda, dibuang, dimansuh atau dicabar secara sewenang-wenangnya. Ini kerana peruntukkan-peruntukkan asas tersebut bukan sekadar suatu dokumen undang-undang, tetapi ia mencatatkan dan melambangkan semangat permuafakatan dan kerjasama pelbagai pihak dan kepentingan;

KEEMPAT - MENCADANGKAN agar kedudukan tanah rezab Melayu dan regimen askar Melayu dimasukkan di bawah perlindungan Raja-Raja Melayu melalui pindaan kepada perkara 159 Fasal (5) dan perkaras 10 fasal (4). Ini berdasarkan hakikat bahawa perlembagaan adalah suatu piagam yang di dalamnya terjamin maktub struktur asas Negara bangsa Malaysia ;

KELIMA - PERCAYA bahawa faham ketuanan Melayu sering disalah tafsir sedangkan ianya adalah satu hakikat sejarah bahawa orang Melayu dan pribumi lainnya adalah tuan rumah asal negara ini. Pembuktian mengenai faham ketuanan ini secara langsung telah dilambangkan melalui institusi Raja-Raja Melayu melalui ketuanan berhemah seperti yang terjamin maktub di dalam perlembagaan persekutuan. Justeru, itulah seluruh peruntukkan dalam perlembagaan Raja Melayu dan pribumi tidak boleh dipertikaikan;

KEENAM - MENGUSULKAN agar beberapa peruntukkan khas perlu diadakan dan dilindungi di bawah perlembagaan bagi memelihara dan memajukan kedudukan dan kepentingan golongan yang daif dan miskin secara saksama tanpa mengira bangsa, keturunan dan agama;

KETUJUH - MENGGESA agar semua rakyat, terutamanya generasi muda serta pemimpin semua peringkat, wajib memahami isi kandungan serta peranan perlembagaan dalam menjamin ketenteraman dan keharmonian Malaysia sebagai sebuah Negara bangsa. Untuk itu kerajaan pusat dan negeri harus mewajibkan kefahaman ini kepada kumpulan sasar melalui sistem pendidikan atau kursus-kursus khas seperti pusat latihan khidmat Negara ;
KELAPAN - MENGGESA agar semua parti politik dan badan-badan bukan kerajaan agar mengakui dan menerima peruntukkan-peruntukkan yang berkaitan hak-hak keistimewaan kaum melayu dan bumiputra serta kepentingan-kepentingan sah kaum lain serta tidak mengeksploitasi peruntukan di atas bagi maksud-maksud sempit sehingga menggugat keharmonian dan kestabilan Negara bangsa.

Menginsafi dan menyedari bahawa perjuangan mempertahankan yang hak dan benar dan memperkasakan Kedaulatan Melayu dan Pribumi memerlukan beberapa tindakan segera, maka KAMI mengesyorkan :

(i) Supaya dirangka dan dilaksanakan satu program raksasa memberi pendidikan dan memasyarakatkan, berdasarkan kumpulan sasaran yang ditetapkan akan kedudukan, kuasa, wibawa, kepentingan dan peranan Kedaulatan melayu dan pribumi dalam proses kenegaraan dan amalan masyarakat Malaysia, di mana Institusi Raja-Raja Melayu mohon Menjungjung Kasih akan berperanan sebagai Penaung dan Penasihat;

(ii) Supaya diambil tindakan menyusun kurikulum program pemasyarakatan ini secara lengkap dan kaedah penyampaiannya ditentukan supaya berkesan ditahap di mana kumpulan sasaran berupaya menjiwainya;

(iii) Supaya disusun strategi yang menyeluruh dan bertindak secara bijaksana dan berkesan bagi mengalahkan peperangan psikologi dan saraf, usaha-usaha halus dan terang-terangan penghakisan dan pengkhianatan terhadap asas-asas, struktur-struktur dan kekuatan Kedaulatan Melayu;

(iv) Menggesa pihak yang bertanggungjawab agar merangka pelan-pelan dan jangkamasa tindakan serta pengukuran kejayaan terhadap usaha-usaha memperkasakan hak-hak istimewa bangsa Melayu dan pribumi serta mendapatkan pandangan dan maklum balas dari Duli-Duli Yang Maha MUlia Raja-Raja Melayu selaku Penaung dan Penasihat, dan melaksanakan semua pelan-pelan tindakan ini sehingga berjaya.

16 November 2008/ 18 Dzulkaedah 1429H

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