Monday, May 30, 2022

Warm, Warm Chicken shit ...

Prime Minister Dato Seri Ismail Sabri is regurgitating his past narrative at the Ministry of Agriculture to wage a holy war (jihad) against middle men in the current calling to fight chicken cartel. 

Middle men is a perennial problem to the Malay economy, but this is merely a political diversion propaganda and it could not be stomach. Simply because it is untrue. If ill-informed cybertrooper wish to label this blogger the heavenly defenders of cartels, so be it. 

Ismail personally made a populist decision to suppress chicken prices despite rising cost and against informed advise from the agriculture and consumer Ministries. Now he is referring the large chicken rearing companies as cartel? 

Does he has a back-up plan? Thousands of smaller chicken farms closed shop when he fixed wholesale chicken at RM6.80 in January at the time it is RM8.60 in Bangkok and feed cost rose by 40% from about RM80 to RM120 per bag within the 90-day chicken growing cycle. 

That disparity in prices still remain. As a result, there is practically only 5 companies left rearing chicken. Market talk is one is going to close shop, one considering to close shop, one taking up offer from Singapore to operate their farm in Bentan, and one could be a fall guy in an international relation problem. 

It is actually more profitable for all five to close shop because they will be most welcome by any country in the region, except Malaysia to open up their operation. Ismail and his propagandist should stop their nonsense before there will be no more chicken farm around.  

Saturday, May 28, 2022

If Nazlan couldn't explained for money in account ...

On May 21st recently, MACC announced they have submitted their Investigation Paper on Justice Dato Nazlan Ghazali to the Attorney General. 

Two days earlier, one of the recently vocal five former Bar Council Presidents defending Nazlan, namely Dato Mah Weng Kwai demanded MACC to reveal their investigation. 

It is a strange request. 

As a former Court of Appeal judge and protege to Dato Eusoff Chin of the infamous VK Lingam tape judicial scandal, Mah knows well that MACC could not reveal their investigation to the public. It is only for the purview of the Attorney General. 

Unlike after GE14, there is more confidence that MACC's IP represent the investigation body's own probe. 

MACC today is not led by a PH-appointed politician. Dato Seri Gopal Sri Ram does not have an office there as rumoured when PH new government was then in a hurry to pin charges against Najib and Rosmah.  

Mah's request indicate he is aware the investigation Bar tried to obstruct went ahead despite Ambiga-led public pressure to protect uncle Sri Ram from having his cover blown. 

And, Mah's flip flop could also indicate he sensed there is justified concern against Nazlan.  

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Foresaking Malaysia for Indian constitution

The posting "Judges encroaching power of Parliament endanger public" received unexpected response from a former Chief Justice. 

He questioned who is encroaching on whose jurisdiction. 

A member of the bench called to share the concerns of judges in the High and Appellate Courts with the direction Tengku Maimoon and her friends are taking. 

One of her friend is lobbying a female member of a royal family to be appointed President of the Court of Appeal.

Meanwhile, a former Deputy Public Prosecutor explained the basic structure introduced by Dato Gopal Sri Ram and attempted adoption by Tengku Maimoon, and her clique of Federal Court judges are emulating the Indian Constitution.

What is the ulterior motive of  Tengku Maimoon to pepper the interpretation of Malaysian Constitution with Indian indigenous spices?

Friday, May 20, 2022

So far PRSIS tablet re-tender turned out true

The gossip on PRSIS re-tender for tablets turned out partly true. At least, the tender was cancelled. There is a re-tender to be announced soon.

The rest written in the posting "KSU to be removed for Keluarga Malaysia's Tablet supply?" of this blocked blog have to wait. 

Apparently there have been denial claiming what was written not true. There is hardly any accusation but merely hoping what happenned in the past will not repeat itself. 

No denial required.

Even if public cannot easily accessed and need to go through proxy websites to read this blog, the right to reply will be respected. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

22 million M'sians' personal data sold online!

Personal data and eKYC photos of Malaysians allegedly obtained from JPN and SPR are being sold online 

BY Alexander Wong 

17 May 2022 7:56 pm 

There appears to be a potential data breach at two Malaysian government agencies as an online individual claims to be selling personal data of over 22 million Malaysians on an online forum. The seller claims to be the same party behind last year’s sale of personal data belonging to 4 million Malaysians. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

SKMM blocking Another Brick blog?

On Sunday evening, this blog was uploading the article entitled "Judges encroaching power of Parliament will endanger public".

Its on a legal subject which was a non-lawyer layman commentary refering to FMT reports and the FB of Lukman Alias.  The reports and FB postings are not censured and still available.

After posting it, suddenly realised could not open the blog. It too long to respond and registered similar message to opening porn sites or Hussein Hamid or Edisi Siasat blog.

Upon consulting few IT savvy whizz kids, they suspected SKMM block this blog by making it difficult to access. 

Monday, May 16, 2022

Judges encroaching power of Parliament will endanger public

Nazlan Ghazali, the Court of Appeal judge that presided over the SRC case, was one of two High Court judges that acquited and discharged two suspected supporters of terrorist group LTTE in February 2020. There were public outcry over the decision in which prosecution was instructed by then Attorney General, Tommy Thomas to withdrew the case. 

Circulating on social media is an alleged letter from Tun Dr Mahathir instructing then Home Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to do so. It created the perception Nazlan is at Mahathir's beck and call. 

Fast forward to March 23rd 2022, opposition voted against renewal of security law, SOSMA. Late arrivals and absentee by the government side caused the renewal rejected. Here on, suspects that could threaten national security cannot be held for investigation for 28 days without charge.  

Since abolishment of ISA, the latest decision by Federal Court could visibly worsen security and public safety situation in the country. 

Friday, May 13, 2022

While Ismail is abroad, noose tightening on KSN?

My broker is not EF Hutton, but to pun their TV commercial decades ago, they said PM Datuk Ismail Sabri met senior officials of major American corporation in Washington yesterday. 

It is perhaps news to them but it is still seen as usual courtesy visit by a new PM. And, its actually news should Azmin's claim of possible FDI turned out true. Be sure to not put wool over public's eyes to claim reinvestment as FDI. 

So was the stopover in London. Why then are 6 full Minister accompanying PM? 

Is something going to happen in Kuala Lumpur and Ismail is taking a leaf from Mahathir's old playbook for PM to leave the country while it is unfolding?  

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Is MySejahtera worth RM338 million?

Last week, blogger Nuclearbursaman criticised Ministry of Health's Director General, Tan Sri Noor Hisham Abdullah for being the mouthpiece of MySejahtera.

The Vibe reported Noor Hisham promoting the use MySejahtera for infectous diseases other than Covid 19 such as rabies, dengue and chicken pox. This is in addition to Khairy Jamaluddin's statement that MySejahtera could be applied for non-communicable disease.

Critics of MySejahtera is particularly up-set with Khairy for snubbing PAC's request to delay the MySejahtera contract till inquiry is completed. 

When taking into account the risk MySejahtera data has actually leaked, continuing it openned MOH or MySJ or the maintainance company to the risk of being reprimanded for breaching the Private Data Protection Act (PDPA) OR civil lawsuit by users.

Is it worth for government to spend the money?  

Friday, May 06, 2022

The old fox haunted by sins of judicial past

When Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim reacted to Raja Petra's expose on Justice Dato' Nazlan Ghazali's wrongdoing and MACC statement claiming they are authorised to investigate corruption allegations against judges, Tun Dr Mahathir was not chorusing with the rest. 

He was not attacking MACC as meddling into judicial affair or questioning their authority to investigate or latest narrative of judicial intimidation. Neither did he attempt to deny Nazlan is conflicted nor vouch for his innocence. 

Instead Mahathir strangely went into another of his typical tantrum towards Dato Seri Najib on twitter

Monday, May 02, 2022

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