Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Who am I to be blue
Look at my family and fortune
Look at my friends and my house

Who am I to feel deadend
Who am I to feel spent
Look at my health and my money

And where
Where do I go to feel good
Why do I still look outside me
When clearly I've seen it won't work

Is it my calling to keep on when I'm unable
And is it my job to be selfless extraordinary
And my generosity has me disabled
By this my sense of duty to offer

And why
Why do I feel so ungrateful
Me who is far beyond survival
Me who see life as an oyster

Is it my calling to keep on when I'm unable
And is it my job to be selfless extraodinary
And my generosity has me disabled
By this my sense of duty to offer

And how
How dare I rest on my laurels
How dare I ignore an outstretched hand
How dare I ignore a third world country

Is it my calling to keep on when I'm unable
And is it my job to be selfless extraodinairy
And my generosity has me disabled
By this my sense of duty to offer

Who am I to be woo

- Alanis Morisette, Feast on Scraps: Inside Under Rug Swept (2002)

Its the festival of Aidil Adha today. To commemurate this auspices Islam's syariat-ed festival, it is the animal sacrificial ritual in remembrance of the act of Prophet Abraham. Its about his willingness to follow God's command to sacrifice his beloved son Ishmael. He was about to perform it on his willing son Ishmael that another revelation came to request replacing with a goat. He has pass that greatest test of faith ever on men.

The message of the Quranic story that is translated into a ritual and honoured as a festival, is the importance of sacrifice. It comes together with the quality of patiance, selflessness and steadfast. It takes a spirit of such prophetic faith to be able to do such act of Abraham. We are not likely to be tested in a manner.

For us, God is less demanding. At its minimal, we are expected to assume some discomfort or restrain oneself from certain trappings for a rightful purpose. The Quran 22:37: "It is not their meat nor their blood, that reaches Allah. It is your piety that reaches Him...".

Its telling us to seek a purpose and role beyond the limited fardhu 'ain confine of family and neighbours. Each must balance their life to take up a role of a higher order for community, nation, ummah and humanity albeit within ones knowledge, capability and capacity.

As time goes by, I sense this is diminishing in today's society. It is selfishness rather sacrifice that rules the day.

People are driven by their self conquest for car, condo, and credit card. There are many of those getting involved but with the ulterior motive for access to power if not power itself. Gone are empowering for the sake of a cause and capability.

We have forgotten that it is the patiance and sacrifice of our forefathers, past leaders and brave souls that made this lovely and peaceful country of ours. Reap the benefit but concurrently assume some discomfort and restrain ourself to sacrifice for others or the later.

As professionals, carryout ones expertise diligently beyond just scope of responsibility but enable objective met and the community benefit.

As administrators, carryout ones authority beyond rules and regulation but with wisdom and compassion so community life be better and interest not compromised.

As people of commerce, carryout ones pursuit beyond personal wealth creation and opulance living, but accumulating capital to contribute to betterment and benevolent pursuit.

As corporate captains, carryout ones objective beyond bottom line and financial positioning but not to foresake the interest of the little people and the deprived, where one came from.

Just as in the ritual Aidil Adha, it is the meat that is redistributed to the poor, needy, and community, not the bone soup. Its tasty but no nutritional value.

The decay seemed inevitable. Lets ponder.

If individual's conscience can't be relied on to carryout their respective role dutifully and let alone beyond ones expectation for a cause and a struggle, it is time for a rethink. It has to be system driven and less individual's discretion. The role and integrity of institutions strengthened and must be instilled that it come before personalities.

But ... Who am I to ... woo

Selamat Aidil Adha

A Voice
Kuala Lumpur
January 11th, 2006, 12:10 a.m.


raghu said...

hav u read da world is flat its an interestin buk

Anonymous said...

Yeah I read that buk, and you know what? I found land...!!


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