Thursday, April 17, 2008

If Anwar is not "PM of Israel", What Then?

It is not the first excuse Anwar Ibrahim used to justify his attack on Dr Mahathir. He had used Dr Mahathir's remark on his ex-convict status and many other remark.

When listening to Anwar's entertaining speech, be analytical and extra critical to his logic of arguments and conclusions. It's usually doubt-creating logic appealing to the simpleton masses and not supported by hard evidence and fact. Evidence and fact he presents are usually heresay or circumstantial or half complete information. If documents or evidences are demanded, his reply is to request for the appropriate time for release or use excuse like Justice Augustine Paul's refusal of his "irrelevent" evidences.

Anwar was angered by Dr Mahathir's snipe labeling of himself as PM of Israel. Fine, but why would an Israeli newspaper be able to predict him as the next PM of Malaysia, before any other newspaper in the world? Could he be an ally or of interest to Israel to receive such compliments from it's mainstream newspaper?

Naturally he denied and even added an interesting twist to claim he would never pay a bloody sen to a Jew. (Notice his remark did not cause uproar in the international media.) He claim Dr Mahathir paid a Jewish lobbyist Abrahamovich to arrange meeting with President George Bush.

Good counter attack, but that was not money from the Government but arrange by some private entity. Realistically, during the heyday of the American supported Reformasi movement (remember Al Gore's remark in Kuala Lumpur), it was of urgency to meet and convince the new American President, George Bush. For the sake of the country, if we need to use a Jew to get to the President to tide things down, than use it! Why not?

Anwar may not be involved with the Jew directly but lets not be naive to not know to whose interest are the neo-cons working for. Who is not aware of Anwar's close friendship with Paul Wolfowitz, a major neo-con figure?

Anwar did deny such links. Pleaseee ... he fumbled in the BBC Hardtalk interview big time. Too much inconsistency.

A former Malaysian Political Secretary in a visit to the World Bank was introduced to Wolfowitz. Upon knowing the visitors are Malaysians, he asked if they know his good friend Anwar Ibrahim. Can we rest that denial for good?

Denying he is the Prime Minister of Israel does not change the fact that he has strong affiliation with the Americans via the US State Dept. sponsored Foundation for the Future (FFF). Expectedly he did some denial also.

As early as November 2005, this blogger was aware who buttered Anwar's bread from a phrase in his speech at Harvard University. It did not come to a surprise to hear of Anwar's involvement with FFF when it was conceived.

Jon Conspiracy Theorist emailed me a posting by b in the blog Moon over Alabama with regard to the Foundation for the Future.

April 16, 2007

Wolfowitz, CIA, Lebanon - Get the picture?

A diary by Converger at Daily Kos and a brief by Steve Clemons at The Washington Note tackle the mystery of the Foundation for the Future.

That is the place where Paul Wolfowitz's darling Shaha Riza currently works and earns nearly $200,000 a year tax-free World Bank money.

Let me add a bit to the public research on that mysterious foundation after the jump.

Before she came to the World Bank in 1997 Shaha Riza worked at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a Reagan legacy, which through intermediaries is funding democratic regime changes and US friendly foreign political parties. According to rightweb:

NED’s chairman is Vin Weber, who along with current NED board member Francis Fukuyama and former board members Paula Dobriansky and Paul Wolfowitz (both of whom joined the Bush II administration in 2001), signed the founding statement of the Project for the New American Century.
Bill Berkowitz takes a longer historic look on the NED:

According to Blum, the NED funded "key components of [Col.] Oliver North's shadowy 'Project Democracy' network, which privatized U.S. foreign policy, waged war, ran arms and drugs and engaged in other equally charming activities. At one point in 1987, a White House spokesman stated that those at NED 'run Project Democracy.' This was an exaggeration; it would have been more correct to say that NED was the public arm of Project Democracy, while North ran the covert end of things. In any event, the statement caused much less of a stir than if--as in an earlier period--it had been revealed that it was the CIA which was behind such an unscrupulous operation."
Before(?) her relationship with Paul Wolfowitz, Shaha Riza was married to Bulent Aliriza. He is the Turkey expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.
After being moved away from the World Bank Shaha Riza worked on democracy projects at the State Department under Liz Cheney.

In November 2005 Liz Cheney and Condi Rice were in Bahrain at the launch of the Foundation for the Future:

They arrived [in Jeddah] after attending the Forum of the Future in Bahrain, which saw the launch of two institutions. The first is the Fund of the Future worth $100 million set up to provide capital for small and medium businesses. The second is the Foundation of the Future worth $55 million to support NGOs and projects for promoting freedom of the press and democracy.
The Foundation for the Future was installed with some $35 million seed funds from the U.S. State Department, some $10 million from Bahrain and $11 million from various other state donors. As Clemons points out, the State Department in a recent press conference couldn't even say where the foundation has its office. It also was not sure what Shaha Riza was actually doing there. On the foundations website there is no mention of a current office and no phone number.

The domain is registered with this data:

Admin Name: BMENA Foundation for future
Admin Organization: BMENA Foundation for future
Admin Street1: 1350 Connecticut Ave
Admin Street2: Suite 1000
Admin Street3:
Admin City: Washington
Admin State/Province: DC
Admin Postal Code: 20036
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: +1.2022347370...
That address and suite is identical to the address of the Eurasia Foundation. That foundation has a project manager with the name Neil Stormer. Its phone number is (202) 234-7370.

The Eurasia Foundation's task is to support Democracy movements in former Soviet Union states. Its executive committee includes luminaries like Albright, Baker, Eagleburger and Frank C. Carlucci III of The Carlyle Group (Carlucci has been on the NED Board of Directors). It is financed by the United States Agency for International Development. USAID has been and probably is still used as a cover for CIA operations.

President of the Foundation for the Future is Bakhtiar Amin. He is an ex-pat Iraqi-Kurd who was promoting the danger of Saddam's non-existing weapons of mass destruction before the current war on Iraq. He became Minister of Human Rights in the Bremer/Allawi administration after the U.S. invasion. Allawi has worked with the CIA. Bakhtiar Amin's wife is Safia Taleb al-Suhail. She was a guest of Laura Bush at the State of the Union speech in February 2005.

The Foundation for the Future has spent no money so far on any grants - its supposed task - but has held three expensive executive board meetings.

While the Eurasia Foundation claims to have spent $360 million for democracy in former Soviet Union countries, the mission statement of the Foundation for the Future says:

The Foundation for the Future will support the people of the countries of the Middle East and North Africa in their efforts to advance and strengthen freedom and democratic trends and practices.
It is essentially the same task, but within a different region. Will we soon see a democratic Violet Revolution in Saudi Arabia or a Yellow one in Bahrain? I have my doubts there ...

The FAQ page says:

The Foundation is an independent, indigenous organization
How independent is it really when most of the original webpages of the foundation are still at the State Department website?

The FAQ also says:

The headquarters of the Foundation is being established in Beirut, Lebanon.
There I stumbled a bit. With a major donor being Bahrain, I would have expected Manama to be the central hub of the foundation's Middle East operation.

I wasn't the only one stumbling. In a comment to the D-Kos thread Billmon chipped in:

OK, now put this together with Sy Hersh's recent reporting on covert CIA support for anti-Hezbollah Sunni militia groups in Lebanon. Then go back and look a little more closely at the Iran-Contra scandal, and the use of nonprofit false front foundations both to steer money to the contras AND provide sinecures for various neocon hangers on.

Get the picture?

That's the thing about the neocons -- when they find something that doesn't work, they stick with it.
My first thought on reading that Billmon comment was that he is right, but wrong on the target country. My take was that this is not about Lebanon but Palestine with Hamas' election win demanding some democracy spending.

The Israeli occupation government initiated and of course backs U.S. plan to arm and train Abbas loyalists, but the U.S. congress initially blocked such funds. But now Congress has agreed to arm Abbas' forces against the election winning Hamas - spreading democracy with U.S. financed AK 47s I assume. So currently, there is no need for grey money there and Billmon has that point - the current target is Lebanon.

Ms. Shaha Riza, the CIA and their Foundation for the Future may now indeed go for a Hizbullah kill.

As Billmon says: It's not gonna work, but they will stick with it.
This is only one of many of Anwar's dubious international affiliations that would compromise our sovereignty, if he becomes Prime Minister of Malaysia instead of Israel. The other affiliations of Anwar are ... hold on hold on, like Anwar would always reply, it will be released at the appropriate time.

My parting question, for those independent candidates in the last general election, have they figured who their campaign donors really are?


yapchongyee said...

The gentleman who wrote this article likes to "hear himself talk". This article is all too wordy and miss the essence of his point of perspective. WHAT IS HE TRYING TO SAY ? A very long and seemingly profound assay that says nothing.

What was he saying ? That Dato Seri Anwar knows Paul Wilfowitze therefore since Wolfowitze is Jew therefore it follows that Anwar love Jews ? Tis way of arguing is really stretching the arguement to a ridiculous extend. It is illogical & Stupid, but it serves a very dishonest purpose, as the point is retained in the mind of the listener until refuted.

I say the article makes no intelligible sense, I will summarily dismiss with this comment, and I believe that my approach is cutting the gordion knot, HOW WILL FRIENDSHIP WITH THE JEWS AFFECT THE PERFORMANCE OF A MALAYSIAN PRIME MINISTER IN MALAYSIA ? Ask yourself this question ! Are there any Jews in Malaysia ? Are the jews in any way interested in the politics of Malaysia ? How will anti-Jew or pro-Jew direct the foreign policy of Malaysia. All these questions is answered by a nay !

To say the least Malaysia is not in any way influential to the politics of the Middle East. The Middle East do not even know we exist. Believe me the only powers that could play this game in the ME are the USA Israel, Russia, Iran, France & Britain; we Malaysian are not in the picture whatsoever. This is BIG POWER POLITICS.

The article is so long and so much of A BIG NOTHING !

Anonymous said...

good blog. don;t mind if i link you in my blogroll ya.


Anonymous said...

The BBC Hardtalk interview highlights the point that there is much inconsistencies in Anwar.

The issue is not about a Jew. Mareem Jameelah is a Jew. It's abt neocons and Anwar has strong affiliations with these "Agog Magog".

The Agog Magog has dedicated themselves for many years to place Anwar in power.

The strategic basis of Malaysia will past the eyes of the likes of Yakchongchee, who shows an anti establishment attitude.

Malaysia is the most progressive of the Muslim world and it has influene and respect of the Muslim countries. It is still a defiant state in SEA defiant to the American hegemony.

The likes of Yakchongchee will forever be in denial and refuse to acknowledge Anwar because he believes in such clandestine organisations like FFF.

The best he can answer to the fact presented is refusal and denial. Thank god, he has left the country. May he never return!

yapchongyee said...

To anonymous !

I left Malaysia because there was no way forward for my children. There was only everything for the Malays and we being minority were merely suffered and merely accommodated as guest, and this despicable sentiment is echoed by this ruler of Kelantan and that we have no rights as citizens; this is not a modern nation at all. The most important point of my leaving Malaysia is that I am very happy in our new home. Australia is an excellent country and our people are treated in every way the equal of Australians and above everything else, and the most important of all is that we are full citizens. Australia is our country, not so for Chinese in Malaysia and for the Chinese it was very uncomfortable for us to say that Malaysia is our country ! What sort of citizenship is that ? There are about 800,000 Chinese living in Australia and we are all true blue Aussies.

Coming to my defense of Dato Seri Anwar and the Jews and the Neo-Cons, THE USA IS ALREADY VERY INFLUENCIAL IN INDONESIA and Indonesia is rooting for the election of Barack Obama, a black American going for the Presidency and he might just get there. If I may say so myself, Malaysia would like to be close to the USA but to this end I do not think you are well placed. It is quite understandable that Americans will like Dato Seri Anwar because Dato Seri was a visiting Prof. At University of Havard; how many Malaysians can claim that honour ? I do not defend Dato Seri as a friend because I admit that I have never met Dato Seri. I defend him because he has guts and he is ethical, honest and very principled. Above everything Dato Seri is a BORN LEADERS OF MEN and he has proved himself, when he refused to go along with Tun Mahatir; if he had been a lesser man he would have surrendered to Tun Mahatir’s wishes and what can be more easy than doing that ?

My absolute faith in the leadership of Dato Seri is agin proven by DATO SERI AS LEADER OF THE PAKATAN RAKYAT HE COMMITS HIS PARTY TO THE SEEMINGLY UNTENABLE POSITION SUPPORTING THE CHANGE IN THE STRUCTURE OF BUMIPUTRA SPECIAL PRIVILEDGES. Even I as a Chinese would not dare to wish for a MALAY LEADER to so daringly adopt a policy that calls for change of the NEP and Malay Special Priviledges. This is the man that I would very loyally pledge my loyalty to, because he is a leader of men.

Anonymous ! What you are doing is to TARNISH the good name of Dato Seri because by some questionable logic that only you can understand, you wish to tar dato Seri so that your support for the BN can be seen by the leadership of UMNO; but you will be wrong because the winds of change has started to blow hard and UMNO itself has become less and less relevant to the Malays as the days progress. The Chinese have for the first time in Malaysian history learned their lesson to GROUP THEMSELVES INTO A BLOCK OF SWING VOTERS. The Malays make up 60% so we are told but the influence of Dato Seri has divided the Malay block of voters; from here it does not matter what Tun Mahatir had done to GERRYMANDER the Malay voters, the power of the voters has passed to the Chinese. So long as the Chinese reject the MCA Malaysia will stronger in favour in Pakatan Rakyat; and with a non race based national policy, Pakatan Rakyat will consolidate their hold on power. I have said that Pakatan Rakyat should straight away take GOVERNMENT FROM THE BN. Pakatan Rakyat can only grow stronger and UMNO is already on the down swing of the pendulum.
CHINESE SHOULD DITCH mca AND THROW YOUR COMPLETE SUPPORT BEHIND Dato Seri Anwar. Forget all that bullshit about neo-cons or the Jewish lobby; Malaysia is not a player on the international stage.

Anonymous said...

Mr Yap or whatever you name is,
you are barking louder and louder though you are now far away from your neighbour. For what reason, perhap just a personal vendetta.
Few twisted facts in your opinion if you are very much into being analytical and extra critical.

Anwar has already surrendered to Mahathir back in 1982 when he gave up his fight in ABIM.

Your ethical, honest and very principled Anwar is actually a man of many colours. While in UMNO, he potrayed him as relegious ultra-malay leader, and now he claims as a leader for all. Honest? MANY many ABIM members became an overnite millionaires when Anwar was a finance minister. Perhaps he learnt so much honesty while in UMNO.

Havard among others, is one of IVY LEAGUE universities, in which everybody knows controlled by the Jews. In what academic field or capacity can Anwar deliver thought, apart from being a victim of political assasination? And this happens in many countires, including Singapore.

Being a prominent and experienced lawyer, you had better fist talk about social justice in Singapore.


waga waga

Anonymous said...

To Yap from anon2,

Howdy Mate!

Good for you and thank you for leaving Malaysia! I'm sure you're much better and happier there. However, I wonder why Australia, why don't you move to Hong Kong or Taiwan? For sure you can never be a minority there.

You sure that you and your family were never discriminated for being chinese IMMIGRANT (again) in your country? Do you still use your chinese name? Maybe you already have a suave english name. I wonder whether you still cherish and practise chinese culture? In retirement now, you still remember them?

Yeah...and still so much interest in Malaysia and its politics? Wonder why...

Stay happy there and wish you best of luck.


yapchongyee said...

I am and will always be Chinese and no I have never ever had an English name; people know me as Joe because my nick name was CHOO and my Indian friends pronounced as "joe", that was how Joe got stuck.

I was never ever discriminated against at any time since living in Australia; in fact since the rise of China, our Chinese people are prefered customers because we are not used to CREDIT CARD because we have to pay interest on the card and so Chinese Australian prefere to pay cash.

I want to relate an example of non discrimination in Australia. In 1987 the Australian government launched a project that combined the resources of University + Industries + government to tailor a course that anticipated the rise of IT excellence. This was the most lucrative scholarship, it paid each scholarship holder A$12,000 per year cash, exempt from Uni fees plus each year they receive 2 paid air tickets. The project was limited to 48 receipients AUSTRALIA WIDE, AND OF THE 48 AWARDS 8 RECEIPIENTS WERE NEW CHINESE IMMIGRANTS, proud to mention that my daughter was one of them. Take notice that at that time (1987)there were on more than just 200,000 Chinese and now we have 800,000 Chinese not all Malaysians of course. If this project was a Malaysian one NONE WILL BE CHINESE.

I was never ever a yellow banana, you can google yapchongyee and read my articles and you will find that fact.

Why od I support Dato Seri Anwar ? My original and main purpose for supporting (no regrets)was to call our Chinese brothers to form ourselves into a BLOCK OF SWING VOTERS and to do that we must first vote opposition and swing government to the opposition. The Chinese & Indians have been led by the crooks in MCA & MIC to their Malay masters. This was foolishness to the extreme. That was my objective and I had in mind the progress of Malaysian politics into a 2 party system which as I had prayed for is today become reality. Malaysia is progressing towards a 2 party system; I do not take credit but the Malaysians have themselves mature up a little bit and their now see the BN as corrupt and selfish.

A lot of Malaysians have criticised Dato Seri for a "racist" but while he was in UMNO what else could Dato Seri be but to play along with UMNO or quit ? I ask his detractors WHAT ELSE COULD DATO SERI DO OTHER THAN TO PLAY THE UMNO GAME. Is the Kris weilding fool whatever bin ONN ? To say the least, the truth is all of us are to a degree RACIST. IF YOU ARE NOT RACIST THEN WHY ASK FOR MORE RIGHTS FOR CHINESE & INDIANS. Is this not asking for more rights for CHINESE & INDIANS ? Why not allow things to stand if you are not also racist ? I do not endorse racism as I too was victim of that system, but I am merely saying that it is no criticism to charge Dato Seri Anwar as racist because we all are racists.

I supported Dato Seri and I am glad that I supported him because as results show since the turn of Malaysian politics, WE THE MINORITY OF THE COMMUNITY HAS AT LAST FOUND A MALAY LEADER WHO UNDERSTANDS WHAT CITIZENSHIP MEANS; it means equality for all. Dato Seri is the first Malay leader who dares to put his philosophy on the line, and he understands that if Malaysia is to progress then she needs to be modern and in any modern society equality among all citizens is basic eg. SOUTH AFRICA (it was the whites who dismentle arpatheid not the blacks).

I am sure you Malays will not like what I have to say, but be that as it may, the Malays just do not ahve a good head for maths & science ! Yes go yell but you still have to admit this facts. China graduates 75,000 engineers per year; how many Malays graduates as engineers per year ? !0 or 30 Malay engineers ? I doubt it. In the world of the 21st century maths & science if everything not economists or muslim scholars. At the time of Merdeka Malaysia had a population of 11 million in all and Chinese were 5 million but today there are still 5 million Chinese. You will say so what ? Wrong ! Because the rest of the Malaysian have taken to migrating to Singapore most of all and to other destination. You are loosing those who are more like to be your maths & science talent; loosing to singapore.

You ask what is there in dato Seri in terms of scholarship to contribute to Malaysia ? There agin you are wrong ! Dato Seri is a natural born leader of men, and to you Malays one & all, THERE IS NO NATURAL LEADER ON THE MALAY HORIZON. It took Dato Seri only a matter of the period of his incarciration to regain his prominence. This is a man we can all respect. Who else to lead Malaysia, Mahatir ? Ku Li ? Abdullah Bedawi ? Who else is a possible leader ? NONE ! I see dato Seri as the LEE KUAN YEW for the Malays. LKY was a natural leader of men and you can say that he one man led Singapore to be the best in the world ,AND HE IS A LEADER OF MEN.

It is true I am Australian and I am glad that I am one, but I grew up in Malaysia and that must also mean something. Don't get me wrong if I will like to return to Malaysia in any incarnetion whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

ello mr.yap...good for you to leave malaysia...been to state before cari mkn...cina malaysia lagi banyak beruntung duduk disini dari cina kat US,Australia dan europe...u are damn lucky living here...syukur la.. my cina friend kena bashing with the white state thats y in state there Asian Boys west side...there does not put chinese west side boys..just make it simple Malaysia = malay + asia(cina & india)...malay fullstop....hahaahaa..tarak sekolah kaaa

Anonymous said...


SetanSelatan said...

Hello Yap,
Wah... You're so pro with Anwar !!! Do you know him personally... In my experience, he's a bloddy chameleon... The story above has all the facts... I also can add few sensation to it...

1. Do you know that he has 50 000 hectars land in Sabah. He's not a Sabahan...Go figure...

2. Do you know that in 1997, he's using IMF as a tool to overthrow Mahathir... He's planning the country to take loan from IMF while Mahathir is out of the country... If he succeed, people will blame Mahathir for this... Just like in Indonesia case... But unfortunately Anwar is a short sighted guy with bad planning... Mahathir got pissed off and sacked him... Now can you see the relativity of Israel and Wolfowitz in his plan?

With those 2 facts above, do you think he's a trust worthy leader to follow? A person that is associated with people that mastermind the genocide of thousands of people in Iraq. His own Muslim. I'm not sure about this sentiment on you coz China history itself shows that Civil War is a practice for centuries.

And who are you to say that Middle East country does not know our political scene. I've been there a very few time and they always show the progress of our political scene in their news. We are a respectable country that voice out their rights. Mahathir is the man that make sure we are being heard there and boldly state that no other country should rob our own country. Yes we are small but the world has acknowledge our politics. If not Israel news paper won't make a headline saying Anwar is the next Prime Minister fool.

How will friendship with a Jew can affect the performance of Prime Minister of Malaysia? History has shown that Jew the race with no land is an opportunist that will rob anything and try to take control of everything as long as it's not another Jew. Do you want to be dictated by a Jew? Do your research and read the history book.

And looking at you so proud saying that your daughter is one of the brilliant Chinese at get that special prize.Why are you comparing to Aussies dude? Why don't you compare with your own Chinese color? Hongkies, China Chinese... Hahaha your legacy are no where near to their standard. You are just another Chinese loser that don't know how to survive in your own birth country.

Barking saying that we're not good in math & science... That's rude... I never loose that field to any Chinese in my school...

With a shallow minded person like you, it is good to know that you're in the same boat with Anwar. At least there is a Malay can manipulate you like a dog begging for leftover food.

sheena said...

Hi folks,M'sians and emigrants included.
To fully understand the "occult" and covert (complex) mechanisms of the CIA-Mossad-Zionist-Neo-conservative ideology/ network, I strongly recommend the following books:

1. THE NEW JERUSALEM, by Michael Collins Piper (Caucasion,non-Muslim,who's given the inspiration and gift to untangle clearly the complexities of the Zionist/ neo-con/ CIA agenda.

2. THE HIGH PRIESTS OF WAR, same author.

3. THE INTERNATIONAL JEW, Henry Ford, written as a series of articles back in 1920s.**superb.

4. VCD TOPIC "911 IN PLANE SIGHT", (Power Hour Productions)

5. DVD :"IRAQ FOR SALE:THE WAR PROFITEERS"; iraqfor ( I bought it thru post via a global anti-war NGO).

The top M'sian Billionaires are CHINESE anyway,so I wonder why Yap so-and-so is so sticky about his race.

Anonymous said...

Facts : There are more Chinatowns in Malaysia than Australia and infact anywhere in the world except for Chinese majority countries.

My Say