Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Yet BTN is accused of working for BN ...

The second part of In the Flesh was delayed due to an "eventful" week. It will be published tomorrow.

For today, it will be a little hot in the collar for someone. But this is still friendly poking to remind that eyes are watching, walls can speak and marks all over to remind of the past.

So do not get jumpy. There is hotter stuff in the card should the response be rather juvenile and over.

Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat accused and claimed Biro Tata Negara (BTN) or the Bureau for Nation Building under the Prime Minister's Department and jurisdiction of Dato Ahmad Maslan as a government political machinery for sustaining Barisan Nasional.

Say what they may but there is a cliche that is gaining acceptance. "Whatver Anwar Ibrahim accuses the government or anyone off, he is likely to be a guilty culprit." It is his trick to avoid from any possible allegations against himself by accusing other/s first and loud.

If BTN is alleged as such, it is because Anwar abused BTN for his political agenda when he was Deputy Prime Minister. Even today, his affinity for a BTN-like outfit remain as in Selangor state funded company CEDC to do such courses.

There is also the use of Selangor state budget to fund for party campaigning particularly the controversial state budget for media but used as PKR party propaganda aparachik, including applying unethical slandering.

The truth to the matter is BTN does not do partisan political work. On the contrary, BTN seemed to work against the government.

Ahmad Maslan's handicap 

Say what you may of UMNO’s Information Chief, Dato Ahmad Maslan, but to accuse him as lazy is too far off and not be believable. Not because Ahmad Maslan innocently is viewed as bragging as he sent out  SMSes of his daily schedule to media people.

He does work hard and must have put in 25 hours a day regardless of morning, afternoon, day, night and dawn (or as he puts it “pagi, petang, siang malam, subuh senja”).

Hard work is deep in his psyche that when asked for a winning formula to win the next general election, Ahmad Maslan’s advise is only to work hard and naively telling them to emulate himself. He dedicates himself for a resounding Barisan Nasional win to the point he is seldom joked as over the “shadow” of PM and UMNO President.

Incidently, a big win could certainly help his political career. Otherwise, a position as Menteri Besar for Johor, or perhaps full Minister is beyond the expectation of this non blueblood kampong boy from Pontain.

Although he works hard and campaign 24-7, Ahmad Maslan is seldom accused as ineffective. There are those that ridiculed him as not too smart. Some criticised him as lacking strategy in his approach. While there are those that claimed he does not know what he is doing.

The truth to the matter is Ahmad Maslan was given specific task by Dato Najib and he obeys it to the letter. He never talks of his task but just work. He should know and understand the various operational and strategic issues involved. However, he just do not talk of it in the open and just work.

However, Ahmad Maslan has one major problem in performing his duty and it has long been anticipated to be a problem, It is the BTN chief. 

Conniving Civil Servant

The controvesial BTN comes under Ahmad Maslan's jurisdiction as Deputy Minister under the Prime Minister’s Department.

Though Ahmad Maslan was heard to be the person that recommended to PM to appoint the current Director General, Raja Dato Arif bin Raja Ali, apparently the DG does not give him due respect as the Minister.

It is believed Raja Arif does see the need to do so using such frivolous reason as the Deputy Minister being his junior in New Zealand and in BTN.

Raja Arif made it difficult for Ahmad Maslan to get BTN to carry out the government’s information dissemination machinery role.

BTN is not involved with partisan political work but promote patriotism. It's role include the vital role to keep the public and key sectors informed and understood of government policies.

If it helps BN, it is incidental because BN runs the government.

Not only is Raja Arif not cooperative, he seemed to carry out self interest. BTN is indulging in wasteful and exorbitant spending but yet is penny wise and pound foolish in vetting proposals for program, including programs deemed necessary by Minister.

What is happenning is that the BTN DG is acting without giving due reference to Ahmad Maslan, as the Deputy Minister responsible for the agency.

Much of the tactical plan was to help the government deal with mis- and dis-information on government policies and operational decision, especially to deal with slander and untrue allegations made relating with upcoming 13th General Elections.

This issue of BTN has long been talked about. In case, they wish to sue, do sue all the bloggers. [Read this 2011 blog posting here.]


Raja Arif in a youth program in Kuala Nerus
The Bureau seem to be concerned and interested only with it's own agenda.

Among the agenda is to ensure that the DG get selected as BN candidate to contest for the Kuala Nerus Parliament seat.

The reason for such speculation is that words from the ground is saying that BTN is making it their target to get close and secure support from certain UMNO Division's groups.

BTN was said to have sponsored Division’s Puteri UMNO wing air tickets, Umno Kuala Nerus Committee trip to visit Sabah and UMNO Youth wing all expenses trip to Thailand.

It seemed strange for the focused allocation to the leadership of Kuala Nerus when budget for other more effective program are slashed and deemed as ineffective and unnecessary.

It is double standard when considering that his Deputy claimed BTN should not be involved in GE work.

Doing bodek-ing of Dato Ibrahim Ali than infusing nation building content at a Perkasa retreat
Raja Arif himself is seen doing more self promotion and bodek-ing in his Dale Carnegie styled public speeches than actually infusing nation building value and ideological content.

In a Perkasa retreat, he was in his elements to praise Dato Ibrahim Ali and subtly doing a personal bashing of a Perkasa member for his effective work.

ABIM Agenda

Former BTN DG and Anwar operator, Dato Idris Jauzi 
There could be links between the beahviour of this former Terengganu State BTN Director with his past as operative for Anwar Ibrahim during the days when Anwar-planted opportunist, Dato Idris Jauzi was heading BTN.

Today Idris Jauzi runs CEDC, a similar BTN-like outfit for Selangor government. See him in action here.

Quietly on the side, Raja Arif was allegedly moving to push his Muslim Youth Movement (ABIM) friends to be candidates.

Although ABIM under it’s present leadership is openly pro-opposition and quiet a few are with opposition parties, Raja Arif allowed the Bureau headquarter to be the centre for ABIM members to gather and assemble.

It is understandable when it involves the likes of former President Yusri and Ustaz Ismail Mina since they are combating the adulteration to the akidah by Islam Plural and Liberal activists backed by Anwar Ibrahim and other ABIM activists.

However, where is their focus and priority when the likes of Dr Wan Mohd Nor are paid monthly salary or allowance. What grant is used to allow for such salary or allowance?

Other than Dr Wan Mohd Nor, Raja Arif had allegedly extended assistance to ABIM members facing financial difficulties like Ustaz Zahidin Mahmud, Rosli Abdullah, etc All they need to do is to get in touch with  Haji Hanafi, the Deputy Director General  for Training and they will get their monthly payments.

Raja Arif is in a hustle and bustle with personal politics that he gave the opportunity to Dr Haji Hanafi, Deputy Director General (Training) and Haji Mokhtar, Deputy Director General (Administration) to channel funds to the opposition backing ABIM network.

Initially it is merely monthly stipends, but now contracts for the preparation and printing of BTN materials are awarded to ABIM cronies. There was expose in the blogs last year that BTN was sending printing jobs to a Kamaruddin Jaafar outfit. [See some of the blog expose here.]

Then there is the close relationship to Haji Mokhtar that is truly beneficial. It helps to speed the promotion of ABIM cronies and their children. There are few that received sudden promotion to Grade 52. Not to mention contracts and jobs for those dubbed as "anak abah."


Left to right: Deputy Director General (Management), Tuan Haji Mokhtar bin Haji Sulaiman, Dato Ahmad Maslan, Dato Najib, Director General, Raja Dato Arif bin Raja Ali, Deputy Director General (Training) Dr Haji Hanafi bin Haji Harun
The crisis in BTN arising from personal interest and personal politicking must be addressed before the institution collapsed due to profiteering by certain individuals.Najib should know that the DG he appointed became the prime reason Ahmad Maslan is not effective in his role.

At a time when the present government need to ensure the public understand and comfortably confident with the nation building agenda 1Malaysia, the Director General and management BTN has a different attitude. BTN seemed to isolate themselves.

Off course, voters acceptance to the continuance of BTN’s agenda indirectly help the ruling party which is due to face the 13th General Elections.

Some say that they boycotted the themselves from the important 'lead agency' meeting. In the important meeting, BTN only sent a grade 41 representative officers.

In fact, it was heard that Hanafi "Abu Nawas" Harun, BTN Deputy Director for Training and co-coordinator for assembling ABIM people in BTN discouraged officers eager to help the government in the 13th general election.

To quote his words, “We BTN do not have to be involved in the general election."

What is the meaning of all of this?

In the meanwhile Abu Nawas is revamping the BTN as though it will be a future ‘lead agency’ and usrah body for ABIM, particularly ABIM members in the civils service.

What is the signal to the government emanating from BTN?

Lavish trips

Haji Mokhtar spending hundreds of thousand to meet only couple of students?
During a recent winter holiday at around 18 to 20 December 2012, Haji Mokhtar bin Sulaiman took the opportunity to meet Malaysian students studying in Paris, Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland. Most of them  particpated in BTN’s  Transformation Program for overseas-bound University students.

He met 15 students for a casual chat at a Malaysia Restaurant, Paris while in Scotland, a total of 80 from the malaysian students community at Edinburgh and Glasgow attended with their families on the pretext of fostering closer relationships and networking with young Malaysians abroad.

The question is the trip to Europe cost hundreds of thousands and it was merely to  meet with 15 people in Paris and likely to come from all over outside Paris?

Why then, Ahmad Fairus, a character said to be previously linked with a RM1 million allocation for a cycling race program brought together in the trip? Why not other state BTN Directors?

Why must Haji Mokhtar exploit the 15 students when all along the trip was a personal visit to Ahmad Fairuz’s place of study?


While Dr Mahathir was busy working, Anwar was a carpetbagger placing his people as Political Secretaries.

At a time, the PM is busy focusing on prospective winnable candidate and toiling to win the 13th General Elections, the BTN DG and his cronies and supporters such as Haji Mokhtar, Haji Hanafi and Ahmad Fairus is busy analysing opportunities for financial benefit.

The profit they planned to reap will be from the name list of potential Political Secretary from amongst BTN officers prepared for the eventual 13th General Election victory. This is the trick they have picked up from their mentor, Anwar Ibrahim when Tun Dr Mahathir was busy and struggling to juggle the administration and magement of the nation.

Back then, Anwar cunningly arranged for all the Political Secretaries to consist from his ‘circle of people.’ That was how the likes of Kamarudin Jaafar, Ahmad Maslan himself and many others got appointedas Political Secretary. Raja Arif himself positioned himself as Senior Private Secretary to Tengku Mahmud.

Dato Sahalan, another former BTN cadre, Political Secretary to PM and elder brother to PKR's Saifuddin Nasution 

They can be like time bomb or mole in any operations to give feedback to the command centre.

This time it is Raja Arif doing the planning and perhaps taking the same direction from someone in Segambut. Words over the grapevine is saying that the planning and organisiang was not done here but in Paris.

The Pakatan Rakyat folks are claiming that BN abused government machinery but yet budget allocation and use of government machinery in Pakatan states of Selangor, Kedah, Penang and Kelantan are blatantly used for campaigning.

While those with Pakatan linked in government are either sabotaging the government from functioning and positioning to benefit themselves after the general election.

BN merely used agencies like BTN for it’s government function and role. But yet, those in BTN with a history with Pakatan leaders and may even be Pakatan sympathisers could let others sweat and toil for the 13th General Elections but a merely waiting as carpet baggers to take the benefit from the victory.

Perhaps that is why Haji Hanafi could bravely make a statement in front of the bureau officials that the bureau does not have to be involved in as the 13th General Elections. BTN can not contribute anything but they will reap lots of things.


berasiam said...

Alangkah malangnya perkara yang sebegini nyata hanya baru disedari dan ditimbulkan pada saat di ambang PRU-13. Sedangkan kenyataan sebegini telahpun lama diperhatikan, bahawa jentera propaganda kerajaan tidak berfungsi, malahan mungkin berfungsi secara negatif. Maka berduyun-duyunlah kakitangan kerajaan, terutama golongan berusia 30-an ke bawah yang termakan hasutan pembangkang, sehingga sanggup memberikan undi kepada DAP daripada UMNO. Sememangnya Ahmad Maslan tidak efektif sebagaimana sepatutnya dalam soal ini sehinggakan Ketua Pengarah berani menyanggahnya secara terang-terangan. Jika BTN sudah dituduh memihak kepada Anwar, bagaimana pula JASA yang diketuai oleh Fuad Hasan, seorang penyokong Anwar sejak PMUKM dahulu? Mungkin jurublog boleh memberikan ulasan yang sebanding mengenai JASA serta semua jentera propaganda kerajaan yang jelas lumpuh menghadapi asakan pembangkang. Atau Ahmad Maslan sendiri turut bersikap talam dua muka kerana dia juga asalnya dalam kelompok setpol yang dinaikkan bersama-sama Kamaruddin Jaafar. Kelemahan ketara Najib, yang mungkin bakal memakan dirinya, ialah meletakkan orang yang salah di tempat yang strategik.

Anonymous said...

Dato Fuad Hassan adik Tan Sri Musa Hasan.

Fuad is not anak atau adik derhaka macam Azmin. He will believe his brother.

Only problem with Fuad is that he is working for control freak museum piece.

pengundi hantu said...

Najib jangan harap dapat balik undi area ampang / cheras / shamelin / pandan.

dah 11 hari tak ada air kat sini tapi sebelah tempat kita orang kat ampang hilir Kondo dgn bangalow air dah ok pulak.

Tadi syabas kata air tak ada sampai raya cina. letak tangki air tepi jalan tapi lori datang 4 hari sekali. kimek betul razali ni.

orang bn satu bayang pun tak nampak. tapi kalau banjir kat luar negara aziz rempit pergi dulu.

Baru aja kita orang nak bagi chance bagi undi balik kat najib. kalau tak setel jugak minggu ni ......

bai bai bai lah najib sebab kita orang dah form group kempen anti syabas hujung minggu ni.

Unknown said...

Panjangnya penjelasan ini.Bagus juga untuk renungan bersama.

Young Turks said...

Dear Sir, again and again we heard about the Gomen putting the wrong person in the wrong place. While the one that are layak are put into cold storage. Perhaps PM should consider to check on all this 'orang-orang tua' working with the Gomen. After all, they already makan garam too much, and are too deaf to hear us, the one that always be branded as "Young Turks". Wake up Gomen, and take back what's yours. Nowadays, I saw every Jabatan have their own agenda, and not implementing the GTP, ETP, what-say-you-P. Enuff of the bullshit from the civil servant. How I miss the days of Tun Dr.M.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say. I was a gov servant before and I attended the BTN. They only thaught Malay supremacy ideology and obviously promoting BN especially UMNO and degrading the opposition. BTN is merely the propaganda tool for UMNO.

Anonymous said...

sori to say but u went to btn courses with preconceived n closed mind. thus you refuse to understand the malay n pribumi historical right n heritage on the country.

n you brush it aside with one brush as ketuanan melayu ideology without understanding deeply that ketuanan is not supremacy and tuan is merely an honour and not chonese chauvanism ala shrewd n racist dap n americam imperialism agenda of pkr.

yet u do not mention of pas islamic dogmatism that is filled with religous chauvanisl n extremism, theological coersion, anti national n anti patriotic hate politics n deviationist from d consensual ahli sunnah wal jamaah.

the problem lies w u and not btn

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Cukup-cukup sudah... sampai disini saja...

Jgn kita asyik berperasangka buruk terhadap orang, kelak ianya berbalik pada kita.... biar kita bermuhasabah.... dan mencari titik persamaan...

Bagi saya, soal Raja Arif ni berbaik dgn ABIM, ianya kena dipandang secara positif, sebabnya dalam situasi politik hari ini yang sedikit menyentuh aspek kerohanian Islam, dan memberi kesan kepada pemikir-pemikir agama Islam dlm kekeliruan yang ditimbulkan oleh kepimpinan PAS.

Adalah tepat pada masanya bagi Raja Arif serta BTN untuk mendekati mereka ini agar pemikiran mereka ini berubah bagi menyokong BN hasil kecelaruan yang ditimbulkan oleh kepimpinan PAS itu sendiri.

Nak mengharapkan orang UMNO mendekati mereka... memang tidaklah
Nak Harapkan Tuan juga mendekati mereka.... nampak macam tidak juga....

So, bagi pemikiran saya adalah elok juga BTN merapatkan hubungan dengan ABIM ini bagi memberi penerangan serta mendapatkan sokongan mereka agar menyokong BN pada waktu PRU yang makin hampir...

Sebagai umat Islam, kita kena sentiasa berfikiran positif.

Anonymous said...

BTN is just another UMNO training school...

Anonymous said...

Ini bukan respons sama dengan blog lagi satu tu ke? What is this? An official statement from affected parties? Or rather a particular affected party?

You can't pull wool over people's eyes bro... Obvious sangat.

Anonymous said...

apa yang baiknya BTN rapat dengan ABIM? BTN salurkan duit untuk ABIM, lepas tu ABIM bagi Anugerah Syaiditina Khadijah kepada Presiden PKR!!!!! hahahahahah memang bagus sangat, bagi kesedaran supaya ABIM bagi sokongan kuat kepada DSAI untuk menang PRU 13... terang-terang RARA bagitau kepada Pegawai2 BTN bahawa dia langsung tak percayakan segala tuduhan terhadap ANWAR Ibrahim serta mengarahkan untuk hentikan segala perbualan atau perkara yang menyentuh isu ANWAR IBRAHIM..... Apa semua ini?????

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