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DAP in Johor: Diversion or Opportunity?

Last Saturday, we were in Pulai, Johor observing the BN politcal rally at a low cost housing area in our old neighbourhood of Kempas.

Tun Dr Mahathir was speaking and by now many would have read about his speech asking the fixed deposit voters of Johor to bury Lim Kit Siang, Nik Aziz and Anwar Ibrahim.

With Gelang Patah's MCA Jason Teoh a hot favourite, such boastful claim maybe possible. [Read some sample of the report from GAP here and Bigdog here]

Although much attention is given to DAP's entry into Johor as Revolusi Cina [Read Rocky Bru here] and PKR offering celebrated names for Johor,we were alerted that it is mere DAP deviation to divert attention from problems developing in Penang and potential of losing in Selangor.

There is also a possibility it is to divert attention from a silent takeover of Negeri Sembilan.


For those unfamiliar with the political terrain of Iskandar Malaysia, the parliamentary seat of Pulai is just next to Gelang Patah, the seat Kit Siang will be running for the upcoming general election.

Both Kit Siang and Chua Jui Meng misjudge the 4,000 increase in Singapore working Chinese voters as favouring opposition.

Kit Siang ignored the refusal of some Chinese shopkeeper to shake his hands during his walkabout. He may not be aware that bookie odds are for him to lose.

And Fung Shui masters are advising that Anwar spells for B-A-D.  

Dr Mahathir is only playing on the peripheral of Gelang Patah before making the real push into Gelang Patah to bury his long time foe.

Nevertheless, Pulai is not actually DAP-free and it remain a BN strong area because Kempas is a strong Malay area. If Nurjazlan continues with his liberal ways, he could lose his seat.

However, DAP is not overzealous and zeroed in only on the Pengkalan Renting state seat of Pulai. One local UMNO source said there is an increase of 18,000 or perhaps more logical number to be 8,000 new Chinese voters there.

This Sunday Dr Mahathir will be in Muar, another battleground of DAP. They are hoping to defend the Bentayan state and Bakri parliamentary seats and win Muar parliamentary seat.

From our sources, DAP may end up losing Bakri and incumbent Dato Razali Ibrahim could successfully defend Muar.

Like we said earlier, DAP may want to win something like 10 Parliamentary seats in Johor but they are likely to get away with 3 only.

So these could be just mere decoy.

Shaky Penang

Contrary to popular opinion that Penang is DAP's fixed deposit, recently it is not as rock solid as many would have thought it to be.

Not because the Malay seats have swinged for UMNO. Sixteen seat is not safe yet for BN to win Penang.  Get real ... Penang is a Chinese majority state. Although Malay population is almost as much as Chinese, the bulk are not registered voters of Penang.

Lim Guan Eng is facing many issues that has affected his credibility off late. The Chinese for Chinese sentiment may not work this time. The professional and middle class his over politicised ways. As for his popularity with the lower economic class, there is a bomb waiting to explode. 

Guan Eng has repeatedly been lying whenever he is caught in controversial issues. The tallies are too much to ignore.

There has been too many massive high end development projects that have earned DAP the nicname Developer Association of Penang. DAP has no answer but mere lies on the issue of low cost housing.

DAP is now facing issues that is no more only Malay and Indian issue. Even some Chinese are viewing his blatant racist policy of To'kong Lim against Malays and Indian that is disturbing inter-community harmony.


The public outcry against underground tunnel is coming from all walk of life despite attempt by DAP to claim that the deal for only 150 acres land is better when compared to the bigger land compensation for North-South Expressway.

Actually, it is not so much the issue of the tunnel affecting the ports or livelihood of fishermen. Technically, it is not a real issue. In fact, the tunnel has some strategic benefit.

Off course there is the legitimate question of why a tunnel when the second bridge is already built? 

Better to talk after general election. Now it is all politics.

The tunnel is getting opposition from the local and interest groups, which usually get opposition support to go against any government development plan.

On another issue, Guan Eng tried to pass the buck from the revelation that Penang is investing RM3 billion into a Penang Electronic Park in Wuhu, China to Dr Mansor.

Why would Penang be investing when the state needs investment from abroad?

It only confirm Guan Eng failed to attract FDI and have been claiming credit from effort of federal government's MITI.

If that is not enough, Guan Eng lost face to BN state chief, Teng Chang Yeow, when he dare not take up the challenge to run in a mixed race constituency.

Guan Eng was only willing to take him on for the 78% Chinese constituency of Bukit Bendera. It only shows the hypocrasy of DAP's multiracial claim.

Either way 

Selangor is also shaky for DAP controlled exco but MB from PKR. 

It can go anywhere.

The issues tilt for BN with Malay votes looking solid to not give PAS and PKR.

Selangor is about urban versus rural voters and Chinese majority urban versus Malay majority rural voters.

Still ... it can go either way and based on racial sentiment, it  theoretically favours Pakatan. If Pakatan Rakyat can win some rural and Malay seats and BN can't win over Pakatan seats, it will remain with Pakatan. 

The issues on Selangor need to get the right angle and light to favour BN. Seriously the state is badly administered and the claim of increase in reserve with a RM2.6 billion surplus is a big lie.

How could they achieve such with repeated years of budget deficits?

While Selangor and Penang is shaky, DAP Johor deviation serves to not attract attention for Negeri Sembilan.

With BN majority only by two seats, DAP is seriously looking to takeover Negeri Sembilan. They have got Malays ready to be placed as DAP puppet MBs.

Since Negeri Sembilan MB Dato Mohamed Hassan looks to stay on, the situation for UMNO is not certain. The warlords have not been happy with Mat Hasan. THere have been many disinterested look in the state UMNO meetings.

Mat Hasan family or specifically his elder brother have been and still is seen as a problem to him and contributes to his unpopularity with the UMNO masses.

Source say it has been resolved and agreed that each Division chief take care of their own.

However, Mat Hasan has attracted attention by announcing his and Khairy Jamaluddin's candidacy. Khairy is seen as successful at crippling the UMNO Youth Movement.

Many observers are batting their eyebrow at his gesture to pre-empt the PM's announcement. Is this indication of something brewing for an after the general election action?

Perhaps, the Return of the Jedi?

Johor campaign problem  

Johor may be able to thwart off DAP's attempt on Johor this time but will it ensure UMNO and BN a comfortable win?

In 2008, the issue in Johor that resulted in some 100,000 protest spoilt votes was Iskandar Malaysia. Since then, Iskandar Malaysia has not change for the better.

In the eyes of the Johor public, the federal and state government has yet to build the scenic bridge requested by the late and current Sultan of Johor.

The situation has turned for the worse with the corruption cases involving top management of Iskandar Investment Berhad.

Basically, Johor has some campaign issue working against them. 

Talk of Johor

The subject most talked about among Johoreans is Tan Sri Lim Kang Ho's dominance in Johor Baru to control some 100,000 acres of state land from coast to coast of Johor Baru.

It is done in co-hort with the Johor MB, Dato Ghani Osman through a deceptive corporate restructuring and listing plan of Iskandar Waterfront Holdings.

See the secret structure submitted to Securities Commission that will enable Kang Ho to control IWH and can ignore the voices of KPRJ and Khazanah.

That was why Kang Ho could claim in The Star interview that "we and KPRJ" will set the direction of Johor Baru development.

Anyway, Khazanah and their boys, Ganen, Vincent Lim, Zaki etc together with Gani's boy Wan Mohamaed Firdaus are already in co-hort with Kang Ho.

It was recently revealed to us that Kang Ho's relationship with Zaki Zahid goes way back when he was working under Dato Hishamuddin and it has helped him to secure contracts from MRCB. Hishamuddin left Kang Ho when he sold off his interest in Ekovest Berhad to join the cabinet.

Kang Ho is said to be the MCA Adviser but recently, few bloggers posted articles claiming Kang Ho is financing also DAP.

One is not talking of any bloggers but those that received invitation for an audience with the Sultan.

KFC free ride

Another issue that will be a problem for UMNO and BN in Johor will be the KFC restructuring that involves the state company, Johor Corporation.

The basis of the need to restructure is to raise money for Johor Corp by taking KFC up in the organisational structure.

Initially, the entrance of Singaporean Phillip Lim was already raising eyebrow. But when the new structure was revealed, there is the presence of Kang Ho at the top of the food chain, the Johor public, particularly the Malay middle class and business community, is now on a  warpath with Ghani.

The Johor Baru public have long seen Ghani as being too casual with Kang Ho. As one businessman said, he saw both of them together regularly in restaurants and cafe that it is suspicious.

Johoreans are also concern that Tabung Warisan Johor was asked to cough up money to get equity in IWR to have interest in KFC but Kang Ho does not have to cough up any.

There is also Triton coughing up money to buy into IWH Resource. Who is Triton Sdn Bhd? Are they linked to Mitsubishi?

Or a hidden off-shore company owned by Temasek?

Johoreans are not happy that Temasek was allowed to buy an island at the mouth of Danga river. They would not be happy too should Triton turn out to be Temasek. 

What is hidden from the public eyes is the shareholders agreement between Kang Ho and KFC party in which there is a buy back guarantee. Business with no risk?

It was also found that the claim that Kang Ho had cough some RM800 million to help KPRJ was also a lie. It was for an exchange with land and he did not disburse the money until later after the land was tranfered to him.

What else is Kang Ho taking a ride on?

After GE, too late

Since we are facing an election, we will not get into details and lengthy explanation that will be used as  ammunition by PAS. The lack of education clergymen are so lazy at research and usually prefer to spin some shallow accusation.

DAP will not make much issue on what was raised since they are only to happy to see increase in Chinese population from Singapore or outside Johor.

And, Kang Ho gave DAP money?

Before Johor BN campaign to the rakyat for a new mandate and whack at the opposition, they must take care of their own affair.

We believe they will address all these mess before Ghani leave office. They better do so to reverse and do a better deal for the state and public money.

The public is not as stupid as Zaki Zahid and Azman Mokhtar thinks. Dasar Ekonomi Baru have created many knowledgeable and smart Malays able to read all these intricate corporate restructuring and manouvre.

Khazanah can only avoid being scrutinised by continuing their policy to marginalise the Malays.

With Kang Ho's quest for land, the compensation to reverse must not involve land. The public already suspect it to be so.

If some thinks we are sabotaging BN, get your priorities right.

After general election, it will be too late. It will be done deal when SC approve this daylight robbery by  Kang Ho like the excuse they used for the ECM Libra acquisition of Avenue Asset.

Please do not try to praise KPRJ for building 5,000 miles of rural road. The voters may not buy that. They will say it is expected of government.

It is this poorly planned building of rural road that put the state finances in a mess. 

We do not know what kind of MB we will get after Ghani. He or she better be those without any personal or financial baggage.


Anonymous said...

Your 'Analysis' Smacks on conflicting assessments from positives to negatives and in the end leaves the reader guessing at all possibilities.

Not what should be expected of an impartial observation and analysis.

But then again it is not meant to be impartial but rather a pipe dream that will eventuate into a nightmare for the writer.

All we can say is GOOOOD LUUUCCCK.

Joe Black

liyas said...

Very good analysis for GE13

A Voice said...

A typical comment from you, joe black.

Good luck with your anwar.

Anonymous said...

The DAP move to Johor is diversionary to protect the Queen in Pulau Pinang whilst the King is in Singapore. Johor is a BN stronghold as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties. Even before 1969, the Johor State Government had treated the non-Malays well and land was alienated to them. This I know for sure. And because of its long history, the BN which is now forewarned and forearmed should score a landslide victory.

Anonymous said...

The DAP least deserves our votes as it had done nothing for the Chinese, the Malays, the Bumiputras and all for 44 years.

Anonymous said...

Whichever way you throw the dice, the Opposition will lose big. The BN with the 14 component parties will win a landslide victory. The DAP least deserves to have any vote from any Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

Yes, UMNO is wonderful. It did not kill Indians in custody or push anybody out of the MACC windows or ask Cina balik negeri sendiri or promote Ali-Baba businesses. UMNO did not support Perkasa -- only Mahathir Iskandar Kutty did...maybe.

But all that is Pakatan's fault. So let us all vote for UMNO, MCA and MIC again and be in heaven without dying. Isn't Malaysia wonderful? Vote for another 55 years of the same. We might lose another 3 or 4 million highly educated Malaysians to the West. So what? We can always replace them with uneducated foreigners (unless they are Sulu, of course). I call in a win-win.

Anonymous said...

"....we will not get into details and lengthy explanation that will be used as ammunition by PAS. The lack of education clergymen are so lazy at research and usually prefer to spin some shallow accusation."

Case in point:

JOHOR BARU: Pakatan Rakyat will review the agreements in the Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) signed by the Barisan Nasional government during the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA) if Pakatan takes over Putrajaya, said PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu. He added that Pakatan Rakyat leaders predicted that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak would dissolve parliament once LIMA ended.

Mat Sabu claimed that the Government had signed RM4.2bil worth of contracts and MoUs to buy weapons and airplanes for the country's defence. ”Barisan is a dying party and this is the last time that its leaders will steal the rakyat's money." - The Star.

Can somebody please tell this idiot that there was no signing of contracts to BUY weapons or airplanes during LIMA 13?


Anonymous said...

The photograph of those still alive portrayed as dead is bad karma. hope your religion teaches you good. may all be well and happy. god bless all human beings.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons why Malay leaders from Johore, NS, Malacca, Kelantan, Pahang, Trengganu are acceptable to the other races is because they are not polluted in thoughts and thinking by Melayu celup espeicially Mamaks.

Get the point?

Anonymous said...


Seems you are very biased towards Dato Ghani. We do not know what your real motives are, but I am aware of your meeting with Tuanku in Muar and what has transpired. You know deep in your heart that Dato Ghani is just a scapegoat for all these "robbing of Iskandar". You also know who is the one that instructs Dato Ghani to approve all these deals. Definitely Dato Ghani and Dato Lim will not be able to do it unless it has the blessings and free "participation" from "Sands of Rainbow". So I challenge you and The Mole team, write what you "really" know, and let the truth be revealed. Johor still needs Ghani to control the Rainbow and his puppets.

Anonymous said...

Kj gets my vote

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