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Citizens' Declaration factual boo boo

In a past posting written in Ramadhan last year on June 17, 2005 [found here], 15 factual errors of Tun Dr Mahathir in his allegations on 1MDB was highlighted.

When Good Star and Javace factual error are included, it adds up to 17 factual errors. Being the proud man he is, Tun M did not acknowledge his mistake but changed it to "bawah kelolaan Jho Loh" in the Citizens' Declaration.

The factual error on the "RM42 billion lesap dari 1MDB" allegation was pointed but someone in Tun M's office said the facts does not matter, it is the principle that matters.

Unless the yet to commence US$13 billion investigation by Swiss AOG is purely 1MDB and not involving other corporate clients of Jho Loh, including Middle Eastern companies, the accounts and transaction done by 1MDB shows Tun M was factually wrong.

Principle must be fought on correct facts. That include the claim of Malaysia's corruption position in the Citizens' Declaration.

Item 3 below refers:
"Fasal 3. Di bawah pentadbirannya negara jatuh tersenarai sebagai salah satu daripada 10 negara yang paling banyak mengamalkan rasuah mengikut laporan Ernst and Young Asia Pacific Fraud Survey Report Series 2013. Malaysia juga telah jatuh empat anak tangga Indeks Persepsi Rasuah 2015, dari 50 ke 54." 
It turns out that the survey done by EY only involved 8 countries. For such a sample size, the report should only be 8 case studies.

Tun M should have said that Malaysia is the top 8 most corrupted nation. That would have been more dramatic and really more effective perception play to destroy the country's name to the rakyat.

There is also the question of top what? Top 10 in Asia Pacific? Top 10 in Asia? For best perception effect, should have said it is top 10 in the world!

Then there is the Corruption Perception Index for 2015 that fall from 50 to 54. According to Deputy Minister Dato Razali Ibrahim, Malaysia only fell from 50 to 52.

Quite sure some Tun supporters will say facts does not matter, the principle matters. Be it 52 or 54, we still fell in ranking.

Then they should also ponder over the fact that the index is only about perception. Perception is not necessarily real. Only perception of some unknown observers. Who are the observers?

Perception is not real sometimes.

Naturally, there will be that regular dimwit who loves to say "it does not matter".

In other words, facts do not matter too because they claim the majority comments by FB commentators (in which is dominate by opposition (including proTun) and comments in Tun M's blog (which are dominated by proTun) are suffcient ground to say "everyone do not like Najib".

That could include yours truly.

Come to think of it, that could be right because we were never a Najib supporter. Just a defender of Najib till he is factually proven to be wrong. Our preference for PM was a Johorean, but he must be capable and credible.  

The response to such argument on perception (which is not proven yet to be right) as the determining factor to topple PM was a posting dated June 26, 2015. The extract below:
Few lady characters active in the movement to criticise 1MDB and topple Dato Najib called us to pick up on our point of view.

The moment we expressed disinterest to any discussion resembling political rhetorics, they couldn't begin to talk intelligently and got emotional.

After failing to raise issues to nail any argument, they finally end up talking of perception. People on the ground overwhelmingly want Najib out.

We are only interested in talking about ensuring the basis and argument for or against Najib is on the right basis, not on emotional basis. To end such wasteful discussion, we asked: do they understand the 1MDB issue?

The moment they said No, we replied to tell them that perception argument are for the naive and idiot.

Those over reliance on perception to justify their stand are bringing themselves down to the level of the naive and idiots instead of providing leadership and guidance to them.

In the first place, was there a survey or any proper measures of perception as the basis of discussion?

If it is time for Najib to go, then he has to submit to God's will. They do their thing and Najib do their thing.
Can read in full here.

If the Johorean turns out not capable and credible, by God's will, he too should not be PM and better to stay with Najib.
As far we can remember, one of the ladies referred to then was a lost BN candidate at the last general election. Another was related to the BN candidate.

And the third we remember was someone whose face was seen daily at Anwar's sodomy trial, later start to think of herself as prima donna penceramah, and not realising that we know she kelentong too much and have no facts or right story.

She was the one that got emotional when she had nothing convincing to tell us.

Since we are in the mood to read back past postings, wonder whether the Peloponnesian War strategy has ended and a true direct confrontation will assume. Is something big gonna happen in Terengganu by Friday?

Believe Tun M will use a 1-2-3 bang strategy to maximise perception effect prior to March 27th.


Anonymous said...

Bro Pink Floyd break down the wall, 2005 or 2015. See how other investigators look into like kleptocracy; Bloomberg - Ex-Goldman Banker to Malaysia Fund Subpoenaed in U.S. Probe What can you get an answer from a facilitating and lead advisor investment banker? You want money i gave you money. And make sure you payback OK. With no recourse fee is very expensive you know.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

16 dari 17 ADUN BN Terengganu telah menandatangani surat setuju kekalkan kerajaan Terengganu sediaada

A Voice said...


Can understand you lack the vocabulary to express yourself. We do have same problem sometime. But some of your vocabulary is inappropriate though you do have sensible thing to say.

A Voice said...


Thanks for comment.

We see no big deal in an executuve with celebrity wife quit their job.

Thus far news source is murdoch so is the "news source" reliable?

My suspicion is international investigators are in pursuit of is professional - authorised or unauthorised - skimming of the top. Thus far, nothing proven "legally wrong" yet in the way 1mdb is managed. No evidence presented by accusers. Only suspicions from indirectly related actions. Basically, nNo smokimg gun and sperm dna.

The hanky panky could be outside. Some insider and trusted "adviser" or "con-sultant" working with outsider fleecing company/ies for cut. Some political opportunists with personal interest for legacy or money or power use it to bring down PN to replace with their preferred puppet.

Wallahu alam, only Allah knows all.

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