Saturday, June 18, 2016

It all boils down to transport

What will be the fate of more mature and rational politics today? As we see, it boils down to transport machinery of political parties.

Sorry but we do not quite agree with the view of Ilham Centre that undecided is plus or minus 25% and is the decider. Sample size of the survey is too small and insufficient weightage.

University professors too have been appearing like mushroom after a rainfall to give political analysis. Money must be good in political analysis. Unfortunately, they know shit about the critical political operations.

After all the ceramah, door to door visiting, distribution of pamphlets, viral videos and images, and hanging of flags, posters and banners, the final delivery of votes relies on transport.

A mature and rationale politics should not rely on transport provided by political parties to ferry voters to the polling station. Voters should go to the poll by their own sense of duty as citizen.

But that is not the case in Malaysia. Without transport to ferry voters, especially in the rural and remote areas, the needed votes may not be obtained.

If there is a traffic jam or rain in the evening, some voters may not come out to vote. 

Transport can be the modus operandi to sabotage campaign internally. The one with the list of white voters may decide not to share with the transport people.

The Wanita JR supposed to identify the homes of white voters and do that last minute whispering may decide not to go togther with the drivers.

The four term former state assemblyman for Manong, Dato Ramli Zahari's invisible hands could be at work. 

In Sungai Besar, it is heard the meeting between top Division official and the transport team was done at 4 AM in the early hours of the morning.

Wonder whether there were sufficient transport in the early hours of the polls. 

Opposing parties whose got their white voters out may jam the pekan or kampong road to prevent the other side supporters from going to the poll.

We have not even talked about how underworld are used to coerce voters to come out and monitor their trip to the polls.

Anyway these are the tamarind and salt of third world politics. It is quite a lot to expect the operational side of politics mature.

Somehow they still think spending wasteful money to have banners, flags and posters at every inch will make voters decide in their favour.

It is as though educated voters really gives a damn to all these psychologically play to influence their choice.

Just having a good rational debate and discourse should be a start.  [Read previous posting here]. Yhe rest should follow suit.

Off course, the contesting political parties should not pamper the voters too much. It needs political will on their side to stick to the principle of democrasy. More so during times of low turnout like today.

Blog Snapshot published EC official turnout for 12:00 PM at 45% and 46% for Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar, respectively.

Unofficially, it is 53% and 54% for 1:00 PM Sungai Besar and uala Kangsar, respectively.

"Slow ...", the blogger commented.

Maybe it is puasa month.

People tend to wake up late on weekend after sleeping late into the night and disrupted by early morning sahur.

A quick drive around Manong, Kuala Kangsar saw a disheartened campaigners by the road since voters could hardly be seen trickling into the polling centres.

This was the area Tun Dr Mahathir appeared yesterday.

The poor turnout had been expected. On Tuesday, Tony Pua was reported by The Star to predict law turnout will determine the outcome.

Though he was talking about returning voters living outside Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar, he may have sensed that Chinese turnout in Sungai Besar might low.

One reason is that it makes no differentce as to who will win. There is no change in government.

Maybe Chinese are reviewing their position on DAP in view of unfavourable news emanating on Lim Guan Eng in Penang.

They are not ready to vote BN so would rather hold back their card first. If this is the reason, it is a continuation of a trend from Sarawak.

Tony Pua was trying to do a reverse psychology.

Talking about psychology and rational and mature politics, certain parties are still at it with their cheap last minute slander game and destroy their own billboard to gain sympathy.

Rafizi accused Kuala Kangsar candidate of receiving RM500,000 donation when the bank-in slip revealed was for Datin Masura Yazid's legal practise.

Like we said earlier, in small steps. Some people just can't changed. It is like a reported incident of a PAS campaign worker whacking the head of a BN campaign worker over putting up flags.

By the look of it, the turnout would be below 80% or at best 70%. The result could be a toss up between the one with the working machinery, either UMNO or PAS.  

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