Saturday, May 12, 2018

Watching events unfold

Tun Dr Mahathir was repeatedly defeated by Dato Najib in few battles but he did not give up and took his fight to new boundaries.

The consummate politician and dictator won another political war. Admittedly, we lost.

Though still believe it was a justified decision to leave him and stayed to defend the institution of UMNO and government, it is better to refrain from doing a post mortem.

There is a long list of concerns that came out from election result. The concerns are political, legal, economic and national in nature, but it will have to hold first.

Over the past 24 hours, the last few bastions of BN are crumbling under its own feet. Perak BN and Perlis BN would shift to PH.

Fortress Sabah BN is crumbling. Sarawak BN is reviewing their position with BN and likely to join PH with initial resistance from DAP Sarawak.

The suspicion is it was intentional tampering that led to this. Perak and Perlis had long been planned.

Just had few telephone conversations since 3 AM, and we have enough idea where everything is heading since hanging around at BSC yesterday to laugh our sorrow away.

Rolling heads

It is not just about exchanges between Mahathir and current Attorney General, Tan Sri Apandi Ali. Mahathir's intention is clear and expected as he set his eyes on Dato Najib on the 1MDB.

We await that development and giving the benefit of the doubt that he is now revealing his cards. It better not be a fix uo and purely revenge.

While Apandi had justified reason to not resign. Read Utusan HERE. A matter of days or at most week, he will no more be AG.

And, it is not just him to be replaced. Read Mkini HERE. But it must be justified and sincere attempt to correct past wrongs. Thus it is not to cover-up the wrongs.

If Mukhriz is back as Kedah MB, then one can expect many to be back at their old positions. The suspicion is three names will be surely back.

The hint is from Dato Nazir Tun Abdul Razak acknowledging Mahathir. Read Mkini HERE.


However, the events one will witness will be unprecedented and a major historical turn of event more than the fall of mighty UMNO and BN.

It is as explosive as the possible eruption of Gunong Merati volcano in Indonesia. [Read HERE.]

There is the possibility that UMNO will be deregistered. Its the end of one phase of history and its record lost leaving no trail.

Apparently, a group of people have started to gather at Subang Airport to carry out a 'citizens arrest' and disrupt Dato Sri Najib's flight this morning.

Words are Najib and family is flying to Bali for R&R and likely to pow wow for their next course of action. It is not likely an attempt to run. There is not many place in the world for him to run.

With so many things happening and the atmosphere in the country, the Bali trip only arouse suspicion. The viral schedule HERE.

It gives the impression that Najib has lost control. Already UMNO Youth are calling for his resignation.

There was skirmishes outside PWTC where UMNO held their thanksgiving doa for their 72nd anniversary last night.

Someone on social media claimed it is led by a son of Tan Sri Halim Saad. That is an interesting claim but it could not be verified. Read Mkini HERE

It could be seen as Khairy or UMNO Youth seizing on the opportunity.


There are many possibilities. However, we are not sharing yet. Much prefer to watch it unfold.

It could be leading to a major resolution to the many societal problems of the past.

Or it may not resolve much. Only face value.

Of concern, if UMNO has to go because it has gone so corrupted, then many of the current players dictating the show have issues too.

Chinese may want a level playing field but they are at a huge advantage thus it is no more level. However, it is not as simple as pigeonholding problems according to race.

Maybe it is bizarre to think so. It is not impossible that the BN MPs would consider migrating enbloc to PH to save their own skin but more important, the provide much needed political stability for the country.

What about check and balance to the system. Coming out of a revolution, there will usually emerge out of the anarchy a new dictatorship.

Something that should be avoided. There must be rhe emergence of a new govetnment free from corruption past, present and future.

The above picture is telling that the unthinkable messing up of BN candidate list is deliberate and part of the design.

So does the immediate sacking of Daim, Rafidah and Rais.

However, it was not the reason the people including UMNO members rejected UMNO candidates. It was inevitable and impossible to save (though we tried gallantly).

We now admit that we are aware of all the signs that have been around for many years. Thus we tried hard to stick our finger and stop the dyke from bursting.

However, many are in-denial of all the signs till the very end.

It saddened us that two days before polling there are those up there still thinking BN could win 140 seats and even possibly two third majority.

This election is different from past elections and the usual yardstick was not applicable. It had a strange and uncomfortable feel throughout the campaign.

Time for fresh morning walk. A new Malaysia is emerging and we will only be watching it from the side. Our time is over and we will move on.


Anonymous said...

ABITW; I was one of your regular reader since the time few bloggers banded together to pursue the downfall of PakLah.Those days,It was an interesting time because you provide an alternative view difference from the mainstream media. Everyday I will check your latest posting as I am already addicted.My morning breakfast would not be complete without reading your latest article.

I stopped visiting your website 2 to 3 years ago as I could not stand the toxicity of your posting.My perception, you and some other bloggers have become apple polishers of Najib.

This morning, I visited your blog.I am just curious to see the response of pro UMNO bloggers since the downfall of BN.Many of the bloggers seem quite, astounded by the PRU14 results.My view that UMNO are in deep shit today because of people like you.If you keep on writing based on pulse of the rakyat, you can become the sounding board for UMNO.Pak Lah can go and UMNO was still intact when Najib tookover.But during the era of Najib, few pro UMNO bloggers seem have lost their moral compass.They were less critical of Najib and the impact you see today.Pity to UMNO and BN.Nasi dah jadi bubur.

Anonymous said...

"We now admit we are aware of the signs...."

A lesson to all leaders, don't only surround yourself with loyal followers that follows blindly. Surround yourself with honest and smart(er) ppl. UMNO had become so arrogant and refused to listen to criticisms. We ordinary rakyat got so menyampah with Najib & key Umno leaders that we were ready to embrace the unknown rather than stick with status quo.

Anonymous said...

Umno should do a survey of its supporters on why they turned. Get the profile and numbers and reasons and all the information that you may need ti improve on the party because Umno really need a total revamp. Get the information now while emotions are still high & people are still talking about it.

I'll share mine. Voted BN since my eligibility 7 elections ago. GE14 I voted PH. My reasons:

1. Najib - he should have listened to the grassroot Malays, not just throw money at us
2. Nazri Aziz - Asshole
3. Ku Nan - there is no one I know who likes him for whatever reason
4. ISA Samad & Felda
5. All the political figures appointed as chairman in GLCs who seemed to have executive powers & yet pretend that they're not involved in any of the questionable dealings that came up
6. 1MDB - should have just released the auditor general's report
7. Salleh SK & his misuse of the media to attack & vilify the old man. We may not like or agree with the old man but adab & Islam do not allow what SSK did
8. The foreign advisors. Umno is Melayu. What do you expect the foreigners to tell you about us when you are Melayu yourself

I am happy Umno lost. It will give Umno a chance to rebuild & improve. It also gave all the chiefs be it at cawangan or Federal a taste of defeat & may have perhaps been a humbling experience for them & hopefully they will learn their lesson. And once you have learned & improved you will get back the support. All is not lost.

Lastly, the other good outcome is Umno can weed out all the parasites from their ranks. Make sure new improved Umno put in a clause not to allow them to hold any ranks any more.

Wisdomfromdefeat said...

Hi there, I'm ardent PH supporter and last few days I've been reading BN blogs to gloat and coz I ran out of news to read, lol.

I came here thinking let me see some crass and crude or racial rhetoric for a change. I did saw a few then I came to yours. And yours confirmed my nagging suspicion for some time: there are good ppl in BN, even UMNO! I knew there are good leaders like Rais, Tok Pa, Shahrir to name a few. I can never imagine reading rationale & intelligent articulation from a pro-BN blog. And you my friend, are of the few.

I wish you luck in consolidating the good ppl left in BN and may we see a thriving 2 party democracy in the future.

nightcaller said...

Yes Bro.

Take a step back, look at all available options. It is not the time to whine nor is it time to give up.

Take stock of whatever strength and positive values as well as list down the negatives. All in all, the present leadership (including UMNO youth leader) needs to pave the way for others to take the lead with them as advisers.

After so long cramped in cubicles, come out and enjor fresh air.... u need that.

Till then...G'nite M'sia... whereever u are...

Anonymous said...

Been a week and no comments yet..

Was away for a while and decided to troll the blogs, post elections.

Actually surprised that umno did not see it coming. Is it a melayu thing that no one should challenge the group-think. Like nobody welcomed the intrusion to their stupor.

And is it any wonder that umno could not attract anyone with half a brain. It seemed that they only welcomed cheerleaders only. That the jamban guy is their kind of guy really says it all.

The attendances at the pakatan ceramah should have given umno ample warning. I was at the one in Putrajaya....the thing that impressed was the camaraderie among strangers. They even cleaned up the venue right after the ceramah. Compare that with the mess left behind by the BN crowd.

Adios umno. Arrivederci. Can't wait to see the blood-letting. Some of it much deserved.

Thnks bro

Ibnu Sina said...

When i was younger back in 2008, i always read ur blog, rockybru and others. You guys were our voice back then slamming pak lah and kj.

I still read ur blog and others back in 2013.

But by mid 2015, i simply stop reading. I cant understand why u guys supported Najib although the evidence of his corrupted ways.

In 2018, my family, my friends and myself who were staunced UMNO voters for many years voted for Pakatan Harapan with the majority of Malaysians.

And i have one question for you, Why did u guys sticked with Najib?

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